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Today's Belize News: May 29, 2015 #504684
05/29/15 04:41 AM
05/29/15 04:41 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Top 5 Swimming Spots (Ambergris Caye)
Blue Step: Located right along the beach, the blue step pier is located right next to the famous Wet Willy’s dock, just a few minutes’ stride north along the beach from town. Boca del Rio Park: The perfect place to take the kiddies for a dip! Park the golf carts and chill on the beach as the kiddies splash around in waters in open view. Boca del Rio park is the go- to beach for islanders on the weekends. With food vendors and a playground all on site, this makes the perfect place for a family day.The “Secret Beach:” Located several miles north of San Pedro Town, this secret beach, which really isn’t that secret anymore is to die for! With miles and miles of clear waters facing west, feel free to take a picnic and enjoy the sunshine and warm waters! Find out for yourself why everyone wants in on this beach! Di V’u Enjoy a full bar and delicious meals as you lounge on the deck, and please do take a dip in the water while you wait! They even have floaties and innertubes! Di V’u is located on the Wet Willy’s dock.Palapa Bar: Definitely a must, the Palapa Bar has been reeling down buckets of ice cold beers to thirsty costumers that float on inner tubes for longer than we can remember! Be sure to check out the bar for great cocktails and delicious food!

Fundraiser Planned to Support Pet Care and Belizean Youth Participation in an International Championship Regatta
In lieu of gifts, Caribbean Villas is using Pedro’s 60th birthday as an excuse to throw an all-out lollapalooza of a fund raiser for his two favorite charities: the San Pedro Animal Foundation and the San Pedro Sailing Club. Regardless of what you think of him, these are two extremely worthy causes. At noon, Sunday, June 7, Amber Beach Bar and Grill will begin the transformation into “party central.” Cool J’s band will cook up their hot Caribbean style of music, while aromas of a succulent pig roasting nearby mingle with those of hot dogs and burgers on the grill and tempt taste buds to succumb. Minions are at this moment gathering a myriad luxurious raffle prizes and auction items. Some of the latter will be part of a silent auction; others will be offered in Chinese auctions.

Come out and support the 2015-2016 Miss Chiquitita Pageant!
All preparations are ready for the 2015-2016 Miss Chiquitita Pageant scheduled for Saturday, May 30th at the Honorable Louis Syslvester Sporting Arena (Saca Chispas). The pageant will see five cuties taking the stage in hopes of winning the crown from outgoing Miss Chiquitita Zillah Flota. This year’s participants are 8-year-old Seydi Medrano (sponsored by Wild Mangos), 9-year-old Iansy Gordon (sponsored by Foreva Fancy), 8-year-old Adriana Briceño (sponsored by Ashley’s Store), 9-year-old Killianie Sosa (sponsored by Gaby’s Construction) and 9-year-old Alieah Moreira (sponsored by Lynn’s Boutique). They will delight those in attendance in four segments: swim wear, talent, casual and formal wear. Prizes will also be given for Miss Amity and Miss Photogenic. There will also be live entertainment from the San Pedro Dance Academy, Rompe Raja Band and other local entertainers. Lots to eat and drink will be on sale.

Annual Garifuna convention held in San Pedro
The National Garifuna Council of Belize (NGC) held its 31st Annual Convention on Friday, May 22nd through Sunday, May 24th in San Pedro Town. The major highlights of this year’s convention included workshops on various selected topics and a live performance from the Garifuna Collective Band. The 2015 theme is: “Bungiu Lerebei Sun Katei. Lidan Yein Fureindei luma Benefaü Awanseruni houn Garinagu- which means: God is the strength of all things. Garifuna progress comes from education and hard work.” The annual convention is the highest authority and decision-making body of the NGC. It is where the National Board of Directors present the yearly report on activities and achievements of the Council, as well as consideration and adoption of resolutions moved by the membership. It is also the time when the audited financial statement of the NGC is presented.

Belize Police Department registers a record murder rate in the first quarter of the year
The Belize Police Department has released the crime statistics for the first quarter of the year. The statistics show all major crimes committed across the six districts in Belize from the months of January to April 2015. According to the results, major crimes which include murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge have seen a 10.8% decrease in 2015 as compared to the numbers of 2014. While the statistics report a decrease in major crime for the first quarter, 2015 has seen the highest murder rate from January to April in the past four years. As of Wednesday, May 13th there have been 46 murders registered across the country. San Pedro Town alone has seen seven murders so far this year. This marks a 28% increase in murders when compared to the first four months of 2014 which only registered 33. Rape incidents also registered a slight increase. 12 cases of rape where reported in the first quarter of 2014 while 13 case have been reported in 2015.

