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The San Pedro Sun

Sly Dog wins the Dia de San Pedro Fishing Rodeo!
Eight vessels participated in the annual Dia de San Pedro Fishing Rodeo held on Sunday, June 28th. From 6AM, island fishermen were out at sea, casting their lines in hopes of reeling in the big ones. By 4PM, a large crowd of spectators had gathered at the Boca del Rio Park to await the vessels coming in with their day’s catch. Qualifying fish in the tournament were required to be above a certain weight and of the listed species: snapper, jack, barracuda, Spanish mackerel, king fish, wahoo, dorado, tuna and grouper. All fish caught by those on vessel were jointly weighed to get one cumulative weight. The team with the highest weight would take home the grand prize of a Honda Motorcycle. Taking the first place prize of the Honda Storm Motorcycle with license and registration was team ‘Sly Dog’, captained by Robby Guerrero. Captain Guerrero and his crew managed to pull in an outstanding 179.9 pounds of fish. In second place was team ‘Fishing Unlimited’ with 170.75 pound and captained by Hilberto Lara. They walked away with $2,000. ‘Bill Collector’, captained by Alberto Bradley, took the third place prize of $1,000 with a cumulative weight of 164 pounds of fish. Individual cash prizes were also given for the largest tuna, largest snapper, largest dorado, largest barracuda, largest grouper and youngest angler on board a vessel.

Leovijildo ‘Leoli’ Varela tragically lost at sea
Tragedy struck Varela’s Cargo Service Limited on Thursday, June 25th, when owner and tug boat captain, 80-year-old Leovijildo ‘Leoli’ Varela was lost at sea and is yet to be found. The incident occurred sometime around 9PM, when the vessel experienced problems while trying to dock at the Port of Belize, In Belize City. Several searches for Varela was conducted, but on Sunday, June 28th, the Belize National Coast Guard (BCG) concluded the search declaring Varela dead. While family members in San Pedro are still in shock, they have accepted the death of their loved one and are now in the process of planning a memorial service. According to initial reports, due to inclement weather conditions, the crew had detached the barge from the tug boat, “San Vicente”, to avoid colliding with the pier. But the heavy rains and rough water conditions caused the tug boat to swerve, crashing into the barge where Varela was on deck. The force of the impact sent him overboard and Varela did not resurface. Crew members claim that they saw blood in the water immediately after the incident, which led to speculation that Varela might have suffered some sort of trauma, which prevented him from resurfacing.

Costa Maya Festival® Presents: Miss Nicaragua! Grupo Ladron confirmed for 2015 International Costa Maya Festival®
It is official! The International Costa Maya Festival® will be hosting Grupo Ladron as its international artist on Saturday, August 8th. Be sure to get ready to storm the festival grounds at the Honorable Louis “Cuz” Sylvestre Sporting Arena in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye for a night of romantic ballads. Group Ladron is a Mexican musical “Grupero” romantic group that formed in Nuevo Leon, Monterrey in 1991. It is currently composed of Sergio Villarreal (vocals), Orlando Contreras (drums), Jorge Salas (keyboard) and Raul Zambrano (bass). They became a musical sensation with their international hit song ‘Tú me quieres lastimar’, launched in 1992 by Discos Sabinas. Of course, their music spans the decades (and generations), and will be sure to bring memories for those who attend. Also bringing memories will be our third contestant looking to represent her beautiful country of Nicaragua at the Reina de la Costa Maya® Pageant. Yuliset de Los Angeles Sotelo Laguna is a 22-year-old Business Administrator who stands at 5’5”. The lovely brunette enjoys dancing, listening music, family outings, reading (magazines), modeling, traveling and visiting new places.

