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The San Pedro Sun

Congratulations to repeat NEBL Champions The San Pedro Tiger Sharks!!
They took Game 2 and the championship with a final score of 61-55!!!

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Tiger Sharks takes the basketball championship for a second year in a row
Today's win against Cayo Western made the team the 2015 NEBL Champions. Congratulations!!!

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ten day Weather Outlook for Belize
Here is the ten-day outlook. Expect wet conditions this week, especially late Thursday through Friday and Saturday. Local flash flood conditions likely in the hilly areas on Friday and Saturday. Two tropical waves will cross Belize during the next ten-days. The first will reach the country this Wednesday morning, while the other tropical wave will approach the country on Friday. A low will evolved from the second tropical wave over Belize during Friday, and will then drift NNE over the weekend. A short-wave upper level trough in the southern and eastern Gulf of Mexico will provide outflow for the convective activity associated with the first tropical wave crossing the country, then an upper level high over southern Mexico and the NW Caribbean will favor strong uplift and outflow for the convection associated with the approaching, second tropical wave late Thursday night and Friday of this week.

Ivan Ramos Announces Decision To Resign!
Less than a month ago, Hon. Ramos announced his decision not to seek re-election & the PUP immediately announced the endorsement of Anthony Sabal. While the PUP made it seem like everything was good between Ramos and the Party, Ramos' harsh words led many to believe that he was pushed out. Less than three weeks following that announcement, reports circulated that Ramos accepted monies from GOB via Petrocaribe Funds for "Father's Day Cheer." Accepting the Petrocaribe monies is an action that the PUP has openly condemned, so Ramos' decision was seen as an open disregard for the Party's agreed position. Just last week, PUP Deputy Party Leader Julius Espat went on record to condemn accepting monies from Petrocaribe!

Benque Archaeological Site
Benque Viejo has a archaelogical site from which you can see the top of one of Xunantunich's temple. The site in Benque is currently being excavated.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Std. I Students Visit Cayo And Learn About Iguanas
The Standard I class of Caye Caulker R. C. School visited San Ignacio yesterday on a field trip, accompanied by home room teacher Mrs. Neirie Marin and some parents. The children spent the day at the San Ignacio Hotel. They took a tour of the Iguana Center where the learnt about iguanas and their natural habitat. A couple of curious students even got to play with them. After the educational bit, the children enjoyed the hotel and its amenities.

The Reporter

VIP launching “No to ICJ” educational campaign
The Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) is launching a countrywide educational campaign to inform the public of the VIP’s position against taking the Belize-Guatemala dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and reasons for its stance. According to VIP Public Relations Officer Robert Lopez, VIP representatives will make the rounds on the local media this week, explaining their position and why they believe that going to the ICJ is not in the best interest of the country. Lopez said the presentation they have prepared will also be made available for secondary and tertiary level schools, churches and other groups that want to understand the situation and what it means for them. Lopez said they will encourage each citizen to make their own decision.

Weekend traffic accidents claim two lives
Two separate traffic accidents over the weekend, one in Ladyville and the other in Hicatee Village, Toledo have claimed the lives of two men and left a woman injured. The first incident happened on Saturday morning at the Maskall junction in Sandhill, where 30-year-old Kayir Benavidez from Orange Walk Town was driving his Chevy SUV in the direction of Orange Walk when a Hispanic man who was running across the road suddenly stopped and tried to return to the side of the road, but ended up being hit by the SUV. Police later arrived on the scene and identified the man as 57-year-old Oscar Chacon from Burrel Boom. Chacon received extensive head and body injuries and died at the scene. His body was then transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) morgue where a post-mortem will be done.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PUP says Ivan Ramos Resignation was induced by UDP
This morning, BMG was the first media house in Belize to break the story that Hon. Ivan Ramos was resigning from the House of Representatives. Since then, the story has gone viral on social media and has triggered the PUP to issue a press release on the matter. According to […]

One injured and another perishes as a consequence of road traffic accident
Around midnight on Saturday, Toledo police responded to a road accident in the vicinity of Hicattee Village, some 20 miles on the Southern Highway. Upon arrival, officials observed a gray four door Mazda pickup truck bearing license plate numbers SI-C-016655 with extensive damages to the driver side and front portion. […]

