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Today's Belize News: June 3, 2015 #504844
06/03/15 06:12 AM
06/03/15 06:12 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

THREE Mainland Destinations You DON’T want to Miss
Mainland Belize is a great place to become one with your wild side. Teeming with miles and miles of lush rainforest and amazing freshwater creeks and rivers, there’s a ton of things to see and activities to do! If you aren’t committed to a scheduled itinerary, I promise you’ll enjoy checking these places out: Caves Branch Outpost at Jaguar Paw, St. Herman’s Blue Hole, The Belize Zoo.

Island Academy holds Graduation Ceremony
“Graduation Season” is back and schools across the island are gearing up for the grand occasion. Kicking off the season is The Island Academy (TIA) which held its 20th commencement exercise, on Friday, May 29th. Eight students marched to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance to receive their Primary School Diplomas: Faith Edgar, Charles Worthington, Emil Nuñez, Dorian Sanchez, Tahryneh Codd, Katie Maxon, Katherine Salinas and Sasha Flores. Family and friends all gathered at the TIA campus to celebrate the students’ scholastic accomplishments. Class teacher for the graduates, Lisa Anderson Welcomed everyone to the morning’s event. Before the graduation speeches, there was an award ceremony for the top students from each grade level. Top students, from all levels, were awarded in various categories; including remarkable reader, creative writing guru, and excellence in mathematics, science and even citizenship. The students were called to the podium to receive their awards from their respective teachers, while proud parents looked on to their children as they were recognized for a job well done.

Ambergris Today

Former NBA Star Etan Thomas on Motivational Fatherhood Tour Belize
Restore Belize and NICH are hosting Etan Thomas, former NBA Grizzlies player, this week as he speaks to Belize’s youth on the importance of fatherhood in his Motivational Fatherhood Tour which include motivation sessions on Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3 at the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts. This event is being sponsored by the Belize City Council, Radisson Hotel, Portofino Resort, Chamberlain Consulting and Belizean to Dah Bone! Etan arrived in Belize along with his beautiful wife Nicole where they met with the press at the airport’s VIP lounge, hosted by the BTB. Etan Thomas is known as the poetic voice of his generation, a portal of our future, a poet, activist! He focuses on the importance of Fatherhood rising to the ultimate challenge as the key to molding a new and positive generation.

Belizean Farmers Receive Land from The Santander Group
On May 30th, 2015, CEO of The Santander Group, Mr. Jose Rodriguez handed over 160 acres of land to the president of Agricultural Association of the Valley of Peace, Mr. Ever Blandon. The exchange took place at the parcel location on the Santander farm in Belmopan and 22 of 31 farmers who are also receiving this land package were present. The Santander Group began work on their 20,000 acres of land in 2012 and became aware that farmers had been occupying some 43 acres of land, centrally located on their property. Acknowledging that this local farming community would be displaced from their livelihood, The Santander Group began seeking solutions to arrive at a settlement. Through negotiations with the Agricultural Association of the Valley of Peace, The Santander Group made significant efforts in arriving at terms for an agreement that would allow for these farmers to have their own titled land on the same property, not far from where they had originally settled.

Killianie Sosa Crowned Miss Chiquitita 2015
Miss Chiquitita pageant was the highlight of the weekend in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, as one lovely contestant was crowned with the 'mini' beauty queen title. On Saturday, May 30, 2015, a large and excited crowed gathered at the Louis Silvestre Sports Complex to witness five lovely girls take on the stage vying for the crown of Miss Chiquitita 2015. The night was filled with great entertainment by the San Pedro Dance Academy, San Pedro Jabawakees and Yaka's Elite Dancers. Five lovely delegates took on the stage and competed in three segments: introduction dance, talent and evening wear. The talent segment was the most entertaining part of the pageant as all contestants portrayed skits and dances of the beautiful birds of Belize.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Women Vendor Exhibition and Forum 2015 (WVEF 2015)
The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) announce the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum 2015 (WVEF 2015); 2nd and 3rd September in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This premier business event links women vendors to markets by providing training, improving skills and facilitating meetings with buyers. Previous events held in China, Mexico and Rwanda, facilitated thousands of business to business (B2B) meetings where business transaction agreements were signed; click here for an insight into the WVEF experience!

Nohoch Che'en closed, Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) has high water

Belize Fishing Report: May 17th – May 25th, 2015 Report
A nice quiet week at the lodge with some great guests, good weather and awesome fishing. Permit fishing was off the charts perfect this week far exceeding the normal rates. Perhaps this is the year of the permit in some obscure Mayan calendar?

Rescued bird, Belize Bird Rescue
This gorgeous male white-front baby was rescued by a caring group of people. They found him on the ground at night with his claws buried so tight into the grass that they had to dig him out! We are almost positive from the musky smell on him that his nest was attacked by a snake. This is one lucky baby, to have escaped the snake and then to have been discovered before any other night critters snacked out on him. Congratulations on your rescue Becky, Bailey, Skylar and Claudine. And a big BBR welcome to Ceviche

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, June 2, 2015: 23. FANTASY 5: 38 20 12 18 13 M

Getting reacquainted
Last year, a small, orphaned manatee calf arrived at Wildtracks, and met Mitch - at that time, our youngest on-site volunteer. Mitch, along with the other other Wildtracks and support volunteers, played a large part in providing 24 hour emergency care and post emergency support to this orphaned calf in the days and weeks that followed his rescue. In recognition of the dedicated care from Mitch, the volunteer (his willingness to take on night shifts, double shifts, early morning shifts...) the calf was named Mitch. A year later, and the two Mitchs have met up again...both a little older and hairier, but basically the same at heart. Both are doing well!

Channel 7

Tropic Air Cessna Crash Lands In Sea, Pilot & Two Passengers' Escape Unhurt, Rescued
Tonight three people are lucky to be alive after the Tropic Air Cessna they were travelling in experienced engine failure, and crash-landed in the sea between Turneffe and Lighthouse reef. But, the Captain, Denfield Borland showed remarkable grace under pressure and safely ditched the plane in a shallow area near to an island - where the Coast Guard and Belize Audubon Rangers were able to rescue him and two passengers. The Civil Aviation Department has confirmed that the distress call came into the control tower at the PGIA at 4:17 pm from a Tropic Air Cessna 182 headed to Roatan. Pilot Borland told them that the single engine Cessna was experiencing difficulties and would not be able to reach its destination or any other airport, and would be making a water landing in the vicinity of Half Moon Caye. Civil Aviation immediately activated the Coast Guard stationed at the Turneffe Atoll and the Belize Audubon Society - which operates a station at Half-moon caye. It is estimated that the plane went down at around 4:45, and at 5:09 PM, the joint team found the pilot and two passengers - reportedly on a safety raft which was onboard the plane.