Ambergris Today

Grupo Ladron to Highlight Costa Maya: Meet Miss Nicaragua
El Grupo Ladron has been booked by the Costa Maya Festival to highlight International Night and bring their romantic grupero vibes to Saturday night, August 8, 2015. The group fits the line of entertainment provided by the festival highlight and conclude the three-day festival that takes place annually in August. El Grupo Ladron is one the most successful Mexican groups in the romantic grupero musical category. They originated in Monterrey, Mexico and it was the song ‘Tu me Quieres Lastimar’ that launched them to international status and win awards in countries including Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and the United States of America, among others. Grupo Ladron’s music is categorized as Grupero, regional Mexicano, Balada and Cumbia.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

4th of July All Day BEACH BASH
Tomorrow at 11:00am AMBER Beach Bar & Grill in San Pedro, Belize

San Pedro Junior College Now Accepting Applications for New School Year

Caracol Demolished
Joe Awe wrote an article, coinciding with the BAAS, about the 'star wars' between Caracol and Naranjo. Well done. "Throughout the central part of of Central America sat these great cities built by one of the greatest American civilisations. These people dared taming the vindictive tropical forests within which they would create history. In a place such as this one, alliances were key to survival. Not only for the particular destinies of kings but more importantly, for an entire civilisation."

Western Spirit Dominates 2015 Nationals
Congratulations, Ron and Liam, for winning the 2015 Nationals. Western Spirit did really well all around. Pictures here, and here, and here. "To all western spirit fans Ron Vasquez and Liam Stewart made us proud yesterday by becoming the elite and master champion of the country! Also Nissan Aranna a new member of the western spirit place 2nd in the elite road race and Tyson Pyne second in the elite time trail!"

Channel 7

Arenal Man Viciously Chopped To Death
The body of 58 year-old laborer Pedro Garcia, a resident of Arenal Village, was found just outside of San Ignacio Town on the Bullet Tree Road. Police observed multiple chop wounds on the face, hands, and neck area. At this time, it appears that he was attacked there and left to die, but at this time, there is no explanation as to why he was viciously chopped. Our news team was in San Ignacio Town today, and Courtney Weatherburne reports: Courtney Weatherburne reporting Only this blotched patch of grass and twigs remains after yesterday's murder 58 year old Pedro Garcia was killed in this empty lot early yesterday morning and his body was left among these bushes now stained with his blood Garcia's body laid there all day, partially shaded by this. It's only until the early afternoon that his body was found. According to a witness, he takes this shortcut to work every day…But yesterday - his daily route led him to this horrific discovery. Voice of Witness "I was coming to work about 2:30pm yesterday evening when walking through here when one person came running frightened saying that he found a dead man. He was trembling. I came and saw the body there chopped up right there."

A Mother Sacrifices Her Life For Her Children
Also from Cayo, a mother sacrificed her life for her kids. 38 year-old Myra Carbajal, a resident of Santa Elena had just come out of a meeting at her church last night when a vehicle broke down the iron gate and slammed into her in the church compound. Carbajal was standing by the entrance of the church and the vehicle pinned her against the church. Seeing the vehicle coming towards her she grabbed onto and covered about 5 kids who were near the door. It's a story of both heroism and sorrow, and our news team found out more today. Courtney Weatherburne spoke with the police and her family: Courtney Weatherburne reporting A small altar was placed on the living room table in the Carbajal's Santa Elena house this afternoon. This candle was burning in the memory of accident victim 38 year old Myra Carbajal. Her pictures were placed on either side and the bible was open to the page with her favorite verse. While this altar displays may portray a peaceful scene, but in the background pain and agony overshadows. Elaida Carbajal, Sister "Yesterday I was at home in San Pedro and my cousin called me and she told me that Myra was in an accident. I ask her what had happened and she said that Myra was coming out of the church and a car hot her, but she didn't tell me anything else. Then she called me back and then she said Myra is dead, come quick. I told her that my sister cannot be dead, because I was just there a couple of days ago and I call and then they told me that the doctor said that she was dead already. I feel it a lot. She is my sister. I love her so much. My little niece and nephew also got hurt. We just have to be strong."

Owen Parham Convicted Of Burglary; Gets More Jail Time
Santa Elena resident Owen Parham is already spending time in prison for firearms convictions, but today, he got more bad news when he found out that he will get more jail time. That's because he was convicted of burglary today in the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court. The Prosecutor made the case against him that on July 24, 2012, he broke in to the home of Shahira McKoy in Camalote Village. Once inside, he stole $4,436 in cash. It seems a simple enough case to prove, but the law enforcement had a tough time with him as a defendant because he fled Belize before any criminal action could be taken against him. He only faced prosecution after he was deported in 2014.

