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Today's Belize News: June 1, 2015 #504770
06/01/15 05:55 AM
06/01/15 05:55 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Team Manchester United U-13 says Thank You!
Through this means, Team Manchester United U-13 would like to thank Mr. Elito Arceo and the following exemplary businesses who have assisted and continue to believe in our youth: Suya Tours, Gecko Graphics, Caribeña Enterprises, Caliente Restaurant, FC’s Aluminum, F&S Golf Carts and the community who supported us as we traveled to represent San Pedro at the Under-13 marathon held in Cayo. This event would not have been possible without your assistance, so from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Letter to the Editor: Atlantic Bank ATM Machines
As a resident of San Pedro Town for past years, there are inconveniences that from time to time affect the people of this community but one thing I am noting is the lack of Automated Teller Machines by Atlantic Bank Limited. This Bank operates on one ATM for an island of about 20,000 citizens. There are countless times that our people are inconvenienced by it either, not having any money or just plain shortage of ATM’s on the island. On behalf of the people of this community, we are rallying to the cause for the bank to at least include a second one (more will be better). It is a huge inconvenience as people get off work tired and it is depressing that one has to wait in a long line, many a times in the hot sun, just to find out that there is no cash on most times. We are hoping that something can be done to provide some type of relief for our hard working people of this island, who are contributing, productive citizens.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Catch A Monkey
“What in hell was that? Was that a monkey?” I asked. “Of course, it was a monkey,” my friend Bob replied. “You’re in Costa Rica and this country is full of monkeys.” Sherry and I had finally gotten away for a three-day weekend. At the jungle resort where we stayed, I met Bob, from the U.S. who had been there for a week. We were kicking it back at poolside and drinking a few afternoon beers together when the monkey suddenly raced across the deck, grabbed my drink and sprinted for the jungle. “I’m going to catch that monkey and teach him a lesson,” I said, as I jumped from my chair. “Oh, sit back down,” Bob said. “All you’re going to do is get frustrated and lose your dignity. A man cannot chase a monkey in a dignified manner. Besides, you couldn’t catch him.” “I suppose you could.”

Mesa Cafe Awarded 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Exellence
Press Release – Mesa Café – May 27, 2015 – Mesa Cafe, located at Vilma Linda Plaza in San Pedro, Belize, this week announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award. Now in its fifth year, the award celebrates excellence in hospitality and is given only to establishments that consistently achieve great traveller reviews on Trip Advisor. Certificate of Excellence winners include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a superior customer experience. “With the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence based on customer reviews, the accolade is a remarkable vote of confidence to our business and our continued commitment to delivering restaurant quality food and service, in a relaxed cafe environment. Winning the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence is a true source of pride for the entire team at Mesa Cafe and we’d like to thank all of our past guests,” said owners Sheldon and Joanne Florence. “Trip Advisor is pleased to honor exceptional hospitality businesses that have received consistent praise and recognition by travelers on the site,” said Marc Charron President, Trip Advisor for Business. “By putting a spotlight on businesses that are focused on delivering great service to customers, Trip Advisor not only helps drive increasing hospitality standards around the world, it also gives businesses both large and small the ability to shine and stand out from the competition.”

Police Report
Theft: 63-year-old Thomas Vidrine reported that on Friday, May 22nd at about 3:15AM he received a call from 26-year-old Julio Rafael Ruano telling him that his boat was being stolen. He immediately got up and grabbed his licensed .38 special revolver and went outside, when he reached outside, he saw that his boat was about 20 feet away from the dock where he had it secured.
Sexual Assault: On Saturday, May 23rd at 12:20PM a mother and her 8-year-old daughter visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that earlier in the day, while the child was lying in a hammock at her grandmother’s house located in the DFC Area, her grandfather sexually assaulted her. She further stated that he had sexually assaulted her on several occasions since June 2014.
Drug Trafficking: On Wednesday, May 27th at 1:30PMs, acting on intelligence from San Pedro Special Branch and Criminal Investigation Branch, a team of Caye Caulker Police headed by PC #577 Santiago Tun conducted a searched on 54-year-old Raul Rafael Rosado whom was seen leaving with a brown manila envelope from the Caye Caulker Water Taxi Terminal in Caye Caulker Village.

Doctor Love: Relationship Disagreements
Dear Doctor Love, My girlfriend and I plan to get married in eighteen months. We have been together for a year already and we only have one problem. When there is a disagreement there is only one answer. That answer is whatever she decides. She will not settle for anything less. If we disagree on the phone she will hang up and not answer. If we are at my house she leaves. At her house she makes me leave. Things only get right when I admit that I am wrong. This becomes harder and harder to take as I know I cannot be wrong that often. I am one of those people that thinks things through instead of just acting on what I feel. This also seems to be happening more frequently. During the first six months that we were together it happened about three times. Since then it has happened seven times. I tried explaining that we have to face issues together and we cannot always run away from them. What’s going to happen when we are married and she can’t run? She would not come with me but I went to see a counselor at Family Services. At counseling they said that she needs to learn how to fight fairly. They said that I need to stop telling her how to behave because it puts her in a childlike position where she “must behave”. She resents it and then runs. They said next time state my case but don’t try to make her accept it. Listen to what she says and come up with a compromise. She was out the door long before I stated my case. What are your thoughts on this?