Shadir (Finally) Faces The Music
Tonight, a man who police really didn't want to charge is behind bars. Shadir Marin, the 25-year-old manager of San Pedro Express Water Taxi was remanded to prison today on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm. We say they didn't want to charge him because police took eight weeks to arrest him - and that's only after he turned himself in today. The story first came to public attention 5 weeks ago, Edison Usher came to our studio to complain about the police - he said they were dragging their feet in arresting Marin after he threatened Usher with a firearm on Saturday April 9th. It happened at a charity fundraiser in front of witnesses. Usher was the DJ - and he tried to stop Marin from driving over his cables. He told us Marin didn't take kindly to the rebuke and pulled a gun on him: Edison Usher, Assailant Charged "At that time I don't know if he was drinking or if he was angry at something or whatever the case might be. At that time he took out his gun and pointed it at me and told me to move the 'F' out his way. After the report was made, they took a week to make contact with this guy.

Leon Manhandles By the Long Arm Of the Law
After spending 6 days in police custody, Leon Soberanis was released yesterday evening. According to Soberanis, he was detained by police on Wednesday in San Ignacio Town for a warrant he had already served jail time for. He was later transported to Belize City at the Queen Street Police Station where he was told that he is wanted for the robbery of M&M's Construction on the Phillip Goldson Highway. But no charges were brought against Soberanis - even though he was detained for 6 days. Here is his story. Leon Soberanis; Detained by police for 6 Days "The police locked me up at Benque from Wednesday. They don't have anything on me but now they say I owe court and when I reached Belize City here they said I am wanted for some robbery. They didn't charge me for the robbery but after that they just hold be at the police station for so many days for a warrant they said I would have to go to jail and I know I have already did my time there." Monica Bodden "Yesterday I understand that you were sent up to Hattieville prison." Leon Soberanis; Detained by police for 6 Days "Yes, they sent me to jail. I already did my time at the jail. That warrant was already served and I told the police that I already served my warrant."

Belize Backed Blatter Right Up To The End
Last night, we showed you our interview with the President of the Football Federation of Belize, Ruperto Vicente, about his experience in Zurich, Switzerland last week when the Swiss authorities descended on the FIFA congress and arrested 14 senior officials in connection with the biggest corruption scandal in FIFA's history. He also confirmed yesterday that FFB voted for incumbent president, Joseph Sepp Blatter - who was returned for a fifth term as president. That's the man who has presided over a period that American law enforcement alleges that the organization was involved in racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering to rig the voting process for different countries to win the bids to host the World Cup. Well today, Sepp Blatter shocked the football world when he announced that he would resign from the post he was only just elected to, in the wake of the corruption scandal which rages on all over the football world. This morning, he announced it at a press conference in Switzerland; here's a short excerpt:

Santander Makes Generous Settlement With Farmers
It made news last year when 31 farmers from Valley of Peace accused Santander Farms - known then as Green Tropics - of destroying over 150 acres of crops. It caused a protracted back and forth which ended up all the way in the Supreme court. Well, today, the multinational company announced that it has settled with the farmers by giving them huge parcels of land to farm on. That happened on Saturday when the CEO of the Santander Group, Jose Rodriguez, handed over 160 acres of land to the president of the Agricultural Association of Valley of Piece, Ever Blandon. That land, according to Santander's statement is located in Belmopan, and at the handing over event, 22 of the 31 farmers were present to witness for themselves that they have now become landowners. The land is valued at 320 thousand dollars, and not only did Santander survey it, they cleared it, and created an access to a water source for the farmers to start growing their crops. The land titles from the Ministry of Natural Resources are reportedly on the way, and the company has committed to paying the stamp duties for the transfer of titles to the farmers.

Just Out Of Jail, Man Condemns Kolbe
34 year-old Belize City resident Robinson Michael was only just released from prison last week Friday after serving 7 years in jail for a number of offences, including unlicensed firearms, and obtaining property by deception. After being on lockdown, you'd expect Michael to go home, relax and enjoy his freedom, but no, he has decided to on the offensive against the prison, its administration and what he sees as maladministration and advantage-taking. 3 hours after being released, he came to our office to grant us an extensive interview to outline a catalogue of what he says are systematic abuses. It's a 40 minute long interview, and some of his comments we're unable to air at this time for legal reasons, but he did bring up a topic of a facility inside the prison. This facility, according to Michael, is in a state of disrepair, and it has caused a security breach which allowed a prisoner to escape recently. He's referring of course to Emmanuel Willoughby, who escaped from prison in December of last year, and was on the run for almost 2 months. In that extended interview, he claims that the prison administration is negligent in housing inmates in this rundown facility: Robinson Michael - Former Prison Inmate "The Prison has a facility that is called the Administrative Segregation, where they - it is divided into about 4 categories. It is also used as a quarantine for inmates who have contagious sickness such as tuberculosis and others.

How To Rescue An Antillean Manatee
Today an adult Antillean manatee was rescued off the Burdon Canal. It had been badly cut by a boat propeller and a team has been trying to rescue it from Sunday but couldn't - until this afternoon. We found with Manatee researcher Jamal Galvez and his team off the Western highway and they told me how challenging it was to rescue this one. Courtney Weatherburne reporting A 12 foot skiff, a 300 foot long and 30 foot deep net and a blue pickup truck: all the equipment needed to barricade this adult male manatee. These prominent white slashes on his back that can be seen from beneath the murky canal water, are his scars. And this team has been trying to rescue this animal since Sunday after residents from the Belama area alerted them to the injured manatee. Jamal Galvez, Program Coordinator, Belize Coastal Zone Management "We try capture it on Sunday and we didn't and he came in here yesterday. We tried yesterday all day and this animal is quite a tricky guy. Despite injured, he is quite a tricky guy, so we came back today because we see this animal is in need of assistance and it wouldn't have been possible without a lot of people. I mean Sea Sports was offering a boat, Action Belize and all these volunteers out here from OCEANA."

American Man's Death, Homicide Not Suicide, Warrant Issued For Wife
On Christmas Day, 2014, Ladyville police said 66 year old American retiree Timothy Patrick Mcnamara killed himself with his wife's licensed 9 millimeter pistol in tiny Boston Village. But now the suicide has been ruled a murder, and police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Mcnamara's 43 year old wife. She is Channon Nessi, and back in December 2014 she told police that she had her husband had a misunderstanding over money and when she left him outside, he shot himself once in the head. As of last week Friday, May 29, Ladyville police, with the assistance of interpol, issued a warrant for her arrest. Police say this is after intensive investigation by a team of officers including ballistics work.

