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The San Pedro Sun

It’s Taco Time!
Nothing says island living like refreshing cocktails and simple yet tasty eats! I mean, we had some of the best drinks and shrimp tacos among other tasty bites , we’ve had in while! But we won’t tell you where from just as yet, you gotta stay tuned for our lasted food-venture, coming soon! I mean check these babies out…yes, they were as good as they look :-)

Letter to the Editor: The Catholic Church Welcomes All Persons with Same-Sex Attraction
To my brothers and sisters with same-sex attraction: Let us all love one another as Jesus has loved us! As the pastor of San Pedro Catholic Church I want to take this opportunity to reach out to all our brothers and sisters who have same-sex attraction. Whether the same-sex inclination is in the nascent stages or you have fully chosen to identify and live a homosexual lifestyle, I want to make clear that I love you and most importantly God loves you. I understand the sufferings, confusion and loneliness that many of you experience in silence and I want you to know that the Catholic Church and God’s mercy is a refuge for you. Strengthened by God’s word and the sacraments, thousands of men and women with same-sex attraction have experienced the freedom and love of the Gospel in the Catholic Church. The established, Courage Apostolate, a nonjudgmental catholic organization for persons with same-sex attraction who desire to be a disciple of Jesus, is known internationally for its support of Christians of all denominations.

152 goals scored in first week of ICSC 5-a-side Football Tournament
The Island Citizens Sporting Club‘s (ICSC) Five-a-side Football Tournament officially kicked off on Thursday, July 9th. Island residents gathered at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium over the weekend for three days of fun. A collaborative effort with the San Pedro High School (SPHS), the tournament is being held under the theme of “Keeping our children smiling through sports”. 11 little league teams, four female teams and 28 senior teams are competing in the biggest football tournament San Pedro has seen. Four matches were played in the first game day on Thursday, July 9th. Prior to the real football action, a short ceremony was held with Miss SPHS 2014-2015 Shelia Chi taking the first goal shot. After the ceremony, head organizer Alex Noralez declared the tournament open. The schedule for the next round of games is as follows: Thursday, July 16th starting at 7PM- Goliath FC vs Ruff Strikers FC, Graniel’s FC vs Island Pure FC, Costa Warriors FC vs Green House FC and Vince Warriors FC vs San Mateo FC; Friday, July 17th starting at 7PM- Boca Jr. FC vs Island Boys, Mecanicos FC vs Boca Bombers FC, Phoenix FC vs Raven’s FC, and Mata Chica FC vs Sandy Point FC; Saturday, July 18th- Dorados FC vs Peace Maker FC, Costa Blue FC vs Haramouch FC, Belzie Pro Dive Center FC vs San Pedro Dortmund and Los Catrachos FC vs Star Island FC; Sunday, July 19th starting at 11AM- United FC vs Manchester FC Under 10, FC America vs FC Bayern Munich A, Barcelona FC Under 10 vs FC Bayern Munich B, Castillo’s FC Under 13 vs Barcelona FC Under 13, Inter de Milan vs Manchester FC Under 13, Ernie’s Warriors vs Blue Ocean Sand Girls, Barrier Reef Girls vs Hyde’s Strikers, United FC vs Castillo’s FC, Island Boys vs Raven’s FC, Pheonic FC vs Boca Jr. Fc and Tropic Air FC vs Varela’s Boys.

Demolition on Ambergris Stadium starts early
Pre-construction work has started on the Ambergris Stadium located in the San Pablo Area. Demolition on the existing structures started on Thursday, July 9th, and the ground work for the new facility that is to be built by the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) has begun. The estimated $2 million project was initially scheduled to break ground by mid-August or early September, but work has started early. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is working closely with BIL to ensure the project is completed in a satisfactory manner. According to BIL General Manager Christy Mastry, the project includes the installation of a grass pitch, bleachers to seat 800, locker facilities, concession stands, bathroom facilities and a storage unit. While the design for the stadium has already been finalized the project contract is in the stage of bidding by construction agents. Once the project is awarded to a construction agent, BIL will release the official design of the new Ambergris Stadium as well as the expected construction time frame.

Educational fun for youngsters at Camp Basil Jones
31 campers enjoyed week-long activities as part of the 2015 Camp Basil Jones held at the Basil Jones educational Center located in the Bacalar Chico Reserve. Now in its second week, another group of children are enjoying the educational summer program that provides a unique balance of both fun and learning. The program, which is aimed at teaching conservation and preservation of the Belize Barrier Reef to children, kicked off on Monday, July 6th and will end on Friday, July 31st. Campers participated in morning exercise, swimming, beach volleyball, football, basketball, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, campfire, yoga, stilts race, coconut oil making, nature trail hiking, sea turtle beach cleanup, and traditional games like hopscotch, skipping rope, hide & seek, and even storytelling (ghost stories). “We try to keep the children active throughout the week. We encourage them to try all the various activities and to get to know each other. What these activities do is create a bond and lasting memories between the campers,” said Paz. At the forefront of the camp is organizer Guillermo “Mito” Paz, who has declared the first week of the camp as a huge success. “I am glad that we are able to provide this opportunity to children. It is vital that we teach our younger generations the importance of protecting the marine environment, and this camp was designed to do exactly that. The camp gives them a unique experience that they may never be able to get otherwise,” said Paz.

