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Today's Belize News: August 13, 2015 #506648
08/13/15 05:30 AM
08/13/15 05:30 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Third Music Summer Camp is a grand success
On Friday, August 7th, the Angel Nuñez Auditorium was the venue for the graduation of Maestro Carlos Perrote’s third annual music summer camp. The aim of the camp this year was to introduce students to percussion instruments and induce in them the importance of rhythm in order to create music. According to Perrote, the third camp was yet another successful one. Over 60 students from different ages had the opportunity to show off what they had learned during the three weeks of music camp. Some of the lessons taught included learning to play bongo drums, Garifuna drums, keyboard, scrapers, rattles, standard drum sets, and the steel pan. As each group of students presented their musical item, their parents and other guests proudly applauded them. During each presentation, the students would quickly switch instruments and continued flawlessly with the show.

21 teams advance to the next round of Five-a-side Football Tournament
The second round of the Island Citizen Sporting Club (ICSC) and San Pedro High School (SPHS) Five-a-side Football Tournament has come to an end and only 21 teams will continue their journey for the championships. This week’s games saw the elimination of eight senior teams and the first elimination in the little league division. All four female teams still remain active in the tournament. Games kicked off on Thursday, August 6th with one little league and three senior matches. In the first match FC America Under 10 took on Barcelona FC Under 10. Steven Almendares scored two goals for FC America, winning them the game at 2-0. In the second match of the night, Sandy Point FC took on Island Boys FC in a heated match that ended in a 7 to 4 point win for Sandy Point. Cesar Salazar was the star player for Sandy Point FC scoring five out of the seven goals. Los Catrachos FC defeated Costa Blue FC in the third match in a 7 to 1 point game.

Camp Starfish closes with spectacular finale!
After a successful two weeks, the second annual Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish came to a close on Thursday, August 6th with a grand show of color, music and laughter. Catering to island children living with disabilities, the summer program definitely made attendees feel special. But the highlight of their camp experience had to be the final day, when a parade and party was held in honor of each and every shining star! An extra special treat was the attendance of Belize’s Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrrow. The day kicked off shortly after 10AM with a motorcade parade across San Pedro Town core. Led by a decked out big truck blaring festive music, the parade brought smiles to the faces of participants and spectators alike. A multitude of golf carts filled with family and friends of the campers joined in beeping their horns as they made their way through town. Also in attendance were members of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church, San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and Inspiration Center of Belize.

Ambergris Today

Music Camp Delivers Island Musicians
It just takes three weeks for Cuban music teacher Carlos Perrote to bring out the musician in students who participate in his Summer Music Camp. In his third year, the maestro of music delivered a final musical presentation with his students on Friday, August 7, 2015, that once again exceeded the expectations of parents and guests. The camp saw many returning students who have been with the program since its inception and new members who want to learn music; some of the students had never touched a musical instrument before. And the camp is not restricted to young children, this year saw the participation of one adult who took her lessons in the evenings after work.

Lions Clubs in Belize to Offer Free Children Eye Screening Program Nationwide
Through a grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation of the International Associations of Lions Clubs, along with local contributions from the four Lions Clubs in Belize, Government Ministries, Non-Government Organizations, and the local Business Community, the Lions Clubs in Belize will use Special Portable Eye Screeners to conduct a LIONS- Belize National Children Eye Screening Program. The target groups will be children between the ages of 3 – 14 years, throughout Belize. Lions Clubs members and non-Lions volunteers will conduct the Eye Screening during the program that will commence in September 2015. The Lions Clubs in Belize are committed to pay for the eye glasses for children who need them, and for whom it is determined that the parents/guardians cannot afford to pay for the eye glasses.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Saturday night, August 8th concluded this year's tournament in style with the awards banquet beachfront at the Holiday Hotel. All of our teams, captains and supporters were on hand to witness the conclusion of this historic event. But before we get to that, here's a recap of the fishing days. Day one saw probably the best weather we have fished since this events inception. Beautiful skies, tide and wind would make day one the best ever, as anglers left the beach into a rising sun. Last years champions YELLOW DOG would come home with the first daily slam of the tournament. Not to be outdone, ANGLERS ABROAD also got the slam, putting the pressure right back on the champions. Jerry Lappier of SIZE MATTERS came home with an absolute monster of a permit, making everyone a little jealous. Our good friend Jenn Parker landed the only other tarpon on the day and put the ladies up near the front of the leaderboard. Tarpon were the catch on day two, as nine fish made length and points. Weather was not a factor. Hot and sunny, but still no change at the top as YELLOW DOG and ANGLERS ABROAD continued to lead the way with tarpon landed. Our friends from the north Alejandro 'SandFlea' Vega and his partner rallied to capture third place on day two with a great permit late in the day. The third annual pig roast would conclude day two, as all teams enjoyed some spectacular Belizean hospitality with pork and all the trimmings.

