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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Leslie Snyder on Traffick
We have been visiting for many years in a row and would like to express our observations. This year we vacationed after Easter in the hopes for another great vacation and a relaxing traffic situation. For years it has been wonderful to drive a golf cart around town. This golf cart system is also used and supported on Catalina Island in California. Unfortunately, what we noticed was that the charm of the island is quickly eroding and close to being ruined. We’ve had heavy dust on roads mixed with the bad exhaust from heavy, large construction vehicles and annoying, speeding taxi drivers. Many times the taxis passed us, putting children on the side of the road at risk. The large trucks take up 3/4 of the road and put the pavement into risk of breaking. This will eventually cost the residents lots of money for repairs! In addition, on many days with less breeze, there was an odor of garbage, pollution and sewage on the road into town. What is happening to the most wonderful place we’ve found in the past? Are there too many tourists to manage? Can you not control the results of more people coming to your island? This is not acceptable!! For the last two years there was a new sense of total rudeness by car drivers and an overall sense of ‘No Respect’ from some car and taxi drivers towards golf cart tourists.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Heavy Sleeper
Dennis-Wolfe-Wolfes-Woofers“Captain, do you mind if I go on board and take a nap before the boat leaves?” I asked. The captain of the water taxi to Belize City said, “No problem. We have forty-five minutes before the boat leaves and we already have one guy taking a nap inside. It must have been a real party night in San Pedro last night.” “The first night of Lobster Fest is always rough on everybody,” I told him. Before I dropped off to sleep another bleary-eyed, hung over partier showed up. “Captain, I’ve been up all night,” he said. “I’m dying to sleep a little.” “Sure. Have a seat next to this guy.” The captain pointed to the heavy sleeper across the aisle from me.

Police Report: Detention of Diana Aracely Moh for Drugs Trafficking
On Thursday, June 6th, acting on Special Branch (SB) Information, a team of Criminal Investigation Branch and SB personnel intercepted peach-colored golf cart at about a quarter mile on the Northern Ambergris Caye Road. The golf cart was traveling in a northerly direction. At the time it was being driven by 26-year-old Diana Aracely Moh and her common-law-husband, both of Hurricane Street. A search was conducted on both persons. Inside a brown bag belonging to Moh, police discovered a foil paper inside a baby diaper. Upon opening the foil paper it revealed six small transparent Ziploc plastic bags, which contained white powdery substance, suspected to be Cocaine amounting to 3.5 grams. Moh was formally arrested and charged for Drugs Trafficking.

Doctor Love: Family and Relationships
Dear Doctor Love, I am turning fifteen this year. My father is getting married again and he expects me to be there. I have told him that I am old enough to make up my own mind and really don’t want to go. He said never mind, I have go to the ceremony at least. His fiancé is OK I guess but I think I would feel really uncomfortable if I have to be there, What should I do? /s/ Old Enough Dear Old, When your father tells you he wants you at his wedding he is trying to tell you something. It is his way of showing you that he is committed to you as his family. Some day you will be getting married and you will want him to be there. Honor him as your father and put aside your feelings.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, June 14, 2015: First: 6430 Second: 7018 Third: 0584 Missing: 2, 9

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Good Samaritan Helps Secure Donations Of 34 Standing Fans For Local Primary School
With June being one of the hottest months on record on Caye Caulker, Belize, the heat was on! To make matters worse, the school building which houses the local primary school on the island is made of concrete. It has to be that way, as it doubles as a storm shelter during storms. It is also located in the middle of the island, an area that doesn’t get much ventilation even on a breezy day. When local Hicaquena Suzie Blease went to pick her son up from school during one of those hot days, she found him uncomfortable and sweltering. If her son was suffering, she thought to herself, so were all the other children. That couldn’t make for good concentration and studying. Feeling bad that the poor kids had to experience such discomfort while simply trying to study, she hatched a plan. She would try to rustle up some donations of fans for the school. Noelle Grey donated the first $50, which Suzi supplemented with a personal donation of $25 and she purchased the first fan. But the school needed more. One fan is barely enough to cover a quarter of one classroom, and there are 16 classrooms at the school.

Body of Hilberto Sotz, Youth Beaten To Death By Police, Laid To Rest
The body of Hilberto Sotz, the youth beaten to death while in police custody, has been laid to rest. Funeral services for Hilberto were held on Saturday afternoon at the Assembly of God church. He was buried at the local cemetery. Hundreds of villagers came out to pay their respects to the young man who in death became the iconic face of police brutality in the nation. Most businesses closed during the time of the funeral in solidarity with the family. R.I.P. Hiberto!