Donicio's Third Murder Trial
Right now, a jury of 12 is deliberating today in the court of the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to see if it can reach a verdict for 30 year old Donicio Salazar, aka "Life', who charged with the murder of Rodney Richard August. The incident occurred between 2:30 and 3 p.m. on June 28, 2004. According to the evidence, August was sitting on the bank of the Macal River in San Ignacio socializing with a female friend, Janelle Longsworth, when his assailant chopped him in his back. August succumbed to his injury shortly after 11 P.m. at Western Regional Hospital. Before he died he told 3 persons that it was "Life" who chopped him. The 3 persons testified. They included his mother, Elizabeth Mejia, Justice of the Peace Desol Neal and Pedro Ical, who was a police corporal at the time. In his defence, Salazar testified that at the time of the incident he was at home recovering from a stab wound he had received about a month before the incident. He called 2 witnesses to support his alibi. They included his mother, Soledad Salazar, and Verona Chacon, a family friend. Both of them said that Salazar was at home at the time of the incident.

A Gun At Sea
Tonight, Belize City Police have 6 men in custody, while they are preparing firearms charges for them after they were allegedly caught at sea by the Coast Guard with an unlicensed firearm. 21-year-old Everon Teck, 43-year-old Emilio Camara, 29-year-old Geovanni Murillo, 52-year-old Goldburn Goff, 21-year-old Dion Usher, and 33-year-old Jerome Bowen were on Turneffe Island today when a Coast Guard team decided to search their camp. That led the officers to find a 9 mm pistol, and so, all 6 men were detained and transported to the Coast Guard Base. They were handed over to police who are preparing charges for them them. They will be arraigned at the earliest convenience.

The Salary Adjustment Causes An Expansion Of The Wage Bill
Government's wage bill - every year it represents a huge chunk of the national budget and over the past two years it went up by almost one fifth. That's a result of the wage increase given to teachers and public officers in successive years. How much does it all cost? The prime minister and minister of finance gave an overview at Friday's house sitting: Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister "Our teachers and public servants, our police officers and soldiers - all 12,000 of them will benefit from an 8% salary increase and for most, 10.5% salary surge when the annual increments are taken into account. The value of this upward salary adjustment is estimated at an astonishing $43 million dollars for fiscal year 2015/2016. This $43 million is one and half times larger than the size of last year's salary increase and increment. In that fiscal year 2014/2015, teachers and public officer shared a bounty of $29 million dollars more in salaries and increments, representing at that time a 6% salary increase in addition to the 2.5% increment. So then in 2 fiscal years since a partnership was forged between Government and the unions, this UDP administration will deliver a cumulative 19% salary and increment increase for teachers and public officers. The equivalent of $72 million more in the collective pockets of public servants."

The Sugar Season Soon Close
Keeping on unfinished House business, the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources announced last Friday that the Sugar Season is coming to a close. He declared that even though there is less sugar cane delivered when compared to last year, more sugar was produced. Here's his explanation in the House of Representatives: Hon. Gaspar Vega - Ministry of Natural Resources/Agriculture "Last year we milled 1,152,000 tons of sugarcane and produced a 125 thousand tons of sugar. It is clear that this year the cane farmers and the entire industry is having a huge increase in production of sugar. At the end of the day we won't be able to deliver as much sugarcane than last year but by far reproducing much more sugar. Mr. Speaker, last year in the 2010/2011 crop, we delivered 843,786 metric tons and this year to the 24th of June we have delivered 1 million 63 thousand 148 tons of sugar cane. We have been falling short almost a 100 thousand tons of sugar compared to last year. The crop this year is going to come to a closure 1 day prior to last year's. So we are not going to be able to blame the weather. It's simply because of the lateness on the start of the end of crop."