Wildtracks Update: An update on Annie, our youngest howler monkey
She arrived after being attacked by dogs when she came down to the ground with her troop to cross a newly cleared river bank area to reach the next tree... Since arriving at Wildtracks, baby Annie has had two surgeries on her wounded tail to remove necrotic and infected tissue and now has only around a third of the tail remaining. However, she is on the mend and doing really well - and what she lacks in tail she more than makes up for in personality. Over the past few weeks her confidence has grown immensely and she has transformed from a scared and distressed youngster to a happy and bouncy monkey with a passion for melon, milk and papaya! Despite the lack of such an important limb, Annie is running, jumping and climbing around her cage with confidence; her latest pursuit is launching herself from a branch into her hammock – an activity that provides endless fun for both she and her careers!

Signing of Tax Information Exchange Agreement between Belize and Switzerland
The Belize High Commission is pleased to announce that the Government of Belize and the Swiss Federal Council signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement was signed by H.E. Ms. Perla Perdomo, High Commissioner of Belize to the United Kingdom and Mr. Frank Gruetter, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement will allow for the exchange of information that is relevant to the determination, assessment and collection of such taxes, the recovery and enforcement of tax claims or the investigation or prosecution of tax matters. The taxes for Belize covered by this Agreement include: (i) the income tax, including surtax or surcharge; ii) the business tax; and iii) the general sales tax.

Young Belize Defense Force Cadets tour Corozal!
The House of Culture was honoured to have over 150 Cadets from the Belize Defense Force Cadet Corps and soldiers visiting today, as cadets from all over the country are in town for their annual BDF Cadet Corps Summer Camp. We also took the opportunity to showcase Manuel Villamor's Historical Mural at the Corozal Town Hall and historical Fort Barlee. It truly was a pleasure to share Corozal Town's rich history while developing a sense of national identity with our fellow Belizeans.

Channel 7

Guats Sabre-Rattling In The Sarstoon?
It’s been widely reported that “Territorial Volunteers”, Wil Maheia and Orlando De La Fuente, are planning a patriotic trip to Sarstoon Island on Sunday. The Government and military officials do not support it, and – if history is any indicator - it can go wrong because of the aggressive Guatemalan Navy. But the Volunteers are undeterred, and are busy making preparation. Today, that meant doing their own reconnaissance mission of the River, the route, and the island. But, on what can be considered a dress rehearsal for Sunday, Maheia, De La Fuente and their boat captain came face to face with 3 Guatemalan naval vessels in the Sarstoon River. What happened next? Here’s his account of the encounter: Wil Maheia - Founding Member, Belize Territorial Volunteers "We want our trip to go perfect. So Orlando De La Fuente and myself along with my boat captain Chukaru decided to make a visit to the Starstoon Island. We wanted to scout out the island, to make sure we could find properly land spots because we expect well over 100 people to be there. So we didn't want to have people there feeling uncomfortable. Plus I wanted to get an idea of the size of the island, so I took my GPS so we could get acreage of the island as well. Upon entering the Sarstoon River, we noticed the Guatemalan gunboat, which appears to be one similar which was stuck on our reef and two other smaller vessels. Proceeding into the river, we were somewhat by the Guatemalan military. And I didn't want to stop but my captain decide; look we better stop."

