The stretch of road on the Phillip Goldson Highway from the Haulover Bridge to the Airport Road junction will soon have better visibility at night, through a government renewable energy project.

Under the project, the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, and Public Utilities, along with various partner agencies will place solar-powered street lights along the road, which is known for being especially dark at night time.

The project, valued at US $300,000, is funded by the government of the Republic of China -Taiwan.
Chief Executive Officer in the ministry, Dr. Colin Young, explained this week that the project is only a pilot, but if proven effective, central government will consider rolling out the solar powered lights to other areas in the country.

“We are meeting next week with the embassy to work out getting the lights into the country,” Young said. “Then we’ll partner with entities locally to roll it out. We are hoping to be up and running by September.”

Young added that some of the lights will be positioned in areas plagued by crime, which also have poor visibility due to poor lighting. This, he said, will improve safety and citizen security.

Minister of Energy, Joy Grant, signed the agreement with Foreign Minister of ROCT, David Lin, during a five-day trip last month.

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