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Today's Belize News: July 4, 2015 #505659
07/04/15 04:41 AM
07/04/15 04:41 AM
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The news will be a bit brief for the next week or so due to time constraints


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Belize Bird Rescue Avian Rehabilitation Centre & Bird Sanctuary – Caring for our Feathered Friends
he country of Belize is blessed with a bounty of beautiful animals. Some may be rare and exotic, some may be as common as an iguana, but regardless of who the creature may be, it is safe to say that in a time of need there is most likely an organization in the country ready to come to its rescue. Many of these non-profit organizations originated from a series of serendipitous circumstances that changed the lives of their founders forever, and more often than not it was the animals who found them…not the other way around! Such is the story behind the Belize Bird Rescue (BBR) Avian Rehabilitation Centre & Bird Sanctuary. Founded in 2004 by Nikki Buxton and Jerry Larder, the British couple originally moved to Belize from Trinidad with the goal of retiring. They purchased several acres in the Roaring Creek area just outside of Belmopan and were ready to relax and enjoy the good life of country living when fate slowly redirected their plans. As chance would have it, locals were bringing Nikki injured animals in hopes that she could treat them. Over time, and with a lot of research, she became quite good at fixing up injured birds, housing surrendered parrots and rehabilitating proper candidates for wild release. It wasn’t long before her lovely countryside property started sprouting habitats and aviaries for these wayward birds.

SPBRC holds second Blood Drive of the year
On Saturday, June 27th, the San Pedro Belize Red Cross (SPBRC) held it second blood drive of the year. A collaboration with the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II and the Belize Blood Bank, SPBRC strives to build the islands blood supply. While the blood drive was not as successful as the previous, a

Pageant Kicks of 21st Caye Caulker Lobster Fest
The Caye Caulker Lobsterfest is a celebration that Belizeans and tourists look forward to each year. For some it may be the weekend of party they enjoy the most, while for others it is the amazing food, but no one will deny the most anticipated part of the festival is the Miss Lobster Fest Pageant!

Caps, Gowns and Diplomas: Preschoolers Graduate
San Pedro continues to celebrate education with graduation ceremonies across the island. Over the past week, the last primary school held commencement exercises, along with five out of the six island preschools. The first toddlers to graduate were those from Holy Cross Anglican Preschool (HCAP) on Wednesday, June 24th. This was their second graduation class

Caribbean Villas to host LGBT Pride Event
Caribbean Villas Hotel in San Pedro is gearing up to host the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Week from September 5th to the 12th. The event, which will be the first of its kind in Belize’s history has been dubbed as the largest ever and has been tagged with the name “Temptation

Football Marathon kicks off five-a-side Football Tournament
Hundreds of football fanatics attend the opening of the Island Citizens Sporting Club (ICSC) Five-a-side Football Tournament on Sunday, June 28th. Held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, organizers held an all-day football marathon to showcase the skills of all the participating teams. Games started from 10AM and went through till about 9PM. At the end […]

Ambergris Today

Hon. Manuel Heredia Awards Top Island PSE Students
Three island students were awarded $500.00 each and a plaque from Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation and Area Representative of Belize Rural South, for having scored the highest grades in the Primary School Examination (PSE) in San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Betty Alpuche and Shanelly Gutierrez of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School tied with the highest score on the island, scoring 91.3, while Tristan Magana of Caye Caulker Elementary school scored an 88.5. Checks in the amount of $500 were presented to the children and their parents to assist them with supplies and books for the new school year at the high school level on Thursday, July 2, 2015, at the BTB office in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. In attendance at the ceremony were Minister Heredia, parents of the children, Ms. Emelda Rosado a Councilor of Caye Caulker Village, Mr. Wayne Miller the Chairman of Caye Caulker Village and Ms. Adelita Verde Vice Principal of Caye Caulker Elementary School. After the short ceremony, the children and parents joined the Minister for lunch.

Learn How to ‘Tippy Toe’ at Costa Maya with Rising Star El Chevo
The International Costa Maya Festival is organizing a high-energy event with a program of entertainers to suite everybody’s taste. Already announced for Saturday night, August 8, 2015, is the romantic Grupo Ladron to close the festival with a bang on International Night. But this year it seems that every night of the festival will be an international night filled with entertainment from all over the region. This week the festival committee announces the performance of rising artist El Chevo from Honduras, but has an impressive lineup of high-energy music that he calls ‘Electo Punta’. Friday Night will ignite with El Chevo who is becoming well known in the US market as he has teamed up with Sensato and other famous international artists. Just listen to his songs – Que lo Que, Metela Sacala and Fiesta (links below) and you will start dancing. Plus learn to dance his newest hit ‘Tippy Toe’; it’s contagious.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Inauguration of the San Pedro Transfer Station
Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture and the Solid Waste Management Authority hosted the inauguration of the San Pedro Transfer Station located on the Marina Drive by the D.F.C. Area. After the invocation given by Pastor Clive Welsh, Mayor Daniel Guerrero welcomed everyone to the inagural event where he expressed his gratitude for the realisation of the project and shared briefly the evolution of waste disposal in San Pedro Town. Following the Mayor's address, Deputy Mayor Gary Greif approached the podium and stated that the completion of this project will be one that will benefit the island, especially for the tourism industry as people flying over the island will no longer see the plume of smoke from the burning garbage from the dump site. Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation, also shared how the evolution of garbage disposal in San Pedro has moved on so rapidly due to the rapid growth and development of the island. He remembers how the area where he currently resides was once a garbage disposal site when San Pedro was a fishing village.

Power interruption 5:00am to 7:00am, Sunday, July 5: entire San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye
BEL to replace protective device at Maskall Substation.
The SISE House of Culture is having a Summer workshop for kids ages 8 to 15 next week. Kids will learn how to make art from 'up-cycled trash' with bottle caps and the like. Thanks, NICH!