Placencia Weedist Bolts, Left Baby With Babylon
Placencia police are looking for an accused drug peddler who they say escaped from them on Sunday evening - and left his infant child in the police's hands. He's 39 year-old Devon Dale Logan, and according to police he was busted with a small amount of marijuana on the on the peninsula. At around 5 p.m., he was seen leaving an area of the village which is known for drug activity, and he was with his 7 month-old baby son. The officers detained him with the drugs, and they placed him and his son in the vehicle. They say that while they were moving off to drive him to the police station, he jumped out of the moving vehicle and ran away, leaving his 7 month old baby behind. When he is caught, he will be charged with drug offences, as well as abandonment of a child. But, police intelligence is that he is hiding out in Belize City. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Etan And The Kids
Last night we showed you Etan Thomas's arrival in Belize. The former NBA journeyman power forward is a motivational speaker - who focuses on fatherhood, not fast breaks and free throws. He'll be speaking to mixed audiences throughout his time here, and today it was to a group of high schoolers - who, honestly, were more interested in stories about Steph Curry than they were in his positive message. But they did hear what he had to say; here's what they told me about it:.. Rosaline Williams, Maud Williams High School "It really inspired me because I didn't grow up with a father and in my world, I think you would always need a father in your life, but now that I have grown up I see it differently. I don't think I need a father because I could rise up by myself without a father and with my mom" Joshua Jacobs, Ladyville Technical "One of the main motivation that he talk about is that when you come up from a ghetto family, that does not mean you have to stay in there. You could get out. You have other people or friends that will take you towards the wrong parts but it's up to you to get out of negativity. Everyone will have both negative friends and positive friends, but at the end of the day it's up to you."

Is Hon. Julius Leading The PUP Astray?
Last night on 7News, you heard PUP Deputy Party Leader Julius Espat appear as the party's chief disciplinarian - saying Dangriga Representative Ivan Ramos who has accepted Petrocaribe funding form the government should be disciplined - and the same goes for any other PUP who accepts funding. Indeed, he is not the party leader, but Espat has Francis Fonseca's blessing when he speaks, and when he acts - as he has against Petrocaribe. He's taking the government to court over a programme that has won popular support, by virtue of the major outlay of infrastructural work. But, fighting against it has become an article of faith for the PUP. We asked Espat if it's worth it taking on a programme that - recent election results suggest - the voters approve of: Jules Vasquez "The two main fights you've taken on is public accounts. You've gotten nowhere with that and its been an enormous waste of time and..." Hon. Julius Espat - PUP Cayo South "In your opinion?" Jules Vasquez "Yes it has." Hon. Julius Espat - PUP Cayo South "Okay." Jules Vasquez "I mean in terms of the real objective results - nil - for all your..." Hon. Julius Espat - PUP Cayo South "No, I'm just asking if it's your opinion." Jules Vasquez

A Fun run For Over 200
Over 200 athletes and runners of all ages participated in the annual Olympic day run organized by the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association in downtown Belize City on Sunday. They ran a circuit course starting at the Scotiabank parking lot on Regent Street, turning at the Mule Park into Albert Street, down to St. John's Cathedral and back to the finish line by the Brodies hardware division; with the open, senior masters and 14-19 years athletes running 2 laps, while the primary school runners and Infants ran one lap. COMING IN 1st was the winner of the Bob Lightburn half marathon earlier this year, Albert Davis, with Eric Donis of San Pedro - 2nd. 3rd was Belize's triathlon representative to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Kent "Bob" Gabourel. 1st woman to finish was Belize High School principal Jamie Usher, winning 1st Female Masters. Horizon Academy's principal Dian Maheia was the second Masters and 3rd Masters female was perennial runner Teresita Grajale.

Tropic Air Down
As we told you at the top of the newscast, three persons are lucky to be alive tonight - after their plane crash landed in the sea between Turneffe and Lighthouse reef. The plane is a single engine, four-seater Cessna 182 - something like this one - but with Tropic Air logos. It was flying form Belize City to Roatan when it experienced engine failure and the pilot had to ditch the plane, meaning land it in the sea. He reportedly had time top coast down and choose a shallow area where he and his t3wo passengers were rescued unhurt about half hour after their crash landing. They are reported n good condition tonight and were last known heading to Blackbird caye for transfer to Belize CITY.

Channel 5

Tropic Air Plane Goes Down
A Tropic Air craft plunged into the Caribbean Sea today. On board were the pilot and two passengers, who are tonight lucky to be alive after the aircraft went down [...]

Helicopters Were Just Passing Through; No Need for Alarm
Just after twelve noon today, four helicopters heard and seen flying relatively low in Belizean airspace. We have since learnt that the aircrafts are from North Carolina, U.S.A. and had [...]

Petrocaribe Used To Bail CPBL?
The Petrocaribe Fund and now the Petrocaribe Loans Act have been in the headlines for the controversy it is generating. The recent revelation that the funds were used for salaries [...]

Fin Sec Says Petrocaribe Only a Temp Loan For CPBL
When we checked with the Financial Secretary Joseph Waight on Monday, he pinpointed that the monies would be made available to CPBL as a temporary loan.  And that arrear, as [...]

PM Did Say That G.O.B. Would Bail CPBL, But Would It Have Been Petrocaribe Funds?
At a conference on April twenty-ninth, the Prime Minister identified an issue within the citrus industry involving a lack of working capital for farmers who are yet to receive the [...]

A Visit to Sarstoon Island
From proud Rio Hondo to Old Sarstoon…sounds familiar? Well it should, but right about now the Sarstoon is patrolled twenty-four hours by personnel at a Guatemalan outpost on the banks [...]

Crooked Tree Causeway Falling Apart?
A News Five team is just back from the Sarstoon Island in southern Belize where a confrontation took place just last week between Guatemalan navy officers and the Belize National [...]

American National Wanted for Husband’s Death
With the assistance of Interpol, the local police department has issued a warrant for Channon Nessi, the common-law wife of American retiree, Timothy Patrick McNamara, who died on Christmas Day [...]

Russell Hyde and Other Suspects in Roaring Creek Murders Released!
It’s been several days now since the sensational murders of Roaring Creek residents Steven Hyde and Edilberto Madrid, and no one has been charged. Both men, an associate and a [...]

Ministry of National Security is Working to Tackle Crime
There has been a serious spike in murders this year, even as there continues to be a decrease in other crimes. It’s a serious problem for the Ministry of National [...]

Forensic Lab and DNA Testing Will Soon Be a Reality in Belize
One of the major thrusts is strengthening the forensic capabilities of the Police Department. Just a few weeks ago, twenty-seven police personnel were certified as international scenes of crime officers. [...]

Santander Makes Peace with Valley Of Peace Farmers
Santander is keeping the peace with Valley of Peace, well the farmers, at least. You may remember that over a year ago, Santander, then known as Green Tropics, destroyed close [...]

