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The San Pedro Sun

Vacation Like a Boss!
It’s one thing to vacation but to do it like a boss- uh; where can I sign up? I’m talking full on immersion in culture, food, travel and fun, BELIZE! I can never grow tired of singing just how amazingly awesome this land is, from North to South, Belize is teeming with what I like to call “Natural Beauty,” meaning no over development, zero skyscrapers, congested freeways- not here, heck- I’m talking unpaved dirt road trails and lush greenery.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly Detected in Southern Belize
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) hereby informs the public, especially in Southern Belize, that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (or Medfly) has been detected in the village of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District and in the Sapodilla Cayes in the Toledo District. As a result of these detections, eradication activities such as fruit stripping, ground spraying, and delimitation trapping are underway in these areas. These activities are important to ensure that the outbreak is contained and that the Medflies are eradicated quickly.

Investigation continues on Tropic Air’s Cessna 182 crash landing
On Monday, July 13th, Tropic Air’s Cessna 182 was removed from its crash landing site within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. The vessel, which was en route to Roatan, Honduras experienced malfunctions which caused it to crash approximately one mile south of Half Moon Caye on Tuesday, June 2nd. Since then, the aircraft had been sitting in the shallow area awaiting proper weather conditions for its extraction to be carried out. According to Chief Operations Officer at the Belize Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA), Nigel Carter, several inspections were made at the crash site prior to removing the vessel. Due to inclement weather in the past month, the extraction mission was at a standstill. It was not until Monday, July 13th that Tropic Air hired Island Construction Limited to retrieve the vessel from the water and transport it to the Philip Goldson International Airport. “Now that the airplane has been taken out of the water, we are going to conduct a thorough inspection. We are bringing in the manufacturers of the Cessna 182 to check every single aspect of the aircraft and identify what went wrong and caused malfunction. Once we have that report, we will be able to come up with a conclusion to our investigation,” said Carter. BDCA are not disclosing the angle of investigation but have indicated that all aspects of the crash will be scrutinized. “We carry out these investigation to assure all airway travelers safety and dependability,” said Carter.

H.E. Nestor Mendez Takes Office as Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States
Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs, attended the official inauguration of H.E. Nestor Mendez as the new Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States on Friday, July 17th in Washington, D.C. Ambassador Mendez was elected OAS Assistant Secretary General for the 2015-2020 term on March 18th of this year with a majority vote of 24 of the total 34 votes cast. This is the first time a Belizean has been elected to the post of Assistant Secretary General of the OAS. H.E. Nestor Mendez served as Ambassador of Belize to the OAS and to the Government of the United States since June 2008.

BTIA elects new board members for the San Pedro chapter
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) has elected a new board of members for its San Pedro Chapter. The election took place on Tuesday evening, July 21st at their bi-annual general meeting held at the Sunbreeze Hotel in San Pedro. The members of the new San Pedro Chapter are: Melanie Paz, Ovel Leonardo, Ruben Trejo, Alfonso Wiltshire, Javier Williams, Amy Leiva, and Kendall Bermer. Present at the meeting were the BTIA national President Osmany Salas, Executive Director John Burgos, BTIA membership officer Talia Tillet and invited guests of the private sector. Tillet started the meeting by delivering the official welcome address, pointing out a few highlights of the activities BTIA has been doing for the past months. She encouraged everyone to continue being part of this organization, which is looking at San Pedro as the tourism hub, and as such, its membership is really important for the BTIA.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize’s “New Price Tag”
“Without prices being set, nature becomes like an all-you-can-eat buffet – and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t overeat at a buffet.” (Richard Sandor) As someone who loves adventures and the outdoors, I was more than thrilled about the tourism slogan “Belize: Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” and, as soon as I touched ground at the International Airport in Belize City in 2011, I started to explore this tiny English-speaking country located in the heart of Central America. Roughly the size of Massachusetts or New Hampshire, with a population of only 350,000, I was clueless as to what exactly to expect. According to a tourism advertisement “Belize offers travel experiences unlike anywhere else in the world where visitors have the opportunity to experience a tropical country boasting an abundance of diverse ecosystems ranging from coral reefs to rainforest all in one visit!” I was in fact able to check quite a few activities off from my bucket list: the ancient caves and pristine mountains, the lush rainforest, the tranquil beaches. Yes, I certainly agree: Belize has it ALL – and even more. But the true “Best Kept Secret” of Mother Nature was revealed to me when WRI and WWF published their assessment demonstrating that the value of ecosystem services generated by Belize’s coral reefs and mangroves are worth US$ 395 million to US$ 559 million per year, or 30 to 45% of its GDP. The same authors estimate that reef- and mangrove-associated tourism contribute US$150 million and US$196 million, respectively, to Belize’s economy each year, while reef- and mangrove-dependent fisheries contribute between US$14 million and US$16 million.