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks- Sanpedranas Wore Short Shorts!
Very short shorts and tiny miniskirts are very visible today and you would think they are fashions of today. But I guess you have heard the old cliché, “what goes around comes around.” Well indeed this Flashback proves just that as it takes us back in the 1980’s when hot pants and very tiny mini shirts were in fashion. The girls in jeans are spending a fine Sunday at the high school beach area when the ground breaking ceremony for the new high school building took place. Interesting to note also was that the bell foot pants was also in style during this same time and this was for both males and females.

25 Years Ago- A Town Oblivious to Dangers of Asbestos
You see when industrialization arrived in San Pedro, the folks moved from thatch roofs to zinc roofing but the metal used on this kind of roofing corroded so quickly and the folks did not like it. For one thing the lifetime span of zinc roofing was short. Then the water collected from this roofing looked brown due to the rust and the folks refused to drink this rain water. So when the super news came about that asbestos roofing had a 50 to 80-year life span, those who could afford it turned to asbestos roofing. Now that I think of it, the primary school of our village from the 1940’s to 1961 had an asbestos covered roof. This building also boasted of two giant wood vats that provided drinking rain water for the school children and to the entire village. Another large building that was asbestos covered was the Catholic Church and all of its extended buildings which comprised the rectory and kitchen, dining rooms and sleeping quarters for the religious who spent vacations in the village. This building also had a very large vat that provided quality drinking rain water for religious and for the village.

Letters To The Editor: The Catholic Church Welcomes All Persons with Same-Sex Attraction
As the pastor of San Pedro Catholic Church I want to take this opportunity to reach out to all our brothers and sisters who have same-sex attraction. Whether the same-sex inclination is in the nascent stages or you have fully chosen to identify and live a homosexual lifestyle, I want to make clear that I love you and most importantly God loves you. I understand the sufferings, confusion and loneliness that many of you experience in silence and I want you to know that the Catholic Church and God’s mercy is a refuge for you. Strengthened by God’s word and the sacraments, thousands of men and women with same-sex attraction have experienced the freedom and love of the Gospel in the Catholic Church. The established, Courage Apostolate, a nonjudgmental catholic organization for persons with same-sex attraction who desire to be a disciple of Jesus, is known internationally for its support of Christians of all denominations. The Encourage Apostolate, has successfully been of assistance to families of persons with same-sex attraction. Online support and resources for you can be found at and the doors of San Pedro Catholic Church are open for you to experience the infinite love and mercy of God.

Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow Honored in Republic of China (Taiwan)
On the invitation of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children and spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, was on a five-day visit to Taiwan from July 6 to 10, 2015. During Mrs. Barrow’s visit, she called on Mrs. Chow Mei Ching, spouse of H.E. Ma Ying Jeou, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), as well as H.E. David Lin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Mrs. Barrow also paid a courtesy call to Mr. Fredrick F. Chien, Chairman of the Cathay Charity Foundation, where Mr. Chien and Mrs. Barrow discussed possible areas of cooperation.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

It's raining butterflies!
Butterflies, everywhere! Welcome back. Currently Belize experiencing butterfly migration of the Pieridae family. This family includes the Cloudless Sulfur (Phoebis sennae) which is the most recognized in the bunch. I have identified six different species in this migration. The migration usually occurs six weeks after the rainy season starts, usual in June/July. The butterflies will only fly south for the summer, none will fly back north. They can travel up to 18 miles a day. Cloudless Sulfur (Phoebis sennae) Orange Banded Sulfur (Phoebis philea) Ruddy Daggerwing (Phoebis philea) Great Southern White (Ascia monuste) Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) Giant Swallowtail ( Heraclides cresphontes)

Amal Assales Mixed Media Exhibit
The Soul Project will be opening a new exhibit on Friday. It'll be in the special mixed media style, and the art is all by Cayo artist Amal Assales. While there, you can check out the new selection of artisan wines in flavors like mojito and lychee.

And for this week's "cute couple" competition...
A very attentive couple guard the cavity entrance. Inside, a single chick grows closer and closer to "flight day" when he will leave the nest.

Exploring the benefits from the Belize – Guatemala Partial Scope (PSA) Trade Agreement This year Belize launched a series of Private Sector consultations throughout the country. Firstly in Spanish Lookout, then Orange Walk town, followed by Dangriga and now the team, comprised of Technical experts from the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, BAHA, and Customs, heads to Belize City to meet with producers and traders at the Belize Training and Employment Center (BTEC) located at the ITVET compound in Belize City. If you are a Belizean producer or Business owner seeking trade opportunities in Guatemala then you are invited to attend this session. THE MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE BELIZE TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT CENTER (BTEC) IN BELIZE CITY ON FRIDAY, 17TH JULY, 2015 STARTING AT 9:00 AM.