Wheel Chair Man Charged For Drug Possession
A Belize City man, who is not sure of his age, but claims he is twenty-three years old and is confined to a wheel chair was dragged to court today [...]

Shadir Marin Charged For Aggravated Assault on DJ
Manager of San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi, Shadir Marin, is tonight spending his first night behind bars after he was remanded on a single charge of Aggravated Assault with [...]

Sepp Blatter Resigns from FIFA Presidency
F.F.B. President Ruperto Vicente is quoted in sections of the media saying that he voted for Joseph Sepp Blatter, the incumbent FIFA President. According to Vicente, who was in Zurich, [...]

Mangoes Galore At Hopkins Mango Fest
The mango season is one that is highly anticipated; and at last it is finally here. There are a number of succulent and juicy mango varieties in Belize and most, [...]


Tropic Air Plane Plunges Into Sea At Half Moon Caye
Late this evening, Tropic Air’s Cessna 182 en-route to Roatan Honduras being piloted by Captain Denfield Borland suffered mechanical problems and plunged into the sea. Best information to our newsroom is that the flight was taking two passengers identified as Arthur Rogiers, an American national and Eddie Bodden, a Honduran National. Fortunately, all three survived the crash. Reports are that at 4:17pm the control tower at the Philip Goldson International Airport received a distress call from the pilot who indicated that the aircraft was experiencing difficulties and would not be able to reach its destination or any other airport and would be making a water landing in the vicinity of Half Moon Caye. We understand that the department immediately activated search and rescue procedures. The Belize Coast Guard stationed at Turneffe Atoll immediately dispatched a vessel to the last know position of the aircraft and in addition the Belize Audubon Society which operates a station at Half Moon Caye was contacted.

Flooding On Bethias Lane
The 2015 Hurricane Season got off on a wet note and today the downpours continued throughout Belize and in Orange Walk it was no exception. The downpours have put to the test the newly rehabilitated Philip Goldson Highway and already there are problems arising. This includes flooding due to uneven or haphazard construction. A few weeks ago Bethia’s Lane, one of the town’s most trafficked streets, was flooded causing quite a mess for the homes and businesses that occupy that area. In an effort to address the many concerns, the Town Council had to evaluate the problem. Mayor Kevin Bernard says they are cleaning up the mess left behind by the contractor of the rehabilitation project…. KEVIN BERNARD – Mayor, OWTC “Thinking that it was one of the culverts that was damaged, we had gone in and replace that culvert and everything, that was fixed, we also saw that down on slaughter house street there was a private landowner that put in small culverts in the drain where the water actually flows and the council had gone to remove it, today we had a heavy down pour again and the same problem we had businesses that were flooded...

John McAfee Gives a Black Eye To Belize
Belize is again cited for corruption in the international press. An article on Noticieros Televisa, issued on June first states that several countries are facing political crises due to corruption, which could be detrimental if no measures are taken by respective countries. The article lists countries where corruption is rampant and starts with Mexico and then Belize. The case used to showcase such corruption is that of the estranged US citizen John Mcaffee who has accused the Prime Minister of rampant corruption. According to the article, Mcaffee accuses Prime Minister Dean Barrow of stealing eighty million dollars he had donated for projects within Belize. Now that is what Mcaffee is saying and he has also accused the police and government of other crimes against him.

Former Mayor Of Corozal Town Passes
Sixty two year old Mario Ignacio Narvaez, former two term mayor of Corozal and the last mayor from the People’s United Party to serve in that district, passed away earlier today, June 2. Narvaez was mayor of Corozal from 1991 to 1993 and from 2000 to 2006 when he won two consecutive terms under a PUP slate. Among his many accomplishments was the completion of the sea wall along the Corozal Bay, the complete refurbishment of the Central Park, Gabriel Hoare Market and the reclamation project of land in front of the Social Security building located at the entrance of Corozal. Narvaez had been battling with kidney failure for quite some time and yesterday while being treated in Merida, he passed. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Narvaez family.

Teachers Of San Francisco R.C. School Bring The Gold Home for The Festival Of Arts
A few weeks ago, we brought you highlights of the first ever Teachers Festival of Arts where they presented to the public their talents in the form of skits, drama and dance. And last week Friday, the winners of that event represented the district in Belize City. We are happy to report that the Orange Walk District did well as the San Francisco RC School took first place in dance at the national level. Today, we spoke with the team who told us about their winning 80’s Dance Mix performance… PERCIVAL GIDEON – Teacher, Upper Division “We had nobody to tell us how dance will go but we have very talented teacher here; first we have teacher Elizabeth, teacher Maria Pech, teacher Christianny, we have teacher Gilda who is not here and so we put our resources together and the other teacher love it, now the festival of arts came around in the month of May, a Teachers Festival Of Arts, and so other teacher said well why don’t you present your item, your dance and then one teacher pick it up and did the logistics and then we went ourselves into practice and then we went for the Teacher’s Festival of Arts and that was on May 30th and there we won the most outstanding dance there were 13 presentations and we won in the category of dance and we were told there that we could present the same item at the national level and we did that on May 29th and there we had 17 presentations and we all got the first prize, the cash prize.”


Man Escapes Police and Leaves Infant Child Behind
Police in Placencia have issued a wanted bulletin for 39 year old Devon Dale Logan who escaped police custody leaving his 7 month child alone. Police say that they were on mobile patrol on Sunday evening when they came across Logan who had his seven month old child with him. Logan was reportedly coming from

Espat Says Ivan Ramos Should Be Disciplined over PetroCaribe Monies
Area Representative for Dangriga, Ivan Ramos was duly elected in 2012 in Belize’s General Elections with just over two thousand votes … but despite his victory at the polls, his party, the PUP made some moves that saw Ramos removed as the Standard Bearer for the Dangriga division. That announcement of his removal came on

Tropic Air Flight Lands in Belizean Waters
A Tropic International Plane crashed into the sea this evening. On board were three persons, the pilot, Denfield Borland, and passengers, Arthur Rogiers, an American national and Eddie Bodden, a Honduran National. Fortunately, all three survived the crash. We were told that the plane left the Phillip Goldson International Airport at 4:30 pm and was

BDF Commander Dispels Rumors of Guatemalan Flag on Sarstoon Island
While the four helicopters flew above, there were rumours circulating that Guatemalan nationals were on the Sarstoon Island erecting their national flag thus claiming it their own. The speculations, comments and excitement flooded some social media pages and turns out that while we at Love News set out to verify these reports, so did the

US Helicopters in Belize’s Airspace Explained
There were concerns around the country earlier today as four helicopters were seen in Belize’s airspace just around eleven o’clock this morning. While it is known that our local military do have relations with the US military, we didn’t take it for granted and we sought the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General

Ready Call Centre Celebrates 10th Anniversary
The Ready Call Centre was one of the first companies to open its doors, introducing the business process outsourcing industry in Belize. Today, they are celebrating their tenth anniversary. Renee Trujillo was there this morning and here is what she found out.

