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Today's Belize News: July 29, 2015 #506249
07/29/15 05:24 AM
07/29/15 05:24 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The Beauty of Belize lives through its People
For so many people, Belize means so many things. For me, this land means love.I spent my fundamental childhood and adolescent years away from Belize, residing in Los Angeles(LA), California, and while I loved it, I always yearned for something more. I longed to climb mango trees, breathe in the fresh mountain air of the Cayo hills, eat Granny’s Sunday dinna, and go take a swim da riva! Many families migrate to the “States” and somehow in the grind of everyday life, lose sight of their heritage, whether Belizean, Mexican, Jamaican, Haitian and the list goes on. But I certainly could not say the same for myself.

Sunset Dinner onboard the YOLO
A leisure sunset cruise over the pristine Caribbean waters of Ambergris Caye is always a treat. But when that cruise also involves having dinner at the picturesque Hol Chan Marine Reserve- well, we’re talking ‘next level’! Onboard Island Dream Tours’ YOLO (You Only Live Once) you are whisked away for some wining and dining at sea. The YOLO is one unique catamaran, custom-built right here in San Pedro Town by the professional builders at Captain Sharks Boat Yard. With a great sound system, every trip on this vessel is sure to be rocking! Its powerful engines ensure a smooth relaxing ride and the tropical breeze just seems to blow all your troubles away.

PADF and Belize to Boost Preparedness for Ebola with Support from Taiwan
The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) donated Clinical Care Kits for the care of patients with Ebola Virus Disease to Belize’s Ministry of Health with cooperation from Taiwan. This is part of a larger regional effort prepare for and control a potential outbreak of Ebola. The project is a direct response to a request from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other world leaders for increased international cooperation to better address the potential threat posed by Ebola worldwide and in the Americas. With support from Taiwan, PADF is delivering Clinical Care Kits to Belize and other countries in the region. In the event of an Ebola outbreak, the equipment can be quickly deployed to hospitals and other care facilities to protect medical personnel as they treat patients.

Ambergris Today

Man vs. Sargasso! One Islander’s Idea to Build More Beach
One man’s outreach to the community to find a solution to the Sargasso problem plaguing the island has him organizing a weekly beach cleanup campaign that promises to build the beach while getting rid of the Sargasso (seaweed) that keeps accumulating by the tons. Dimas Guerrero refused to sit back and watch all that seaweed pile up on the shores of the Ambergris Caye, and after doing some extensive research, he found a solution that not only removes the unsightly and smelly, decomposing seaweed but also reclaims the beach area. Instead of collecting and removing seaweed from the beach, which also takes away beach sand along with it, Dimas tested a method that keeps both on site and has the beach growing exponentially. In his first testing of the method he was able to add 17 feet to a beach area. It’s a simple process of collecting the seaweed and evenly laying it out on the beach; various holes are dug where as much seaweed is dumped and compacted, while the white sand from the hole is used to cover the remaining seaweed on the beach.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Caye Caulker tourism committee chapter meeting
As the Caye Caulker BTIA we are currently a part of the Caye Caulker tourism committee. We will be taking notes tonight at the chapter meeting! Please take the time to give us your input. See you at the community center tonight at 6:45 for sign in and staring at 7pm sharp! Thanks

Destroying mangrove and other protected wildlife habitats
Many developers in Belize have a habit of destroying mangrove and other protected wildlife habitats before ever consulting or obtaining the proper permits from the relevant authorities. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking our Belizean laws. Of recent in Corozal, neighbours and villagers have complained that two foreign investors in the Consejo Village area bulldozed their beachfront tract of land for subdivision, stripping every single tree on the property. Their plan now is to cut a canal from the seaside to their development. This will cut off the 66 foot easement required by law as a buffer zone on all coastal and water front properties.We wonder if the canals proposed to be carved out from the property will be bulk headed to prevent the land from washing away during a hurricane.

Benque Puppetry Workshop
The first Puppetry workship in Cayo is happening this week at the Benque HoC. The SISE HoC will have one starting on August 17th. "Puppetry Art Mode session happening all this week, come create your masterpiece and embrace a scenery into the Arts, create,learn and empower others! All Youths & Adults are invited to join our International Facilitators from Mexico, sessions from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. all materials and sessions are free of cost, 5 spaces are still available. Call 823-2796 or inbox us"

SAGA Presents A Night With the Costa Maya Girls!
Meet and Greet Party with the Costa Maya Girls!. Pig Roast, $20bz. Sandbar Beach Bar, 6pm-9pm Aug. 2. Come enjoy some great food and meet the beautiful delegates of this year's International Costa Maya event. Get a chance to get to learn about the girls, and pose for a professional picture with a $10 donation to Saga. Live music by Valentino, and a chance to win great raffle prizes. Serving starts at 6:30. We will pre-sell tickets at the Saga Clinic and Pampered Paws which includes dinner AND a professional photo with the girls for just $25!

Graduación 2015
Las niñas y niños de la Escuela Primaria La Inmaculada celebraron hoy su graduacion.

Paint N Splash"Moorish Idol Reef Fish"
July 30, Crazy Canucks

Sugar Fest 2015 A HUGE SUCCESS!
Sugar Fest 2015 proved to be a huge success! Here are some pictures of the fun filled event which attracted over 2000 people! All proceeds went to participating charity groups!

Statement on Santa Cruz 13 return to court
pictures courtesy of Ian Morton and MLA

String Instrument Workshop
The String Instrument Workshop is underway at the House of Culture as the final program of Summer Art Wave 2015. About 20 children are taking up the challenge of learning to play violin and guitar over the next two weeks.

Caracol Military Outpost Inauguration
They had the ribbon cutting at the new Caracol Military Outpost. "The Caracol Military outpost, was officially opened at the site of Caracol on the 24th of July 2015. This outpost will add security and provide safety to all visitors to the site and to a larger extent the Chiqubul Forest reserve."