Fisheries Department Consultation in San Pedro
The Nature Conservancy, in collaboration with the Belize Fisheries Department, has been conducting a series of consultations across the country. A group of consultants visited San Pedro on Wednesday, May 20th for the first consultation for the National Replenishment Zone Expansion project in Belize. The sole purpose was to engage with fisheries stakeholders as they work to meet a national goal of having 10% of Belize’s territorial waters to be within replenishment zones. Replenishment zones are essentially areas where no fishing is allowed. It acts as a refuge for the marine species population, while helping the country to adapt to climate change. Some of the main groups present at the consultation were the Tour Guide Association and the Sports Fishing Association since these groups are actively fishing in those deep sea areas. “The information we received is that the people that fish in those open sea areas are primarily the tour guides and not the commercial fishers. We didn’t want to open this up to anybody to come in if it’s an area they are not actively fishing or have no interest in. So, we really wanted to capture those people that know and use those areas, thus the reason why we targeted those groups in particular,” said Robinson.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Says Farewell to Santiago Vasquez RIP
The Vasquez family and relatives along with the entire San Pedro Community mourns the passing of Santiago Vasquez Sr. He leaves behind a grieving wife, Idolina Vasquez Cardenez, and his children, Lorna Vasquez, Mina Guerrero, Loiny Vasquez, Santiago Vasquez Jr. and Leovijildo 'Leo' Vasquez. Don San, as he was popularly known, lived all his life in San Pedro as a dedicated fisherman. During the earlier part of his life he was considered a leading musician with talents with the guitar as well as a renowned vocalist. In the latter part of his life he supplied the local market and folks with conch and 'maimula'. As of late he was employed at the San Pedro Town Council in the street cleanup program.

OAS Sponsors Talks to Solve Belize and Guatemala Territorial Dispute
Minister of Foreign Affairs the Hon. Wilfred Elrington and Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, along with the outgoing Secretary General of the OAS José Miguel Insulza on Tuesday, May 26, 2015, at a special ceremony in Guatemala City signed the Protocol to Amend the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to Submit Guatemala’s Territorial, Insular and Maritime Claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In his remarks Minister Elrington said, “For my country, the claim has been a blighted colonial legacy. It has stymied for far too long the growth and development of Belize. It has affected the national psyche of our people and the evolution of good fulsome and neighborly relations which should rightly exist between two countries which fate, history and geography have caused to be juxtaposed in perpetuity.” He said, “The Government of Belize is resolved to put this Guatemalan claim behind us as early as possible. It is irrevocably committed to being bound by the decision of the Belizean electorate on this claim as manifested in a referendum.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

September Celebrations Theme Competition
Remember you still have time to submit your theme for the upcoming September Celebrations...get in it you might just win $1000 bucks...deadline fast approaching!!

Mr. Ausencio "Chencho" Burgos passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Burgos/Alejos/Valdez family on the passing of Mr. Ausencio "Chencho" Burgos. May his soul rest in peace.

BWSL has commenced road works at road crossings
Please note that BWSL has commenced road works at road crossings on the Belmopan Ring Road as of today to install new mains to replace old asbestos cement watermains that cross under the Ring Road. Starting at 9:00 a.m. and ending by 5:00 p.m. until June 10, 2015. Please be extremely cautious when traveling on the Ring Road.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Thursday, May 28, 2015: 46. FANTASY 5: 21 24 37 23 33 C

Channel 7

Steven Hyde's Gruesome Murder; The Second In 2 Days In Roaring Creek
As we told you last night, 51 year old Steven Hyde - 1st cousin of Russell Hyde was found butchered at the back of Russell's yard in a shallow grave. This is just about 24 hours after finding 28 year old Edilberto Madrid's headless body floating in the Roaring Creek River. Today I went to Camalote to try and piece together the stories of these savage murders: Courtney Weatherburne reporting This solitary wooden shack in the center of this vast farmland, hardly looks like a home. But it was for 51 year old Steven Hyde. Hyde was the care taker of this portion of farmland where he stayed. But he also closely maintained this property and estate belonging to his cousin Russell Hyde. Hyde had only been working for his cousin for about a year but he had grown fond of managing the land. But these same fertile grounds that Hyde guarded and preserved became his grave. Uncle Deeds, as he was affectionately called was last seen on Monday evening when he left his mother's house to go to his cousin's home on the hill. But he left seeming uneasy and troubled - indicating his intention to leave the farmland.

