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The San Pedro Sun

Mango Season
Mango season in Belize is one of the most delicious times of the year. Not only does it bring about several variations of the juicy fruit, it also means time for tasty mango treats! Be share to get your fill of mangoes before the season is gone!

Caribbean Villas Hotel to Host the Biggest LGBT Pride Event in Belize History
Caribbean Villas Hotel (CVH) will be hosting the first annual Temptation Island Pride Week, an exclusive event with nightly activities such as Drag Shows, Toga Parties, Leather & Lace Parties, a Masquerade Ball, Runway Model Shows and more. As this event will be the biggest LGBT gathering in the history of Belize, CVH has set aside all 61 of their rooms in order to exclusively accommodate event attendees.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Sunday Visitors
“Sherry!” Sherry came out of the kitchen saying, “What is it? What’s going on?” “I’m still in my underwear,” I said. “Can you see who’s knocking at the door?” She said. “It’s probably those church people again.” “It is the church people,” she said, when she came back. “They’re the only ones who would come knocking at eight o’clock on Sunday morning when we’re trying to sleep.” “What did you say to them?” “I told them that we are trying to sleep and asked them to please go away.” That was last Sunday. This Sunday at eight o’clock they knocked on the door again. “I’m going to tell them that if they come around here at 8 a.m. again I’ll put my dog on them,” Sherry said.

Police Report
Rape: An American student who was staying at a beach resort in Caye Caulker Village reported that about 3AM on Saturday, June 20th, she was socializing at a Night Club located in the Bahia Area of Caye Caulker. She then wanted to use the bathroom so she went outside by the seaside when she was choked from behind by someone, which caused her to pass out. Upon her gaining consciousness, she realized that someone was on top of her having sex with her against her will and another person was holding down her wrist on the sand.
Robbery: On Saturday, June 20th at 10:50PM, San Pedro Police responded to information of a robbery in progress at the beach front of Crazy Canucks. Upon arrival, Corporal #400 Jose Blanco spoke to 24-year-old Allison Holmes, an American Forest Ranger who reported that at 10:25PM she was robbed by a dark-skinned male person. While Cpl Blanco was speaking with her, a dark-skinned male person dressed in a white T shirt and ¾ blue jeans pants was seen running from an east to a west direction. People who had gathered there started saying ‘that’s him, he is escaping’.
On Wednesday, June 17th at about 4PM, a joint team of San Pedro Strike Team, Criminal Investigation Branch and Special Branch personnel intercepted a grey Chevy Impala with license plate # SP-C-3619 on Pescador Drive. At the time the vehicle was being driven by its owner 30-year-old Howell Sydney Longsworth. Also in the vehicle was 29-year-old Colin Searle. A search was conducted inside the vehicle led to the discovery of a grey and black knapsack containing two transparent plastic bag with 139.2 grams of suspected cannabis. They were formally arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking.

Doctor Love: Relationships
Dear Doctor Love, I have never been to Belize but I have been reading the San Pedro Sun for nearly a year. I was looking for dive sites when I stumbled across it. I have been hooked ever since. Two months ago a Belizean woman looked me up at an on-line dating site. We started chatting and soon moved into exchanging emails. Our long distance relationship is wonderful. My company just got a contract that keeps me tied up here seven days a week so I won’t be able to visit Belize for another year. She wants to visit me here in British Columbia and I started talking to her about the possibility of her living with me here and maybe getting married. She loves the idea but it turns out that her visa only allows her to stay 90 days at a time. Should I sponsor her as an immigrant to come to Canada with the possibility of her becoming my wife? /s/ Lonely Canuck

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Miss Caroline Barkwell, needs your help!
Miss Caroline of Caye Caulker Belize, collapsed with a stroke on Friday night & needs help with medical bills in order to continue with treatment. She was taken from Caye Caulker to Belize city and is currently in hospital, fighting for her life. Doctors are optimistic that her treatment is working, yet she still remains in a coma. In order to keep her in the Belize medical Assosiates hospital until Tuesday, we are required to pay 17,750.00 Belize dollars that equals $8,875.00 US dollars within the next 2 days! If you could please help us save our Mom, we will so greatly appreciate it!

