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Today's Belize News: July 28, 2015 #506211
07/28/15 05:20 AM
07/28/15 05:20 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Belize Boxing League to host Boxing tournament
Island resident and professional boxer, Geiboord Howard Omier Sandino has teamed up with Simon Herrera from California in the journey to establish a professional boxing league in Belize. The original idea was to have a gym in every district in order to push the project at a fast mode and reach out all corners of the country. Currently the first boxing gym has been completed and is operating in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo while they continue working to open other gyms throughout the country. However, at the moment, the duo is focusing on the kick off of the first formal boxing event in Belize, slated for September 2015. According to Herrera, the league is looking at a 10 – month tournament with a boxing match every four weeks. “There are a lot of professional boxers in the country, like in Punta Gorda, Belize City and in Cayo. So we have planned a kickoff event in at the Novelo’s Convention Centre in Santa Elena Cayo on September 5th where we will showcase the talent of boxers from Belize and other countries, “said Herrera. He mentioned that the league will be shared between Cayo, Belmopan and Belize City and the tournament will be broadcasted live by Central Cable Vision.

Regularization of Provisional Guides
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held a small ceremony to present certificates to the Provisional Guides who have completed their final training, making them eligible to apply for Belize City Community Site Guide license. Present for the certificate handing over was Mr. Rodolfo Burgos, BTB trainer for tour guides. The BTB, being the organization responsible for the development of the tourism industry, has worked in partnership with stakeholders to ensure their full inclusion in the development of the tourism sector. Since the inception of the Fort George Tourism Zone some 5 years ago, there have been many stakeholders operating in the area without proper licensing. In order to offer an enhanced product to visitors, and raise the quality and standards of the experience fortifying the Belize brand, a training program was developed over the past two years, which would bring the stakeholders to a specific level in order to deliver the Belize City tour product. This was accomplished by offering two training sessions called (1) the Heritage Tour Training and (2) the General Principles of Tour Guiding.

Mexico Rocks to slowly transition into a Marine Reserve
With Mexico Rocks now part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, following the approval of the expansion by Cabinet, several steps are being taken to ensure users respect its protected status. While park fees and regulation will not be immediately implemented, certain measures have taken effect since the signing of the Statutory Instrument (SI) on March 28, 2015. According to Hol Chan Marine Reserve Manager Miguel Alamilla, the area has been marked, which acts as an indicator to fishermen and tour operators that only recreational activities are allowed within the area, and no extraction of any kind of marine resources (alive or dead) is allowed. With the expansion, the area was sectioned off into two zonea. Zone G is the Mexico Rocks General Use Area, while Zone H is the Mexico Rocks No Take Zone. The Mexico Rocks General Use Area is a common snorkeling and dive destination here on Ambergris Caye, and is visited by hundreds every week.

Ambergris Today

Pic of the Week - Summertime Leisure Time in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Peeking through a hole in the fence, this curious young boy plays in his yard during the warm summer months in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Interested as to the noises behind his fence, he takes the opportunity to steal a peek, just to discover our cameras catching him in action.

Flavors of Belize Magazine Celebrates 5 Years of Culinary Tourism
The Flavors of Belize brand, created in 2010 by Tanya McNab of McNab Publishing Ltd., is one that has maintained a focus on showing the culinary world of Belize utilizing various mediums and avenues. The brand has, over the past five years, come to include their annual magazine guide, cookbook, a series of cooking shows featuring popular local chefs, and even a mobile app. On July 23, 1015 the brand unveiled its 5-year anniversary edition of the magazine. Now a flagship of culinary culture in Belize, the magazine celebrates restaurants and cooking in Belize; and after five years of everything Belizean food, the magazine notes that a lot has changed in the way food is presented in the tourism industry. Publisher Tanya McNab points out that Belize was not in the culture of worrying about how food looked and how it was presented, but looking through the magazine’s latest publication, you can see amazing creations that are prepared and cooked in local restaurants around the country. “They take pride in platting, food styling, preparing and photographing it,” commented Tanya McNab. “I think worldwide culinary tourism is on the rise and if you read through some of the magazine articles, you will see why Belize is such a great destination for that. Because Belize is a place that you can really immerse yourself in culture and you can cook with the freshest ingredients, it's a farm to table type environment."

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

One VERY lucky Loggerhead!!!!
Thanks to the boat captain coming into Belize City that spotted a distressed loggerhead turtle, who called a friend, who call a friend, who called Hol Chan Marine Reserve, who called ECOMAR. A & R Restaurant at Abel Rodriguez marina sent a text that there was a turtle in a boat that needed help. Indeed Jamal Young knew about the turtle and upon seeing it and a little blood, and missing a flipper but still breathing, new it had been bitten by a shark and lucky to be alive. Jamal and his dad Richard Young helped get the turtle out of the boat into the truck, while several comments were made from onlookers about eating the turtle. Called Dr Jane Crawford at Animal Medical Center and made an appointment. After clearing the waiting room for the traditional patients she and Ben Cawich tended to the injured loggerhead who was a very good patient, a pleasant surprise given loggerhead's normally nasty disposition! After a bit of local anesthesia was administered the stitching began, probably a couple dozen in all to cover the bone and meat projecting from the flipper. These dedicated professionals worked through the lunch hour for more than 2 hours to fix up this lucky loggerhead. Loaded the turtle up and took her to Sea Sports, and again, "there's a lot of meat there" and reminded them that sea turtles have been protected since 2002. At about 6pm she travelled to St George's Caye to convalesce in her kiddie pool while she is kept under observation. Thankful for the archaeology students on site who helped carry her and keeping an eye on her. She has settled down now so fingers crossed she makes it through the night. She's made it this far thanks to many people that participated in her recovery. Thanks everyone!