CACHE Cultural Theme Competition
CACHE is having a Theme Competition for the International Festival of Culture. The theme should relate to culture and community, and is open to kids between 12 and 18 years old. The deadline is the 31st of July. In related news, the CACHE Cafe has been painted, and looks really nice. Ready for the Summer and September festivities. "Notice!!!!! to all those that are between the ages 12 and 18 years old. We are having a Theme Competition for the International Festival of Culture held in the month of December. If there are any question please feel free to contact Mr. Ricky Cunil at 604-4048 or email him at [email protected] LOTS of complimentary Prices will be given to all those submitting Their Themes. Due Date July 31, 2015."

Beach Rave at Playa del Cayo
The Beach Rave at Playa del Cayo was a blast. Everyone had a great playing on the beach and getting foamed. Can't wait for the next one. The 501 Boyz got some great pictures of the event. Pictures on fb.

Channel 7

Quite Unexpectedly, Castro Drops Lawsuit Against Ch 5 & Alvarine Burgess
In a recent Belize Rural North convention, UDP Minister of State Edmond Castro proved his popularity when supporters turn rout in record numbers to support him. But while he still enjoys popularity in the 27 villages between Bomba and Boom, in the wider society, his public image has taken a pounding over the last 18 months. And today, he can add one more humiliation to that meltdown: he threw in the towel on the libel case against Channel 5 and Alvarine Burgess - and, to boot, he has to pay their 30,000 dollars in legal bills. Oral arguments in the case were supposed to start this morning, but before that could happen, Justice Abel called both parties into his chambers and essentially indicated that he does not consider the case presented by Castro to be strong and prevailed on him to withdraw, lest he face an adverse judgment. After due consultation, Williams presented the motion to discontinue the case. It's kind of like a technical knockout in boxing - where Castro didn't leave the ring on a stretcher, but his reputation is certainly battered and bruised. That's because Alvarine Burgess who made the allegation of corruption against Castro, stuck to her guns when she testified in May, insisting that Castro had taken money to recommend unknown Asian nationals to come to Belize. Under cross examination, Castro was forced to admit that he had done everything except take money.

Furious Over The Santa Cruz 13; The Mayans Go Back To The CCJ
Ever since the 13 Mayans of Santa Cruz Village were arraigned at the Punta Gorda Magistrate Court, they and their sympathizers within the communities have been quietly simmering with outrage. They believe that they were justified in detaining Rupert Myles for building in their village without the permission of their leaders. Moreover, they say that he squatted on land near their Uxbenka Archaeological Site, and destroyed a portion of it when he bulldozed road access to his house. They say that the detention was the very last resort that they wanted to take, but it was Myles' arrogant and allegedly violent attitude toward their concerns which left them with no other choice. Myles, on the other hand, has asserted that the Chairman of the village, displayed racist attitudes toward his attempts to get a legitimate permit though the communal system to be granted access to the village. He says that the chairman openly offended him by asserting that his common-law wife, who is a Mayan Native of Santa Cruz, would not be welcomed back because she had become the spouse of a Creole man, a non-Mayan. What followed after, as viewers are well-informed, was that the situation came to a head with Myles' detention, and their subsequent criminal prosecution of his 13 by the police for the charge of

Why Raid Santa Cruz Before Dawn?
So, what do Punta Gorda Police have to say about this allegation from the Mayans that they were brutalized and roughly handled by the officers who conducted their detention on that day? Well, on the day of the arraignment, we approached all the commanders of the south who were present, but they told us that they couldn't speak on the matter. This time around, when we asked again, Superintendent Simeon Alvarez was willing to oblige us. He explained what happened that day, from the police's perspective: Supt. Simeon Alvarez - OC, Punta Gorda Police "That operation was led by my deputy at that time, Inspector Ornel Domingez. We decided to go around that time because we knew that all players were farmers. These farmers usually go early to farm and if we go there broad daylight we would not have caught up with them. So I recommend as the officer, commanding that we move around that specific time. And with the assistance of police officers from Dangriga. We went into the area and we brought in everybody. Once they were in custody, nobody complained of any injuries to them. Nobody complained of any pain or damages done to them by the police.

How Outsiders Get Accepted Into Mayan Communities
Ever since the story broke, and the Mayans have insisted that they did not discriminate against Ruperto Myles, and that he was not being forced out of the village for being an outsider, much less being of a different race. He has stuck to his version of events, but that has given the Mayans a bad public image, one which they say that they don't deserve. Present at today's press confirmed in Golden Stream Village, was a number of Alcaldes from other villages, and one of them felt compelled to set the record straight as to how all non-Mayans - or any person who is not a member of a village - is granted access to reside there. Here's his explanation of the procedure: Ligorio Coy - Alcalde, Santa Ana Village "First, if any one of us the Maya people want, for example, if I want to go to live in Santa Elena, I must consult with the Alcalde and he will set me date when he will called his public meeting and then it is the community to decide whether they accept me or not. If they accept me, there is an entrance fee that you need to pay. Not only that, there are rules and laws in the community - free practices that we do in the community. We have fahina, we don't get paid for that. We have burial of our dead loved ones.

