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Today's Belize News: August 12, 2015 #506629
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Costa Maya Festival 2015
The 2015 International Costa Maya Festival® has come and gone, leaving only memories of the beauty, talent and great music shared over the three-night celebration. Brought to attendees by a hard-working committee and volunteers, Costa Maya featured a medley of dancers, musicians, beauty contestants, games, food and drinks galore. In 1991, a group of like-minded businesspeople and citizens sought to bring business during the ‘slow season’ to La Isla Bonita, and truly, the Costa Maya Festival has evolved from its beginnings as the Sea & Air Festival. If the hotel bookings, golf cart rentals, daytime entertainment and nightclubs’ parties are anything to go by; the initial goal has been met: the island thrives over the festival weekend. After the election of the new beauty ambassador for the Costa Maya Festival, the following night of events features more cultural display. But before the performances could begin, it was time for reflection and giving their speeches, which highlighted the purpose of the festival. San Pedro Town Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Minister of Tourism and Culture Manuel Heredia Jr. both spoke of the need to support the festival, especially as the rewards are clearly visible in the way that business was booming around town during the festival. They encouraged businesses who have not joined the list of sponsors to join in next year’s event, as the festival is a community celebration for all.

Ambergris Today

Costa Maya Festival Wraps Up Busy Weekend in San Pedro
Bringing life to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye during the slow season, the Costa Maya Festival proves that people just want to get away for the weekend to enjoy sun, sand and sea with a little top-notch entertainment in the mix. The festival managed to pack the island with visitors from around the country who were looking for a fun-filled weekend. Besides the main events during the evening at the festival grounds, the island was teeming with activities, mostly beach parties that attract the young party revelers. Hotels and golf cart rentals were booked up and the town was in overdrive. During the evening, the Costa Maya Festival brought the island to life with great entertainment from around the region commencing with the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant kick-starting all the festivities and crowning the new Miss Costa Maya 2015 whose title went to Miss Honduras.

Sancas Realty Breaks Ground For San Cas Plaza Commercial Project On Ambergris Caye
SANCAS Realty, a wholly owned subsidiary of Santiago Castillo, Limited, broke ground on Monday, August 10, 201, on a new commercial real estate project next to Tropic Air at San Pedro airport. The two-story building will be a modern commercial plaza delivering high quality retail and office space to the heart of the town. “We are extremely excited to bring this project to San Pedro,” said Gil Castillo, President, SANCAS Realty. “The growth of Ambergris Caye has been amazing. As our community expands, we need to invest in additional retail and office space to help support local business. San Cas Plaza will provide essential commercial real estate inventory for marquee tenants.” SANCAS Realty, the exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate for Belize, will serve as the anchor tenant for the building. Founded in London in 1766, Christie’s is the world’s most exclusive real estate brand, encompassing a network of top luxury brokers and agents from around the globe.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Corozal banking lines today
Today there will be long cues of people at the different banks in town. The second payment of sugar cane deliveries to the BSI/ASR sugar mill are due today. Congratulations to all our hardworking cane farmers in Corozal. We know the struggle is real. Today the expenses to harvest and transport the sugar cane depending on the distance could be over 50% of the overall payment which is broken in three parts. The third and final payment is made before Christmas. Now farmers have to budget to buy chemicals, fertilizers and prepare their lands until then. Having to deal with a very low payment for their crop in 2017 is something they must mitigate and be prepared for. During the 70's when our farmers received the best payment ever, the cost to harvest and deliver the sugar cane to the mill was under 10% of what they collected.

Power interruption 7:00am to 1:30pm, Thursday, August 13, Orange Walk & Corozal
San Lorenzo, San Luis, San Jose, San Pablo, San Juan, Douglas, Buena Vista, Caledonia, Progresso, Santa Clara and San Roman A 2-hour power interruption from 7:00am to 9:00am will also affect San Antonio and Santa Cruz. BEL to replace utility poles and conductor grips on the power distribution system in the area.

Paint N Splash "Plumerias"
Come paint with us this Thursday at Crazy Canucks!

Mr. Fernando Perez Sr. passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Perez family & friends on the passing of Mr. Fernando Perez Sr. also known as "Tin Tan". May his soul rest in peace. El Alcalde Daniel Guerrero, el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro y el Staff extiende sus mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos del Sr. Fernando Perez Sr. mejor conocido como "Tin Tan". Que en paz descanse.

Linda Sanpedrana - Semifinal
The Miss San Pedro and Hotel Los Cocos present the Linda Sanpedrana - Semifinal Stage to be held on August 15 in Chetumal, Mexico! Everyone is invited to come witness the Miss San Pedro Contestants in their first public debut! For bookings for overnight stay at Hotel los Cocos you can contact them at Tels: +52 (983) 835 04 30 or by email at [email protected] A show YOU do not want to miss! **Please note that this event DOES NOT in any any way affect the final results of the Miss San Pedro Pageant 2015.

Commentary: Granting Belizeans their citizenship rights will have to come
By Wellington C. Ramos. My country of Belize and the developing countries of the world desperately need the involvement of their citizens abroad to become a competitive nation in this world. Today these nations depend on financial and other resources that their people send home to support a majority of their citizens. Without these resources these nations would be forced to borrow more money to govern their countries and sustain their dependent nations. Some of the people who reside in Belize and these developing countries profit and remain in power because of their citizens’ economic conditions. They believe and practice that if we make our citizens more economically secure, they will lose their political power. Holding on to their political power is more important to them than to grant their natural born Belizean citizens their constitutional rights as citizens of Belize.

American retiree drowns
With less than twelve hours apart, Corozal Police have retrieved a second lifeless body from the Corozal Bay. Information is that a little after 4:00 p.m., 56 year old American retiree Jimmy Robert Anthony went swimming with his wife Denise Anthony at the Rainbow Beach. Denise reported to police that shortly after she noted that her husband seemed to be motionless floating in the water. She then attempted to reach him but the tides drifted him away. With the help of some residents who were int he area, they managed to retrieve the lifeless body. The body of Jimmy R. Anthony now lies at the Northern Regional Hospital awaiting a post mortem examination.