Legality of Environmental Clearance
The Department of the Environment (DOE), hereby informs the general public of an issue related to Environmental Clearance granted to a project by the DOE. Environmental Clearance is required by law, under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations as amended, and is granted through a letter by the DOE. Environmental Clearance granted to developers /investors is contingent upon the signing of an Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). The ECP is an agreement signed between the DOE and the developer for a specific project. Both the Environmental Clearance letter and the ECP are issued ONLY to a particular developer and as such are NOT transferable to any other developer, entity or company. Therefore the DOE takes this opportunity to advise that owners who have purchased investments/property for which the previous owner was granted Environmental Clearance, be aware that the Environmental Clearance is non-transferable. The new owners are encouraged to apply to the DOE for Environmental Clearance for that investment under their new company or entity.

A turtle nest!
Look how far she went up the beach to the shade of native shrubs Bay Cedar (Suriana maritima) and Fishermen Tobacco (Tournefortia gnaphalodes). These plants will keep then nests cool from the warm summer sun. Native plants are an important part of a healthy turtle beach.

Panthera’s Belize Jaguar Program and the Forest Dept.’s Wildlife Program are seeking a motivated and energetic individual with a strong interest in wildlife and applied conservation for a position working with the Forest Dept’s Wildlife Program. The successful candidate will work primarily on issues related to the management and conservation of jaguars and their prey.

Power interruption 7:00am to 1:00pm Wednesday, July 29, Orange Walk
Villages of San Lazaro, Trinidad, August Pine Ridge, San Felipe, Blue Creek, Rio Azul, Linda Vista, La Rosita, Tres Leguas and Cuatro Leguas. BEL to modify high voltage lines and replace utility poles, lightning arresters and other equipment on the power distribution system in the area.

Commentary: Pedro Martinez - the opportune stage to make a statement for humanity, that wasn't
Let me be the first to admit that I am not a baseball fan! The game, save for a few elements, holds very little for me along the lines of “excitement”. Yet, in the same breath, I must say that I am one who proactively recognises “excellence”, irrespective of the arena. In that regard, while visiting my 98-year-old grand-aunt today, I spied a look at the Major League Baseball (MLB) Hall of Fame Ceremony. Among this year’s inductees were four great players including: Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez. Again, this is coming from a non-baseball fan, but then you must realise that substantively speaking, this post has very little to do with baseball. Among the four Hall of Fame inductees, I recall seeing each of them play a game or two, at one point during their careers, yet one immediately stood out. Maybe it’s because I am a proud Caribbean man or maybe it’s because I am one who prides himself on being attuned to all things Caribbean. Or maybe it’s because I am an avowed Caribbeanist… an integrationist of sorts and basically, I love my region and its people.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, July 27, 2015: 75. PICK 3: 1 0 9

A Super Green Smoothie
In a blender, blend the orange, lemon, lime, and cucumber into a liquid. Add the apple, herbs, and greens a bit at a time. Add ice and sweetener. Serve immediately or keep in the refrigerator in a sealed jar. Makes 2 servings.

Launch of the Identity Youth Art Exhibit
The Corozal House of Culture is dedicated to the development and promotion of our cultural artists of all ages. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the launch of the second annual Identity Youth Art Exhibit. This exhibit showcases works of various genres including photography, charcoal drawings, acrylic and water colour paintings. Please join us at 7:00 P.M. Saturday August 1st, 2015 in celebration of our fine young artists of northern Belize.

Bishop Martin High School Visit
Last Friday we had the visit of Bishop Martin High school . We are sure that the students had a great time with us . It was whole new experience from them on learning about the importance of Conservation & Protected Areas.

Emergency power interruption 5:00am to 6:30am, Tuesday, July 28: entire Corozal District
BEL to repair insulator in the area between the San Pedro Substation and Buena Vista.

Belize National Song Competition
The Cayo round of the Belize National Song Competition was last week, and a lot of great talent came out to sing their songs. "Check out these pics from our Cayo Elimination! We're expecting tonight's show in Belize City to be just as entertaining!!!"

The Los Angeles Belizean community has been present at the 2015 Special Olympics in support of the Belizean contingent that have been performing well so far. The sporting events, though not as popular as the Summer Olympics, has been happening all across California at various sporting events, in particular the famous Los Angeles Coliseum (the site of the 1984 Summer Olympics) in the heart of the Los Angeles Belizean Community. The Belize Consul General Office in conjunction with the Belize government sporting representatives visiting from Belize have invited various Belizeans in the community to come out and cheer on the Belizean special olympics athletes. As these Belizean athletes continue to do their best representing Belize, we here at Belizean Legends cheers them on. Go Team Belize!

Channel 7

The Dozen Dissenters Make Demands Of Francis Fonseca
There's an open rebellion going on in the PUP and it's focused on leader Francis Fonseca. 12 Candidates have signed to a letter asking for a national convention - one that could unseat him as leader of the PUP. That letter was sent to the party chairman Henry Usher today - and it also asks for changes in the composition of the party's executive, and changes in policy-making decisions. But every action has a reaction, and this one has triggered an immediate backlash from the Fonseca faithful within the PUP. They are also making moves to isolate and neutralize the dissenting dozen. We'll tell you all about it, but we start with the letter. It started to take shape last week after Tuesday's boycott of the meeting Fonseca called with members of the national executive and candidates. As we reported, 13 candidates did not attend that meeting - but even with that, Fonseca denied that there had been a boycott. But, there was, and the dissenters, led by John Briceno, Dan Silva, Cordel Hyde and Jose Mai started having meetings in Cayo to discuss the broken state of their party and problems with the leadership. That culminated on Friday when one dozen of them signed the letter asking for a new convention which is long overdue.

