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The San Pedro Sun

WUHS Hosts Prestigious White Coat Ceremony
Washington University of Health and Science held its prestigious White Coat Ceremony on Sunday April 19, 2O15. This unique event took place at “Jerries Hall” located on Campus. Attending the Ceremony were the Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture Hon. Manuel Heredia and wife; the Mayor of San Pedro Mr. Daniel Guerrero and wife; Dr. Javier Zuniga M.D. and professor of Medicine and Representative of the Ministry of Health; Mr. Pedro Salazar, Manager of Caribena Enterprises Ltd. and wife; Mrs. Conchita Flota, Vice-Principal of San Pedro High School and husband; Mrs. Flor Nunez, Manager of Belize Bank International; other invited guests; faculty, staff, parents and students. The Prestigious “White Coat Ceremony” initiated at 11:2Oam by Miss Peggy Allen, Vice-President of the University giving the Welcome Address and followed by the Singing of both the Belizean National Anthem as well as the US National Anthem. TheCeremony continued with an address given by Dr. Javier Zuniga M.D.

Letter to the Editor: Public Transportation System Needed!
Tourists don’t feel very comfortable while driving in a small golf cart often jammed between trucks and taxis. They don’t feel safe and high traffic during high season counteracts to tourists’ need to relax while on vacation. How about a Public Transportation System? Rather than expanding our current taxi service, a system of small buses could be the solution or at minimum be part of a traffic solution for our beloved Ambergris Caye. Any expansion of the current traffic situation would be hindering growth of tourism. A loss of reputation would be followed by less visitors as the result. A public bus system with electric powered, small to medium sized buses would be pleasant for everyone, locals and many tourists alike. Tourists would pay $5 or $7, locals/residents $3, kids would be free for the ride.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Is The Beer Talking?
“Hey, Raul. How is it going?” “Oh, it’s going pretty good,” he said, “But when it’s going good that means I’m tired from tending bar.” We brought the last of the equipment into Fido’s and began setting up the equipment for our gig. “Bartender, bring me another beer,” called a tourist who was sitting at a table near the bandstand. “The last thing you need is another beer,” his wife said. “You’ve already had six and besides, beer makes you fat.” Raul brought the beer and the tourist said, “Bring me two more, please.” “You miserable worm!” his wife said, as he gulped his beer. “My mother warned me that you were an alcoholic.” Raul delivered the next two beers and the tourist started working on them.

Police Report
On Monday, May 18th San Pedro Police responded to a shooting in the Escalante Sub Division at around 7:20AM. Jose Flores reported to police that while riding his bicycle toward Mosquito Coast along with Pablo Kumul, a male person wearing dark ¾ pants, red t-shirt and his face covered in a red rag came out of nearby bushes and fired four shots in their direction from a small black gun.
On Tuesday, May 12th at about 3:21PM, 46-year-old Desmond Berry, Chief Security Officer for Sandy Point Resort, visited the San Pedro Police Department to make a report. He indicated that on Thursday, May 7th at about 5PM, May Dalguise who is the Guest Service Operation Manager brought to his attention that the night Audit Clerk, namely Ludric Wilfred Goff, was transferring money which was to be refunded to their customer into his personal Atlantic Bank Account.
On Wednesday, May 20th at about 2:40AM, San Pedro Police stopped and searched 24-year-old Nelson Osvaldo Ventura on Lake Street and found a black magazine containing six live 9mm rounds and a 9mm Lugar-GPL round inside his pocket. Ventura failed to present a valid gun license and was arrested and charged for “Possession of Ammunition without a Gun License”.

Doctor Love: Friends
Dr-LoveDear Doctor, Why is it that some people just like to stir up trouble? I have a friend who spends a lot of time gossiping and it causes a whole lot of trouble. She has been beat up because of it. She has been embarrassed and all of her friends have been embarrassed but it is like she can’t quit. One time she almost caused one of my friends to get a divorce and then the friend found out that the whole thing was just a tale that had no truth at all. The other friend was repeating the story and adding a little bit to it each time she told it until it got all blown out of proportion. She is not really a bad person but it is like she needs attention so bad that she will say almost anything to get it. Last week she said something that is causing me trouble and I am thinking that it is time to get rid of her myself. Do you think there is any way to change her or should I just drop her? /s/ Still A Friend

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Beach trash collecting
Quick pic taken this morning before our garbage collection crew headed south along the beach collecting trash as far as Diamante and Blue Water Grill and then back along Front St. and Middle St. Big thank you to all our volunteers for coming out again to assist us. It was great to see some new faces. As the saying goes "Many hands make light work."