GOB and OAS to Sign Cooperation Agreement
The Government of Belize and the Organisation of American States (OAS) will sign a cooperation agreement on July 16th 2015 at 9:30am at the OAS Offices in Belize City. The Cooperation Agreement is for the execution of a project in the area of social inclusion which is financed through the OAS Development Cooperation Fund and will be executed by the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. The three year project is significant as it will assist the Ministry of Human Development to continue the social safety net reforms that started in 2008. The focus of the activities under this project is to strengthen and expand services to families on the government’s conditional cash transfer programme BOOST. In this regard, a pilot project which provides comprehensive wraparound services to 400 BOOST households living below the indigent line will be designed and implemented. The Ministry’s case management system will also be strengthened.

Belize Rural Finance Programme
The Belize Rural Finance Programme (BRFP) is a programme being funded jointly by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), and the Government of Belize. The programme's main goal is to improve the quality of life and income of the poor and productive poor by designing and developing permanent access to a wide range of superior financial services including savings, credit, insurance, fund transfer and other financial products and services that meet their needs at an affordable cost.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, July 15, 2015: 80. PICK 3: 2 0 7

Current situation on the beaches of Ambergris Caye
Massive amounts of pelagic sargassum have ben washing up. Local authorities are working around the clock to try and clean up the beaches but it is simply too much.

Giant Cave
As much as we know about the sea, in the grand scheme of things we actually know very little about our underwater world. Case in point, the aptly named "Giant Cave" beneath Caye Caulker. An extremely technical dive, we're especially grateful to photographer Mark Long for capturing these remarkable images so that we can marvel at the spellbinding sight.

Bartending Training Dates all over Belize
BelizeMixology will be going all over Belize conducting public and private courses.

Power interruption 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Thursday, July 16, Corozal: San Victor, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Roman, Estrella, Libertad, San Narciso, Luisville, Concepcion, Aventura, San Pedro, Cristo Rey, Yo Chen, Patchakan and Chan Chen
A 30 minute power interruption will also affect the entire Corozal District from 1:00pm to 1:30pm. BEL to install hardware conductors at San Pedrito Substation and repair hotspot in area.

A Painted Conversation Video
Cayo's new mural will soon be ready to adhere to the wall on West Street. A Painted Conversation is looking great. Daniel Velazquez did a mini-documentary on it. Cayo Scoop is a proud sponsor. "A painted conversation community mural project"

Belize Bird Rescue Housing upgrades!
Some of our younger residents received housing upgrades recently and you can see how happy they are to have more room to stretch their wings. We strive to provide quality enclosures that provide all husbandry needs as well as preparing them for their re-entrance back into the wild. Many of our followers ask how they can help out, and our answer is to donate! We have a fundraising page at this link: which will help us to provide the housing we need to make sure these guys are kept safe and happy on their road to release. We thank you all so much for your support and compassion. It's you guys that help us continue to help others.

Channel 7

Did Gun-Wielding Watchman Use Disproportional Force in Killing Epileptic?
Last night at 6:45 there was a shooting at the Gonzalo Quinto warehouse at mile one and a half on the Northern Highway near the Rotary roundabout. A security guard shot 39 year old Louis Lincoln Leslie in the midsection. He says Leslie was trespassing on the compound and trying to attack him. That one shot at close range with a nine millimetre pistol caused Leslie to bleed out and die a few minutes later at the KHMH. Today at a press conference police could not say if it was a justifiable homicide:… Supt Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB - Eastern Division "The person entered the compound through the front gate and went to the back area of the compound where it is alleged that he had a confrontation there with the security guard - who was armed at the time. The security guard is alleging that he was assaulted and attacked by this person with a metal pipe. He pulled out his service weapon and fired a single shot which caused that fatal injury." Daniel Ortiz "Sir are you willing to say at this time that, lethal use of force is justifiable?" Supt Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB - Eastern Division "We are conducting a full and thorough investigation. At the end of that investigation we will determine if any charges will be levied on the security guard. Well it's alleged he assaulted the security guard with a piece of pipe, that is what we have at this time."

Hilux Crashes Into Horse and Buggy, Kills Carriage Driver
An unusual accident last night in Orange Walk claimed the life of a 39 year old Mennonite man from Shipyard. At around 8:30, Johan Knelsen was driving a horse and buggy along with his wife and two kids on the August Pine Ridge road when 38-year-old David Blatz – a Mennonite from Orange Walk Town smashed right into the rear end of the hose and buggy. The impact smashed the buggy and killed Knelsen on the spot while injuring his 37-year-old wife Elizabeth, his 2-year-old daughter and 7–week-old son. Elizabeth Knelsen received bruises to left side of her face, foot and a cut wound on left knee, the two-year-old received scrapes and cut wounds to the left side of her face, forehead and both feet while the baby received minor injuries to the back of his head. The buggy reportedly did not have rear reflectors. It happened a quarter mile out of August Pine Ridge.