Hon. Dolores Dodges On Solidarity Meeting At Her House
But what was that meeting really about? Today at a PUP Women's group press conference, we had a chance to question the host herself - who was none too forthcoming:... Jules Vasquez "Are you able to say what the meeting was about?" Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Area- Rep - Bze. Rural Central "I am able to confirm that we did meet, but I am certainly not going to share with you any details of that meeting. It was something private." Jules Vasquez "Were all the area representatives and or not everyone was invited?" Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia "I will not answer that question." Jules Vasquez "But you know that supporters of the PUP - I mean the PUP is a people's party. Not a private party." Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia "Let me say something to you in particular Mr. Vasquez and other members of the media, we in the People's United Party, especially our women are not here to play any games of being lead down any path by media who are speculating."

PUP Women Standing By Hon. Fonseca
And while Candidate Shoman had a scolding for us - she Held back when it came to her colleagues, the dissenting dozen. That was at a women's group press conference, held ostensibly to talk about national issues but the real agenda was something more like that old Tammy Wynette song, "Stand By Your Man" - the man in this case being their leader Francis Fonseca - who trotted out the ladies first. Jules Vasquez reports: Hon. Lisa Shoman, PUP Senator "So today we have women who have been engaged in the political process for many years and who are here to give you their perspective on what is happening." Jules Vasquez reporting But what is happening? The PUP's top women personalities were at the table but no one really wanted to say - what the event was really about. Instead the press was subjected to a stream of political stump speeches that skirted around the central issue - these good women were here to support their great leader: Yasmin Shoman, PUP Std. Bearer - Collet "My full unconditional and unwavering support for our party leader, my area representative, my friend the Hon, Francis Fonseca."

Guat And Belize Foreign Ministers Hold Joint Press Conference With OAS
For the past 2 weeks, the local news has been dominated by the discussion of the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, and in particular, the heated discussions about the forward operating base that the Coast Guard wants to put on Sarstoon Island in the south. By now, you probably know about the Foreign Minister's comments on the topic. Instead of quelling the critics OF Belize's foreign policy, his comments inflamed those who have an abiding distrust of all things Guatemalan. So, today, in an attempt to change the current narrative on this issue, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington held a major press conference at the Raddison Hotel to give an update on the territorial claim. He was flanked by senior representatives of the Organization of American States, which is acting as mediator, and senior representatives of the Guatemalan government. Daniel Ortiz reports:

Guat Foreign Minister Dodges With Diplomacy
But before the press conference was finished, the press asked the Guatemalan Foreign Minister about the compensation for the grounding of their navy's gunship on the Barrier Reef, and the status of the investigation into the murder of slain Lawman Danny Conorquie. He basically avoided those issues completely while he was answering: Reporter "About the gunboat grounding, a letter was sent to the Guatemalan officials saying that they request payment for $46,000. This is specifically to the Guatemalan Minister, because I want to understand what's their position. Was that letter received and will that $46,000 damages to the reef be paid to Belize? And then in relation to an investigation into the death of Danny Conorquie, one of our special constables that was killed in the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. Is that an incident that the Guatemalan government is placing any emphasis on in trying to bring the killer (believe to be a Guatemalan) to justice?"

Ghost Town Comes Together With Cops
2 weeks ago, we told you how the new commander of the Eastern Division South, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, intervened in the raging internal rivalry of the Ghost Town gang, which is based in the Mayflower Street area. He was trying organize a cease fire, and tone down the violence in an area that had seen three murders and countless shootings in just a few weeks. And to follow up on that, the Community Police Unit collaborated with Eastern Division South to put together a positive social gathering, to try to gain the trust of at risk youths living in the Mayflower area. To their surprise, they got overwhelming support. Our news team was there at the Berger Field on Vernon Street, and Daniel Ortiz reports: Daniel Ortiz reporting The officers of Eastern Division South kept the formula of the social event simple: football, music, food, and drinks. They were following up on a promise to hold this event, and they managed to bring out several hundred youths living from warring turfs carved out by the city gangs living around the Berger Field area.

Cop Gets Three Months
29 year-old Police Constable Dean Perez, who was convicted of stealing from a San Pedro man while conducting official police business, will spend 3 months in jail. That's the sentence that the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, handed him. Before she decided on the sentence she heard pleas for mitigation from Perez and his attorney, Leeroy Banner. Perez expressed remorse for what he did and he conveyed his apology to the victim, Jose Hernandez. While announcing the sentence she had arrived at, the Chief Magistrate remarked that she has to send a message to the society that police officers should not use their uniforms to take advantage of people in the public who they serve. With that pronouncement, she handed him 3 months imprisonment. The incident occurred on October 5, 2014 in San Pedro town. According to the evidence, Perez, accompanied by a special constable, went to Hernandez's apartment to detain him on the strength of a commitment warrant for child maintenance. Perez then stole Hernandez's cellular phone and $600 dollars in cash. Perez has been a police officer for 9 years.

Well Known Vendor To Jail
Food vendor 48 year-old Roy Jones Jr., known as "Patties", is in jail tonight after being accused of raping a 17 year-old girl The female, accompanied by her mother, went to the police station in November last year and reported that Jones raped her on November 9, 2014. Apparently, when Jones found out that the matter was reported to the police, he went south. He was found in Punta Gorda by the police last Friday. He was arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith who denied him bail and remanded him until November 10.

La Inmaculada GM Gets Walking Papers
The La Inmaculada Credit Union has been under intense pressure from its members for months - and finally tonight the Credit Union has issued a statement - and it's bad news for their long time general manager - Yolanda Gomez who was place don administrative leave at the end of April. The statement says that Gomez was placed on leave - with full pay- after the Board of Directors, quote, "determined…that there were strong indications of non-compliance with proper banking procedures, coupled with improper and questionable decisions taken by Mrs. Gomez during her tenure." End quote. During her leave, the Central Bank of Belize and the Credit Union's External Auditor went through the books. The statement says, quote, "Mrs. Gomez was afforded the opportunity make herself available to assist in the investigations but she did not do so."