Channel 7

BTB Says COLA Crying Wolf Over Carnival Cruise Line Cancellations
Last night the headline on the news was that Carnival Cruise Line had canceled 14 cruise ship calls to Belize. A release from COLA said that the tourism industry was in jeopardy of losing $2.5 million dollars in revenue, all because Carnival was supposedly dissatisfied with the tendering process. Well, the Belize Tourism Board has responded saying that COLA misinterpreted the emails that they were trying to quote. This afternoon, BTB's Director of Destination Planning and Cruise hosted a press briefing in which he explained that indeed 14 calls have been cancelled, but not because Carnival is pushing for a proper cruise port to be built in Belize City. Here's how he explained it: Valdemar Andrade - Director, Destination Planning and Cruise "I just want to clarify some misinterpretations because yes, let me first say that Carnival did redeployed two ships which affected our call schedule by 14 calls for 2016. But this is a normal part of our scheduling process. Every year we have a process where they book calls, so they hold certain call positions to ensure that their ships can call on Belize.

Customs Cuts Overtime Amidst Record Revenue, Officers Not Happy
For some time now, we've been getting reports of discontent within the Customs Department. And, it's all about money - how much more government is getting, and how much less the officers are getting because of a drastic cutback in overtime. The sharp increase in revenue to government is thanks to the full implementation of a new computerized system of revenue collection called Asycuda (Asi-Cuda) World. Customs administrators say that not only does it bring in more revenue for government, it also reduces the number of man hours needed to run the revenue collection process. They say that lessens the need for overtime - which is fine and well on paper, but for years, the significant extra earnings from overtime have made up a significant portion of an officer's salary. So, cutting overtime is like cutting their pay and our information says that they are not happy about it - and already junior officers have been calling in sick to their stations. Today, we got an opportunity to speak with the new acting Comptroller of Customs, Emil Grinage, who granted his first interview since taking over the office in November of last year. He told us that while there is the overtime implication, his responsibility is to improve efficiency and cut back on unnecessary expenses to the Government:

Senator Ray Went Away, But Told Mora First
What will be the fate of Labour Senator Ray Davis? It was all over the news when he missed the last Senate Meeting on July first - and at least one honcho from the NTUCB called for his resignation or removal. That, of course, is Vice President Audrey Matura Shepherd who didn't mince words on July first - when she Said Davis left town and didn't tell anyone:.. Audrey Matura-Shepherd, 2nd Vice President - NTUCB "It is at that point that then we later found out that he is not in the country which by protocol, he should have informed us he is not going to be in the country, because it became public knowledge by all mediums and through emails with him that the House of Representatives was meeting on the 26th of June and so everybody know that immediately thereafter there will be a senate debate. He never informed us that he would not be in the country. So, unfortunately we were not able to confirm his absence out of the country until Sunday. He is nor keeping up to his obligation. He does not engage. He does not come to meetings and where we have falter, we have tried to put in the mechanism and now he has leaves the country without telling us."

41 Year Old Washes Up In Corozal
This morning at 9:15, in Corozal Town police were called to fish a body out of the Bay in an area near the old market. It was 41 year old Andy Grant from San Andres Village. Police removed the body and took it to the morgue. At this time they don't know the cause of death, and they are not saying if foul play was involved or if the body bore any signs of violence. His family told CTV-3 that they last saw him yesterday and he told them he was planning to enter a rehabilitation program for his drinking problem.

Pregnant Pause: A Craving For Conch
Yesterday we told you about the taxi van full of fishermen carrying illegal conch. It was busted by a Ladyville police patrol where they found 50 pieces of out of season conch. Well today five of the fishermen in the van were taken to court and charged with possession of conch during closed season. Damien Nah copped a plea and spared the four others. He pled guilt before Magistrate Rogers and was fined 500 dollars plus 20 dollars for each conch. The charge was withdrawn from the others who included Ronald Escobar, Julian Cob, Fonciano Coco Sr. Jr. and taxi driver Carlos Turcios. But, it's wasn't just a random out of season catch - could it have been a pregnancy craving for conch? Nah said that he was taking the conch for his wife who is pregnant. The men were headed to Orange Walk - and the taximan picked them up in front of the Northern Co-Op.

Where Do The Guns Come From?
Where do all the guns come from? IT's a question that has no easy answers - if it has any at all. But, for sure, many of them do come in through regulated border crossings and ports of entry - passing right beneath the noses of customs examiners. It's a problem throughout Central America, which - between Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala and Belize is the deadliest area on earth. That's what the Central American Program on Small Arms and Light Weapons Control, CASAC wants to combat. This morning they pulled together 39 police and customs officers at the Customs Department Office in Port Loyola, Belize City, for the first of a 3 day training on how to stop weapons from coming into the country. CASAC has brought in experts on how to detect and interdict weapons smuggling. We spoke with the facilitators: Rafael Donis - Firearms Expert, CASAC "It's a training program based on firearms controls and it also deals with the logistical details guarding, protecting the borders, the entry points and they will also be covering details on how different criminal elements try to hide the firearms in smaller pieces and disguise them in other forms and then bring them through water, land and through air."

Unregulated Customs Crossings Could Come Under Manners
Of course, many weapons also come in through unregulated border crossings such as those at Jalacte in the South and Botes in the north. He told us that there is a plan, in initial stages to put a customs outpost in Jalacte: Emil Grinage - Acting Comptroller of Customs "There are plans for Jalacte and like I said the problem with our country is that we are seated two develop countries, Mexico and Guatemala and they have products that they could overwhelmed us with. Right now even at this time in September, it's easy to just cross across the river. It becomes at time a little bit difficult to man because of this - the geography of the place. But that's what happens when you have neighbors like that who are very developed. They will overwhelmed you." Daniel Ortiz "Can you expand anymore on what is the timeline and the actual structures that will be put in place at Jalacte? Are those plans that well developed?"