Belmopan Police Say Violent Murders May Be Connected
And what did police have to say about these recent murders? Well, after a couple of days of investigating they were finally able to speak with us today. Although they could not provide extensive or in depth details on these recent murders, they did conclude that Edilberto Madrid's murder and Steven Hyde's murder are linked. Here is what police had to say: Mike Rudon, Ch5 "Are police operating on the premise that these murders are related?" Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police "There is indication that they could be related, but I would say our investigation is very encouraging thus far. We're progressing smoothly. We believe that the two last murders are co-related, but to say that the first one of Ms. Galvez is related, I have no evidence to show that 'yes it is related' but that's a thinking at this time." Mike Rudon, Ch5 "Sir, could you tell us what led the police to search the property of Russell Hyde in Camalote?" Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police "Well it's based on information that we've been receiving and interviews that we've been conducting that led us to that area."

Theft Of Major Dollars At Post Office
The Post Office is investigating a major case of theft of funds by one of its own employees. Passion Bennett was the clerk at the Express Mail Service - which is an international priority mail service offered by at the post office. A review of records shows that between January and May of this year, Bennett failed to account for, and is believed to have made off with a little over twenty thousand dollars in Express Mail receipts. How did she do it, and how did it go un-noticed. Well, according to James Gabourel who is holding over for the Postmaster General - Bennett was responsible to take all the monies she had received to the main cashier. But, according to him, she would "under-deposit" the amount she paid into the cashier. By doing this, an average of four thousand dollars a month was pinched from the Express Mail monies. And while it seems simple enough - where were the checks and balances, to check the cash receipts against the receipts issued? Gabourel told us that, indeed, further checks should have been made by her supervisors - and the internal investigation, will also check to see if there was collusion. But that investigation is seriously compromised because it seems Bennett got wind of it, and absconded. She is a Belizean-American who had been working at the post office for three years after she got transferred from the Housing Department.

Roaring Creek Community Advocates For Peace Following Gruesome Murders
At the top of the news, you heard the family's side the latest murder in Roaring Creek. You've you have also heard from the police but what about the wider community? How are they coping with the relentless violence plaguing their villages? Well, there is a church led initiative in Roaring Creek that was organized to try and stop the crime. Today we spoke with one of the coordinators and he told us what the initiative is about. Resident "The community initiative that will taking place right now is that the churches have come together on a high level. Trying to break loose and stand up for righteousness, so that the crimes could get to a halt, because it is out of hand now. Also we would like that to see participating from the youths and that something would come about with the government to participate with the churches so that they could put back the corporal punishment in the different schools. It is time to put down the guns and be free and put on a new person, because crime doesn't work."

Dirk Is No Longer At Audubon Society
If you watch the news with any regularity, you'll know Dirk Francisco - he's been the publicity director for the Belize Audubon Society for over ten years. Or we should say, "was the publicity director." Francisco is making the news tonight because he's been fired from the Audubon. 7News has learned that on May 5th. Francisco was given notice of termination, and told that he was being let go, because he could not keep up with the pace of the organization. But, Francisco isn't going quietly, 7News has learned that he has lawyered up - and is threatening to sue the Audubon for "wrongful termination." It seems that the Audubon's disciplinary procedures, which require verbal and written warnings before termination, were not followed. In fact, it turns out that Francisco was awarded with an increment based on his appraisal for 2014.

Darrell Henry Claims GSU Harassment
Darrel Henry was in the news around Christmas of 2014 because police seemed determined to have him under remand for the holidays and they did. But he says since then the police harassment has continued and it's getting worse - even affecting him when he is on his job. But this time when the police caught him he caught them on camera - and used it as proof to tell us of his plight. Jules Vasquez reporting This is surveillance video from Toto's store on Church Street. As the time stamp shows, it is after 2:00 pm on Friday May 22nd. The GSU pulls up in a pickup truck and proceeds to question a man they know well, Darrel Henry. He says they ask him if he works; at Toto's. He confirms that he does, and to make sure two officers go inside to question the business owner who also confirms it. Five days later at almost exactly the same time, the unit pulls up on Henry on what they now know is his jobsite and waste no time. He narrates the encounter for us. Darrel Henry, Harassed by GSU "They harass me on my job site again. They threw me on the ground. I am tired of these men. They threaten that how they will kill me too. They whisper that in my ears."

