Hi, I'm radio guy Danny Vega from San Pedro Breeze.

I'll let you in on what's going on here on the beautiful Island of Ambergris Caye and the other popular expat and tourist destinations in Belize.

I'll also play some really great music, all the classic hits you remember growing up with, going all the way back to the start of rock & roll.

A full spectrum of all the music that makes you feel good.

Of course, being on La Isla Bonita, I'll mix in some specially selected "Island sounds" to keep you in the mood.

What would palm trees and Island life be without some popular Reggae and Island hits mixed in?

We'll keep you informed and updated about what's happening in Belize and back home!

US-International News at the top of the hour, Local Belize weather on the half hour.


some of the great stand ups, Vintage Radio bits, and local community events on the quarter hour.

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The Breeze is “on the air” in San Pedro, Belize
If you live in San Pedro you probably couldn’t help but notice the “teasers” plastered to nearly every telephone pole on the island “The Breeze is coming.” Did they get your interest up? Well, the mystery is over and the Breeze has been revealed: It is a gringo internet radio station here in San Pedro, aimed at ex-pats and future ex-pats and people who just wish they could be ex-pats. Also described as “A classic hits music and information radio station.” The music format is ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s with a little stand-up comedy tossed in. Ugh, I heard Henny Youngman this morning. “Take my jokes, please!” There also promises to be a sprinkling of island sounds — presumably Bob Marley to Jimmy Buffet. If you were listening around 10 a.m. today you got something like this: The Dixie Cups, “Going to the Chapel”; Wings, “Silly Love Song”; Carole King, “It’s Too Late”; Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t She Lovely”; Bill Haley, “Shake Rattle and Roll”; Leanne Rimes, “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”; Bill Haley again, “See Ya Later Alligator”; and Earth Wind and Fire, “September.” With a little Henny thrown in somewhere in the mix. The internet station intends to be advertising supported. Meanwhile, you can grab a listen right here. Scroll down the home page for some basic information, including how to add the station as a pop-up so you can listen while doing other things on the Web.

San Pedro’s Lobsterfest And An Interview with The Breeze – San Pedro’s Newest Radio Station
Over the past week, there has been a bit of a guerrilla marketing campaign on posts around town..Infuriatingly smart. I was dying to know what the breeze was. And then…yesterday? It was announced. OH! A radio station. Wait…what? A radio station? Hmmmm…. Being honest, I haven’t listened to the radio in…years. But I do know that the local stations in Belize (and there are only a handful of them) are listened to constantly in every kitchen, auto mechanic shop and store on the island. But this one (on the website) was billed as a radio station for expats. Interesting…