Is Customs Causing Prices To Go Up?
And while hundreds of persons go though the back every week without having to pay a dollar on their contraband, those who do things the right way, and go through the front, have to pay duty. Regular folks - and importers - often complain that the import duties are too high. The acting comptroller says that as an importer, it's your responsibility to question the customs officer charging you the duty, much the same way you would question a grocer about the prices on items on his or her shelves: Daniel Ortiz "How is that system caught up so that there is that element of transparency that there is no overcharging, because that's a concerned that people have, that there is this perception, even if it is wrong." Emil Grinage - Acting Comptroller of Customs "Well it's a simple process. If you approach any custom officer and you are importing goods and you have your declaration form. By law we have to show why we are charging you certain amounts. We have our tariffs and you supposed to ask to see in the tariff. So if you are over charged it's because you are not interested in asking. If you think you are being over charged, it's because are not ask what you need you ask. Just like when you walked into a shop and they are selling something for such a price, you could ask why so high? What's the markup, what the duty on it?"

Southside Strike Team Got Guns
We've told you a lot about the community policing work that the Eastern Division Southside Formation has been doing, but they also have a strike team to do the dirty work. That team scored big between yesterday evening and this morning when they brought in two guns and over a pound of marijuana from various Southside locations. They got a loaded 38 revolver, a loaded 9 millimeter pistol with an extended clip, as well as 21 ounces of weed. All items were labeled and deposited as "FOUND PROPERTY."

Territorial Volunteers To Sarstoon, Defiantly
Sarstoon Island... lately, it's been in the news a lot, ever since the revelation that the Guatemalan Government was opposed to the Coast Guard building a forward operating base. And while they argue about a base, the Belize Territorial Volunteers say they want to simply plant the Belizean flag there. So they are going there defiantly on Sunday for their next patriotic outing. The leaders told us why today: Orlando De La Fuente - Member, Northern Territorial Volunteers "Our bus is departing Orange Walk at 12 midnight. We hope to be in PG by 6AM and have some breakfast, stretch our legs and then we will arrive at the staging point which has now been identified as Barranco Village. That's going to be at 9AM. So from Barranco Village, we will have the boats departing to the Sarstoon which is about 2 miles away and we have a list of activities planned for that day. We are going to raise the Belize flag, we are going to sing the National Anthem and we have a keynote speaker that we are going to feature."

Police end Search For 10 Year Old
Police have stopped searching for 10 year old Jason Pau. The child went missing went missing on Friday, July 31st on a summer camp trip at the Blue Creek Cave in Punta Gorda. He was on a cave tubing trip with a group of American Missionaries. Now, police say they were forced to give up on the search last week - and are hoping that the public sees something or that the child's body surfaces. Until the body appears, police say, no charges can be contemplated against anyone involved in his disappearance. His parents from Elridgeville have resigned themselves to his loss but are still crying out for the closure of having his remains to bury.

Shot By Cops, Man Says For No Reason
Robert Flores was shot by police yesterday - and today he want to court charged for damage to property. Flores was charged for damage to property for trying to strip the copper out of the electrical line into "A and R" store on the northern highway in Belize City - causing $1,500 in damages. He told the court that he had already surrendered to police when they shot him twice in the foot, once in his instep and once in his toe - which severed the toe. Magistrate Rogers offered Flores bail of $800 plus one surety of the same amount. But he was unable to meet it by 12 noon and he was taken into custody at the Queen Street Police Station and he was seen hopping into the police van.

Harvest Caye Coming, Quickly
The issue of Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye Cruise Port in the south is still caught up in the Supreme Court after the Belize Tourism Industry Association sued the Government for allegedly fast-tracking it to the construction stage. Justice Courtney Abel is handling that one, but in the meantime, the cruise company moves forward with their construction, and right now, they are in the late stages of that process. The cruise port should be ready to open in February 2016, and today the BTB Director of Cruise and Destination Planning, it continues to meet the preparation timelines: Valdemar Andrade - Director, Destination Planning and Cruise "From the last time that we met, the project is on schedule for February 2016. That's when we are looking to have the first call at Harvest Caye. From the government side, we have an adhoc ports committee that has all the relevant agencies included on it. We have a meeting this afternoon to ensure that the government side is still ready for the original date of October 2015, to ensure that from the government side we are ready to have full operations on Harvest Caye."

Banking on Books
SCOTIABANK wants your child to read. And that is why they has launched a Children's Book Drive countrywide. The book drive is a month-long initiative that is expected to collect hundreds of children books and school books from its staff and customers around the country. The books will then be donated to the most deserving schools in September when the new school year begins. 7news was at the launch this morning. Books can be dropped off at any Scotiabank branch around the country.

Berne Does Central America
Last night, on the news, we showed you our interview with local artist Berne Velasquez, as he prepares to take the stage in the finals of this year's National Song Competition. But, that's going to be a rare sight for his Belizean fans, since he's been Central America for the last few years trying to promote his music and grow his fan base. We asked him what he's been up to, and why he's stayed away for so long, and he said that he's still chasing that dream of being Belize's most successful deportee: You can catch Berne in action on Friday night in the finals of the National Song Competition. He'll be performing his song called, "Bruk Wah Sweat".

Channel 5

B.T.B. Confirms Carnival Cancellations
The Belize Tourism Board confirmed at noon today that indeed a total of fourteen calls have been canceled from this destination for the 2016 season when Carnival Cruise Lines plans [...]

Andrade Says the B.T.B. is Working to Improve Visitor Experience
According to Andrade, the reason for the number of cancellations is that both vessels would have visited Belize an average of seven times each during the course of the high [...]

Cancellation Shortfalls Can Be Offset By Larger Ships
Despite the fact that guest experiences aren’t ideally what they should be for visitors remaining in Belize City; the Belize Tourism Board is drawing on know-how from experts abroad to [...]

Andrade Says COLA Figures Are Incorrect
When asked if COLA’s projections for losses of two point five million dollars in revenue are accurate, Andrade says that the figures are erroneous due to constant changes with the [...]

Former PM Says P.U.P. Does Not Support Going to the ICJ
On another issue of national importance, the P.U.P. does not support going to the International Court of Justice to resolve Guatemala’s territorial claims to Belize at this time. This is [...]

Should G.O.B. offer protection to Territorial Volunteers on their Sarstoon Island Expedition?
And our question for tonight is: As Belizean citizens, do you think the government should offer protection to the Belize Territorial Volunteers on their expedition to the Sarstoon Island? Send [...]

