Belize is to get a new Haulover Bridge, as well as a four-lane highway from Belize City to the new bridge.

There is no exact time-frame for this development, but last week Prime Minister Dean Barrow made a start by signing a deal with the Caribbean Development Bank.

Under this agreement, CDB will donate Bze $4.8 million to the project, which is expected to cost $29.7 million in all.

The new bridge will ease the pressure on the existing bridge, which is the gateway to Belize City for the northern half of the country.

It is estimated that more than 1,000 vehicles stream across this bridge every day in two-way traffic. The carriageway from the bridge into Belize City has also been subject to a lot of stress, causing traffic snarls of sometimes up to 45 minutes to traverse this six-mile stretch of road.

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