We are in group A and will be playing Canada.

BEL crews have been dispatched to identify and rectify cause of unscheduled power interruption currently affecting a portion of San Pedro Town since 11:11am, Saturday, July 25
The Southern portion of San Pedro from Sunbreeze Hotel onward to Island Cottage Resort.

Amal Assales' Art Exhibit at Soul Project
Amal Assales' art exhibit, has a very interesting title, let's just leave it at that...was great. One of Cayo's newest artists, she has some great pieces. Well priced too, so many sold within the first hour. Pictures on fb.

Four Perfectly Healthy Days in Cayo
Cayo's Ka'ana Resort got a great write up on Luxury Latin America in regards to their Four Perfect Days package. Those are some delicious looking panades. Read all about the healthy trip and their adventurous excursions. Well done, Ka'ana. "The Four Perfect Days package at Ka'ana Resort in the Cayo District of Belize is a unique combination of adventure and relaxation, health and indulgence... Horseback Riding to Xunantunich is next, at Hanna’s Stables within 400 acres of lush green farmland with orchids, roses and fruit trees. Surrounded by forested areas, open fields, Mayan temples, and mile upon mile of well-maintained bridle paths, you combine a tour of Xunantunich with a ride on horseback along the banks of the Mopan River. You later cross the river by ferry before riding up to the Maya site."

The Reporter

Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund moves forward
A group of seven media personalities representing five media houses met on Saturday at the Image Factory in Belize City to plot the next steps for the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund. Melanie Young, Clarke’s sister, was also present at the meeting. She was presented with a $250 contribution from members of the media toward tuition for Clarke’s niece, whose education he had been supporting. Other media members are expected to make contributions in the coming week to help the family with expenses that Clarke would have otherwise taken care of as it relates to the education of his nieces and nephew. The media, with legal advice, moved to formalize the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund, which has been registered already, by deciding on executive members to serve as chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. Alexis Milan from The Reporter will serve as chair, Hipolito Novelo from Love FM will serve as vice chair, Marisol Amaya from Krem will serve as the treasurer and Daniel Ortiz from Channel 7 will serve as secretary. Since the first meeting several weeks ago, the group has been in contact with the principals of the St. Joseph primary school feeding program, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP), and have started the process of organizing a relationship, which will see the fund make contributions to the program in Clarke’s name. Clarke’s family, who is very active in the St. Joseph parish, had requested support for the feeding program in lieu of personal contributions to the family.

Minister of National Security says Sarstoon Island FOB will be built
Minister of National Security John Saldivar said the forward operating base at Sarstoon island will be built, despite Guatemalan objection, even though the government is consulting with the Guatemalan government. According to Saldivar, the government will be proceeding with its decision and will soon decide an appropriate location on the island for construction to begin. He also said that consulting with the Guatemalan government about the base does not mean the government has abandoned its responsibility to maintaining a sovereign state. According to Saldivar, the dialog does not risk Belize’s independent integrity, rather it is a matter of courtesy for our neighbors. He said the government would never risk the country’s territorial integrity. Once the consultations are over, the government will proceed to do what is in Belize’s best interest, Saldivar said. He also responded to crticisms that Belize shouldn’t need to consult with Guatemala to build a base on Belizea territory by saying that we should not ignore concerns from our neighbors and that is why the consultations are important.

New BDF base at Caracol inaugurated
The Ministry of National Security, in collaboration with the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and the Ministry of Tourism, has inaugurated a new conservation post for the Belize Defense Force (BDF) at the Caracol site where BDF soldier Danny Conorquie was killed last year. Minister of National Security John Saldivar said the building of the base is timely and meant to provide increased security for the tourists and employees who visit and work at the site on a daily basis. Saldivar said the construction of the base was a little too late, considering Conorquie’s death, but added it was a step in the right direction. Saldivar said the base will be a shared partnership between the BDF, police and tourism police. He said he was happy to see the collaborative effort.