Young Woman Found Dead In Her PG Home; Police Say Murder
There was a murder in Punta Gorda Town of 29 year-old woman. Juana Cardinez was discovered early this morning in her Apartment on the outskirts of the town. Her throat was cut, and there was signs that she had been dead for more than 24 hours. We managed to speak with the Commanding Officer of the Punta Gorda Police, who provided additional details as they are known to the investigators at this time. He said that she was reported missing on Wednesday: Supt. Simeon Alvarez - OC, Punta Gorda Police "Sometime around 3:45pm Alberto Coleman, 55 years old, ex-common law husband, for one Juana Cardinez, 29 years old, came and made a report for her missing. Reported at the last time, she was seen alive was around 6:45pm. He made checks at her apartment which is situated at the corner of the Jose Maria Nunez St. and King St. However, nobody responded to his call. The police took note of the information and around 7:15am this morning, the police continued the investigation because we made several calls to her phone yesterday. It rang out and no response. So we went with the assistance of the member from the Fire Department, we checked her apartment because stenches was coming from inside the building according to the police that first went on the scene. So as a result of that, they broke open the apartment and there they saw the lifeless body of a female, who was later identified to be Juana Cardinez. She was in the second room and apparently with some injuries from the head. Blood was coming from that particular area. The scene was processed and taken to Punta Gorda hospital where she was pronounced dead by the doctor on duty."

The Turneffe Six Arraigned
This evening, the 6 men who the coast guard caught Wednesday on Turneffe Caye with a gun were taken to court. As we told you, 21-year-old Everon Teck, 43-year-old Emilio Camara, 29-year-old Geovanni Murillo, 52-year-old Goldburn Goff, 21-year-old Dion Usher, and 33-year-old Jerome Bowen were on Turneffe Island on Wedneday when a Coast Guard team decided to search their camp. They found a gun, a number of bullets, a small quantity of drugs, and 183 undersized lobster. In court, Deon Usher took ownership of the 183 undersized lobsters. He was fined $100 for the offense, the minimum imposed of a $500 penalty fine, and an additional $20 for each undersized lobster which added up to almost $4,000 in fines. Since he pleaded guilty to this fisheries offense, the charge was withdrawn from the other men.

Placencia Police Finds Gun
Another gun was also seized in the south. On Friday 3rd June 2015 at about 11:55 am, based on information received, police proceeded to the Crimson Park area. Upon arrival, police made checks within an area, and at about three feet from the road side, they found a black plastic bag which contained a 9mm caliber pistol, Taurus Brand with 5 magazines four of which was empty and one inside the firearm. Because no one was in the area, it was deposited as found property.

The Education Reform: Positive Behavioral Intervention
Positive Behavioral Interventions: That was the main topic of today's education forum. It was held at the Radisson this morning and the discussion centered on setting behavioral expectations for kids and properly reinforcing them to promote positivity and social and emotional growth in children. Today the general and local mangers met a today's forum to discuss these expectations and to find ways to weave this initiative into the existing educational framework - all with the hope of enhancing the child's educational experience. Candy Armstrong, Director - Education Support Service "This is for general managers, local managers and others resource persons that supports the school management, in terms of implementing a positive behavior, intervention and support systems in primary schools." Courtney Weatherburne "Could you delve deeper into the system?" Candy Armstrong, Director - Education Support Service "Ok, the system is a pro-active and a preventative approach to school discipline. So it basically forms the foundation and the concepts of teachers or schools having clearer expectations for student's behavior. Those expectations are taught and then students are supported or they are targeted in the intervention for those students who are challenged meeting behavior expectations. It includes things like having a team of persons who work with the school to help them implement the system.

Protest In Front of La Immaculada Credit Union
There was protest yesterday in Orange Walk. Disgruntled La Inmaculada Credit Union members walked along with their signs and placards in front of the establishment. Now, why are the protesting? Well, on May 8th the Board of Directors put the General Manager - Yolanda Gomez on administrative leave and apparently did so without explanation or consultation with the members. That's what's got the members heated and they decided to make their voices heard in the streets yesterday. With the help of our colleagues at CTV3 - we have hear from Union members - they are demanding answers to the fate of their general manager and the future of union. Salome August (Credit Union 9) "I used to work at the credit union. I am a member of the credit union. In trying to tell the public to stand up. Let's stand up strong. Let's stand up for what is right. Let's get the answers that the people, the public are asking for. Don't stand for intimidation. The staff members are intimidated. I was one but I stood up and because I stood up I lost my job. Let's come together. Let's make the change. Let's make the right decision."

Track Athletes Brought Back Medals
The Central American Track and Field Senior Championships were held in Managua Nicaragua last weekend. Eighteen senior athletes represented Belize at the tournament and brought home a total of 13 medals. Those included 3 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze medal. The group returned home yesterday by road and today 7news caught up with some of the athletes at the Marion Jones Stadium. The team is now getting ready to participate in the World Youth Games that will be taking place in Cali Columbia on July 16 to the 19th.

Belize City: Nachos World
Nachos - they're a combination of pretty much the best foods out there, and there's a new restaurant which caters to that only. We found why today when we visited Nacho World in Belize City. With a menu packed to capacity with just about everything on it, we had a chance to try something new: The owners of Nacho World plans on venturing off in the districts.

The Fibbers Sauce, Now for Sale
And if nachos isn't your thing how about a new sauce? You are probably accustomed to spreading ketchup or even BBQ sauce over fries, in your burgers and among other food selections but there is a new multi-purpose Belizean sauce that you can spread or glaze over anything. We found out from the Co-owners of Fibbers Sauce today what sets their sauce apart. It is available everywhere in the country.

The Colors Rave Party; Straight Out Of Miami
There is a new kind of party coming to Belize for the first time. It's called the Miami Colors Day Rave. DJ's and artists from Miami and New York will be coming to Belize to showcase just how they "Gwaff" at a Bashment. For this party - sure it's about the music, the performances and not to mention the liquor but it's also about hyping the place up with bright colors. Today we spoke with one of the DJ's and he told us why you all can't miss this one. The Colors Rave party will be held this Sunday from 3 to 12 midnight. Kids pa $3 and adults pay $10. There is also a special party deal. The party will be taken to Bahamas next week.