Watchman Killed In Rural Bze
A man was found murdered in his home this morning in rural Belize last night. Around 11:00 48-year-old care taker Prudencio Gonzalez was found dead in his home in the Ridge Lagoon Area - which is off the Burrell Boom Road on the road to the Bacab Eco Park. He had been shot once to the head sometime around 9:00. When we spoke to the family today they told us that they have no idea who would want Gonzalez dead but they did reveal something about him that could have factored into the murder. Courtney Weatherbune reports: Courtney Weatherbune reporting Bushy overgrowth and withered coconut trees conceal the home of 48 year old Prudencio Gonzalez. He lived alone in this small house - right up the road from his work place at the Bacab Eco Park. It is usually quiet around here without the steady flow of traffic and people - but that changed last night when Gonzalez was shot and killed inside his home - where his body was found partially nude on the floor. When his family and friends got the news - they were in utter shock.

Cyclist Knocked Down And Killed
A man was knocked down and killed on Friday night around 8. Hattieville resident Miguel Angel Cruz was riding his bicycle at mile 13 on the George Price Highway when he was run over by a car. The driver, 38 year old Marlon Hernandez told police that he was traveling with a low beam and as soon as he passed the Softy toilet paper factory he saw a shadow in the middle of the road. When he turned on his high beam he saw Cruz and tried to avoid hitting him but it was too late. Today police told us that speed may have played a role. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster - Commander, Eastern Division Rural "Around 8 Friday night we had a fatal traffic accident of Miguel Cruz, no relation of the earlier young man Mr. Cruz, where he was riding his bicycle. He was wearing dark clothing and apparently the driver of the vehicle who hit him was driving and a vehicle came with high beam, where after he passed the vehicle he saw Mr. Cruz and was unable to avoid him, knocking him down off his bicycle."

Teenager Drowns On Church Trip
A 14 year old boy drowned this weekend at a church summer youth camp. The Evangelical church organized a Spanish youth camp on Friday at the Mountain View Campgrounds on mile 25 on the George Price Highway. The kids were to stay with the group for the orientation but a few kids from the camp decided to sneak off to take a swim at the nearby pond. That's when 14 year old Corozal resident Eric Cruz drowned and the other kids had to pull his body out of the water. Today the police told us what they know. The camp was to run for the entire weekend. When we spoke to a pastor from the church he told us that they were just about to talk to kids about the rules of the camp when they heard that Cruz had drowned.

Missing Girl Is Home
13 year old Jaqueline Calderon has been found. She was found in Lucky Strike village yesterday. Calderon went missing on Tuesday July 21st around 5:30 after she left her home to go buy a phone card at a restaurant on Albert Street. Today the police gave a very brief update on the Calderon's case. Police won't reveal any details as to who she with but when we spoke to the mother this evening she told us that the police told her that she was with her grandmother but she says that Jaqueline hasn't had any relationship with her grandmother so she is a bit confused. But overall she is happy that her daughter has returned safely.

No Ebola But Belize Ready Just In Case
Ebola has never posed a direct threat to Belize but in case it does, the Ministry of Health has 21 Ebola Kits in its inventory. The items were donated today through the Pan American Development Foundation with funding from Taiwan. The representative of that organization explained. The initiative is part of a larger regional effort prepare for and control a potential outbreak of Ebola. Each kit contains personal protective items that meet the rigorous standards of international health organizations, including gowns, goggles, respirators, masks, gloves, biohazard bags, aprons, and other essential gear.

Belize Will Play Canada in World Cup Qualifier
Belize will play Canada in Round Three of the World Cup Qualifiers. That's the outcome of a draw which was held on Saturday in Russia. It puts Belize in Group A - which is very tough with Mexico, Honduras and the winner of El Salvador and Curacao. But right now the focus is on Canada. That team is currently ranked 103rd in the world to Belize's 118th spot. Belize will play in Toronto Canada at the BMO Field on September 4th- and then Canada comes to play in Belize on September 8th.

Uxbenka, the Wider Plan
On Friday's News, we showed you our interview with Dr. John Morris, the Director of NICH's Institute of Archaeology. He told the press that Creole Belizean Rupert Myles destroyed a portion of the Uxbenka Archaeological Site in the Mayan Village of Santa Cruz. Dr. Morris revealed that his Government Department is in the process of sending Myles an official eviction notice, and that criminal charges for destroying a national monument will follow as soon as the damage assessment is completed. Now, the Uxbenka site, which is not excavated or officially protected by law as yet, only showed up on the public's radar because of the outrage of the Maya living in the village after Myles started building his house there. Well, Morris told us that it has been a priority for the Institute of Archaeology for some months now. He said they have done a lot of preparatory work to start excavating it. Unfortunately, the dispute between Santa Cruz and Rupert Myles happened, and the plans have been delayed a bit due to the need for criminal action: Dr. John Morris, Director, Institute of Archaeology "To reprise one of the earliest known Maya site in Southern Belize. In fact it dates to the early occupation dates to about I would say 250 AD which makes it very early because most of sites in Southern Belize are late.

Re: Today's Belize News: July 28, 2015 [Re: Marty] #506212
07/28/15 05:20 AM
07/28/15 05:20 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

Channel 5

Guatemalan FM in Belize
Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales and Ambassadors of the Group of Friends of Belize are in the country this week to promote a program entitled culture of peace as [...]

…Says ICJ is the Only Option
There were various pointed questions for Foreign Minister Morales today – ranging from the payment for the damage to our reef and the altercation at the Sarstoon to the alleged [...]

Elrington Says NO ICJ Without Referendum
Government’s official position is that the International Court of Justice is the only option left to Belize to solve the territorial dispute. Elrington reiterated that stance this morning, but he [...]

Guatemalan Congress Delaying Referendum
Guatemala’s official position is the same as that of Belize. They want to go to a referendum, and if successful, on to the ICJ. Where that referendum is concerned though, [...]