Wally Garbutt: Educator, Philosopher, Fisherman... Politician?
On Tuesday's newscast, we told you about the vacant post created when Melvin Hulse resigned as the Stann Creek West Standard Bearer for the UDP. Delroy Cuthkelvin wants to run in a convention to replace him, but the Prime Minister says that he ought not to. The man who the PM hopes will emerge victorious is career Educator Walter Garbutt. He undoubtedly has the respect of the Prime Minister, and so, that piqued our interest to find out what type of man he is. That opportunity presented itself last night, and we asked him why politics now, while he's in his 60's. He explained it to us: Walter Garbutt - Aspirant, UDP Standard Bearer, Stann Creek West "My profession, my career, my passion: education and fishing and I have had the best of both worlds. I spent 50 years in education and I am 65. I'll be 66 next week Wednesday and I am so proud of my age and I have spent about sixty five and a half years fishing. So, I've been fishing longer than I've been teaching." "It was difficult. Even now sometimes I almost had a nightmare about a night or two ago, because I was getting into politics - "really all that crowd and that noise and I am not accustomed to that, but Stann Creek West calls and if Stann Creek West or Toledo East or that kind of area calls me - Belize call.

A Garbage Problem In The City's Secondary Market?
For some time now, we've been receiving low profile grumbling from the fruit and vegetable vendors who set up shop in the open Belize City lot owned by Arun Hotchandani. That's right next to the Michael Finnegan Market, and the complaints have been that there is an unsanitary buildup of garbage. So we went out to see it for ourselves over the last two days. We spoke with a few of the personalities who frequent the area, and they told us what's been causing unsanitary situation where food is being sold: Brian Reneau - Customer "I think the market is in deplorable condition. The vendors pay their money every week and Government have to send help to send the health department in here. You see all the dirt in here and the stench all over the place. This is not humane. I think they should sent some health inspectors to see what is happening in here." Javier Cocom - Customer "The proper authorities they are not doing their job because time and again I go and come from San Pedro. I would pass by to buy some fruits and things, but looking at this whole mess here, it doesn't give me that enticing thing to buy food and vegetables because to me it's not healthy. So I guess that proper authorities should look into it and do something because I have a friend here also. He says that he pays his dues so that the place could look good."

Loani Is Missing; Mother Frets
A 17 year old girl is missing. Loani Alvarez left her Ladyville home last week Thursday morning and hasn't returned since. According to her mother - Marisela Galdamez, Loani called her moments after she left home that Thursday to assure her that she was okay. But it was yesterday's phone call that has Galdamez in distress. Galdamez came to our studios this morning to plead for her daughter's safe return home. Marisela Galdamez, Mother of missing girl "Last Thursday, I left home 8:10 am and when I came around 8:20 am she was missing already." Reporter "So, that same morning you came back....?" Marisela Galdamez, Mother of missing girl "The same morning. Yes, I went to the Ladyville Police Station to do the report. Now, she called me 10 minutes after I did the report. She called me and told me that she was waiting for the bus and then she shut down the phone. Then she called station and said she's with a friend but she didn't say where."

A COMBI-nation Program To Eradicate Vector Borne Diseases
In recent years the number of new cases of infection from dengue have been low, but the Ministry of Health is trying to eradicate it completely. For that, they need the public's help, and so, they're trying to change the behaviors which causes the perfect breeding grounds for the disease vector, the mosquito. Today, the Central Health Region held a workshop to unveil a new program funded by the European Union. The Health Officials explained more: The program is being rolled out countrywide.

The Unceasing Petro-Tacos Debate
Petro patronage… right now, the debate over the misuse of the Petrocaribe money - whether real or perceived - is focused on the Mother's Day Cheer Program… And, Collet Area Rep., Patrick Faber remains the point of the debate - or ridicule - depending on who you're talking to, simply because he decided to host a Mother's Day outing in the Corozal Bay. It came up once again at yesterday's Senate Debate, and here's what the representatives from both sides of the floor had to say about it: SO, that's the new term for it, Petro-tacos, and while she had the opportunity, PUP's Lead Senator took a jab at Godwin Hulse, the Senator in charge of Government Business. She was quite candid in her criticism of his recent positions as a member of the Barrow Administration:

Channel 5

58 year old Naturalized Belizean Murdered in San Ignacio
There has only been one murder in San Ignacio since the start of the year, but the body of a man was found on Wednesday afternoon in the area of [...]