11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge!!
Congratulations to team 'Hole Mi Title' for taking 1st Place in the 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge!! 2nd Place went to team BCG (Belize Coast Guard) and third place, we are so proud to announce, are team 'Bull Dog', sponsored by The San Pedro Sun/Belize Pro Divers!! Whoot whoot!! Awesome job guys!!!

LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, May 24, 2015: First: 7090 Second: 6520 Third: 3096 Missing: 1, 4, 8

A Little-Known Tax Benefit Of Belize
Furniture to fill their new home…shop and car repair tools…TVs…scuba diving gear…a brand-new computer…decorative tiles…and “too many clothes” for the warm, tropical climate and their relaxed lifestyle. When Barry Munson, 60, and Dena Carey, 58, joined Belize‘s Qualified Retired Persons program five years ago, they brought a shipping container full of household goods and possessions. And it was all tax-free. It’s one of the major features of the QRP. You can also bring in a car less than three years old, a boat, or a light aircraft without paying the high import duty—a savings of thousands of dollars for most who take advantage of the perk. The retired couple is thankful they were able to bring in so much without paying taxes. To join the Qualified Retired Persons program, there are some basic qualifications—being officially retired isn’t one of them. To qualify, you must be at least 45 years old, spend at least a month a year in Belize, and show a monthly income of at least $2,000. Applications are processed and the program run by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB).

Bike thieves on Caye Caulker
I want everyone to be aware of this young bwai known as Ketchi. He and another friend of his are big time bike thiefs on d island. Yesterday my sister-in-law's bike was stolen out of her yard and she made a report to Ofc. Nunez but d officer told her that he doesn't have time and there is nothing he can do about it!

The Reporter

CARICOM moving towards regional integration with 5 year plan
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is moving forward with its efforts to unite its member countries, guided by its Strategic Plan 2015-2019. The plan, geared at regional integration, was formed with specific outcomes including: economic development and poverty reduction, improved quality of life for citizens in member states, and the reduction of environmental vulnerability. Ridley added that the four main pillars of the community are: economic integration, foreign policy coordination, functional cooperation and security. CARICOM has launched numerous projects within member states to sensitize their populations on the integration. In Belize the general secretariat concluded a two-day workshop on Friday, geared towards training high school teachers on how to present information on the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME) to students in an interesting and engaging way.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Taxi Driver Accused of Raping Woman
Reports reaching our news desk is that a woman in Cayo is accusing a taxi driver of raping her. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

Hijacking in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District
Information reaching our news desk is that there was a hijacking at a Chinese establishment on Bishop Street in Santa Elena just now. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

Historic first ever family day held in Santa Elena, Cayo
For the first time in history, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District held a fun filled Family Day. The event started off with a run-a-ton from Hawkes Worth Bridge down to La Loma Luz Boulevard and then continued to George Price Avenue and ended at the Macal River by the […]

One man dead, another man recovering after shootings in Belize City
On Friday, May 22nd around 6:35 p.m, Belize City police visited the KHMH where they saw 33 year old Lyjon Franklyn, and 20 year old Aaron Flowers suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. According to police reports, Franklyn and Flowers were socializing inside a yard on #7011 Iguana St. Extension when […]

Stabbing in Belize City sends one man to the hospital
This morning around 3:15 a.m., police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw 24 year old Shawn Pascasio of Muhammad Ali Street, Belize City suffering from multiple stab wounds. According to police report, Pascasio was on the side walk across from a popular night club on Newton Barracks socializing […]

Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Immigration Placed on Administrative Leave
Information reaching our news desk is that Candelaria Saldivar-Mortar, the CEO in the Ministry of Immigration, Labour, Local Government and Rural Development has been placed on administrative leave. According to reports, the decision was made by Cabinet on Tuesday, May 18th 2015 after a department head within the Ministry complained […]


A Busy Holiday Weekend in San Pedro, Belize
This is a holiday weekend in many parts of the world. Monday is Commonwealth Day here in Belize, Memorial Day in the US, Whitmonday in France…it’s the unofficial start of Summer. Get out those barbecues (always out in Belize), white shoes and pants…SUMMER! Here in San Pedro, kayak teams took off early yesterday morning for the 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge. I chose to help out with the Phoenix Resort’s weekly trash clean-up instead…I wouldn’t make it one mile in that kayak race. You can check their facebook page for more information but 8am Saturday mornings, keep the town beach clean…always a good idea. And they have their staff, friends and visitors come out to help.

The Jungle Road in Belize
With one step off the jetliner, this California Golden Boy became a foreigner for the first time. Rolling green hills covered in golden poppies, fields upon fields of vegetables or fluffy white cotton, and multi-lane interstates stretching over the horizon – they do not exist here. This was the jungle. The Belizean air was heavy and moist. Thick, gray storm clouds gathered in the west, consuming the final rays of the setting sun. The road forward was in darkness. My path, however, was clear. With my brunette bombshell at my side, I slipped behind the wheel of a golden lance. My weapon for this quest: a Trooper, sturdy and powerful, yet intractable. Its handler offered a modern-day talisman: an emergency beacon to shine bright in the darkest shadows of this land. Foolishly, I declined, and hold up my crudely-drawn map in the day’s fading light. My overconfidence may be my downfall.

