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The San Pedro Sun

The Bustling Back Street of San Pedro Town
Exploring BACK STREET! For starters there’s the Sunset Board Walk nestled right on the lagoon. Holding true to its name it is the perfect place to catch a breathtaking sunset. (The Sunset Board Walk runs all the way back to Nurse Shark street while the paved walkway leading there starts at Angel Coral). Make your way up the street and you’ll find find what has become a neat little chain of pretty good food and very reasonable prices! There’s Pou’s Ceviche Bar. Enjoy a serving of fresh ceviche with a cold Belikin Beer on the balcony with friends! Then there’s Waruguma’s second restaurant. Waruguma is essentially a Salvadoran restaurant that started out as a tiny hole in the wall. As their reputation for good food and better prices grew so did their location! After a few years of success on Middle St, they have now opened a new spot on Back St! Pollo Feliz! For the past couple this little joint located adjacent to Waruguma has been our favorite places to grab a quick $5 lunch of rotisserie chicken, a serving of fresh corn tortillas and pico de gallo- quite simple but very good! Then there’s Obando’s Hot Panades – don’t even get me started on how good these babies are! At $1 a pop get your choice of beans, cheese, beef, pork and seafood panades! Located right beside Obando’s has to be the cutest little fruit and veggie stall. Have a taste of local fruits such as mangos, and keneps at $2 a bag. Talk about bargains!

Catch of the Day – one VERY big lobster!!!
Coming from a fishing family, I get to see some astounding marine critters. A couple times during the lobster season, my dad pulls in some pretty mammoth sized Spiny Lobster. These lobsters were the lucky ones that have long evaded fishermen, allowing them time to grow to above average size. But the day has come when they are caught, and we are always more than happy to snap some pictures with the prized catch. My dad’s a pretty talented lobster fishermen- after all he is been doing it for ages. He shucks them in no time at all. Unfortunately I wasn’t born with the talent, but I was definitely born with the taste for devouring lobster- I love my Crustacean friends!

SPTC to repair faulty gate at Sporting Arena
Island residents have been raising concerns about the front gate at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena (Saca Chispas). In the most recent incident, a child who was trying to slide the gate shut was badly hurt when the gate actually fell on top of him. This is just one of many incidents that have been reported, as the field is frequented by island youth who play football and other sports. Due to the incidents, parents have become highly concerned over the safety of their children. The most recent victim’s mother, Amy Knox, indicated that upon taking her child for emergency care, she was informed that her son was one of three that had been treated for similar injuries. “”We need to bring this situation to public awareness. My son is getting better now…he does not have any broken bones/nose or a concussion like we thought,” said Knox. She also mentioned that her son sustained several scrapes/bruises and even complained about pain when walking. “The emergency personnel at the PolyClinic were very thorough. They took X-rays and did many tests to make sure of his well-being, and that he was really okay, outside of being banged up and the huge ‘goose-egg’ on his head.”

Police conduct Antidrug operation
On Monday, June 15th between 1PM and 5PM, acting on Special Branch Intelligence, a team of San Pedro Criminal Investigation Branch, Special Branch and Gang Suppression Unit personnel conducted a joint antidrug operation within San Pedro Town. As a result: * A search was conducted at the apartment room of 26-year-old William Cain Valentine in the Bayside Area, San Pedro Town which led to the discovery of 110 grams of suspected Cannabis. He was formally arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking. * A search was conducted at the apartment room of 26-year-old Victor Alonzo Sanchez 26 in Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town which led to the discovery of a black in color plastic bag containing 694.2 grams of suspected Cannabis. He was formally arrested and charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Danielle Neal Honored with Queen’s Young Leader Award
A young Belizean student will be awarded the Queen’s Young Leaders Award on Monday, June 22nd, at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace in London. Danielle Neal, originally from Belize City, is one of sixty young persons from across the Commonwealth Nations to be honoured with the award. The award recognizes young people between the ages of 18 and 29 who have been exceptional leaders in their community and taking the lead in transforming the lives of others. 18 year-old Neal has been recognized for her efforts to improve the lives of disadvantaged young girls and teenage mothers. She volunteers with Youth Enhancement Services and is the Public Relations Officer of the Youth Arm of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Prior to the award ceremony at Buckingham Palace, Neal and the other awardees will meet with British Prime Minister, David Cameron, followed by a visit to the headquarters of Global Social Networking Company, Twitter and meet with senior executives at the BBC World Service.