Mother Killed in Peculiar Accident While Saving Children
A peculiar accident claimed the life of a mother and left two of her children and two others injured on Wednesday night in Santa Elena, Cayo. It happened at a [...]

Arrests of Maya Leaders Goes Before the O.A.S. Human Rights Commission
The arrest on June twenty third, 2015 of Maya Leaders Alliance spokesperson Cristina Coc and twelve other residents of Santa Cruz Village has become an international issue. The Inter-American Commission [...]

Jury Deliberates in Murder Trial of Dionicio Salazar
The trial for murder against thirty year old Dionicio Salazar started on June twenty-second before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. And at noon today, a jury of six men and six [...]

Protest in Orange Walk
The La Inmaculada Credit Union, headquartered in Orange Walk, is one of the largest in the country. It has assets around fifty million and about twenty-one thousand members, but it [...]

Nolle Pros – Brian Welch Freed of Attempted Murder Charge
In the Supreme Court before Justice Troadio Gonzalez, the office of the D.P.P. entered a nolle prosequi in the case against twenty-eight year old Brian Welch of Belize City. He [...]

Coastguard Detain 6 Men on Turneffe Caye for Unlicensed Firearm
Six men are in custody tonight in respect of an unlicensed firearm found on Turneffe Caye. The men were detained by the Belize Coast Guard on the caye and handed [...]

The Testy Back and Forth Between Senators Thimbrel and Shoman
And inside the Senate on Wednesday, things got testy between Senators Thimbrel and Shoman. The U.D.P. senator said that the “U.D.P. Government” is spending the monies wisely and that the [...]

Senator Shoman on Petrocaribe Tacos
And there is no debate of Petrocaribe without the now famous ‘tacos and beer’ trip to Corozal. Well, in the senate, Senator Godwin Hulse justified the use of Petrocaribe funds [...]

Senator Joy Grant Speaks on Petrocaribe
And whether it sounded like a debate or not, things were a bit calmer when Senator Joy Grant presented. She served up the usual figures and little political jabs here [...]

Breaking News – Dionicio Salazar Not Guilty of Murder
And just before seven o’clock tonight, Dionicio Salazar learnt his fate in his third trial for the murder of Rodney August. As we said earlier in the newscast, a jury [...]

A Bumper Sugar Crop
The 2015 sugar cane crop, which started very late in January, will close next week Tuesday, July seventh at six pm. The opening was delayed by hostile negotiations between the [...]

Vendors Complain About Condition of the Pound Yard Market
The area comprising the Pound Yard Private Market, the Michael Finnegan Market and the Bus Terminal is busy all the time. That’s the main hub where commuters come and go, [...]

Primary School Teachers Look for an Alternative to the Rod
With the removal of physical punishment from primary schools across the country in 2013, there has been a need for administrators and teachers to employ a proactive approach to student [...]

MOE Says More Teachers to be Trained
The initiative was designed to offer information, training and support to schools.  It commenced in the 2014/2015 academic year with twelve schools.  The introductory step continues to grow and principals, [...]

Healthy Living Puts to Rest Concerns about Sleepless Nights
If you suffer from insomnia you know all too well the devastating effects it can have on your body. There’s a difference though, between, having a rough couple of nights [...]


Guatemalan Fugitive Captured In Yo Creek Village
Tonight, one of Guatemala's most wanted fugitives is in police custody. Based on information received, Orange Walk Police apprehended Lefron Aldana of Guatemala who absconded from authorities in that City after allegedly committing a murder. Information is still sketchy at this time but we understand that Aldana was found living in the outskirts of Yo Creek Village. We do not know if he was living alone or for how long he has been living in the village. But what we can tell you is that authorities descended to the village, found the area and with a warrant in hand searched the home. Inside police found Aldana’s Guatemalan passport and he was immediately taken into custody. It is not yet known when exactly Aldana entered the country. We will have more on this story in tomorrow newscast.