Minor Arraigned For Shooting, 1 Day After He Turns 18
18 year-old Belize City resident Jorge Gutierrez got a terrible birthday present from the police department who waited one day after his birthday today to arraign him as an adult allegedly attempting to shoot a man. The incident happened one week ago on last Thursday at around 7:45 p.m. 32 year-old Luis Dominguez was riding his bike on J.R. Street when a Hispanic youth came out of a yard and shot at him. Several of those bullets injured him in the left side of the neck, shoulder and head area, and he was rushed to the KHMH. Well, the man who police believe was the gunman is Jorge Gutierrez, and they have been investigating him for the crime for a few days now. His 18th birthday was yesterday, and so that means that at the time when he was detained by police for the crime, he was still legally a minor. Police apparently held off on arraigning him today, one day later, so that he cpuld be arriagned as an adult in front of the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith. He was read charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm, and due to the nature of the offences, no plea was taken from him.

Wallace and Underwood Acquitted Of Fatal Shooting
2 men, 25 year-old Phillip "Papi" Wallace and 21 year-old Austin Underwood were acquitted today of the murder of 21 year-old Darrell Williams Jr. Their trial was completed before Justice Troadio Gonzalez in which evidence emerged that on February 1, 2010, Williams was shot in the head at around 6:40 p.m. According to the evidence, Williams was at Rick's Chinese Shop when two men rode up on bicycles and started shooting. Williams ran home. Three other persons were also shot. The prosecution's case fell apart when the only eye witness, Jason Reynolds, took the witness stand and denied that he gave a statement to the police which pointed to the two men as the alleged shooters. Reynolds said that he could not remember giving a statement to the police and that the signature on the statement that was shown to him was not his. He was treated as a hostile witness, and when he was summoned to court and he failed to appear, a bench warrant had to be issued for his arrest.

Slyvio Espinosa On Trial For Murder
For the past week and a half, an unusual type of murder trial has been taking place before Justice Adolph Lucas. The accused is 27 year-old Sylvio Espinosa, and he is accused of killing 47 year-old Carlos Espat, the elder brother of Mark Espat. Espinosa has been standing trial without a jury, that's notable enough since there haven't been a large number of those so far, but in this case, it's not a state attorney who is leading the prosecution against him. The prosecutor in this case is private attorney Ellis Arnold, a senior counsel, which to our knowledge, hasn't happened recently for a long time, if at all. He is being assisted, however, by Crown Counsel Sabita Maharaj. Slyvio Espinosa is being represented by attorneys Audrey Matura-Shepherd and Christelle Wilson, who have so far made sure to challenge every single bit of the prosecution's case on which their objections have been allowed. At this time, the case is in a very sensitive portion, and we are unable to go into any further detail.

OCEANA/COLA Discusses Off-Shore Oill Drilling Win
Last night, we told you about how the Government of Belize decided to withdraw their Civil Appeal to the victory that OCEANA, COLA and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage won in their fight against off shore oil drilling. In that case, Justice Oswell Legal declared 6 offshore oil drilling contracts illegal. Those contracts were issued by Government between 2005 and 2007. After the trial at that time, the litigators on both sides were convinced that the issue wasn't resolved, and the Government filed suit to appeal the judgement at the Court of Appeal. Well, as we told you, they withdrew that case, which would have been very lengthy and expensive for everyone involved. Today, we got a chance to speak with the leaders of two of the organizations who gave us a reaction to the decision of the Government to discontinue on this issue: Janelle Chanona - VP, OCEANA Belize "We're looking at the withdrawal of the appeal and the indication that the matter of the injunction will be similarly dealt with. As a clear indication that government is trying to demonstrate its commitment towards the magnitude of this issue. That cannot go unnoticed, the Prime Minister was very clear in his position in terms of asserting that a moratorium is in effect. But certainly as a policy organization, we take this as signs of good faith but we continue to work towards a position where we are comfortable with the policy currently in place."

