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Today's Belize News: July 22, 2015 #506049
07/22/15 05:48 AM
07/22/15 05:48 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Be a part of the 2nd Annual Camp Starfish
With only a week away till the start of the 2nd Annual Camp Starfish, organizers are ironing out the final details. Scheduled to take place from Monday, July 27th to Friday, August 7th, Camp Starfish is a specially designed summer program that caters to island children living with physical or mental disabilities. This year’s camp will see the participation of 12 special education volunteers from the USA, and together with local volunteers, campers are bound to have a fulfilled summer experience. Leading up to the start of the camp, organizers held a fundraiser to raise monies needed to cover expenses during the two week program. The camp is offered free of charge to all participants and as such, donations are vital to its success. The fundraiser was in the form of a dollar drive held on Wednesday, July 8th. Organizers welcome all special needs children to participate in this year’s camp. Camp Starfish will be held at the San Pedro Lions Club from Monday to Friday from 8AM to noon. Transportation will be provided for those who need pickups and drop-offs. A nurse will be present at all times during the camp and snacks will be provided. Any form of donation is welcomed to offset camp expenses. For more information or to make a donation please contact Dianela Hancock at 668-4819 or Dalia Alamilla at 662-7880.

Welcome to Paradise
And then there were colors, vivid, they made me feel so alive, shades of blue, green and turquoise. I took a deep breath and held in the salty air, exhaling, I smiled. I’ve arrived in paradise.

Making my favorite treat: Rice Shake!
When in need of a delicious treat that reminds you of home, Rice Shake or Dulce de Leche is the way to go! A classic in Belizean cuisine, I have been eating Rice Shake (some call it Ricelab) since I was toddler. My grandmother and my aunt back in Orange Walk Town make the best Rice Shake- just my personal opinion… and now that I live in San Pedro I rarely get to eat this tasty- and sweet- treat.So after making a quick phone call to home base and getting the instructions on how to make it, I set on a short journey to gather ingredients. Making Rice Shake is rather simple and doesn’t require much.

National Replenishment Zone Expansion Endorsed in San Pedro
With data gathered, the second consultation was held on Wednesday, July 8th at the Sunbreeze Conference Room, with aims of having fishermen and tour operators endorse the project. It was facilitated by Fisheries Officer Ramon Carcamo, Seleni Cruz from the Nature Conservancy, and Lewis. “In the first consultation we explained what the National Replenishment Zone Expansion project is about and we allowed those in attendance to give recommendations on how to better it. We took into consideration those recommendation and made a new draft project which we presented in the second consultation. We also shared the results of all the different consultation we have held in different destinations, and what people in the industry think about the project,” said Lewis. She indicated that among the changes made to the project is the area of the replenishment zone. “At that initial meeting, the majority of fishermen and tour guides present agreed that expansion should occur at 12 to 11 nautical miles, as it will assist in maintaining Belize’s territorial integrity. It would also support the work of the Belize Coast Guard and the area could be managed through the use of satellite imagery and other technology, rather than foot patrol. The zone would be a refuge for our marine ecosystem and help the country to adapt to climate change, as well as promote sustainability in the industry,” said Lewis.

Ambergris Today

Boobies and Paradise – Escape to Half Moon Caye Belize
How about escaping to an isolated island for the day where you can disconnect and appreciate the great outdoors? Sounds like a great idea, right!? This little piece of paradise that I am talking about is called Half Moon Caye, located in the lower southeast corner of the reef in Belize; home to a national park and protected bird sanctuary. Half Moon Caye lies within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll offshore Belize and can be reached from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye in about a couple hours (faster from Belize City). A visit to the island as part of a diving/snorkeling tour or an all-day beach picnic is a time well spent walking around barefoot with absolutely no cares in the world. On this tiny island you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can do some beachcombing and then find yourself within lush greenery all in a very short walk; without the crowds. The only traffic that you need to worry about is that of Hermit Crabs crossing your path and avoiding crashing into one of the hundreds of coconut trees that fill the island.

Beach Bumming at Lobster Fest – Caye Caulker Belize
What comes to mind when you hear Caye Caulker Lobsterfest – Lobster, Lizard Juice, Beach Parties, Lizard Juice and a heck of a good time! Caye Caulker Lobster Fest is the number one event and biggest celebrated on the “Go Slow” island. This festival attracts hundreds of visitors, both international and local who seek to enjoy the best in beach parties and most definitely dine on some of the yummiest lobster dishes. And as the sun goes down on a Saturday Night, watch the nightlife come alive with hungry revelers hunting for that perfect mouth-watering Lobster dish before heading out to the epic Dance Light Party on the beach.

The Belizean Meat Pie Reinvented with Lobster
Lobster Season in Belize keeps getting better and better every year. There is always that one restaurant or deli that comes up with a big surprise that gets you wide-eyed and all excited. I guess it’s because there is a season for lobster in Belize that we get all excited when it opens and we can’t seem to get enough of it. Heck! It’s not available all year round, so why not celebrate it. We got our hands on some Lobster Meat Pies this week, something unheard of in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, until this new deli on the island introduced it. Boogie’s Belly can’t carry the lobster meat pies long enough to make it past lunch time. Once word got out that the eatery was making meat pies with lobster, islanders started flocking the place even more. A staple of the Belizean breakfast or afternoon snack, the meat pie is as Belizean as it gets. Small cupcake-sized pies filled with ground beef stewed in a delicious sauce. But Boogie’s Belly switched things up a bit when they opened on the island by filling the pies with curry chicken and some veggies. As lobster season kicked off, they spiced things up again with lobster as the main ingredient. How About That!?

Elvi’s Kitchen Serves Up a Mean Breakfast All Day Long
I bet that you did not know that the famous Elvi’s Kitchen of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, served breakfast all day long. YES! They Do!! Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day and sometimes you wake up a bit late to catch a great breakfast, heck you are on vacation and in San Pedro there are not a lot of restaurants that offer breakfast all day long. The funny thing is that Elvi’s Kitchen is not open during breakfast hours; they open from 11a.m. to 10p.m. every day (except Sundays), but that does not mean you cannot get breakfast at Elvi’s. Chef Jennie Staines has always been hard at work perfecting the menu in her kitchen, bringing bold new flavors together and even creating a side menu that she calls “Jennie’s Creations”. It is in this menu that she has included some excellent breakfast options that are a must.

Riverside Dinning at Maracas Bar & Grill
On the banks of the New River in Orange Walk Town lies Maracas Bar and Grill – a restaurant that has everybody buzzing about their delicious Belizean and Mestizo cuisine. Located just a few minutes from town in a naturally styled outdoor venue, Maracas Bar and Grill is an ideal place to taste the richness of the Maya-Mestizo heritage and international cuisine while overlooking the picturesque river. It doesn’t get any better than this - Dine under a thatched roof while enjoying the cool and gentle breezes that roll off the river. Cooling off is made easy with cold drinks by the riverside after a day of exploring and shopping in Orange Walk. Maracas Bar and Grill has a wide selection of great dishes and drinks on their menu. Here are some of the dishes we sampled including Surf and Turk, Pork Pibil Tacos and Empanadas de Chaya which we highly recommend.

Plunge into the Aquarium at Long Caye, Belize
The Atolls of Belize have some of the best and most pristine diving/snorkeling sites in the country. Their remoteness from the mainland has them pretty much untouched by humans and various spots remain undiscovered. One of these aquatic gems is The Aquarium dive site located just off the western shores of Long Caye in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It’s a very popular dive/snorkel destination in Belize, named for its impressive marine life activity, the Aquarium is a sheer drop-off with a surplus of fish on the reef’s top. The reef at the Aquarium is referred to as the table-top formation. At the shallower part of the dive site, near the mooring line, it is essentially a flat expanse covered with clusters of brain coral, purple fans, and groves of sea plumes. But the coral reef is mostly located in deeper waters, hence the site being more popular for divers.