A Summer Camp For Up-And-Coming DJ's
For most of you kids: Schools out! And there are a numbers of summer camps you can enroll in to keep you entertained and busy for the long break. We already told you about the Lake Independence Sports Camp but if sports isn't really for you then - maybe you can join the DJ summer camp where you can learn about the basics and at the same time just enjoy the beats. The coordinator came to our studios this morning and he told us more. The camp starts on the 20th of this month and will run until the 14thof August. Girls and boys are invited. It will be held at the Department of Youth services and if you want to sign up you can call Lindy D at 602-1445 or pick application forms at the Dept of Youth services office. This is the 2nd year this camp is being held.

Channel 5

Minister Castro Drops Bombshell & Lawsuit
There is monumental news coming out of the Supreme Court – a legal and political bombshell which burst all over Minister of State Edmond Castro. In late 2013, Castro had [...]

Channel 5 & Alvarene Burgess Vindicated
Alvarene Burgess made two appearances on Channel Five – an interview played in the news and an appearance on the Dickie Bradley talk-show. During those appearances she described in explicit [...]

Release Claims Victory for Whistleblowers
Following the withdrawal of the case by the Minister of State, Great Belizeans Productions/Channel Five issued a statement saying that it has been vindicated in this high profile case because [...]

Maya Leaders Converge in Toledo
Maya leaders converged today in Golden Stream, Toledo, in solidarity with the Santa Cruz Thirteen. The gathering is their first since the arrest of Cristina Coc and twelve other Maya [...]

Bus-Owner is Prime Suspect in PG Murder
After being reported missing by her boyfriend to police earlier this week, the motionless body of twenty-nine-year-old Juana Cardinez, a public officer working out of the Labor Department in Punta [...]

Guatemalan Fugitive Detained in Yo Creek
The long arms of the law finally caught up with a Guatemalan fugitive wanted by Interpol. Uefrin Aldana Cassasola was found living in Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk when police [...]

6 Fishermen Remanded for Drugs, Guns & Ammo
This afternoon, six fishermen accused of being in possession of a firearm, ammunitions and Illegal drugs while on Turneffe Atolls were back in court. On Wednesday, July first, 2015, while [...]

4 Men Charged for Heroin Get Bail
Four persons, including a Chinese national, who were busted in possession of over seven kilograms of heroin, were offered bail this evening by Supreme Court judge, Justice Denis Hanomansingh. Chinese [...]

LICU Speaks on GM’s Administrative Leave
On Thursday, News Five brought you footage of a protest held in Orange Walk Town involving the La Inmaculada Credit Union. Actually it surrounded the removal of General Manager Yolanda [...]

GSU Accused of Excessive Force…AGAIN
Members of the Gang Suppression Unit struck again on Thursday in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area. Around six p.m., officers attached to the GSU stormed the house of Leroy Slusher [...]

Allegedly Shoot Dog in Front of Children
Aside from roughing up the elderly man and the minor, the family dog, Prince, was shot twice and killed, allegedly at the hands of the officers. Joyce says that the [...]

Senators Rumble Over Mayan Communal Rights
As you heard earlier in the newscast, the situation in Santa Cruz is still very much on centre stage, and so is the issue of the CCJ consent order – [...]

San Pedro Transfer Station Inaugurated
The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Belize Waste Management Authority inaugurated the San Pedro Transfer Station. It’s a station that is a part of a solid waste management system [...]

Lily White Summer Camp Kicks Off in the City
It’s the summer and that means camps are popping up across the city – camps on sports, education and even the creative arts. Today, however, the Lily White Summer Camp [...]

Get Your Fibbers Sauce Today!
For those Belizeans who’ve fallen in love with Fibber’s Fried Chicken on Cemetery Road, there is some good news tonight. The local company which has been serving tasty local chicken [...]


Health project to benefit children in Southern Belize
Paul Mahung reporting… “The inspection visits to project sites under construction in rural Toledo was done by Toledo District Health Council chairman Alejandro Vernon. Alejandro Vernon – Chairman, TDHC “We embarked on a one day rural health visit to various communities, inspecting some of the projects going on under the Japan grant which was launched […]

New Belizean sauce hits the market
There is a new sauce on the shelves. Eliom Ellis and Hortence Young have started the production of their sauce, Fibber’s Sauce. They told us more. Eliom Ellis – Business owner “We have two flavors, the original and the hot and spicy. These are for the pepper lovers these are for the people for your […]

Lucky winner to pick up five hundred thousand dollar cheque
And while no one collected the half a million Fantasy Five Jackpot, a lucky woman from Belize City will received a check from Mek Mi Rich for half a million dollars. This is the first time in nine months that someone has won the Mek Mi Rich jackpot. We spoke to Mek Mi Rich General […]

Fantasy Five jackpot grows after prize remained unclaimed
The second the clock hit 12 o’clock midday the Fantasy five Ticket that was once valued half a million dollars now valued nothing. In the first draw of 2015, was held on January 3 and back then the jackpot was at five hundred and nine thousand dollars. But no one collected the winnings and after […]

Couple injured in traffic accident
Fem Cruz reporting… “30 year old Pedro Tech along with his wife 27 year old Sara Tech both residents of Arizona area are recovering at home after they were knocked down from behind by a motorcycle last night. Love News visited the family in the Arizona area of Tea Kettle village and spoke to Sarah […]

Special Envoy for Women and Children heads delegation to Taiwan
Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow will lead a delegation to Taiwan from July 5 to 10. This is at the invitation of the Government of the Republic of China on Taiwan. Mrs. Barrow will be awarded the Fervent Global Love of Lives medal during her visit. According to a release from […]