How To Successful Run A Family Business
Today, business owners who keep it in the family and hire other relatives, were invited to attend a workshop organized by BELTRAIDE, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, and FINPYME. They were there to take discuss issues the secrets to success for the families, communications and conflict management, family governance, family meetings, councils, company constitution, ethics, and a host of other issues that business owners face on a daily business in this type of commercial module. We stopped by and spoke with the organizers and asked about the hypothetical about what to do when a family member in the company believes that he or she can be negligent or non-performing, and still be protected from termination simply because of relation to the bosses. Here's what they told us:

Reggae Rock Stars Ready To Put On A Grand Show
Belize's maritime boundaries - where are they set and what is the marker? Foreign minister has been roundly criticized for not coming down squarely on the issue. On Monday on Guatemala City he said that it is still not certain due to the territorial dispute: H.E. Alexis Rosado, Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala "So it is important for every nation state, every sovereign government to be able to define the limit of their sovereignty and in the maritime spaces they have not been able to do that, because we have not been able to sit down and agree. Every sovereign, free and independent state wants to be able to have clarity as to where the limits of their sovereignty lies. And in the sea they have not arrived at that point yet." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "In the absence of proper delimitation and demarcation of your land borders, you're not in a position to even begin to deal with your maritime borders. And the Guatemalan land borders just like the Belize land border, is in doubt because of the Guatemalan claim. They are saying that their border is East of Belize City. That is what their saying, that I think is in their constitution, that has got to be resolved. So that's an urgent matter for them."

Foreign Minister: Belize Maritime Boundaries Uncertain
Belize's maritime boundaries - where are they set and what is the marker? Foreign minister has been roundly criticized for not coming down squarely on the issue. On Monday on Guatemala City he said that it is still not certain due to the territorial dispute: H.E. Alexis Rosado, Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala "So it is important for every nation state, every sovereign government to be able to define the limit of their sovereignty and in the maritime spaces they have not been able to do that, because we have not been able to sit down and agree. Every sovereign, free and independent state wants to be able to have clarity as to where the limits of their sovereignty lies. And in the sea they have not arrived at that point yet." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "In the absence of proper delimitation and demarcation of your land borders, you're not in a position to even begin to deal with your maritime borders. And the Guatemalan land borders just like the Belize land border, is in doubt because of the Guatemalan claim. They are saying that their border is East of Belize City. That is what their saying, that I think is in their constitution, that has got to be resolved. So that's an urgent matter for them."

Re: Today's Belize News: May 29, 2015 [Re: Marty] #504685
05/29/15 04:41 AM
05/29/15 04:41 AM
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Posts: 70,379
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Roaring Creek Reels In Wake of Ongoing Bloodbath
The brutal slayings of two Roaring Creek men, just a day apart, has shocked the small community, and indeed the nation. Twenty-eight year old Edilberto Madrid went missing on Sunday, [...]

Thousands of Dollars Reported Missing from Belize Post Office
Twenty thousand dollars and counting…an internal audit of public funds at the Post Office in Belize City is currently ongoing. So far it is known that between January second and [...]

Deputy Post Master General Says Theft of Monies is not Pilfering of Mail
Gabriel assures the public that the theft is not to be confused with the pilfering of mail, for which several protocols are in place to catch perpetrators. And on the [...]

Draft Petrocaribe Amendment Dissected by Attorney Andrew Marshalleck
Government has come under considerable fire for the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act which was passed in the House in March. On June twenty-sixth, government will be tabling amendments to the [...]

Are the Proposed Amendments Contradictory?
According to Marshalleck, the spirit of the amendments remains inconsistent, particularly where it concerns the passage of retrospective supplementary allowances.   Isani Cayetano “These proposed changes have been described as [...]

Trepidation Amid Changes to Petrocaribe Loans Act
In spite of the revision, there are still significant concerns.  The amendments, characterized as aesthetic, are seemingly all glitter and no substance.   Andrew Marshalleck, Attorney in Legal Claim “So [...]

Julius Espat Says G.O.B. is Simply Trying to Cover Up Misconduct
As we mentioned earlier, P.U.P. Deputy Leader Julius Espat has commenced legal proceedings against the prime minister in respect of the perceived illegalities of the Petrocaribe Loans Act.  After carefully [...]

Special Meeting to be Held on Amendment to Petrocaribe Loans Act
In light of Wednesday’s meeting between the prime minister and the unions, we asked Espat if he has reached out to the social partners for their position on the proposed [...]

Belize City Duo Acquitted of 2010 Murder
On February first, 2010, a barrage of bullets was sprayed at one man, but many others were hit in the shooting. The violent shooting took the life of Darrell Williams [...]

Honduran National Jose Gomez Charged with Sexual Assault
Shortly before noon today, thirty four year old Jose Gomez, who is a Honduran national was taken to court in handcuffs and arraigned for Burglary for entering the home of [...]

Foreign Ministers Discuss Absence of Opposition from Signing of Compromis Amendments
As you know by now, for the first time the Opposition party is not taking part in the process toward finding a definitive solution to the territorial dispute with Guatemala. [...]