Trio could face charges for Aggravated assault
Three persons are in police custody pending investigations of an assault in Belize City. According to the report, a 36 year old under taker from Freetown Road in the old Capital told police that on Saturday around 1:25 pm, while socializing in his yard, a dark complexion male walked into […]

Traffic Mishap claims the life of resident of Burrel Boom
One man lost his life in a traffic incident that occurred in Ladyville on Saturday. According to the report, Ladyville police responded to the scene in the vicinity of Sand Hill village in the Belize District and upon their arrival saw a Hispanic man on the road side with extensive head […]

UNO Gas station gets mugged of $1147.00
On Saturday June 6th, Uno gas station was the target of an arm robbery. According to police reports, around 11:50pm, 2 masked men entered Uno gas station, located on #1 Philip Goldson Highway and held the cashier at knife point. Fearing for her life she handed over cash and cell […]

Belize commended for Money Laundering lock down
list of member countries at the forefront of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, reaching the highest level of agreement with international standards. Belize has been removed from the CFATF follow-up process and the International Cooperation Review Group’s (ICRG) review program after an assessment showed that we have improved our […]

Will Ivan Ramos Resign from the House of Representatives?
Reports reaching our news room are that Hon. Ivan Ramos, area representative for the Dangriga Division is on the brink of resigning from the House of Representatives. According to our sources, Hon. Ramos is upset at the PUP particularly Hon. Julius Espat who threatened to discipline him. We will have […]

Free internet at Corozal’s central park
Through a joint partnership with local government, the Government of Belize and BTL, Corozalenos are now benefiting from free internet at the central park, one of the Town’s biggest public spaces. According to Mayor Hilberto Campos, the initiative was brought up with the intentions to assist students that have problems […]

Belize Elite Basketball League Finals
The first leg of the grand finale in the NEBL Basketball tournament was played on Friday night inside the Sacred Heart Auditorium. Spectators packed the house and were witnesses to a night that can only be described as an intense and heated game. At the end of the […]

Bradley will officially be endorsed as UDP standard bearer for Caribbean Shores
Today, Mayor Darrell Bradley will be endorsed as the new standard bearer for Caribbean Shores during an endorsement convention in the City. But the real news is that current Area Representative for that constituency, Hon. Santino Castillo was not invited to the celebration. However, in an interview with Mayor Bradley […]


A Gorgeous Weekend Newsletter: Carnival Set Up, The Leeward Side of Ambergris Caye & BASKETBALL Champions
Lurking Around A Carnival: A carnival is in town at the Old Soccer Field/Saca Chispas at the back side of San Pedro. For the 2nd year in a row, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks – part of the National Elite Basketball League of Belize (Belize’s NBA) – competed against the Cayo Western Ballaz for the championship. 3 games. Our Tiger Sharks won in Cayo on Friday. And then yesterday….VICTORY…in a very tight game. Coach Rico helped the Shark roll up his pants legs and gave him a pep talk for the game. It probably revolved around one theme: Try not to pass out in there.

On Ambergris Caye — change is gonna come
You can’t escape change. Even on a Caribbean island. Some of it you can’t do much about — like the weather. Some of it is economic — like the end of the tourism season. And some of it is man made — like traffic. We’re heading into hurricane/rainy season and it is interesting how precise the timetable is — for the rain at least. Right on schedule, June 1, the clouds began moving in and the winds began to die down. It now rains, however briefly, at least once at night and occasionally during the day. This is a good thing since our water supply is almost entirely dependent on rain and our cisterns are nearly depleted. Likewise, well water is quite low and high in smelly rotten-egglike sulfurs. Flushing toilets are not a pleasant experience at the moment. Ah, island living. Until June, the wind was constant, day and night, a steady breeze from the east that brought with it relief from the heat, crashing waves on the reef, an end to mosquitoes and sandflies and, unfortunately, tons of sargassum and floating plastic that piled up on the shore with a relentless smelly density.