First Criminal Case Goes To CCJ
3 months ago, we told you how the Caribbean Court of Justice held its first sitting in Belize. One of the cases they sat on in person was an application by convicted murderer Gregory August for special leave to appeal before them as the highest court in the land. At that hearing, they determined that his case will become the first criminal appeal to be heard from Belize. Well today, August was back before the Court of Appeal which has already affirmed his conviction for murder. No, he wasn’t there to appeal the case again, but because his attorney, Eamon Courtenay, will make original points at the CCJ, but these issues were not raised during his first appeal before the Court of Appeal. It involves a good character direction which his new attorney contends should have been given by the judge in his original criminal trial. But, more importantly, the outcome of August’s case could set a precedent for how the Supreme Court handles sentencing for persons convicted of murder, and whether or not life imprisonment is excessive. Those are two very important issues, and so the CCJ wants to see what the Court of Appeals views on these matters are before they hear August’s case.

Okeke Says PUP's Petro-Tacos Attack Was Mean Spirited
Why did PUP National Campaign Manager Godfrey Smith leave his post – and who will replace him? Those are the burning questions for PUP Leader Francis Fonseca and Smith himself right now – but none of them are giving interviews. So, into the breech steps political commentator Steven Okeke. He’s written two books on politics in Belize – and three weeks ago – he penned an essay on why the PUP need to look to Cordel Hyde as a possible leader. Yesterday in an extended interview, he told us why he feels the PUP attack on Petro-tacos and other cheer giveways was misconceived: Steven Okeke - Political Commentator "Their views on issues are liturgical and extensively retaliatory. They seem to dislike some people. When I saw senator Lisa Shoman belabour the poor people going to Corozal that Patrick Faber sent the poor people to Corozal because they're so much things to do. I could call Dangriga election instantly.” Jules Vasquez "And why is that?" Steven Okeke - Political Commentator "Because you don't know what you're talking about. Why would I vote for somebody who is saying that if they will, this more crumb - that the government would be taking from me, why on earth would I vote for you? For what!? And you’re saying that this money than can be accounted for, that these people were given a break.

Winner of Biggest Jackpot Ever Is Holding Out And Camera Shy
Tonight, someone’s holding unto the winning ticket for the biggest jackpot in Belize’s history. Last night Fantasy five drew a 612 thousand dollar jackpot – and someone in the Belmopan area won it. But instead of coming in to claim it – they’re being camera shy. Press officer for Fantasy Five Karil Meighan explained today:… Karil Wallace - Public Relations Officer, Fantasy 5 "Someone out there has a ticket and we want for them to come in. Actually I think they had call the offices earlier today but I think they're trying to find out how is it possible for them not to show their face on TV due to the amount of money. And we understand all of that but we would prefer for them to show their face due the fact that it's a whole lot of money and we want people to know that this is real. After taxes they will take home 520,200 dollars." Jules Vasquez "Largest jackpot in Belize?" Karil Wallace - Public Relations Officer, Fantasy 5 "Largest jackpot in Belize's history and we at Fantasy 5 are proud to offer that.” Tonight, the jackpot resets to 150 thousand dollars.

Summer Camp About Financial Literacy
During the summer break, most students would sign up for sports camps, dance classes or swimming classes – something to keep their minds and bodies engaged during the long vacation. But for others, the summer is all about securing their future. The financial literacy summer camp and showcase was held today at ACC and over 240 students participated. Today the students told us what they learnt about money and budgeting and why it’s so important to learn now. Alester Perez - ACC Summer Camp "We learn about mentor and business. We did arts and crafts, we learned how to create our own business and teach us more into it." Shenese White - ACC Summer Camp "How to save money, how to use it wisely when you grow up because when you don't have a job you can use that same saving to help you get a job." Courtney Weatherburne "Do you have a mini saving account right now?" Shenese White - ACC Summer Camp "No, but I want to." Tahj Cattouse - ACC Summer Camp I learned how to sing in a group and have fun. Learn how to do a budget." Courtney Weatherburne "Did you know how to do a budget before or is this the first time that you've been introduced to saving and drafting up a budget?"

After 5 Years, Alleged Murderer Devin Sankey Is Free
After spending 5 years on remand while he awaited trial, tonight, 22 year old Devon Sankey is at home with his family after he was acquitted in a trial without jury. He was accused of killing 25 year-old Ernan Reneau. The judge heard evidence that Reneau was shot 3 times in his chest shortly after 10:30 p.m. on April 8, 2010. He was standing on Kut Avenue in front of the gate of his girlfriend’s house, when a lone gunman rode up and fired the shots. The main witness for the prosecution was Reneau’s girlfriend, Arilee Summerville. But, she had to be treated as a hostile witness after she took the witness stand and said that she could not recognise the person she saw with a gun in his hand picking up a bicycle. In a written police statement, she said that she recognised the shooter as Sankey, whom she has known for about 4 years. In the witness box, she denied that she told the police anything that was contained in the statement. She said that the police were asking her questions at random and she did not know that she was giving a statement. The prosecution had even more difficulties when they could not produce the original copy of her statement. After arguments from both sides, however, Justice Gonzalez admitted a photocopy of her statement into evidence. But based its contents, the court determined that Summerville’s identification of Sankey as the supposed shooter was not very strong.