LICU Conducts Press Briefing
And while we could not get comment from Gomez, we did manage to get a few words out of the chairlady of LICU’s board of directors, Ena Martinez. But on this instance, we were not allowed to ask any questions since she read from a prepared a statement. Here is that clip… “Today a handful of the close friends and families of Mrs. Gomez participated in a small protest across from our offices in Orange Walk Town. We wish to remind our members that we are currently investigating some of the actions and decisions that were taken by Mrs. Gomez at the Institution, currently both the Central Bank of Belize and the Auditors are reviewing the information we have provide to them, once the review is completed by the various departments our Attorneys will advices us accordingly and we understand that this should be completed soon , we do not wish to make any formal statements at this point in time until the review by the Auditors is completed, we believe in full accountability and we will come to our membership as soon as the investigation is completed. The board takes it mandate very seriously and every action taken is always for the best interest of our membership and our staff, we are pleased to inform that we have reviewed our performance from April 1st 2015 to June 30th 2015 and we continue to enjoy our usual impressive growth thanks to the unwavering support and patronage and thousands of our members who have visited our office for this financial quarter.”

Police Attacker Slapped With Few Charges
On Monday we told you about an attack suffered by police constable Jason Hall and tonight, he remains at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The good news is that police have arrested and charged his attacker who was identified yesterday as 28 year old Darren Gillett, a Belize City resident. Yesterday, Gillett appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie and was slapped with a slew of charges including Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm, Dangerous Harm and Robbery. For context, Hall reported to police that the vehicle he was travelling in from Corozal to go to Belize City suffered a blow-out at mile 37 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Reports are that a man, who police believe to be Gillett, assisted Hall in fixing the tire and allegedly shortly after attacked him with a gas tank. Hall’s injuries were classified as severe as he was hit multiple times on the head and face area. Police say Gillett then robbed Hall of his cell phone and $450 dollars and made good his escape in his Mazda vehicle. During the ordeal, there were several persons that witnessed the attack and assisted police in identifying Gillett. A day later, Gillett and the car were located on Pine Street in Orange Walk Town. Family members say they are worried for Hall’s prognosis since he hasn’t been able to eat. Hall has been working at precinct three of the Belize City police department for quite some time now.


Annual football camp underway at MCC Grounds
Stars Summer Camp is in session again this summer. The camp is a free two week camp and has morning and afternoon sessions. The two week camp looks to teach kids the basics of football, and gives them an enjoyable activity to keep them busy. Stanley Reneau, Coordinator “This summer camp is to teach football […]

Residents say market area need urgent attention
The media was called out early this morning to one of the markets near the Belize City bus terminal. Some market customers pointed to the private market situated at the pound yard. Vendors there complained of not only deplorable conditions but also of an unsanitary and unhealthy environment. Some customers voiced their concerns. Customers “I […]

Man found guilty of burglary sentenced to seven years
Thirty seven year old Owen Parham is tonight behind bars serving time for reportedly committing a burglary. His case was called up today at the Belmopan Magistrate’s court and in Santa Elena town he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. We understand that his sentence is to run consecutively as he is already serving for […]

Two persons charged for drug offences in the Stann Creek District
Harry Arzu reporting… “During an anti-drug operation that was conducted this morning in Pomona Village in the Stann Creek district, Dangriga police have arrested and charged two persons for drug related offences. Police here say that about 7:30 am they conducted a search at the residence of 50 year old Martha Chaveria a vendor of […]

Health personnel discuss strategy to fight vector diseases
Ministry of health personnel engaged at a workshop to look at the COMBI project for Malaria and Dengue. Senior Public Health Inspector, Javier Alpuche said they are looking at preventative measures which includes behavioral changes. Javier Alpuche, Senior Pubic Health Inspector “We are here today working on our COMBI plan for the Belize district, let […]

Motions debated
Yesterday, the Senate ratified five motions during its meeting in Belmopan. A resolution was passed authorizing Belize to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Motion 2015. Through this, Belize is committing that it will effectively address issues concerns the convention and allow, without […]