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ten day Weather Outlook for Belize: Sunday, May 31, 2015
The models are indicating that we will see the some rain duirng this working week. The updated GFS & GFS-MNSPRD forecast models (6:00 am, May 31, 2015 run) are still resolving an upper level trough extending North – South across the central Gulf of Mexico moving eastwards over the next 72 – 120 hours. This upper level trough is expected to interact with an approaching tropical wave that will be in the extreme NW Caribbean within the next 72 hours (See Figure 1 – 3 below; Wed., June 3, 2015). These features will bring moisture and instability over the NW Caribbean and Belize, resulting in widespread showers with thunderstorms this week. This activity will start as early as Monday and Tuesday of this week, with heavier precipitation on Tuesday night and Wednesday, especially over the northern half of the country and over the coast and sea. A low will move offshore Belize on Wednesday, and is forecast to gradually drift NW towards western Cuba by Friday morning. The low will continue NW as the upper level trough picks it up and steers the low towards the western Atlantic. Some areas of central and northern Belize could receive 1.5 to 2 inches of rainfall with higher amounts locally along the coast and the central highlands. The activity will decrease later on Wednesday, but the persisting moisture and instability will result in more outbreaks of showers through Friday and Saturday, but decreasing on Sunday.

Guatemala Did Not Inherit Belize From Spain, Because Spain Never Occupied, Owned Or Settled Belize
Guatemala claims to have inherited a Spanish claim to Belize based on the legal doctrine of UTI POSSIDETIS - a doctrine that is NOT by any means universally recognized in international law. Consequently Pope Alexander VI, one of the most controversial Popes, issued on May 4, 1493, a papal bull granting official ownership of the New World to Ferdinand and Isabela of Spain. (By the way Pope Alexander VI was a Spaniard, he was from Jativa a town near Valencia, Spain) To these monarchs, the Pope declared: "We of our own motion, and not at your solicitation, do give, concede, and assign for ever to you and your successors, all the islands, and main lands, discovered; and which may hereafter, be discovered, towards the west and south; whether they be situated towards India, or towards any other part whatsoever, and give you absolute power in them." He also included Portugal giving a portion on a specifically demarcated zone. However, this papal disposition was never subsequently recognized by any other European power. Yet Guatemala says it inherited these rights from Spain; this is Madness!!! We do know that in 1717, 1730, 1754, 1779, and finally 1798 Battle of St George’s Caye, a total of FIVE SPANISH ATTACKS ALL CAME FROM YUCATAN MEXICO to remove British settlers. CAPTAIN GENERAL FROM GUATEMALA REBUKED BY SUPERIORS FOR MOUNTING MILITARY EXPEDITION INTO THE AREA WAS REMINDED THAT AREA FELL UNDER JURISDICTION OF THE GOVERNOR OF CAMPECHE – ADMINISTERED BY THE YUCATAN CAPTAIN GENERAL. SO GUATEMALA HAD NO JUSISDICTION OVER BELIZE. Belize was under the Captain of Campeche administered by the Captain of Yucatan! Of one thing we are sure Spain NEVER occupied Belize.

No to ICJ-Belize/Guatemala Dispute
Vision Inspired by the People, unconditionally upholds the right of our Belizean nation to self-determination along with our sovereign territory as defined in our 1981 independence constitution. We declare that this God given right of nationhood is not subject to negotiation. It is on the basis of this right that VIP views as gravely misleading and perhaps treasonous, the efforts of Belize’s current government to hold a referendum that could lead to the ICJ, altering Belize’s borders from those defined in our 1981 independence constitution. VIP hereby declares that Guatemala’s claim to Belizean territory is illegitimate, outdated, mutually counterproductive and downright immoral. This claim directly conflicts with the goals of the United Nations to finally eradicate the remaining ills of colonialism. The Guatemalan government has never occupied or exercised sovereignty over Belizean territory. We are reminded that the Spanish government which may have had a claim to Belizean territory under the unjust establishment and growth of colonialism was a non-voting member in the United Nations vote for Belize’s independence. This conscientious position by Spain not to participate in the vote was a fitting end to any and all claims on Belizean territory that were based on colonial principles.

