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The San Pedro Sun

FIVE cool summer activities you can’t afford to miss !
With schools closed for summer break until September, we’ve compiled a list of several activities specifically catering to the island youth! Get involved in the community and check out some FREE activities you can do to make your vacation a memorable one! Become a Volunteer Dog Walker at Saga, Basil Jones Summer Camp, Join Local Sport Tournaments, Become an Optimist Sailor, Camp Starfish.

Athletes showcase talent at Weekend Triathlon
Island athletes of all ages once again participated in a triathlon competition organized by the San Pedro Sports Committee (SPSC). Held on Sunday, June 28th, the triathlon coincided with the Dia de San Pedro festivities. Organizing the event was Councilor Hector “Tito” Alamilla and Kent “Bob” Gabourel, and the swim, bike and run challenge was divided into five categories. The first race kicked off shortly after midday. First to race was the youngest of athletes participating in the under 13 category. They were challenged with one lap of each discipline. At the end of the race Tiownie Paguada captured the first place prize and trophy, with Mcleish Lambed taking second place and Alexander Fitzgerald taking third place. The under 15 category followed shortly after. A bit more seasoned, these athletes were definitely in the spirit of competition. Kylin Belisle was the first to finish the race, taking the first place trophy and prize. In a close second was Dixon Paguada, who left Melvin Trujio in third place.

Dispute between Villagers of Santa Cruz and Rupert Myles grows
Two weeks after the unlawful arrest of Rupert Myles by villagers of Santa Cruz, Toledo, the dispute continues to build. Myles was detained by village leaders on Saturday, June 20th to evict him from a property they claim he is occupying illegally. The land in question is a parcel sacred within the Uxbenka Maya Site. The villagers claim that they had asked Myles to remove himself from the area, but after he refused to move they took the law into their own hands. The incident has only grown more volatile, as police have arrested and charged the villagers for the crime of “Unlawful Imprisonment”. Myles, who is of Creole descent, had lived in the village since October, 2014 after marrying a woman from the village. The villagers claim that he had destroyed structures in Uxbenka in the process of building his home, and to prevent further damage asked him to leave the area. After Myles refused to relocate, the villagers went to his home where they subdued him with force, handcuffed him, tied a rope around his hands and dragged him out of the area. In the process of the arrest, Myles took out his licensed fire arm in an attempt to calm the mob; but to no avail.

Victor Nal wins first ever Ceviche Competition
For the first time ever, Area Representative and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia Jr. hosted a ceviche making completion. Being an island with strong ties to the sea, San Pedro residents consume large amounts of seafood, and one of the best ways to prepare it is in ceviche. As such, on Sunday, June 28th, five residents tested their ceviche making skills and put their best dish up for judging. Each competitor had 30 minutes to prepare their tasty treat. Contestants were judged on taste, skill and presentation. Among the panel of judges was Heredia himself, who is always eager to try a good ceviche. The contestants artfully prepared the ceviche, mostly using shrimp as their protein. However, there could only be one winner, and that title went to Victor Nal. He receive a Mac Laptop and $500 cash. In second place was Christon Hazel who walked away with $1,000 cash, while Angel Cocom took third place and a $500 prize.