New BDF base at Caracol inaugurated
The Ministry of National Security, in collaboration with the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and the Ministry of Tourism, has inaugurated a new conservation post for the Belize Defense Force (BDF) at the Caracol site where BDF soldier Danny Conorquie was killed last year. Minister of National Security John Saldivar said the building of the base is timely and meant to provide increased security for the tourists and employees who visit and work at the site on a daily basis. Saldivar said the construction of the base was a little too late, considering Conorquie’s death, but added it was a step in the right direction. Saldivar said the base will be a shared partnership between the BDF, police and tourism police. He said he was happy to see the collaborative effort. At least 36 BDF soldiers will be attached to the conservation post, Saldivar said, adding that there will be shifts and shared duty with other officers. Saldivar also said the government will be constructing more posts along the border to ensure greater security for Belizeans along those areas spanning all the way down to the south.

The Belize Times

BEL & KHMH Workers Take a Stand!
The Barrow Administration was caught totally off-guard, as has become normal, when the employees of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and the Belize Electricity Limited staged industrial actions in demand for better salaries. The KHMH workers crippled services at the nation’s only referral hospital in Belize City on Thursday after a request from the hospital’s 579 employees for salary increases was rejected by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his Cabinet. Immediately after the news, the employees shut down their services at local clinics, and at the KHMH they refused to carry out elective surgeries. The only cases they responded to were emergency matters. The workers took this drastic measure because while public officers and teachers received a 6% salary increase at the start of this month, the employees of the hospital didn’t.

PUP to launch Power to The People Tour!!!
PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca announced at a well-attended joint National Executive/Standard Bearers meeting held at Independence Hall on Tuesday, July 21st 2015 that the Party will launch a national “Power to the People” tour in the upcoming weeks. The tour will give the leaders of the Party an opportunity to dialogue with supporters and concerned Belizeans and address important issues affecting the country such as the Government’s weak stance in defending our territorial sovereignty and integrity against Guatemala’s aggressions, the economic failures of the Government, the Petrocaribe Loans Act and the illegal borrowing and spending that has taken place, the high level of crime and overall deterioration of citizen safety, as well as the PUP’s progressive ideas of reform and development.

Sedi’s Serious Gaffe! – “…we are on our way to the ICJ”, says UDP Foreign Minister
As a senior attorney and politician, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington should know the power of spoken words. In fact, Sedi has felt the blows of his “artificial border” comment, which flared up public sentiments and rage against him. This week, Sedi suffered even more political trauma when he declared in an interview on Channel 7 that “…we are on our way to the ICJ”. Sedi’s serious slip of the tongue came about as he was defending his Government’s decision to give into Guatemala’s pressure that before Belize constructs a military base on Sarstoon Island, which is located in the South near Belize’s border with Guatemala, we must consult the Organisation of American States (OAS).

Vega Bavs in Court! – Case for Defamation against Monchi Cervantes goes to trial
The defamation case brought by UDP Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega against PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North Ramon “Monchie” Cervantes, Jr. went to trial before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin this morning. But Vega, the man who doesn’t consider himself a “normal” Belizean, wasn’t exactly disproving his infamous notion, as he hemmed and hawed while on the witness stand under cross examination from the respondents’ attorneys. Vega’s case stems from a recording of a phone conversation between Manuel Castillo, the wanted suspect in the murder case of Ramon Cervantes Sr., and Cervantes Sr.’s widow, Vilma. In the recording, Castillo indicted the UDP politician in the kidnapping and murder of the well-known and much beloved former politician and businessman that occurred in June of 2014. The recording was aired on public radio at a memorial service held by the family on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014.

Bull Is Bull!
Whenever it seems that we are getting somewhere with this ridiculous Guatemalan claim, up jumps the devil and we find ourselves back at square one. The origin of the claim itself is quite interesting and methinks that we might be approaching this problem from the wrong angle. I do NOT believe that going to the ICJ is the solution and that in fact, poses far too great a risk. We have nothing to gain and everything to lose. For the most part, our government seems clueless as to what to do and that is made more evident every time our foreign minister opens his mouth. We have come a long way from the time when all of Belize would tremble at the mere mention of the name Guatemala and I believe that, as small as we are, we have enough stout hearted patriots to mount formidable resistance. Our biggest detriment would be our enemies within. First off, we are totally polarized and divided along a variety of lines. On the surface, we present a pretty picture of this melting pot of diverse cultures coexisting harmoniously. As was exposed by the recent incident in Santa Cruz however, there is deep seated bigotry and racism that simmers just beneath the surface, waiting to be ignited and exploited. This time it was our own Prime Minister, next time it might be external forces.

