The Belize lobster season is set to open on June 15th.

For many coastal dwellers, lobster is one of the succulent delicacies enjoyed as part of the coastal lifestyle. Scientifically known as Panulirus Argus, the Caribbean Spiny Lobster is celebrated in festivals all over the country right after the season opens.

Because lobster is considered a commercial species, a fisherman’s license is needed to trap and catch these crustaceans. However, there are some legal details even lobster aficionados should note and insist upon. If you are thinking of enjoying lobster tails, they must weight a minimum of four ounces to be legal. If you are thinking of enjoying a whole lobster, the body of the lobster from the center of the eye to the starting of the tail (vernier caliper) must measure three inches or more.

The Fisheries Department will be actively monitoring fishermen and establishments who trade lobster. Individuals or restaurants with lobster below the minimum prescribed sizes will be charged for being in possession of undersize lobster. The charge carries a fine of around $20 for each undersized tail or whole lobster.

Lobster season ends on February 14, 2016.