COLA/VIP Protest Outside Conference
The session, which likely would have gotten much more uncomfortable and intense for the officials of the O.A.S. and Guatemala, was cut short. But outside there was more waiting for [...]

P.U.P. Standard Bearers Call for National Convention
The P.U.P. today released an ad in which John Briceño is heard endorsing Francis Fonseca as party leader. That endorsement took place just before the Dangriga Bye-elections. But things have [...]

P.U.P. Women Support Francis Fonseca
But before the letter was delivered, today the women of the People’s United Party, including four standard bearers, a senator and the head of the women’s group, held a press [...]

Media Gets Advice from P.U.P. Standard Bearers
That letter to the Chairman of the P.U.P. was deliberately not mentioned today, and neither was a meeting of Fonseca supporters held at the home of Dolores Balderamos-Garcia on Sunday. [...]

Burrell Boom Caretaker Gunned Down
The Rural Eastern Division is reporting three deaths in its jurisdiction; the first is a murder. A forty-eight year old caretaker was shot and killed at about nine o’clock on [...]

2 Die in Separate RTAs
The loss of life started on Friday night. Shortly after eight o’clock, Miguel Angel Cruz was killed in a traffic accident just two miles from where he lived in the [...]

Student Drowns on Retreat
The fourth person to lose his life this weekend is a teenager from Belize City. Fourteen year old Eric Cruz was out on an evangelical retreat near mile twenty-five on [...]

Roy Jones on Remand for Rape
Tonight, forty-seven year old Roy Jones Junior also known as “Patties” is on remand at the Belize Central Prison following an allegation of rape made by a seventeen year old [...]

Jaguars Take on Canada in 3rd Round
The Belize Jaguars will be taking on the Canucks in Toronto on September fourth, as both teams advance to the third round of competition in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.  [...]

….Needs Your Help To Compete
The Jaguars, according to Kuylen, have been training intensely, participating in exercises on the beachfront, as well as mountainous terrain in preparation for the match.  Financially, however, there is still [...]

LICU Fires Yolanda Gomez
It was confirmed today that after twenty-four years of service, the Inmaculada credit Union was severing ties with Yolanda Gomez, it former general manager. The Board of Directors had placed [...]

Culture of Peace Exhibit Launches Next Week
Part of the Culture of Peace Program, taking place this week, involves an exhibit with various forms of expression. The exhibit was installed today and will be launched on Tuesday [...]

Mayflower Street Intervention is a Success
For the past couple weeks, the Ghost Town, Mayflower Street area has become a most dangerous area in the south side of Belize City. At least six persons have been [...]

Missing Girl Found in Lucky Strike
Jacqueline Carmen Calderon, a Belize City minor who was reported missing on Thursday has been found. The thirteen year old is now in the custody of the Human Services Department [...]

Sporting Highlights with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The 2015 Belize District Female Softball Championship continues to grab center stage inside the Roger’s Stadium. Every game has [...]


Belize To Face Canada In Third Round Of World Qualtifiers
On the 14th of June the Belize National Football Selection, Team Jaguars, captured an impressive victory over the National Football Selection of Dominican Republic in the second round of the (FIFA) World Cup Qualifiers. This was with an aggregate score of 5-1 after winning both home and away games. The impressive secured the teams place for the third round of the competition. And tonight we can tell you that, that game will be played in Toronto Canada on the 4th of September 2015. So how is the team preparing for the next big match? According to Marlon Kuylen, Senior Executive of the F.F.B., the Jaguars have been working overtime since they came back from Dominican Republic, thus giving them a good fighting chance for the upcoming game. “Well for the past months we’ve been doing mostly physical work, we were in Placencia for three days on the beach, we were in the mountain pine ridge also for three days and for the rest of this just before the match with Canada we will be doing more technical and tactical work.”

BMHS Takes Third Place In SAGICOR Regional
Viewers may recall that in December of last year, Secondary Schools across Belize were preparing their respective submissions for the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge, a regional competition in which students in schools work in teams and use Science, Technology, Engineering and Math know as (STEM) to solve a problem in their school or community. Of the entries, we showed you Bishop Martin High School’s submission on Mayan Power for Modern Times, aimed to increase awareness and usability of Chaya in the diets of Belizeans by creating a database, blog and instructional videos. We are happy to announce that Bishop Martin High School, who represented Belize as National winners, captured third place from among the eight teams that competed for the title of regional champions. The Belize team also won the People’s Choice Award, where participants voted online for who they thought had the best Sagicor Visionaries Challenge 2014 project.

Board of Directors Terminates Yolanda Gomez Services
July 29th would mark exactly three months since Yolanda Gomez, was placed on Administrative Leave by the Board of Directors of the institution. Since her suspension as General Manager of LICU Gomez has not spoken to the media and there is little that the Board of Directors has said about the situation. Gomez’s suspension and reports of an investigation being carried out by Central Bank prompted a number of questions from the institution’s members/owners. But those questions were never answered to their full extent. And tonight it’s no different. But what we can tell you is that Gomez is no longer the General Manager of the institution she captained for 24 years. In a lengthy release issued by the Board of Directors, members/owners are informed of Gomez’s termination. Here is what the release says. At the end of the release the board states and we quote “The board also wishes to reassure our members-owners that daily operations continue, including the processing and approval of loans.