Dangriga prepares for bi-election
On Wednesday, July 8, voters of the Dangriga constituency will be going to the polls to elect a new standard bearer. This is after the seat was left vacant by the resignation of Ivan Ramos. The men looking to fill the vacant post are Anthony Sabal from the People’s United Party, Frank Pawpa Mena of […]

Maya leaders hold meeting to state their position
An assembly meeting of Toledo Alcaldes Association was held this morning in Golden Stream Village, Toledo. Paul Mahung reporting… “The Maya leader’s alliance MLA program coordinator Pablo Mis.” Pablo Mis, MLA Program Coordinator “The purpose of the meeting is to update the Alcaldes on the recent incident in Santa Cruz and also the reaction of […]

Cuban nationals charged for illegal entry
Six Cuban nationals were caught illegally in Belize this morning. They are three men, 37 year old Duniesky Cupul, Yurixander Escalona, and Gardenia Figueredo. The three females are 37 year old Yusdenia Peña, Andria Peralta, Anisely Reynaldo. Sources to Love News is that police got tipped off that a taxi van was enroute to the […]

Orange Walk Police nab wanted man
Yesterday evening police in Orange Walk conducted a raid at a residence in Yo Creek village which led them to the detention of an international fugitive. According to Orange Walk Police, the special branch had been following some leads from Interpol about a certain individual who had turned a resident of Yo Creek village. In […]


Man remanded for robbery and attempted murder of cop
A man who first posed as a Good Samaritan by offering assistance to a uniformed police constable, but who at the first available opportunity, allegedly almost bludgeoned the police constable to death before stealing his car, was remanded to prison after he was arraigned on attempted murder, robbery, and other indictable charges this afternoon. An enraged Darren Gillett lunged at Amandala’s court reporter’s camera and had to be restrained by a court police officer who was leading him to the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. Gillett, who was undefended by an attorney, did not have to enter a plea after the Chief Magistrate arraigned him on the charges. The court prosecutor objected to bail for Gillett on the grounds that the virtual complainant, whom he attempted to murder, PC Jason Hall, remains hospitalized in a critical condition. Objection to bail was also made on the strength of the prosecutor’s case against Gillett and also on the basis of the fact that he escaped from police and is therefore considered a flight risk.

Beef prices expected to increase
Starting today, Thursday, beef retailers and consumers across the country are expected to experience an increase in the price of that popular commodity. The rise, we understand, has come about due to increasing regional wholesale prices in addition to issues related to supply and demand. In an interview with Amandala yesterday, CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, explained that since demand is currently exceeding supply on the regional market, Belizean consumers will now have to dig deeper into their pockets when purchasing that type of meat from the processors. He said, “The price of beef has gone up regionally. [Previously], we’ve had a relatively low [wholesale] price here in Belize compared to Guatemala and Mexico, but demand has increased tremendously and it has actively impacted the [retail] price.” Alpuche explained that beef is not a regulated commodity that is subject to price control like some of the other basic commodities; instead it has a market-driven price, which means that when demand is very high and supply is limited, the retail price will go up.

Donicio “Life” Salazar, in 3rd trial, not guilty of 2004 murder
A jury of six men and six women deliberated for a record 6 hours and 58 minutes in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin before returning into the courtroom to announce their unanimous not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter verdict in the trial of Donicio Salazar, 30, accused of the murder of Rodney Richard August. Salazar has been tried twice before for the June 28, 2004 murder of August, a 22- year-old man who was found on the bank of the Macal River in San Ignacio, Cayo District, with a large chop wound to the middle of the back. August died some nine hours later while undergoing treatment at the Western Regional Hospital, in Belmopan. Before he died, however, August named “Life” as the man who had inflicted the massive chop wound to him. August had told three persons that “Life” was the one who had chopped him. He told Desol Neal, a Justice of the Peace; a police corporal, Pedro Ical; and his mother Elizabeth Mejia, to whom he had mentioned that he was going to die.

Man, 24, accused of raping brother-in-law, 13
A 13-year-old Silk Grass boy was carnally known (penetrated anally) by his brother-in-law, the common-law husband of his sister, while he (the boy) and his mother were visiting his sister in Silk Grass on Saturday. During that visit to his sister’s home, the boy and his brother-in-law, 24, went to get wood in the bush. The boy told police that while in the bush, the brother-in-law held him down, took off his pants and raped him. After the ordeal, the boy and his brother-in-law returned to his sister’s house, and the boy told his mother what had happened. The boy was taken to a doctor in Dangriga, where the doctor concluded that he had been penetrated and that the injury to him, as a result of the sexual assault, was wounding. The brother-in-law was arrested and police charged him with committing an unnatural crime. He was taken to the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court this afternoon where he appeared before Magistrate Patty Arana, who arraigned him on the charge. He was then remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 28, when he will be returned to court.

$70 million more in Petrocaribe spending
Overspending to the tune of almost $70 million, exclusively from the proceeds of Petrocaribe funds, was hotly debated when the Senate met in Belmopan today, Wednesday, and while the overspending was approved by a 7-5 majority vote supported by ruling United Democratic Party senators and the senator for the churches, the Opposition senators as well as the senators for the private sector and the trade unions registered their firm positions against the spending. As we reported some months ago, when Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow presented his 2015 budget speech – right after the ruling United Democratic Party swept all but one town in the Municipal Elections – Barrow had given notice that he would return at mid-year with a set of supplementary appropriation bills. Barrow said that the proposed 2015-2016 budget, which called for $1.068 billion in spending, “…cannot long survive the tectonic shift caused by last week’s results,” and added that “…the political muscularity of the voters must be matched by the spending muscularity of the Government.” On Friday, June 26, Barrow was back in Parliament with the promised supplementary budgets, but there was no debate on the bills, because the Opposition walked out in protest of a decision by the Speaker, Michael Peyrefitte, to put Senator Patrick Andrews out the House meeting for laughing too loudly while UDP Collet area representative Patrick Faber gave account of spending of Petrocaribe funds for a recent family day. Today, however, the Opposition made a strong showing in the Senate debate.

