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Today's Belize News: June 4, 2015 #504885
06/04/15 05:52 AM
06/04/15 05:52 AM
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Marty  Online Happy OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Tropic Air Cessna 182 makes emergency landing in Lighthouse Reef Atoll
Three people safely survived an emergency landing that occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 2nd. The Tropic Air Cessna 182 destined to Roatan, Honduras experienced malfunctions shortly after departure from the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) resulting in an emergency landing approximately one mile south of Half Moon Caye in Lighthouse Reef Atoll. In the aircraft was the pilot and two passengers, who were quickly rescued by the Belize Coast Guard. According to initial report, the flight departed around 4:30PM being piloted by Denfield Borland with passengers American National Arthur Rogiers and Honduran National Eddie Bodden on board. At around 5:17PM, the control tower at the PGIA received a distress call stating that the single engine aircraft was experiencing difficulties and would not be able to reach its destination. Borland communicated that he would attempt an emergency landing at the airstrip in Half Moon Caye. The senior pilot was unable to make it to Half Moon Caye, but managed to make an emergency landing in a shallow area near the island. Belize Coast Guard officials and Belize Audubon Society Rangers stationed in the area were quickly deployed to the area, and shortly after, they rescued the pilot and passengers. They were transported to Blackbird Caye until all logistics were sorted.

Territorial Dispute continues to cause controversy between Belize and Guatemala
Maritime disputes between Belize and Guatemala continue, as the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) and Guatemala Navy had an altercation on Thursday, May 28th. Reports surfaced that Guatemala officials demanded BCG to move from an area they were working on in the Sarstoon Area. The issue is that BCG were in Belizean territory and it was the Guatemalans who were trespassing, and as such they stood their ground and didn’t not move. Shortly after the incident, the Government of Belize (GOB) sent out a diplomatic note of protest to the Government of Guatemala. No official statement has been released from either government, but Guatemalans are accusing BCG to have been in their waters. Initial reports indicated that BCG were working near Sarstoon Island where a base is to be constructed, when they were approached by the Guatemalan Navy. Claims are that the Guatemalans demanded the Belizeans to evacuate the area as they were in Guatemalan waters. But the area were the confrontation occurred was in Belizean waters, and as such, BCG responded to the Guatemalan Navy stating they were the ones intruding. The Guatemalans left but later returned with a larger force, making the same demands again. BCG did not back down, and after a verbal exchange, the Guatemalan Navy left.

Obando’s Hot Panades- Good Stuff!
Everyone’s been talking about a little panades shop on San Pedro Town’s “back street.” From what I hear it’s been frying and dishing out what islanders have been calling some of the best panades they’ve tasted. So of course, being captive to my taste buds, you know I had to try! When the munchies called the other night, I decided to take a little stroll around the corner to sample some of Obando’s Hot Panades! I gotta admit, the delicious smell that filled the air as I drew near reminded me of why I loved panades so much. Normally sold at either $0.25 to $0.50 for one, these babies were being sold at a dollar a pop! Why?! Well I was about to find out…We took our pick of fillings from chicken, fish, beans and an unusual filling- cheese. This I had to try! I ordered up eight dollars worth, four dollars chicken and four dollars cheese. (Hey, I have a healthy appetite, and one needed to taste properly….for….research purposes!) So I strolled back home to enjoy these babies in the convenience of my casa. And let me tell you these were not your averaged sized panades, these were significally larger and when paired with the spicy cabbage sauce, they were yummier with every bite. To my surprise the cheese ones were a total hit! But then again- why did this surprise me? I love cheese.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks are headed to the NEBL finals!
On Saturday, May 30th, the defending champions and the #2 seed entering the playoffs, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks travelled to the University of Belize Gymnasium in Belmopan City to take on the Belmopan Red Taigaz. The defending champions went in confident, but after a stunning match, the Red Taigaz managed to defeat them with a 64-58 point victory. With this loss, the San Pedro Tiger had to return home for the third and final match of their playoff journey. On Friday, June 5th the Cayo Western Ballaz will host the San Pedro Tiger Sharks at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio Town at 9PM for the first leg of the NEBL finals. Game two of the finals will take place on Saturday, June 6th at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium in San Pedro Town. Both teams will battle for the coveted $20,000 cash prize and bragging right for the 2015/16 NEBL year. If the finals are tied one a-piece, then game three will take place in San Ignacio Town, where the NEBL 2015 Champions will be crowned. The two teams have previously squared off in the NEBL finals, so this should make for an exciting match! Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast with the game scores, play-by-play analysis and the box scores for all games. Fans can follow every game live on the NEBL’s webpage, as scores are in real time. The NEBL webpage also contains news, team standings and player statistics and it can be found at

Killianie Sosa is Miss Chiquitita 2015 – 2016
The Miss Chiquitita pageant is held as a fundraiser for the San Pedro Pre School every year. This year, five little beauties participated with the hopes of capturing the tiara and the title of Miss Chiquitita 2015-2016. Shortly after 8PM on Saturday, May 30th, the event kicked off at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena (Saca Chispas). A dance presentation featuring Miss Chiquitita 2013-2015 and the contestants: Alieah Moreira, Adriana Briceño, Seydi Medrano, Killianie Sosa, and Iansy Gordon, opened the event, setting the bar high for a night of entertainment and grace. The five judges would definitely have a challenge in deciding who would be the new Miss Chiquitita, as all the girls glowed on stage. Saskia Alejos, Victoria Meyer, Gonzalo Salinas, Ovel Leonardo, and Miss San Pedro Michelle Nuñez certainly had their hands full judging the girls on their poise, talent, and performance. After the introduction dance, each girl had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the audience, before leaving the stage and preparing for the swim suit segment. While they got ready the San Pedro Dance academy then took over the stage and performed Cuba Libre. The break San Pedro Jabowakees also delighted the crowd with their fantastic break dance moves.