B.T.V. Heads to Sarstoon this Weekend
The Territorial Volunteers will be leading an expedition to Sarstoon Island, located in the extreme South of Belize on Sunday with or with protection from the B.D.F.  The last time [...]

Harvest Caye to Commence Operations in February 2016
Back to the tourism industry…Will Harvest Caye be ready for its initial launch date?  Viewers would recall that the controversial, mega million-dollar, tourism development project off the coast of Placencia [...]

Man Shot by Police Arraigned for Damage to Property
A man, who was allegedly shot by police following reports that he was damaging electrical wires and pipe lines at A&R compound, was today arraigned on a single charge of [...]

Two Bodies Pulled out of Corozal Bay
Two men drowned in the Caribbean Sea in Corozal Town today within hours of each other. Around five-thirty this evening, the body of a man discovered floating in the sea [...]

Customs and Police Departments Take Firearms Training
The introduction of illegal firearms presents a huge challenge for the region; this week a training exercise is taking place in Belize with the support of Central American Integration System, [...]

Is Belize Facing Danger of Bankruptcy?
An article entitled “Seven Countries Near Bankruptcy” was published on August eighth listing Belize, along with Jamaica, Argentina, Belarus, Greece, Venezuela and Ukraine, as countries in precarious financial state and [...]

Former PM Blames G.O.B. for Bank of America Severing Ties
Two major banks in Belize – one local and the other international – have lost their correspondent banking relationship with Bank of America. It’s a serious blow for customers who [...]

Musa Says P.U.P. Will Unite for General Elections
News Five has been able to confirm that ten Standard Bearers that comprise the original G-twelve met with P.U.P. leader Francis Fonseca on Monday. Details are sketchy, but we understand [...]

1000 Smiles Hosts Event in Belmopan
A Thousand Smiles For Cleyon will be in Belmopan this weekend. The foundation which assists children with Cancer will be hosting a fundraiser in the memory of Henry Griffin who [...]

Belize Fashion Week Kicks off in the City
Starting on Thursday night, throes of designers, models and supporters of the fashion industry will be in Belize City for the staging of the Belize Fashion Week. Since its inception, [...]


Corozal Police Investigates The Death Of Andy Grant
Tonight uncertainty surrounds another death in Corozal Town. At about 9:15 this morning the lifeless body of 41 year old Andy Grant from San Andres Village was found floating in the sea close to where the old market was. Grants body was retrieved by police and taken to the Corozal Community Hospital Morgue. But we understand that the morgue is not functioning, hence why Grants body was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. Today when we spoke to family members of the deceased they told us that they last saw him alive yesterday morning. According to them, Grant was planning on joining a rehab program as he had a drinking problem. Police are yet to ascertain how grant ended in the sea and what caused his death. They would not say if any signs of violence were visible on the body. We will have more on this story in our subsequent newscast.

Moody's Investor Service Says Belize In Danger Of Bankruptcy
Belize is in danger of bankruptcy and default. Well, that is what a report from the rating agency Moody’s Investors Service and reported on by the Hot Stock Market and Financial Message Board, says. The report says that already Argentina has defaulted on its debt, according to rating agency Standard & Poor’s. But that country is not alone in its struggle to pay debts in recent years. Moody’s reports that some elven countries are at risk of default, quote, “ranging from Greece and Ukraine in Europe, to Pakistan in Asia, to Ecuador, Venezuela, and Belize in South America. These nations also suffer from vastly different problems. Some nations, such as Ukraine and Egypt, owe their recent downgrades to political conditions. Others, such as Belize and Ecuador, have actually been upgraded in recent years based on their improved financial positions,” unquote.

Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez Goes Back To Court, Case Adjourned
The People’s United Party’s Orange Walk East Area Representative Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez was scheduled to be back in court today after being arraigned on six charges stemming from allegations made by a pair of minors. Viewers may recall that Mendez was arraigned in Orange Walk Town before magistrate Murlene Moody on February third where he was read a list of counts, including aggravated assault of an indecent nature and common assault. Those allegations stem as far back as 2005. And since the allegations surfaced, Mendez has gone on record to state that his innocence will be proven in court. Today, the session was adjourned for Monday August 17th since there was no Magistrate available. Reports also suggest that an additional charge of attempted carnal knowledge will be levied against Mendez by orders of the DPP. It is yet unknown if that charge will be issued upon Mendez at his next court date.

Residence Concern About Broken Guardrail At The Toll Bridge
Following a tragic traffic mishap that claimed the life of Orange Walk businessman Leonel Guerra, some concern is being raised about the slow response to repair the broken guardrail from the Toll Bridge. Viewers may recall that about two weeks ago, Guerra was travelling back home from Belize City at around three in the morning when his vehicle rammed through the guardrail of the Tower Hill Bridge near the toll booth and plummeted into the New River. And while it is anyone’s guess as to when the repairs will be made, it is of note that the Toll Bridge booth was implemented so as to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the bridge. From what we understand, the toll booth on average collects about $500.00 dollars a day. Our attempts to get comment from the Ministry of Works have gone unanswered. As is our civic duty, we will keep the pressure on the authorities since the unattended guardrail poses a significant risk to commuters and pedestrians.

Three Lucky Recipients Receive Scholarship From LICU
This afternoon three recently graduated primary school students were handed a check each by La Inmaculada Credit Union officials just in time for the new school year. The scholarship program begun in 2004 and the LICU has assisted over twenty students since. Today, Acting General Manager, Yadeli Urbina, handed out new scholarship to Amy Hernandez, Perla Martinez and Kevin Garcia. “We are hopeful that as the years go by and our membership increases and our surplus increases we will be able to assist far more students because we think that education is an important process and an important aspect that if you develop we will be able to get a better community and a better country.”

Teachers Larn About Open Education Management Information System Software
All across the country, teachers, administrators and principals are currently engaged in several training sessions. That is because the Ministry of Education is embarking in its CPD Professional Development training where school leaders are learning to computerize vital information about their students, teachers and schools in the hope that timely interventions can be put in place. Today we stopped by at the Orange Walk Technical High School where these educators were learning more about Open Education Management Information System. Bernardino Pech, the Research and Planning Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, told us more about the initiative.