Belize Electricity Limited in Salary Negotiations with Protesting Worker’s Union
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is aware of a protest by the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) which commenced today, during which BEWU members referred to the details of negotiations for a revised a Revised Partnership Collective Agreement (PCA). Negotiations commenced on November 4, 2014 between BEL’s Management Negotiating Team appointed by BEL’s Board of Directors and BEWU’s Negotiating Committee appointed by the Executive of the BEWU. These negotiations entered into mediation on June 26, 2015 by the Labour Commissioner after the BEL and BEWU negotiating teams were unable to arrive at an agreement on the negotiation of salaries and benefits for the revised PCA. Non-financial matters of the revised PCA were first addressed and successfully negotiated except for the clause on disciplinary action. At the commencement of negotiations, the BEWU’s proposal was for an increase in salaries and benefits amounting to 90% of salary. The Company rejected this proposal for salaries and benefits. In April, the BEWU presented a new proposal for a 62% increase in salaries and benefits. The Company presented a counter proposal for 24%. The BEWU walked away from the negotiating table and led a sickout. BEL deems this incident a strike under the laws of Belize and has reported the matter to the Labor Department.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly Detected in Southern Belize
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) sent out a press release informing the public, especially in Southern Belize, that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (or Medfly) has been detected in the village of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District and in the Sapodilla Cayes in the Toledo District. As a result of these detections, eradication activities such as fruit stripping, ground spraying, and delimitation trapping are underway in these areas. These activities are important to ensure that the outbreak is contained and that the Medflies are eradicated quickly. BAHA reminds the public that Belize is the only country in the region that is free of this pest and it is only when infested Medfly hosts, such as fruits and vegetables, are brought into Belize illegally that this pest is introduced. The Medfly is a very devastating pest and Belize could lose its export markets if the Medlfy becomes established and spreads into areas that are producing fruit for export. In addition, the Medfly also causes loss to small entrepreneurs who are unable to sell their fruits such as mango, craboo or guavas locally when areas are placed under quarantine restrictions. It also deprives the population in infested areas from consuming fresh fruits that is a valuable source of nutrition.

Dine & Meet the Costa Maya Delegates
August 5th at Elvi's Kitchen - Make your reservations now!

First Belizean To Take Post as Assistant Secretary General at OAS
H.E. Nestor Mendez Takes Office as Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of -American States - Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs, attended the official inauguration of H.E. Nestor Mendez as the new Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States on Friday, July 17, 2015 in Washington, D.C. Ambassador Mendez was elected OAS Assistant Secretary General for the 2015-2020 term on March 18 of this year with a majority vote of 24 of the total 34 votes cast. This is the first time a Belizean has been elected to the post of Assistant Secretary General of the OAS. H.E. Nestor Mendez served as Ambassador of Belize to the OAS and to the Government of the United States since June 2008. The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, congratulated the new Assistant Secretary General and said “I have nothing short of great expectations for our work together.” The OAS leader added “there are exciting times ahead and our task is one borne of the trust that has been placed in our hands.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Why the People's United Party is declining in Belize
By Wellington C. Ramos. First, I would like to commend Mr Steven Okeke for his views on why he thinks the People's United Party are in the current state that they are in. It takes people like him with guts to state their views openly and more Belizeans should follow him. As a person who is a born Belizean I have a different view of the situation. These are some of the reasons why I think the People's United Party (PUP) is declining and it will be extremely difficult for this party to remain the same again: 1. Historically, the People's United Party was founded by the people of Belize business and working class as a national movement against the British injustices during the colonial era. 2. Leigh Richardson, John Smith and all their leaders had the people's interest at heart. Most of the workers' unions had a working relationship with the People's United Party and they were the only political party in Belize. 3. When Leigh Richardson and Phillip Goldson went to prison, George Cadle Price emerged as the Leader of the party. Disagreements between him and other PUP members like Goldson, Fuller, Pollard and others led to the formation of new political parties namely; the Honduran Independent Party, the Christian Democratic Party and the National Independence Party which later formed the now United Democratic Party. George Price was accused by Goldson of selling out Belize to Guatemala from the 1950s to the 1970s. This and the fact that George Price could not be trusted were the main issues for NIP and nothing else that I can remember for a long time. The 17 Webster Proposal in the 1960s made a lot of people believe and respect Mr Goldson.

Request for Expression of Interest – Shrimp Branding
Shrimp produced in Belize, certified under the ASC shrimp standard, possess distinct characteristics that demand a high market value. In order to obtain this market advantage, the unique qualities of these shrimp need to be communicated to the consumer. Developing a unified branding and image for the Belize shrimp cluster and the transmitting this image to exporters, will ensure that these shrimp can be differentiated from others within international markets, and that the cluster can obtain the high market value assigned to sustainably certified shrimp. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), have established a co-financing program called “Compete Caribbean” (RG-X1044). The ultimate goal of this Program is to contribute to the increase in the standard of living and quality of life in the Caribbean, the enhancement of the competitiveness of the Caribbean region, and increase the development impact of private sector development projects while emphasizing gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Caye Caulker cleanup
Due to good vibes, we have extended cleanups by one more week on Caye Caulker, please join us for a Saturday morning!

Belmopan Day 2015
Belmopan will be celebrating 45 years on Saturday, August 1st. It's looking to be a huge event, with great music from Panerrifix, the New Sensation Band, Supa G, Richie Galvez, and more, along with scores of activities for kids, and adults. They'll have volleyball, softball, and basketball marathons too. Happy Birthday, Belmopan!

Fruit Fly - eradication (MedFly)
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) hereby informs the public, especially in Southern Belize, that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (or Medfly) has been detected in the village of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District and in the Sapodilla Cayes in the Toledo District. As a result of these detections, eradication activities such as fruit stripping, ground spraying, and delimitation trapping are underway in these areas. These activities are important to ensure that the outbreak is contained and that the Medflies are eradicated quickly. BAHA reminds the public that Belize is the only country in the region that is free of this pest and it is only when infested Medfly hosts, such as fruits and vegetables, are brought into Belize illegally that this pest is introduced. The Medfly is a very devastating pest and Belize could lose its export markets if the Medlfy becomes established and spreads into areas that are producing fruit for export. In addition, the Medfly also causes loss to small entrepreneurs who are unable to sell their fruits such as mango, craboo or guavas locally when areas are placed under quarantine restrictions. It also deprives the population in infested areas from consuming fresh fruits that is a valuable source of nutrition.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, Juy 21, 2015: 08. FANTASY 5: 33 30 14 28 9 W

Cut- O - Brute
Ingredients 2 medium coconuts grated (on coarse side of grater as shown on the photo below) 3/4 lb brown sugar Water from 2 coconuts 1 tin evaporated or coconut milk ( optional) 1 tbsp. Grated or finely chopped ginger ( optional) Method: 1. Place all ingredients in iron pot and cook for about 30 mins. Or until sticky & brown in color. 2. If desired add evaporated or coconut milk 3. Cook for 5 mins more 4. Grated or finely chopped ginger may be added While cooking 5. Scoop out coconut mixture from pot with tablespoon and mold together in desired sizes and leave to cool on cutting board or baking sheet.

Ocean Messages in Caye Caulker
Please come out! Be a part of the documentation of artist Pam Longobardi delivering Ocean Messages in Caye Caulker~

Music on Caye Caulker
Kenia and Amaurys will be playing tomorrow night at "Il Baretto"

Emergency power interruption 7:00am to 12:00 midday, Thursday, July 23, San Pedro Town
Pescador Drive and North San Pedro, from Boca Del Rio to Tranquillity Bay Resort. BEL to repair hotspots at the San Pedro and Boca Del Rio Substations.

Cayo National Song Competition
Who's ready for this year's National Song Competition? Thursday at the Cayo Welcome Center, at 7:30pm. See you there! "Two days away from our Cayo Elimination!!! Will you be there? "

Channel 7

Did Standard Bearers Stage Boycott of PUP Meeting? Leader Says No
The PUP today held a meeting of the Party's National Executive and Standard bearers. It was the first national meeting since the Dangriga Bye Election two weeks ago, and the first since the abrupt departure of National Campaign Manager Godfrey Smith. So we thought it would be crowded and tense. But, instead it was the opposite of crowded. By our count, 13 of the 31 standard bearers were absent. Very credible reports suggested a boycott by key elements of the party who do not support Francis Fonseca's leadership. But, coming out of the meeting the party chairman and the leader flatly denied that:.. Jules Vasquez "We've been out here since 1:15 and we saw a number of key personalities in the PUP didn't show up. We know that most of the standard bearers from the north didn't show up. We know many from central, including Cordel Hyde didn't show up and we know that a number from the west did not show up. Is there a reason for half of the standard bearers showing up?" Henry Charles Usher, Chairman - PUP "I don't know of any organized reason. I know a few of them gave us apologies why they couldn't be here today." Jules Vasquez "After the strong showing on the ground at the Dangriga bi-election, shouldn't we have expected a good strong showing to continue that momentum?" Henry Charles Usher, Chairman - PUP "We had a majority of them there Jules. Majority of the standard bearers, all the members of the national executive - they were upstairs and we had a good meeting. We went through what is the plan for the next couple of months and that was the basic agenda for today."