Ambergris Today

Belize Public Service Day
Was celebrated today in San Pedro as awards were given out to all Public Services for their hard work towards the community. Speeches were delivered by Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Senator Charles Gibson. Students visited their booths where they were informed about different services on the island. This year’s theme states “Commitment Empowerment and Industriousness, Cultivating a Habit of Selfless Service to all Belizeans”.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Description of Belize Flag and National Symbols
The Belize flag and Coat-of-Arms were derived from a replica of the ancient Baymen’s flag of Belize. The Baymen’s Flag was light blue and carried the Coat-of-Arms of the Settlement (consisting of two Negro men, the shield, mahogany tree and motto on a white background). The new Flag of the colony was introduced to the People of British Honduras on 1st February 1950 by the People’s Committee. One Year and three months later, on 30th April 1951 this flag was adopted by the People’s United Party at its first ever convention and a resolution decided to take steps to bring the flag into common and official use as the Official Flag of the Country. This flag contained an amended version of the Baymen’s Coat-of-Arms (consisting of a Mestizo Man and an Afro Man, the shield, mahogany tree and motto on a white background encircled by a wreath of leaves).

Fundraiser Planned to Support Pet Care and Belizean Youth Participation in an International Championship Regatta
In lieu of gifts, Caribbean Villas is using Pedro’s 60th birthday as an excuse to throw an all-out lollapalooza of a fund raiser for his two favorite charities: the San Pedro Animal Foundation and the San Pedro Sailing Club. Regardless of what you think of him, these are two extremely worthy causes. At noon, Sunday, June 7, Amber Beach Bar and Grill will begin the transformation into “party central.” Cool J’s band will cook up their hot Caribbean style of music, while aromas of a succulent pig roasting nearby mingle with those of hot dogs and burgers on the grill and tempt taste buds to succumb. Minions are at this moment gathering a myriad luxurious raffle prizes and auction items. Some of the latter will be part of a silent auction; others will be offered in Chinese auctions.

Set of keys lost on pink Carabina hook
Set of keys lost on pink Carabina hook. Somewhere between the Post Office and Escalante. $150BZD Reward for its safe return. Please contact the San Pedro Sun if found @ 226-2070.

Ride Across Belize 2015
Ride Across Belize 2015 kicks off today! Bring your bikes and join the Ride! Ride for a worthy cause! Stage 1 Corozal Town - Belize City

Mangroves act as Natural Storm Barriers against flooding from storms and hurricanes but are disappearing fast. Although protected by Belize laws, our coastline can still suffer in quality and function when the population fails to respect the environment near the marsh and coastline areas. Mangroves--the uniquely salt-adapted trees and shrubs that line our tropical and subtropical coasts, the critical membrane between land and sea--are disappearing at faster rates than virtually any other ecosystem in Belize. In Corozal, our town council supervisor explained that the council has embarked in clearing and pruning some of the overgrown mangroves along the bay that often harbour loiterers of many sorts. A particular area on 1st Avenue has been reduced to its roots by machetes and chain saws. He explained that this is so because this is an area where a female was raped four months ago. The situation is a Catch-22 since the mangroves that benefit our coastline from erosion may also be undermining our seawall. According to sources, mangroves are some of the most productive, complex, and beneficial natural wonders of our country. They act as filters for our water supply, reduce erosion, serve as nurseries for commercial fisheries, provide opportunities for recreation, nurture vital marine biodiversity, and can act as "carbon sinks," which reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jamal arrived with the manatee this evening
and it is now settling into the pool. Tomorrow we will have a much better idea of its chances. Thank you to all who reported this animal or helped catch it or drove it here, to all of the Wildtracks volunteers who put their hands up when we asked for observers for tonight's portion of the first 24 hour watch, and for our Local Wildtracks Team who stayed late to provide lifting power for moving this manatee to the pool. Thank you also to all those boat drivers who watch out for manatees, who pay attention to No Wake Zones and who boat conscientiously in the manatee-rich waters in front of Belize City.

The Belize International Jazz Festival
Its almost here are you ready for it? The Belize International Jazz Festival Kicks off this weekend with a welcome concert on Friday at the House of Culture ($20.00) come see Errolyn Walen and Omolewa Osain band and Saturday there is a FREE FREE FREE Concert at the Memorial Park with bands toooo many to Mention but check out the the date...see you at these EVENTS!!! Its not stop Jazz Fusion starting Friday right up to June 14th! its the first ever BELIZE INTL JAZZ FESTIVAL!

BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, June 3, 2015: 16

Register Now!

Belize to receive US$2.4 million in grants from CDF
The prime minister of Belize, Dean Barrow and the chief executive officer of the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF), Lorne McDonnough, signed an agreement in Belize City recently for two grant agreements: US$2.3 million for the construction of the new Haulover Bridge, a key conduit of the Northern Highway; and US$162,000 to support energy efficiency projects for the private sector. The CDF’s grant contribution for the construction of the new Haulover Bridge estimated to cost US$9.0 million in total will be co-financed by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the government of Belize. The other grant will be managed by the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and disbursed to firms to retrofit their operations and install solar power generation to make them energy efficient and competitive. The prime minister, in welcoming the commitment of the CDF to Belize’s development, underscored the trail being blazed with the first co-financing initiative between the CDF and the CDB. He also recalled the three other CDF-funded projects in Belize. This included a concessionary loan with a grant component to the DFC.

Notice from NICH
All Cave sites are open. All archaeological reserves are open.

Belizean Legends want to take this time to reflect on the farewell of a beautiful Belizean, Edagar X Richardson, the younger brother of the legendary Lee Richardson who along with George Cadle Price and Philip Goldson formed the Peoples United Party. Edgar was a beautiful human being, who was also a member of UBAD in Belize, and BREDAA in Los Angeles, California. He will always be remembered. Seen here is the legendary UBDAER, Rufus X, WUB popular KREM Talk Show Host, Mose Hyde, the legendary UBADER, the late Ishmael Shabazz, and Belizean photographer, Norman Reneau who attended his farewell ceremony. Live on Edgar!

Since the inception of KREM radio in 1989, the legendary 'roots radics' broadcaster, JC Arzu, was one of the pioneering voices of the grassroots radio station in Belize City called KREM Radio. His smooth but attractive voice of reason came across powerfully compelling to his radio audience, and the music he played was straight up roots music that reflected the Lake I, and surrounding Southside of Belize City folks who were just simply common people who love their city. JC Arzu and his eclectic broadcasting style, was just simply a brother who did his own thing to please his many radio listeners. He has become solid like a rock, and a stone of many stones that has built the mighty Kremandala. Bless up JC!