Union Senator explains nonsupport of bills
It was Adelaida’s Guerra first presentation at the Senate Meeting yesterday. Guerra represented the Unions and Civil Society as result of Senator Ray Davis being out of the country. Guerra who is the Vice President of the National Trade Union congress of Belize, voted against the Petro Caribe Amendment Bill and the two general revenue […]

Church Senator calls for better accountability of public funds
Yesterday the Senate met in Belmopan to debate several bills including the Petro Caribe Loans Amendment Bill and two general Revenue supplementary appropriation bills. While it was expected that the PUP Senators, the Senator for the Private Sector and Senator representing the Unions and Civil Society would vote against the bills and that the UDP […]

San Ignacio Police investigate murder
Police in San Ignacio are investigating the murder of 58-year-old Pedro Garcia nationalized Belizean of Arenal Village in Cayo. His body was discovered yesterday evening at around 3 o’clock in an open lot in the Lynette Perdomo Layout area in the vicinity of the San Ignacio Community Hospital. Deputy Commander of San Ignacio Police, Inspector […]

BDF soldiers charged with drug offences
Fem Cruz reporting… “According to police on Wednesday evening July 1 sometime around 5:49 pm, members of the mobile interdiction team were conducting vehicular checkpoints between mile 30 and 31 on the George Price Highway when a blue four door Ford Escort car that was coming from the direction of Belmopan to Belize City suddenly […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Jury deliberating the fate of Donicio Salazar
A jury of 6 men and 6 women is deliberating today in the court of the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to see if it can reach a verdict for 30 year old Donicio Salazar, aka “Life’, charged with the murder of Rodney Richard August. The incident occurred between […]

Annual regional testing initiative on HIV/AIDS
Do you know your status? That is, are you positive or negative for HIV, the virus which causes AIDS? About 1% of Belizeans – 4,000 – are confirmed to have the virus but the number may be higher because many do not, in fact, know their status. On Wednesday in Belize City […]

Body found on Bullet Tree Road is of Guatemalan National
The dead body that San Ignacio Police discovered yesterday afternoon on Bullet Tree Road is of 58 year old Pedro Garcia, a Guatemalan National from the village of Arenal in the Cayo District. According to police reports, sometime after 3pm on Wednesday, they visited an area known as […]

Senate meets on finance bills
Both Supplementary Allocation Bills and the Petrocaribe Loans Act (Amendment) Bill, 2015, were narrowly passed by the upper chamber of the National Assembly, the Senate, which met in Belmopan. Executive of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB), Adelaida Guerra, was appointed a temporary Senator for this session to […]

Santa Elena woman dies while saving kids in traffic accident
The community of Santa Elena in the Cayo District is today in shock and sorrow after learning that a devoted mother sacrificed her life to save her children in a traffic accident. According to reports, the family was coming out of a church ceremony last night when an […]

Buena Vista Water Board Under Investigation
An investigation in the village of Buena Vista, Cayo continues today after allegations were made that Julio Castillo, the chairman of the water board of the village was stealing public funds. According to reports, suspicious cheques surfaced after the Chairman of the Village Council conducted his own investigation and alleged […]

Darren Gillett arraigned in court for offenses against constable Jason Hall
Police constable Jason Hall was traveling from his home in Corozal to work in Belize City when one of his vehicle tires blew out and a man who appeared to be a Good Samaritan stopped to render aid. That man then waited for the opportune time to assault the officer […]

PM answers PUP questions about Guatemalans being given citizenship
The meeting of the House of Representatives was interrupted on Friday when the members of the opposition stormed out of the house after an incident which was allegedly staged as a form of protest. Despite that incident, many topics were still touched in the sitting and one of the questions asked by […]

LICU members hold peaceful demonstration in Orange Walk
Armed with placards and signs, it was clear that these peaceful demonstrators are fed up with the way the La Inmaculada Credit Union is shutting them out. Members of the Union organized a demonstration to voice their discontentment and dissatisfaction at the way things are being handled […]

