An organization dedicated to: Reduction of crime, resolution of community issues, oversight for Police and CCVC-related topics, and promotion of a well-balanced community environment.

Reduction of crime through Island Zone Representative initiative, Neighborhood Watch, Citizens on Patrol and Special Constable services.

Resolution of Community Issues by working directly with Caye Caulker Police Formation Command Staff (criminal) and CCVC (zoning, permits, traffic, noise, etc.) problem areas.

Oversight of Police and CVCC related topics. The Committee encourages Citizens of Caye Caulker to utilize the Citizen’s Report Form to file complaints (with the PCC) on various aspects of community issues. This is one of the key elements of the PCC and one that deserves a separate paragraph.

Well-balanced Community is a Community which works in unison with one another as well as government agencies (Police, Fisheries, Port Authority, etc.) Community-Police relations have been strained for many years. One goal of the PCC is to restore the relationship and encourage all citizens, from all walks of life, to contribute to our Island, our Home.

Citizen’s Report Form:

This Form is available here (on-line) as well as in many public places on the island (Village Council, Library, Post Office, Police Station, Grocery Stores, & Tour Shops).

All Citizens are asked to use the Form responsibly and with detailed information. The Report Form is designed to report: Criminal/Suspicious Activity (Robberies, Burglaries, Assaults, Illegal Fishing, Illegal Tour Operations, Police Misconduct etc.) as well as Community Related Issues (Trash, Excessive Noise, Traffic, Land Issues, etc).

Many Citizens feel that their concerns fall on deaf ears and issues are being “swept under the rug”. The PCC’s chief purpose is to ensure that every member of the community receives a voice and every legitimate complaint/report garners appropriate attention. The Committee is impartial and non-partisan. YOUR CONCERNS WILL BE HEARD.

The Committee meets with the Police Inspector, Sergeant, and CCVC Chairman on a Monthly basis to discuss all ongoing issues. Every outstanding report is addressed and an update issued to the Community regarding resolutions and/or progress of issues.

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