(The Belizean patriotic song reminisces the Belizean in the diaspora song of longing for the Belizean homeland).

The classic Belizean vocalist, Elihue Flowers, has become a household name in the Belizean musical spectrum. His stylistic voice on the track, Under The Tree We Flourish, reminds many of Belizean heritage how soulful Belizean music was in the 1970's. The patriotic song that depicts the multicultural heritage of the Belizean people, is still a big hit in commemorating Belize's festivals and independence day celebrations.

Elihue, as he is known by many, lives in Los Angeles, and became one of the Caye Records recording artists, a Belizean music label that is the brainchild of Belizean, Patrick Barrow, and which became popular in the 1980's recording many other Belizean artists like the legendary Andy Palacio, Anthony Richards, Pupa Curley, Brother David, and many more.

The Belizean musical artists has since retired, and is remembered for contributing his silky vocals to the realm of Belizean music.