Min. of Education Releases PSE Scores. High Scorer For Caye Caulker Is Tristan Magana.
Highest scores came mostly from Belize City schools, with three schools in particular featuring repeatedly on the top 30 list. These are Bernice Yorke School, Hummingbird Elementary and Belize Elementary School. Gabriel Hope from Bernice Yorke was the top scorer, followed by Carrell Moralez of San Narciso school in Corozal. Third and fourth place finishers hailed from Belize Elementary School, with Junyan He of Corozal Methodist tying for fourth place. The highest scorer on Caye Caulker was Tristan Magana with a score of 88.5. Well done, Tristan!

Chriss Roggema: Commentaries From The Garden
Last year I was asked to write an article about the police by a constable to shed some light on the problems of serving the law here on Caye Caulker and under what kind of conditions they have to perform their duties. I told him I would have to play the Devil’s advocate because I have my opinions too I told him and those might not be to your liking. And you want me to do this in collaboration with you because you want me to express your concerns at the same time you want to be anonymous. At the same time it must be hard when you are straight and you see the corruption around you. Probably feeling like ending up as a pissing post from all sides. The public, your superiors, your colleagues etc. Here or abroad it is not very much appreciated to be a whistleblower and can result in a lot of trouble on the job especially in a rigid system as the military or the police. Well I told him; to me it feels like quite a challenge so let’s see what comes out of this.

Four Students Celebrate Their First Holy Communion
Four students who were being home schooled by Principal Sayonara Pasos at the Step by Step Tutoring Center celebrated their First Holy Communion on Sunday, June 14, 2015. The four students are Fatima Arceo, Dian Canul, Corry Rodriguez and Jared Badillo. Proud parents and other well-wishers were at the church ceremony which was held at the Roman Catholic Church located adjacent to the school. The mass was conducted During the ceremony, one by one the children went up to read a passage from the bible, the holy book for Roman Catholics. At the end of the ceremony, they each received holy communion for the first time. Congratulations to all!

The Reporter

Government tackling unemployment in Belize says minister of labour
The Government of Belize is taking several steps to address the unemployment rate in Belize, according to Minister of Labour Godwin Hulse. Hulse, who also chairs the Cabinet Committee on Investment, said this week that GOB is tackling the unemployment rate, which officially stands at 12.1 percent, acceding to the Statistical Institute of Belize, though investing in human capital, encouraging entrepreneurship and working with foreign investors to create employment opportunities for Belizeans. “We have thousands of students coming out of University every year, and while they might have some academics they may not be ready for work, Hulse said. “So we have trainings being facilitated through BELTRAIDE to give them that extra preparation.” He went on to say that Belize has numerous programs, many of them either government funded or supported, which train in entrepreneurship for Belizeans.

Celebrating the Flowers Bank 14
Villages in Flowers Bank paid homage this week to 14 Belizeans who contributed to the existence of Belize today. The Flowers Bank Kriol Festival is held annually to pay hommage to the Flowers Bank 14, men from the original settlement who voted to stay and fight against Spanish invaders. Chairman of the Flowers Bank Village Council, Kenton Rhaburn, said that in the 218th celebration of the event, many Belizeans either do not know or do not fully appreciate the value of their contribution to Belize. “The initial vote at the public meeting was 51-51, and these men paddled their canoes to come and vote to stand and fight,” Rhaburn said. “If they didn’t vote that way we would not have had Belize today.” Myrna Manzarnares, cultural representative for the Kriol Council, said that the council was there to teach the village children about their Kriol heritage through playing the traditional games that were played in colonial and post-colonial Belize. “We went to teach about lime and spoon, sack race, three legged race, “jankunu” stick and man of the other games that many of the children today do not know about,” Manzanares said.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize defeats Dominican Republic, advances to third round
The national football team of Belize secured passage to round three of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 qualification, defeating the Dominican Republic 3-0 at the FFB Stadium here this afternoon before a capacity crowd. The Jaguars were defending a 2-1 lead from the away leg in Santo Domingo, but coach Jorge Nunez and […]

Belize Jaguars win 3-0 over the Dominican Republic
The Belize National Team has made history by beating the Dominican Republic 3-0 in today’s 2018 FIFA world cup qualifying match in Belmopan. The three players that scored for the Belize team are: Harrison Rochez (1st goal), Elroy Kuylen(2nd goal), and the sharp shooter and superstar Deon Mccaulay. Go Belize, […]

Belizeans are reeling from an incredible first half at today’s FIFA World Cup qualifying match against the Dominican Republic in Belmopan. So far, the match has all of the makings of epic football playing: excellent team work, […]