GOB Military, Foreign Affairs Liaising With Guat Counterparts In Advance of Sarstoon Sunday
And while there are already sabres being rattled by the Guatemalan military – 7News has learned that the government of Belize has reached out to the government of Guatemala – to make sure there is no escalation of hostilities when the territorial volunteers go out there on Sunday. Today, National Security Minister John Saldivar told us that he would wish the territorial volunteers wouldn’t go – but his ministry if making discreet preparations, nonetheless:… Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "We have advised against it, especially when it comes to taking women and children out there. We feel that's not a very good idea. It's not about capitulating to the Guatemalans or it's not about shirking our responsibility to protect the sovereignty of our country. Whether we want to accept or not, Guatemala disputes our boundaries and disputes the ownership of that island in particular; and therefore to stay out of any controversies we advise that this trip not be done. That's our position at this time." Jules Vasquez "Do you advise the BDF or the coast guard to hang around because they may need help or would that be perhaps even more incendiary?" Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "I would tend to want to agree with you Jules that any involvement of the arm forces at this time could only serve to magnify the situation; and we wouldn't want that. We have done otherwise spoken to the Guatemalans - in the process of speaking with the Guatemalans at the foreign affairs level and also at the military level to have them know of this expedition and hopefully we can minimize any possibility of any encounter."

Hon. King Supports Territorial Volunteers (Sort Of)
And while you heard John Saldivar discourage anyone from going to Sarstoon Island – one Cabinet minister who is no stranger to caprice wasn’t quite so emphatic in his disavowal of the territorial volunteers. Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation & Poverty Alleviation Mark King served in the BDF for 7 years and is very familiar with the borderline. Today he told us that if he weren’t a member of cabinet – he’d be on that island:.. Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "As you know I am quite patriotic to this country. I've served in the military for 7 years Jules, I walked those border lines. I walk every inch. Matter of fact, my team was one of the first team to cut a line from Garbutt falls to Gracias Adios. And so, I am patriotic to this country - whereby it comes to the claim I am very concerned and very respectful to the fact that those measures with foreign affairs must be respected; to a large extent as to keep peace, as to have things not erupt and so forth. I'm sure nobody in this country wants to see war. Where it comes to the claim on the Sarstoon Island alone, I normally say what da fi Belize, da fi Belize - and the Sarstoon is for Belize. That is separate to me from the issue of having Belizeans go there and something happens and then all of us regret it."

Three Belizeans Killed In Central Florida
3 Belizeans were found dead in their home in Lehigh acres, Central Florida today. Roaring creek resident 37 year old Dorla Pitts, her pregnant 17 year old daughter Starlette Pitts and the girl’s boyfriend Myke Kelly were found murdered in the house. According to an online news site “Wink News” Starlette’s and Myke’s 1 year old baby were found unharmed in the house. The report also says that Dorla’s nephew Bryan Hyde - who had just moved in with them 7 months ago from Belize is a suspect in this murder. We have a clip from NBC 2 News in Lehigh Florida… Of very significant note is that Dorla is the younger sister of the notorious Russell Hyde. In this regard, we have to add that Hyde’s wife was killed earlier this year in a sniper style murder.

Cassanova A Killer? So Say Mexicans
In February of 2013, it made major news when Milin Vasquez from Orange Walk Town, and Hugo Cassanova from Corozal were busted in Chetumal with an ice-box full of Crystal Meth. Well, today, Por Esto reports that Cassanova is now being implicated in a double murder in Mexico. The victims names are Arena Dew and Octavia Gongora. Cassanova has not yet been taken before the court for trial on this matter but remains in prison pending sentencing for the drug trafficking.

