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Out of the Country by Boat

“Wanna go to Mexico?  We’re heading to Xcalak tomorrow.”

“Xcalak?  Ok?  How do you spell that?  I’ll need to Google it.”

Xcalak, or Xcalac (pronounced ish-kalak) is in Quintana Roo and part of the Costa Maya.  Here is a map of the area.

Xcalak, Mexico in the Costa Maya

Do you see that little piece of land below Xcalak?  That is Ambergris Caye, Belize.

It is said that Xcalak and San Pedro have always been similar fishing villages, however, San Pedro has blossomed while Xcalak has remained “old school”.  The locals will tell you that there is a story behind its lack of progression.  Apparently, a group of men/people got really drunk one night, grabbed the local priest in town, rid him of all of his clothing and threw him into the Caribbean.  Afterward, the priest toweled off, contemplated his next move and decided to curse the town and then he left.

Anyway………It’s about an hour and 15 minutes boat ride from San Pedro Town and we headed out at around 10:00am.  Action Divers and Adventures provided their time and boat for this journey.  They are so GREAT!

Staying within the reef, we headed out on the back side of the island.  It’s only about 10 miles from Belize to Xcalak.   When you  actually get to Mexico, you get to travel through this absolutely gorgeous split between the two countries.  On the left is Mexico…..On the right is Belize.

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