I Sing Barranco Book Launch
The I Sing Barranco Book Launch is Thursday, July 30th, starting at 6:00pm, at the National Heritage Library. Dr. Harriet Arzu Scarborough, the author, will be there, and will read some of her peotry. "3 seasoned poets warm the stage for 1 featured poet who will tame the butterflies in the bellies of newer poets who will share their poetry in an open mic session. The featured poet for this event is Dr. Harriet Arzu Scarborough, she will also launch her book 'I Sing Barranco'"

Hol Chan Research Technician, Javier Bardalez, Receives Training in Mexico
Turtle training at Xcacel

Channel 7

Santa Cruz 13 Back To Court
Viewers may remember that 5 weeks ago, 13 Mayans living in Toledo, now called the "Santa Cruz 13", were charged for unlawful imprisonment, common assault and aggravated assault. Punta Gorda Police slapped on those charges after Creole Belizean Rupert Myles accused them of handcuffing and detaining him with the intention of ejecting him from the village. Well today, they went back before the Punta Gorda Magistrate for an adjournment, and that's when 11 of the defendants were additionally charged with the offence of common assault, which they allegedly committed against Myles. It's a minor offence, and so, they were allowed to leave court after getting someone to sign the bail forms for them. Also, since the case is only just in its beginning stages, the prosecution was allowed to ask for an adjournment, while they prepare their evidence to for trial. They are expected to return to the court on September 29. Shortly after the court hearing, our colleagues from PGTV managed to get an interview with one of the spokespersons for the community. He discussed today's adjournment:

PUP's Rebel 12: What Will They Do?
For the past few days we've been reporting on the PUP's Rebel 12 - the dozen candidates who are demanding changes in the party - mainly a national convention - one which could unseat Leader Francis Fonseca. But Fonseca and his loyalists have been moving in lockstep to close ranks - and in so doing isolate the dissenting dozen - which is led by John Briceno, Cordel Hyde and Dan Silva. It could come to a head tomorrow because Fonseca has called for a meeting of the party's National Executive and Standard Bearers. We don't know the agenda, but we know what's on the table: the Rebel 12 have written to the party chairman asking for a national convention, and Cayo Central Candidate Dan Silva has posted their position on Facebook. He says, quote, "something has to happen. We cannot continue as we have, pretending as if though all is well when we know that something is wrong. That something is that the people are not buying what we are presenting to them..The people...have been very clear every chance they have gotten. They are not impressed with our party…it is absolutely important that we call an urgent National Convention." So, tomorrow's meeting is for the rebel 12 to air it out, but as a minority, outflanked by 19 standard bearers who support Fonseca. The 12 could boycott the meeting, or attend, and face a political firing squad, one which will endorse Fonseca as leader. Of course, those aren't the only options: There's still room in there for mischief making by the rebels - so we'll wait and see what comes out of tomorrow's meeting which starts at 2:00 in the afternoon.

PUP Petrocaribe Case Losing Steam?
And the PUP's internal dispute may be playing out all the way to the Supreme Court. That's because the braintrust of PUP attorneys who were pushing the Petrocaribe case are reportedly pulling back. It's not confirmed, but the question was raised today when neither law firm of record on the case, Courtney Coye LLP or Marine Parade Chambers appeared in court. Instead, it was attorney Magali Marin-Young, whose firm is not on record, but appeared for the Opposition at today's hearing before Justice Courtney Abel. The case was expected to progress today, but instead, Young had to ask for an adjournment in order for the claimants to get the lawsuit in order. The official reason put forward is that the Government has formally amended the Petrocaribe Loans Act, but the new law hasn't been Gazetted. Young submitted to Justice Abel that the Opposition is unable to make proper amendments to their case to reflect the changes in the new law if the official law is not available as yet. The attorneys representing the Government and Alba Petrocaribe Belize Limited were asking the court to consider the sanction of striking the case out if the claimants fail to progress with their case at the next adjournment. As a compromise, Justice Abel ordered that a case management conference will be held a few weeks before the new adjourned date, and if the attorney for the claimant is still not ready to move forward with the case, then he will allow submissions as to why he ought to strike it out.

Police Have A Suspect For Watchman Murder
There is a chilling update in the case of the watchman killed near to the Bacab Eco Park on Sunday night. A relative is reported to be a suspect in the murder of the 48 year old watchman Prudencio Gonzalez. Police received a reliable report stating that this young man may have killed Gonzalez. The suspect is reported to be associated with the MS-13 gang. Police are following up on this major lead and have reportedly detained the relative.

Double Chopping in Salvapan
There was a chopping incident in Belmopan yesterday. At around 1:00 yesterday morning police found two Belmopan men chopped up in Salvapan. It happened on the Road in front of the San Martin Primary School where 24-year-old Jorge Guevara and 25-year-old Clifford Alexander Alvarado were found with multiple chop wounds. Guevara had been chopped to his head, back and face, while Alvarado's wounds were to his left hand, shoulder and left arm. They told police that they were walking when five Hispanic men jumped them and started chopping. Police have one man detained and he will be charged later tonight with wounding among other charges. Police believe that alcohol may have been what fueled the attack.

US Report says Belize Fails On Trafficking in Persons
Belize is doing poorly in addressing human trafficking - or so says the United state. That's what the US State Department's annual Trafficking in Persons report 2015 concludes. The report outlines the accomplishments and the failures of 188 countries in prosecuting traffickers and protecting victims. But, they say Belize failed to do both - and is now ranked as tier 3 country. Countries that do the most to fight human trafficking are listed in Tier 1, and the least in Tier 3. The report begins by stating, quote, "The Government of Belize does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so". It goes on by saying that not only did the Government of Belize fail to thoroughly investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses over the years but also that Belize neglected to enforce prevention and protection efforts for victims. The report delves into the major gaps and discrepancies in the law - focusing on the lack of oversight of the police during bar and nightclub raids - stating that proper screening of women for trafficking indicators or signs is not done.