The greatest love of all
Parishioners of the Spring of Living Water Pentecostal Church of God on the outskirts of San Ignacio Town are mourning the loss of fellow church member, Myra Carbajal, 38, of San Ignacio, who died as a consequence of a tragic freak accident that occurred outside their church last night. Police said that at around 8:20 p.m. yesterday, Wednesday, they were called out to the aforementioned church, which is located near Mile 59 on the George Price Highway, where they observed Carbajal pinned under the front portion of a blue pickup which had hit a large metal sliding gate, along with five other persons – including one adult and four children, three of them hers – who were suffering from varying degrees of superficial injuries, at the entrance of the church. Carbajal – who was at the time positioned between the vehicle which had run into the gate and the church building – was extracted from the wreckage with the assistance of police officers and civilians, and rushed to the San Ignacio Town Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries later that night while undergoing treatment.

Boxing Federation Sunday Knockouts, June 28 at CET gym
A couple dozen fans turned out this afternoon at the CET gym to support the Boxing Federation of Belize’s (BFB) ongoing effort to rejuvenate the sport of boxing in Belize. BFB President, Moses Sulph, while expressing appreciation for the volunteering effort of doctor in attendance, Dr. James Williams; referee Roberto Ordonez; and judges Roberto Ordonez, Jr., Elton Anderson, Leshawn Pollard and Francis Henkis; made a call for more corporate and government support to the Federation, which is doing its best with very limited resources. “We need equipment,” said Moses, lamenting the fact that a pair of boxing gloves was recently stolen from the gym. After the singing of the national anthem, the ringside bell was tolled ten times in memory of recently passed veteran Belize City boxer, Henry Gill; and then the action began.

Stann Creek District Wamule Cup Championship Finale
This Sunday is the Wamule Cup championship finals at the Ecumenical Football Field. In semifinal action on Sunday, July 28, game 1 saw Umadagu FC with the 2-1 victory over New Site FC. Abraham Chavez (18’) and Earl Cacho (61’) shook the net for Umadagu, while Darnell Swazo (62’) scored for New Site. And in game 2, Hope Creek Pumas dropped Hopkins, 3-1, with a goal apiece from Kieran Fernandez (48’), Joseph Brooks (75’) and Raymond Peters (85’); while the sole tally for Hopkins was by Tony Avila (54’). With the semifinal round completed, we now move into the finals. The third place match will be followed by the final to crown the Wamule Cup 2015-2016 Champion of Champions. Sunday, July 5 2:00 p.m. – (3rd place) Hopkins FC vs New Site FC 4:00 p.m. – (championship) Hope Creek Pumas vs Umadagu FC

BDBA Firms Basketball update

Judo Association of Belize holds 1st All Belize Judo Championships
The Judo Association of Belize (JAB) has brought to Belize the First All Belize Judo Championships, which opened just over a half hour late at 10:35 a.m. due to last minute registrations, but wound up finishing on time at around 2:00 p.m., with Referees and Judges Franz Menzies (President), Leon Guild (General Secretary) and Juan Card (Vice- President) initially officiating, and Event Coordinator Remus Betancourt helping to ensure a smooth tournament. In the intervening 3 ½ hours however, the full house audience was treated to an action packed Judo Championships, starting with the youngest kids who proved to be the bravest at throwing themselves, literally, into action. The outstanding young judoka to emerge victorious from Category 1 of the Kids Division was Christopher Young, who came away with the Gold Medal Award. Shaheed Perez won Silver, and Ronan Solis came up with Bronze. In Category 2 of the Kids Division, Leandro Hegar emerged victorious with Gold, Sebastian Garcia took Silver, and Nishan Martin settled for the Bronze.

The Maya and Christianity
Myles incident should have taken place in a Maya village called Santa Cruz. There was a village called Chan Santa Cruz in the southeastern part of Yucatan before the Caste War broke out in 1847. As the Caste War became extended, the Maya rebels made Chan Santa Cruz their retreat and stronghold, whereupon they re-named the village Noh Cah Santa Cruz. There, the Maya held their rebellion together with a kind of religion called “The Talking Cross.” Today, what was once Noh Cah Santa Cruz is a town called Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Thousands and thousands of Belizeans pass through Felipe Carrillo Puerto every Easter on their way to and from the Mexican resort city of Cancun, but, regrettably, there are only a very few Belizeans who know the historical importance of the area and its relevance to Belize. Remember now, when we speak of the Maya of Noh Cah Santa Cruz, we are talking about Yucatec Maya, whereas the Maya of Toledo today are mostly Kek’chi and Mopan Maya. The legendary Jesus Ken, a descendant of the Santa Cruz Maya of the Yucatan, has told this newspaper that the Maya were never a monolithic nation, that there were at least twelve or thirteen different Maya nations. Also, the territory we call Mexico today sustained different Indigenous peoples who were not Maya, such as the Aztecs, the Toltecs, the Olmecs, the Yaqui, and so on. But, the Yucatan itself for centuries after Columbus was a territory unto itself. In fact, you should note that until modern times, it was much easier to travel by sea from the Yucatan to Texas than to travel from the Yucatan to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. Both the Yucatan and Texas were Spanish possessions, and they both had a history of secessionist tendencies with respect to, first, New Spain, and later, to federal Mexico. Eventually, Texas ended up as a state of the United States in the mid-nineteenth century, around the same time that the Caste War broke out in the Yucatan.