When Did PUP Leader Meet With Ashcroft?
So, without a National Campaign Manager to whom will the PUP turn to liaise with Michael Ashcroft, the campaign financier? Because, to compete with the well-financed UDP - the PUP needs a backer with millions, not thousands. Well, the job could fall to the leader himself, Francis Fonseca. 7News has obtained a picture of a meeting between Ashcroft and Fonseca earlier this year - reportedly before the municipal elections. The meeting is in the same corner table overlooking the sea at the Radisson dining room where Ashcroft famously met with Audrey Matura Shepherd. Today, Renee Trujillo from LOVE FM asked Fonseca if he had met Ashcroft:.. Renee Trujillo, reporter - LOVE TV "Was there a meeting held between you and Lord Ashcroft recently?" And while he walked away from the question today - in February on nomination day before the municipal elections, we did ask Fonseca if he had met with Ashcroft:.. FILE: February 11, 2015 Jules Vasquez "We all know that Lord Ashcroft recently." Hon. Francis Fonseca - Opposition Leader - PUP "I didn't know." Jules Vasquez "I did know and it has been reported. A lot of people are speculating that perhaps he was here to inject some money into the PUP campaign machine as he has in the past. He has been a significant contributor to both parties in Belize. Did he give anything?"

City Cops Sharp In Catching Camry, Minor With Weapon
Today, Belize City police were sharp in catching a blue Toyota Camry where one of the occupants had a gun on him. Around 1:00 this afternoon, police stopped the car on Central American Boulevard in front of Public's and conducted a search of three occupants including Ellis Meighan. The area is very crowded and bustling with traffic, so the cops operated between Zericote Street and the Boulevard where they did extensive searches of all occupants. In the end - they only found a .38 pistol on the person of a Hispanic male, who is a minor. All three were taken into custody, but only the minor will be charged. Police have confirmed that because the gun was not found in the car - but on the person of the minor - it was not a joint enterprise, so Meighan and the other man will be released.

Trouble Case Of Teenager Found Drunk In Cancun
A 14 year old girl - who is believed to be a Belizean - was found naked and drunk in Cancun on Sunday. According to the online news site Por Esto Quintana Roo, some neighbors heard shouts coming from the bushes around 3 Sunday morning in an area known as "La Rejoyada" located near the Health Center. When the police searched the area, that's when they found the minor - naked and disoriented lying among empty cans of liquor. The online report states that the minor got into a fight with her partner on Saturday night and after went drinking with some friends at the beach. It seems she had way too much to drink and passed out. When she woke up it was Sunday and she was in the bushes naked. Apparently, the minor was abandoned by her parents and has no family living in Cancun. At this point, the investigation is preliminary but very much active. It is not known if the minor was sexually assaulted but the Consular services in Mexico have notified Belizean authorities and are still trying to verify if the child is Belizean. So for now the child is being held in protective custody in Mexico.

BEL: Management Vs Union, The Gloves Are Off
BEL's union, the Belize Energy Workers has taken to the picket line - to protest what members say is hardball being played at the negotiating table by the management of the power company. The Union says it is asking for an across the board 8% raise for union members, while BEL says that over the past four years, employees have received an increase of over 20% in salaries. That's a vastly different interpretation, and today as the BEL workers used their lunch break for day two of picketing - 7News asked about those discrepancies - and Marvin Mora didn't play to throw it on BEL:... Jules Vasquez "The first allegation made in there is that at the commencement of negotiations, Belize Energy Workers union's proposal was for an increase in salaries and benefits amounting to 90% of salary. That's a lot to ask for Mr. Mora, that's no laughing matter." Marvin Mora, Belize Energy Workers Union "Yes, it's a laughing matter for us because first off, we would really want the media to start to take the union's position rather seriously. Who in their right mind, would ask a 90% salary increase across the board?"

Keyren Tzib's Volatile Relationship With Thytis Blancaneaux
Last night, we told you how police arrested and charged Coast Guard officer Keyren Tzib for the crime of manslaughter after witnesses say that she fatally stabbed her common-law husband Thytis Blancaneaux. In our coverage, you heard when his landlord say that their relationship was physically and verbally abusive, and that on the day in question, the deceased was the one who attacked first. That would suggest that Blancaneaux is the aggressor, so what does his family have to say about all of this? Well, our colleagues from Love News spoke with his sister late yesterday evening. In that interview, she recounted the family's observations of the dynamics the couple's relationship which she said is best described as "volatile". She said that Tzib made the worst possible first impression on their family when they had the couple over for their first introduction: Voice of: Minerva Blancaneaux - Sister of the Deceased "We knew nothing about the young lady other than she was in the Coast Guard. It wasn't until after my mom passed in April over Easter. The same weekend we buried my mom, we found out that the young lady got into that incident with her co-worker and she was arrested because my brother contacted us at the time to let us know but we still hadn't met her as yet."

Resignations Continue At British High, Now US Embassy Deputy Under Investigation For Bullying
Another employee of the British High Commission resigned yesterday. As we reported on Thursday about 10 employees have resigned since British High Commissioner Peter Hughes arrived in late 2013. When we spoke to 4 of the former employees on Thursday, they told us that they left because they were repeatedly bullied and verbally abused by Hughes at the workplace. Well, yesterday another employee joined the group and sent in her resignation letter. One of her co-workers told us today that he would see her coming down the stairs from Hughes' office crying on several occasions. We contacted the Deputy High Commissioner Grace Chun today to ask if there is any active investigation into these reports but she had no comment. So while things are at a 'standstill' at the British High, things are stirring up at the private residence of the US Deputy Head of Mission, Bruce Matthews. Turns out there are similar reports of bullying and abuse coming from the private residence. Two Belizeans employed as household staff allege forced labour and employee abuse in the Deputy's household.

The Pepper Spray Trial Concludes
Last week Thursday, we told you about 26 year-old hair braider, Patrice Ramsey, who was remanded for 6 days after she was convicted for harm after pepper spraying a woman simply because others said that the victim looked like her. Well she was brought back to court from prison today, and Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer handed down her sentence. Before the Senior Magistrate sentenced Ramsey, she allowed her attorney, Mayor Darrell Bradley, to make a mitigation plea on her behalf. Bradley said that given the recent circumstances regarding Ramsey's slain boyfriend, Amandala Journalist Kareem Clarke, she was not thinking right when she pepper sprayed Usher. He said that the court should note that Ramsey is a graduate of Ladyville Technical High School, and she has expressed her remorse to him for what she did. After consideration, Frazer gave her a suspended sentence of 3 months, which means that she will not serve any jail time as long as she keeps out of trouble with the law. She must also pay $500 in compensation to the victim, Nikita Usher.

MEDFLY Appears Ominously in Southern Belize
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is reporting that they have detected the Mediterranean Fruit Fly - or Medfly - IN HOPKINS. Belize was the only country in this region that was free of the pest, but that streak is over: BAHA says that they have detected it in the village of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District, and the Sapodilla Cayes in the Toledo District. BAHA's immediate response is that it will start fruit stripping, ground spraying, and trapping. They want to ensure that the outbreak is contained and eradicated as quickly as possible. BAHA stresses that the fly is only introduced when fruits and vegetables are illegally brought into the country. The organization is appealing to the public to help by not bringing in fruits form neighboring countries because the Medfly has been devastating to fruit and vegetable export markets of other countries where it is prevalent. In addition, the Medfly also causes losses to small vendors who are unable to sell their fruits such as mango, craboo or guavas locally when areas are placed under quarantine restrictions.

Police Meet To Discuss Second half Of A Deadly Year
According to a police press release, Police Minister John Saldivar met with the 6 of the most senior officers in the Police Department to discuss the past 6 months. In attendance were Acting Police Commissioner Russell Blackett, and the 5 regional commanders, which included Senior Superintendents Ralph Moody of the Southern Police Region; Aaron Guzman of the Western Police Region; Alford Grinage, the Acting Commander of the Eastern Division North, Edward Broaster, the Commander Eastern Division Rural and Chester Williams Eastern Division South. Apart from reviewing the police response to crimes in the last half-a-year, the officers also discussed strategies that they will adopt for the second half of the year. Also, coming out of that meeting, villages in the Cayo South area will get a separate police formation, which will be managed by the Commander of the Western Police Region. The villages of Hopkins, Sittee River, Kendal, and Silk Grass will no longer be policed by the Dangriga Formation. They will also get a new Police station, and a commander who will answer to the Southern Regional Commander.