PUC Wants Computer Culture Brought Into Education
What if your teenage son or daughter was able to open up your computer at home, and he or she was able to understand and explain to you the use of each parts the intricate circuitry which exists in the central processing unit? Well, that's what the Public Utilities Commission intends to foster, young scholars who are computer savvy, with the hope of one day seeing a Belizean Bill Gates of Steve Jobs, both known in the world's technology industry as computer inventing pioneers who became billionaires. So, they've invested almost a quarter million dollars in acquiring innovative simple computers to train the students about the basics of computer engineering. The commission hosted a press conference to explain how they will go about trying to boost the computer technology classes that your high schooler currently receives. The Chairman explained that the computer system that they've purchased to use as teaching tools is called the Raspberry Pi (Pie). Here's his comments on the topic:

Archaeology in Benque Viejo
We've heard a lot recently from John Morris, the Director of the Institute of Archaeology. And while he's been talking about Uxbenka in the south, he also had much to share about several archaeological sites in Benque Viejo, as well as the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. He explained the Benque site, where physical works have been taking place for 4 months now: Dr. John Morris, Director, Institute of Archaeology "We received a grant from the United States Embassy to help us develop the tourism potential of the Benque site which a residential palace that is related to the site of Xunantunich because its relatively close by and we've been working on it for the last 4 months and in fact it has turned out to be extremely well. The architecture is well preserved. We hope to conclude this project by the end of August and we'll have an opening. It is going to be a boom for the town of Benque and that is what we try do. We try to find sites that are located relatively close to town. For instance we have projections for the Cuello site in Orange Walk which is a couple miles out of Orange Walk. We've started excavations there and so that in a couple of years we will be able to open that site to the public. We also started some work at site of Aventura which is very close to Corozal. It right on the road near the Fruta Bomba factory and we started some work there this year with the hope that in a couple years we get to open that site to the general public."

Camp For Kids With Diabetes
Strict dieting and exercise: certainly not things that kids would normally have to worry about. But today we met a group of kids who have to worry about these things to survive. These kids suffer from Type 1 diabetes and were all diagnosed from a very early age. Today we met them at the 5th annual Youth Diabetes Summer Camp at the ITVET and they told us how these challenging it is to cope with this disease. Barry Cuthbertson, President, Belmopan Rotary Club "As part of our visit to Mr. Marfield from the Belmopan Diabetes Association came to us and give us a presentation on the activities that was going on with diabetes in general in Belize and in that presentation he had ask us to if we could help out with 4 youths that were in Belmopan to get monitoring equipment. So during this event here which coincides with the handing over the Juvenile Diabetes Summer Camp, we got youths from all over the country that have been diagnosed with diabetes. They will be trained in using the blood monitoring equipment and a lot of nutrition and items and stuff like that. So it was just a convenient time to make all the events come together." "Once a child is diagnosed with diabetes, it's a change for the whole family. It's an incredible experience. It causes the family to have to change their lifestyle too. Children have to be trained to monitor their own health and with these children, they will have to pricked themselves up to 6-8 times a day and then use a test strip, put in the meter and read the sugar level in their blood - their insulin level."

Spanish Made Easy
Even though the official language of Belize is English, increasingly, there are more Spanish speakers in Belize than ever before. So, very soon, if you want to get around Belize you'd do better off being bilingual. That's what a group of Belizeans who call themselves Speak Out Belize, has in minds. Two of their members visited us yesterday to explain how you can learn Spanish: For more information, you contact the Speak Out Institute at 650-2580.

Carnival Culture Gets A Boost
When you hear about a carnival workshop - you know that it's not about teaching revelers how to wind their waists - cause they know all about that. But carnival trainer Glendon Morris was in Belize for a 2 week workshop with local carnival bands. It's the Trinidadian's first time in Belize and he met with about 16 carnival bands to enhance their costume design and overall presentation. We met with Morris today and he told us why these workshops are important for Belize and what we can expect to see in this year's Carnival. Morris has organized similar workshops in other parts of the world including the US. He plans on returning to Belize for follow up training sessions.

The ICJ Official Pitch
On last night's news, we had extensive coverage of the press conference held by the Foreign Affairs Ministers of both Belize and Guatemala. Both Ministers spent plenty of their speaking time about how friendly the relations are between both countries - but that never made it to air because of all the pressing divisive issues. But here's what they had to say about friendly neighbors: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs - Belize "The Guatemalan government, certainly those that I met have been very respectful of Belize and have been very insistent that they don't want any violence. They don't want any disharmony between us. They want us to live in peace and harmony and they want to go to the ICJ. That is the official position of the Guatemalan government. That is the official position of Belize government. But both of us understand that we don't speak as a government unless we speak with the authority of our people. So, us officials believe that that is the right course to take and we are advocating it and we are educating our people, but we understand that only our people can give us the authority to do that." "In the case of Belize, the decision that we must go to the people was taken deliberately during the early days, because of suspicion on the part of the Belizean electorate, with respect to the motives of the then Belizean government."

Channel 5

Santa Cruz 13 Arraigned on Additional Charges
The Santa Cruz Thirteen reappeared in the Punta Gorda Magistrate Court this morning on their scheduled date. To their surprise, additional charges were placed upon them, including on MLA spokesperson [...]

MLA Says Myles Continues To Destroy Mayan Mound
So while the Santa Cruz Thirteen face new charges, Rupert Myles is yet to be charged. On Friday, Director of Archaeology, Doctor John Morris, confirmed that charges will be brought [...]

Mayans Will Wait for Justice System to Work
While the village, according to Mis, did not plan on taking legal action against Myles, residents are now placing their faith in the justice system.  Still yet, there is also [...]

Uchbenka Executive Weighs in on Myles
The Uchbenka K’in Ajau Association, the management body tasked with overseeing the preservation of the Uxbenka sacred site, has elected a new executive.  The incoming leadership of the association has [...]

Association Plans to Restore Uxbenka Site
Makin says the importance of protecting the hallowed site is to honor the legacy of their ancestors.  As such the Uchbenka K’in Ajau Association has pledged to work closely with [...]

How Will Belizeans Vote on the Referendum to Take Territorial Claim to the ICJ?
And our question for tonight is: how do you think Belizeans will vote on the referendum to take the territorial claim to the ICJ? Send your comments and responses using [...]

P.U.P. Leader Speaks on G12
The People’s United Party is, by all accounts, deeply divided and on Wednesday, all eyes will be on Independence Hall where a meeting of the executive is being called. On [...]

Showdown Set for Tomorrow At P.U.P. HQ
Fonseca says that at a national executive meeting scheduled for Wednesday at Independence Hall, he is prepared to listen because that is his style. But he’ll only listen if he [...]

