The Coastal Executive Unit has a new Officer in Charge, and she is Superintendent Sandra Bodden. As of Monday, July 13th, Bodden officially took the helm of the San Pedro Police Department and the Caye Caulker Police Department. The senior officer took over the position which was held by Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott, who was the acting OC after the transfer of Assistant Superintendent Luis Castellanos. With the arrival of Bodden, Jemmott has been re-assigned to his previous position as Deputy of the Coastal Executive Unit. the Belize Police Department Headquarters in Belmopan as the Training Director, Bodden has been part of the force since 1997. “Like with any new assignment, San Pedro will bring about its challenges, but we will work on making things better. I have met with the members of the San Pedro Police Department and the OC of the Caye Caulker Police Department, and we have chartered the way forward. The most important part of my plan is working hand in hand with the community and key stakeholders in the fight against crime,” said Bodden.

Bodden also touched on community policing and neighborhood watches. “We are looking to revive many of the programs that have lapsed over the past year, especially the neighborhood watches. We have to work closely with the community. We want to increase our community policing efforts, even if it’s just by one. I know one is not a big figure, but one more is more than what we have now. If we can get out there and garner the support of the community, then we will definitely see a difference,” elaborated Bodden.

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