She is only 26 years and has already been through a lifetime of terrible experiences. When she was small her home was destroyed by fire, causing the family great loss and hardship. Making it through school and adulthood she joined the Belize Coast Guard where tragedy was waiting for her. She spoke out about being sexually assaulted by male Coast Guards; it was a bold and courageous action on her part. How many women come forward in public to make complaints of rape and forever sully their name? Not surprisingly, nothing came of her complaint. She swallowed her wounded pride and remained a Coast Guard where she had graduated at the top of her class. The worse thing that can be done to a human, whether male or female, is to be raped. It is the tearing of one’s psychology, the very psyche to remain a dignified and whole person. How she must have suffered mentally. Earlier this year while on duty she shot a fellow Coast Guard. It is not known if he was one of her alleged tormentors. The details and motives are unknown to us. But images of a trouble young lady had emerged. Instead of providing any help our authorities charged her for attempted murder. She had to go to jail and fight to regain her freedom.

Weekend Women’s softball results
The Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy women posted 2 wins, while Unitedville Rebels and the Esperanza Wolverines also enjoyed wins in the Cayo Softball Association’s women’s competition at the Joan Garbutt Stadium in Esperanza on Sunday. Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy and their pitcher Leyandra Guy won 9-2 against the Esperanza Wolverines and losing pitcher Olivia Miralda by mercy rule in 6 innings. The competition leaders, the Unitedville Rebels United, won 20-0 by mercy rule in 3 innings over the Belmopan Emeralds, as winning pitcher Shandy Orellano struck out 3 batters to shut out the Belmopan girls while they scored 20 runs off losing pitcher Guadalupe Chicas.

Belize Bank Bulldogs lead Firms basketball
The Belize Bank Bulldogs posted their 6th win to lead the Belize City Firms basketball competition, while Heritage Bank and Central Health Region each posted their 5th wins in the games at Bird’s Isle over the weekend. Game results: Central Health Region vs. Complex Generals – 47-43 Top scorer: Neil Nicholson, Wilfred Richards (13pts) Heritage Bank vs. Central Bank – 67-58 Top scorer: Winston Pratt (24pts), Farron Louriano (28pts) BWS Pressure vs. Infotel – 60-51 Top scorer: Ashley Hemsley, Delroy Faber (13pts) Bulldogs vs. Ready Call – 99-41 Top scorer: Rupert Brown (27pts), Winston Reynolds (28pts)

Belize bombs Club Deportivo Suchitepequez 4-2
The Belize Jaguars bombed the visitors, Club Deportivo Suchitepequez of Guatemala, 4-2 in a practice friendly for the World Cup 2018 Russia qualifying 3rd round at the Norman Broaster Stadium on Sunday. Belize’s most prolific international striker Deon McCaulay and Harrison Roches led the Jaguars’ offensive supported by Elroy “Bibs” Kuylen and Danny Jimenez on the wings and Denmark Casey and Andres Makin at midfield, while Dalton Eiley, Ian “Yellowman” Gaynair, Amin “Tacos” August and Khalil Velasquez took care of defense. The Jaguars’ 1st goal came in the 18th minute, when goalie Miguel Bonilla Bran brought down a charging Harrison Roches inside “the 18”, and Suchitepequez defenders Rafael Gonzalez Ruiz and Victor Armas Lopez added insult to injury by also taking down Deon McCaulay when he went after ball near the goalpost, with Bonilla lying on the ground. The referee ruled penalty and McCaulay’s shot went left while Bonilla dived right: 1-0.

How longer can Belize afford UDP’s top-heavy Cabinet? – 22 Ministers cost Belize over $3.4 Million annually!!
On the heels of serious warnings from foreign financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and Moody’s Investors Service about irresponsible spending by the Barrow Administration, the question must be posed: can Belize continue to afford Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s top-heavy Cabinet? Never before has Belize’s Government had so many Government Ministers as it does today. There are 22 Ministers (substantive Ministers and Ministers of State) who form part of the Executive Arm of Government, costing Belizeans approximately a whopping $1,790,800 in salaries alone. Each substantive Minister collects $81,000 as salary annually. Barrow has awarded this title and the perks that come with it to 11 of his elected representatives and 4 special UDPs brought into the Government fold through the Senate. Each Minister of State collects $69,000 as salary annually. Barrow has awarded this title to 7 of the most lame duck politicians in his party, as a form of reward for their political success. Then there is the disgraced passport-hustling UDP elected representative, Elvin Penner, who is still getting paid with tax payers’ money. He collects $37,800 as salary annually.