Fabulous wedding cakes by Hicaqueno Raul Young


Artisan upset after building dismantled
Yesterday evening 48 year old Alberto Ramos showed us what he built with his own hands, a small shack made out of pieces of planks and boards. It was situated just beside Scotia Bank on the Phillip Goldson highway and right next to the ongoing works at the Belama round about. Ramos told us that […]

Belmopan prepares for September celebrations
Angelica Cruz reporting… “The 10th and 21st September Celebrations committee in Belmopan informed all artists of Belmopan and surrounding villages that for the first time the National Song competition is coming to Belmopan. Artists are asked to submit their applications before July 4. Tricia Pelayo Public Relations officer for the Belmopan City Council tells us […]

Fisher folks to be celebrated
June 29 is recognized as Caribbean Fisherfolk Day. The day is observed as a part of the bigger International Fisherman’s Day. It is being celebrated under the theme, The Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy, breaking the cycle of poverty in fishing communities. The Belize Fisheries Department has teamed up with a number of organizations to […]

Melvin Hulse to be replaced in Stann Creek West
Yesterday, Melvin Hulse, tendered his letter of resignation as the UDP Stand Bearer for Stann Creek West following the release of a very scandalous and slanderous secret recording. In this recording he spoke about Prime Minister Dean Barrow and made some damning allegations about former PUP Standard Bearers, Ivan Ramos and Joseph Mahmud. Today, Prime […]

Santa Cruz incident revisited
On Wednesday, 11 Mayans of Santa Cruz Village were arrested and charged for false imprisonment of Rupert Miles. Miles was arrested by the community members on Saturday. They say that he has been unruly and would not relocate from living on an ancient Maya Site. Miles filed a police report and so the Maya group […]

Image Factory celebrates twenty years
The Image factory Art Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary today with an exhibit of a number of artists and their works. According to Yasser Musa, the celebration is more a chapter within the long history of art. The event is a celebration of the pure nature of art and looks to show the importance […]

Mexican naval ship runs aground in Belizean waters
Another naval ship has run aground in Belizean waters. This time it was a Mexican naval ship and according to a release, it happened in the wee hours of this morning. A 55 ft. Mexican Navy Vessel, a “Polaris – Intercepter” experienced a “soft grounding”, on the mud flats and shoals just south of Blackadore […]

Minister Lisel Alamilla speaks on environmental bills
Earlier in the week, executives of the Association of Protected Areas Managements Organization, APAMO, held a press conference in which they presented their concerns in regards to the Protected Areas System Bill. According to APAMO, while the bill will paved the way for several good practices and initiatives, they were not properly consulted and has […]

Cruise Ship Passenger Tax and validation bill goes through the House of Representatives
The Cruise Ship Passenger Tax and Validation Bill also went through its three readings. At the moment, Michael Feinstein, is currently in a legal battle against the Government of Belize, the Belize Tourism Board and Fort Street Tourism Village and for the most part of it, it has to do with the collection of head […]

The Reporter

Katy Sealy leading at Central American Games
British-born heptathlete Katy Sealy, representing Belize, is leading all athletes in points in the haptathlon, after the first two days of competition in Nicaragua at the Central American Games. After the first four events of the seven-event heptathlon, Sealy leads in every category. She leads with a total of 2831 points, combining her results in the 100 meter race, high jumps, shot put and the 200 meters race. The competition wraps up on Sunday with the last three events of the heptathlon, the long jump, javelin throw and 800 meters. Sealy had previously told The Reporter she was confident heading into the event and expected to come away with either gold or silver. On the first day of the event, on Friday, Sealy won the bronze medal in the individual shot put event. Following the Central American games, Sealy will represent Belize in the Pan American games in Canada in July and the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) games in Costa Rica in August.

Coast Guard search for Varela continues
Search efforts by the Belize National Coast Guard (BNCG) for 80-year-old San Pedro businessman, Liobijildo Varela, in the area off the Port of Belize continue without much luck or any sign of Varela’s body. According to Ensign David Ayala, BNGC on-scene search coordinator, as of Saturday afternoon the search was still underway, but Varela’s body still hasn’t been found. Ayala said the Coast Guard team conducting the search included several boats circling the area where Varela was known to fall into the sea. According to Ayala, there have been several changes in the weather conditions over the last few days since Varela went under and the shift in currents may have caused the body to drift out. Still, Ayala said, the search will continue until they are given directives from their commander that the search party is over. Varela was on-board his tug boat on Thursday night, traveling with cargo from San Pedro to the Belize Port along with his crew. The boat was pulling a barge into the Port but a squall, which brought a heavy downpour on them, forced them to switch course from the usual barge docking area to the Port’s pier.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Body found floating in the Caribbean Sea in Corozal Town
Reports reaching our news room is that the body of an East Indian man was discovered floating in the Caribbean Sea in Corozal Town. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as more information becomes available.