Ambergris Today

Green Reef Youth Summer Camp Has Space for 100 Campers
PACT Environmental Support Grant for Summer Youth Camp from July 6 to July 31 – The non-government marine conservation organization Green Reef announced this week that it was awarded a PACT Environmental Support Grant of $9,900Bze to undertake a four-week summer camp at Camp Basil Jones on North Ambergris Caye adjacent to the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve. The Summer Youth Camps is being spearheaded by Green Reef in collaboration with Oceana, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Marine Education Research & Rehabilitation Institute (MEER), Tranquility Bay Resort, The San Pedro Sun, the Department of Youth Services and the San Pedro House of Culture (NICH) with financial support from the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT). One hundred campers will have the unique opportunity to participate in this fun-filled adventure and experience the thrill of a lifetime at a week-long summer camp. Campers will pack their bags and head to an idyllic beachside retreat, where they will indulge in over-the-top competitions inspired by classic camp games, learn about Belize’s marine natural resources and create unique art & crafts from sustainable materials.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ten-day Weather Outlook, July 1 – 10, 2015
The NHC is expecting no tropical cyclone formation during the next five days. Also, a moist, unstable air-mass with an associated low level jet (LLJ) will favor more outbreaks of showers and thunderstorms around Bze through Friday and during next week. The TRIMM remote sensing data indicate that rainfall across Belize was above normal in June, 2015. A seasonally moist, easterly airflow associated with the leading edge on a persistent, low level jet across the Caribbean is enhancing some brief showers and thunderstorms over northern Central America and Belize. A tropical wave around 85 W this afternoon will reach Belize within the next 24 hours, favoring an increase in convection over most districts later on Thursday and Friday. Expect maximum rainfall rates in some areas in the order on 0.60 of-aninch (15 mm) for Wednesday and early Thursday and near 0.50- 1.00 inch later on Thursday and Friday. A second tropical wave moving into the western Caribbean on Friday will dissipate as it moves closer to Yucatan and Belize. Convection will cease somewhat on Saturday.

Removal of Persons during a House Meeting
Standing Order 87 of the House, provides for the Speaker to deal with and removal of strangers from the gallery during a House Meeting and Standing Order 44 provides for the Speaker to remove Members of the House during a House meeting but it does not address how to deal with a Senator who is in the gallery during a House Meeting. It goes without saying that a Senator has to be in the gallery because he has no right to sit in the actual chamber where the 31 members plus the Speaker sit during a House Meeting. Standing Order 91 of the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives of Belize states: “(1) The Speaker shall have power to regulate the conduct of business in all matters not provided for in these Standing Orders. (2) The decision in all cases for which these Standing Orders do not provide, shall lie within the discretion of the Speaker, and shall not be open to challenge. (3) The Speaker shall be responsible for the management and general administration of the chamber.” Based on this Standing Order I have made a rule pertaining to behavior of people in the galleries during the House Meeting. Anybody who has ever listened to and/or been to a House Meeting since I have been the Speaker can recall that I repeat this rule to people in the galleries almost every House Meeting.

Put out of The Split
Ok so Mr. Andrew, d cake man just told me a little while ago that he got put out of The Split (Lazy Lizard)!! Well, dats another local being banned. Reason being, he cannot sell anything on d property caz he is slowing down their business! Wat a pile ah crap!! Let's see how many more locals will be added to this growing list of theirs!! What a shame!!

Channel 7

Petro Amendment Bill Debate That Should Have Happened
From since Friday, the news has been dominated by the discussion of the PUP’s decision to walk out of the House meeting. It had been planned for weeks before as the Opposition’s opportunity to challenge the Barrow Administration on the decision to amend the Petrocaribe Loans Act instead of repealing it. Well, at today’s session of the Senate at the House of Representatives, an in-depth discussion took place from both sides of the floor in which all the technical points for and against the amendments were hammered out. Here’s a few excerpts of the points presented: Senator Mark Lizarraga – Business Senator "We’re told that these amendments today will ensure greater transparency in the spending of our petro dollars. But in fact Mr. President, these amendment today do nothing to strengthen our management of public funds. On the contrary what they do is seek to validate and encourage poor budgeting practices. Mr. President tax payers, shouldn't we be concerned when independent reports speak to the failure of this administration to properly manage and account for our monies?" Senator Lisa Shoman – PUP Senator "You would believe Mr. President that by putting in here a section that says and I quote, ”The money borrowed from ACBEL shall be kept in a fund at the central bank of Belize which fund form a part of the consolidated revenue fund and maybe withdrawal time to time as the need arises.