PUP’s 5 point-steps Agenda
Dear Members of the People’s United Party, Our beloved Belize is heading towards extinction and our party is at a crossroads. Our territorial integrity and sovereignty, and our Belizean identity and way of life are under attack, from both external and internal sources. Many of our people have lost trust and confidence in our democratic institutions and now consider rhetorical any mention of change from political parties. Nearly half of our people are living in poverty and squalor and our environment, our lifeblood, is continuously been degraded. Our people are demanding unity, purpose and direction. It is time for a 2nd Revolution. As members of the People’s United Party our raison d’ etre is Belize, and our motto is ‘to serve the people’. In a meeting held Tuesday July 21st, 2015, the Party Leader, members the National Executive and Parliamentarians endorsed a 5 – Point-Steps Agenda as to the way forward for our Party.

PUP Collet Standard Bearer Yasmin Shoman receives major support from Belize Association of Louisiana
On July 22nd, 2015, Collet Standard Bearer, Yasmin Shoman, received a generous donation from the Belize Association of Louisiana. The donation of 11 boxes of items included toiletries, clothes, footwear, underwear, toys, household supplies, books and other educational materials.’ This donation was facilitated through the continued efforts of former Belize Honorary Consul of New Orleans, Hon. Jean Benard. Benard and Shoman have enjoyed a strong working relationship from 1999 when Shoman was Councillor in charge of Sister-City Relations at the Belize City Council.

KHMH workers abandon the P.S.U. en masse – Almost 600 hospital employees left out of salary increase deal by PSU Leaders
Hundreds of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) workers who were once members of the Public Service Union (PSU) are abandoning that ship and joining a newly formed KHMH Authority Workers Union. The decision was taken after workers discovered that the PSU leaders had negotiated salary increases for members but somehow had excluded them from the deal. It appears the PSU and Government worked in cahoots to exempt the 579 hospital employees from getting a 6% per cent raise which took effect on July 1st. There has been no clarification by PSU President Marvin Blades.

On May 13th this year after the expiration of Dr. Francis Smith’s tenure as Chairperson of the Eastern Caucus of our party, I assumed the role of Chairperson. Senior Justice of the Peace and party stalwart Adrian ‘Danny’ Madrid is our Vice Chairperson, with Sharole Saldivar as Secretary and Albert Vaughan as our Treasurer. I had originally been reluctant to take on the post of chairing the Eastern/Belize District Caucus, as I have a great deal of work on my hands in Belize Rural Central (BRC). However, after assurances of support and assistance from several key colleagues, I agreed to step forward. The Belize Rural South constituency, which includes mainly Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, has for practical, operating purposes remained part of the Northern Caucus, so we in the East comprise twelve divisions, the ten Belize City areas, and as well Belize Rural North and BRC. We held our meeting on Thursday of last week, and I had asked members to come prepared to discuss issues facing our constituencies and our campaign agendas. Life in politics is unforgiving and gruelling, but I have consistently found it rewarding. Almost on a daily basis I rub shoulders with and reach out to all manner of citizens, and I find myself more than ever speaking my imperfect Spanish in order to communicate effectively with Hispanic/Spanish-speaking voters and residents.

The analysis that matters
As I pen this article I want to remind readers that I am no professional political analyst. I am no Okeke who has experienced great success at the polls and even greater success and fortunes from his books that we have all read. Okeke is a ferocious political bull-mastiff. I believe his books contain the recipes that have fuelled his massive political successes elections after elections. I have never experienced such victories; therefore, Channel 7 will never engage me in any interviews of a political analytical nature. Channel 7 will never engage me because my father does not sit on a government board and because my sister does not head a government department that has been unable to Restore Belize. They will never engage me because my pockets are too shallow to compete with the depths of Mr Pedro Caribe. I am a man of understanding. I understand that we have a government that is not focused on governing. We have a government that does not understand that it is the government. Our government has treated National issues as a priority, as if it is waiting for someone else to address them. It has taken the ostrich approach with its head buried deeply in the sand and other dark places.

