Several consultations have been held in coastal communities across the country in order to finalize details on the draft for the National Replenishment Zone Expansion project in Belize. Spearheaded by the Fisheries Department and the Nature Conservancy, the project hopes to convert up to 10% of Belize’s territorial waters into replenishment zones, where no fishing will be allowed. As such, the areas would be a refuge for marine species. In San Pedro, two consultations have been held. With data having been collected, organizers are now in the process of drafting out the expansion for revision by the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development.

Leading to the end of the consultation, participants were asked if they would endorse the project. Almost all those in attendance agreed to endorses the National Replenishment Zone Expansion project. With this step done, Carcamo stated that this proposed expansion for all regions across the country will be compiled in a report and presented to the Ministry for their revision.

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