Helicopter Likely to Be Claimed By Belize
As we told you last week Friday, the Government of Belize is holding unto a Bell 407 helicopter, which was found in the Blue Creek area last Wednesday. The chopper was found close to the Belize-Mexico border and the BDF flew it to Price Barracks where it remains tonight. So, what will the Ministry of National security do with it? That’s what we asked the minister today: Jules Vasquez "What is the status of the case? And what's the plan to use the helicopter?" Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "The case is still under investigation. We don't have any leads at this time. The helicopter as far as we are concerned was abandoned by who so ever left it there. And therefore there's a time for them to claim or come forward and after that then it's considered as abandoned property; will become the property of the government of Belize, an asset of the Belize Defence Force." Jules Vasquez "Will we be able to operationalize it, to use it?" Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "Well I am sure you know by now that when it was moved from Blue Creek to the BDF camp it was flown by BDF pilots. So we know that though they haven't had training in that particular asset; that they're training in helicopter and in flying allowed them to move the helicopter from there to the BDF camp. With some more training I'm sure they'll be expert at flying."

Seeing Through Sound
Guide dogs and canes are just two means by which a blind person can get around. But there is a more modern and empowering way that the visually impaired can navigate their surroundings and that’s through a technique called human sonar or echolocation. We hear about animals – especially bats - using this method to get a sense of their environment – or as a form of communication, but how can humans especially blind people use it? That’s what we found out today at an introductory workshop. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. Tongue clicks: this is just one of the techniques used in echolocation. It’s a practice which uses sound signals. The main idea behind it is to be able to see through sound. Brian Bushway - Perceptual Mobility Instructor, World Access for the Blind "Flash sonar or echolocation is human sonar. It's the ability for humans to listen and interpret sound reflecting off of objects and coming back to the ear. The brain will image whether you send it patterns of sounds or patterns light. The echolocation is a natural human perception; everybody has it whether you’re sided or blind."

The "Jungle" Getting Civilized?
Over a year ago 7news did a story on an area known as the Jungle in BELIZE city. That neighbourhood is located in the Pickstock slash Fort George division and has been a famous slum in the city for at least four decades. But today the neighbourhood got a good cleaning – when the police department teamed up with CISCO, the Belize City Council and the Pickstock Community – in a cleanup campaign effort. It was a lot of hard work, but the community was more than grateful for the good gesture. Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner "We’re doing a cleanup campaign of course in a collective effort with the Belize City council and the CISCO construction limited and of course members of the community from this Pickstock housing area." Monica Bodden "Tell us why this specific area?" Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner "Well, last week Friday we came out on merge 2 precinct meet and greet and when we came out we observed of course a lot of garbage. Of course cleanliness and healthiness is good to everybody's well-being. So we spoke to the residence here and they actually asked and they said that they would support if we would come out and help them clean up the area. Actually it's not the police cleaning the area for them; we're partnering with them to clean their area."

Sr. Supt Chester And The Cops Building Ghost Town Goodwill
The new Commanding Officer of Eastern Division South Side Belize City- Senior Superintendent Chester Williams continues his visits into gang ridden communities. This evening a meet and greet was held in the Mayflower neighbourhood – known to many as Ghost Town –where more than 20 police officers were in the area talking to residents. Sr. Supt. Chester Williams - OC - E.D Southside "We continue our effort in the Mayflower area. We're doing meet and greet coming back to the people of Mayflower again. Getting feedback from them as to the effort we are doing in the area to see how they feel about the work the police is doing and at the same time to get feedback from them in respect of those works that we're doing. I must say that this evening we are doing this in collaboration with the Belize City council and we have with us the city planner; who is on this meet and greet with us and she and her staff are looking at the bushy lots and the relic buildings. So what we want to do is identify those bushy lots and relic buildings and see what can be done from the city council stand point to clean the bushy lots and at the same time to look demolishing those buildings that are in a dilapidated state in the community. So that is what we are basically doing today."

Hon. King Moving Forward With Community Center, Threatens To Demolish PUP Structure
Four months ago, in April we told you about the land dispute between UDP Lake Independence Representative Mark King and his PUP challenger Cordel Hyde. Both had title for the same piece of community property behind the CB Hyde Complex Building. Hyde’s Lake – I Action Committee had already built a cement structure there, while King wanted to demolish that building so he could build a new community centre. But Hyde’s title dated back to 2007, so he won out. Still, King is undeterred, and he broke ground today for the UDP Lake I Community Centre. He explained the community uses – and the still active plan to demolish the now abandoned structure built by the PUP:… Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "This centre is one of the many projects that will be given to this community as we roll the petrocaribe funds into Lake I. As you look over there, you see the PUP and is not holding the community hostage with the old dilapidated building." "We have done two things, we have applied to the pertinent authorities to break down that building as nuisance in this community and we will not pay Cordel Hyde for it. And two, we have applied for title in the community name for lot 1662 which is where we broke ground just now right next to it. So now we have the title and we are going to proceed within the next week or so to start the building of the community centre."