Postcard to a Scholarship
Today 9 students received high school scholarships as part of a post card program. These students submitted their art pieces and those depictions were all transformed into postcards. The money earned from the sale of those post cards was used towards the scholarship program – so these students pretty much got back what they put in. Today a ceremony was held at the Department of Youth Services and the students told us how significant this scholarship is for their high school experience and for their future in art. Sabrina Daly - Coordinator "It is pretty much it's kind of like a body where it has a branch. So the primary school arts skills training is a programme that is specific for primary school children. It's basically where these children get to express themselves in art. It also has a branch that has been launched her today which is the postcard programme - where these children also have a effect on their funding for their education. I think it's really neat because they have an impact on their future where they create art pieces and turns into postcards and it's sold and the money generated is used for their education. There's also scholarships given to them. I think it's something that these children actually get a sense of independence and entrepreneurship because of marketing where they create their own work and they have to put that passion in it. To let it be sold to someone else, to appreciate it as much as they did.

From The Classroom to The Rainforest
Usually, the Belize Ecology students would be boarding a boat heading to the Cayes to snorkel and to dissect Lionfish. But today, the students were taken to an entirely different scene: The rain forest. About 19 students were taken to the Las Cuevas Research Center in the Chiquibul to learn more about the basics of rain forest and savannah ecology. Today we met with some of the students at the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi and they told us how this trip will deepen their appreciation for the environment. It is a 5 day trip. Between January and June over 185 students went on these ecology trips.

King's Camp For Kids
Two weeks ago, we told you how the Conscious Youth Development Program launched the first summer camp in the Lake Independence area for this year. Well, it closed today but UDP area rep, Mark King says that 4 other camps will be held in that constituency. He told us that the participants will be getting medals and trophies for their high quality performance in the different sporting disciplines: These 5 camps in the Lake Independence area are funded under the Petrocaribe Summer of Sports.

Channel 5

Belize on Alert for El Chapo
Is infamous Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman headed to Belize? While that is the speculation on various Mexican news outlets, there is no indication at the moment that [...]

Cartel Boss is Self-Made Billionaire
Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, or Shorty, as he is otherwise known, was first arrested in 1993, broke free in 2001 by reportedly taking cover inside a laundry cart and remained [...]

Guatemalans Say HOLD UP on FOB
But there is another story of national importance. Emotions were running high in Belize following an armed standoff between the Guatemalan military and the Belize National Coast Guard, on the [...]

Belize Named in Money Laundering Scheme
Today, Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Eric Eusey, told News Five that his department has no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the arrests of two Americans and a Panamanian [...]

Myvette Family Not Allowed to View Autopsy
On Saturday night, twenty-eight year old Hope Creek resident Leopold Myvette was gunned down by Police officers who fired at least eight shots at him. Their story is that when [...]

…Say Police Used Excessive Force
The post-mortem examination, witnessed only by the Police, concluded at around four this afternoon. The family still has gotten no answers, however, and say they are prepared to do whatever [...]

Security Guard Kills Intruder
About an hour after he was shot, a thirty-nine year old Belmopan resident succumbed at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was rushed to for urgent medical treatment. As [...]

Guatemalans Playing Malpago on Bill for Reef Damage
As we told you earlier, the Guatemalan government is yet to respond on a bill from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for damages caused to the reef when its naval [...]

Mennonite Man Killed in Tragic Accident
A tragic accident just outside August Pine Ridge in the Orange Walk District has left one man dead, and his wife and two small children injured. Preliminary investigations indicate that [...]

No Progress in Kareem Clarke Murder Investigation
Police are also nowhere close to determining who callously murdered Amandala’s star reporter, Kareem Clarke last Monday. Earlier this week at a police briefing, CIB’s Officer in Command, Superintendent Hilberto [...]

Policemen in Myvette Shooting Allegedly Under Investigation
As we have reported, twenty-eight-year-old Leopold Myvette was shot and killed by police officers in Hope Creek over the weekend, in what is being described as a case of excessive [...]

August Appeals Life Imprisonment Sentence
Gregory August, who is now twenty-seven, was convicted on November twenty-eighth 2013 by Judge Adolph Lucas and sentenced to life imprisonment. But August is appealing his conviction and sentence before [...]

Contreras Detained in Guatemala for Unlicensed Firearm
Former Benque Viejo Mayor Edgar ‘Whitey’ Contreras was detained in Guatemala on Saturday after being found in possession of an unregistered firearm in that jurisdiction.  While the handgun is licensed [...]