Belize Downgraded on Human Trafficking Watchlist
Belize has been downgraded to Tier Three on the Human Trafficking watch-list, based on a stinging assessment by the U.S.  The report states that, “The Government of Belize does not [...]

Anti-Trafficking Committee Says Report is Tainted
While the Committee absolutely disagreed with the downgrade, it is what it is. As far as Alpuche is concerned, they can only do what they’ve been doing because in the [...]

Supreme Court Orders Retrial for Alfredo Marin
A Benque Viejo resident appealed his conviction for drug trafficking back in June of this year. Alfredo Marin was fined ten thousand dollars and sentenced to three years in prison. [...]

Petrocaribe Case Back in Court; Neither Side Ready
Petrocaribe – it is the political buzzword of 2015, and depending on who you ask, it is either the best thing to ever happen to Belize or perhaps the worst. [...]

Petrocaribe Case Adjourned to December
For the other side, Senior Counsel Magali Marin-Young held brief for Espat and fellow Senior Counsels Eamon Courtenay, who was busy, and Andrew Marshalleck, who is on holiday. Marin-Young says [...]

Elrington Blames Belizeans for Incidents with Guatemala
Shortly at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, the Foreign Affairs Ministers of Belize and Guatemala will make presentations at a Culture for Peace forum organized by the Organization [...]

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Says “What Incidents?”
But according to O.A.S. information, the incidents along the borders have been reduced by ninety percent. The Guatemalan Foreign Minister says any incidents that occur along the adjacency zone affect [...]

P.U.C. Introduces the Raspberry Pi
In 2014, the Public Utilities Commission launched its Young Innovators Programme by giving students the tools to create mobile apps, and this year it’s all about the raspberry pi.  It [...]

Police Department Focuses on Quality of Life Offences
On Monday night, we told you about an initiative organized by Regional South Commander for the Eastern Division of the Police Department in the Mayflower Street area. That area, which [...]

Diabetes Association Hosts 5th Annual Camp
Did you know that a significant percentage of the population is diabetic? And that another significant number of persons do not even know they have the disease? Well, the Belize [...]


Duo Protest Against Discrimination in Maya Communities
And while the court proceedings were ongoing, a symbolic protest was held by two members of the Creole community. SANDRA BROWN “I’m here because I am beginning to see a discrimination rear its ugly head in Belize. I grew up in a Belize especially the districts where we boast that we have five or six […]

Santa Cruz Villagers Face Additional Court Charges
Additional charge was levied against those previously charged in connection with the recent Santa Cruz incident in Toledo. Correspondent Paul Mahung was at the Punta Gorda magistrate’s court and has the story. PAUL MAHUNG “Attorney Monica Coc of Maya Leader’s Alliance, Santa Cruz leaders and Villagers who was in Punta Gorda’s Magistrate Court spoke of […]


Belize-Guatemala week promotes peace process
Today the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala met in Belize under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS). It is the start of a “Belize-Guatemala” week, a planned operation of the OAS to bring greater understanding of the countries’ territorial di...

Belize Foreign Affairs Minister confirms FOB will go ahead
And in the spirit of the new partnership and national unity, Guatemala appears to have forgiven Belize for scaring them with the planned forward operating base at Sarstoon Island in the Toledo District. As it turns out, the Guatemalans thought Belize may have been violating the confidence building m...

Murder at Bacab Eco Park
Police in Ladyville are investigating the shooting death of one 47 year old Prudencio Gonzalez, caretaker of the famous Bacab Eco Park on the Burrell Boom road. The incident occurred sometime around 9 pm last night July 26th where eyewitness report hearing a single gunshot go off in the area of Ridg...

Man Knocked off bicycle and Killed
A man was knocked down and killed on Friday night while riding his bicycle on the George Price High at mile 13 near the village of Hattieville. According to reports, 50 year old Miguel Angel Cruz, a resident of Hattieville Village was coming back from setting tilipia traps as part of his fishing hob...

PUP women speak out on national issues
This morning there was a press conference called by the People’s United Party (PUP) in Belize City but it was not about that particular issue. Today’s head table featured only women, albeit women leaders of the PUP: 4 standard bearers, including current representative Dolores Balderamos ...

Protesters heckle diplomats at Press Briefing
Members of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) and others opposed to the ICJ process gathered outside of the Radisson Hotel starting just before today’s press briefing hosted by the OAS and featuring Belize’s and Guatemala’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs . While police held th...

Teenager perishes in Road accident
There was another fatal traffic accident over this weekend, this time in San Roman Village in the Corozal District. According to police reports, On Saturday night, July 25, sometime before 11 p.m., Corozal Police responded to a traffic accident in San Roman Village, Corozal District where they saw ...

Re: Today's Belize News: July 29, 2015 [Re: Marty] #506250
07/29/15 05:25 AM
07/29/15 05:25 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


“Santa Cruz 13” appear in court tomorrow
The “Santa Cruz 13″—a group of persons charged and arraigned on the claim that they had illegally arrested and detained Belizean Rupert Myles in Santa Cruz, where Myles was accused of desecrating a Maya sacred site, Uxbenka—are scheduled to appear in the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, Tuesday, July 28. A statement from the Toledo Alcaldes Association (TAA) recalls that, “The Maya leaders, including the spokesperson of the Maya Leaders Alliance, Cristina Coc, were arrested by the police special forces on June 24th, 2015. At 4:00 a.m., the police stormed homes in Santa Cruz, dragged unclothed men out of their homes, handcuffed them, and drove them to the Punta Gorda police station. During the arrest a grandmother and four of the villagers were injured.” The statement added that the Maya were charged for the alleged unlawful imprisonment, common assault and aggravated assault of Myles, allegedly detained for misconduct in the village, during a fajina on June 20, 2015 in the Maya village of Santa Cruz. They were released on bail.

Belize and Guatemala announce new protocol for southern waters
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called a press briefing at the Radisson Fort George Hotel this morning, as a preview to Tuesday night’s forum dubbed, “Belize/Guatemala Relations: A Culture of Peace.” The forum, during what the Organization of American States (OAS) interestingly dubs “Belize-Guatemala week,” comes only weeks after armed Guatemala Naval officers ordered a contingent of Belize Coast Guard officers off Sarstoon Island – squarely inside Belizean territory, and against the backdrop of resistance from Guatemala to Belize’s long deferred decision to build a forward operating base (FOB) in the Sarstoon area. That base, which should have been built more than seven years ago, is deemed necessary for national security purposes, and specifically to fight illegal fishing, drug and human trafficking, and illegal logging perpetrated by persons believed to be Guatemalan and Honduran nationals – a situation that has reportedly worsened because of relaxed surveillance in the area.