Wildlife trafficking in the Chiquibul Forest
Thanks to the Forest Department, WCS, UKAid and DEFRA, a planning session was held at Log Cabins to finalize FCD’s strategy to combat wildlife trafficking in the Chiquibul Forest.

Channel 7

How Did It Happen?: Sea Rescue Of Airplane Passengers
Yesterday, we told you how three persons escaped unharmed after a Tropic Air Cessna 182 crash-landed in the sea between Turneffe Island and Lighthouse Reef. At 4:17 pm, Pilot Denfield Borland called the air traffic control tower at Ladyville to tell them his single engine had failed – and he would have to ditch the plane – an aviation term meaning land it in the sea. The plane was headed to Roatan, Honduras so it was up a few thousand feet. The pilot used that height to glide for at least five minutes and find the safest, shallowest area in the sea to set the plane down. It sounds simple enough, but it must have been a harrowing experience for his two passengers as they descended without power into the open sea. But, everything worked out right, the pilot guided the plane safely to shallow waters, and a rescue team from the Coast Guard and the Audubon found them safe and sound within minutes. The Deputy Commandant of the Coast Guard told the press today what his officers encountered when they arrived at the crash site: Commander Elton Bennett – Vice Commandant, Coast Guard "Yesterday at about 4:45 we received information from civil aviation that a small tropic air craft went down somewhere between the turneffe atolls and lighthouse reef atoll. We informed and dispatched our unit from the forward operating base just out at calabash caye - and we also deployed the joint unit that we had stationed at half-moon caye with the park rangers from the audubon society.

Twenty Footballers Bound For The DR
Tonight at FFB Headquarters in Belmopan, the National Football Team, the Jaguars are huddled, preparing to play in the Dominican Republic next week in the round two of the world cup qualifiers. The team scraped past Cayman in the first round, but are hoping for better in round two. Why is that? Well, the intangible is Deon McCauley, Belize’s only world class striker who has proven himself extraordinarily adept at scoring in World Cup Qualifiers. Today the team was introduced to the media and we found them confident and upbeat:… Jules Vasquez reporting…. Give or a take a couple, these are the twenty men who will be representing Belize in the Dominican Republic this Thursday in Santo Domingo at the Estadio Olimpico Felix Sanchez. Deon Mcauley is the major addition to the roster: Deon McCauley - Striker "I'm fitting in very good right now, everybody welcome me back, happy for me to be back. I'm also happy to be here, happy to be able to help the team. The chemistry is good, everything is going good, scoring goals in practice and in practice matches. Everything is going fine so far."

Belize Backed Blatter, So What Now?
And while the group organising the National Football selection held their press conference at FFB headquarters in Belmopan today – they strictly did not want to talk about FFB or FIFA affairs – public relations officer John Palacio made that crystal clear in a disclaimer to the press: Aaron John Palacio - Public Relations, FFB "Today's press conference is not about any money factor and just have to make mention who the president pull for at FIFA and so on and so forth. Today's press conference is on showcasing guys who will be representing this country. So any personal FIFA this, FIFA that, check stubs this - not today." Palacio repeated that warning twice, saying he didn’t want any stone throwing. We played along because we knew that the person who could and should answer hose questions was at the airport where our camera was waiting. That is FFB President, Ruperto Vicente. He voted for Sepp Blatter at the FIFA Congress last week – and then Blatter, surrounded by scandal announced that he would be stepping down.

Some Guys Don't Do Jail, They Just Get Bail
Last night, we told you how 25 year-old Shadir Marin, the manager of San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi, was jailed after being accused of pulling a gun on a man. Well tonight, he is out on bail after applying to the Supreme Court. After spending only one night behind bars, Marin’s attorney, Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith, applied to Justice Troadio Gonzalez on the premise that he has a reputation of good character with no criminal history. Smith also submitted to the court that Marin is a hard worker who must remain employed to provide for his pregnant girlfriend. Also, an affidavit from a well-known Justice of the Peace was submitted to the Court, in which the JP swore to Marin’s good character. Crown Counsel Portia Staine had no objections to bail, and so, after consideration, Justice Gonzalez granted Marin bail of $7,000 with conditions. He must report to the Queen Street Police Station once a week, and he must not be arrested or charged with any other offences while on bail, or else it will be confiscated.

Mystery Of The Jade Pendant Unveiled At Nim Li Punit
Archeologists and researchers have made a monumental discovery at the Nim Li Punit Archeological site in Toledo. 26 ceramic pots and about 8 pieces of jade were found in a tomb at the site. Today the Director of the Institute of Archaeology Dr. John Morris invited us to share in this find – which is almost as significant as the iconic jade head. Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Geoffrey Braswell is leading the dig and he told me more Dr. Geoffrey Braswell - Professor of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego "The palace is build in two stages. The first about 400 AD and about 800 it was remodelled we think because one quarter of the building has fallen so they needed to remodel it. Inside that remodel while they were working, they found an early tomb which they probably knew about but didn't expect to hit. So when they finished the final version, they rededicated the tomb, they moved bones around, the made all kind of offerings. Including, we have a bowl full of fingers, probably people cut off their own fingers as sacrifices. We have a lot of evidence of bloodletting the leaving of valuable artefacts. And finally they created the second tomb, they major find of this year.”

BNCG: How It Really went Down At The Sarstoon Showdown
Last week Friday, it made major news when the Guatemalan Naval patrol got into a confrontation on Sarstoon Island with the Belize Coast Guard. As we told you, the Coast Guard patrol was on the island doing reconnaissance when the Guatemalan patrol accused the Coast Guard officers of being within Guatemalan Territory. As we told you, the island is considered to be squarely in Belizean territory, and so the Coast Guard officers stood their ground twice when the Guatemalan officers returned. In the second confrontation, the Guatemalans suggested to the Belizean officers that they don’t want any trouble, and that the Coast Guard officers should leave the area. So, what actually happened? That’s what we got a chance to ask the Deputy Commandant of the Coast Guard, and he confirmed that his officers did not retreat, nor were they ordered to retreat: Commander Elton Bennett – Vice Commandant, Coast Guard "We were given a mission to conduct a recognisance including recognisance on the island, that was accomplished. We were given an order to extract after that recognisance was completed. So the mission as it related to the recognisance, that was completed. To start with that, we were not given an order to withdraw. We extracted under the conditions that the national security ministry along with foreign affairs would continue to dialogue with the Guatemalan counterparts to deal with that issue."