Senator Ray Absent: Interim Senator Guerra Replaces Him
But, before the meeting could start, the senators had to welcome an addition of a new peer, Adelaida Guerra. She’s the First Vice President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, but in order for her organisation to have a representative present, she had to sworn in as a Senator. Now, the circumstance of that necessity are a bit peculiar. The man who usually serves the labour movement is Ray Davis, who viewers know very well as the Labour Movement’s man in the Legislature for years. Well, it appears that he’s out of the country, and he did not inform the general membership of the NTUCB that he was leaving. President Marvin Mora told us that as soon as he was informed of absence of Senator Davis, he quickly moved to convene a meeting of the representatives of the unions under the umbrella of the NTUCB to find a temporary replacement. Guerra had the most support of those present, and she was chosen as the member of the NTUCB as the person who would speak on behalf of the Unions today. Here’s an excerpt of her speech given as a first-time member of the Legislature:

Senators Hard-Talk On Over-Expenditure By GOB
The Newly Sworn in Senator Guerra was speaking on what became a very divisive discussion over 2 Revenue supplementary bills to the budget which was passed today. Our understanding of these money bills are that they are the result of Government expenditure which exceeded the budget, but which they are seeking the approval of the House for. The Opposition seized on the opportunity to accuse the Barrow administration of wasting Petrocaribe money: Senator Mark Lizarraga – Business Senator "We draw attention to the instances of spending done in contradiction of the law Mr. President, which exceeded the legal threshold and timeframe for bringing it to the national assembly. We emphasise that the law is very clear and that it is only under serious circumstances where to do otherwise would seriously injury the public good that the minister of finance is allowed to ensure such additional expenditure without first coming to the national assembly for permission." Senator Anthony Sylvestre – PUP Senator "What this appropriation supplementary bill number 2 has highlighted and it has shown is that this government, rather than working within the framework of our constitution had contemplated. The seem to be overspending and spending and then after the fact, come to the national assembly and seek approval and authorisation. And again the point has to be made that it's not their money, it's the people’s money."

Police: Darren Gillett Assaulted An Officer
Last night, we told you about Constable Jason Hall who was heading from his home in Corozal to his work Place in Belize City. He experienced a blowout in Rhaburn Ridge, and was helped by a man who pretended to be a Good Samaritan. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, the man assaulted the Police officer, who was in his uniform, stole his vehicle and fled to Belize City. Well, as we have told you, police caught the man yesterday and retrieved the vehicle. He is Darren Gillett, and tonight he’s at the Belize Central prison. He was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on the charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm, and robbery. At today’s proceedings, the prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that Gillet had escaped from police custody, that Hall is still in a critical condition at the KHMH and that the prosecution has a strong case. Chief Magistrate Smith upheld the objection and she remanded Gillet into custody until August 4.

Buena Vista Water Board Investigation Now In The Hands of the Ministry
Last night, we took you to the Cayo Village of Buena Vista where an allegation of theft of public funds emerged this weekend. A number of questionable cheques have surfaced after months of inquiry by the Chairman of the Village Council. He suspected that the Chairman of the Village’s Water Board had pocketed money that the villagers were paying to get access to water. Well, his persistence paid off when the Water Board’s bank released the copies of the cheques, some of which was in the name of the chairman, Julio Castillo. As we’ve shown you, he has declared his innocence explaining that he only cashed cheques in his name to get access to the money to do the work of the Water Board. He and his secretary have shown us written records which they assert should prove their innocence.

A Sickening Sodomy In The South
There is a disturbing case of sodomy in the south. Reports are that a 40 year old woman from a southern village went to visit her daughter on Sunday in a nearby southern village and took her 13 year old son with her. The woman’s daughter lives with her common law husband in the village. Now, while at the house, the common law husband took the 13 year old boy to collect wood in the bushes nearby and that’s when he took the little boy’s pants off and sodomised him. The common law husband, a 24 year old, was arrested and charged today for Unnatural Crime. His case has been adjourned until the 22nd of September.

Sexual Assault In The North
There is also another sexual assault case against a minor but this time in the north. A 10 year old girl along with her mother reported to police that a man touched the little girl’s privates on several occasions. The girl said that the man touched her 3 weeks ago and again last week Thursday evening in her home around 6:30. Reports are that the mother was taking a shower on that Thursday evening and when she came out she caught the man with his hands on her daughter. It is still not known what is the nature of the relationship between the man and the mother or child – whether he is a family friend or neighbour but both incidents happened at the mother’s home. When we spoke to police, they told us that the case officer knows who this man is and when he is brought in he will be charged with sexual assault.