Illegal Entry Of Belize's Sugar Into Mexico Affecting Local Producers
Sugar smuggled into Mexico is reportedly causing a great loss for the local sugar producers in the southern part of that country. The Mexican press reported today that only some five percent of the local production can be commercialized due to illegal entry of Belizean sugar into the country. Officials are saying that it is difficult to quantify the amount of sugar entering Mexico from Belize since there is little to limited vigilance at the borders. In a report aired by Notivision in Chetumal Quintana Roo, officials complain about the situation. Here is that report. Officials say that the factory buys bulks of sugar at 420 pesos or approximately 58 dollars. This is then sold on the local market for just over 500 pesos or about 69 dollars which gives the producer a profit of about eleven dollars. The sugar smuggled in from Belize on the other hand is being sold for way less that 400 pesos or about 55 dollars. Officials add that given the facts, it is difficult to match these costs, especially since families in southern Mexico depend on it.

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Territorial Volunteers Plan Trek to the Sarstoon Despite Advice from BDF
Last Friday, the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones discouraged the territorial volunteers from going through with their plans to travel the Sarstoon Island in southern Belize. While Jones cited several reasons for his advice, the trip remains in place and according to Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers the […]

Fishermen Caught With Conch Outside Season
Damien Nah, one of five fishermen charged with possession of conch during closed season, was fined a total of one thousand four hundred and forty dollars today by Magistrate Deborah Rogers after he pled guilty to the charge. He was fined five hundred dollars plus twenty dollars for each conch. He was given by October […]

LICU Plans for Special Meeting Following Membership Petition
The Board of Directors of La Inmaculada Credit Union has responded to the request of a group of members who had collected signatures to prompt an Annual General Meeting. Through a press release yesterday, the credit union announced that it will be holding a Special General Meeting instead of its already overdue AGM. The announcement […]

Conference on Open Schooling Underway in Belize
Belize is hosting the first Regional Conference on Open Schooling. Stakeholders such as lecturers, students and specialists in the education field from Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and some Caribbean countries are a part of the conference facilitated by the Commonwealth Open Schooling Association, COMOSA- Canada Caribbean Chapter. The conference is being held under […]

Robbery at M Business Solutions
There was a robbery today at around three thirty this afternoon at M Business Solutions on Freetown Road.Details have not been forthcoming as yet but we understand that a number of cellphones were stolen during the robbery. We will have more on this story in our subsequent news report.

Man drowns in Corozal
A man drowned this morning in the Corozal Bay. Information to Love News is that sometime around 8:30, forty one year old Andy Grant also known as Bamba threw himself into the sea behind the old market area in Corozal Town and did not emerge. We understand that going to swim at the sea is […]

Employee Gets Caught Stealing
Twenty year old Tyrone King, an electrician of Gwen Lizarraga Street who it is alleged dishonestly appropriated for himself a water pump valued at two thousand two hundred dollar, was charged with theft when he appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. King pled not guilty to the charge. He was released on a bail of […]


Man dies due to Hit and run in the North
26 year old Roberto Tzul was the victim of a fatal road traffic accident in Orange Walk over the weekend. According to Authorities, police were called out to an area on the San Antonio Road, Orange Walk, around midday on Sunday, where they saw the motionless body of 26 year old Roberto Tzul of Augus...

BDF asserts right to work in Sarstoon area
While refraining from any suggestion of impropriety on his part, Commander of the Belize Defence Force Brigadier General David Jones has refuted the position of Guatemalan foreign minister Carlos Morales as presented a few weeks ago that Belize nor Guatemala would increase the number of military bas...

PM says Guat Foreign Minister “misspoke” over bases
On Sunday , Prime Minister Dean Barrow acknowledged that the Guatemalan Foreign Minister’s statement was in fact made in error. But what was apparently more important to the PM was that Guatemala had acquiesed to the construction. He told us more. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “I completely accep...

Public Park In Private Hands
When the City of Belmopan was being mapped out and the different zones were being subdivided, the different subdivisions had to leave not less than 7% of the subdivision for green an open spaces, as mandated by statute law under the land utilization act. Parcel number 6064, located in the Maya Mopan...

Teen Wanted for Burglary
A petty burglary has made one teenager the subject of an ongoing police search. According to authorities from Orange Walk, on Saturday, a store in San Jose Palmar Village, in Orange Walk, was broken into but unfortunately for the burglar, he was quickly identified with the aid of security video cam...

Carnival Cruises unhappy with experiences in Belize?
On the heels of news of a slight downturn in overnight tourist arrivals over the first four months of 2015, there is potentially troubling news in the cruise tourism sector. Reports indicate that Carnival Cruise Lines has written the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announcing 14 cancellations of cruises ...

Farewell, First Caribbean; most workers’ jobs safe
First Caribbean International Bank is selling its local operations to Heritage Bank after more than 60 years of operation dating back to the days of Barclays Bank. The primary concern remained ensuring the safety of 60 workers’ jobs. However, Prime Minister Dean Barrow reports that most of tho...


Despite dry, hot weather, dengue cases spike
Bloodsucking mosquitos which transmit diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and malaria tend to become more common with more frequent rains, but despite unseasonably dry and hot spells over most of Belize in the recent months, the country has seen a spike in dengue cases, due largely to an outbreak reported in Toledo, southern Belize, where the number of dengue cases up to the end of July has increased almost 9-fold over the same period last year. Last year, Belize City was the location of greatest concern, with the number of dengue cases, and also the potentially deadly dengue hemorrhagic cases, being most plentiful in that municipality. This year, the number of dengue cases in the Belize District has dropped from 107 for the first 7 months of 2014 to 58 for the same period this year. According to Kim Bautista, Chief of Operations for Belize’s National Vector Control Program, nationally, the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of dengue has increased by 16% for the period stretching from the start of the year to the end of July.