The King VS Kremandala
And while his fight with Cordel Hyde is the usual political fare – what caught our attention today is when he called out the KREMANDALA hierarchy. Here’s what King said about Mose and Evan Hyde Sr:.. Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "We are here to get rid of the PUP. We are here to get rid of Kremandala. We are here to get rid of Mose Hyde and Evan X Hyde. And you're damn right; we are here to get rid of Cordel Hyde." Jules Vasquez "Explain to me, what's that thinking of taking on a media empire?" Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "Separate the media from them, they're all Hydes. Bird of a feather flock together, simple as that." Jules Vasquez "But why is it that you are on a campaign against all these public figures?"

Caribbean Context For City Taxes
A week ago, we showed you our interview with Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley in which he explained that after 2 years, the joint task force commissioned to look into the trade licenses and property tax regime has decided to offer a major reduction. The task force, which is made up of City Council Staff and members of the Business community, continue to consider ways to overhaul the system so that it becomes less arbitrary and burdensome on small business owners. Today, the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED) facilitated a workshop for both sides to explore other options with the vision and experience of an international expert, who provided the context of tax models in other Caribbean municipalities. We stopped in and found out more: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "Today what we're doing is we've had an international consultant coming in, sponsored by CARILED; and what they're doing is they're looking at the discussion and seeing where we are in relation to getting consensus in relation to both the private sector partnership partner and the municipal in moving forward." Daniel Ortiz "Sir, the last time we discussed with you, you told us that the plan was to decrease by 50% initially. Does the task force say that, that is enough?" Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "Well one of the things that we've looked at is, I think that is an initial and very powerful first step; but in terms of wanting to promote the kind of business climate in Belize City, it has to be much more comprehensive. We have to look at if you pay trade license at a reduced rate, 12%; what do you get in terms of value for that?"

Memorial Park Bollards In Bad Shape
And while businesses are getting tax relief – the bollards around the Memorial Park can’t seem to get a break! The Bollards – are those upright cement parking posts that circle the park. Four dozen of them have been run over – which puts a black eye on the entire park rehabilitation project – which is only a few years old. We asked the Mayor if they are taking note, before things get out of hand. Here’s what he had to say: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "That's an excellent question. I think that it is incumbent on the municipality to maintain facilities that are built, especially facilities that are built by way of international funding and that are paid for by tax payer funding. One of the things I will say, I don't know specifically in relation to the amount of the bollards that are damaged. I do know that the city council I saw several reports in relation to our efforts to ensure that we maintain them and we locate them in a way that doesn't encourage their damage. I remembered that again with the media; I was asked a question in relation to Battlefield park, why Battlefield park was designed the way that it was designed. And one of the reasons why we did that in terms of the cement plaza and everything like that.

GSU Commander Says Octogenarian Too Old For A 16 Gauge
On Friday we had the story of 82 year old Henry Cunningham, the resident of Conch Shell Bay in Belize City. The GSU confiscated his 16 gauge shotgun earlier this year – and didn’t want to return it. Now, Cunningham is a farmer – and says he uses the gun when he goes to the farm. So why won’t the GSU give him back? Commander Mark Flowers told us it’s nothing personal:… Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "It is a fact that we have retained the firearm. Mr. Cunningham as you know is an older gentleman; he's use in age, he's 82 I think. The area that he resides is an area that concerns all of us. We are retaining the firearm as a matter of public safety. The area that Mr. Cunningham lives, is not at all safe. Rather than endangering the lives of more people, we've decided to recommend the cancellation of his license; at his age a 16 gauge shotgun is not at all the best thing that an 82 year old would want to have. It is a very powerful shotgun and I don't think that it is wise and it would be wise for us to return that firearm to him in that area. We know that the likeliness of it being stolen is high, so we won't do that, wouldn't be sensible at all for us to do."