Challenge Against NCL Hanging By A Thread
For the last two days, expert testimony was being recorded by the Supreme Court in the case of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) and the Government, on behalf of the Department of the Environment (DOE) and the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC), and Belize Island Holdings Limited, the owners and managers of the Harvest Caye project on behalf of Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has been particularly dramatic. The BTIA won leave for judicial review last year. The Department had approved the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the island after receiving NEAC's recommendation, but the BTIA successfully applied to the court on two grounds: that the terms of reference and legal requirements were not met, and that there was not enough opportunity for the public to properly review, be consulted with and comment on the EIA. 7 News was in Independence Village for the fiery public consultation on the project, where about 300 residents - a figure disputed on the witness stand by the Chief Environmental Officer Martin Alegria who says he counted about 500 - got a chance to have their say, but BTIA says there should have been a public hearing.

Being Energy Efficient In The Home
Energy stakeholders want to help you save more money on your electrical appliances. Yesterday a meeting was held to launch the Adaptation of Labeling and Standards for Energy – Efficient Equipment initiative. This is part of a broader project called Energy for Sustainable Development in Caribbean Buildings. From the technical aspect, the main focus is to regulate the energy use and increase energy performance in the electrical appliances and in turn this will improve the quality, prolong the life span of the appliance and even reduce cost of maintenance. Yesterday, we spoke with Energy Specialists at the George Price Center in Belmopan and they told us how this initiative will work. A Standards and labelling report will be drafted and sent to the Ministry of Energy and Science. The coordinators will be meeting with other stakeholders including the Chamber of Commerce, importers, retailers and customs officers throughout this week. Another meeting focusing on the same topics will be held today at the ITVET in Belize City.

The Coalition's Booklets; Fighting Off-Shore Oil Drilling
The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage was formed by a group of conservationists who want to bring public pressure on the Government Administrations to enact legal policies against offshore oil drilling, especially in protected areas. They’ve been working on innovative ways to get the public informed and involved. The organization launched 2 new media with an interesting form of distribution, and on Monday, its president, Tanya Williams, explained it to us: Tanya Williams - President, The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage "Actually launching two things. One, preprinted postcard and the second one is an activity booklet. The preprinted postcards are being targeted towards tourists. And so we have gotten involved with people within the tourism industry or partners within the tourism industry like the BTA. And the booklet are going to be at restaurants, we're talking about local children. We want when children to that particular restaurants with their parents or family - they look at the booklet and read and colour, etc.

Regional HIV Testing Day
Today is Regional HIV Testing Day and testing booths were set up behind the Scotia Bank to commemorate this day. Now, there are a number of commercials and a series of awareness campaigns geared towards educating the public on HIV. But is it working? Is the message being effectively communicated? According to the National Aids Commission, it is. Today the Communications and Program Officer, Arthur Usher discussed the progress so far and other approaches used to encourage people – especially men - to get tested. Arthur Usher "This is a major part of what helps people to understand the importance. We do multiple variation of out reaches, it's ongoing throughout the year. Big events like this are usually for us is twice a year which is June and world aids day. The organisation like BFLA and PASMO and ministry of health and all these organisations - they're consistently educating people and consistently out reaching. So it's throughout the year and the impact has been felt. What we are doing is called bring a man campaign. The person who bring the most men gets a gift at the end of the day. And for the first 25 men this morning got a official regional testing day mug. So again that's something to kind of change the mentality and work with people to get prizes. We also have 2 social medial competitions that we're doing. We have a selfie competition and 30 to 60 second video competition. And you can just take a selfie with a little caption and upload it to our facebook. You could win up to 500 dollars for first price and 250 for second prize."