Remembering Reemo's Work
No matter the motive, artist Katie Usher's has been keeping track of those murders with her art piece "Wall" - reflecting on those who have been murdered this year. Most of the names featured on the wall were taken from newspaper articles - mostly those written by Amandala reporter Kareem Clarke. So Usher decided to go further - she dedicated a wall to Kareem Clarke's work - cutting out and pasting Clarke's articles on the wall at the Image factory. Today we spoke to Usher about her inspiration for this exhibit and about the importance of letting Clarke's memory live on through his stories. Courtney Weatherburne "What was the first thing that struck you about his writing? If you'd like to say." Katie Usher, Artist "Well, that it was very well researched and you couldn't find grammatical errors and he really wanted to share the story. Not statistics but what happened? Why it happened? That was very important." Courtney Weatherburne "Would you say that inspired you to create this wall for him and in his memory?" Katie Usher, Artist "I think so because many of the names that I did for wall, I got those from stories that he had written unfortunately. So when he became a part of the list, that's when I really realize that I had to do something. After I did that piece I was compelled to show his work so that people could see how amazing his writing really was."

Hoop Dreams Made Gold A Reality
The Under 19 Hoop Dreams Basketball team brought home the gold medal from the Copa Cancun tournament. The Belize team played and won all 6 games against Mexico's finest teams like the Mexican National Champs Veracruz Marlins. The games were tough but in the end the teams' hard work and competitive spirit led them to victory. Today a press conference was held at the Quan Volley Ball Gym and the team told us how significant this win is for Belize but also how impacting this entire experience is for the boys. The games were played from the 15th of July to the 20th. The team has been together for 8 years. A U-14 tournament is also coming up next month.

Hon. Fonseca Says Ashcroft Meeting in 2013
At the top of the news - we showed you a picture with Michael Ashcroft and Francis Fonseca meeting at the corner table at the Radisson dining room. Our credible information says the image is from 2015, but Fonseca texted us during the news to say it's an old picture. We asked him when it was taken, and he said most likely in 2013. Our source sticks to their information that it was 2015, during Ashcroft's frequent visits to Belize in the first part of the year.

Foreign Minister in Mexico
Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, made an official visit to Mexico where he signed 8 agreements to strengthen the bilateral legal framework between Mexico and Belize. The bilateral agreements include formalizing procedure for Air transport, the innocent passage of ships, as well as agreements in the field of energy management, Social Security, Intellectual Property Protection and Promotion of Patens, Climate Change Research, Wildlife Conservation, Guidance, and Consumer Protection. Elrington headed a delegation which included Ministers of Commerce, Erwin Contreras, Education Youth and Sports, Hon. Herman Longsworth and the CEO Lawrence Sylvester. While they were there, they met with Mexican Foreign Minister, Jose Antonio Meade. According to a release from the Mexican Embassy, Elrington's visit was the first time that a Foreign Minister from Belize made an official working visit to that country.

Channel 5

P.U.P. National Executive Discusses Campaign Strategy Ahead of General Elections
The P.U.P. today held a meeting of the National Executive, which also includes standard bearers, to decide a way forward to general elections. But by our count, there were at [...]

Did Cabal Boycott Meeting? Party Leader Says Their Absence is No Big Deal
When P.U.P. leader Francis Fonseca emerged, he said that it was just a regular meeting to discuss the way forward for the Party. And even though he agrees that an [...]

No New National Campaign Manager Named
And what about the post of National Campaign Manager, abruptly vacated by Godfrey Smith? It was believed that when Smith was brought on board in 2014, he would have provided [...]

Day 2 of B.E.W.U. Protest, B.E.L. Addresses Breakdown in Collective Bargaining
Day two of protests took place today during the lunch hour by members of the Belize Energy Workers Union employed at the government controlled Belize Electricity Company. The final round [...]

Energy Workers Union Loses Trust and Confidence in Labor Commissioner
This morning, Marvin Mora, wearing his hat as President of the Belize Energy Workers Union, discussed to issue as he sat on the couch on Open Your Eyes. While disputing [...]

Should G.O.B. Consult Guatemala Over Construction of F.O.B.?
And our question for tonight is: Do you believe the government needs to consult with Guatemala over construction of the Forward Operating Base in Belizean territory? Send your comments and [...]

Belizean Minor Found Nude and Beaten in Cancun
Mexican newspapers are reporting that a Belizean minor was found in the nude and in a drunken stupor in a bushy area of Cancun where she has reportedly been in [...]

Mediterranean Fruit Fly Detected in the South
The Mediterranean Fruit Fly has been detected in two areas southern Belize. That’s the report today via a press release from the Belize Agricultural Health Authority, better known as BAHA. [...]

Guatemalan National Charged with Unlawful Sexual Intercourse
Also in the south, a Guatemalan national is in custody tonight for a most disturbing report made last week. He is thirty-eight year old Selvin Giovanni Castro who has been [...]

Motorist Found Dead Near Independence
Police are reporting on a fatal traffic accident in the Stann Creek district. It happened at about two o’clock on Monday afternoon in the outskirts of Independence.  Twenty year old [...]

Are N.T.U.C.B.’s Recommendations to Government Falling on Deaf Ears?
Marvin Mora, the president of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize says that government should proceed with the construction of the forward operating base on the mainland at the [...]

Belize City Mayor on Crime in the Old Capital
By our count there are up to seventy-eight murders since the start of 2015. Most of the homicides are in the Belize District with murder count in the city at [...]

Media Expedition to Port of Honduras
Media personnel were ferried out to a little known – at least to the city-centric journalists – protected area in Southern Belize called the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. The trip [...]

Foreign Minister Elrington Signs Bilateral Agreements with Mexico
A delegation from the Belize Foreign Ministry headed by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington was in Mexico City for the signing of eight bilateral agreements between both countries. Signing on behalf [...]

IMF Releases Statement on Belize’s Economic Outlook
Today, when he appeared on Open Your Eyes, Marvin Mora also spoke on the issue of Belize’s spiraling debts. He said that the unions met with the IMF not too [...]

Hoop Dreams Belize Takes Copa Cancun Tournament by Storm
A team of young students won big at a basketball tournament in Cancun, Mexico. Between the fifteenth and the twentieth, the team played and won all six games in the [...]

An Audio Production Summer Camp for the Musically Inclined
A six-week audio tune program for budding artists and musicians will commence next week Monday at the Department of Youth Services on Regent Street. The program is primarily targeting persons [...]

Sailing Delegation Returns from International North American Championship
Sailing, it is not a sport that would normally make it in our weekly Sports Monday report, but the sport is readily becoming an attraction. A delegation consisting of four [...]


BAHA Combats Pesky Medfly
Officials at the Belize Agricultural Health Authority, BAHA are currently attempting to eradicate the presence of the pesky Mediterranean Fruit Fly or Medfly which has been detected in the village of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District and in the Sapodilla Cayes in the Toledo District. As a result of these detections, eradication activities such as fruit stripping, ground spraying, and delimitation trapping are underway in these areas. These activities are important to ensure that the outbreak is contained and that the Medflies are eradicated quickly. BAHA reminds the public that Belize is the only country in the region that is free of this pest and it is only when infested Medfly hosts, such as fruits and vegetables, are brought into Belize illegally that this pest is introduced.

Is Technology Holding a Grip On Our Children
Technology has become a vital part of our society. Whether you are watching television, making a call or using the internet; we use technology every day, but what effect is it having on us. And more specifically, what effect is it having on our children, could it be making them lazy? We have all probably heard our grandparents and even parents say….."back in my day, things were this way or that way." Today, things are different. Technology is all around us. Some people say, technology is making us less social; it's stifling education and is in fact making our kids lazy. The answer actually varies depending on who you ask. According to a recent study performed by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda, ICMPA, across the world including Belize, most children and teens spend 75 percent of their waking lives with their eyes fixed on a screen. But while turning on a machine and clicking buttons is the norm for kids nowadays, sports enthusiast Ben Ramos says, technology has gotten a grip on our kids and is not letting go.

Minister Of Foreign Affairs Signs Agreement With Mexico
Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington wrapped up his visit to Mexico with the signing of eight agreements to strengthen bilateral judicial cooperation. According to reports from the Mexican press Elrington met on Monday with Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, who thanked him for being the first Belizean Foreign Minister to make an official working visit to Mexico. The agreements cover during Elrington’s visit covers air transportation; shipping; energy; social security; intellectual property and patents; climate change; wildlife conservation; and consumer protection. During the visit, Elrington was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle, while Meade received Belize's Order of Distinction. Elrington also participated in a seminar on Mexico-Belize relations attended by more than 250 students, officials and members of the diplomatic corps. The report ended stating that Mexico is Belize's number1 trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean.

