In the weeks leading up to yesterday's UDP convention in Belize Rural North, the two time representative, Incumbent Standard Bearer, Edmond Castro had been under continued fire, dogged by scandal and suggestions of wrongdoing and law breaking.

That's not the type of press any candidate wants in the last few days running up to a convention.

So, yesterday, Castro went into the convention with those allegations of wrongdoing in the periphery, and came out with his biggest win ever. Our News Team was there, and Daniel Ortiz found out how he did it.:

Daniel Ortiz reporting
Guadalupe RC School in Sand Hill Village was swarming with political activity yesterday as Incumbent Edmond Castro went up against his former political ally, Dwight Tillett, in an open convention for Belize Rural North.

Supporters and operators from both camps gathered outside the school compound, which was turned into the polling area.

That was normal, but what was immediately noticeable was the numbers of supporters who were mobilized for Castro out on the street.

They took to the shoulders of the highway and began greeting every single motorist who passed by with posters of Castro. For pretty much the entire day, those on the roadside wearing Castro's red passed the time partying to the music of a hired DJ. The effect of that was an atmosphere of energy and exuberance.

Tillett, on the other hand, told us in the morning that he and his team couldn't be bothered by the political fanfare of the incumbent.

Dwight Tillett - Challenging Castro As Standard Bearer
"I think a lot of the red you see out here in Castro's shirt, are out here because of the money they are going to get for it. People been telling us all along and we know them and we are not worried."

Daniel Ortiz
"But sir, he's been giving off this air of invulnerability that no matter what effort you make here, he will remain undefeated."

Dwight Tillett - Challenging Castro As Standard Bearer
"A lot depends on your perspective and what you've seen as campaigned. If the people are misleading us, we'll accept that. There won't be any tears if I don't win this. If we win, then it will mean that the people have decided that it's time for a change. So, we are not concerned about the colors and the hype and the optics. It's not bothering us at all. We have told our people from the get-go that this is going to happen and we must stay focused."

Castro, with his usual swagger, said that the voters of BRN wouldn't wear his shirt and activate for him if he didn't have their support. He was predicting another sweeping victory at the end of the day.

Hon. Edmond Castro - Incumbent, Belize Rural North
"If you notice, this is like "clear the land" country. Everything red that is out here is "clear the land."

Daniel Ortiz
"Now talk to us about mobilizing the voters of Rural North who will be able to give voice to who will be the next standard bearer. What's happening with your machinery?"

Hon. Edmond Castro - Incumbent, Belize Rural North
"It's obvious that the people are happy with their government and they are happy with their area representative, so they come out in overwhelming numbers to give an endorsement really to the area representative and the work that we have been doing in the constituency."

Daniel Ortiz
"What happens to the energy and the movement of persons throughout the day? When do you expect a peak?"

Hon. Edmond Castro - Incumbent, Belize Rural North
"I told you earlier that we have the best machinery in the country as it relates to rural constituency. And you can see it out here today."

Daniel Ortiz
"Will there be just a constant flow?"

Hon. Edmond Castro - Incumbent, Belize Rural North
"Definitely, we have engage about 25 busses for the morning and we have about 10-12 busses in the afternoon and we have many small vehicles. This we will put (I don't want to sound like I am bragging), like I was telling you before."

Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez - Attended In Support of Castro
"Yes, you agree that shirt don't vote, but normally in the course of things, people don't go and stand in line with shirt and do otherwise. Stand outside is another thing, but stand in line, and you could see that general support of things that Minister Castro campaign is properly oiled and I think that is what makes the difference. Of course, Mr. Tillett is an excellent candidate also, but I think that Mr. Castro have the support."

That morning momentum carried over, and our inside information says that Castro began establishing a sizeable lead in votes from very early. By the time the polls closed at 5 p.m., he had defeated Tillett by a margin of 3 to 1, his greatest yet.

It appeared that Castro had emerged unaffected by the scandals and negative press associated with his name. Belize Rural North was still behind him.

By the time he was being sworn back in, the cheers and screams of support in his favor made the process almost inaudible. Once that formality was completed, he had a few words to share with those present.

Hon. Edmond Castro - Returning Standard Bearer, UDP
"I love you all. As I always say, I know that my people loves me. As we journey on to defeat whatever major disaster that might come, we will continue to deliver the seat for the United Democratic Party here in this constituency. I must say thanks again to each and every one of you that came out to support your area representative and I would like for us to continue with this momentum towards the next general election."

2,170 voters cast ballots in yesterday's convention; 1,612 voted for Castro, while 537 voted for Dwight Tillett. That's an exact 3 to 1 defeat for Tillett.

In the last Belize Rural North Convention in 2011 - Castro got 1,070 out of 1,646 total votes.

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