A man was beaten to death by residents in Dangriga yesterday in a case of vigilante justice. 34 year old Anwar Douglas Garbutt exposed himself to a young girl in the Back-a-Town area yesterday morning. The community decided to take matters into their own hands - that's when 4 men tied Garbutt's elbows together with a leather belt, dragged him from a yard onto the street side where they beat him to death. 2 pieces of 2X4 lumber measuring about 6 feet in length have been retrieved from the scene. Police have detained 4 men from the village in connection with this brazen murder. Police say that this is not the first time that Garbutt has done this - he has been charged twice before with indecent exposure but police also say that the resident may have taken it a too far because there are no reports that Garbutt touched the young girl.

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