From the Publisher
I’ve lived long enough to see the United Democratic Party (UDP) achieve the kind of exalted power which the People’s United Party (PUP) enjoyed in the 1960s and for some of the 1970s. There is a danger to our Belizean democracy which arises from exalted power. That danger involves the fusion of police power with street power, and I will go on to explain what I mean. In the summer of 2003, Ralph Fonseca’s power had grown so immense that he could send underworld elements after me. My wife is not a coward, but she was scared. The civilian citizen in such a desperate situation like mine at that point, turns to the police. But Ralph was in charge of the police. I could not make contact with Carmen Zetina, who was then the Commissioner of Police. The senior police officer I managed to make contact with, treated me in such an offhand manner that I came to a certain conclusion. In early 1978, I had experienced a similar situation with Deputy Premier of Belize, C. L. B. Rogers. The era of Mr. Rogers’ power was the first time Belize saw street power and police power in the hands of the same man. At the point when a specific underworld thug began stepping on me, I was supposedly in alliance with the ruling PUP. When I mentioned the situation to Mr. Rogers, I concluded from his response that the underworld thug perhaps had his blessing.

The odds against us are greater, says De La Fuente
After also enduring acts of kidnapping and terrorism at the hands of the Guatemalan military, the Northern Territorial Volunteers stand in full solidarity with the brave men and women of the Belize military, who stood resolute against the Guatemalan military on May 29, 2015. Our military men and women can now attest to the Guatemalan military bullying of Belizeans while our Belizean Government seemingly continues to apologize for their violations. This appeasing action towards Guatemala has placed Belize in a precarious situation. It will now take an intelligent and patriotic leader and a resolute populace to take Belize out of this position of weakness. The odds against us are greater, and more is a stake than during the pre-independence era. Belizeans, wake up and unite in calling out Government to be resolute in its actions against the invaders.

The “GREAT” effort to curb the influence of gangs on school youth
The community policing arm of the Belize Police Department today held a graduation ceremony at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts for another 464 students from Belize City who took part in its ongoing Gang Resistance Educational and Training (GREAT) program. Since its inception in 2011, the focus of the gang and violence prevention program – which is facilitated by some 90 trained police officers – has been to provide meaningful intervention for schoolchildren who might be inclined to juvenile delinquency and/or gang membership not only in Belize City, where gangs are prevalent, but also in different parts of the country, since it also addresses the often difficult family life and other personal issues affecting young persons within the primary and high school system. “It is important that when a student goes through these challenges, there is someone that they can lean on, and that’s our police officers who can assist in helping them to be a better person for tomorrow”, said Officer in Charge of Community Policing at Precinct 2, Eastern Division, Sergeant Brent Hamilton.

New HIV infections in Belize lowest since 1998
Information just received from the Ministry of Health indicates that the number of new HIV infections recorded in Belize for 2014, totaling 221, was the lowest since 1998, when 184 new cases were recorded. According to the TB, HIV/AIDS & other STIs 2014 Statistical Report, this represents a decrease of 20% when compared to 2013 data. “This continued trend of decreasing new infections reported as of 2007, in light of continued increasing total number of tests being done, highlights the relative success of the programme in the scaling up of its strategies and efforts,” the report said. Of note is that HIV transmission among homosexual males exceeded transmission among heterosexuals. The data indicate that more than 65% of the new HIV cases were in men who have sex with men (MSM), some of whom also transmitted HIV to their female partners. The second largest affected group are heterosexuals who have casual relations (roughly 22%), and the third largest are heterosexuals in stable relationships (accounting for less than 10%).

First ever child-friendly Family Court inaugurated in PG
For the first time, Family Court matters will be dealt with outside Belize City, and to facilitate that process, a first-of-its-kind court with child-friendly features was officially inaugurated today in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District. The two-storey building includes two child-friendly interview rooms, two one-way mirror rooms, and a play area, and was the product of a joint 3-year project between the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Supreme Court called “Promoting Children’s Access to Justice” which, we understand, is aimed at establishing a child-friendly justice system in Belize. As part of that project, new policies and procedures have been developed to respect children’s rights and needs as part of an institutional reform of the court system to protect children involved in court cases. The reform is a comprehensive strategy, which encompasses the provision of adequate physical infrastructure, as well as capacity building, and thus included child justice training sessions for Belize’s judges and magistrates. “Today marks the day when the spirit of the Family Court legislation is given new significance… It is intended that this facility will offer the services required to respond to and respect the needs of children”, said Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, in concluding his remarks at the opening of the building.

Cop beaten unconscious by thief, who then stole his car
Constable Jason Hall, of Precinct 3 Police in Belize City, is presently fighting for his life at the intensive care unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) due to head injuries he suffered as a result of being beaten in the head with a piece of wood by a thief who had pretended to be a Good Samaritan. Hall is unconscious, and has been listed as being in a critical but stable condition. The incident which led to his injuries occurred at about 8:00 yesterday morning. Police reported that PC Hall, who was in his uniform, was travelling in his car from Orange Walk to work at Precinct 3 at the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City, when on arriving at Rhaburn Ridge Village in the Belize District, his car suffered a blowout. While Hall was changing his wheel, a man came up to assist him. After the wheel had been changed and the policeman was getting into his car, he turned his back on the helper, and the man hit him in the head with a piece of wood, causing the policeman to become unconscious on the roadside. The thief then stole Hall’s car and drove toward Orange Walk Town.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Maya’s Cool Spot hit by armed robbers
San Ignacio police are at the scene of an apparent armed robbery of a business in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District. Around 9:30 tonight, two masked men entered Maya’s Cool Spot in Santa Elena the corner of George Price Avenue and the low-lying wooden bridge. They demanded money from owner […]