Ministry of Health Hilux Crashed
In most cases when we report on vehicles assigned to the Ministry of Health - it’s because it was stolen. But tonight’s report is about a crashed health vehicle. On Saturday afternoon, the driver for the Corozal Community Hospital, 33 year old Aaron Babb was driving the health vehicle around 12 midday when he slammed into a cement post on a street in the Finca Solana area in Corozal. Apparently, his foot got stuck between the gas and accelerator pedal. That's when the vehicle speed off and rammed into the post. Babb received abrasions to his forehead and complained of pain on his chest. As for the Toyota Hilux pick-up it received damages to its bonnet, bumper, it has a broken grill, broken headlights ( on both sides), the radiator is damaged, both side fenders are dented and the windshield is shattered. According to the information Officer at the Ministry of Health, Babb was on official business heading back to the hospital when the accident happened. The truck has been sent to a mechanic to assess the cost of damages. The Ministry is treating this incident as a case of human error and so, no sanctions will be brought or sent to Babb.

A Donation of Musical Instruments From The Taiwanese Embassy
In a hand-over ceremony on Monday, a consignment of marching band instruments, valued at over $50,000, was presented by His Excellency Mr. Benjamin Ho, Ambassador of Taiwan to the Governor- General, Sir Colville Young. It was as a contribution to his Music in the Schools Program. The ceremony took place at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Sir Colville thanked Ambassador Ho for his generous gift to the young people of Belize and explained that most of the instruments would be given to St. Andrews Primary School in San Ignacio and the Anglican Cathedral College in Belize City.

The Mexican Marimba Quartet
Keeping it on music, a Mexican Marimba Quartet is in Belize. It’s called the Mario Nandayapa Quartet. But they are more than just a band – their family, literally – the band consists of mother –who is the manager, the father who is the director and the kids who play along as well. The director – Mario Nandayapa is a 4th generation Marimba player and he told us today how this type of music is deeply rooted in the family tradition. If you want to experience this deep familial and cultural connection, you can - tonight at 7 at the Institute of Mexico. Mario Nandayapa has performed in over 13 countries and has recorded over 30 albums.

Summer Camping In Lake I
Football, basketball, sun and fun: sounds like summer right? Well, today one of those summer camps began today in the Lake Independence area. Over 100 kids are enrolled in this camp and it caters to kids from ages 6 to 16. Today we spoke to two of the kids and they told us how this summer camp will keep them out of trouble. Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake Independence "We are filling the constituents with sports this summer. We have several sporting programmes that we are going to be holding. However right here on this field we have 100 kids. These kids will be learning today life skills training in the morning - they'll be given a snack at lunch break. And then in the afternoon we have them having a competition, whereby we have jerseys and everything for them - prizes and everything. It is all about life skills training, discipline, having the children do something for the summer and this area has been crying for this. We've been able to give them a few programmes but this year we have been able to convince the government, the prime minister, the ministries and so forth and everybody is collaborating to see these kids have a wonderful summer.

Channel 5

Senators Rumble over Supplemental Appropriations
On Friday, the House meeting was abbreviated when the Opposition walked out of the House in protest, so the first actual debate on Petrocaribe occurred today in the Senate. The [...]

Church Senator Votes YES to Appropriation
Opposition Leader in the Senate Lisa Shoman asked for a division in votes for the approval of the supplementary appropriations for 2014/2015. That led to the bill being passed with [...]

Debate on Petrocaribe Loan Amendment Bill Opens
The debate on the amended Petrocaribe Bill started after two this afternoon. Right off the top it was classified by Senator Lisa Shoman as nothing more than a pig wearing [...]

House Speaker Explains Ejection of P.U.P. Senator
Senator Patrick Andrews was removed from the House at the instructions of the Speaker, Michael Peyrefitte during last Friday’s House meeting. That measure prompted the opposition representatives to walk out [...]

MIT Seizes AK-47 and Ammo
Police have made a huge bust of an arsenal that includes a high powered weapon as well as a hundred and six live rounds of ammunition and have arrested two [...]

Harvest Caye EIA Questioned in Supreme Court
Thursday, July second, makes exactly one year since Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel granted leave for judicial review to the Belize Tourism Industry Association (B.T.I.A.). The B.T.I.A. is challenging the [...]