KHMH resumes elective surgeries
Dr. Adrian Coye, chief executive officer of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), the national referral hospital and the only public hospital in Belize City, today confirmed that the hospital has resumed elective surgeries, which hospital authorities said had been suspended for a week because of an overwhelming influx of trauma cases. According to a press release from the KHMH, dated August 5, the hospital was flooded with emergency cases coming not only from Belize City, but also from the other public hospitals countrywide. Tylon Tillett, acting public relations manager of the hospital, told Amandala: “It is a balancing act the hospital finds itself doing, since they only have a limited amount of beds to accommodate their patients.” The KHMH has roughly 130 beds, but only 28 of those are for the surgical ward.

Wil Maheia defies GOB and General Jones!
The leader of the nationalistic organization, the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), Wil Maheia, told Amandala this afternoon that despite a singular lack of support from the Government of Belize and BDF Commandant, Brigadier General David Jones, he, the BTV and any volunteers who may accompany them, will proceed as planned on Sunday, August 16, to Sarstoon Island, the site of what has been seen as the most recent act of aggression by Guatemala’s armed forces on Belizean territory. In that incident, in late May, Belize Coast Guard officers had visited Sarstoon Island to determine whether the island would be suitable for the establishment of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) which would be used by Belizean armed forces in their efforts to deter criminal activity, including encroachments by Guatemalans on Belizean territory.

Two men remanded for Cenies Restaurant robbery
Two Belize City men were remanded to prison this morning after they were arraigned in the #8 Magistrate’s Court on a charge of armed robbery. Ernest Gladden, 21, an unemployed resident of corner King and West Streets, and Jahmay Belgrave, 18, a laborer of East Canal, both pleaded not guilty to one count of robbery when the charge was read to them by Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. Stewart told the two that because the offense was allegedly committed with a firearm, her court was unable to grant them bail, because the offense falls under the Amendment to the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act, but they can apply for bail at the Supreme Court.

Walter Garbutt, Sr., replaces Melvin Hulse in Stann Creek West
Last March, Melvin “Flippin” Hulse, a former minister of government and former area representative for Stann Creek West, was jubilantly celebrated by his party, the United Democratic Party (UDP), as the standard bearer who would battle in the next general elections to unseat Hon. Rodwell Ferguson – the incumbent of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP). Since then, there has been a fall-out between Hulse and the party, which has forced him to vacate the seat. A secret recording of Hulse making unflattering comments about his party leader, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in private, and also alleging bribery to the tune of millions of dollars by party officials with Petrocaribe funds was soon followed by an apology by Hulse and his swift resignation as the UDP’s candidate for that electoral division. On Sunday, August 9, 2015, the UDP held a party convention in Independence Village, Stann Creek, to find a replacement for Hulse. Notably, that convention brought out many more voters than last year’s convention, but the winner netted a smaller percentage of votes than Hulse did when he ran in that divisional party convention.

Finance Minister Barrow discusses “unfortunate” banking developments
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow told journalists yesterday, Sunday, August 9, that the recent developments in banking in the country—the impending departure of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank from Belize, as well as the decision by Bank of America to cut off two more commercial banks in Belize—are “unfortunate,” but he went on to say that he had been assured that Heritage Bank, which is purchasing the assets of FirstCaribbean Bank, would hire a majority of the staff who will be severed by FirstCaribbean in the coming months. Barrow said that CIBC has taken a business decision, presumably because they had ceased to be as profitable as they used to be. Barrow added that it is unfortunate that the bank will be leaving, but that he is happy that Heritage Bank would be purchasing CIBC’s assets, the book value of which amounts to nearly $300 million.

National U-23 team for UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament in Guatemala
Belize will be participating in the UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament which will be held in Guatemala from August 8-15. Belize will be going up against Honduras on the 11th at 12:00 noon and on the 15th at 11:00 a.m. against Guatemala. The following U-23 National players have been selected to represent the country. The players are: John Fitzgerald King, Dorwin Logan, Osmar Duran, Jermaine Jones, Kyle Flowers, Rugerri Orvin Trejo, Luis Alonzo Torres, Hassan Edward Lucas, Asrel Kimani Sutherland, David Michael Madrid, Tevin Wilford Gamboa, Norman Anderson, Denmark Raymond Casey, HighKing Roberts, Jordy Leonel Polanco, Makonnan Clare, Felix Miranda, Edmond Pandy, Jr. Technical Staff: Mr. Edmond Pandy – Head Coach; Mr. Peter Jones – Assistant Coach; Mr. Dennis Belisle – Physiotherapist; Mr. Shinya Nabata – Physical Trainer; Mr. Herbert Trapp, Jr. – Equipment Manager.

Opening Season kicks off this weekend
It looks like a rocky start to the Premier League of Belize’s 2015-2016 Opening Season, with some details still being ironed out with playing venues; but they say “good things come in small packages,” and though the upcoming tournament is down from 9 teams to 6, perhaps 7, it promises to be as keenly contested as ever. For the first time in 7 years (when Verdes last represented Belize in CONCACAF’S Champion of Champions tournament), the overall winner of the upcoming PLB tournaments is guaranteed a spot in next year’s CONCACAF Champions League 2016, since the FFB Stadium has finally met the high standards required. Latest reports from the PLB secretariat are that 6 clubs are confirmed to take part in this season, and they will all see action this weekend. The League is reportedly “bending” a little, under the stadium circumstances, to try and accommodate a possible other entry – that of FC Belize.

Playoff time – BDBA Firms basketball quarterfinal knockouts
The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) wrapped up its Firms Basketball regular season this past weekend, and the knockout quarterfinals are set to take place on Friday and Saturday of this coming weekend at Birds Isle. Three games were scheduled for last Friday night, August 7. In the opener, it was Infotel with the 55-43 win over a short-staffed Central Bank team, who had only 6 players seeing action, while Infotel used 9 players. Infotel was led by Stafford Young 16 pts 5 rebs, Jorret Jones 10 pts 11 rebs, Delroy Faber 8 pts 9 rebs, and Tyrone Anthony 9 pts; while Central Bank was led by Dave Apolonio 16 pts 6 rebs 5 assts, Farron Louriano 13 pts 15 rebs, and Cojac Smith 3 pts 18 rebs. For game 2, winless Ready Call Center forfeited to Digicell-4G. And in the exciting nightcap, a backmatch from June 13, BWS Pressure defeated Belikin, 67-63, in overtime. Unfortunately, according to secretary D. Lacey, “an errant basketball destroyed the laptop screen, and thus the LiveStats for that game;” so we have no individual stats to report.