LICU Members Hires The Services Of An Attorney
Viewers may recall that on July 3rd a group of about 30 members of the La Inmaculada Credit Union staged a peaceful demonstration demanding answers about the institution’s affairs. The action came after the suspension of former General Manager, Yolanda Gomez. And while that action prompted a prepared statement from the Board of Directors stating that an internal investigation is on-going and they cannot disclose anything else, members are keeping the pressure on today since no answers have been given. Today, we found out from member Estella Torres that they are moving unto a new approach, by garnering signatures on Friday. ESTELLA TORRES – Member, LICU “Tenemos que reunir mil firmas para mandar la carta a La Inmaculada Credit Union, a según los abogados de nosotros nos dijo que teníamos que tener diez mil peo como tenemos un Credit Union Act dice que tenemos que tener mil que es el 10% y entonces con eso nosotros podemos empezar a trabajar.”

BTIA To offer Tourist guide Training
On Monday, children of all ages will converge at the Sandy Hunter Library for a 3-day summer camp spearheaded by the Belize Tourism and Industry Association (BTIA). Tourism Information Officer, Jazmin Zetina says the children will be engaging in educational, environmental activities. Jazmin Zetina - Tourism Information Officer, BTIA OW “The main focus of this program is keeping the environment clean and healthy which goes with the BTIA civic pride campaign that we started and also recovering the tourism and the environment and the Ocean as well.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Then is that open to kids ages…?” Jazmin Zetina - Tourism Information Officer, BTIA OW “Well, we started enrolling kids from two months ago but of course we have a limit that the library can hold.” And for persons interested in Tour Guiding as a profession, a first step training will be hosted in Mid-August says Zetina.

New Commandant Of Corozal Police Formation Speaks On How To Combat Crime
Corozal Police Formation has a new commander. He is no other than Superintended Dennis Arnold, who has been at the helms of the department for the past week. Now as every person in charge Arnold has his work cut out for him, after all he will be dealing with crime issues. Today we sat down with Arnold and asked him about his plans to keep crime on the down low in Corozal. “I believe that Mr. Ramirez was doing an excellent job in Corozal and I will just continue on with what Mr. Ramirez had implemented and just built on it, we would have the crime investigating officer out there and myself will be out there and I have just form another team today from members of the different villages, sometimes nothing happening in the villages so I bring them in from time to time to do patrol in town and in the villages also.” And when it comes to police brutality and corrupt cops Arnold says it’s something he has zero tolerance for hence why the open door policy at the department, will remain.

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Belize Wins Basketball Championship in Cancun
Belize made its mark in international basketball over the weekend, as the Hoops Dream Belize under 19 basketball team brought home the championship from the 2015 Copa Cancun Pioneros U19 Basketball tournament. Head Coach Brads Neal, gave us an insight on this tournament and what Hoops Dream Belize is. We spoke to some of the […]

Fonseca Says There Was No Meeting with Ashcroft
Tabled at today’s meeting was a discussion of divisional transfers which undoubtedly will require finances in the party. According to PUP’s leader, Francis Fonseca, they have a strategic plan in place. FRANCIS FONSECA “We have a strategic plan for the transfer period and of course that requires some money and that is something that we […]

Fonseca Says His Leadership Is Not Being Questioned
And while the proverbial blue and white tent is facing financial issues and seems to be having problems winning an election and with reports of party members no longer having faith in his leadership thus the reported boycott of today’s meeting, we asked Fonseca, ‘what if indeed your leadership is being questioned?’ Here was his […]

Eamon for PUP’s National Campaign Manager??
So, there is no individual replacement for Smith, at least not yet …. But according to our inside sources, we were told that Eamon Courtenay was approached by a senior party member and former PUP Minister of Finance, to take on the position. Our understanding is that Courtenay referred to that offer as, quote, ‘dead […]

No Replacement Yet for Godfrey Smith in the PUP
With the People’s United Party preparing for the upcoming elections they believe will be called shortly and with the recent firing of the National Campaign Manager, Godfrey Smith, Party Leader Fonseca was asked if to date he has found a replacement for Smith. FRANCIS FONSECA “We did talk about the whole structure of the campaign […]

Murder Victim’s Family Says Police Lacks Professionalism
While it is indeed not easy coping with such a sudden and unexpected loss, Blancaneaux’s sister, Minerva told Love News yesterday that the Police Department has made it even more difficult for them as they have not been professional or forthcoming with information to the family. MINERVA BLANCANEAUX “We still haven’t heard back from […]

Tzib and Blancaneaux’s Relationship Described as Volatile
The weekend murder of 30-year-old, Thytis James Blancaneaux has triggered varied emotions particularly since it involved, 24-year-old, Keyren Tzib, a Seaman of the Belize Coast Guard who was out on bail after allegedly shooting a co-worker on Easter Monday this year. Tzib was taken back to court yesterday where she was arraigned for manslaughter after […]

Was There A Boycott of Executive Meeting by PUPs? Fonseca Says No
Those are indeed pertinent issues that were tabled today inside the PUP’s Independence Hall … but not pertinent enough, it seems, to have a great attendance. The members trickled in and by two thirty, the meeting had less than twenty of about forty five persons who were to attend. The party however was not fazed […]

PUP Meets to Discuss Election Strategies
The rumor mill is churning in the old capital within the blue and white political camp surrounding the leadership of the People’s United Party. While credible sources are speaking of a dissatisfied number of members within the party as it pertains to the Fonseca leadership, the National Executive with the standard bearers met today in […]

Agricultural Health Authority Responds Quickly to Medfly Presence in Southern Belize
The Mediterranean fruit fly (or Medfly) has been detected in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) says to quickly eradicate the outbreak, actions such as fruit stripping, ground spraying, and delimitation trapping are underway in southern Belize. BAHA reminds the public that the only way possible for this pest […]


State Funeral for PC Orio, Victim of Fatal RTA
On Thursday July 16th the Ministry of National Security hung black bows on their doors in solemn memory of one of their fallen brothers 33 year old PC Carlos Orio, an officer attached to the Special Branch, who died in a fatal traffic accident the night before. According to reports Orio was driving...

Hattieville couple’s dispute turns deadly
A separated couple’s encounter on Sunday afternoon turned fatal for the woman’s employee, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. year old construction worker Steve Munnings was killed in his yard in the village, struck in the head with a piece of 2 by 4 board. The accused killer H...

Salvadoran found dead in Shallow grave
A decomposed body was found in a shallow grave in the early hours of the morning on July 15th. Police conducted a search in an area 5 miles off the main road of Spring Field Community in the Paraiso Area. During their search they discovered a shallow grave measuring about 6 feet by 3 feet. The polic...

Guzman Acquitted of Carnal Knowledge
A jury of 4 men and 5 women found 33 year old Michael Guzman, former Technical Drawing Teacher of Belmopan Comprehensive High school, not guilty for charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and carnal knowledge. In 2014 Guzman was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 14 year old student of the ...

Man burned to death in River Valley
Police are working to establish whether burnt human remains found on Saturday morning near the entrance to the village of Bermudian Landing are those of 28 year old Kelvin Usher, a mechanic of Mile 9, Philip Goldson Highway. We hear more from officer commanding Eastern Rural Police Division Sr. Supt...

Keyren Tzib hit with manslaughter charge
She was accused of attempted murder in April and today faces charges of manslaughter in relation to her partner’s death. Coast Guard officer Keyren Tzib, 27, was immediately taken in by police on Saturday afternoon after allegedly stabbing her common-law husband, 30 year old Thytis James Blanc...

Man Dies At Shrimp Farm
Independence police are currently investigating the circumstance surrounding the death of 27 year old watchman Delwin Garcia, a resident of George Town, Stann Creek, who was found dead at the bottom of a drain at BAL Shrimp Farm. According to police reports, on July 16th at about 7 PM, the supervis...

Danger for Belize’s Fruit Industry; Destructive Fruit Fly Spotted in Belize
There is breaking news tonight in the Agriculture sector. PlusNews has been reliably informed that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, scientific name ceratitis capitata, has been identified in Southern Belize. Belize has enjoyed Med Fly free status for decades, something our Latin American friends have n...

Members of the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) protested today in front of Belize Electricity Limited company headquarters calling for better wages and a better pension plan. Members held placards asking for 8% increase in salaries as well as a 10% increase in pension; something they say is curre...