Fear Of Flooding In Tiny Towns And Cities
On Monday, we showed you how the City Council and the City Emergency Management Organisation have increased their activities in preparation for this year’s hurricane season. Well, they were back at it today in the first of a 2-day symposium on flood mitigation. They are preparing for the eventuality that at some point during the season, Belize City will have to deal with flooding, possibly more than a few times. CEMO teamed up with City Hall, the Pan-American Health Organisation, Oceana Belize and The Princess Ramada Hotel to host flood specialists and government officials from all across the country to discuss how each organisation deals with flooding. One of the organisers told us how collective wisdom can wick flooding: Wayne Usher - CEMO Liaison Officer "It's flood mitigation, it's impact on mitigation talking on how do we deal with mitigating the effects of flooding in Belize City. And for this we've brought in people all over the country. For example we have presenters from as far away as Dangriga. We have from Orange Walk and we have from Belize City of course.

Riding For A Reason
This morning, the Belize Social Security Board held the first stage of its 11th annual Ride Across Belize where participants and volunteers ride over 300 miles from Corozal Town, all the way to Toledo. They do it for charity to raise money for worthy causes, and they do it for the fraternity of the ride. Our news team was there to greet the riders today when they completed stage 1, Corozal to Belize City, 84 gruelling miles at a breezy pace. The coordinators say it’s more than just a ride, it’s for a great cause: The ride raises funds and the Social Security Board matches that amount with a ceiling of up to $25,000 to be donated to two charities.

The Sign Says Slow Down
The Road Safety project along the George Price highway has seen that thoroughfare upgraded with all kinds of signage, reflectors and re-surfacing. Brightly decalled highway patrol vehicles can also be seen monitoring traffic on the road. And now there’s one more element: Radar Speed signs. These interactive signs provide a real time readout of the speed of oncoming vehicles. The LED array makes the driver very aware of his speed – and it is designed to serve as a deterrent to high speed driving, similar to a speed bump. Of course, it’s only one side of the equation, and enforcement of speed limits is the other…and so far that has been lacking. The signs are called Safe Pace Radar Signs – and they are donated by the Road Safety Unit, which is funded by a 14 million dollar loan from the CDB. The signs only appear to have a two digit display which would only display speeds up to 99 miles per hour.

Football Star Ronaldinho and Belize
As we told you on Monday’s Newscast, members of the Verdes Football Club went to Miami to conduct the draw in the first ever Champion’s League Tournament that Belize will participate in. It’s a big deal for Belize because local footballers will get to play against big name players who they’ve only seen on TV. Today, when they returned from the Champion’s League workshop one of the Verdes staffers told us that Belize will play against a team which will pit them against Famous Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho: Marvin Ottley – Technical Director, Verdes FC "Our draw in group C and we draw on top of the boards so it's a possibility we might play at home first. We're grouped with Carretero FC from Mexico and San Fransico FC from Panama." Daniel Ortiz "Talk to us about - have you done any research on these teams? What is Verde FC's ability to defeat them when time comes?" Marvin Ottley "Well, on Sunday I had a chance to look at Carretero FC in the finals against Santos. A game which they won but Santos won the first game by a bigger goal score. We have to gather as much tape as possible to make ourself better prepared and we believe we have a chance to advance out of this first round, so that will be the big job for us."

Rules For FIFA Match Will Be Enforced At World Cup Qualifier
The FFB Stadium will also be the venue for the return match of Belize’s world cup qualifier against the Dominican Republic. That happens on Sunday June 14th – which is father’s day. But, we’ve got one piece of advice for fathers, if your kids give you a nice pen on that special day – don’t take it to the game. That’s only one items on a long list form small change to bottle caps that can’t be seen at a FIFA match:.. Victor Briceno - Security Chief "Anything that can injure someone - that's why some people might not understand why we took away pens, pencils, small stuff - bottles, perfume bottles those stuff will be taken away. Main reason because they can be used a projectile, they can be used in the heat of chaos people will use that as weapons. I know they will have some bars selling beverages, they will be selling water and soft drinks in their bottles. However what will occur with that because these with full content and the cover can become a projectile. You will be sold the soft drinks or water in the bottles, however the tops will be taken off."

Gardenia Gets Watering
Edmond Castro just won his convention by huge numbers, so you can’t really accuse him of electioneering when he signed a contract for Gardenia and Biscayne to get water supply. A total of 155 households in both villages will benefit from the million dollar project. Speaking at the Social Investment Fund Headquarters, the Chairman of Belize Water Services told the Government Press office that it’s part of a bigger picture: Completion of the project is scheduled for June, 2016. The project will include the installation of transmission and distribution water mains in Gardenia Village from miles 20 to 23 to the BWS water grid

Pech To Jail For Dishonesty
33 year-old Margarita Pech, who has 4 convictions for crimes of dishonesty, is at prison tonight after she was taken to court for charges of burglary and handling stolen goods. She told the court that she did it because a man held her at knife-point and forced her. It happened last week Wednesday. According to the allegation, Pech broke into the home of a 17 year-old female, located at 14 Eyrie Street, and stole jewelry and fashion jewelry amounting to $3,235 in value. The maid of the house, who saw her in the house, called the police. The police reported that when they apprehended her she had some of the stolen items, mostly fashion jewelry, in her possession. She was subsequently charged with burglary and handling stolen goods, and when she was arraigned today, she pleaded not guilty. She claims that a man took her at knifepoint to the house and told her that she if did not burglarize it he will cut her up. She said she handed the stolen items to the man and he gave only fashion jewelry to the police.

Re: Today's Belize News: June 4, 2015 [Re: Marty] #504886
06/04/15 05:53 AM
06/04/15 05:53 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Channel 5

Coast Guard Provides Further Details on Tropic Air Mishap
Tonight, there are further details and exclusive images of a Tropic single-engine aircraft which dipped in the Caribbean Sea soon after it departed the Phillip Goldson International Airport in transit [...]

Airline Company Tightlipped on Crash at Sea
Interestingly, Tropic Air has remained fairly tightlipped about the incident, not offering much by way of a brief release on the company’s Facebook page.  On the other hand, Borland told [...]