Harvest Caye Attorney Pushes to Strike Out Case
While the association anticipates a positive outcome, the fact that the case is still proceeding seems to baffle Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay. We also spoke with him at the end [...]

Man Who Brutally Beat Cop is Charged
The man responsible for the brutal attack against a police officer on Monday is tonight behind bars after he was charged and arraigned for the attempted murder of Police Constable [...]

Policeman Still Hospitalized
The officer was in his uniform when he was physically attacked and robbed of his vehicle. Hall has been working at precinct three of the Belize City police department for [...]

Patnett Acquitted in Supreme Court
Today, Shelda Patnett was formally acquitted of the charge of Manslaughter by Negligence by a nine member jury who was instructed by Judge Troadio Gonzalez to return a not guilty [...]

Guatemalan National Freed on Ammunition Charge
Tonight, Guatemalan national, Mauricio Perez who has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison serving a six month prison term for an immigration offense for being illegal in Belize, has [...]

Chamber Speaks on PM’s Public Putdown
Still on Petrocaribe…It is well known that there’s been bad blood between Prime Minister Barrow and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The latest fall out was last Friday.  [...]

President ‘Tux’ Vasquez Says Chamber Still Awaits a Response
The Chamber has called for transparency, accountability, adherence to the rule of law, and good governance and says that while these may be trivial in political calculations, they are important [...]

National AIDS Commission Hosts Regional Testing Initiative
More than one percent of the population is living with HIV/AIDS and that number could very well be higher. The fear of discrimination and confidentiality remain one of the biggest [...]

Mexican Marimba Quartet Showcased
Right now at the Mexican Institute, ‘Mario Nandayapa,’ a world famous Mexican Quartet is set to kick off a free show. The family quartet plays Mexican and international selections on [...]


Rotarians take to the stage for a good cause
The Rotary Club of Belize will be putting off its latest stage production beginning on Thursday night at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Rotarian Sandra McKay shared what the audience can expect. Sandra McKay, Rotarian “The play is called God’s way and it’s written by Dalia Harris from Jamaica. It’s a story about […]

House speaker said he was within his right to evict Senator from House of Representatives meeting
Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrifitte issued a release today explaining his removal of Senator Patrick Andrews from the National Assembly building last Friday. The release says while standing Order 87 of the House, provides for the Speaker to deal with the removal of strangers from the gallery during a House Meeting and Standing Order […]

Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium underway in San Ignacio
The thirteenth Belize Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium began on Tuesday in San Ignacio. Rolando Cocom from the Institute of Social and Cultural Research spoke of this year’s symposium. Rolando Cocom, ISCR “The symposium this year is also done once more in conjunction with the Institute for Cultural and Social Research branch of NICH along with […]

Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public utilities launches new initiative
Fem Cruz reporting… “The Ministry of Energy Science and Technology along with the PUC with support from the global environment facility in association with the Caribbean Community Climate Change launched a new project called the adaptation of labeling and standards for energy efficient equipment. Ambrose Tillet, Energy Director spoke to Love News about this new […]

Two men charged for prohibited firearm and ammunition
Angelica Cruz reporting…. “On Monday evening, June 29, sometime around 5:55, based on intelligence received, the mobile interdiction team intercepted a green BBOC bus between mile 31 and 32 on the George Price Highway which was travelling from the direction of Belmopan en route to Belize City. A search was conducted on two Hispanic male […]

Man charged for attempted murder of police officer
Darren Gillett, a labourer, was charged with attempted murder and three other offences when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. The other offences included dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm and robbery. According to the allegation, on June 29 at Rhaburn Ridge, Gillett beat police officer Jason Hall with […]

Senators dissect General Revenue Supplementary Appropriation Bill Number 2
The Senators also had a chance to share their view on the General Revenue Supplementary Appropriation Number 2 Bill 2015. Senator representing the Business Sector, Mark Lizarraga went on the point out that the Government has been overspending the people’s money and he was backed up by the PUP senators.