Jealousy and rage lead to murder!
–A Hattieville man who was charged by police with a single count of murder was arraigned today in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until October 20, when he is scheduled to return to court. Hugh Dyer, 31, was arraigned before Magistrate Ladonna John this afternoon. Dyer has been charged with the murder of Steve Munnings, 47, which occurred yesterday, Sunday, in Hattieville, at Munnings’ Myvette Street home. Police reported that when they went to Myvette Street at 2:50 p.m., they found Munnings lying injured inside the yard. “Also found on the scene was a piece of 2 x 4 board believed to be the weapon used on Munnings,” the police report said. From all accounts, it appeared that Dyer was suffering from a fit of jealous rage when he demanded that his ex-common-law wife, Michelle Breakman, 26, hand over her (Breakman’s) house keys to him.

Keyren Tzib, 26, in serious double trouble
Belize Coast Guard seaman Keyren Tzib, 26, appeared emotionless as she walked out of the Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB) double cab pickup which pulled up in front of the Magistrate’s Court Building on Treasury Lane this afternoon around 3:25 p.m. Tzib was escorted by two female police officers who handed her over to the court cell block officers. In less than half an hour after her arrival, Tzib was standing in front of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who read a single charge of manslaughter to her “for causing the death of Thytis James Blancaneauex on July 18, in Lords Bank, in the Belize Judicial District.” No plea was taken from Tzib, because the charge is an indictable offence. Chief Magistrate Smith remanded Tzib to the Belize Central Prison until her next court date on September 8. Tzib, who was charged with the attempted murder of Coast Guard petty officer Kurt Hyde in April, had been released on Supreme Court bail, and the charges in relation to that incident are still before the Magistrate’s Court.

Belizean girl, 14, found naked and “stoned” in Cancun
Several news sources out of Mexico are reporting that a 14-year-old Belizean girl was found naked and severely intoxicated in a forested area in Cancun. Officials who examined the minor found that she had been beaten, and she had bruises and cuts inflicted with a “cutter” on her arms. It has not been confirmed if she had been sexually assaulted. The girl, who has since been placed in state protective custody, reported that she had been drinking with a stranger in Cancun yesterday, and she admitted to being addicted to drugs. Cancun police said that yesterday, Sunday, they received an emergency call that a young girl was sleeping naked in the area. Police found the girl sleeping completely naked in the grassy area, and surrounded by bottles of liquor. She was severely intoxicated, according to a report made by the Mexican newspaper La Verdad, dated today, July 20.

KHMH workers end go-slow as Cabinet ministers meet staff and board reps
During a meeting held at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) this evening with a four-man team from Cabinet, board members of the hospital and staff reps, hospital workers who have been on an indefinite go-slow since Friday, with the cancellation of all outpatient elective services and surgeries over demands for a salary increase, have finally agreed to suspend their protest action. The workers were asked on Friday to stop their protest action in good faith because they were perceived to be taking action before the salary negotiation had even started. After consulting with staff members today, they announced their decision to call off their action. “We are very pleased with the outcome of the meeting today. It was very productive in terms of information and in terms of the issues being vented… There were about 30 people present in the meeting. For that amount of people, I think we made great strides,” said KHMH chair, Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, who also attended the meeting.

Charred human remains found near Bermudian Landing Bridge
Ladyville police have still not yet definitively identified the charred remains of a man’s body that was discovered lying face-down in some bushes, about 400 feet past the Bermudian Landing Bridge on Saturday, just before 11;00 a.m., police confirmed to reporters at a press briefing this morning. Although there has been a missing report of a 28-year old mechanic from Mile 9 on the Philip Goldson Highway, police stressed that the body will be positively identified after a post-mortem exam, which is to be done tomorrow, Tuesday. The day the body was found, on Saturday, July 18, around 1:46 p.m., Daisy Williams, 18, a resident of Mile 9 on the Philip Goldson Highway, reported to police that her common-law husband, Kelvin Usher, had left home on Thursday, July 16, and up to when she made the report to police, he had not returned home.

BEL workers protest for unconditional 8% salary increase
A group of about 30 workers of the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), mostly linesmen from the Magazine Road facility as well as a contingent of office staff from Belize City, sacrificed their lunch hour today to stage a peaceful protest outside the company’s headquarters at Mile 2½ on the Philip Goldson Highway, in a bid to get their first salary adjustment in 5 years. Incidentally, the protest by workers of BEL, a government-owned utility, comes on the heels of the indefinite suspension of elective surgeries and specialty services last Friday at the national referral hospital – the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, whose workers have been demanding to be paid the 6% salary increase that public servants and teachers were awarded last year and the 8% being paid at the end of the month. At its AGM held last month, BEL announced record profits of $36.2 million. We understand from the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) that the salary increase being discussed would amount to a little over $3 million a year, based on preliminary information which BEL’s management has provided to the union.

Verdes, 1-0, and Belize National “A” Team, 4-2, over Guatemala
Football fans were treated to two international games over the weekend, as Verdes FC and the Belize National “A” Team took turns defeating Guatemalan 1st Division club, Suchitepeque FC in international friendlies on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio. Both national champs Verdes FC and the Belize National “A” Team are preparing for tough international competition in the coming weeks. Verdes FC has a Champions League date with Mexico’s Queretaro FC at the FFB Stadium on August 18; and Belize National “A” Team has started training for 4th and 8th September dates in World Cup 2018 Qualifiers against an opponent to be decided in this coming Saturday’s draw in Russia. Belize’s national team goalkeeper Shane Moody Orio is presently on contract with CD Suchi, who are ranked third in Guatemala’s top professional division, in which Shane was recently selected best goalkeeper. Shane accompanied his Guatemalan team, but, due to a knee injury suffered two weeks ago, he did not participate in any of the games.

Belize U-19 basketball team wins Copa Cancun tournament, returns Tuesday
Reports from Mexico are that a Belize U-19 basketball selection, led by coach, Brads Neal, captured the championship of the Copa de Cancun Pioneros 2015 tournament which included the recently crowned Mexican U-19 National Champs, Veracruz Marlins. According to Brads’ report, the 4-day competition, from Thursday, July 16, to Sunday, July 19, “was fierce, but our boys defended the Jewel with pride and honor.” He went on, describing the game against the Mexican national champs, “That game was fierce and competitive, with unbelievable moments of greatness displayed by both teams. In the end, the strong will and determination of our young superstars prevailed.” The Hoops Dreams Belize team is expected to arrive back home tomorrow, Tuesday, after which a press conference will be held at Rogers Stadium.

Editorial: Who speaks for Belize?
Normally, the four major Belizean newspapers hit the streets as follows. The UDP Guardian goes on sale Thursday morning; The Reporter and Amandala are available early Friday morning; and the PUP Belize Times arrives from across the border anytime between Friday and Saturday. But all four weekend newspapers will be dated for the Sunday of that week. This Sunday dating is the handiwork of an extraordinary newspaper vendor by the name of Anthony “Panta” Belgrave (may he rest in peace), who prevailed on all the newspaper business managers to do this in order to make it easier for him to continue selling through the weekend. This past weekend, The Reporter did not become available until around 6 a.m. Saturday morning, July 18. It was dated for the Sunday, July 19, but the headline story, entitled BASE WILL BE BUILT SAYS LOVELL and written by one Benjamin Flowers, did not have a dateline at the top of the article. The first paragraph of that story read as follows: “The Government of Belize (GOB) will establish a forward operating base on the Sarstoon River, despite Guatemalan concerns, declared George Lovell, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, this week.”

From the Publisher
At the time, a little more than six weeks ago, when the Belize Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, asked/instructed the Belize Coast Guard to stand down from Sarstoon Island in the face of Guatemalan aggression, we cited a Bedouin story from a Thomas Friedman book to illustrate how dangerous the implications could be following a stand down like this. Today, the Guatemalans have essentially said to our government leaders that Sarstoon Island is not ours to do with as we will, and that it is best Belize meet them at the Organization of American States (OAS) and wait until the matter is judged by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The Sarstoon Island, mind you, was an integral part of Belize’s sovereign territory when Belize became a nation-state accepted into the United Nations and the OAS in September of 1981. Before proceeding, let me say that I speak here as a mere Belizean citizen and as the publisher of Belize’s leading newspaper, for whatever that is worth. This Sarstoon business has become a delicate, critical moment in Belize’s history.

Bus madness in Cayo
Dear Editor, Last Tuesday night—July 14th — I got onto a Westline Bus — no. 2209 — around 7:20 p.m. in San Ignacio. The bus was on its way to Belize City and left San Ignacio around 7:30 p.m. The bus was filled with people— some standing in the aisle. The conductor began collecting money and, evidently, some person could not pay. The conductor was really upset—using foul words and yelling loudly. Some woman and, I believe, another man offered to pay for this person, but the conductor would not let anyone pay for this person. Since people were standing in the aisle, I could not see all that was happening. Finally, the conductor yelled for the bus driver to pull the bus over and stop, which he did. There was more yelling and carrying on. The bus was well into Santa Elena. The conductor told the bus driver to take the bus back to the police station, which he did. Many passengers did not like this. At the top of the hill that goes down to the low bridge, as the driver turned the bus to begin the downward descent, a fight erupted at the front of the bus. The driver stopped the bus. Fists were flying as the fight seemed to proceed to the middle of the bus, and then back to the front. The bus driver got out — people (men) were fighting, and some of us were trying to get off the bus through the front doorway. Someone had his hand holding onto the bus at the doorway, and someone else kept punching the hand.