The Back Door Of Belize
John Mcafee: A few people have doubted my frequent visits to Belize over the past two years. Anyone who knows me, of course, knows full well that I come and go as I please. My usual place of entry is what I call "The Back Door Of Belize". It is a tiny immigration station across the river from the Mexican village of Union. Union, by the way, has a population of 61 inhabirants. The village in the Blue Creek district of Belize, across the river, where the immigration station is located, has, as best I can ascertain, a population of 8. It is an ideal entry point for someone like myself, or indeed for anyone who can't be bothered with the formalities associated with leaving one country and entering another. At night everything is closed, even the boat ferries. The river at that point, however, is very shallow and one can wade across it in a matter of seconds. I have never done this at night since I have an irrational fear of crocodiles, and people disappear into their bellies with great regularity in this region. Call me a coward if you wish. Sticks and they say. Once across the river, I engage the sole immigration agent (who doubles as a policeman) in an animated one way discussion, entirely in German, while gesticulating wildly with my arms and pointing at the sky with an expression of horror. (I use different techniques each time of course, but this occurred during my last crossing). When he looks up to see what is terrifying me, i tug on his shirt sleeve and point with equal horror at his shoes. After a few cycles of this I grab the bewildered agent by the shirt sleeve and frantically urge him, using my best sign language, to go inside and lock the door. Finally, I throw up my arms in exasperation, reach in my pocket, hand the man a US $20 bill, shake his hand, walk calmly into the dirt road, get into a vehicle that has been waiting for me, and drI've off. I have no clue what the agent thought about the entire affair, but I got a huge kick out of it.

A New Grad’s Guide to Job Interviews
t’s graduation season, and for many new and soon-to-be grads, that means it’s job-hunting season, too. But if you’re new to job interviews, don’t panic. Start with this quick visual guide to everything you need to know: How to prepare, what to do (and what not to do), and what to expect during those 40 minutes (on average) you’ll spend on the hot seat. Then, why not read up on more of our great job search advice? Check out our tips for interview etiquette, eight looks that land the job, and our all-in-one interview prep guide.

Expression of Interest Notice: Participate in a Seminar on Angel Investor Engagement Training for Entrepreneurs
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is inviting regional start-up companies and high growth potential MSMEs to participate in the first staging of its Angel Investor Engagement training for regional entrepreneurs. There will be a series of three trainings, the first to be held in Barbados on, June 22nd, 2015 for entrepreneurs located in Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname. The other two will take place in Jamaica (to cover entrepreneurs in Jamaica, Belize, Haiti, Dominican Republic and The Bahamas) and Saint Lucia (to cover the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States OECS countries). The dates and venues for the trainings to be held in Jamaica and Saint Lucia will be announced at a later time. Please note however that entrepreneurs from all CARIFORUM Countries (Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago) are required to apply for the training using the deadlines indicated in this Expression of Interest notice. This training will sensitize, educate, and train regional entrepreneurs in global best practices methods of engaging angel investors for investment.

Belizean talent Bernie Mack has become a household name among Belizean artists and entertainers in the Belize artistic community at home and abroad. He stands out as one of the only few Belizean artists that has played significant roles in many international films and movies, and a sought after talent from the shores of Belize. Belizean Legends look forward to see many more from this 'Belizean to the bone' artist extraordinaire and actor. Do yo thing Bernie!

Many Belizeans know Clinton 'Pulu' Lightburn as Belize's most celebrated athlete and basketball player of his time, but rarely get to see the serious side of Pulu, the Social Commentator. Seen here in a rare appearance on the most popular KREM Radio in Belize City doing a segment to a radio show, Pulu has become an outspoken Belizean against injustices in Belize, and a voice for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised children and young people of Belize on a whole, and Belize City in particular. Go tell it on the mountain Pulu, we 'overstand' where yo coming from!

When I first watched Jorge Babb played an organ in 1973 at his parents home at Cinderella Plaza in Belize City, I was 'blown away' to say the least. He played a double decker organ with bass pedals at the foot, and played both harmony on the keys and bass lines on his foot at the same time. Though he had no music training, and was just a raw Belizean talent, Babb could stand out among many other Belizean musicians quite easily and hold his own. He was very young at the time, maybe about 13 years old, and played with a kind of confidence rarely seen by many other Belizean musicians of his time. Jorge was not a band musician per se, but a solo act that played with a kind of flamboyance we only see in the late American pianist, Liberace. Belizean Legends is proud to feature this incredible Belizean musical talent, and hope to present more on his music soon. Yo bad Jorge!

Many may not agree, but the entertaining Punta Rock artist changed Punta Rock entertainment in the 1990's and beyond to fit a more younger as well as middle age generation of Punta Rock fans in Belize, the Caribbean, and the United States. Super G became one of the most requested Punta Rock artist of his time, traveling to the U.S. out of Belize to perform more frequently than any other Belizean artist and Punta Rock stars of Central America. Keep doing your thing Super, let the world know that a Punta Rock Superman has been born!