Flowers Now A "Supt." - How Come?
As you may have seen on his graphic, Flowers is now a Superintendent of Police. 7News has learned that he got his letter of promotion last week – and it is retroactive to the beginning of this year. A pretty nice come-up for the controversial GSU commander – and he told us it’s because the Commander post calls for that rank: Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "The post as you know is a superintendent post. The former heads of the unit were superintendent Marco Vidal and superintendent Linden Flowers. I came in as an inspector there; then I was subsequently promoted to ASP and now to superintendent. So it is a superintendent post, it is that I imagine the senior command are satisfied with the performance and therefore rewarded the performance with the or justified the post with the rank making it, make it consummate with the rank." Jules Vasquez "Is it though an indication that also; people say that you're friendly with the government of the day." Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "And I have no apologies for that. I'm a Belizean; I have a choice to be friendly with whom I want to be friendly with."

Steak For Saldivar
We met Superintendent Flowers in Ladyville where he was waiting for Police Minister John Saldivar who was touring Eastern Division Rural today. That’s the final leg of his tour of the newly reconstituted Eastern Division. Rural is the largest – it goes from the Haulover Bridge to Bomba village in the northeast, Mahogany Heights in the Central and Ladyville in the east. Saldiavr told us about the challenges and the opportunities now that rural is in a zone of its own: After the steak feast – Minister Saldivar went over to Hattieville to continue his tour.

#7-11th Weed
Tonight, 2 men and 2 women, residents of Belize City, are out on bail for drug trafficking after police found drugs at a house where they were all hanging out. Police searched #7 Eleventh Street this morning and found a blue water bottle which contained 59 small transparent plastic bags of cannabis. Though it only amounted to 97 grams - or 3.42 ounces – that is well over the drug trafficking threshold. 31 year old Darcie Montes, 20 year old Corey Martells, 20 year old Eraini Moreira and 43 year old Sherlett Gladden were all charged with drug trafficking, and they were arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. They pleaded not guilty and were released on bail of $3,000. They must return to court on a later date.

Vision Screening For Kids - And It Only Takes A Second
If your child is a student who is 14 or younger, the Belize Lion’s Club wants to test their sight to make sure that they don’t need glasses. It’s part of the organization’s efforts to provide young Belizeans with free eye screening, and today representatives of the Belizean and American chapters of the Lions Club stopped by to explain why your child should participate. They also showed us how the screening takes less than a second with very innovative machine: The screening will commence countrywide in September, the beginning of the school year. The Lions Clubs are committed to pay for eye glasses for children who need them, and whose parents cannot afford to pay for the treatment services.

Principals Getting New Methods
Today principals from all over the city met to discuss the school improvement planning and development module. The main objective is to evaluate the performance of the teachers, principals and students and to devise a plan to enhance that performance. We spoke with one of the principals today and she told us how the workshop will impact her school. The workshop began on Monday. 54 schools across the country are participating in this workshop.

UNICOMER University
Fourteen students from across the country have been awarded with full scholarships by Courts Unicomer. It is the 18th year since the company has been awarding hardworking students the opportunity to finish their education. A brief ceremony took place at the Radisson this morning and 7news was there. This morning 5 high school scholarships, 2 SJCJC sixth form scholarships and three for the University of Belize were given.

Survey Says!
An online survey on the Belize political climate done by the largely unknown Belize Independent Development Research Group concludes that Belizeans really want a third party. Of a thousand respondents, most felt the country was on the wrong track, and most felt hat the economy was the biggest problem. That sounds bad for the Barrow Administration, right? Well, sort of. The majority the respondents said that they would prefer to elects someone new rather than Dean Barrow. But, interestingly, that someone new would not be PUP Leader Francis Fonseca. 38% said they would vote for Barrow and the UDP if elections were held today while only 29% said they would vote for Fonseca and the PUP. Barrow also had a favorable view as leader OF the UDP, with 48% saying as much, while 55% had an unfavorable view of Fonseca as leader of the PUP. Most respondent’s said they would consider a third party. Again, it’s an online poll, so definitely not reflective of the electorate and also prone to manipulation, but, certainly wroth discussing.