Editorial: The state of the Sarstoon
Since late February of this year, incidents have taken place at the mouth of the Sarstoon River around Sarstoon Island which have driven up the tension between elements of the Guatemalan military/navy, on the one hand, and the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Belize Coast Guard, on the other. The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) are a Toledo-based civilian organization, led by Wil Maheia, who is also the leader of a political party – the People’s National Party (PNP). The BTV has branches and allies in the Orange Walk and Cayo Districts, and their various initiatives to establish and demarcate the Belize border with Guatemala appear to be supported by the masses of the Belizean people. This newspaper has previously supported all these various BTV initiatives. A significant problem with BTV activities has always been the expressed disapproval of the leaders of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) government, so that when the BTV travels to the various border points, they travel as an exclusively civilian body. The Government of Belize has refused to deploy any of its Belize Defence Force (BDF), Police Department, or Belize Coast Guard personnel to provide cover or support to the BTV. So that, when incidents have taken place between Belizeans and Guatemalans in and around the Sarstoon specifically, it has always been, with one significant exception, Belizean civilians facing Guatemalan military.

Helicopter found abandoned in Orange Walk District
A Bell 407 helicopter is now in the possession of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) Air Wing headquarters in Ladyville, as police continue to investigate to identify the origin and owners on the aircraft, and find out how it came to Belize. The aircraft was found abandoned on a feeder road in the Blue Creek, San Felipe Village, area in the Orange Walk District by police who were conducting an anti-drug operation in the area yesterday. Police said that while they were engaged in the operation, they were alerted that a helicopter was circling in the area of Blue Creek and San Felipe, and they went to the area, but by the time they got there, the helicopter had already landed on a feeder road in Blue Creek, but the aircraft had been abandoned after landing. It was a grey helicopter with dark tinted windows, with registration numbers N607AZ. Police immediately secured the aircraft and began searching for the pilot and passengers, but no one was found. The pilot and crew had disappeared.

Woman was trying to smuggle weed into prison
An unemployed Belize City woman who is the mother of 2 children is facing a drug trafficking charge that could result in a mandatory $10,000 minimum fine and a possible 3-year prison sentence if she is found guilty. Ann Marie Garbutt’s troubles began yesterday when officers at the Belize Central Prison searched her and found 5 grams of weed that she was attempting to smuggle into the facility. Garbutt, 28, a resident of Mahogany Street, was read the single count of possession of 5 grams of a controlled drug with intent to distribute to another for the purpose of drug trafficking when she appeared before Magistrate Ladonna John.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BTB responds to Carnival report
Monday’s press release by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) contained bombshell news – Carnival Cruise Lines seemed to be in the midst of a serious conflict with local tourism authorities including the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) concerning its future here. Ahead of the high season, Carnival […]

Scotia Bank and Ministry of Education team up on book drive
Reading is fundamental and with schools to re-open in the next few weeks, families are scrambling for their children’s reading material. Today Scotiabank (Belize) Limited opened a book drive in which customers are asked to donate books and other supplies at their Scotiabank branch countrywide. Managing director for […]

In less than 8 hours Corozal Police retrieves a second body from Corozal Bay
With less than 12 hours apart, Corozal Police have retrieved another body from the Corozal Bay. Information reaching our news room is that a little after 4 pm, 56 year old American retiree Jimmy Robert Anthony went swimming with his wife Denise Anthony at the Rainbow Beach. Denise […]

New Comptroller of Customs speaks on major issues
Today was the press’ first introduction to Acting Comptroller of Customs Emil Grinage. There were several issues discussed including that employees were afraid that they would lose valuable overtime pay due to the full rollout of the ASYCUDA World system of tracking Customs transactions. As with all computerized […]

Police and Customs to tackle weapons trade
Members of the Belize Police Department and Customs and Excise Department began a three-day specialized course for police and customs officers, on the proper identification of fire arms and their parts in containers and luggage. Seems simple, but with the country overrun by firearms the main law enforcement […]

Another body retrieved from Corozal Bay
Reports reaching our newsroom are that Corozal Police have retrieved another body from the Caribbean Sea late this evening. Our reporters are currently gathering more information and will be updating this story very shortly. Stay tuned.

Fisherman fined for out of season conch
The conch season is currently closed and a fisher man whose pregnant wife wanted the popular sea food finds himself poorer as a result. Damien Nah of Orange Walk Town took responsibility for a find of 47 conch caught out of season and found at a police checkpoint […]

Jamaican PM opens newspaper column
The Jamaica Gleaner reports that sister newspaper the Star will from next Monday feature a column written by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. Simpson Miller is to provide answers to questions from the public in a feature titled ‘Ask Your Prime Minister’. Political analyst, Kevin O’Brien Chang, says the […]

Electrician charged for stolen water pump
20 year old Tyrone King, an electrician of Gwen Lizarraga Street is alleged to have dishonestly appropriated for himself a water pump valued at $2,200 while on a job. He was charged with theft when he appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers and pleaded not guilty. He was […]

Toledo Union Field, P.G. Sporting Complex to receive BIL upgrade
The Toledo Union Field, Punta Gorda’s biggest football field, is currently being upgraded by Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), costing approximately $1,000,000. This project began a month ago and is on pace to be completed by the end of September, fully equipped with bleachers to accommodate hundreds of people, […]

Body of man retrieved from Corozal Bay
Corozal Police have recovered the body of a man from the Corozal Bay. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

Guat Foreign Minister “misspoke” over bases
Just about everyone involved in the apparatuses of Foreign Affairs and National Security has weighed in in recent days concerning the remarks of Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Morales concerning their rationale for initially rejecting plans to build a forward operating base at the Sarstoon River. On Sunday it […]

Farewell, First Caribbean; most workers’ jobs safe
First Caribbean International Bank is selling its local operations to Heritage Bank after more than 60 years of operation dating back to the days of Barclays Bank. The primary concern remained ensuring the safety of 60 workers’ jobs. However, Prime Minister Dean Barrow reports that most, though not […]