Senators debate Petro Caribe Loans Amendment Bill
Vice President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, Adelieda Guerra, was sworn in this morning as the temporary Senator for the unions. This came after Senator Ray Davis left the country without notifying the NTUCB of his departure. We have been reliably informed that the NTUCB had called an emergency meeting in order […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Chamber of Commerce: we want serious dialogue on economy
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has dismissed the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry concerning dialogue over the Petrocaribe program which the Chamber has strongly opposed in its current format. They wrote the PM on May 14, 2015, asking for respectful and serious dialogue, but speaking after the House meeting, the PM said he had not […]

BTIA challenges Harvest Caye project in court
One year ago this week, the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) won leave for judicial review of the decisions of the Department of the Environment (DOE) and the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) to, respectively, approve the environmental impact assessment for the project on Harvest Caye in contravention of the terms of reference and legal […]

Speaker: I had right to remove Andrews
Speaker of the House of Representatives says that while there is no specific standing order or legislative provision concerning what took place in the House last Friday morning, he properly exercised his discretion to remove Senator Patrick Andrews through police from the gallery, after the Senator had interrupted […]

Police find dead body on Bullet Tree Road
Reports reaching our newsroom are that a body of a male person has been discovered on Bullet Tree road near the San Ignacio Community Hospital. It is alleged that the victim has multiple stab wounds. We are also told that a contingent of officers are combing the area looking for […]

Atlantic Bank Albert Street Branch to host annual back to school fair
The annual Atlantic Bank back to school fair is an opportunity for the public to take advantage on lowered interest rates for school loans and deals on school supplies. This year, participating businesses include; Mikado, Sigertronics, Uniform Shop, A&R, Grace Kennedy Ltd., and VIP Wireless among many others. This year’s […]

Belmopan Police make huge firearm and ammunition bust
Two men are today in Belmopan police custody pending charges for possession of a prohibited firearm. According to police report, a little before 6pm they intercepted a green passenger bus en route to Belize City between miles 31 and 32 on the George Price Highway where a search was conducted. […]

Police have no answers on teens’ killing
Two teenage boys were shot in the head last week in Belize City for no apparent reason. Over the weekend, 15 year old Tyrique Thompson and 16 year old Ruben Leslie succumbed to their injuries. During a police press briefing on Tuesday morning Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C., CIB, Belize City […]

BTIA begins lawsuit over Harvest Caye
One year ago this week the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) won leave for judicial review of the decisions of the Department of the Environment (DOE) and the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) to, respectively, approve the environmental impact assessment for the project on Harvest Caye in contravention of the […]

Cuba’s victory against Aids transmission
It was announced yesterday, June 30th, that Cuba has made history by becoming the first country to end HIV and Syphilis transmission from mother to child. This announcement has been labelled as one of the greatest public health achievements possible and an important step towards an Aids-free generation by the […]

First child friendly Family Court in Punta Gorda
Tuesday, June 30th, marked the opening of the first ever child friendly Family Court in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo district. The symbolic cutting of the ribbon was done by Honorable Chief Justice of Belize, Kenneth Benjamin and Ivan Yerovi of UNICEF. This new building is the first of its kind […]

International Sourcesizz

Eight prime locations for a destination wedding on a budget
The proposal may have come as a surprise, but what shouldn't at this point is just how much that resulting wedding is going to cost you. Because whether you've said "I do" once before, stood at the altar as a member of a wedding party or simply attended a destination wedding, you know just how pricey they can be. But this doesn't mean you have to quash your dreams of getting married overlooking the ocean or on a hillside retreat. did some research and found eight romantic locales where you can have a beautiful destination wedding on a budget. Belize offers visitors more diversity than your run-of-the-mill beach destination, and flight prices are about the same as those you'd find to popular wedding locales such as Mexico. Not only does Belize boast beautiful sandy beaches, but it's also home to lush rainforests, Mayan ruins and the second-largest barrier reef in the world. And once you're there, it's easy enough to save some green -- and go green, for that matter. Belize has very few expensive mega-resorts and instead is dotted by eco-lodges and inns where room and board can be found cheap -- if you're willing to give up some "luxuries" such as air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Another perk? With lobster being a local specialty, it comes much cheaper here than stateside, so you can impress wedding guests with a lobster dinner for a lot less.