San Pedro AIDS Commission completes Beautification Project
The San Pedro AIDS Commission (SPAC) has completed its community beautification project on the fence/wall of the southern side of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRC). The object saw the repainting of the wall white, with bright colorful messages on HIV/AIDS awareness painted on top. The project is meant to give a new look to the heavily trafficked alley that was covered in unsightly graffiti. Over the course of the beatification project, vandals defaced the paintings, causing setbacks and increasing the cost. Now that it is finally complete, SPAC urges everyone to care for the wall and to condemn vandalism. “This project is part of our educational awareness campaign as well, so that the community is sensitized about the importance of learning the facts about HIV/AIDS. We hope that through this medium we can eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with this disease. Our group gets its funds through the many fundraisers we do throughout the year, and by dues that the members pay. In order to carry out this project, we received several donations from the community. But this project is worthless if people do not care for the wall and allow vandals to destroy the beauty of it,” said President of SPAC, Felix Ayuso.

The Reporter

Research determines 12 species at the brink of extinction
Sixty-five million years ago, the dinosaurs disappeared in what’s known as the Earth’s fifth mass extinction. Today, a sixth mass extinction could be well underway and humans are the likely culprit, according to new research published in Science Advances. The past five mass extinctions on Earth were caused by large-scale natural […]

Citizen provides refresher course for police officers
Police officers from the Belmopan, San Ignacio and Benque Viejo police formations on Saturday completed a refresher course on policing, through the initiative of San Ignacio businesswoman, Nefretery Nancy Marin. Marin facilitated the event, which was conducted by Peace Officers International (POI) President, Randy Green. […]

New World Bank report highlights CARICOM’s woes without a single market
A new World Bank report entitled, ‘Trade matters: New opportunities for the Caribbean’ indicates that having a common market in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) would lead to a substantial rise in regional exports. But after 43 years of existence, the 15-member countries that make up […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Prison Guard gets shot while going home
Reports reaching our news room is that a prison guard from Santa Elena was shot while going home. He is currently admitted at the KHMH and is in stable condition. Police are investigating.

Mexican drowns in Belize’s waters
Orange walk police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the drowning of a Mexican national. Residents say the drowning occurred around 1:30pm, when one male person known to the community as Juan, went swimming in the river and did not make it across. The person was seen having difficulty staying afloat […]

Belize weather calls for cloudy skies with sunny breaks
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting a relatively dry easterly airflow to prevail over the country for the next couple of days. The 24 hour forecast calls for cloudy skies with sunny breaks today, and partly cloudy skies tonight. A few showers or thunderstorms will occur over the […]

Mental health of elderly discussed at workshop
Belize has long had a young population but increasingly as they get older they are afflicted by certain disorders including depression, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and dementia. They also suffer bereavement from loss of family members both young and old. About 15% of Belize’s over-60 population have accessed a […]

Preparations begin for Belize International Film Festival
The 10th annual Belize International Film Festival to be held in the seaside resort destination of Placencia is now a month away and the media blitz has begun. Filmmakers from 38 countries submitted entries to this year’s event and selections have been made. We spoke today to festival […]

BTL Heads to CCJ against former Directors over Investment in Channel 5
Earlier this year former directors of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and several companies that assisted in its management prior to the first nationalization by the Government of Belize in 2009 won a judgment in the Court of Appeal that declared them free of responsibility for financing Great Belize Productions, […]

Speednet wins appeal versus PUC
The Court of Appeal closed its second session for 2015 today and both of Belize’s major telecommunications companies were represented in court for decisions. Speednet Communications Limited, the parent company of Smart, filed a lawsuit against the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in 2011 concerning fees payable for frequency […]