Traffic Accidents Takes Life Of One Villager For San Victor Village
Over the weekend, the treacherous road networks of Northern Belize claimed another life. According to authorities, late Friday night around 11:00, Corozal Police responded to a traffic accident in San Roman Village, Corozal District, where they saw a maroon single Cab Ford Ranger Pickup on the side of the road extensively damaged and its 4 wheels in the air. So far, investigation revealed that shortly after 10:30p.m, 19 year old Juan Gutierrez of San Victor Village, Corozal District lost control of the vehicle about 1/4 mile away from the junction of the unnamed road to the Phillip Goldson Highway causing the vehicle to overturned and him being flung out. Along with him was a 16 year old male of San Victor Village, Corozal District, who sustained an abrasion to the left arm and complained of pain. Both persons were transported to Corozal Community Hospital where Juan Gutierrez was pronounced dead on arrival. The 16 year old was treated and released. Police say they are unsure whether alcohol was involved but their investigations continue.

Belize Downgraded To Tier 3
According to the latest annual report from the U.S. State Department, Belize is among the worse countries that are failing when it comes to stamping out Trafficking in persons. The Department puts countries that do the most to fight human trafficking in Tier 1, and the least in Tier 3. Tier 2 includes a Watch List for countries in danger of dropping to Tier 3.This year, 18 countries were upgraded and another 18 were downgraded. Those downgraded from the Tier 2 Watch List to Tier 3 included Belarus, Belize, Burundi, Comoros, the Marshall Islands and South Sudan.Penalties for countries demoted to Tier 3 are at the discretion of the U.S. President, but could include restrictions on non-humanitarian assistance and funding.

Mia Quetzal - On a Mission
In May of this year, the face of the LGBT Community, Caleb Orosco was featured in the New York Time’s under an article titled “The lonely fight against Belize’s antigay laws” which garnered much local and international exposure. Two months later, a local transgender woman from Guinea Grass Village, Orange Walk District, Mia Quetzal, is being featured in a Florida based Media Corporation called Naples Daily News. Similar as Orosco’s plight for human rights in Belize, where homosexuality is criminalized, Quetzal reveals that facial hair has been one of her biggest insecurities living as a transgender woman. The article reads and we quote, “In the U.S. transgender people have started appearing on magazine covers and in popular television shows, but in Belize — where homosexuality is criminalized — being transgender can be dangerous, even deadly. With help from Belizean advocate Caleb Orozco, who was recently featured in New York Times Magazine for his work, Quetzal wants to build a safer Belize for transgender people”, end quote.


OAS Peace Fund Promotes Arts Among Belizean and Guatemalan Children
And while relations seem to be going well between the officials and diplomats from Belize and Guatemala, the relationship between the children from both countries is also being worked at through the OAS Peace Fund, through the arts. Magdalena Talamas, the Chief of the OAS Peace Fund spoke of the projects undertaken through the Peace […]

Foreign Minister Says Guatemala Recognizes Belize as Independent Country
Guatemalan’s Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, also made his address where he made it clear that his country had recognized Belize as an independent nation. Morales also spoke of the confidence building measures and how they have revolved between the two countries. CARLOS RAUL MORALES “I would like to say that Guatemala recognizes Belize as […]

OAS Press Conference: Elrington Says A Peaceful Process is the Way to Go
The foreign ministers for both Belize and Guatemala sat at the head table today at a press conference held in the VIP Room at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The presentations made by both officials were aimed at assuring the Belizean people that there is a working relationship between both countries as […]

PUP Women’s Group Emerges with National Concerns
The women of the People’s United Party called a press conference this morning to speak out on several national issues. The head table included, Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman and Magali Marin Young as legal advisor. The four women standard bearers for the PUP were present. Those included Dr. Lesbia Guerra who is running in Cayo […]

After 25 Years of Service, LICU Releases General Manager
Following word that the board of directors of the La Inmaculada Credit Union met and decided to terminate the service of General Manager Yolanda Gomez, today a statement was issued by the institution confirming what we reported over the weekend. Information to LOVE NEWS is that last week Friday in a “meeting of the Board […]

“Group of Friends” Convenes in Belize
In a press conference held this morning, the media was informed that this week is being recognized as Belize/Guatemala Week in which several activities have been planned, aimed at harnessing relations between both countries. Magdalena Talamas, Head of the Peace Fund of the Organization of American States, spoke of the activities and their purpose. MAGDALENA […]

Eastern Division South Takes On A Different Anti-Crime Strategy
Under the leadership of Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, a special event took place in the Mayflower area yesterday. Douglas Hyde of the Police’s Public Relations Department explained. DOUGLAS HYDE “Yesterday the Police Department, specifically Eastern Division South collaborated with the Mayflower community which was a really awesome experience. We had a family sports day. We […]

Police Back on Enforcing Quality of Life Laws
The Police Department has issued an advisory that they will continue to crack down on quality of life offences. Douglas Hyde is the department’s Public Relations Officer. DOUGLAS HYDE “The Officer


Chiquibul Outpost opens
Today 10 months after the senseless killing of Special Constable Danny Conorquie, presumably at the hands of Guatemalan’s, the Ministry of National Security is beefing up security at the Caracol Archaeological site by opening a Conservation post (CP) right near the site which will be inhabited...

Sanctions For Myles For Bulldozing Uxbenca
At a handing over ceremony today, Dr. John Morris, Director of the Institute of Archaeology, said the institute was in constant dialogue and negotiations with the village of Santa Cruz since a large percentage of the village actually sits on the 5 square kilometres of the proposed archaeological res...

Sarstoon Forward Operating Base
There has recently been a lot of controversy surrounding the long overdue Forward Operating Base (FOB) at the Sarstoon Island which was proposed since the PUP days. In May earlier this year the Belize Coast Guard travelled to the Sarstoon Island, Belize’s Southern most territorial point, to pe...

Changes to the Police Formations and Police Strategy
The Ministry of National Security recently held a meeting with senior members of the police department including the Minister, the acting Commissioner of Police and the three Commanders of the Eastern Division which was recently divided into the Eastern North, the Eastern Rural and the Eastern South...