Hon. Dolores assists road improvements in Western Paradise and Bainsville
Hon. Dolores continues her outreach work in Western Paradise and Bainsville, Hattieville. Two loads of hardcore material were delivered as promised by Hon. Dolores to the residents to improve the roadways in their respective community.

7 yr. old needs urgent surgery to prevent blindness – Mother says Special Envoy for Women and Children denied assistance
It’s been a struggle for Jovita Tillett, a mother of four from Guinea Grass Village in the Orange Walk District. For the past seven years, she has had to fight to keep her youngest child alive against many odds. 7 year old Zider Alexander Tillett was born a normal child. But at age 3, he was diagnosed with multiple tumours over his body. He received treatment at the Northern Regional Hospital and was prescribed antibiotics, but the medication triggered other health problems. Zider was around the dinner table one day, when he suddenly panicked and cried out that he couldn’t find his plate, shared his mother. He had gone totally blind mysteriously. Tillett returned to the hospital to find out what was wrong with her son, but the hospital administrator told her that the doctor who treated her son was no longer at the hospital, and they could not help. She said that all the hospital did was to give her a letter for her to go around begging for funds for her child to get medical treatment elsewhere.

Delroy’s Cuthkelvin Blasts UDP Leadership!
Here’s what Delroy Cuthkelvin wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 after he learnt Barrow had succeeded to reject his application to contest the UDP Stann Creek West convention “That the last UDP Convention in Stann Creek West was rigged to ensure a victory for Melvin Hulse, blocking out 895 voters (after all three candidates had earlier agreed and signed off on a block-out list of just over 200 voters) is an irrefutable fact. That is why, on principle, as we explained at the time, we boycotted the UDP Convention on March 16, 2014. UDP National Chairman Alberto August was the man who presided over it, and we have every reason to believe that the UDP Cabinet knew of it and approved of it. “That Melvin Hulse would have to resign his position just over a year later because of bad-mouthing the Prime Minister himself, was poetic justice at its best.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Traffic accident in Santa Elena leaves one person injured
Tonight one person is recuperating at the San Ignacio Hospital after being involved in a traffic mishap at the intersection of Carillo Puerto Avenue and Carmen Street in Santa Elena, Cayo. Information reaching our news room is that earlier tonight two pickup trucks were engaged in a collision that landed […]

Police Minister discusses changes to formations
On the heels of a mid-year performance review of the Police Department, Minister of National Security John Saldivar offered his first comments to the press in some time. The Minister claimed that there is a downward trend in major crimes except for murders, which are closing in on […]

BDF given helicopters from Taiwan
The Government of Belize has been trying to acquire helicopters for the Belize Defence Force – but a planned deal to buy used ones in Miami fell through. They have now turned to Taiwan, and the Acting Deputy Commander of the Belize Defence Force, Lieutenant Colonel Luis Lorenzo, […]

Rupert Myles faces eviction, criminal charges for damage to Uxbenka
The Institute of Archaeology is preparing to evict Santa Cruz, Toledo resident Rupert Myles from his property near the Maya archaeological site of Uxbenka and may charge him with criminal destruction of a Maya site under the laws of Belize. Maya villagers of Santa Cruz led by their […]

Who killed Danny Conorquie?
Minister of National Security John Saldivar says Guatemalan authorities have made no progress in identifying the murderers of Special Constable Danny Conorquie. It was widely believed that Guatemalan bandits attacked Conorquie last October but apart from the initial promise of cooperation by Guatemalan authorities nothing has been forthcoming. […]

Caracol conservation post opened
Almost ten months after the murder of special constable Danny Conorquie killed at the Caracol site while on duty, allegedly by armed Guatemalans, the Government completed a conservation post intended to serve as a base for defense of the surrounding reserve and Chiquibul area by the Belize Defence […]

The PUP’s gathering storm?
More than a dozen standard bearers of the People’s United Party (PUP) are banding together to voice their dissatisfaction with the party’s leadership. According to 7 News, the group has been meeting and is expected to make formal demands of the party leadership next week. This past Tuesday […]

Vendors complain about CitCo harassment
Street vending is a fact of life in Belize City, as many residents buy from their favorites. At this time of year there is a proliferation of parents selling school books. Renalsin Augustine has been selling from the steps on Queen Street in front of the Marelco building […]