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Clear the land Castro Clears Conventions
Belize Rural North UDP supporters from all 25 villages came out on Sunday May 31st to elect their UDP Standard Bearer through a closed party convention.The distinction between Edmundo Castro’s supporters, and Dwight Tillett’s supporters was very recognizable. Castro’s supporters wore red shirts with white markings and Dwight’s supporters wore white shirts with red markings. A total of two thousand one hundred and seventy people, out of five thousand eight hundred registered voters of BRN, came out to cast their votes. But before we get into the results of the ballots, we hear from the supporters on both sides of the race including Hon. Boots Martinez who showed up to lend his support to his cabinet colleague.

Castro’s Crooked Tree Causeway Bruk Up
In the forefront of Castro’s political campaign were some street works in Belize Rural North which Castro had facilitated with the help of some good old Petro Caribe monies of course. One such work is the upgrading of the Crooked Tree causeway that links the village of Crooked tree to the Phillip Goldson Highway across

FFB supports Blatter, does not support corruption
Following a series of indictments of top regional football officials in several confederations including the North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation known as CONCACAF, members of the 65th General Congress of the International Federation of Football Associations, re-elected president Joseph “Sepp” Blatter to a fifth term on Friday. He won the vote by 133 to

The truth about Gold Cup cheques
Will the truth ever be known about the financing of the National Team that participated in the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup? There has been a back and forth between now-former vice president of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), Rawell Pelayo, and his boss, Ruperto Vicente. When Pelayo was detained by U.S. authorities on entering

Belize City declared “ready” for hurricane emergencies
Today is the start of the 2015 hurricane season. While below-average activity is expected, it only takes one to cause major disruption. As the country’s largest population center and with the most experience of the threat of hurricanes, Belize City is a focal point and the Central Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) a division of the

Big Falls Alcalde Booted Out!
The Villagers of Big Falls, in Toledo, recalled and booted out the alcalde on Sunday May 31st and are also calling for the removal of the village chairman. The reason behind this move was because of alleged 20 thousand dollars that were not accounted for. About 150 people gathered at the community center to have

2015 Cancer Walk draws huge crowd
It’s not unusual for organizers of the annual Cancer Walk from Ladyville to Belize City to claim that each successive event is the biggest ever, because it usually is. But the distinction is clearly reserved for this year’s journey, which saw over 5,000 participants run, ride and walk the nine miles from Celina’s to the

Ex-NBA player to speak to Belizean youths
Former NBA basketball star and born-again Christian Etan Thomas is on a visit to Belize to speak to youths. Thomas played 11 seasons for the Washington Wizards, Oklahoma City Thunder and Atlanta Hawks before embarking on a career of public speaking and poetry writing. Thomas says he is looking forward to giving a unique perspective […]


Controversy over $40 mil from PetroCaribe for salaries
The spending of PetroCaribe funds has been hotly debated in the recent months, particularly in light of new legislation which empowers the Minister of Finance, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, to contract PetroCaribe debt and to spend those funds without prior approval from Parliament, even when the amount exceeds the $10 million threshold. While Prime Minister Barrow commits to introducing legislative amendments later this month (or in early July) to appease the concerns of social partners, another controversy has erupted over information which suggests that the Government has used the PetroCaribe funds—which Barrow told our newspaper last month could not be used to cover recurrent expenses, such as healthcare costs—to pay salaries. While the information leaked to Mose Hyde, host of the KREM WUB Morning Vibes, shows a drawdown from the Government’s PetroCaribe account at the Central Bank for $20 million in March 2014, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight disclosed to our newspaper that there was a second such drawdown this year, in March 2015. He said that he did not imagine, at the time that he made the requests to the Central Bank, that the matter would garner so much public attention.

“Clear the Land” beats Dwight Tillett in BRN convention
A sea of red T-shirts dominated the landscape around the area of Guadalupe Roman Catholic School in Sandhill, Belize District, from early this morning, as hundreds of voters from the 28 villages of the Belize Rural North turned up to cast ballots in a convention to select the United Democratic Party (UDP) standard bearer for the next general elections. The incumbent area representative, Hon. Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro, Minister of State in the Dean Barrow-led UDP administration, fought off challenger Dwight Tillett, a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Castro’s former campaign manager. One did not have to wait for the ballots to be counted to determine which way the political wind was blowing; the optics on the ground were a clear indication of the likely outcome: Castro’s supporters, decked out with their red T-shirts declaring, “We deh with Clear the Land,” dominated the polling area for the entire day.

Students face suspension for “Mexican demon” game
The principal of Nazarene High School, Elisa Seguro, has confirmed to Amandala that a group of first form students are being suspended for taking up what has been dubbed, “the Charlie, Charlie Challenge,” in school last Thursday, amid what has proven to be a mysterious global wave over social media to promote an activity which purportedly summons up “a Mexican demon” using what has been described as a rudimentary form of the Ouija board. We know that the so-called game, which challenges players to call up “Charlie,” asking if they can play with the demon or not, has been introduced among students in several schools at both the primary and secondary school levels, and spiritual leaders have been called in to speak with and pray for students. The pencils, which are balanced on top of each other over a cross with quadrants that have “yes” and “no” options written alternately in each quadrant, should rotate to a particular answer when the player asks “Charlie” a question, such as what will happen in the future.

The Coast Guard – Belize’s newest heroes!
Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington told Amandala that on Thursday, May 7, he had had “a long conversation” with Lt. Commander Elton Bennett of the Belize Coast Guard, after the Coast Guard official heard Elrington’s comments, broadcast on radio, claiming uncertainty over where Belize’s territorial waters end. That conversation, we understand, lasted over an hour, but Commander Bennett was clear, that there is no question in his mind over where Belize’s territorial waters are located. That position was also clear in the minds of a contingent of 10 Belize Coast Guard personnel—who were scouting Belize’s southern border with Guatemala for a good location to erect a forward operation base (FOB), for surveillance at the Sarstoon—when they were approached by 9 Guatemalan naval officers, who had invaded Belizean waters with their weapons drawn, to order the security officers to vacate Sarstoon Island. Sarstoon Island is clearly inside Belize’s territorial waters, and the Coast Guard officials defiantly and valiantly stood their ground when that incident unfolded around 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 28, 2015. Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral John Borland, contacted Ret’d Colonel George Lovell, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, to alert him of the situation.