Cop sentenced to 3 months for theft
A police constable who was found guilty of one count of theft was sentenced to three months in prison this morning after Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith heard a mitigation plea from his attorney and he expressed remorse to the victim and apologized for “embarrassing the Police Department” with his unbecoming conduct. Attorney Leroy Banner, who represented PC Dean Perez, 27, who was found guilty of the theft of a cell phone and $600 when his case concluded last Thursday, expressed the view that a non-custodial sentence would better suit the circumstances of his client, who is the sole breadwinner for his family. Banner told Chief Magistrate Smith that Perez has no previous conviction and has spent the last 9 years serving in the Police Department.

Rebellion in the PUP!
Last week Tuesday, a number of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) National Executive members and standard bearers boycotted a strategy meeting at the Party’s Independence Hall headquarters. When the media questioned party leader Francis Fonseca, he was quite dismissive of the absences and told the media that nothing was unusual about it. In speaking about the absentees, Fonseca said: “That happens at many meetings. At many meetings we don’t have full attendance. There is absolutely nothing to be read into that at all about any boycott.” This morning, the media was again invited to Independence Hall for a press briefing, held by the women leaders of the PUP. While that meeting was going on, however, the PUP Chairman was served with a letter signed by 12 PUP standard bearers who are demanding that the party stop violating its constitution and hold a national convention as soon as possible. The meeting of the women, sources within the PUP have confirmed, was organized by Ralph Fonseca, who, we are told, made the calls to arrange for the meeting to be held at the home of Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia (the PUP’s Belize Rural Central area representative) on Sunday.

Watchman’s killer shot him in the eye
On Sunday, July 26, at about 11:43 p.m., Ladyville police responded to a report of a shooting and they visited a house located off a feeder road about half a mile from Bacab Eco Park, where they found a man lying face-up, dead. He had apparently had been shot in his right eye. This latest Belize District murder victim would later be identified as Prudencio Sican, 47, a Guatemalan national who was employed at Bacab as a handyman and watchman. Apparently, Sican lived alone in the house. Amandala spoke to the investigating officer from the Ladyville Police Station, who told us that a single gunshot was heard in the area and when Sican’s relative visited him during the night, his lifeless body was found. Police have also not recovered any expended shell casing, which adds more challenge to their investigation.

Libel case against Monchi, Fiesta FM faltering
Today marks the second day that attorneys in the libel/slander case that Deputy Prime Minister Gasper “Gapi” Vega filed against Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes, his political opponent, and Fiesta FM, have been slugging it out in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Outside the court there were more than a hundred supporters of Vega, who were bused in and who waited in the burning heat, oblivious to what was transpiring inside the courtroom, where Vega’s attorney, Rodwell Williams, SC, the Prime Minister’s law partner, was presenting his client’s case. They did not know, in fact, that Williams had run into a legal gridlock. Most of the hearing in the morning was spent with Williams making a submission in an attempt to persuade the Chief Justice that Kelly Guzman, the person who had translated the broadcast telephone conversation (which reportedly contained libelous statements) from Spanish to English, should be called as a witness for the claimant, Vega.

No Petro Caribe “love” for Lilly White Summer Camp
Long time Belize City sports entrepreneur/activist Edward Charles Rubio, a.k.a. Lilly White, visited our sports desk last Wednesday to promote his “Lilly White Kids Summer Camp 2015 for children ages 5-12 years,” which kicked off on June 30 and runs until August 30 at BTL Park. The camp is active daily from Monday to Friday, running from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lilly White says he has been sustaining the camp through the meager resources from his car wash project on Barracks Road, but “I am presently in need of funding, as I have not received any assistance from the Government of Belize through the PetroCaribe funds…” He insists that his application forms were all filled out and delivered to the Sports Council office according to the reported guidelines, but so far he has received “no love” from Government’s “Summer Sports” assistance program.

5 Belize City youth to Miami FC Bescola Camp
Leaving the Philip Goldson International Airport yesterday en route to Miami, Florida were five young footballers from the Smart Summer Camp and recently completed Smart 13 & Under Football Tournament 2015. The young players were accompanied on the trip by Smart Summer Camp and Football Tournament coordinators Stanley “Jordan” Reneau and Tyrone “T-Bone” Muschamp. The Bescola Camp will run from today, Monday, July 27 until Friday, July 31. The players are Ajani Vaughn from Face of Belize, D’Jon Canelo from Ladyville Jaguars, Kevaunn Sampson from London Strikers, and Nigel Matus and Jovaunn Ramos from Brown Bombers. Last year, three players from the Smart Summer Camp attended the FC Bescola Camp in Florida.

BDBA Firms Tournament 2015 games update
The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Tournament 2015 continued with games over the weekend on Friday and Saturday nights at Bird’s Isle. In the opener on Friday night, General won, 67-58, over Ready Call. For Generals, Roman Williams had 18 pts, Cassian Flowers 14 pts 19 rebs, and Wilfred Richards 12 pts 7 rebs; while Ready Call was led by Hubert Baptist 18 pts 5 rebs, Septimus Ritchie 14 pts 8 rebs, and David Sutherland 11 pts. And in the nightcap, it was Bulldogs with the 70-62 win over Central Bank. Leading the way for Bulldogs were Tarique Gabb 21 pts 2 rebs, Brian White 12 pts 10 rebs, Roscoe Rhys 11 pts 4 rebs 5 assts, and Marcel Orosco 11 pts 6 rebs 3 assts; while Central Health had Steven Wade with 17 pts 4 rebs 3 assts, Travis Bernardez 14 pts 5 rebs, and Neil Nicholson 11 pts 3 rebs.