When the song Crack Is A Killer hit the Belizean radio airwaves at home and abroad, the name Pupa Curley became synonymous with Belizean social commentary, and was the most powerful statement any Belizean artist could have made in 1989 in Los Angeles, California and Belize. The deadly crack epidemic which gripped the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America, especially Belize, had destroyed the lives of many well to do american politicians, and Belizean black youth, and became an instant reminder that the so-called war on drugs had taken many a casualties and prisoners alike among poor and disenfranchised folks around the world. COMING SOON on Belizean Legends is the incredible story of one of Belize's most outspoken artists, Pupa Curley, (Curlin Arnold). Stay tune!

(The Belizean patriotic song reminisces the Belizean in the diaspora song of longing for the Belizean homeland). The classic Belizean vocalist, Elihue Flowers, has become a household name in the Belizean musical spectrum. His stylistic voice on the track, Under The Tree We Flourish, reminds many of Belizean heritage how soulful Belizean music was in the 1970's. The patriotic song that depicts the multicultural heritage of the Belizean people, is still a big hit in commemorating Belize's festivals and independence day celebrations. Elihue, as he is known by many, lives in Los Angeles, and became one of the Caye Records recording artists, a Belizean music label that is the brainchild of Belizean, Patrick Barrow, and which became popular in the 1980's recording many other Belizean artists like the legendary Andy Palacio, Anthony Richards, Pupa Curley, Brother David, and many more. The Belizean musical artists has since retired, and is remembered for contributing his silky vocals to the realm of Belizean music.


GOB Sends Diplomatic Note Of Protest To Guatemala
Reports are that yesterday, the Belize Coast Guard was approached by a Guatemalan Navy Ship and asked to move out of the Sarstoon River. Viewers may recall that the Belize Coast Guard is building a command center in that area in southern Belize. When the BCG refused, we understand that the Guatemalan Navy Ship left, but a bigger ship returned seeking to expel the Coast Guard from what is Belizean territory. We have not been able to confirm the exact details of this stand-off but it comes in the wake of the signing of the amendments to the special agreement on the territorial dispute of both countries. Late this evening, the government of Belize sent a diplomatic note of protest to Guatemala following the incursion into Belize's territorial waters in Toledo by a Guatemalan Naval Patrol. Twice on Thursday morning, Guatemalan Navy Patrols confronted a Belize Coast Guard team that was working on Sarstoon Island well within Belize's territory and attempted to eject the Belizeans from the area. The Belizeans stood their ground and the incident is now the subject of the diplomatic note of protest sent from Belmopan to Guatemala City.

Belizean Caught In Crew Of Illegal Immigrants By Mexican Authorities
Mexican authorities are reporting that a Belizean was caught among fifty illegal immigrants that made it into Mexico undetected. The report indicates they were caught at the Cancun International Airport at around two thirty on Wednesday afternoon in flight 4210 heading to Reynosa. It appears that all individuals were able to pass through the international airport undetected. It was only when immigration officials got onboard the plane and asked for traveling documents that they were caught. According to the report, they were headed to Reynosa and Tamaulipas. Among them were twenty-three persons from El Salvador and eighteen from Cuba. Fiver others originated from Guatemala, two from Honduras, one from Granada and one person was a Belizean. All fifty were taken into custody.

Belize Coast Guard Receive Training In Maritime And Land Operations
A team from the Guyana Defence Force Flagship has departed from St. Kitts/ Nevis to participate in Exercise Trade winds where one of two phases will be carried out in Belize. Exercise Tradewinds is a United States Southern Command sponsored training exercise held annually in the Caribbean and has two phases –Maritime and Land Operations. The Maritime Phase is scheduled to be held in St Kitts Nevis from May 30- June 9, 2015. The Land Operations Phase is scheduled to be held in Belize from June 14-24. The team is made up of 4 Officers and 36 Other Ranks from the Coast Guard, and 3 Other Ranks as supporting staff drawn from across the Force. The aim of Exercise Tradewinds is to help Caribbean nations to be better able to counter land and maritime security threats such as human smuggling and trafficking in illegal weapons and ammunition.

Noh Mul Case Goes To Court On Monday
The seemingly willful destruction of the largest natural Mayan monument in northern Belize made international headlines in May of 2013 when it was discovered that a construction company owned by UDP Orange Walk Central Standard Bearer, Denny Grijalva, had been pillaging the ancient archaeological site to obtain material for road fill. Since the news broke and as a consequence, Grijalva’s company was charged with one count of removing parts of an ancient monument, and one count of causing the destruction of an ancient monument. The case was being handled in the Corozal Magistrate's Court for the past 2 years, but at the last adjournment the sitting Magistrate decided after consultation with the prosecutor and the defence attorney, that the case should be transferred to the Belize City Magistrate's Court. In that last hearing, the defendants asked their attorney to apply for transfer of the case from Belize City back to Corozal, away from the media capital. And that is where we are at with this very important case that has been dragging in the courts for years. But this morning, witnesses were summoned to court to meet with the prosecution where they reviewed their initial witness statements. The case will now move to Corozal and is set to commence on Monday, June 1st. We’ll have the developments in next week’s newscast!