Vice Commander Elton Bennett Says Coast Guard Stood Its Ground Against Guatemalan Navy
The Belize National Coast Guard and the Guatemalan Navy were involved in a lengthy standoff on the Sarstoon Island last Thursday. Information has been provided about the incident by the [...]

Coast Guard Personnel Extracted from Sarstoon Island Following Lengthy Standoff
As we said, there seem to be varying accounts of the directive given to the coastguard unit by the Ministry of National Security.  Vice Commander Bennett categorically maintains that the [...]

Elrington Confirms that Sarstoon Island is in Belize
This morning, we asked the Foreign Minister of Belize about the location of the island from where the coastguard was extracted. According to Wilfred Elrington, he got a situation report [...]

Did Guatemalan Navy Provoke Confrontation with Coast Guard?
William Neal, this morning, pressed Foreign Minister Elrington if the Guatemalan navy acted in provocation since it was well within Belizean waters.   William Neal, Host “So, when ordinary Belizean [...]

Shadir Marin Granted Bail After Being Remanded for Firearm Offense
Tonight, twenty-five year old manager, Shadir Marin, who manages the San Pedro Water Express is out on bail of seven thousand dollars granted this afternoon by Supreme Court Judge, Justice [...]

F.F.B. Unveils National Team Ahead of Dominican Republic Home & Away Series
The Belize national team leaves for Dominican Republic on June ninth for a world cup qualifying game. That game will be held on the eleventh at two p.m., Belize time. [...]

How Prepared Are the Jaguars to Face the Dominican Republic?
Recently, a friendly international match was held between the Dominican Republic and Cayman national teams. That outing saw DR score six goals on Cayman. Now, it is known that team [...]

…And Deon McCauley Confident in Scoring Against the DR
Star striker Deon McCauley, however, is confident and says that he can guarantee at least one goal against the team from Dominican Republic. McCauley spoke about the chemistry with the [...]

Verdes Prepares for CONCACAF Champions League 2015
In more football news, Belize will be participating in the CONCACAF Champion’s League 2015 where Verdes F.C. has been drafted to Group C of the annual competition.  On Monday, twenty-four [...]

FIFA Without Sepp Blatter – What Does It Mean for Belizean Football?
Newly re-elected FIFA President Sepp Blatter shocked the football world on Tuesday when he announced his resignation amid massive corruption scandals within the international governing body.  Blatter’s departure will not [...]

Sedi Sets the Record Straight on Artificial Borders
This morning, when we spoke to the Foreign Minister, we also raised the issue of a statement he made some time ago that angered various sectors of the population. It [...]

Belize is Second Slowest in Broadband Internet Speed in the Caribbean
A report on fixed Internet broadband speeds and pricing across the Caribbean shows that Belize has consistently remained as head of the class as it relates to pricing but in [...]

Margarita Noralez Pech Remanded into Custody for Burglary
Tonight, thirty-three year old Margarita Noralez who also uses Pech as her surname was taken to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court to answer to two criminal offenses for Burglary and [...]

Ride Across Belize Rolls Into Old Capital
It’s that time of the year again, when Social Security take the lead and ride across Belize. It is all for a good cause and this year they are looking [...]

What’s the Status of F.F.B.’s Finances?
And one more issue on the F.F.B.’s press conference… Its president, Ruperto Vicente, wasn’t present because he had not yet arrived from Miami where he headed a delegation to the [...]

ABTEC Graduates Fifty-five Students in Business Technology
The American Business Technology and Education Center (ABTEC) is preparing students for work by developing their proficiency in specific trades. It’s all in an effort to help the trainees to [...]


Belize Tops Number One In Sugar Producer In The Region
Belize has been ranked as the top sugar producer in the region. The announcement was made by the Sugar Association of the Caribbean, SAC. The report indicates that in April, Belize produced more sugar with 28,289 tons. Guyana followed with a little over 26 thousand tons, Jamaica with a little over 25 thousand tons and Barbados with 3, 173 tons. The total regional production is at 84, 150 thousand tons for April. In this sugar crop, the total regional production stands at 393,357 thousand tons of sugar. The SAC says it continues to focus on overseas markets with year-to-date exports to Europe totaling 220,309 tons, followed by 30,259 tons to the United States and 17,484 tons to CARICOM. The report also indicates that Jamaica has topped the regional production in February and March this year but adds that there are challenges affecting production in that country. In Belize and Guyana however, production is reported as going well. Meanwhile, Barbados has just started production. Along with the report, the SAC reports that the Association is well advanced in achieving its goal to boost supply to the CARICOM market and expect this trend to continue.

Belize With The Most Expensive Internet Rates And Most Slowest In The Region
This year’s regional Information and Communications Technology (ICT) survey shows that Belize still has the most expensive internet rates and the broadband speed is still lagging behind. Despite this fact, the report indicates that Internet prices are decreasing across the Caribbean. The report states that under International Telecommunications Union standards, between 1.5 and 2 Mbps is considered the threshold speed for classifying an Internet service as broadband. Of the 19 countries surveyed, 13 countries offer the lowest download speeds of 2 Mbps and under. ISPs in Aruba, Belize and Guyana are still offering Internet plans with advertised download speeds of 256 kbps. Sixteen countries offer broadband packages with a maximum advertised download speed of at least 8 Mbps. The lowest advertised price was recorded in Trinidad and Tobago, at $22.15 USD, followed by Grenada at $24.48 USD and Curacao at $24.55 USD. The report says at the opposite end of the spectrum, the highest prices for a 2 Mbps plan was $69.49 USD in Belize, and was followed by the Antigua and Barbuda at $62.20 USD. And as the Internet becomes increasingly important across the Caribbean, the telecoms providers themselves are continually adjusting and refining their offerings in that market.