MoE Hosts Summer Camps
For the past three days, simultaneous summer camps hosted by the Ministry of Education have been ongoing at various schools across the city. Primary and high school students, as well [...]

More Camps Scheduled for Next Week
While activities like these strengthen the bond between the Ministry of Education and international organizations, Mace says that the experience for them is even more rewarding.   Amy Mace, Teacher, [...]

Students Participate in Arts Training Workshop
Seventy-eight students from twenty-three schools across the city are in the Primary School Art Skills Training Pilot Project taking place at the Department of Youth Services in Belize City. It’s [...]


PAHO Conducts Workshop On Air Borne Diseases
Community health workers and other medical professionals converged at the Gala Lounge today for a sensitization workshop on Vector Borne Diseases specifically Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya. The countrywide effort seeks to prevent or lower the reported cases of these vector diseases and also condition the behaviours of community members towards combating the problem. The effort is a collaboration between PAHO, the European Union and the Ministry of Health. ARNULFO CANTUN – PAHO EU Project Coordinator “What happened today is that we are looking at implementing a particular activity that is being supported by PAHO and the European Union along with the ministry of health and what it look at is basically prevention of airborne illnesses and in particular Malaria and Dengue.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Who is it that you are targeting?” ARNULFO CANTUN – PAHO EU Project Coordinator “What happens is that we are implementing a particular methodology which is referred as COMBI, communication for behaviour impact, and what that is, is a planning framework along with an implementation strategy where we target certain behaviours that normally contributes to Dengue and Malaria so what we are also looking at is that for each district to come up with their own specific strategy and then implement them so we are doing this throughout the country and now we are in Orange Walk and our stakeholder here they come up together and made a plan and this opportunity here at this session is for them to sound that plan out to others stakeholders so they can see how useful the strategy is and how it will be rolled out in the coming months.”

El "Chapo" Guzman Escapes From Maximum Prison
If you follow international news, you will know that Mexico's biggest cartel boss, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, escaped from his maximum security prison on Saturday. Reports indicate that Guzman slipped through a hole in his shower area into a sophisticated mile-long tunnel with ventilation and lighting. His cartel Sinaloa is well known for building tunnels under the Mexico-US border for transporting cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana. But it is hard to believe that prison authorities could not detect such an extensive construction project right under their noses.

Godfrey Smith Resigns As PUP Campaign Manager
After 14 months of being campaign manager for the People’s United Party, yesterday the announcement was made that Attorney Godfrey Smith resigned from that post. Reports indicate that Smith and PUP leader Francis Fonseca reached “a mutual agreement” for him to leave the post of national campaign manager with immediate effect. Neither Smith nor Fonseca would speak on the record to the press. But what we can tell you is that last week at his briefing in the wake of the by-election loss, Fonseca stated that the party would do a proper assessment of its campaign, with everyone including himself at their disposal. At the time, he said, he was satisfied that Smith had tried his best to steer the campaign and support Sabal. Smith had replaced deputy party leader Julius Espat who led the party’s 2012 campaign. And while Smith is now out, the party has not yet named a replacement but it is reported that Smith remains Fonseca’s personal advisor.


A Look at the Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Camp
For months now we have been covering the efforts and contributions made by two American organizations, namely, Peacework and Price Waterhouse Coopers, as they relate to the lessons in financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills that they have been giving to Belizean students. Over the course of the summer, primary and secondary students from various institutions […]

Official Record Numbers Released in Sugar Industry
Despite an almost two months delay in the start of the 2015 Sugar Cane Crop Season, this year’s harvest period has proven to be not only a good one but by far the best in the history of the sugar industry in Belize. Today the Sugar Industry Control Board released the official figures for this […]

PUP’s Youth Arm Calls on Government to Address Youth Issues
The Belize Youth Movement is calling on the Government to address the needs of youths. In a release the group says for over two years the national youth development policy has been ignored by Government. The group has placed a message at the overpass in Belize City, one they say should serve as a reminder […]

Traffic Accident on Southern Highway Leaves Several Injured
Four persons are recovering from injuries sustained in a road traffic accident that occurred on Tuesday evening. We hear more in this report from correspondent Angelica Cruz. ANGELICA CRUZ “Yesterday evening Love News reported about an accident on the Hummingbird highway that left a family of four injured. Today, 28-year-old, Roxanna Julisa Lopez, a Belizean […]

Accident in Northern Belize Ends Fatal
It was just before nine o’clock last night when Orange Walk police were summoned to an area on the San Felipe/August Pine Ridge Road where they came across a black Toyota Hilux truck in the middle of the road, bearing extensive damages. In addition, investigators found 39-year-old, Johan Knelsen, a Mennonite of Camp 13 at […]

Motorcyclist Dies After Losing Control on Highway
A Honduran national who was living in Santa Cruz Village in the Stann Creek District lost his life this morning as a result of a traffic accident. Independence police say that Cornelio Miranda was driving a motorcycle sometime around 6:45 this morning from Santa Cruz Village to Santa Rosa Village on the Southern Highway. Reports […]

Security Guard Claims Self Defense in Recent Shooting
A man was shot and killed at a business establishment in Belize City on Tuesday night. Head of the Criminal Investigations Branch, Superintendent Hilberto Romero, shared the details of their preliminary investigations. HILBERTO ROMERO “On Tuesday the 14th day of July 2015 police responded to a shooting at the Gonzalo Quinto compound situated at miles […]


Belize Bank holds scholarship ceremony
The fourth annual ceremony for the Belize Bank Limited Scholarship Program took place in Belize City, this morning. Twelve students from four districts were handed scholarships to continue their education; eight at secondary and four at tertiary level. The Belize Bank Limited’s scholars...