PUP members meet to draft petition for restructure?
Reports are that a number of prominent PUP representatives met at Cahal Pech in San Ignacio today purportedly to review the state of the party. Within the last months , the PUP has lost two bi-elections and the majority of municipalities in municipal elections. The campaign manager , Godfrey Smith, ...

Road Safety Project launches two week training course
The Road Safety Project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health launched a two week training today in Belmopan. The training is titled “Basic Life Support training and Medical First Response Programme.” Official Opening ceremonies were held at the Ministry of Works Conference Room in Belmopan ...

21 year old charged for brutal murder of elderly man
Belmopan police have made an arrest in one of its murder cases. On July 16th, the body of 61-year-old Osmar Ramos, Naturalized Belizean of Paraiso area, was discovered in an advanced state of decomposition in a shallow grave several miles outside the Mennonite community of Springfield on the Humming...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize Foreign Affairs Minister confirms FOB will go ahead
And in the spirit of the new partnership and national unity, Guatemala appears to have forgiven Belize for scaring them with the planned forward operating base at Sarstoon Island in the Toledo District. As it turns out, the Guatemalans thought Belize may have been violating the confidence building […]

Belize-Guatemala week promotes peace process
Today the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala were together at the Radisson Hotel under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS). It is the start of a “Belize-Guatemala” week, a planned operation of the OAS to bring greater understanding of the countries’ territorial […]

PUP women speak out on national issues
This morning there was a strange press conference called by the People’s United Party (PUP) in Belize City. As the political opposition and a potential Government, the PUP can always command press attention. But today’s head table featured only women, albeit women leaders of the PUP: 4 standard […]

Protesters heckle diplomats at Radisson Hotel
Members of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) and others opposed to the ICJ process gathered outside of the Radisson Hotel starting just before today’s press briefing hosted by the OAS. While police held them at bay they loudly proclaimed their message to both countries’ diplomats and those of […]

La Inmaculada Credit Union issues report on investigation of ex-GM
Members of La Inmaculada Credit Union (LICU) of Orange Walk Town have been protesting the lack of response by the Board of Directors of LICU regarding general manager Yolanda Gomez. Today, via Facebook, the organization responded. It said Gomez, who has served as general manager for 24 years, was sent […]

Day 6 and 13 year old Jacqueline Carmen Calderon is still missing
It has been six days since 13 year old teenager Jacqueline Carmen Calderon went missing in Belize City. Calderon was reported missing on July 21 by her cousin, Denilson Alexander Bolanos, who told police that Jacqueline left her home around 5:30 pm to purchase credit for his phone at a nearby […]

Orange Walk BTIA and local library teach kids about environment
The Orange Walk Chapter of the BTIA has joined hands with the Sandy Hunter Library to offer 3 days of summer fun focusing on the environment. Today, twenty five children showed up at the Library where they were engaged in making art using recyclable materials found in […]

Teen driver killed in pileup
A traffic accident in San Roman Village, Corozal District over the weekend is responsible for the death of a teenager and the injuries sustained by another. 19 year old San Victor Village resident, Juan Gutierrez, was flung from the Ford Ranger Pickup he was driving, when he lost control and […]

Restaurant burglarized in Belmopan
An assortment of items valued at more than $6,000 was stolen from Corkers Restaurant on Hibiscus Plaza, Belmopan. The owner, 29 year old Samantha Hembling, reported that sometime after closing on July 23rd and returning at 8:00 a.m on July 24th, her restaurant was burglarized and electronics and jewelry valued […]

Bacab Eco-Park caretaker shot to death at home
47 year old Prudencio Gonzalez, caretaker of Bacab Eco-Park on the Philip Goldson Highway, was apparently shot to death at home in Burrell Boom on Sunday night. Police say a security guard found the dead man in an isolated area of the park three hours after hearing a gunshot fired. Gonzalez […]

PUP women speak up on national issues
At a briefing this morning, women leaders of the People’s United Party (PUP) showed their support for the embattled party leader Francis Fonseca, while also stepping up as equal partners to speak up on various national issues. The party’s standard bearers, House Representative Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Senator Lisa Shoman and Secretary […]

Great weather continues for last week of July
Mainly fair and warm weather conditions are expected to prevail over the country for the next couple of days. The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies with little or no rainfall today and partly cloudy skies with isolated showers and thunderstorms tonight. Winds will be blowing […]

Why the Ministry of Education hasn’t published the 2015 PSE Results
I will define non-privileged children as children do not receive sufficient help in learning school work from their family. Children living below the poverty line, children living in a dysfunctional family, children living with non-educated parents and children living with parents who do not speak or understand English […]

Police bust Cayo men for cannabis
San Ignacio police Special Patrol Unit will prosecute two men from Cayo District on drug charges. Police searching a cement house in Santa Familia, Cayo, on July 24 found 37 year old Ronald Valladarez with 286 grams of suspected cannabis hidden in a black parcel in his pants pocket and […]

Murder near Bacab Park in Belize District
There was an apparent murder Sunday night. Ladyville police responded to a call in the area of the Bacab Eco-Park on the Philip Goldson Highway just before midnight. They found one 42 year old Prudencio Gonzalez lying face up in a pool of blood. Police have scheduled a briefing for […]

News anchor injured in traffic accident
News anchor for Love TV, Tarun Butcher, received the fright of her life on Sunday night after she was involved in a traffic mishap. According to information gathered, Butcher was driving her vehicle over a speed bump near Chen’s Supermarket in Santa Elena Town when another vehicle ran into her. […]

Caribbean Tourism Organization reports tourism slowdown in Belize
Lesser numbers of arrivals from North America has led to a slowdown in the tourism industry after years of robust growth, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) reports in the Caribbean Journal. The 129,316 tourist arrivals reported from January to April of 2015 is down 1.2% from the same period in […]


Chaa Creek’s Eco-Kids Summer Camp for 24 Very Special Kids and a VERY LUCKY Me
The Lodge at Chaa Creek may be the most beautiful resort in Belize. There are contenders for sure…but the attention to details, the staff, the grounds, the art, the rooms…as they say it’s “Wildly Civilized”. I say it is perfection in the jungle. The annual Eco-Kids camp that gives 24 young Belizeans from all parts of the country to attend (FREE!) this one week camp with amazing scheduling, gear, supervision, housing, food, activities and from what I saw CRAZY FUN. These 24 kids (age 8 to 13) were having the time of their lives. The 24 are divided into four teams. Toucans, Tapirs, Howler Monkeys and Jaguars. There are 10 counselors and jr counselors with the kids. TEN!