Re: Today's Belize News: June 1, 2015 [Re: Marty] #504771
06/01/15 05:55 AM
06/01/15 05:55 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 70,171
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker, Belize Tourism Pioneer, Ray Auxillou: A Tribute
There were three KEY people that started the TOURIST BUSINESS in the colony of British Honduras. You have to remember there were no roads to speak of in the Yucatan, Mexico, or even Guatemala at the time. The THREE KEY pioneers of tourism in British Honduras were: Bert Foreman, a lobster trap fisherman around Seargants Caye who eventually built his own Caye, called Foreman´s Caye. He ran British Civil service types coming to the colony out of the Fort George Hotel of the time; Ray Auxillou who used this small 24 foot, homebuilt, 7 hp Volvo Penta diesel cabin cruiser boat on weekends out of the Bellevue Hotel, and John Grief with his tiny 3 passenger Cessna 172 out of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. In the early 1960´s my tourist charters, were oil people, Jaguar- Boone and Crocket trophy hunters, drug smugglers killing time waiting for their airplane marijuana loads, DEA agents chasing them and investigating me and eventually the business picked up with lawyers and doctors out of Texas, Louisiana and Detroit with the Michigan for Alliance Program. My best earner was 13 years being the operator of the University of Corpus Christi, Marine Biology Department winter 3 week student group. I made cheap money, about $6000 Bz, but it paid for the whole year in those days.

Belize Lobster Season Set To Open June 15
The Belize lobster season is set to open on June 15th. For many coastal dwellers, lobster is one of the succulent delicacies enjoyed as part of the coastal lifestyle. Scientifically known as Panulirus Argus, the Caribbean Spiny Lobster is celebrated in festivals all over the country right after the season opens. Because lobster is considered a commercial species, a fisherman’s license is needed to trap and catch these crustaceans. However, there are some legal details even lobster aficionados should note and insist upon. If you are thinking of enjoying lobster tails, they must weight a minimum of four ounces to be legal. If you are thinking of enjoying a whole lobster, the body of the lobster from the center of the eye to the starting of the tail (vernier caliper) must measure three inches or more. The Fisheries Department will be actively monitoring fishermen and establishments who trade lobster. Individuals or restaurants with lobster below the minimum prescribed sizes will be charged for being in possession of undersize lobster. The charge carries a fine of around $20 for each undersized tail or whole lobster. Lobster season ends on February 14, 2016.

You’ve Got To See This Reef Week Belize 2015 Video Shot On Location With Ragamuffin Tours!
Host of Wake Up Belize, Mose Hyde and his crew from KREM TV took to Belize’s Cayes with Caye Caulker’s Ragamuffin Tours as part of Reef Week Belize 2015. The journey showcased the beauty and value of Belize’s barrier reef, with guest marine biologists from Oceana Belize and Blue Ventures on board. This is one of the nicest videos we’ve seen. We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it around!

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Set For June 26 – 28
The 21st Annual Caye Caulker Lobster Fest has been set for the weekend of June 26 – 28th. It has traditionally been set for the last week of June. This year’s Lobster Fest promises to be bigger and better than ever. Caye Caulker’s lobster fest has been so popular it has spawned imitations in both Placencia and Ambergris Caye. The original idea for the Lobster Fest came from the traditional fishermen on the island who thought it would be fitting to hold a celebration to honor the crustacean which has nurtured, fed and educated many Hicaqueno families. As usual, the festivities will begin on Friday night with the picking of Miss Lobster Fest. The line up of contestants is scheduled to be released shortly. Things heat up progressively after the pageant, with DJs and live acts performing throughout the night and weekend. Activities are also scheduled during the day. The highlight of the festival is the devouring of the crusty crustacean in just about every imaginable treat you can conjure. There is stewed lobster, barbecued lobster, curry lobster, lobster ceviche, whole lobster, lobster panades and just about lobster everything.

Conch Season Set To Close on June 1, 2015
If you are thinking of enjoying one of the staple delicacies of Caye Caulker, conch ceviche, or the other staple of Caye Caulker, conch fritters, you’d better get hopping! Conch season is set to close on June 1, 2015 — Monday — and will not reopen again until October 1, 2015. There will be no more ceviche or conchs fritters available. The variety of conch most harvested in Belize is the Strombus gigas better known as the Queen Conch. The harvesting of conch infuses an estimated $11 million into the country’s GDP annually.

