The San Pedro Police Formation, through a donation from the Ministry of National Security, in collaboration with the San Pedro Town Council and the islandís area representative, will soon receive four new vehicles, valued over $100,000, to assist with operations on the island.

According to Inspector Henry Jemmott, officer commanding San Pedro Police Station, the station will receive a Mitsubishi Montero, a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and two golf carts. Jemmott said the golf carts are courtesy the Ministry of National Security and cost upward of $30,000 each, while the SUV and pickup truck are courtesy the San Pedro Town Council and Area Representative Manuel Heredia, respectively.

Jemmott said the donation is the result of a request made by the station to facilitate officers in effective policing of the island as the rapid growth of the island continues and policing become increasingly challenging. Currently the formation only has one vehicle at its disposal.

The donation will assist greatly in police operations on the island, Jemmott said, and they are grateful and excited to receive the new equipment. The handing-over was supposed to take place on Saturday but had to be-rescheduled because of an emergency meeting Heredia had to attend. The department is expecting the handing-over within the next week.

According to Jemmott, during the recent crime wave on the island, there were police booths set up at strategic problem areas on the island, but they havenít been utilized, and when the new vehicles are handed over some booths will be assigned a vehicle to assist with the officers patrolling efforts.

He added that over the past few months the station has been able to contain the crime situation for the most part and has been able to see a decrease in crimes like robbery and burglary because of quick response efforts.

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