The BTB Branding: How to Be Eurocentric & Why Not in Belize
It’s been two years since the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) launched the “Discover How to Be” promotional tourism video (“Discover How to Be”, 2013). However, it was until this week that I encountered the video on Facebook and I must express a grave dismay with the production. I would like to call attention to the segment (time slot: 1:11-1:20) which displays the text “be primitive” and “be peculiar” with our Maya archeological sites in the background. The representation of our indigenous heritage and people as “primitive” and “peculiar” is the perpetuation of Eurocentric discourse which facilitated the enslavement and exploitation of indigenous peoples and non-Europeans in general. To allow this representation of Belize for local and international consumption is disrespectful and prejudicial. The use of the terms “primitive” and “peculiar” in this context are derived from and are reflective of European colonization, enslavement, and hegemony over non-Europeans. These historical processes established a set of violent terminologies which carried great weight in how Europeans viewed and interacted with non-Westerners. On the one hand, Europeans were represented as “civilized”, “advanced”, “cultured”, and “intelligent”. On the “Other” hand, we were “savage”, “primitive”, “pagan”, and “barbaric”. It is from this history in which Europeans are announced as “normal”, “developed”, and “civilized” that the phrases “be primitive” and “be peculiar” locates its common-sense appeal, touristic romance, and vulgarity.

25 completely random things about me
Back before you could decide what sort of animal you look like; before you could decide what character from ‘Star Wars’ you are most like; before you could take a short test to determine if you are brilliant or simply smart, Facebook offered a more primitive time sinkhole for you to fall into. It was called “lists.” As in: Once you have been “tagged” by a friend, list in 15 minutes the 20 books that changed your life; list 20 concerts you have attended; list your top 25 songs. And my “favorite”: list 25 completely random things about yourself. I still don’t know what “completely random” really means. But I plunged ahead with a list, on January 31, 2009. Here are the “rules” from back in 2009: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.

Walking along the Ambergris shore: This gets me every time
Lately I’ve been spending the early morning hours walking north along the Ambergris Caye beach trai?. Well, early mornings? Most days that might be 8 or 9 a.m. but recently after not sleeping at all, I headed up the coast at 5:30 a.m. And yes, in full sunrise. Sun rises pretty early here, although I’ve succeeded in ignoring it most days. Anyway, about a mile up from my place, in the Tres Cocos neighborhood, there is a log. And not just any log. A crocolog. You might not notice it as you walk north, just past the Palapa Bar and before Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat. In this direction, it is just another log in the water. They float in from time to time and eventually run aground in the shallows, forming a nice roosting spot for the aquatic birds. I know it is there. I’ve seen it for many months. But it almost never fails that, as I return home, deep in my meditations, I come upon this thing and it gives me a jolt. “Mother of Spinach! That is one freaking big crocodile!” my mind says, in so many words. “Run, you fool!”

International Sourcesizz

My Kingston - Anwar Barrow
Entrepreneur and Chairman, Executive Committee, Belize Telemedia Limited What were your first impressions of Kingston on your first visit here? I was heartened by the friendliness, warmth and passion of the Jamaicans in Kingston which was manifested throughout the city. What was your most memorable meal in Kingston and where was it? My most memorable meal was at Strawberry Hill, not only for the meal but the breathtaking view and great company with whom I enjoyed it. (Shout-out to Karim, Nats & Tassia) What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day? Get my council to pass a regulation mandating all taxi cabs to have meters. What would be your recommendations to a first-time visitor to Kingston? Enjoy your Jamaican brethren and sistren, for they are the real flavour of Kingston. What is your beverage of choice? Johnnie Walker Black Label, with a splash of water and light on the ice. What brought you to Caribbean FashionWeek? I came to experience the fashion and connect with the people.

Tradewinds tests skills for Mexican, British navies
OFF CALABASH CAY, Belize - Participating nations in the annual Tradewinds exercise here conducted a vessel boarding, search and seizure operation yesterday aboard the British ship HMS Severn. The boarding team from the Mexican navy ship Independencia conducted the seizure while observed by the Belizean coast guard from an attending patrol boat and a Panther helicopter crew from the Mexican navy. After a pursuit in an interceptor boat at speeds exceeding 20 knots in rolling seas, the eight-man team boarded the British ship swiftly. Once aboard, the team simulated arrests of a group of merchant mariners who tried to resist. After completing the exercise, the Mexican boarding team returned safely to their ship, in spite of worsening conditions as the seas continued to rise, with swells in excess of 6 feet.


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