Fisher lady of Punta Gorda, recognized as CRFM Fisher of the Year
Since she was 7 years old, Anna Ramirez, now 63, has been fishing with her family off the coast of Belize’s southernmost district – Toledo, but her gender has not stopped her from working just as hard as the men do while at sea. Her most challenging moments have involved braving the rough seas, even under the threat of hurricanes, to ensure they make it to shore safely. “It’s not easy. You have to be brave and willing to take chances – big chances too!” she said. “The same way a man could fish, you can. The same way they drive an engine, you could do it too. The same way they could throw a net, you could throw a net!” Anna says. “It’s the way they raised me,” she later explained. Mrs. Ramirez has 3 brothers and 7 sisters, and like her brothers—Carlos, Daniel, Eugenio—she took up fishing for a living. She is the daughter of Francisco Castellanos and Petrona Flores, who once lived on several islands off the coast of southern Belize, including Punta Ycacos, Punta Negra and Wilson Caye.

Caribbean Tourism Stakeholders Hope To Rise With Tide of Cuban Tourism
The heightened interest in travel to Cuba among U.S. citizens following the Obama administration’s recent moves to restore diplomatic relations with the country has not gone unnoticed by Caribbean tourism stakeholders. On the contrary, some eye the specter of competition with Cuba for U.S. travelers as not only likely, but also as an opportunity to win greater support for the entire Caribbean region. That group includes the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), which last week submitted a position paper to the U.S. International Trade Commission calling for the creation of a Caribbean Basin Tourism Initiative (CBTI) to “contemplate policy and technical support to the region.”

Caribbean Prosecutors Join Forces To Clamp Down On Corruption And Money Laundering
Chief prosecutors from Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean region have gathered for the first time to discuss recurrent issues that interfere with the prosecution of corruption and money laundering and the recovery of the proceeds of these crimes. Organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), the three-day regional forum takes place in St Lucia from 30 June to 2 July 2015. Directors of public prosecutions and heads of prosecutions of anti-corruption agencies from the Caribbean will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore best practice options in their respective jurisdictions. The forum will review strategies to prevent executive interference in the prosecution of corruption-related crimes. Practitioners will consider the interface between corruption and money laundering and the understanding that money laundering could be prosecuted with or without a predicate offence disclosed.

Cuba-Caribbean business forum in Santiago de Cuba
Representatives of 10 Caribbean countries will meet in eastern Santiago de Cuba city July 16 and 17 for the Cuba-Caribbean Business Forum. The forum will be attended by ministers of Belize, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, and the presidents of the chambers of commerce of Grenada and the Bahamas. Trinidad Tobago, Barbados and the Caribbean Communities will have their delegates at the meeting along with directives from the Cuban Foreign Trade and Investment Ministry, the Chamber of Commerce and other institutions, according to the event´s organizing committee. The forum will include presentations of business and trade opportunities in the region by Caribbean Export promotion organization and about business opportunities in Santiago de Cuba.


  • San Pedro, Belize May 2015, 4min. Visiting San Pedro. Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley and playing some ball.

  • YMCA and The Belize Red Cross concluded traing for women of Trial Village, OW, 4min.


  • Remember Mr Ramon Cervantes after one year of his death, 3.5min.

  • BTV PROMO VIDEO, 1min.

  • Military Jungle Warfare Training - US Marines In Belize, 5min. Military members from multiple nations participate in Jungle Warfare Training during Tradewinds 2015 at Guacamallo Bridge, Belize, June 20, 2015. Tradewinds 2015 is a combined, joined U.S. Southern Command-Sponsored Exercise and an opportunity for the participating partner nations to come together to enhance regional security

  • Belize Mission 2015 at Barton Creek with ROW Kids, 7min. LCC team on mission with ROW Kids to San Ignacio Belize. Sunday was our first day which was spent team building through an amazing adventure at Barton's Creek in the mountains of Cayo district.