Hurricane Season Hasn’t Officially Started, But We Already Have Our First Storm
Hurricane Season hasn’t officially started yet. The official hurricane season set by the National Hurricane Center in Atlanta, Georgia doesn’t begin until June 1. But that hasn’t stopped the first hurricane of the season, Hurricane Andres, from making its presence known. Hurricane Andreas is churning well west of Mexico in the Eastern Pacific and no threat to land. Although predictions have called for below average number of storms in the Atlantic, this should be a wake up call that nature doesn’t have boundaries. It does what it wants. Therefore, we must take every precaution to stay vigilant and prepared for the next several months as we wind our way through the season.

The Reporter

Cancer walk draws more than 5,000 participants
Over 500 citizens took part in Belize Cancer Society’s annual cancer walk on Saturday from Ladyville to Belize City, aimed to create awareness among our population of the ravages of cancer. The majority of the participants this year were youths, while the rest were cancer survivors and/or families of cancer patients. According to Laura Longsworth, president of the society, the funds raised in this year’s event will go towards establishing a cancer program to help with assisting children with cancer. Longsworth expressed regret that currently Belize still does not have a program to help cancer patients access treatment and with assistance to help cover the costs.

Incumbent Edmund Castro is UDP’s standard bearer for next general elections
The United Democratic Party’s (UDP) incumbent in Belize Rural North, Edmund Castro has retained his popularity for his party and was selected as the UDP’s standard bearer in that constituency. At a convention on Sunday in the area, Castro won three times the number of votes over his challenger, Dwight Tillett – a former chief executive officer who served under Castro. Over 2,000 people voted, and Castro got just over 1,500 votes, compared to Tillett’s 500 plus votes. Castro, who had come under scrutiny a few times and was exposed for having taken grants when he was minister responsible for civil aviation, led an aggressive campaign heading into Sunday’s convention.

Mental health medication shortage at an end
Patients in Belize who suffer from mental conditions such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder can now receive medication at eight different locations in the country, after the Ministry of Health (MOH) ended the shortage of mental health medications. Chief Executive Officer in the MOH, Dr. Peter Allen explained that the medication Resperidone is now available after the ministry sorted out the difficulty it had procuring the medicine. “Because they are controlled and controlled not just by national legislation but by international legislation,” Allen said, “we’re having problems with the supply, because we couldn’t simply go over to for example, Mexico, buy some and bring it over.” Allen also explained the the shortage, was the result of the ministrfy expanding is mental health services. The ministry he underscored traditionally had only one physiatrist.

PUP’s Ivan Ramos requests PetroCaribe funds for Father’s Day cheer
Ivan Ramos, the People’s United Party’s (PUP) area representative for Dangriga has gone against his party’s official position to refuse PetroCaribe funds from the government. The government’s Press Office issued a release on Friday, announcing that the Ministry of Finance has approved the disbursement of $25,000 to Ramos, who had submitted a formal request to the Prime Minister, with a budget attached for an upcoming Fathers’ Day event he has planned. Ramos, who publicly chided his party for what he termed as some of its members being engaged in “idle talk”, also lashed out at the party earlier this month, implying that its leadership had forced him to step aside to make way for career educator, Anthony Sabal, as the party’s next unchallenged standard bearer for Dangriga for in the next general elections.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

It Is Time For Exceptional Leaders
By Charles Leslie Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Iowa elementary school teacher, Jane Elliot, wanted to explain discrimination to her third-grade class. She decided to divide her class into two groups: browned-eyed students and blue-eyed students. She announced to the class that brown-eyed students were […]

Hopkins Mango Festival a treat for the senses
It was “mango everything” on display on a sunny Saturday by the seaside in the budding tourism destination and Garifuna stronghold of Hopkins Village. The Annual Mango Festival was well and truly revived, not only as an economic boon to the community of […]

Edmond Castro Wins in Belize Rural North
Information reaching our news room is indicating that Hon. Edmond Castro has won the convention in Belize Rural North. According to unconfirmed reports, Castro obtained 1612 votes and his opponent, Dwight Tillett received 537 votes. There were 21 rejected ballots.

Fatal Traffic Accident in Corozal
Information reaching our news room is that there was a fatal traffic accident in Corozal just now. According to reports, the injured passengers are still waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive at the scene. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

Did South Africa bribe FIFA with a U.S $10 million payment?
FIFA, which is the world’s governing body for the sport of football, has been in turmoil for the past few weeks with officials getting arrested for charges ranging from money laundering to fraud. The election for a new FIFA President was held on Friday Sepp Blatter was re-elected to serve […]

TCC holds prom for graduates
Graduates of the Toledo Community College (TCC) held their first prom celebration in five years on Saturday night at Belcampo Lodge just outside Punta Gorda Town. TCC, which has approximately 1000 students, pioneered the tradition in the South as a reward for students’ hard work; however, the school […]