Editorial: Danny
The villages that you see along the George Price (Western) Highway when you are reaching Belmopan and going on to San Ignacio/Santa Elena are generally built along the banks of the Belize Old River, or near to it. The most historic of these villages, but one you won’t see along the highway today, is More Tomorrow. It was established in 1793, five years before the Battle of St. George’s Caye. You have to go 6 to 8 miles north from the area between Beaver Dam and Cotton Tree to reach More Tomorrow. The new road in to More Tomorrow was named for Ibrahim Abdullah (formerly Charles X “Justice” Eagan, Belize’s first Muslim in the modern era and a founding officer of UBAD in 1969), and you meet that on your right just after you cross the Beaver Dam bridge going west. The old More Tomorrow road leads from Cotton Tree north to the banks of the Belize Old River. There was also a road you could take through Never Delay. This road to More Tomorrow was longer than the Cotton Tree road, but it was a higher road, and was used when the river was in flood. (Beaver Dam is around Mile 40; Cotton Tree is around Mile 42; and Never Delay is around Mile 44.) There was a time when the Western road (which has become the George Price Highway) actually passed through More Tomorrow. We know this because the older people will tell you that the historic Holy Saturday Crosscountry bicycle race (first ridden in 1928) once went over Tannish Creek in More Tomorrow on its way to Cayo and back to Belize City.

From the Publisher
Belize will be marking Emancipation Day this week in a really significant way for the first time in my memory. Emancipation Day has been a big event all over the British Caribbean for a long time. At least, this is what I have been told. Emancipation Day is a time when mulatto Belizeans should look themselves in the eye. “Mulatto” is not a term used much in Belize. All people who have any kind of African ancestry here have been called, or called themselves, “Creoles.” There have been Belizeans with dark skin and tight hair lumped under this general heading along with light-skinned Belizeans with European features. My late paternal grandmother, Eunice Locke Hyde, used to refer to darker-skinned Creoles as “able Creoles.” Then there was a general reference made in Belizean society to lighter-skinned Creoles as “royal Creoles.” There was still some ambiguity in the “royal” designation, however, because there were some dark-skinned families who had been very British for generations, and I think they fell under the “royal” heading. It is all quite confusing sometimes.

OAS mandate does NOT extend to the Sarstoon
Back in 2003, Belize and Guatemala agreed to a set of confidence-building measures under the regime of the Organization of American States (OAS), under which the adjacency zone, spanning a kilometer on either side of Belize’s western border with Guatemala, was established. Under the agreement, new settlements inside that zone were to be banned and a procedure was outlined for dealing with persons in violation. Also, the area became subject to a regime of joint patrols by soldiers from Belize and Guatemala. Of note, though, is that this OAS-led regime—which has been strictly terrestrial in scope—has not been applied to southern Belize, where the Sarstoon River forms a natural border between Belize and Guatemala, running clearly south of Sarstoon Island. Along this southern riverine expanse, Belize security officers have continued to carry out their surveillance to fight illegal fishing, logging and migration, which are pronounced problems in Southern Belize. It was for this reason that law enforcement authorities attempted in May to locate the best site for a forward operating base (FOB) in the Sarstoon area, and the Coast Guard officers tasked with the mission were supposed to erect that base at that location before returning to base.

Emancipation Day Commemorations in Belize with UEF
Emancipation Day is commemorated every August 1st in recognition of the 1838 abolition of legal slavery in all countries colonized by Britain where chattle slavery, genocide, forced labor, rape, indentured servitude, environmental destruction and other crimes against humanity were, for centuries, legal when committed by Europeans and their descendants against African, East Indian and Mayan peoples. The United Black Association for Development Educational Foundation (UEF) is recognizing the anniversary of Emancipation Day in Belize throughout this week. Every year UEF commemorates this day with more intentionality, and this year UEF has invited Dr. Jahlani Niaah, a farmer, a UWI -Mona Campus lecturer and an author of numerous articles, chapters and books, including Let Us Start with Africa: Foundations of Rastafari Scholarship to walk, share and reason with Belizeans. Dr. Niaah will be on WUB today, Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. On Wednesday he will meet with St. Vincent Block/Serru Garifuna farming community in Peini/Punta Gorda at 11a.m. Then, he will give a presentation from 5-7 p.m. at the Punta Gorda Town Library, an institution that provides space for dynamic discussion, debate and dialogue along with afterschool and other programming. On Friday the 31st Dr. Niaah will, again in Belize City, speak at the Library of African and Indian Studies, at the Kremandala Compound from 7-9 p.m.

Belize hits rock-bottom on TIP scale
Belize has received its worst ranking since 2006 in the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report published by the US State Department – a tier 3 classification which could trigger sanctions against the country through withdrawal of funding or opposition to new funding sought from international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the July 2015 TIP report signaled. Belize was among 18 countries downgraded this year, including Belarus, Comoros, and the Marshall Islands. Last year, 2014, Belize was placed on the tier 2 watch list, the stage before the final downgrade it received this year. Belize was first ranked in 2003, when it received a tier 3 rating. However, it had since pulled itself to the tier 2 watch list before sinking again to tier 3 in 2006. In 2007, the country was upgraded to tier 2, and for the past 7 years, it has managed to stay out of the tier 3 zone, where it has now been placed with 22 other countries. According to the ranking system, governments of countries on tier 3 may be subject to certain restrictions on bilateral assistance, whereby the US government may withhold or withdraw non-humanitarian, non-trade-related foreign assistance.

Watchman’s killer shot him in the eye
On Sunday, July 26, at about 11:43 p.m., Ladyville police responded to a report of a shooting and they visited a house located off a feeder road about half a mile from Bacab Eco Park, where they found a man lying face-up, dead. He had apparently had been shot in his right eye. This latest Belize District murder victim would later be identified as Prudencio Sican, 47, a Guatemalan national who was employed at Bacab as a handyman and watchman. Apparently, Sican lived alone in the house. Amandala spoke to the investigating officer from the Ladyville Police Station, who told us that a single gunshot was heard in the area and when Sican’s relative visited him during the night, his lifeless body was found.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PG Town Council truck caught illegally dumping garbage
Punta Gorda Town community activist, politician and conservationist Wil Maheia has exposed what he says are long-standing violations of the law on illegal dumping of garbage by the Punta Gorda Town Council (PGTC). On Facebook, Maheia posted a picture of the Council’s truck dumping a large load of […]