Are Ethics a Secret to a Sustainable Society?
The most important ethical question facing society and the scientific community today is whether we can prevent the collapse of global civilization in response to today’s “perfect storm” of environmental problems. That is, will (or can) we pay enough today to spare future generations from utter disaster? The interrelated crises of overpopulation, wasteful consumption, rapidly deteriorating life-support systems, growing economic inequity, widespread hunger and poverty, toxification of the planet, declining resources, an increasing threat of resource wars (especially over oil, gas, and fresh water), a worsening epidemiological environment that enhances the probability of unprecedented pandemics, and persistent racial, gender, and religious prejudices that make these problems more difficult to solve, represent the greatest challenge ever faced by humans. The urgency of finding answers is signified by the view of many scientists that society may have only a decade to initiate drastic corrective action, that this complex of interrelated problems is unrecognized by the elites who run the world, and that it has not yet generated a global “critical mass” public issue around sustainability. Civilization is fiddling while its life-support systems burn. The failure to address the increasingly obvious threats from climate disruption alone have clearly shown that scientific knowledge, even if widely presented to the public, can fail to produce adaptive behavioral change. One basic reason for this is that human beings have evolved wonderful mechanisms for observing and reacting to sudden changes, in part by mentally holding the environmental background constant to make the changes stand out.

Macaw Guardian Interns
Quick update from the field: Thanks to an amazing team collaboration between Friends for Conservation - FCD, under the leadership of Boris Arevalo, BWRC and our first "Macaw Guardian Interns" Katy and Lacey, Dr. LoraKim from One Earth Conservation (THANK YOU once more for all, and the pictures as well) and Marc-Andre from HARI we checked 11 macaw chicks in 2 days on the upper Macal and at Las Cuevas Research Station (LCRS). We found no serious health issues, gathered much needed data and samples, and our chicks in the field lab are doing amazing! More pictures later - but now back to class with the UMN group - Dr. I

International Sourcesizz

Arlington student heads to Belize to study wildlife conservation
Lindsay Mosher of Arlington, a master’s-degree student in the Global Field Program from Miami University’s Project Dragonfly, will travel to Belize over the summer to study coral reefs, manatees, howler monkeys, jaguars and other wildlife, while learning the methods communities are using to sustain them.


  • reLIVE adventures in Belize., 5min.

  • Guatemala e Belize, 4.5min. Nossa passagem pela Guatemala e por Belize

  • Hannah's Stable, Marin family ride, Belize, 4.5min. Listen carefully to what this baby says about what is for her the "prettiest thing in the history of anything"! Thanks for a wonderful day Santiago.

  • Zipline in Belize, 9min. May 2015 Carnival Magic Cruise: King David Tours Zip Line Adventure. It was a blast. This shows 5 of the 6 zip lines.

  • Reeling in a Barracuda in Belize (it's a contact sport), 1.5min. After a good fight in the mangroves, we get him in the boat.

  • LORD RHABURN'S DOG OF WAR & THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!, 6min. When the Hollywood film, Dogs of War, staged its epic filming in the former British colony of British Honduras now independent Belize in 1979, Belize most celebrated Calypsonian, the legendary Lord Rhaburn, dropped a classic Belizean calypso tune on the Belize music scene called, Dogs of War, named after the epic film itself. Rhaburn's Dogs of War, though not a part of the soundtrack for the film, became an instant hit across the country of Belize. The popular hit single became a track off the Lord Rhaburn Combo's eight song album release that same year.

  • HE CAPTIVATING DADDY TRACEY IS BACK ON THE SCENE!, 4.5min. The 1990's Belizean musical artists, Daddy Tracey, came on the Belize and Caribbean music scene in Los Angeles, California, and blew away everything that was Soca, Punta Rock, and Dancehall. His pulsating Punta Rock / Soca style captivated many of the young generation of Caribbean music lovers, and made him a big Belizean music superstar equal to none. The featured song, Gumption, that was one of the first tracks to be released off a four song album that was written by the brilliant Belizean songwriter, Eugene Thompson in collaboration with Daddy Tracey himself, was also produced by Belizean music legend, Clinton 'Junie' Crawford in 1992. Gumption and other hit releases on the Daddy Tracey album also became big hits in Belize, as well as taking the whole country by storm where all four songs became instant hits on the Belize music charts.