Not everything goes as planned...Marcia's Blog
I volunteered at Wildtracks during April 2015, but my preparations started long before this. I am from the UK and have volunteered at several in-situ projects during the last few years. Whenever I apply for any volunteer work I spend a lot of time researching the organisations to ensure they are reputable, have a clear vision and the skills needed for success. Wildtracks certainly ticked all the boxes and I couldn't wait to start work there. I wanted to be an asset from day one and hit the ground running, to make as much of a difference as I could during my 1 month stay. I had a plan to achieve this:- 1. Save money 2. Quit Job 3. Grab trusty friend to come with me (thanks Leanne) 4. 6 week fitness regime (including joining a gym and healthy diet) 5. Self-teaching Spanish basics course 6. 2 weeks travel in the Yucutan to acclimatise to the heat beforehand All this went to plan perfectly. I arrived at Wildtracks, raring to go. The team already there were so welcoming and the tour with Paul and Zoe just proved to me I had made a great choice in Wildtracks. The knowledge, passion and success rate were amazing, I wanted to be a part of this, if only for a short time. My allocated sections were Spider Monkeys (one of my favourite primates) and Peccaries. Together with regular manatee swims, I was very happy with this but then had the added honour and pleasure of assisting Laura with feeding Rameses. What better way to end each day than to give Rameses his evening formula bottle. I was in heaven. The times spent with the manatees became my most precious memories as I had never worked with them before, had very little knowledge of them but had been fascinated by these gentle creatures for several years. You cannot describe the feeling of swimming with a manatee, just the two of you, in their world. Beautiful and a real privilege.

International Sourcesizz

Education in Belize to benefit from CDB loan
MORE CHILDREN are expected to gain access to education in Belize with the construction of 35 new schools and the provision of 5 300 additional places across pre-primary, primary and secondary levels. These are among the benefits to flow from a US $35 million loan and a US $461 000 grant approved by the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to the Government of Belize at their meeting in Basseterre, St Kitts. The funds will also help in the provision of furniture and equipment and consultancy services to prepare detailed designs and supervise construction. This is part of an overall attempt to increase access to basic education as well as help improve the planning, management and delivery of services. Among the planned programme components are improvements in the learning environment through the development of an early stimulation and emergent learning (ESEL) programme; review of the school feeding programme; development of a schools’ maintenance policy and plan; development of an Early Identification System (EIS) for children at-risk of educational and societal failure; and development and implementation of a public education and communications strategy.

Belize inaugurates Taiwan-backed tilapia hatchery
Belize's agriculture minister Caspar Vega, and Taiwan's ambassador to Belize H.E. Benjamin Ho, inaugurated a new tilapia hatchery in Central Farm, San Ignacio, on Wednesday. The hatchery, built with $2.5 million in funds from Taiwan’s International Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF), is part of a five-year project started between ICDF and Belize in February 2012. According to the initiative's website, the hatchery will have the capacity to produce 110,000 fingerlings a year, which will be increased to up to 1 million tilapia fingerlings a year within five years. The initiative also includes five tilapia farming training workshops for 540 participants, assistance towards developing on-growing, small-scale tilapia farming operations.

“There Is a Future for the Caribbean as a Financial Services Hub”
The annual Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ (STEP) Annual Caribbean Conference brings together companies, attorneys, and individuals in key market sectors such as Company Incorporations, Trusts, Funds, Foundations, and Captive Insurance to discuss the role of the Caribbean as an international financial centre. We took some time at this year’s STEP conference in St Maarten to get the take of Carlyle Rogers’, this year’s chairman, on the future of Caribbean Financial Services. How would you describe financial services in the Caribbean right now? If one starts with the issue of banking, then this is an area which is experiencing some challenges. From Jamaica in the north and west straight to the east through Anguilla and then down to Trinidad and Guyana in the south, banking is experiencing some consolidation as the larger banks, especially the Canadian ones, are taking some heavy losses and thus reducing staff and their footprint in the region. In terms of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, again we are seeing banks take write-downs on their balance-sheets due to poor loan performance which is causing liquidity problems. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has had to intervene to take control of two domestic indigenous banks in Anguilla and one in Antigua and watching briefs are being done on the entire sector. The Monetary Council of the Central Bank has recently proposed changes to the Union’s banking legislation and other measures to shore up governance of the banks for which it has regulatory responsibility.


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