Prime Minister lauds teachers’/public officers’ salary adjustments
$72 million in more wages for teachers and public officers over the last two years has boosted national purchasing power, said Prime Minister Dean Barrow during Friday’s meeting of the House of Representatives. This represents a total increase of 19 percent in both actual wages and increments, or $6,000 for each of 12,000 Belizean workers per year, something that, in the Prime Minister’s words, “has simply never happened before in this country, never ever. Citing recent statistics from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) which recorded deflation of prices at 1% in the month of May, 2015, over May, 2014, the P.M. described the increased wages as a boost to individual spending power and stimulant to the economy, and does not expect this to change any time soon.

APAMO divided over conservation bills; Minister defends purpose of legislation
As the Government of Belize prepared to introduce the National Protected Areas System (NPAS) Act and the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) (Amendment) Bills in the House of Representatives on Friday, the primary umbrella organization for managers of Belize’s protected areas, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) showed division among its membership, a majority of whom are said not to support either Bill. APAMO claims that follow-up consultation promised by the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development after an initial meeting earlier this year did not materialize, and there remains concerns that APAMO says can only be remedied by their involvement. It says it will take the time to submit the recommendations they wanted to present before the Bills were passed.


Seven Fundamental Truths Behind Sustainability
It is important to distinguish here between the meaning of truths and principles. The statement of a truth represents a reality in our world, a fact that is supported by scientific evidence, as we know it to be now, whether it is natural, social, or economic science. A principle, on the other hand, represents a belief that forms the foundation of a fundamental doctrine (like sustainability) or serves as a rule, law, or assumption about the nature of a policy. To begin understanding chaotic and complex systems underlying global patterns addressed by sustainable development requires confidence in the tools of systemic analysis that include the basic truths or facts that surround any particular issue. Because of significant causal uncertainty in many instances, however, we can never be sure how systems are going to behave as conditions change. This uncertainty can make a symptomatic approach to problem-solving more appealing, advocating the evaluation of symptoms rather than underlying causes even though symptom assessment often leads to failed outcomes. For example, it is tough to convince a North American Midwest farmer that global warming of the climate is occurring when they are facing record snowfalls.

International Sourcesizz

C'bean integrity commissions form Commonwealth body to fight corruption
NATIONAL authorities from 12 Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean have joined forces to establish a new regional body to enhance transparency and help fight corruption. It's called the Association of Integrity Commissions and Anti-Corruption Bodies in the Commonwealth Caribbean. It was formed at the first Commonwealth Regional Conference for Heads of Integrity Commissions and Anti-Corruption Bodies in the Caribbean, which was convened last week, June 22-26, by the Commonwealth Secretariat in Grenada and hosted by the Integrity Commission of Grenada. The association was inaugurated by Dame Cecile La Grenade, Governor General of Grenada, and Dr Keith Mitchell, the prime minister of Grenada. It comprises the heads of national commissions and is intended to help Caribbean countries cooperate across borders, exchange best practices and develop regional anti-corruption initiatives.


  • Lieberts at Belize Zoo, 7min.

  • Hol Chan Belize 22/6/15, 5min.

  • Belize Family Vacation 2015 Part 1 Jungle, 4min.

  • Belize June 2015, 5min.

  • "Every Breath He Takes!" - Smooth Trunkfish in Belize, 4min. On a recent scuba diving trip aboard the Belize Aggressor III I was fortunate to find this cute little guy.....need I say more? I had to do a video just on him...he was soooo cute!!! I love those "lips". They look like he had some injections! Taken with my GoPro setup.

  • Belize 2015, 7min.

  • Belize 2015, 7min. Here are a few of the GoPro videos from our trip to Caye Caulker. There were a lot more, but at least this shows some of the things we did, and hopefully it's not too long.

  • BELIZE 2015, 12min. This was my trip to El Pescador, Belize in Central America!

  • BELIZE Black Rock Lodge, 5min. we got pretty sick so decided to check into somewhere beautiful to spend a few days recovering. we found everything we needed and more at this incredible lodge in the jungle.

  • Let Sleeping Sharks Lie.. Belize 2015, 2min. Had to get WAY down in a reef crevice to film this Nurse Shark taking a nap.. So cramped that I smacked the go pro against the reef accidentally!