G.O.B. Withdraws Appeal of Decision on Invalid Oil Concessions
On Wednesday, the Government of Belize withdrew its appeal against a legal ruling that oil concessions are null and void. The move is a surprising one, considering that Government had [...]

Guidelight Productions Organizes Youth Forum
A youth forum will be held on Friday in Belize City, and the organizers want you to attend. The event, which is free, will see the participation of community leaders [...]

Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley in Belize!
If you are looking for something to do this weekend, Reggae Royalty Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley from Jamaica invite you to the fourth annual Smart Reggae Fest on Saturday [...]

Olympic Run Kicks Off this Sunday
The cancer Society will be holding its annual cancer walk on Saturday. The other activity to look out for this weekend is the Olympic Run. The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth [...]

The Annual Cancer Walk Takes Place on Saturday…Will You Be There?
If you haven’t made up your mind as yet as to whether you’ll be waking up early Saturday morning to join the thousands of participants of the Annual Cancer Walk [...]


Republic Of Taiwan Makes Donation Under The Bilateral Cooperation
Today in Belize City, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) presented a cheque in the sum of US$5 million to the Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Belize. The cheque is the grant from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize for the year 2015 under the Bilateral Cooperation Program between the two countries. The purpose of the grant is to assist in the development of Belize.


Edilberto Madrid and Steven Hyde: Who Butchered These Men?
Belmopan Police have three persons detained for questioning following the discovery of two bodies this week. No one has been charged as yet however according to the officer in charge of Belmopan the investigation is ongoing. He spoke with our correspondent Fem Cruz. FEM CRUZ “Officer in Command Belmopan Branch Superintendent Howell Gillett is appealing […]

Police News: Drug Trafficking
Police in Caye Caulker have charged a man for drug related offences. Police say, that on Wednesday afternoon, they visited the water taxi terminal on the island where they intercepted 54-year-old Raul Rafael Rosado of Caye Caulker Village with a package that contained 21.1 grams of crack cocaine. Rosado was arrested and charged for drug […]

Men Walk Free of Murder Charge
Two men, 25 year old Phillip “Papi” Wallace and 21 year old Austin Underwood, charged with the murder of 19 year old Darrell Williams Jr, were acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice John Gonzalez. Williams, a resident of 3717 Central American Boulevard, was shot in his head around 6:40 p.m. on […]

If There Is An Affirmative Vote in Belize and Guatemala to Go To ICJ – What Happens After??
It is interesting and noteworthy to understand that once the two countries have held their referendum and the residents agree to go to the ICJ, there is a process that had to be undertaken by Belize and Guatemala as it pertains to the International Court of Justice. Ambassador explains that process. STUART LESLIE “It is […]

Factors to Consider When Going to Referendum
On the issue of an upcoming referendum, in a conversation with Ambassador Stuart Leslie, he listed several factors that he would want each Belizean man and woman to consider when the time comes to vote. STUART LESLIE “I would want every Belizean hear all the positions. I would want Belizean people to understand that when […]

Is the Belize/Guatemala Issue Still Bi-Partisan??
Last week the main opposition party, People’s United Party had made the announcement to the local media that they would not be attending the signing of the amendments to the 2008 Special Agreement that took place in Guatemala on Monday, May 25. The political party had cited the reason behind this decision as being the […]

Belize and Guatemala To Start Implementation of Cooperation Agreements
A bilateral agreement with thirteen points, aimed at confidence-building between Belize and Guatemala, was signed onto on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 when a delegation of Foreign Affairs officials from Guatemala were on the Placencia peninsula for a high level meeting of Central American leaders. The document looks at several areas where the two countries can […]

Ambassador Explains Why Special Agreement Was Amended
Reports of gun violence, deaths and other criminal activities are the stories that get much feedback from the public via social media or the local talk shows. They are the news reports that have citizens both home and abroad calling on the Government and law enforcement agencies to up their strategies in an effort to […]


Another missing Roaring Creek man found gruesomely murdered
Another Roaring Creek Man was reported missing on Monday and today, his body turned up in much the same way as Edilberto Medina’s body turned up yesterday. This latest victim of the violence plaguing Roaring Creek village is Steve Hyde also known as “Deeds”. His body was discovered in a shallow grave in Russell Hyde’s

Belize GDP rebounds in 2015 1st quarter
The quarterly press conference organized by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) took place today in Belize City and in the area of overall economic development there was good news to report. On the heels of a 1.6% growth in the last quarter of 2014 and projected overall growth of 3.6% for the year, a