UDP select Belize Rural North Standard Bearer
The convention to select a standard bearer for the United Democratic Party in Belize Rural North is underway at the Guadalupe Roman Catholic School in Sand Hill Village, Belize District. Incumbent and Minister of State Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro, in his second term, is being challenged by […]

Eye witnesses to take stand in court tomorrow against D’mars Stone Company
Eye witnesses are scheduled to take the stand on Monday, June 1st at the Corozal Magistrate Court in the NohMul case against D’Mars Stone Company Limited. On June 28th, 2013, owners of the company Denny Grijalva and his wife Maria, along with foreman Javier Nuñez and excavator operator Emil Cruz, […]

World No Tobacco Day 2015
The global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 6 million people each year, of which more than 600,000 are non-smokers dying from breathing second-hand smoke. Unless we act, the epidemic will kill more than 8 million people every year by 2030 with more than 80% of these preventable deaths being among people […]

PUP Representative receives monies from PetroCaribe Funds
At a press conference the People’s United Party held 2 weeks ago, the party leader, Francis Fonseca and his counterparts were questioned about allegations regarding PetroCaribe Funds being requested by a PUP representative. The PUP, which has been firmly standing against the use of PetroCaribe Funds, denied that any such […]


Climate Myths & Human Rights
Four decades ago, climate deniers spread the myth that there were flaws in the scientific studies showing that humanity was changing the level of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere. Three decades ago, that myth became untenable, but another myth arose, one casting doubt on the finding that those gases could alter climate in a significant way. Two decades ago, in the face of an overwhelming scientific consensus, the dominant myth shifted a little: those gases could warm the planet but their effect on climate would be minor compared to natural climate variation. Last decade, many deniers accepted that human caused climate change would dominate natural variation, but spread the myth that the consequences to society would be acceptable. Now, with compelling evidence from around the world of unacceptable damage from climate warming, the most spiteful myth of all has emerged: the costs of preventing future catastrophic warming will be more painful than the cost of suffering global warming.

Heading From San Pedro To Hopkins For The Mango Festival, V.I.P.
Saturday, May 30th, was the Hopkins Village Mango Festival. Gorgeous, grand old mango trees line the street of the little village and I’ve always wanted to be there when they ripened. Plus the festival, which has happened sporadically and sometimes a bit half-heartedly in the past, was being revamped…more sponsorship…bigger and better. PLUS, the Garifuna Collective performing for the last time before they embark on their US tour. This group is a national treasure in my mind. Time to head off the island (Ambergris Caye) and down to Hopkins. And this time, rather than my usual water taxi to bus to bus experience, I was rolling VIP. Tropic Air PLANE on a gorgeous morning to the Belize Municipal Airport…

My Belize Trip Went to Hell…
It took a trip to hell to show me all the heavenly delights Belize has to offer. It’s probably not the hell you’re thinking of, and I didn’t get there the way folks usually do. This particular hell is Xibalba, the Maya underworld. And I got there on a raft. My wife, Suzan, and I love scuba diving, and Belize has always been a favorite destination. The second-longest reef on the planet runs along Belize’s Caribbean coast, and the diving is world class. On all those dive trips, I realized that there is much more to Belize than the vacationer favorites of Ambergis Caye and Caye Caulker…but we were there to get wet, so we never spent much time in the interior of the country. Until, that is, Suzan got the notion to explore some caves after some research on the Maya of Belize. (The Maya still occupy Belize, by the way…the incredible ancient cities might be covered with jungle, but the people themselves never left. They live all over the country.)

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons in Belize
Laid-back and friendly, this tiny English-speaking Central American nation tucked beneath Mexico has become the quiet star of eco-adventure destinations. This nature-lover’s Eden offers accommodations ranging from rustic (but comfortable) lodges to luxurious boutique resorts. Spend your days sunbathing on a tropical isle, or hole up in a jungle ecolodge and watch the howler monkeys playing in the forest canopy. Expect the proverbial midday ‘tropical downpour’ (which tend to end as dramatically as they begin) during the rainy season of June to October. Wedding Requirements: Most resorts will guide you through the advance submission of the usual documents (certified copies of birth certificates and passports, etc.) and license fee ($100 if you’re in the country for three days before the wedding, $250 for 24 hours before). A simple courthouse ceremony will set you back an additional five bucks. Ceremony sites include beaches, rainforests and even the splendor of ancient Mayan sites. (Apply in advance to the Institute of Archaeology to get permission.) For more information, visit