Former Special Branch officer is now Orange Walk’s new police chief
Elite investigator and former officer of the Special Branch Unit, Inspector Selwyn Tillett, is now the new police chief of the Orange Walk police formation. Inspector Tillett was the deputy commander of the Orange Walk police, and was promoted to the rank of assistant superintendent and now commands the Orange Walk police formation. ASP Tillett took over from Superintendent Dennis “Desho” Arnold, who has been transferred to Corozal, to take over from Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, who has been transferred to be an executive officer at the National Police Headquarters in Belmopan. The announcement was made today at the Orange Walk Police Station. The new police chief, in an interview today with Amandala at the Orange Walk Police Station, said that he would work hard to gain the public’s confidence and trust and will support community policing.

IMF reports on annual Belize consultation
Belize’s public debt could rise significantly, especially if the Caribbean Court of Justice calls for the payment of compensation to the former owners of the recently nationalized companies – the Belize Telemedia Limited and the Belize Electricity Limited. This is according to a press release issued today by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), at the conclusion of its annual Article IV Consultation with Belize. The IMF mission, led by Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe, visited Belize for two weeks, starting on Monday, July 6, and concluding today, Friday, July 17. They held discussions with key Belize officials in the context of the country’s 2015 Article IV Consultation, during which they met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, Central Bank Governor Glenford Ysaguirre, other Government and Central Bank officials, as well as representatives of the private sector, labor unions, sugar farmers and the Opposition People’s United Party. The IMF notes that the Government’s fiscal primary balance would remain in deficit, because of expansionary fiscal policies, including wage increases and new projects financed with Petrocaribe resources.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Port Honduras Marine Reserve faces critical issues
Established 15 years ago as a marine reserve, the Port Honduras Marine Reserve in Southern Belize has gone through its ups and downs, from incursions by Guatemalan and Honduran fishermen to ongoing beach erosion to changes in the fish stock, while hanging over it all is the possibility […]

New Belize City mother dies of liver cancer
She was just 24 and had given birth to her second daughter four months ago, but complications from liver cancer claimed the life of Angela Smith of Belize City over the weekend. She had been scheduled to come home from a hospital stay in Los Angeles, California at […]

Hairbraider given suspended sentence for pepper spray attack
26 year old Patrice Ramsey was sent to prison last week because she appeared not to show remorse for pepper spraying a rival last week, after being found guilty in court. But she showed plenty of it today and Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer handed down a sentence of […]

Medfly detected in South; BAHA responds
Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is currently doing fruit stripping, ground spraying and delimitation trapping in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District, and the Sapodilla Cayes, Toledo District, where the Mediterranean Fruit Fly has been detected. BAHA is doing its best to ensure that Belize remains the only country in the […]

Trinidadian Orchestra group visit sacred temple at Xunantunich
On Monday, Trinidad’s St. Augustine Chamber Orchestra (SACO) participated in a fully guided tour of the sacred temple of Xunantunich as a part of their itinerary for visiting Belize. As an avid supporter of music and arts in Belize, The Belize Bank invited SACO to participate in two […]

Support Clari Gladys Novelo in dengue fight
Clari Gladys Novelo of San Ignacio is in urgent need of at least six units of O-positive type blood as she fights the deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever. Her family will be holding a barbeque sale on Wednesday beginning at noon at #12 Cayo Street, Trench Town Area, San […]

BTIA waits on Harvest Caye decision
Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel is to decide on the case of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) versus the Department of the Environment (DOE) and National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) following the conclusion of the case on Friday, July 17. BTIA’s suit accuses the Department and the Committee of […]

BEL workers want pay increase too
“No money no deh?” Try, “More money deh” for salary increases. Following the example of the teachers, public officers and KHMH workers, staff of national power provider Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) are trying their hand at obtaining a salary increase – 8% over 4 years. Members of the Belize Energy […]

Foreign Affairs Minister in Mexico on working visit
Today, Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington concluded his working visit to Mexico by signing eight agreements that strengthen the bilateral legal framework between México and Belize. Minister Elrington led the Belizean delegation today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs meetings with his Mexican counterpart, Foreign Secretary José Antonio […]

Belize to learn from South Korea in science and technology
South Korea has become a world leader in science and technological innovation, home to popular brands like Samsung, LG and Hyundai. And that is why, according to Minister of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities Sen. Joy Grant and CEO Colin Young, the East Asian country is a perfect partner […]

Fatal traffic accident near Independence claims 1 life
Lucas Teul, a 20 year old from Independence Village in Southern Belize died in a fatal traffic accident yesterday around 2pm in the afternoon. According to reports, police were called to an area on the Big Creek Road which is approximately half-mile away from Independence Village where they encountered the body of Teul who was lying motionless beside a creek with the front wheel of his motorcycle on top of him. Police observed that both his head and body contained injuries and he was immediately transported to the Independence Village Poly Clinic where he was pronounced dead at 3:10pm.


Cheap Eats: Where to Find Good Budget Food on Ambergris Caye, Belize
Let’s start with breakfast. As in most areas of the world, it’s generally the cheapest meal. No different here in Belize…and there are tons of options. Johnny Cakes: They are one of my very favorites. Almost like a biscuit but a bit denser. My favorite is from Celi’s Deli. $3bzd. Johnny Cake with ham & cheese. Here is the most recent picture I have of the menu. As always, the “Belizean Treats” are the best deal. And some mighty fine food. Pupusas – The Holy Grail of Street Food. These delicious hot masa pancakes stuffed with all sorts of goodness from lobster to the typical pork, beans and cheese. I LOVE the vegetarian ones – pumpkin (like zucchini rather than squash) and cheese is my favorite. $2.50bzd on both Middle Street and Back Street in the evening. If you are south of town, try La Divinia Providence Grocery. Delicious too.

2015 Belize Eco-Kids Camp Rule #1 – JUST BE A KID!
Upon arrival at the camp grounds the Eco-Kids were assigned to both their cabins and their teams for the week. The Tapirs, Toucans, Jaguars, and last but not least, the Howler Monkeys. Then they were all assembled in the dining area to design their team flags with paint and markers. Most of the campers were ecstatic when they learned that their hand and footprints were eligible to go on their team flags! After going over the camp rules and the schedule for the rest of the night, the eco-kids were greeted by the manager of the Macal River Camp, Mr. Docio. Mr. Mick Fleming, co-founder of Chaa Creek, paid a surprise visit to greet the eco-kids, which was especially well received when they saw his dogs, Makali and Kaisa tagging along to greet them as well! Just before sitting down for dinner, the campers and counselors participated in a name game to help everyone put names to faces. Most campers enjoyed their nicknames enough to go by them the rest of the night!

Olmec In America
The name Olmec translated refers to “dweller in the land of rubber”. They were an American civilisation that certainly may have had a lot of influence on civilisations on the American mainland, including the Maya. The predominant sites that these “rubber people” dominated and gave to history were found in the centre of the Mexican Gulf Coast. The names of those initial sites were Tes Zapotes, Laguna de los Cerros, San Lorenzo and La Venta which are found in the Mexican provinces of Vera Cruz and Tabasco. These people are credited for some of the influences on other civilisations around them, including the Maya with inventions such as: The ballgame, arithmetic, calendar, monumental art, portable art (crocodilian images), motifs (such as: the flaming eyebrow, The U-element, Saint Andrews cross, and the Kan cross)

International Sourcesizz

Mexico and Belize sign 8 agreements
Belizean Foreign Minister Wilfred Peter Elrington wrapped up his visit to Mexico with the signing of eight agreements to strengthen bilateral judicial cooperation, the Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat said. Elrington met on Monday with Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, who thanked him for being the first Belizean foreign minister to make an official working visit to Mexico. The agreements cover air transportation; shipping; energy; social security; intellectual property and patents; climate change; wildlife conservation; and consumer protection. Elrington was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle, while Meade received Belize's Order of Distinction. The foreign minister participated in a seminar on Mexico-Belize relations attended by more than 250 students, academics, officials and members of the diplomatic corps.