Taking A Look At The Charlie Charlie Epidemic
The “Charlie Charlie” game, believed to be a Mexican demonic game has taken over the world it seems, as reports from all corners of the globe keep popping up on the internet. These reports are often about possessed school children or children who are being bothered by some demonic spirit. While some reports indicate that the origin of the game is not certain, it seems that the thrill that comes with playing the game has won over thousands of children, particularly school children who have dared to play the game. It has now reached Belize but it appears that schools are not about to play any games whatsoever with the school children as at least two schools have suspended its students for allegedly playing the game. The first school on record to suspend students is Nazarene High School where students were caught playing the game at school last Thursday. The first form students were suspended as was one student at the Julian Cho Technical High School. Reports indicate that the school’s administration has decided to suspend the student for playing the “Charlie Charlie” game on the basis that it does not tolerate nonsense. Reports have been filed from Veracruz where students were claimed to be possessed by a demon after playing the game. Meanwhile in Jamaica, the ministry of education has issued a ban on the game ordering the close monitoring of students to ensure that they do not engage in what is widely viewed as a demonic game.

National Spelling Bee Finals to Take Place In Corozal
A champion speller will be crowned on Friday as the National Spelling Bee Finals will take place in Corozal Town. A total of twelve finalists are making their last minute preparations for the big day. Representing Orange Walk Town are Jafet Munoz from Trial Farm Government School and Aaliyah Leiva from Louisiana Government School. Students representing Corozal are Aimee Gonzalez from the Corozal Nazarene School and Mishtony Castillo from the Seventh Day Adventist School. The event is one organized by the Bowen and Bowen Group Ltd and the Ministry of Education for the past 21 years. Last year’s champion, ten year old Shanalee Gayap of Solid Rock Academy in the Stann Creek District was the youngest speller in history. The 21st Annual Spelling bee finals will commence at 9:30am at the Corozal Community College Auditorium. We’ll have full coverage and bring you the winner in Friday’s newscast.

Noh Mul Case Continues At Corozal Magistrate's Court
Today day two of the Noh Mul case was heard at the Corozal Magistrates Court before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. At the end of the hearing two witnesses had taken the stand and the case was adjourned for tomorrow when It is expected that most witnesses called by the prosecution will take the stand and be cross examined by attorney Bryan Neal representing the defendants Denny Grijalva and his wife owners of Demars Stone Company, Javier Nunez foreman of Demar’s Stone Company and excavator Operator Emir Cruz. All of the defendants were criminally charged for destruction of Noh Mul an archaeological monument that sits in the area of San Juan Village in the Orange Walk District.


Belize Recognized as Top Sugar Producer in the Caribbean for April
Belize has been recognized as the top sugar producer in the Caribbean region for the month of April 2015. The announcement came from the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC). According to the online article, Belize produced twenty eight thousand two hundred and eighty nine tonnes of sugar for the period mentioned, followed by Guyana, […]

Artifacts Uncovered at Maya Ruin in Southern Belize
A major discovery was made at the Nim Li Punit archaeological site located at Indian Creek Village, 25 miles out of Punta Gorda on the Southern Highway. Correspondent Paul Mahung was there and has the story. Many of the pieces found will be displayed in the Visitors’ Center at Nim Li Punit while the […]

Football Federation Needs Money to Play in the DR
As you saw, twenty three players were presented to the media but not all of them will make it to the Dominican Republic. According to the FFB that is because of a lack of finances. According to the team coordinator, they will be seeking the public’s assistance. RUPERTO VICENTE “Well we have to look at […]

Verdes Football Team Returns Home to Prepare for Upcoming Matches
Several members of the Verdes Football Club flew out to Miami on Monday to take part in the draft for the Champion’s League Tournament. The Verdes team was chosen as the representative team for Belize after winning the 2015 Premier League of Belize Tournament. Today the team returned and we caught up with Marvin Ottley, […]

First Graduates of Media Arts Academy Presented
Almost two hundred students from several primary schools on the south side of Belize City gathered at the Bird’s Isle in Belize City this morning to receive their certificates of completion along with refreshments after they completed a seven month engagement with the Media Arts Academy Program that falls under the Love Foundation. Deborah Straughan-Sewell […]

Former Court of Appeal Judge to Belize Passes
Final tributes were paid yesterday to a former sitting judge on the Court of Appeals panel who served in Belize during a part of his career. 85-year-old, Boyd Humbert Glouster Carey died in his home in Florida, USA on May 11 and a memorial service was held at the Providence Methodist Church in Jamaica. Carey sat as a […]

Potable Water Project For Gardenia and Biscayne Underway
A hundred and fifty five households in the villages of Gardenia and Biscayne in the Belize District will benefit shortly from a government funded project geared at making potable water more accessible to the villagers. The Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project comes at a cost of $999,408.49 through a loan received from the Caribbean Development Bank […]

Woman Tells Judge She Was Forced to Burglarize Home
Thirty-three year old Margarita Pech, a woman with four convictions for crimes of dishonesty, became an inmate of Belize Central prison today when she appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser and was arraigned on charges of burglary and handling stolen goods. Pech pled not guilty to the charges although she was seen in the house […]


Caused the Sarstoon Stand Off?
On Friday we told you about a standoff between the Belize Coast Guard and the Guatemalan Navy that lasted almost 26 hours...

CEO Lovell Clarifies Elrington’s “Border Comment”
In an interview last week with the Ministry of National Security, CEO Colonel George Lovell concurred that despite the Foreign Minister’s border comments, or at least the media’s interpretation of the Foreign Minister’s border comments, Belize has clearly defined maritime borders...

13th Senator case goes to Supreme Court
On September 30, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will hear preliminary arguments pitting the country’s Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, against Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the issue of the appointment of a thirteenth member of the Senate...

Body 2000 battles CitCo over trade license
On Friday, Body 2000 Health and Fitness Gym on Coney Drive was visited by police to enforce a stop order issued by the Belize City Council for non-payment of trade licenses. The gym’s owner claimed to have paid $3,000 for this year’s fee but was unable to produce a receipt...

Belize and Guatemala team up to end illegal wildlife trade
Animals and plants, both exotic and commonplace, are regularly traded across borders and the extent of this illegal trade has been estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars...

Hopkins Mango Festival held
It was “mango everything” on display this past Saturday by the seaside in Hopkins Village as it hosted the annual Mango Festival. Originally introduced to the West from India, there are 400 varieties of the mango, of which Hopkins and Belize claim about 20...

Green Tropics and farmers reach out of court agreement
The Santander Group of Companies is giving land to the farmers in fulfilment of their part of a compromise agreement with the Agriculture Association of the Valley of Peace...