Domestic banks still safe from de-risking
The Belize Bank lost its correspondent relationship with Bank of America in the United States at the end of April. While few services were affected there were ripples in the financial sector as Belize came to grips with the reality of larger countries’ insisting that we shut down […]

Carnival Cruises threatening pull out over port?
On the heels of news of a slight downturn in overnight tourist arrivals over the first four months of 2015, there is potentially earth-shaking news in the cruise tourism sector. Carnival Cruise Lines has written the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announcing 14 cancellations of cruises in the upcoming […]

Prime Minister returns to the country after business trip to Miami; who are the new investors?
Prime Minister Dean Barrow spent the weekend in Miami, Florida, but it was for business and not pleasure. Specifically, he was asked to meet with certain business investors interested in investing in Belize. Sounds good, but on his return he did not have much to say either way. […]


Belize is seeing air fares dipping to unprecedented levels. And the reason? We can say with some certainty that it’s the “Southwest Effect”. Southwest Airlines, one of the world’s largest, is coming to Belize. October 15th is their first flight out of Houston’s Hobby Airport. And competitors, namely Delta over the last week, are dropping prices substantially for this fall and winter. The weather here in Belize has been pretty spectacular so far this summer… …and there really is no BAD time to visit. But, just so that you are fully informed, here is a list of the official holidays and festivals celebrated on the island of Ambergris Caye. We don’t want you to miss a thing.

A First-Time Tourist’s Short Guide to Placencia Village
Placencia Village is a beautiful peninsula south of Belize. Learn more about the best places and things to see and do in this Placencia Village travel guide. sandy beaches with the Caribbean Sea to the east and thePlacencia lagoon to the west. Placencia is divided into two parts: north and south of the airstrip. The entirety of the village can easily be covered with one beach cruiser ride. The busy part is on the south where visitors can find a good selection of local restaurants, guesthouses, bistros, coffee shops and banks. There are also hte taxi and bus station, and the harbor. The northern portion, on the other hand, the northern part of Placencia has the Garifuna Villge, but it is less popular compared to the south. Also, there are more expensive Placencia Village hotels here, as a little distance is the famous Belize Barrier Reef, so it has a real surf. The water is clean and clear, with gentle and cool trade winds. You can find several sights that are relaxing, like the Belizean sunset on a peninsula beach. The beaches along Placencia Village are dotted with small resorts that can arrange dive and snorkel trips to the reef, which is about 17 miles away. You can arrange trips to many small cayes like Laughing Bird Caye, a mini atoll that offers protected snorkeling and swimming, cooling palm trees and a white sand beach. Laughing Bird Caye is also a popular camping site for reef kayakers who hold expeditions in the village. you can get a hotel to arrange day sailing on a catamaran, or deep sea or reef fishing trips. Placencia has many places to stay in, from resorts to lodging. Snorkeling is fairly accessible from almost any point on the beach. The waters and clean and shallow so you should find a great snorkel spot a few steps from your hotel room.

International Sourcesizz

The Belizean Insurance Industry 2015 - Key regulations and Market Practices Related to Different Types of Insurance Products
'Governance, Risk and Compliance - The Belizean Insurance Industry' report is the result of extensive research into the insurance regulatory framework in Belize. It provides detailed analysis of the insurance regulations for life, property, motor, liability, personal accident and health, and marine, aviation and transit insurance. The report specifies various requirements for the establishment and operations of insurance and reinsurance companies and intermediaries. The report brings together research, modeling and analysis expertise, giving insurers access to information on prevailing insurance regulations, recent and upcoming changes in regulatory framework, taxation and legal system in the country. The report also includes the scope of non-admitted insurance in the country.

Local youth group giving back far from home
A group of 16 youth and five adult leaders from North Bay know all about hot summers and hard work. The group, from Lakeshore Evangelical Missionary Church, is on a ten day mission trip to San Joaquin, Belize. The students are working with an international team and local residents, and are sponsored in part by an American group called Thirst Missions Belize. So far, the students have spent some of their time in a local orphanage, hospital, senior’s home and been involved in a daily Vacation Bible school, where they have run a program for village children with things like games, crafts and even dinner and movie nights. Merv Shantz, one of the team leaders, in an email interview, says the students have also been busy helping their adopted community and its teachers.


  • Anglers Abroad TPST 2015, 2min. Team Anglers Abroad finished 2nd overall at the 2015 Tres Pescados Slam Tournament in San Pedro Belize. Hosted by Tres Pescados Fly Shop

  • Geckos Restaurant, Hopkins, Belize, Central America, 2min. Awesome food! Fresh fried chips & salsa, Gecko balls, & the best jerk chicken in the Caribbean are only a small selection on their menu. James & Tina's attention to the details of each & every meal is what makes the difference. Fresh ingredients prepared in one of the cleanest kitchens we've ever seen. Loved by the locals & visitors alike. Open Monday & Wednesday thru Saturday, Noon - 9 PM, Closed Sunday and Tuesday

  • The Belize Challenge, Episode 1, 10min. The Belize Challenge er en fiskeserie fra HookedTV, filmet med utgangspunkt i Reefs End Lodge i Belize. Medvirkende er Vilhelm Skilhagen, Endre Hopland, Hannes Ribbner og Joel Ribbner.

  • UNTOLD STORIES (SHOW 3), 38min.

  • Belize Adventure Part 2, 15min. After a 3 day stop over in Florida with our son and grandson, we continued on our journey, so we thought we were. Our flight was canceled 24 hours so we had to adjust our itinerary a little. but we finally made it to Belize.

  • heyheyhey belize 2015, 4min.

  • Belize, Paraíso banhado pelo mar do caribe, 8.5min. Nessa minha ultima parada da minha jornada, consegui visitar um paraíso banhado com as aguas do mar do Caribe

  • México e Belize - 2015, 7min. Imagens capturadas em 35 dias de viagem pelo México e Belize, incluindo Cancún, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Holbox, Cozumel, Cenotes, Caye Caulker, La Paz-Baja California, Isla Espiritu Santo...

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