Unions meet with PM on Petrocaribe
The long-awaited meeting between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and executive members of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) took place this afternoon in Belize City at the Prime Minister’s office. It concerned the unions’ objections to the Petrocaribe Loans Act 2015 which is now pending amendment in the House of Representatives. It was

9th Annual Chocolate Festival in Toledo
Thousands attended the 9th annual chocolate festival in Toledo over the weekend. The festival lasts for three days and started on Friday with a wine and chocolate event. The largest part of the event was held on Saturday when different artisans and other entrepreneurs displayed their cacao related products and non cacao related products. Emanuel

Belizeans paying less for goods
Prices are going down according to the Statistical Institute of Belize. On average, Belizeans pay 1% less than they did at this time last year and about the same over the last four months. While prices have been trending up recently, figures for fuel prices reached historic lows in the last year, as Marilyn Pinelo-Lee

Chinese nationals arrested for cultivating weed
Four Chinese Nationals appeared before chief Magistrate Aretha Ford in Belmopan yesterday after they were busted cultivating weed in Benque Viejo Town. Sometime around 5:30 am, members of the quick response team visited the house of 26 year old Andy Cheng in Lomas Del Rodeo Area, Benque Viejo Town. There they searched the house under the

GOB Withdraws appeal against legal ruling that oil concessions are null and void
Today, attorneys for the Government of Belize, Barrow & Company, filed a notice of withdrawal of appeal in the matter of Civil Appeal No. 18 of 2013: Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and Oceana in Belize; Citizens Organized for Liberty and Action and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage. In this appeal, […]

Caye Caulker Chronicles

You’ve Got To See This Reef Week 2015 Video Shot On Location With Ragamuffin Tours!
Host of Wake Up Belize, Mose Hyde and his crew from KREM TV took to Belize’s Cayes with Ragamuffin Tours as part of Reef Week Belize 2015. The journey showcased the beauty and value of Belize’s barrier reef, with guest marine biologists from Oceana Belize and Blue Ventures on board. This is one of the

La Isla Carinosa Academy, Hoping To Become Caye Caulker’s First Private Elementary School, Sets Up GoFundMe Page.
La Isla Carinosa Academy, the brainchild of Dr. Alberto August, education executive in the Ministry of Education and local Hicaqueno, has pledged to open a new private elementary school on the island. The private school is currently accepting applications for the 2015 – 2016 school year. La Isla Carinosa Academy’s official Facebook page has announced

$279 R/T Fall Fares From Miami to Belize: Plan Your September Celebrations Trip Now!
Travel comparison website Airfare Watchdog has announced r/t Fall fares from Miami to Belize starting as low as $279. These fares are obviously limited, so book your tickets as soon as possible. However, they are available beginning late August, just in time for the September celebrations. Follow THIS LINK to find a cheap flight.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley to Perform at 2015 Smart Reggae Fest
Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley, two of Jamaica’s most acclaimed reggae singers will be performing this weekend in Belize City for the fourth annual Smart Reggae Fest. According to Higher Level Entertainment, the organizer of the event, the concert will also feature a variety of local artists like Tanya Carter, […]

Post mortem shows Steve Hyde of Camalote Village died of gunshot wounds
Information reaching our news room is that a post mortem examination conducted on 51 year old Steve Hyde of Camalote Village concluded that his death was due to a gunshot wound to his head. According to police report, Hyde was last seen in Roaring Creek Village on Monday and his […]

Young men acquitted of murderous mass shooting
Two men, 25 year old Phillip “Papi” Wallace and 21 year old Austin Underwood, charged with the murder of 19 year old Darrell Williams Jr, were acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice John Gonzalez. Williams, a resident of 3717 Central American Boulevard, was shot in his head […]

A Letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow
By Charles Leslie Jr. Dear Prime Minister Barrow, May I suggest that you use the money you are paying for ads to tell us of all the great things you are doing with our Petrocaribe money, and instead invest in brand new ambulances for all our hospitals. We know that you […]

Belize Weather: Sunny with cloudy spells
The weather outlook calls for sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy tonight. Isolated showers will occur with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm inland this afternoon and in the south later tonight. Winds will blow to the East to North East at 5 to 15 knots and the sea state will be choppy.