Santa Cruz 13 in court
Twelve Maya villagers of Santa Cruz, Toledo, plus Mayan Leaders Alliance member, Cristina Coc, returned today to the Punta Gorda Town Magistrate’s Court to answer to charges of unlawful imprisonment, common assault and aggravated assault against Rupert Myles, who accused them of restraining and assaulting him because he refused to leave his […]

Lawyers not ready for Petrocaribe case
Today was the date set for the trial of the lawsuit filed by member of the House of Representatives for Cayo South, Honorable Julius Espat against Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development Honorable Dean Barrow. Over vociferous objections, the Prime Minister has pushed through first a motion […]

Corozal HOC holds arts exhibit
The Identity Youth Art Exhibit is an annual event organized by and held at the Corozal House of Culture to promote cultural artists of all ages. Showcasing photography, charcoal drawings, acrylic and water color paintings, the exhibit taps into many genres of art. This year will mark the second annual […]

Belize funding threatened by human trafficking classification from U.S.
The United States may withdraw funding or oppose new funding for Belize from international financial institutions because of a seeming disregard for attending to the problem of trafficking in persons, the State Department reports, via Amandala. Belize was among 18 countries downgraded this year, including Belarus, Comoros, and […]

Bishop Martin top three in Visionaries Challenge
Placing third in this year’s Sagicor Visionaries Challenge was regional champions, Bishop Martin High School of Orange Walk, for their innovative concept involving the shrub native to Mexico; Chaya. The project was entitled “Mayan Power for Modern Times” and is aimed at increasing awareness and usability of Chaya […]

Belmopan men chopped
Belmopan police detained one man and are currently looking for four others in connection with a Monday morning chopping incident that left two men badly injured. 24 year old Salvadoran National, Jorge Guevara, a resident of St. Peter Street, Belmopan, along with Clifford Alexander Alvarado, a resident of St. Mathew’s […]

Drug peddler caught on the Peninsula
A drug peddler well known by police for trafficking cocaine and cannabis into the peninsula, will be spending the rest of his birthday behind bars after he was arrested and charged by Placencia Police Quick Response Team (QRT) this morning, July 28. Police reports are that while in an area […]

EU Ambassador makes visit to Belize
European Union (EU) Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Paola Amadei, has been in Belize since July 26 and participated in a forum on Belize-Guatemala relations today, which was the main event of her one week visit. The forum is part of an EU funded program that will work to resolve the […]

Young Innovators Program introduces “credit-card” computer to schools
The second year of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC)’s Young Innovators Program kicks off with workshops for teachers of information technology (IT) from 47 schools around the country in August. The teachers will be taught how to use a computer that is the size of a credit card […]

Missing teenage girl found
13 year old Jaqueline Calderon was found in Lucky Strike village yesterday, Monday, after being missing for six days. Calderon went missing on Tuesday July 21st around 5:30 after she left her home to go buy a phone card at a restaurant on Albert Street. Police said that their strike […]

Belize given Ebola kits
Even the donor hopes this is one gift Belize never has to use, but it is important nonetheless. The Pan American Development Foundation on Monday handed over 21 kits of personal protective gear necessary to handle patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus, which saw an outbreak in West Africa […]

City teen student drowned on evangelical retreat
A teenage boy gone out to swim with classmates while attending a church retreat near Mile 25 on the George Price Highway lost his life as a result. 14 year old Eric Cruz, according to officer in charge of Eastern Division (Rural) Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, was observed having difficulty […]


24 Hours in The Chiquibul: Heroes Saving A Belize National Treasure – The Scarlet Macaw
One of Belize’s, one of the world’s, most beautiful creatures is at risk for local extinction. The gorgeous and almost surreal scarlet macaw – few, even Belizeans, have seen it flying wild. And due to heavy poaching and habitat destruction (one of the birds’ native nesting grounds, the Chalillo Valley was flooded when a dam system was built in the early 2000s), the numbers in Belize are ridiculously low. They are described as endangered in Belize with less than 250 birds. And Mexico and Guatemala are seeing the same problem and similar numbers. POACHERS. In 2011, it was estimated that 89% of nests in the Chiquibul Forest (pronounced Chicky-bull) were poached. Most by Guatemalan poachers locally called Xateros (Sha-tear-os) who can sell the babies for hundreds or even thousands of dollar. Named after a plant that is also poached from Belize’s jungle – the xate (sha-tay). A PLANT used for flower arrangements!

Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp 2015 Wrap-Up!
FRIDAY! When arts and crafts were over, the campers lined up to hike to the Lodge for a presentation on the day’s theme, the three R’s of conservation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The head of Chaa Creek’s Natural History Center and Butterfly Farm, Brion Young, gave a PowerPoint presentation that taught the campers not only about the benefits of being eco-friendly, but the extent to which one can be eco-friendly. For instance, part of Chaa Creek’s commitment to being eco-tourism is its commitment to its surrounding community. Not only donating ten percent of all room revenue to support the surrounding San Ignacio metropolitan community, but also the community of Chaa Creek itself.

Travel in Belize for an Enjoyable Family Holiday
Travel in Belize and you will see the key ingredients needed for a great holiday with the family. Aside from being more affordable compared to the other Caribbean destinations, Travel in Belize is also safer than other Central American destinations. However, the best reason why families should go to this beautiful country is just the same as for everyone else: animal encounters, adventure and action, and lots of fun in the sun. Read on and get to learn more about these Belize attractions, along with some Belize travel tips. The vase network of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Belize offers a safe haven for wildlife that should delight any animal lover of any age. However, the animals are elusive and kids do not mostly have the encountry of belizedurance or patience to find them, unless you know exactly where to look. The Community Baboon Sanctuary or CBS is a grassroots conservation operation that occupies around 20 square miles is spread over several Creole villages in the Belize River Valley. It is a private property but the landowners have pledged to preserve the habitat of endangered black howler monkey. The result in an impressive increase in the local population of the primate, which now freely roam in the area

House update and some pics of critters
Just a quick update on the house we are building, for those interested in what it is like to build here! It has gone remarkably well, surpassed our expectations. We are AHEAD of schedule (has that ever been said on a construction project here????) and it looks gorgeous. The pictures say it all! Although I shouldn't post things like this, I just have to :). We had our first experience with waking up to find a scorpion chilling on our kitchen sink! They often try and seek out water so you are not as likely to find them on your pillow. Please note, I was terrified of critters when I got here having had no experience with these things in Cleveland. However, seriously, after almost a year and a half, I have only run across a few, they are more scared of me, and even if they bite you, nothing is going to REALLY hurt you!! So here is our buddy the scorpion....