Palenque And Pakal The Great
In 612 began the rule of Muwaan Mat – the same name as an ancestral deity of the site. Muwaan Mat’s identity remains enigmatic, but may have been the mother of, and regent for, Palenque’s most famous king, K’inich Janaab’ Pakal l (“Pacal” or “Great Sun Shield”), who assumed power in 615 at age 12 and ruled until 683. Pakal is one of the best known Mesoamerican kings, famed for his mortuary monument. Yet his reign was not easy. His kingship to Palenque’s established dynasty was, at best, tenuous, and his reign was mired in foreign conflict. Yet Palenque’s “greatest artwork and longest texts emerged as reactions to the defeat and breakdown of its royal line, as new dynasts strove to legitimise and consolidate their power” (Martin and Grube 2000: 155). For example, the palace was built on an Early Classic foundation, a platform measuring roughly 58 by 79 meters (190 by 259 feet). Pakal’s rooms and courtyards created an administrative residence that dominated the central part of the site. The palace had facilities for ceremonies and receptions, plus amenities like sweat baths and latrines. The design also included architectural innovations to increase the span encountered by the corbeled vault, and also to reduce the weight displaced to the walls, by the use of mansard-style roofs.

Volleyball and CPR at The Belize Zoo
Who knew there could be so more fun than just getting to see (and touch) the animals at the zoo? The Tropical Education Center (TEC) and the Belize Zoo are one company which allows for overnight stays, with amazing possibilities. See some great pics of the animals and accommodations on Trip to Belize Zoo, Old Belize and Cucumber Beach and Belize Zoo night tour. The setup is wonderful. You can bring along your tents and sleep under the stars or utilize their dorms and/or pond houses with a lovely view of the pond where there are many turtles basking in the sun and the croc lurking somewhere about- they say, but we didn’t see him. There is a library on site with a vast collection of information for research purposes. There are trails to follow which may lead to the discovery of a wide range of wildlife that roam free in the vast forested area that’s been kept naturally undisturbed for the most part, the birds carrying on their grumbles and the tarantula peeking out of his hole for his next meal. A conference room that includes a display of bones of the mammals, reptiles, and amphibians found within the area is ready to be used for indoor activities. A kitchen and dining hall, located beneath the library and conference room, is opened daily for three meals per day, with incredibly talented and tolerant cooks.

International Sourcesizz

Missions in a Belizean Paradise
An 11 member team from Broadway United Methodist Church, led by Rebecca O’Brien, returned to Belize for the third time with Thirst Missions. From June 6-14, the team served in Belmopan, at the “Kings Children Home,” which is an orphanage in the Cayo District of western Belize. Many of the people speak Spanish even though English is taught in schools, and many of the people who reside in Belmopan have come from the neighboring areas of Guatemala, El Salvador and other Central American countries. Belmopan has a population of 20,000 hardworking, loving and caring people. Most of the people there are retired, and for the young people, their income comes from working in local stores and government offices. It’s a growing city with many physical and spiritual needs.

Last-Day Permit in Belize
My final day at El Pescador started with some dramatic winds and an overcast sky. Donning our rain gear, my guide, Hilberto, headed up north to Chico National Park. After entering the park, I landed a bonefish on my second cast, so we quickly changed over to hunting permit on the flats. The slow stalking was rewarded when we spotted a school a few hundred feet out. With some expert poling by Hilberto, we were soon in range. Here, the casting instructions earlier in the week with Truel Myers (Orvis’ head fly-fishing instructor) and subsequent days of practice paid off big-time, as I dropped a 75-foot cast on target. I was casting the same Ghost Shrimp pattern I’d used to catch the bonefish, and after three strips, the permit was on. It was a great fight, with the permit making three runs that took me into the backing. Those plus some impressive short runs and the permit slowly wore itself down. Hilberto went into the water and safely secured it. Absolutely addicting!


  • Belize: Bacalar Chico Dive Camp and Placencia Lionfish Project, 3min. This video summarizes 7 Days at BCDC and 2 in Placencia for the kick off of Lobster Fest and the 5th Annual Lionfish Slayers tournament. This was one of the best vacations I have ever been on. It was a working vacation since I was a volunteer, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Eco-systems of the watershed PSA, 1min. is made from footage of a documentary, of an EIA done by Jackson State University/Galen students and UB students, headed by Ed. Boles Phd, and funded by National Science foundation and Monkey Bay. shot and edited by Daniel Velazquez.

  • Crab and Pasta Salad, 6min. A refreshing, easy pasta and seafood salad that is sure to tantalize the taste buds. In under 30 minutes you can have a wonderful fulfilling dinner.

  • belize Bone fishing and tarpon, turneffe flats, 7min. Just a quick video taken with my go pro, an evenings fishing outside the lodge where i was staying and a quick clip of a tarpon i caught

  • Cave Tubing Caves Branch Belize, 15min. Bits and pieces of a 4-5 hour 7 mile cave tubing trip down a river and through 5 caves via Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Lodge. It's still a long video, but I sped up parts and cut out a lot - gopro didn't work so well in the dark, but the caverns were just amazing.

  • Snorkling in Belize!, 3min.

  • A River Somewhere Season 2 Turneffe Islands Belize, 27min.

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