An open letter to Peter Lawrence of Caribbean Villas Hotel
With last week’s decision by the US Supreme Court to make same-sex marriage the law of the land in the US, it is more urgent than ever that we let the world know that We Are Belize. The US Supreme Court may be known as “supreme” […]


Recap of June weather in Belize and 3 celebrations
Slow season is upon us once again although it was not feeling so slow for a while due to my involvement with the Red Cross’ 3 back to back volunteer vacation groups. Which explains my absence of late, for some much needed R&R. Hosting the groups was fun but it wore me out. :) That, and I broke my baby toe opening night of lobster festival and have been in recuperation mode while it heals. Some days I look out over the calm water and flat surf; feel the sun warm on my skin and think “why in the world is this slow season?” Hurricanes and rainy season right?! Well, not so much in the reality of things. People do look at the Caribbean with slight trepidation these months. The thought of rain and wind, fear of hurricane and ruined vacations play in their heads; however the reality of this situation is calm and quiet lends well to unforgettable vacationing. This year for example, the wind averaged about 7 knots (13kph, 8mph), rainfall although at times it seemed torrential, was only 6mm (less than an inch). The average temperature was 29°C (83°F), Which often felt like like 34°C (94°F) due to high humidity.

20 Belize Fruits and Vegetables from Chaa Creek’s Maya Organic Farm!
The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s 33 acre Maya Organic Farm in Belize’s Macal River Valley produces fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, local dairy and meat products in soils that have an abundance of organic matter and natural nutrients. Traditional Maya farming is used with more advanced systems of irrigated raised beds of composted soil fed with nutrients derived from natures store house.

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Project Belize: Volunteering as an Employee Development Tool
Volunteering involves providing your knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as your time and energy, without establishing an employment relationship and usually without any monetary compensation. Employees who take on volunteer roles are able to build new skills and practice existing skills in a different setting from their day-to-day job. PwC’s Project Belize, an initiative that partners PwC employees with schools in Belize City, is primarily focused on financial literacy and environmental sustainability. Specifically, some 200 PwC volunteers—partners, staff, and interns from across the United States—traveled to Belize City, Belize, in the summer of 2011. The PwC team connected with more than 1,200 students in 10 schools in some of Belize’s poorest areas and focused on hosting a youth financial literacy camp, leading a scholar's mentoring program for current and former Belizean students, providing financial and technology training to teachers.

Coral reefs and shifting baselines
Twenty years ago I had an opportunity to join Earth Island Institute to lead an Elder Eco-tour to Turneffe Atoll off the coast of Belize, part of the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Together we snorkeled through dense and massive clusters of branching elkhorn and staghorn coral and later we shared ideas on how to protect these important ecosystems. I benefited from a magical conversation with a group of environmentally minded individuals 40 to 50 years my senior who shared their first wondrous experiences with the natural world and how that world has changed over their lifetimes. This month, I made my return trip to Belize to rekindle that earlier magic and revisit an ecosystem that I literally immersed myself in 20 years past. This time I returned as the elder (to some degree) ready to share my earlier experiences with my daughters and friends, and to reignite a sense of awe for the natural world through living and snorkeling on a small island atoll off the coast of Belize. I was welcomed by many of the small friends that had amazed me in my youth. With my first breadth I was welcomed by the parrot fish that now are benefiting from nationwide fishing restrictions. The conch lumbered by in vast numbers within areas protected from fishing. The Nassau grouper welcomed me with large soundless hellos, growing more abundant in areas where fishing bans had been implemented and enforced. But alas, the corals were gone. Not totally — but very much missing. The vast and massive sheets of coral competing for space and light were no longer there to cover the bottom with colors of yellow, orange, brown and green. The massive inter-braiding network of the elkhorn and staghorn corals that I so fondly recalled were practically missing, only a few small recruits within the vast debris of its previous self. The brain corals were present and fairing far better than most.


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  • Stranded N Dangriga Belize - Caribbean Movie - HD, 75min. GOASTAFA PRODUCTIONS a multi media film company that produced the Belizean movie STRANDED N DANGRIGA and over 30 concert DVD’s featuring popular Jamaican, Belizean, Trinidadian and other Caribbean artist, around the world.

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