Police: 1 injured after shooting on Central American Boulevard in Belize City
Police say that a shooting left 1 man injured on Saturday night around 9 p.m. in Belize City. According to police reports, the shooting happened on Central American Boulevard and the victim has been identified as 27 year old Jason Sutherland. Sutherland received a gunshot wound to the left foot […]


Doing Community Development Right?
The term “community” represents a group of people rooted in a sense of place through which they are in a reciprocal and trusting relationship with one another and their landscape. As such, a community is not simply a static place within a static landscape, but rather a lively, self-reinforcing resonance of ever-changing, interactive, interdependent systems of relationships. Because a community is a self-organizing system within a larger environmental system, it does not simply incorporate information, but changes its environment as well. Thus, as the community in its living alters the landscape, so the landscape in reaction alters the community. A community also maintains a shared identity grounded in its history, which must be passed from one generation to the next if the community is to know itself throughout the passage of time. History, in turn, is a reflection of how we see ourselves and thus goes to the very root by which we give value to things. Our vision of the past is shaped by and in turn shapes our understanding of the present – those complex and comprehensive, mental images by which we decide what is true or false about us. When the continuity of a community’s relationship to the landscape is disrupted, a trust is violated in some way, the community suffers partial extinction of identity, and may begin to view its landscape as a separate commodity to be exploited for immediate financial gain. When this happens, community is destroyed from within because interpersonal trust is withdrawn in deference to growing economic competition.

The Belize-Guatemala Conundrum
Spain and Great Britain left behind in Central America an unresolved Boundary Dispute between Guatemala and Belize for which there is absolutely no sign of a settlement almost 150 years later after various negotiations have failed even with the immediate arbitration of the O.A.S. Will the dispute be settled in the unforeseeable future by the ICJ or will the Security Council of the United Nations be forced to intervene? GUATEMALA CANNOT BE TRUSTED IN FUTURE NEGOTIATIONS TO SETTLE THE OLD ANGLO-GUATEMALAN BORDER DISPUTE. Surprisingly, many Belizeans were not taken aback by Guatemala’s decision not to participate in the October 6th Referendum; on the contrary many felt that Guatemala’s trickery and dishonest behavior is exactly what the Leadership of that country is all about. Belize is an independent country and Guatemala cannot nor will we step aside and let it dictate to the Government of Belize to change our Referendum Laws.

International Sourcesizz

Texas A&M University-Kingsville students aid Belize children
As a Texas A&M University-Kingsville graduate student studying to become a speech pathologist, Brianna Bates became aware of how many countries were without help for those with problems speaking. That meant children with learning and developmental disabilities, stroke survivors and many others were without resources for improving their ability to communicate. Bates already was an avid traveler. She lived in Egypt for more than three years and worked on development projects in Bhutan. She wanted to use the knowledge she was gaining from her graduate program to help others. So, she formed the group Students for Global Communication to do just that. "We found out that there were no speech pathologists in Belize, and so we decided to set up a program there," she said. "Belize also had the advantage of being an English-speaking country and not being too expensive to travel to."

Barbados, Belize and Curacao move on in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying
In a rain-delayed match in Havana, Cuba and Curacao played to a 1-1 draw that sees visiting Curacao advance on away goals after the first match finished in a 0-0 draw. Michel Marquez scored for the hosts in the fifth minute, but Curacao's Vidarrell Merencia evened the score in the 16th minute. The game was stopped at halftime due to heavy storms, and no goals were scored after play resumed. Belize got goals from three different players as they beat the Dominican Republic 3-0 to advance 5-1 on aggregate to the next round. Harrison Roches got the scoring started for the hosts in the 17th minute and teammate Elroy Kuylen added another first-half goal in the 38th minute. As the second half wound down, Belize's Deon McCaulay added an insurance goal to secure the win.

Conflicto territorial entre Guatemala y Belice
Guatemala y Belice aún no terminan de separarse debido a que aún no hay dictamen de la Corte Internacional de Justicia (CIJ) en dejar en claro la separación de ambas naciones. Guatemala en 1992 reconoció la soberanía de Belice, pero únicamente basado en la autodeterminación de sus habitantes pero el diferendo territorial quedó pendiente y aunque no se ha resuelto ante instancias internacionales, expertos constitucionales aseguran que es imposible que Guatemala recupere ese territorio. Guatemala cedió el territorio de Belice a Gran Bretaña en 1859 a cambio de la construcción de una carretera que nunca fue construida por lo que se reclamo el territorio, pero debido a la autodeterminación y a la firma del presidente Guatemalteco Álvaro Arzú, en 1992 ya no caben los reclamos no obstante hay que concluir el proceso de separación con una consulta popular.



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