International Sourcesizz

I know, I know, the name doesn’t do it justice but the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize is a must if you’re travelling through Central America. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1996, the Great Blue Hole was originally a limestone cave that started to form about 150,000 years ago. Today, it’s one of the greatest places for experienced divers to explore. The deepest point of the Great Blue Hole lies at 124 metres, but if that doesn’t exhilarate you enough, then perhaps spotting nurse sharks, giant groupers, and other reef sharks might! Yup, they’re all here in this stunning part of the world.

Belize Makes Push for Local Tourism
In a bid to increase tourism revenue, Belize is looking close to home. The country has launched a new ad campaign aimed at local travelers, under the theme “Discover How to Be a Belizean Traveler.” The campaign “is centered on getting Belizeans to travel locally and to promote the regional icons,” the country’s tourism board said in a release. The initiative is looking to encourage Belizean residents “to travel locally in order to keep our dollars at home and promote local business,” the board said. “We hope that this campaign will show the Belizeans that there is no need to go anywhere else on vacation, when an unforgettable experience awaits you in your own backyard,” said Noriko Gamero, marketing and public relations manager at the Belize Tourism Board.

Local Rotarians assist needy students in Belize
For the past three years, Seminole Lake Rotarian Dave Buzza has annually donated 50 or more backpacks to children at the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre, an orphanage in Belize City, Belize. Buzza, who obtains the backpacks through his company Leather Medics, delivers them via Belize Hope, a nonprofit that assists needy children in the South American country. He discovered the organization when one of its board members, Beverly Fisher, spoke at a Rotary Club of Seminole Lake meeting three years ago. At that meeting, Fisher, who is also a fellow Rotarian, made an impact on Buzza. For seven years, Fisher has travelled to Belize with a group from the Rotary Club of Dunedin and the First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin.

The 7 best places to retire overseas
The concept of moving abroad in retirement is usually associated with adventure, good food and the freedom to explore other parts of the world. But the main factor that motivates people to actually spend their later years abroad is often affordability, says Kathleen Peddicord, publisher of Live and Invest Overseas, a resource for retirees that publishes an annual ranking of the 21 best places to retire overseas. “Outside the United States, you can live for far less,” says Peddicord, who ranks cities based on cost of living, weather, options for residency and other factors. 3. Cayo, Belize: Cost of living: $1,225 a month Described by researchers as “off the grid,” Cayo is about a 20-minute flight or three-hour drive from Belize City. Retirees in the tropical climate would live among the rainforest and would need to clear their own road if they bought property and built a home there. That real estate would be affordable, though, costing an average $1,318 per square meter. Crime rates in Belize City may be a bit high for retirees, but Cayo’s remoteness makes it a quieter place to live that is safe for people who are vigilant. Because of Cayo’s isolation, some people needing advanced medical treatment may need to turn to Mexico or the the United States, researchers wrote, making it less appealing for people with ongoing health conditions.

Ambergris Caye, Belize - Karibisches Paradies
Nach Belize zu fahren war eine ziemlich spontane Entscheidung. Ich saß zu Hause mit einem Atlas und einer Karte der Karibik und dort fand ich dieses Land, von dem ich noch nie etwas gehört hatte. Darauf folgte erst einmal die obligatorische Suche auf Wikipedia und die Entscheidung war getroffen, nach Ambergris Caye, der größten von über 200 Barriere Riffinseln in Belize zu reisen. Ich wollte sowieso nach Playa del Carmen in Mexiko reisen und von dort aus ist es nur eine kurze Fahrt mit dem Bus nach Belize. Ich kaufte mir ein Busticket am Playa del Carmen Busbahnhof nach Chetumal, eine mexikanische Stadt an der Grenze zu Belize, für ca. 20 Euro. Als ich die Tour das erste Mal im Jahr 2012 unternahm, gab es keine direkte Verbindung nach Belize City von Playa del Carmen aus. Heute kann man mit dem Bus direkt von Playa nach Belize City gelangen, man fährt um Mitternacht los und kommt gegen 7 Uhr morgens an. Nachdem ich in Chetumal angekommen war, musste ich ein Taxi von der Bushaltestelle nehmen, um zu einem zentralen Platz zu gelangen, von wo aus die Busse nach Belize City losfuhren. Diese Busse waren etwas Besonderes - Grün angemalte alte, amerikanische Schulbusse. Sobald wir Chetumal verlassen hatten, drehte unser Busfahrer sein nachträglich installiertes Sound-System voll auf und spielte Reggaeton - die ganze Fahrt nach Belize City über. Das muss man einmal erlebt haben, auch wenn einem noch am nächsten Tag die Ohren dröhnen.


  • Belize Mission Team Presentation at Parkview, 26min.

  • Diving with friendly nurse sharks in Belize 2015, 3.5min. Diving with friendly nurse sharks @ the Belize Great Barrier Reef. Also a Hawksbill sea turtle and a school of Schoolmaster Snappers.

  • Belize Credit Union League - Savings Ad, 1min.

  • Sargasso Clean up and Beach Building in Belize, 2min. One man’s outreach to the community to find a solution to the Sargasso problem plaguing the island has him organizing a weekly beach cleanup campaign that promises to build the beach while getting rid of the Sargasso (seaweed) that keeps accumulating by the tons.

  • Wild Cats at Fireburn 2015,1 min. "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the wild cats call tonight" we may not have lions in Belize, but we do have five species of impressive cats - including the two large cats...the puma and the jaguar.The camera traps in Fireburn have been hard at work capturing some magic moments in the lives of these wild felines as they visit the Fireburn pond

  • El Chevo on Costa Maya Festival, 1/4min. Rising artist El Chevo from Honduras, set to perform at Costa Maya Festival on Friday, August 7, 2015, Delivers a message to San Pedro and his followers to attend the International Festival

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