Congratulations, students of Ocean Academy Caye Caulker
OA, founded in 2008, offers innovative programming designed to develop the unique attributes and goals of each student through Personal Education Plans. OA has evolved into OA’s SEaTIDe: Center for Social Enterprise, Technology, Innovation, and Development, and focuses on developing innovators and change-makers. For more information: Ocean Academy School Caye Caulker Belize 226.0321. First Place, PwC Innovation Challenge, for Hire Belize Mobile App Solution to Youth Unemployment. Heidi Curry, Valbona Bushi, Buddy Magana, Adaly Cartagena, Kevin Tzac, Ismael Florian, Sam Liu, Ashtasia Ovado, Shola Babb. May 2015.

Five Things That Summer on Ambergris Caye Means To Me
I get quite a few questions about Belize in the summer. How is it? Does it rain all the time? Are there one zillion bugs? Is everything closed? Will I be the only one on the island? Is Belize worth visiting in the summer? THE ANSWER IS YES. Yes, yes, totally yes. My first visit was in August 2006… …and then again in October 2006 and from there? I decided to move here – for a test year. I hadn’t even seen the high season. Here are 5 things, both good and not-so-great, that summer means to me. If you consider yourself a person who can go with the flow – COME ON DOWN. I find new things I love about this country every day.

International Sourcesizz

Eljai loves Sweet Belize
A recent trip to his homeland drove California-based reggae singer Eljai to write and record the patriotic Sweet Belize. The song is co-produced by Dean Fraser and Bowie Carroll. "Going back home to Belize after not visiting for a long time, it was like I fell in love with Belize all over again," said Eljai. "The vibes and the ambience were surreal; visiting the cayes and some ancient Mayan sites where I used to play as a child. I decided to put my feelings in lyrics as a love letter to my country." Sweet Belize is released by Jahmix Entertainment and distributed by Zojak Worldwide. To help push Sweet Belize, Eljai is preparing to shoot a music video. "We plan on doing the video in Belize and we have several companies that we are in dialogue with. The one that comes with the strongest script will be the one that we choose to work with," he said.

Bret Harte science students, teacher recap Belize excursion
Bret Harte High School students float down the Sittee River in Belize during their trip with Ecology Project International.

Caribbean health authorities sound alert about Zika virus
San Juan: The Caribbean Public Health Agency (Carpha) has said that authorities in the region should be alert to the possible spread of the Zika virus, which is transmitted by the same mosquito that carries dengue fever and chikungunya. "The symptoms of Zika virus are very mild but have a few symptoms similar to chikungunya. Most people do not realise they had Zika virus. Both are transmitted by the bite of a mosquito and Aedes aegypti, which is responsible for our dengue and Chik epidemics, has been reported to transmit Zika," CARPHA's Christian Frederickson told Efe news agency on Thursday. The Jamaican government announced earlier this week that it was working on a public education campaign to raise awareness about the Zika virus.


  • Belize Vo Tech, 6min. The heart of the program is the Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech Training Center. It is located on 80 acres of cleared jungle approximately 4 miles from Belmopan on the bank of the Belize River. Operated as a boarding school, the campus has two boys dorms, classrooms, a library, kitchen/dining facilities, bath house, office building, mechanic shop, welding shop, woodworking shop, slaughter house, chicken house, dairy barn, six staff houses and living quarters for teams. The center provides room, board, clothing, personal hygiene items, health care and school materials for each of the boys enrolled. The vision for the center is to minister to and raise up young Belizean men to make an impact in their community and country for the gospel. Young men are selected each year from applications. They stay for three years participating in academic and vocational studies. Many of the graduates are walking in the ways of the Lord and making a difference in Belize. The Belize Vo-Tech staff work as a team to insure the Belizean young men receive good academic instruction and quality vocational training. Each makes a contribution to the spiritual emphasis given during all aspects of the student's stay at the vo-tech center. The Center is open year-round, with breaks between each session, and offers training in welding, mechanics, woodworking, agriculture training, computer training and animal science.

  • An Un-Belize-able Adventure of a Lifetime!, 62min. X Service Learning Trip to Belize 2013.

  • Blue Hole, Belize 2015, 15min. GoPro video of snorkeling at the Blue Hole in Belize!

  • Taking the tender boat to Belize City., 1min. Taking the tender boat from the ship to the Belize coastline. large ships must anchor off shore due to coral reef and shallow coastal waters.

  • No charges as yet in Hyde and Madrid murders in roaring Creek , 3min.

  • Tri National Alliance for the Gulf of Honduras in Belize, 3min.

  • Luis Almagro new OAS Secretary General, 3.5min.

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