National debt approaching $2.3 billion; Venezuela now Belize’s largest bilateral creditor
The Central Bank of Belize reports that at the end of 2014, Belize’s national external debt was closing in on $2.3 billion, with some $84 million due on the cumulative interest rate of 3.7%. The restructured 2008 “Superbond” now stands at 46.8% of the total external debt, with […]

IACHR questions arrest of Maya leaders
The Inter American Commission of Human Rights has written Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs over the arrest of Maya Leaders Alliance spokesperson Cristina Coc and 12 residents of Santa Cruz, Toledo District. In the July 1 letter the IACHR officially asks for information on the whereabouts, […]

Katy Sealy leads Belize contingent in C.A. Games
British Belizean athlete Katy Sealy beat competitors from Guatemala and Nicaragua to the gold medal in women’s heptathlon at the Central American Games in Nicaragua. Sealy scored 4,614 to 4,361 for Ruth Merida of Guatemala and 3,599 for Nicaragua’s Maria Briceño. Sealy also holds the new national record for javelin throw […]

Woman’s stabbed body found in P.G. apartment
Police in Punta Gorda are investigating an apparent murder, that of labour officer Juana Cardinez. Cardinez’s body was said to have been discovered on Friday morning in an apartment at the corner of Jose Maria Nunez and King Streets, showing apparent stab wounds. Not much is known at this time […]

Police detain girl and young man in Desmond Usher disappearance/murder
Hattieville police have closed in on two suspects as they continue to investigate the disappearance and apparent subsequent murder of 23 year old Desmond Usher Myers, also known as “Mumuch.” An underage girl and a 21 year old man are reported to be in police custody at this time. Usher […]

17 year old goes missing in Ladyville
The mother of 17 year old Loani Alvarez of Ladyville says she fears for her daughter’s life after she left home last Thursday, June 25. Alvarez’s mother, Marisela Galdamez, says that Loani called her about 10 minutes after she reported her missing at the Ladyville police station, saying that she […]

Cuban Immigrants intercepted in Orange Walk
Reports reaching our newsroom are that a group of Cuban immigrants were intercepted on the Orange Walk By-pass by authorities. Information is still sketchy but BMG was informed by a reliable source that the men were traveling in a taxi van with Corozal license plates. This is a developing story […]

Hon. Castro discontinues lawsuit against Channel 5 and Alvarine Burgess
Reports reaching our news desk is that Hon. Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro and his attorney Rodwell Williams have decided to discontinue with the case against Channel 5 and Alvarine Burgess on the lawsuit for defamation. While there is no official judgment both Channel 5 and Alvarine Burgess were granted […]

Punta Gorda Police find dead woman in an apartment
Reports reaching our newsroom are that police in Punta Gorda found a female body in an apartment. This is a developing story and we will be updating as more information becomes available. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as more information becomes available.

Guatemalan fugitive apprehended in Orange Walk Town
Yesterday, authorities in Orange Walk Town apprehended Lefron Aldana, a Guatemalan fugitive who is wanted in his home country for murder. According to reports, Aldana was living in the outskirts of Yo Creek Village and was arrested at his home by Orange Walk Police. This is a developing story and […]


Mystic River Resort: Something Special Carved Out of the Jungle
About 8 years ago, a tiny lady bought a large piece of gorgeous jungle on the Macal River and decided to build a resort. She and her new husband Tom (both former residents of Ambergris Caye, Belize – a far cry from the jungle) set out to carve their own world – on over 180 acres. And they did it…absolutely beautifully. Mystic River Resort, just outside the tiny village of Cristo Rey, is set in the broad leaf “jungle” right on the wide Macal River – about a two hour drive directly west from Belize City. Once you hit San Igancio, you turn up hill and into higher elevations…and a totally different landscape. One that can change in just a few feet. It is perfectly situated for all sorts of adventures…from trips to the the Mayan sites like Caracol and Tikal to ATM Cave (which I NEED to tell you about) to one of a kind Polaris trips to water falls and secret caves.

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Tyler resident runs for 12 hours to send 2 kids on Belize mission trip
Tyler resident and father of two, Paul Bradshaw, took a message from his associate pastor to heart and ran with it — literally. Bradshaw ran in a 12-hour run at Chapel Hill High School’s track beginning at 8 p.m. Friday, after raising $3,600 — enough money to send two kids to Belize for a missionary trip with Friendly Baptist Church later this month. “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have, for the Glory of God was the message that stuck with me,” Bradshaw said. “I couldn’t go on a missionary trip myself and couldn’t personally fund someone to go, but I have two legs that work, so I challenged my friends to donate money for me to run.” This is Bradshaw’s second year to raise funds for a missionary trip with his church. Last year, enough money was raised to send two kids on the trip — an accomplishment that meant Bradshaw ran a 31-mile trail race in June and then another 100 miles on his own later in the year. Luckily, many of his friends came to the 100-mile run and donated their miles to the cause, too, and all together they ran more than 150 miles that day.


  • Great Blue Hole—Coastal Symmetry in Sinkholes, $2.99, 32min. Probe the mystery of the Great Blue Hole, an enormous submerged sinkhole ringed by a coral reef off the coast of Belize. Study the processes that create sinkholes, and the nature of karst topography, which is produced by the erosion of limestone.

  • Land of Belize, 47min.

  • San Ignacio to Georgeville, Belize, June 2015, 14min.

  • BELIZE, 5min.

  • Belize 2015 - Scuba Trip - San Pedro Tackle Box Canyon Nurse Shark Dive, 6.5min. Belize 2015 - San Pedro Tackle Box Canyon - Shark Dive with Jimmy.

  • Belize, 76min.

  • Restore Belize, 10min.

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