Day 2 of Gapi vs Monchi libel trial
The contents of a recording first made public last November are, in one form or another, in evidence; but can that recording be used in court to prove that the man alleged to have been libeled and slandered, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, was in fact so defamed, […]

Belize to play Canada in World Cup qualifying; Mexico, Honduras lie in wait
After fairly easy matchups with the Cayman Islands and Dominican Republic in the first two rounds of FIFA World Cup qualifying for Russia 2018, the road begins to get tough for the Belize Jaguars in the upcoming Rounds 3 and 4. Today’s Round 3 draw in St. Petersburg, Russia, saw […]


Berry Coconut Smoothie
Ingredients 1 frozen banana 1 cup frozen mixed berries 1 teaspoon flax seed meal 1 Tablespoon agave or a sweetener of your choice) ⅓ cup coconut milk 1 Tablespoon coconut oil (optional) 2-3 ice cubes Instructions Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

International Sourcesizz

Canada draws Belize in World Cup qualifying
Canada’s path to the semifinal round of CONCACAF qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup will go through Belize. Canada was selected to play against Belize in the third round of the CONCACAF qualifiers during Saturday’s World Cup draw ceremony in Russia. The teams will square off in a two-game playoff, with the first match on Sept. 4 at Toronto’s BMO Field. The return leg is four days later in Belize. Canada is currently 103rd in the FIFA world rankings. Belize is 118th. “We can say Belize is a team that has made positive and continuous progress. That’s good for us because it won’t be easy to pass this eliminatory round. We need to focus on these first two games with a lot of intensity,” Canada coach Benito Floro said. “Of course we’re only going to focus on Belize right now because if we don’t win that, it doesn’t matter to think about the groups. For us it’s very important and we can’t have any doubts about that.” If Canada wins the aggregate series, it moves on to the semifinals of the CONCACAF qualifying zone and will play in Group A alongside Mexico, Honduras, and the winner of a playoff between Curacao and El Salvador. The top two teams in that round robin group advance to “the Hex,” the final round of CONCACAF qualifying.

Backpacking Central America: Everything You Need to Know
COUNTRIES IN CENTRAL AMERICA: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. “THE GRINGO TRAIL” (ROUTE): 1) Most people start in Mexico, heading to one of the best spots, Tulum, making a quick pit stop in Caye Caulker, Belize and then taking a chicken bus heading down to Guatemala. 2) Guatemala: Semuc Champey > Tikal > Panajachel (day trip to Chichicastenango) > ferry to San Pedro (day trip to Santiago and San Marcus) > back to Panajachel via ferry and to Antigua (day trip to Monterrico). 3) Honduras: Uvita Island (If you plan to get your dive certificate) or Rotan. 4) El Salvador: Everyone heads straight to El Tunco from Honduras or Guatemala and typically skips the rest of the country. Note: If you would like to check out surf beaches here, visit El Zonte, El Zunsal and La Libertad as well. For calm swimming and less tourists, go to El Cuco Beach.


  • Belize Corals, 1min. A National Geographic Student Expedition On Assignment Project by Isabelle H., Brigid S., and Caroline W. in Belize 2015. Belize Corals, a video ID of corals and sponges in on the Mesoamerican Reef.

  • Belize Honeymoon, 11min. Scott and Anne's honeymoon in Belize

  • Howlers near the Jaguar Temple, Lamanai Belize, 1min.

  • Jaguar coaxed into somersault at Belize Zoo, 1.5min. Junior Buddy the jaguar born at the Belize Zoo does "encounters" where in paying guests are locked into a cage in his enclosure.

  • Houston to Belize United Boeing 737-800, 16min.

  • Free wild dolphin show in Belize, 1min. After a great Snorkel tour at the Belize Barrier Reef Tour booked on board of Carnival Valor with Hugh Parkey's Belize Dive connection team we met this playfully bottle nose wild dolphins that followed us for almost 10 minutes, it was awesome,

  • Summer in Placencia Belize, 2min. having fun at placencia in the caribbean sea.

  • Caye Caulker - Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize and Guatemala Vacation, 8min.

  • PINK BOUTIQUE COMMERCIAL in Belize SUMMER 2015, 1min. Models on the Beach in Belize. PINK BOUTIQUE AND TOP NOTCH in San Pedro.