Ioffredo completes service in Belize
Anthony Ioffredo, of Melrose, a junior at Boston College High School, with 11 classmates and two BC High faculty members, spent their April vacation building a house for “Ms. Dawn” in the central American country of Belize. Ioffredo and the BC High volunteers went to Belize to assist an organization called “Hand in Hand Ministries,” to build a home for a family in need, reflect on their place in the world, and pray together. Hand in Hand provides simple yet stable housing for people in Appalachia and Central America. When they arrived the group received a visit from former mayor of Belize City, Frank Lizama O.B.E., a woodworking artist, from whom students purchased Christian themed wood art such as nativities and crosses.

It beats an autograph: Former Simpsons cartoonist doodles Homer and Marge on vacation in the ultimate guestbook dedication at resort in Belize
Now this is a seriously incredible message to leave in a hotel guestbook. Alex Ruiz, a former assistant director on the television programme The Simpsons, drew an amazing illustration of Homer and Marge enjoying a beach holiday on July 17. 'We love Thatch Caye,' he scrawled under the charming doodle.

50 years later, a memorable reunion in Belize
In September 1964, 22 Peace Corps Volunteers landed in British Honduras (now Belize) to begin their two-year service. On February 27, 2015, nine members of the original BH II group, along with four RPCVs from BH III and IIIb, met to celebrate their 50th anniversary reunion at Caye Caulker. The group enjoyed daily treks of the island on foot, rides in a golf cart, excursions to the nearby reef by boat and swimming in the “Split.” On Friday night, everyone gathered at the Paradise Inn for a dinner of good Belizean food and beverages, and began sharing stories from their lives 50 years ago and catching up on what they have been doing ever since. This was more that just fun in the sun, as you’ll see. On Saturday night, the group of 17, including spouses, met in the village center thanks to village council president Wayne Miller. Mr. Miller offered opening remarks that stirred the hearts of everyone in the room: “Welcome home! On behalf of the people of Caye Caulker and my country, thank you for your service here.” He shared how, as a young boy, he was personally influenced by Volunteer Gene Adams, who provided inspiration and encouragement for him and others like him through baseball and basketball activities for youth that continue today. He thanked the group, and Peace Corps in general, for years of service to the people of Belize: “Offering the room for you to meet is but a small token of my appreciation.”

The classical Belizean softball team of the 1979 Pan American Games will go down as the only Belizean national team ever to have defeated the greatest softball team of their time, the United States Orlando Rebels by a score of 2-1. This was a serious blow to the world champions of softball at that time. These Belizean softball greats won the bronze medal in the Pan American Games, but returned to Belize victorious as one of Belize's most achieved national teams ever to have competed as world class athletes in the international sports arena. Truly historic!

The legendary Belizean ace pitcher, Consuelo Dougal, has become the most talked about Belizean softball pitcher of the 1960's. Her fearsome pitching style intimidated caribbean softball greats like Jamaica in the CAST games, and won championships for Belize in 1969 against formidable foreign opponents on Belizean soil. She was called Dougal the Panther by the 1969 Jamaican softball coach who had come to fear Dougal's powerful and skillful pitching.

The legendary Belizean cyclist has become the most talked about Belizean male athlete of his time and beyond. He conquered the roads where no other had done before of his generation. He won four Belizean Cross Country Cycling Classics, and he is the undisputed King of The Road in Belizean cycling history.

The classic photo celebrates some of the greatest Belizean male athletes of all times. They were football players, boxers, basketball players, cyclists, and forces to be reckon with in Belize's national sporting arena. They were the best Belize had ever produced. Though many have left Belize for distant shores, their names still ring out in the doldrums of Belizean sports today, and a call for the times of triumph when Belizean men played sports with a passion never to be seen again for a while. They are appreciated!

The Ecology Project International Alumni Group at Las Cuevas Research Station
During their camp fire. It was our pleasure having all of you at Las Cuevas. Photo by Boris Arevalo.


  • The OceanMaker, 10min. This video won at the Belize International Film Festival. It was created during a retreat in Belize. It's stunning, and is really worth the watch. "After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds. The bulk of the film was made using nothing but laptops during a 7-week artist retreat on a small caribbean island."

  • Swan-necked ciliates in love (1), 1/2min. Ciliates from the family Trachelocercidae (Karyorelictea) are commonly known as swan-necked ciliates. They are only found between the sand grains in marine sediment, and so they are rarely seen by casual observers. Here are two swan-neck ciliates swimming about while in conjugation. Collected from Twin Cayes, Belize. Filmed on 2015-07-04.

  • Swan-necked ciliates in love (2), 1min. Ciliates from the family Trachelocercidae (Karyorelictea) are commonly known as swan-necked ciliates. They are only found between the sand grains in marine sediment, and so they are rarely seen by casual observers. Here are two swan-neck ciliates swimming about while in conjugation. Collected from Twin Cayes, Belize. Filmed on 2015-07-04.

  • CABINDA 10 - Município de Belize, 4min.

  • BELIZE - HURRICANE HAVOC, 1.5min. Flying over Belize, the capital of British Honduras, it's heart-rending to see the terrible havoc wrought by hurricane Hattie. Out of a population of about 30,000, it's estimated that over 15,000 have been made homeless. The death roll is not yet known. Supplies were not long in being flown in by Britain and America. Help of every kind was urgently needed, for all local services were out of action.

  • LIB 3-2-72 TROOPS TRAING IN THE BRITISH GARRISON IN BELIZE, 3min. British troops train on weapons in the British garrison in Belize; also shots of general camp life.

  • Situation in Belize after the passing of Hurricane Dean, min. 1. Various of Corozal waterfront, south of Belize City 2. Various of buildings severely damaged by hurricane 3. Tracking shot of destruction 4. Various of fallen tin roofs on streets 5. Destruction on street 6. Various of flooding and damage on the border of Belize and Mexico 7. Wide of sign on the border reading: "Immigration Hall" 8. Wide of border checkpoint 9. Various of destruction and flooding at the main energy plant 10. Various of flooding and fallen trees in rural areas of Corozal 11. Wide of damaged shack in rural area

  • Hurricane Dean hits Belize coast, 1min. ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 1. Wide of seafront 2. Rain falling in light of street lamps

  • Belize: Mennonites, 8min. Belize (recent): various Mennonite land in Northern Belize; exterior poultry farm; various Mennonite owner walking around poultry farm; field; owner in field; field; owner arriving in truck; getting out of truck; owner in office; SOT, David Dick, Modern Mennonite; wide dirt road; various traditional Mennonites on carts; local shop; Mennonite girl; locals in shop; man driving cart; driving shot Mennonite land; various traditional Mennonites working; various local traditional family; engine exhaust; boy on tractor; various father driving tractor; SOT, Traditional Mennonite; street Belize City; various different people in streets; anthropologist from Museum - Belmopan; SOT, anthropologist John Morris; Mayan jungle in Southern Belize; various local Mayan leader visiting locals; various interior shots of Mayan family; Mayan leader driving; Mayan Leader walking; SOT, Mayan leader; various leader walking around Mayan ruins (APTN)

  • Belizean youth capsizes...what she does next is amazing...:), 4min. Blanca Velasquez a 14 year old Belizean sailor competing in Antigua's sailing performances clinic looses her dagger board as she capsizes ....:)

  • Belize 2015, 4min. Clips from my amazing time in Belize a while back.

  • Belize Sailing Vacations - Discover Yourself Here, 1min.

  • Belize Diving June 2015, 17min. Diving in Belize, June 21- 26 2015 with the Pittsburgh Scuba Crew.

  • Fishing in Belize- Dorado, Snapper and More!, 7min. Chef Andrew joins Captain Rudy and his crew from Strike Force Fishing in San Pedro, Belize. Amazing mahi mahi and snapper fishing! Check them out on Facebook-Strike Force Fishing Belize

  • 150 Foot Dive Blue Hole Belize AND diving in the BLUE HOLE CAVES!! NOT for the inexperienced!!!, 24min.

    Day 2 Dive 1 Blue Hole Captain Eduardo Drop off 2:00 Stalagmites 3:45 Picture 9:00 Shark 9:35 - Shark 9:35 - Great shot 10:30 - Shark 10:55 - Shark Group 11:15 - Clam 13:15 - Cave 13:40 Greg and I did this dive at the blue Hole on July 16th 2015. We were part of a group of about 12 people however we hired the captain of the boat as our private guide. Greg and I have deep diving training and wreck specialty. This dive was to 150 feet but the best part of the dive was what 99.9% of the people who dive the blue hole NEVER get to experience. Our guide took us into one of the many caves that are hidden by the stalactites and stalagmites. This was an incredible experience!

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