International Sourcesizz

The Future of Belize Real Estate in DiCaprio's 'Restorative' Plans for Blackadore Caye
​The Oscar-nominated “Wolf of Wallstreet” star, Leonardo DiCaprio and his colleagues are planning to open the world’s first ‘restorative island’ in Blackadore Caye, Belize. The 'restorative island' will be considered as the greenest island resort in the world once it reached its completion date of 2018. This eco-tourism project is designed with sustainable building techniques where the surrounding ecosystem will be restored and regenerated as it reverses the effects of climate change. Thanks to the biologists, ecologists, scientists, architects and engineers who will be working hand in hand, the eco-project of DiCaprio will be a dream come true. For Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio who is also an environmental activist. Buying the Blackadore Caye Island with a land mass area of 104 acres which is wild and unpopulated off the coast of Belize, is a great way to promote the future of eco-tourism and green building through ‘restorative island’ development project. He strongly believes that climate change threatens the 'islands and coastal areas all over the world where the rise in sea levels, ocean acidification, and habitat pressures’ happens. However, with this project implemented, it will lead a new way in eco-tourism, green building, and development, as well as human development where the attempts to restore the environment will be truly beneficial. The resort’s design to heal the island includes mangrove replanting, invasive species replacement of native species, soil and habitat enhancement and creation of additional armature for reef and fish breeding. The other half of the island will remain as a protected and preserved wildlife. And with this restorative island project that will feature 68 villas, 48 estate homes, and private clubhouse with luxurious amenities no doubt that it will create a bigger impact on the Belize real estate market. That is because Blackadore Caye happens to be in the west of Ambergris Caye and is in the east of Belize mainland.

Land Conservation: A Real Estate Trend in Central America
Acquiring large plots of land for the purpose of protecting ecosystems and preserving nature is one of the latest trends in real estate, and the Central American region is very attractive in this regard. Philanthropists such as business mogul Sir Richard Branson and former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson are involved in the direct funding of environmental conservation projects; others such as film director James Cameron, actor Ian Somerhalder and musician Lilly Allen use their star power to raise funds that benefit environmental conservancy, but others prefer a more hands-on approach. 8,493 acres nestled in the beautiful and vibrant coast of Belize are fully authorized with a master plan for up to 4,500 dwelling units (hotels, condominiums, villas), a marina with up to 400 boat slips, a golf course and a private airport of up to 7,000-foot runway. Only 6 miles away from Leonardo DiCaprio’s dashingly beautiful Blackadore Caye, the value of this amazing property is its top location. Situated in proximity to the world famous barrier reef and being the closest land stop from Ambergris Caye, this property is complemented by existing tourism.

Exercise Tradewinds 2015 begins with opening ceremony
Exercise Tradewinds 2015, a multi-national maritime security and disaster response exercise in the Caribbean, began with an opening ceremony to welcome the participating 19 partner nations May 31 at Camp Springfield, St. Kitts. Tradewinds is a combined and joint exercise, which helps build the capacity of nations in the Caribbean to better respond to natural disasters, as well as land and maritime threats that including illicit trafficking. Phase One is being hosted by the St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force (SKNDF) and will take place in and around the islands May 31 through June 9. The exercise gives participants the opportunity to learn more about partner nations so that service members learn what to expect if they are deployed to other islands and nations, said Lt. Col. Patrick E. Wallace, commander of SKNDF. “I stress that the knowledge and skill that comes from this exercise is essential,” said Wallace during the ceremony. “However, just as important, is the strengthening of multi-national relationships.”


  • Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2015, 1min. The Caye Caulker Lobster Fest is held yearly the last week of June to celebrate the beginning of the lobster harvest. It is a 3 day festival which this year will begin on June 25, 2015.

  • Groepsreis Belize - Sun Dancer - dec 2016, 5min.

  • Moray and Lionfish chase, 1min. Rare sighting of a Moray eel going after lunch.. we were all rooting for it!

  • Belize, 4min. EF Tours with McCutcheon High School 2015

  • The Road to Cuello, 10min. The Road to Cuello is a short documentary chronicling Professor James Fitzsimmons first archeaological season at the realitvely unkwnown ancient Mayan site know as Cuello. Cuello, located near the town of Orange Walk in Belize, is unique though as it's ruins have never been excevated. Shot in Middlebury, Vermont and Orange Walk, Belize.

  • Belize Nation Anthem in Maya Yucatec by U Puksi'ik'al Maya, 3min. Belize Nation anthem in Yucatec Maya ... sorry for the video Quality but it sounds beautiful, done by the Orange Walk Maya Group U Puksi'ik'al Maya of Yo Creek Village ... lets be proud maya brothers and sisters Belize Nation Anthem in Maya(Yucatec Maya

  • Belize Hog dance done in Palmar, 2min. this is a traditional Yucatec Maya/Maya Mestizo dance done in Belize by the villagers of nuevo San Jose Palmar.

  • Konshens Performing at Riverside Tavern Belize City (2013), 2min.

  • Belize 2015 Photo-Journal, 7min. A collection of photos taken while studying abroad with the GIS in Belize program from Georgia State University.

  • Belize Snorkeling 2015, 5min. I had the opportunity through a work trip to spend a week in Belize. Even though I was on my own, I managed to get out and spend 2 days snorkeling and several days visiting ancient ruins.

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