Four arrested in San Pedro for drugs and firearms
Police in San Pedro Arrested and Charged four persons for drug trafficking and firearm offenses as a result of a predawn operation conducted earlier today by the San Pedro Rural Rapid Response Team in Gardina Sandhill. [ARRESTED PIC] Persons arrested are Nelson Zelaya, Anthony Zelaya, Nichole Moody...

Orange Walk Man Found Dead inside Home
An Indian National was found dead inside an apartment in Orange Walk early this morning. According to police the deceased, identified as 30 year old Vicky Hareshlal Gyanchandani, was known to have a history of chronic alcoholism. This along with other evidence is leading police to investigate the ma...

Silk Grass waterboard electricity issues
Last year September, villagers of Silk Grass turned to us as a last resort in appealing to the authorities to address their growing issues surrounding the village water board. In March 2014, the village chairman, who is a defacto member of the village water board, wrote to the Minister of Rural Deve...

Police awards Do The Right Thing
The Police Department is celebrating ten years of its Do The Right Thing program. Annually it identifies and publicly honors young individuals in school who have overcome adversity to succeed. Today the top 38 awardees nationwide from each of the police zones gathered at Old Belize on the George Pri...

Belizean company fingered in Panamanian corruption scheme
A company in Belize has been used to move funds for illegal purchases for the former President of Panama, Ricardo Mantinelli according to one online news article in “ Caribbean News”. According to the article, Mantinelli used a company in Belize to disguise purchases that include illegal telephone a...

Chopping in Palmar Village
At about 1 AM yesterday, July 13th, police responded to a chopping incident in Palmar Village. Upon arrival, they were told that the victim of the incident had been transported to the Hospital with multiple chop wounds over his body. Police then visited the hospital where they saw 27 year old Irvin ...

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Atlantic Bank will host auto show this weekend
Atlantic Bank Limited’s main branch in Belize City will host the New and Pre-owned Auto Show this weekend. There has never been a better time to get your wheels, as from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon at the Hour Bar Field, Princess Margaret Drive, […]

GOB, OAS collaborate on social inclusion project
The Government of Belize, specifically the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, is to sign a cooperation agreement on Thursday morning, July 16, at 9:30 a.m. The agreement with the Organization of American States (OAS) is for the execution of a three-year social inclusion project which is being financed through […]

“El Chapo” in Belize?
Wanted Mexican drug Lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman may have found safe harbour with alleged allies here in Belize, Mexican media report. Guzman broke out of Altiplano prison West of Mexico City over the weekend through a mile long tunnel and remains on the run. Periodistas Quintana Roo, quoted by […]

Moderate and unstable air-flows are expected to prevail over the country for the next few days
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting partly cloudy skies with the chance of a few showers or thunderstorms developing inland and in the North today, then mostly over the South tonight. Winds will be blowing to the East – Southeast at 10 to 20 knots and the sea […]

Fatal collision in Orange Walk claims one life and injures three others
An unfortunate and fatal traffic accident in Orange Walk District has left a hole in the Shipyard Mennonite Community as one of their own perished after he was flung from the horse and cart/buggy he was driving. The incident occurred on Tuesday night, July 14th, when shortly before 9:00 p.m, […]

Police looking for missing teen in Arenal Village
A 14 year old female resident of Arenal Village in the Cayo District has been reported missing since July 1st after she went to visit a family member in San Ignacio Town. Telma Romero, mother of 14 year old Britney Vallardes reported to police that her daughter left home on […]

Security guard shoots, kills trespasser in Belize City
An alleged trespasser was shot and killed by a security guard at the Gonzalo Quinto and Sons compound in Belize City on Tuesday, July 14th 2015. Police were dispatched to the location on miles 1½ Phillip Goldson Highway and upon arrival, they found 39 year old, Belmopan resident, Louis Leslie […]

Dangriga resident arrested for stabbing minor
A 28 year old Dangriga resident has been arrested and charged in connection with a stabbing incident that resulted in a minor being hospitalized. Denis Omar Pineda Hernandez was slapped with a single charge of “Dangerous Harm” after he stabbed a 17 year old minor on Ramos Road, Dangriga shortly […]

KHMH workers ask for wage increase

Management of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital have spoken to Cabinet about approving a wage increase for employees that would cost more than $2 million. The hospital’s 579 workers are not classed as public officers; they officially work for the KHMH authority, a statutory body. However, that body is not […]