Water taxi manager charged over firearm altercation
The manager of San Pedro Express Water Taxi on North Front Street is in prison tonight, accused of pointing a firearm at a man he was having an argument with. Police have charged 25 year old Shadir Marin with aggravated assault with a firearm against disc jockey Edison Usher, also known as DJ Vint...

Drug Traffickers caught by police
On Monday June 1, police conducted a search at the residence of 46-year-old Luis Alberto Cardenas of Belize/Corozal Road in Orange Walk. There, the cops found two black bags containing 200 grams of Cannabis. Police arrested and charged Luis Alberto Cardenas for the offence of Drug Trafficking...

Ammunition found in socks
Another search led to the discovery of ammunition with no gun license. On Monday June 1, police along with Special Branch and K9 Unit conducted a search at the residence of 23-year-old Floyd Neal of Young Bank Road, Camalote Village...

Sepp Blatter Resigns!
Sepp Blatter resigns as FIFA’s president after a 17 year old tenure dogged by corruption scandals four days after being reelected as head of football’s world governing body. Blatter urges FIFA’s congress to organize an election for his successor at the ‘earliest opportunity’...

Verdes to face Mexico and Panama in Champions League
On Monday evening in Miami, Florida, Belize’s Premier League champions Verdes FC of Benque Viejo learned their opponents in the 2014-15 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League...

Tropic Air plane crash lands in sea
A Tropic Air plane, crash-landed on the open sea about 6 to 8 miles south of Blue Hole...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Woman charged with jewelry theft
33 year old Margarita Pech has been convicted four times previously for crimes of dishonesty ranging from handling stolen goods to burglary and theft, faces another such charge, this time burglary. Pech is accused of breaking into the house of 17 year old Kelsey Musa at Eyre Street […]

National Meteorological Service advises on 2015 hurricane season
The National Meteorological Service of Belize issued a press release on Monday, June 1st to address the Belizean public on the start of the Hurricane season 2015. It states that this season will see below average to average activity, meaning the chances of a hurricane affecting us is […]

The fight to end worldwide illegal wildlife trade
The extent of the illegal trade in wildlife – both animals and plants – has been estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars. Belize’s experiences are largely tied to Guatemala and the incursions of peasants over the western border and into the Chiquibul National Park […]

Espat and PUP plan to take Government to court over PetroCaribe Funds
People’s United Party (PUP) deputy leader, Julius Espat who spoke about Ivan Ramos receiving PetroCaribe monies, spoke again yesterday about taking the Government of Belize to court on the grounds that it is using these PetroCaribe Funds for the “wrong” reasons. In an interview with another media house, […]

Placencia Police searches for Devon Logan
Placencia police is currently on the hunt for a man by the name of Devon Logan for drug charges and child abandonment after he escaped from a police patrol on Sunday night. Reports say that Logan was stopped and searched by police on Sunday night, May 31st 2015 […]

Four shooting incidents reported in Belize District overnight
No less than four shooting incidents have been reported in the Belize District in the span of several hours. In Belize City on Tuesday night around 10:00 p.m. police responded to reports of a fight on Angel Lane. 20 year old Porshan Pipersburg of Gabourel Lane was in […]

Tropic Air plane crashes into sea
On Tuesday evening a Tropic Air flight en route to Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras crash-landed near the Blue Hole in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Around 4:15 the Cessna 182 four-seat single engine aircraft began experiencing engine problems and senior pilot Denfield Borland made a distress […]

PUP Deputy Leader speaks about Ivan Ramos receiving PetroCaribe monies
It has been countless times that we have seen the leader of the People’s United Party (PUP), Francis Fonseca, on our television sets speaking negatively about the PetroCaribe Funds and how it should be used. The PUP clearly stated that the PetroCaribe monies were not to be used […]

Does Former Guatemalan Vice President own assets in Belize?
Over the past few weeks, the pressure has been mounting for Guatemala’s President, Otto Perez Molina to resign with thousands of citizens protesting every weekend due to the corruption that has led to the arrest and resignation of many government officials. As far as we know, those scandals […]

Julian Cho High School suspends student for playing ‘Charlie, Charlie’
The game “Charlie Charlie” which has racked up millions of views on the popular internet site ‘YouTube’ has sent waves of panic across the country over the past few weeks. As you may know by now, the game involves two pencils placed in the shape of a cross […]


Tiny Miss Emma And Her Organic Farm : Both are Belize National Treasures
I can’t believe that it took me 8 years in Belize to visit Miss Emma’s Garden and Restaurant. This tiny lady and her farm are a national treasure. It may seem a bit off the beaten path but it’s easy to find. At about Mile 16 on the Southern Highway, just about 15 minutes past the Hopkins junction, turn in at the Sanctuary Belize sign. A mile or two down a wide dirt road, you’ll cross a little wooden bridge. Take the first right and head up to the guard booth…you’ll have to sign in and dip the bottom of your feet in bleach. To keep pests out of the area and the shrimp farm beyond Miss Emma’s. Miss Emma is a 74 year old Filippino woman with more energy than most young adults. She came to Belize in 1992 as the chef for the Taiwanese Ambassador and has been here ever since. Her gardens and orchards are beyond stunning and she may just be the most generous woman that I’ve ever met. Her restaurant is filled with memorabilia with photos of her with Prime Minister Dean Barrow and George Price…

International Sourcesizz

Here’s What Happens to Exotic Birds When Their Owners Can’t Take Care of Them
Parrots and other captive birds are now some of the fastest-growing group of displaced animals in the United Sates. These birds, who can live to be 70 or 80 years old in the wild, often need more care than their owners can provide. Oliver Regueiro, who grew up in Venezuela where parrots and macaws are a regular sight, was introduced to the potential perils of exotic birds as pets while watching a documentary on television. “I remember seeing them on the side of the road,” he wrote via email. “So for me that was normal—boy was I wrong!” After watching the documentary, Regueiro began researching and learning more about the issues many of the birds face and decided to start small and local, contacting two sanctuaries in Washington State where he lives: Zazu’s House Sanctuary and Mollywood Avian Sanctuary. “I went to meet with one of them and after seeing the birds and their condition I was sure that’s where I had to start,” he wrote. Once he got permission to photograph the birds, he spent a couple of weeks preparing for the shoots and then two days photographing at each sanctuary. The result, “Earthbound,” is a series of portraits of the birds along with a brief biography of how they ended up at the sanctuary. “I was amazed how unique they are,” he wrote. “They have well defined personalities. The way they look at you, you feel they are looking into you. It’s a really deep look.”