Date set for 13th Senator case filed by Opposition
A brief hearing was held in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin this morning on the matter of an application filed by the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Francis Fonseca, against Prime Minister Dean Barrow, seeking to have the court to order him to sign into law the Statutory Instrument for the installation of a 13th Senator that is enshrined in the 6th Amendment to the Belize Constitution. Attorneys from both sides, the applicant and the respondent, have agreed that on June 8, the respondent will file an affidavit and then on July 31, both sides will exchange written submissions. The hearing of the case is set for September 30, before the Chief Justice. Since the 6th Amendment to the Belize Constitution was signed into law, all of the provisions of that law have been enacted, except Sections 7 and 9, which set out how the 13th Senator is to be appointed.

CEMO says it’s ready for 2015 hurricane season
The 2015 hurricane season began today and in recognition of the potential threats that might be faced during the upcoming months, the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) held its yearly press conference at City Hall to discuss noteworthy hurricane preparedness strategies for city residents, as well as its plans in case of any such natural disaster. According to CEMO chairman, Mayor Darrell Bradley, the organization commenced its preparations in January of this year when the 13 hurricane shelters across Belize City underwent inspections to evaluate their readiness. Bradley said that the primary purpose of the shelters – which include 5 on the north side and 8 on the south side of the city – is for “safety and not comfort”, and if there is a need to use these structures, they will be opened on an incremental basis depending on the severity of the storm.

When will the MCC be fully ready for use?
The MCC Garden – which, for at least five decades, has been the primary football venue in the Old Capital – has been mostly inoperative since June 2014 when it was closed for repairs by the National Sports Council (NSC). The works were required mainly due to damages from non-sporting events which were held on the football pitch, and were initially scheduled to be finished almost a year ago, in August 2014, which would have been in time for the start of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) semi-pro football season. Today, nine months later, the grounds remain in poor condition, and when the media caught up with the Minister with responsibility for Sports at an unrelated event this morning, he asserted that despite a few setbacks, the MCC should be ready for use within the next month and a half or by the second week of July. He said, “We were waiting on a few competitions that were happening to be finished for us to do the excavations for the lighting because the wiring goes underground, and so we didn’t want to upset the competitions that were happening. They are about finished now, so we’re looking to start the excavations and erect the light poles for the MCC.”

Verdes to face San Francisco FC (Panama), Queretaro FC (Mexico)
Belize’s national football champion Verdes FC was represented in Miami today at the Official Draw for the next CONCACAF Champions League tournament. Below are excerpts from a report by MIAMI (Monday, June 1, 2015) The Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) conducted this evening the draw for the 2015/16 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League (SCCL), at the New World Symphony Center on Miami Beach, sorting the 24 participating clubs into eight groups of three, for the eighth edition of the continental championship in its current format… The groups will be contested on a round-robin, home-and-away, four-game format, running August – October. Only the eight first-place teams will progress to the quarterfinals, which will kick-off in early 2016.

Smart 13 & Under Week 7 results; 4 more weeks to 4-team playoffs
If you haven’t been to the MCC Grounds on a Saturday recently, you have 4 more weeks to see some amazing young talents emerging in Belize City football. With 12 teams in the Smart 13 & Under Football Tournament 2015, there are 11 weeks of regular season, as all teams are active every Saturday, with (20-20) games beginning at 9:30 a.m. This past Saturday, May 30, Week 7 games were played; and with only 4 more weeks of regular season remaining, the race is really hot for the top 4 spots in the playoffs. (See standings below; our apologies for missing standings columns in our report last week) In game 1 on Saturday, Elan White struck twice, to give Rising Stars the 2-nil win over Charlston FC. Game 2 was a 1-1 draw between Face of Belize and Ladyville Jaguars, as Mushay Grant shook the net for Face of Belize, while D’Jon Canelo tallied for the Jaguars.

NEBL Finals tip off this Friday in San Ignacio
The NEBL, 2015 season is bouncing to its closure, as the best-of-three Finals will tip off this weekend in San Ignacio Town. Semifinal matches saw a record crowd in Dangriga, while the defending champs had to play a Game 3 to decide which of the two teams would advance to the Finals. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast with the game scores, play-by-play analysis and the box scores. Fans can follow every game live on our webpage, as scores are in real time. The NEBL, webpage also contains news, team standings and player statistics, and it can be found at On Friday night, the #1 seed, Cayo Western Ballaz (2-0) will host the #2 seed and defending champions, San Pedro Tiger Sharks (2-1) at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio Town, as these two teams square off in Game 1 of the NEBL Finals. The game will commence at 9:00 p.m. Game 2 of the Finals will be on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. at the San Pedro High School in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, as the two teams will battle for the coveted $20,000 cash prize. If the series is tied at 1 apiece, then Game 3 will be back in San Ignacio Town, where the NEBL 2015 Champions will be crowned.

Editorial: The Jewel: is it worth it?
In many ways, the British Hondurans who began migrating to live and work in the United States fifty and sixty years ago were making an intelligent, realistic decision. Back then, British Hondurans, especially those who lived in the population center/capital city, were of the opinion that Belize was mainly a swamp, and that their future and their children’s future lay up north, where the eagle flew in the largest economy in the world. When some of those Belizeans began coming home to visit back in the 1970s and 1980s, they essentially returned as conquering heroes and heroines. When Belizeans return home from the States these days, however, they do so quietly, without fanfare. What has changed? The British Hondurans who stayed in Belize when the work force began migrating, were mostly older or younger than the migrants. To an extent, these were people who had no other choice. The few who had an opportunity to leave but still decided to remain in Belize, may have been romantic, instead of realistic. Who knows?

From the Publisher
The difference between primitive groupings of people and sophisticated organizations is that primitive groupings are heavily dependent on identifiable, charismatic leadership, whereas sophisticated organizations develop internal constitutional guidelines which make it so that, functionally, the organization is greater than its individual leadership. The collection of Icaiche Maya who were fighting against the armed forces of the colonial British here in 1872 were heavily dependent on the leadership of Marcos Canul, so that when Canul fell in battle in Orange Walk, the Maya were, for all intents and purposes, defeated. This had probably also been the case with the Caribs in St. Vincent when Joseph Chatoyer was killed in battle in 1795. On the other hand, the great business corporations of the world, even though they are always producing exceptional leaders, such as the case with Apple and Steve Jobs, lose such leaders from time to time and yet their business goes on as usual.