Commentator Stephen Okeke has suggestions for PUP leadership

A few weeks ago political commentator and author Stephen Okeke wrote on Facebook that the People’s United Party (PUP) must think and act radically if they are to regain the confidence of the electorate in time for general elections. He raised ten points of interest for the party to address […]

Fatal Traffic accident in August Pine Ridge claims 1 life
Reports reaching our newsroom are that a man riding on his horse and buggy was hit by a vehicle and died upon impact in the vicinity of August Pine Ridge in the Orange Walk District. Information is still sketchy but we were made to understand that the accident happened late […]


Snorkeling Belize’s Blue Hole: This Trip is SO MUCH MORE
Yesterday I went on the all day diving trip out to the Great Blue Hole of Belize. The UNESCO World Heritage site…the 407 feet deep sink hole…formed during various ice ages and lined with stalagmites and ‘tites from when the sea level was much much lower. Our snorkel was beautiful…lots of fish…including beautiful midnight parrot fish and a spotted drum.- an odd looking little guy. I really liked hovering over the deep blue abyss and at one point….I saw a shark. A real Caribbean reef shark. Next time? I’m DEFINITELY going diving. Time to get a refresher course and get ready.

A Concise History Of Mesoamerica And The Ancient Maya Part 4
Where in the world did these early Americans come from? This was the huge question Europeans attempted to answer. Certainly, it is human nature to want to know some answers to some questions like: Why are we here? What are we here for? Where are we going after this life? This is the kind of curiosity which drives all people to organise, culturally, their responses. There are these two great land masses which have disappeared from the centre of the Pacific Ocean and the centre of the Atlantic Ocean. The people who inhabited these land masses were known as the Mu people from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantean’s from Atlantis on the Atlantic Ocean. These two places have never been found. Other people have suggested that the Phoenecians were the ones who brought civilisation to the America’s, however, there is no proof of this culture on the American continent.

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See the World and Save Money with a Roving Retirement
Traveling the world in retirement was once the sole purview of the rich and famous…but no more. These days, the world is more accessible than ever to everyday people—if you know how. Getting around it is easier and cheaper than it has been for any previous generation. Nowadays, it really is possible to spend a month savoring the culinary and cultural delights of Paris, a few months soaking up the sun on Mexico’s Riviera Maya and a few more exploring the diverse wonders of Southeast Asia. And all for much cheaper than you might expect. “We started this thing thinking that, if it didn’t work out, we could always go back to work, but six months in, I was ruined for ever working again,” says Greg Winker. “I’m so glad my life has turned out this way. All I want is to continue.”

UNCW Welcomes Belize Governor-General to Campus
Belize Governor-General Colville Young will participate in the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC) summer conference July 15-17, hosted by the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Sir Young, who represents Queen Elizabeth II in Belize, also met with UNCW Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli. COBEC promotes “mutual understanding and friendship” through a variety of programs and activities that contribute toward higher education in Belize. The organization also enhances global experiences for students, faculty, staff and administrators from member institutions through study abroad opportunities, research, teaching and other educational development efforts. Belize is a key global destination for UNCW students and faculty, according to the Office of International Programs. During the past academic year, 106 students participated in six different faculty-led study abroad programs in the Central American nation. Only the United Kingdom and Spain attracted more UNCW students to study abroad last year.

Shooting big Fish in a barrel
They may be enormous but whale sharks are surprisingly sensitive to the movement of tiny humans around them, as MALCOLM NOBBS discovers in West Papua. And if you want to meet whale sharks, he and marine biologist JAMIE WATTS pin down their annual global migrations January Whale sharks start to arrive off Honduras. March-May The Bay Islands and Belize attract whale sharks in numbers. Cubera snapper are gathered in spawning aggregations off Belize’s Gladden Spit, and the spawn seems to be what attracts the sharks. June-September The northern Caribbean is warming up for the spring. Off Holbox Island off the north of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the Bay Islands, Belize and Tobago several hundred whale sharks gather, feeding as bonitos (July and August) and then corals (September) spawn.

Coco Beach Resort in Belize Ranked by Expedia Among 650 Hotels Worldwide
The Expedia group, one of the world’s largest full-service online travel sites, announced on Tuesday the results of the Expedia 2015 Insiders’ Select rankings, an annual crowd-sourced list of the world’s best-reviewed hotels. Out of 650 global properties, the following ten Caribbean hotels were featured: This list represents a ranking of the world’s best-reviewed hotels, reflecting direct customer feedback on Expedia group sites. The 2015 list names 650 exclusive properties as Insiders’ Select winning hotels from among bookable properties available on Expedia websites worldwide. Insiders’ Select is now in its eighth year.


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  • Shark EATS GoPro - GoPro Hero 4 Shark Attack POV HD in Belize, 2min. A shark circles a scuba diver and then attacks a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Filmed off of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye on July 4, 2015, in Belize.