2015 update of Internet speeds and pricing across the Caribbean
A 2015 update of fixed Internet broadband speeds and pricing across the Caribbean, and a brief comparison with our 2014 results. As the Internet becomes increasingly important across the Caribbean, the telecoms providers themselves are continually adjusting and refining their offerings in that market. Since 2011, we, here at ICT Pulse, have been tracking fixed Internet broadband speeds and pricing across the Caribbean. We are updating our findings, and highlighting some of the changes that have occurred since our last assessment exercise in 2014. The methodology employed has remained unchanged from last year’s exercise, and we have maintained country pool of 19 Caribbean countries as highlighted in the sections below. Data was collected from the websites of widely used Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the countries covered. To the extent possible, two ISPs were examined in each country (Table 1), and the exercise focussed on fixed/wired (non-dialup) Internet services, and on service plans for domestic/residential customers.

Belize It!
Mary and her husband had planned a dream vacation to Belize. It was the top priority on their bucket list of places to enjoy together after retirement. Last March, after 40 years as a teacher in Stone Mountain, Georgia, she finally arrived in the country they both had hoped would be a shared paradise. But she had to come alone, after burying her life partner just two months before. As she related her experience as we sat outside at a sunny Belizean bar and restaurant, there was no hint of what would have been understandable melancholy. She elected to sell most of their worldly possessions, including a five-bedroom house. She worked through the vehement skepticism expressed by her adult children that she could go it alone in Central America. But Mary has fallen in love again. Not with another man, but with a simplicity and vibrancy of life she hasn't felt since her childhood. It's the eternal human quest to find contentment and happiness that lured my wife Lisa and me to Belize. It's a country of unmatched natural beauty and ethnic diversity — and equally visible abject poverty. With a government that's borrowed itself to the hilt, Belizeans exist without unemployment insurance, food stamps, and welfare programs. You could consider it a laid-back version of rugged individualism. Their motto is, "Take care of your needs first and your wants become secondary."

How Belize is tipping the scales for sustainable fishing worldwide
Belize just redefined marine conservation, entrusting its fishermen with a nationwide system of multi-species fishing rights for all its coastal fishing waters. This landmark decision is a victory for communities on Belize’s Caribbean shore, allowing fishermen to create more food and jobs on land by replenishing more life and diversity in their seas. But Belize’s move also has implications for the rest of the world. The government blazed a pioneering trail, with a powerful example that may prove a tipping point for sustainable harvests of coastal fisheries anywhere. Belize raises the bar when it comes to marine conservation. The extraordinary Belize Barrier Reef, second in size only to Australia’s, hosts a rich diversity of mangroves, corals, seagrass and cayes teeming with life. Offshore life also brought onshore health. As 3,000 fishermen harvest spiny lobster, conch and reef fish, they nourish Belizeans with an important source of healthy, locally-produced animal protein.

Former Olympic skiier and fly-fishing great Andy Mill and son Nicky will co-host the 2015 Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition
from Aug. 15-22 at the El Pescador Lodge. Anglers are invited to help tag fish and support research by the University of Miami’s Tarpon and Bonefish Research Center. For more information, call Adam Marton at 312-440-1200 or email [email protected] ▪ More than 40 species of fish are targeted through Nov. 30, with divisions for men, women, junior anglers (ages 10 to 14) and Pee Wees (under 10 years old). The Key West Fishing Tournament strongly encourages the release of game fish. All participating anglers receive certificates noting their catches and qualify for a variety of prizes.


  • Funeral of Romaldo N. Badillo, 1min. Although this was recorded at a very sad occasion, the funeral of Romaldo N. Badillo, it shows the rich culture and treasures of Belize. Here ,Romi's cousin pays tribute to him in an ancient Mayan song, as per Romi's request, if he would die. Sadly we grieve.

  • TRAPPED (A short film) | Katyani Mehra, 3.5min. This is a short movie made by some students at Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio, Belize. This is showing identity theft.


  • THE HEALTH HAZARDS OF GARBAGE, 4min. We told you about the Town Council’s efforts to turn Orange Walk Town into a cleaner community. While that is all great news, we wondered about the health hazards of garbage and the manner in which it is disposed of. Here is a brief look at the health risks and how these are minimized in our community.

  • Belize 2015, 4min. Recap video of our recent live aboard on the Sun Dancer II Fleet off the coast of Belize.

  • The National Anthem of Belize sung by the children in Santa Elena., 3min. I was so lucky to go to Belize for One Library at a Time to put a library into a school in Santa Elena.

  • My Pledge to Belize by the children in Santa Elena., 1min.

  • Belize 2015 Shark Ray Alley, 2min.

  • Belize River Valley Watershed, 12min. Muscle Creek. DAM Blocking the flow of Fresh Water.

  • Belize, 8min. This video is about my schools trip to Belize to teach kids about physical activity and nutrition. We also built on an addition to the kitchen on days we weren't teaching.

  • Cacao Fest 2015 in Punta Gorda, Belize - Belize In America, 3min. DAY ONE: Wine & Chocolate Garbutt’s Marine, Joe Taylor Bridge area, Punta Gorda Town This is a night of Indulging in fine wine, decadent chocolate and tasty hors d’oeuvres all complemented by the musical sensations of the Caribbean Roots Band from Corozal Town, Belize. DAY TWO: Taste of Toledo Front Street, Punta Gorda This is the Day Two of the Cacao Fest event in Punta Gorda, Belize. The main street is crowded with vendors, visitors and an array of cultural foods, Chocolate exhibitors, crafts for sale & live music entertainment all day long! FREE entrance! DAY THREE: Grand Finale Julian Cho Technical High School Grounds

  • Fire Leadership for Protected Areas, 10min. TIDE and the Southern Belize Working Group with support from the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) hosted a firefighter training workshop in the Deep River Forest Reserve of southern Belize. Students learned strategies to safely conduct prescribed burns.

  • The Peregrine Dame Season 1 Episode 1 Belize, 22min. Belize, from Mayan ruins to Caye Caulker, host Rachel Parsons explores the tiny Central American country solo, meeting new friends along the way.

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