Belize tops regional sugar production for April
The Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) has announced that the top sugar producer in the region for the month of April 2015 was Belize, with 28,289 tons. Guyana produced 26,826 tons, followed by Jamaica with 25,862 tons and Barbados with 3,173 tons, for a total regional production of 84,150 tons for the period. Jamaica had topped the regional production in February and March 2015 respectively, while Barbados has just started production. The April figures pushed the year to date production for the current regional sugar crop to 393,357 tons. The SAC says it continues to focus on overseas markets with year-to-date exports to Europe totaling 220,309 tons, followed by 30,259 tons to the United States and 17,484 tons to CARICOM.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

FFB President speaks on trip Belize delegation’s trip to Zurich Switzerland
Executive members of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) returned from Zurich, Switzerland on Sunday evening where they witnessed many of FIFA’s high level officials being arrested on charges of wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering. The Belize delegation traveled to Zurich last week and participated in the 65th FIFA […]

20-year-old’s amazing Ocean Cleanup idea
Chrisbert Garcia: Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, Boyan Slat, announced that his organization will be deploying a world first by next year – the first system to safely remove plastic waste from oceans. With an estimated 300 million tons of plastic being produced and thrown away every year and 5 trillion pieces of it estimated […]

Water taxi manager charged over firearm altercation
The manager of San Pedro Express Water Taxi on North Front Street is in prison tonight, accused of pointing a firearm at a man he was having an argument with. Police have charged 25 year old Shadir Marin with aggravated assault with a firearm against disc jockey Edison Usher, […]

13th Senator case goes to Supreme Court
On September 30, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will hear preliminary arguments pitting the country’s Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, against Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the issue of the appointment of a thirteenth member of the Senate. The United Democratic Party (UDP) had presented amendments to the […]

Former Mayor of Corozal Town Passes away
Mario Ignacio Narvaez, the former two term mayor of Corozal and the last mayor from the People’s United Party to serve in that district, passed away earlier today, June 2. Narvaez was mayor in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when he won two consecutive terms under a PUP slate. […]

Dangriga Men Busted with Drugs in Benque Viejo
Police in Benque Viejo Del Carmen have arrested three persons for drug trafficking: Herson Gonzales, a taxi driver of Arenal Village, Juan Garcia, a taxi driver of Dangriga Town, and Jose Majil Madre of Cocoa Street in Dangriga Town. According to police, the trio were stopped at a […]

Helicopters flying over Belize NOT Guatemalan Helicopters
Belizeans are finding it quite alarming to see strange helicopters flying all over the country. In an interview with B.D.F Personnel, we were informed that the helicopters flying over the country mainly in the southern area and Belize City are those of the U.S. Military who are in Belize […]

Verdes drawn with teams from Mexico and Panama in Champions League
Belizean champions Verdes FC will play San Francisco of Panama and Queretaro of Mexico in Group C in the preliminary stage of the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League later this year. The draw held in Miami, Florida, pitted 24 teams against each other in eight groups of three, with […]

Sepp Blatter steps down from FIFA
The New York Times has confirmed that president of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, has announced he will step down from the post as soon as an Extraordinary General Congress has elected his successor. Blatter was elected to a fifth consecutive term this […]

Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School Graduation 2015
On Sunday May 31st 2015, Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School celebrated their graduation ceremonies with eighty five student’s graduation in various disciplines including Business and Sciences. Their guest speaker was Mrs. Carol Babb, Valedictorian Ezekiel Olivar, Salutatorian Reannie Garbutt and 3rd place Maria Ruiz.

Belize, A Country Of Institutionalized Corruption
By Richard Harrison Whenever the laws of a country make it impossible for people to make an “honest” living, then the individuals and businesses have no choice but to make a “dishonest” living. In this case, honest is interpreted to be abiding by the laws…..dishonest is evading and/or avoiding the law….corruption. I. […]

Luis Cardenas charged for Drug Trafficking
Orange Walk Police have arrested and charged 46 year old Luis Alberto Cardenas for the crime of Drug Trafficking. On June 1st, around 6pm, police conducted a search at the residence of Cardenas on Belize Corozal Road where they discovered two black bags containing 200 grams of cannabis. Cardenas was […]

Belmopan Area Teachers showcase their Talents
Fun, Laughter, and mind-blowing are some of the words used to describe the performances presented by the teachers from the Belmopan Area Schools at the newly renovated Belmopan Civic Center. It was a night of “show weh you got up” as teachers entertained with music, dance, and drama. This […]

Goodbye to High School Years
The Valedictorian, Leslie Arevalo, reflected on her years of sacrifice and accomplishment. She urged her classmates to press on and achieve their goals. Salutatorian Oleyni Melinda Parez expressed her gratitude to the teachers and sponsors who gave her the opportunity to achieve her education. She was one of […]

Hurricane Watch 2015
Tropical Weather Outlook. Tropical Cyclone formation is not expected during the nest 5 days on the North Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Tip of the Day: To begin preparing for a hurricane, you should build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.

US Fugitive caught in United Ville
David Long, better known as “Lung”, a US fugitive was caught in Belize over the weekend. Reports are that Long had settled in the small community of United Ville when US Marshals caught up with him. Long, was a wanted fugitive in the Shawnee County in Kansas on the charges […]


Stops Along Belize’s Scenic Hummingbird Highway: Miss Bertha’s, The Blue Hole, Marie Sharps and More
Belize is a small country with a handful of main roads – the Northern Highway, the Western Highway, the Southern Highway and the gorgeous Hummingbird over the Maya Mountains. For about 55 miles, it twists and turns, rises up and plummets. Through a few villages, untouched jungle in the highlands and miles of citrus in the valleys. The road was only fully paved in 1994 – and there are still handful of one laned bridges left over from the days when this was used almost primarily for citrus transport down to Dangriga. It’s a gorgeous road. But my usual viewpoint is from the bus window. A lovely view for sure…but a mode of transportation that makes it impossible to jump out everywhere you want to stop. So with this trip down to Hopkin’s Mango Festival, we rented a car and stopped…quite a bit. Let me show you where (and add a few things in from previous trips). I highly recommend taking this drive and being leisurely about it.

5 Belize-Inspired Drinks to Make at Home
One of my most popular articles is the recipe for Panty Ripper – an easy-to-make Belizean drink that is famous. I imagine, after a couple weeks of being back from Belize, someone remembers how enjoyable the drink was and decides to look it up. Actually, they might not even love the taste and just want to re-create it for friends since it reminds them of their unforgettable vacation. The truth is that it doesn’t matter, I’m just glad it’s being made all over the world. However, it’s about time I share a few more delicious cocktails with you guys. For this, I enlisted the help of Marco, he is currently a talented bartender at The Lodge at Chaa Creek and man oh man, can he make good drinks. Check out the interview and enjoy making the following Belize-inspired Cocktails. What are your top five cocktail drinks to prepare? Blue Morpho, Dragon Fruit Mojito, Jungle Remedy, Sorrel Colada, Dragonfly. Click for photos and recipes!

Commentary: Belize has always claimed full rights to territorial waters but enforcement is a problem
By Wellington C. Ramos. According to international law many countries claim their 12 miles of territorial waters and enforce their jurisdiction over it. There is also a 20-mile and the EEZ zone for drilling and other rights that Belize can control in their southern border with Guatemala and Honduras. Then comes international waters. Belize would like to do the same but the Guatemalan claim is standing in the way. Guatemala has claimed the whole or part of our country for years now and there is no end in sight. If Guatemala was to drop its claim, then they will be landlocked and have no access to the Atlantic Ocean for their commercial and military vessels. Guatemalan vessels have always and continue to traffic through Belizean waters without any action taken by the Belizean government. Is there a secret agreement between Great Britain, Belize and Guatemala to allow their vessels to traffic through our territorial waters? If there is then it should be made public to the Belizean citizens. The failure of the Belize government to stop these vessels to continue travelling through Belize waters gives me the impression that there is an agreement. Or, Belize may be allowing Guatemala to use their waters as a good neighbour policy to avoid increasing tensions over the Guatemalan claim.

International Sourcesizz

Tradewinds 2015 commences in St Kitts-Nevis
A brief ceremony at Camp Springfield, the home of the St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force, launched Tradewinds 2015 on Sunday. Phase I of Tradewinds 2015, the maritime phase, will run from May 31 through June 9. The ceremony was attended by representatives from the participating countries and local government officials who heard welcoming remarks from Lt. Colonel Patrick Wallace, Commander of the St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force. Wallace challenged the participating countries to embrace the training, use it as an opportunity to build capacity in their respective agencies, and embrace the challenges and benefits of working with partner nations. He added, “Tradewinds is a great opportunity to build lifelong friendships with service members from other countries,” and spoke of his personal experiences.

What if the Magic Lies in Making Others Feel Important?
Upon returning from a medical mission trip to the third world country of Belize a few years ago, I found myself with moments of feeling both breathless and speechless. I had never encountered such raw, unadulterated love and gratitude. The experience was so transformative, I wondered how I could ever justifiably articulate it to anyone. People were grateful for the simplest things, and I had never encountered such beauty. I witnessed a middle-aged man cry upon receiving treatment for an eye infection after having experienced years of discomfort. The man with the eye infection is only one example of countless touching moments, however I noticed one surprising common denominator throughout our week of treating various conditions: More than the relief from their pain or ailment, each person treated seemed most healed by one simple thing: We had taken time out of our lives to make them important.

The 24 hottest honeymoon destinations right now
Where a couple decides to honeymoon is a personal choice. For some, paradise is lounging on a beach with soft white sand and clear aquamarine water surrounded by palm trees. For others, it’s roaming the streets and enjoying the charm of a romantic city like Paris. Either way, chances are you’ll find an ideal honeymoon spot in our list of newlywed destinations that are trending now. A mix of jungles and Caribbean sea shores, honeymooners in Belize can explore both Mayan ruins and marine life. There's also the secluded island of Cayo Espanto, which is tiny but chic and will give couples some quality alone time.

Prolonged Drought Leaves Caribbean Farmers Broke and Worried
St. Lucian farmer Anthony Herman was hoping that next year he’d manage to recoup some of the losses he sustained after 70 per cent of his cashew crop withered and died in the heat of the scorching southern Caribbean sun. But on June 1, the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season which coincides with the rainy season, the 63-year-old man, who has been farming for four decades, received “frightening” news about weather conditions in the region over the next year or so. The 2015 wet season in the Caribbean, which runs from June to November, has been forecast to be drier than normal and a similar prediction has been issued for the 2016 dry season. This follows on a drier than normal dry season in 2015. “It is frightening,” Herman tells IPS on the sidelines of the Regional Climate Outlook forum for the 2015 hurricane season being held here June 1-2. He said there is probably going to be less rainfall accumulating for much of the region, even as The Bahamas, Belize and The Guianas are expected to see higher rainfall as a result of El Nino.

Toilets and how we are going wrong
The known use of toilets goes back, way back, to ancient Egypt. Ever since the first royal use—and the comfort throne was first intended for royalty—man has been trying to build a better toilet. In a world of squat toilets, foul public restrooms, and austere water closets, middle and upper-class American bathrooms are almost temples to our bodily functions. They’re rivaled only by our kitchens—another room given little thought in most other countries—in setting world standards of opulence. The next time you visit Central America, you might want to stay with a Mayan family in Toledo, Belize, a cultural experience well worth the time and effort. You’ll live for a couple of days or a week with warm, kind people who live much as they have for the last century. Just don’t expect American Standard! Here the toilet was a 6″ PVC pipe sticking out of the ground (one assumes a pit was below) and surrounded by shower curtains.


  • Miss Chiquitita Pageant San Pedro 2015, 9min. Miss Chiquitita pageant was the highlight of the weekend in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, as one lovely contestant was crowned with the 'mini' beauty queen title. On Saturday, May 30, 2015, a large and excited crowed gathered at the Luis Silvestre Sports Complex to witness five lovely girls take on the stage vying for the crown of Miss Chiquitita 2015.

  • Summer of Sports Program, 4min. On Thursday, May 21 the Government of Belize announced its Summer of Sports Program, a new initiative funded by PetroCaribe. Here’s what our Belmopan Weekly team learned of the program ...

  • Blue Hole Dive-Belize, 9min. A dive in Belize's famous Blue Hole, numerous sharks. The little cave system is between 130 and 140 feet. The dive computer is not happy about this.

  • Shark Ray Alley San Pedro, Belize, 4min.

  • Jen Chapman on Wake Up Belize: Putting lionfish on the menu, 12min. BV's Belize Country Coordinator, Jen Chapman, talks to Wake Up Belize about lionfish! We're running jewellery making workshops using lionfish spines and fins.

  • Pete, Patty, Erin, and Dan's Belize Adventure, 14min.

  • Taiwan Scholarship Presentation 2015, 4min. The official 2015 scholarship program briefing for the Embassy of the Republic of China in Belize and Belize-Taiwan ICDF Program scholarships was held .

  • Half Moon Cay, Belize 2015, 16min. La segunda parte de nuestros viaje: Half Moon Cay, Belize 2015, Gracias por su participacion en una aventura mas de Scuba Excite!!

  • The Orange Walk Town Council, efforts in getting and keeping the town clean, 5min.

  • Coast Guard rescued three survivers from plane crash, 2min.

  • Villagers call for removal of alcalde in Big Falls Village, 6min.

  • GSL Belize 2015, 3min. High lights of GSL trip to Belize 2015

  • Amazing kids in Santa Elena, Belize, 3min.

  • Honeymoon in Belize, 3min. Highlights from our Honeymoon in Hopkins, Belize.

  • ReefCI Diving Highlights in Southern Belize - March 2015, 2min. Tom Owen's Caye, Belize. With ReefCI

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