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08/13/15 05:30 AM
08/13/15 05:30 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

US Authorities Investigate Triple Homicide
There is a bone-chilling story coming out of Florida where relatives of Roaring Creek’s Russell Hyde have been murdered. The three victims are Dorla Pitts, her daughter Starlette Pitts and [...]

Victims Had Ties to Roaring Creek
Back here in Belize, the news has been received with shock. Dorla Pitts was the sister of Russell Hyde and Starlette was his niece. The Hydes have also experienced a [...]

BTV Escapes Detention on Reconnaissance of Sarstoon Island
As we have been reporting, the Belize Territorial Volunteers intend to proceed to the Sarstoon Island this weekend, without protection from the Belize Defense Force. But the situation is fraught [...]

King Issues Advice to BTV
We have told you about the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ near brush with Guatemalan armed forces.  Despite their narrow escape into Belizean waters, Sunday’s expedition to Sarstoon Island remains on schedule.  [...]

U.D.P. Lake I Rep. Breaks Ground on Community Centre
Petrocaribe is rolling into Lake Independence, as area representative Mark King broke ground this morning for a new community center. The new project, according to King, is one of several [...]

King Goes On Political Rant on Hyde
Of course, King took the opportunity from the podium to castigate his predecessor and present political opponent Cordel Hyde. King accuses Hyde of failing to bring necessary infrastructure and social [...]

King Will Assume Control of Contested Property
On April twentieth, P.U.P. Lake-I standard bearer Cordel Hyde, at the eleventh hour, prevented the demolition of a derelict bungalow situated in what is described as community space.  The abandoned [...]

U.D.P. Rep Says Kremandala is Fair Game
It’s no secret that Cordel Hyde is King’s arch nemesis in Lake Independence, ahead of the upcoming general elections and so are his family members squarely in King’s sights.  After [...]

BIDRG Releases Results of Political Survey
Still on politics….The results of a survey conducted exclusively online by a group calling themselves, the Belize Independent Development and Research Group (BIDRG) have been released and it’s causing a [...]

Hugo Casanova Linked to Double Murder
Alleged drug dealer Hugo Casanova, who is from Corozal, has been in detention in a Chetumal since February 2013 for drug trafficking. But Casanova is in further troubles tonight because [...]

US Retiree Drowns Near Rainbow Beach
As we reported in Tuesday’s newscast, the body of fifty-one year old Andy Grant of San Andres Village was found floating in the sea in Corozal Town in the morning. [...]

UNICOMER Hands Out Nine Scholarships
Nine students were awarded with scholarships today by UNICOMER Belize. For the past several years, we’ve covered the annual award and this year, UNICOMER says that they have increased the [...]

CARILED Project Looks at Reforming Trade License Regime
City Council has embarked on a project to reform and modernize the trade license regime with the view of making the taxes more equitable and less burdensome to businesses and [...]

“Jungle” Gets a Police Makeover
The Belize Police Department and other partners were in Pickstock early this morning doing a much needed clean up in an area popularly called “The Jungle.” There were bags and [...]


Cane Farmers Receive Second Payment
Today cane farmers received their much awaited second payment for the 2014/2015 crop season. But while the estimated average price of $70.45 per ton cane is said to be a record breaker, no all cane farmers are satisfied. Proof of that was this morning’s line at the banks especially in Corozal. But when we spoke to the Chairman for the Corozal Division for the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, Ramon Aban, he agreed with other stakeholders that indeed the Sugar Industry got a sweet deal this year. “Es un record este ano porque el año pasado el pago final fue de $52.00 y el segundo pago conseguimos $12.58 entonces este ano estamos consiguiendo un segundo pago estimado en el mes de Agosto de $70.45 entonces muestra un récord de que este ano estamos consiguiendo de 20 a 22 según cada branch en relative quality.” But as mentioned, not every cane farmer shares Aban’s sentiments. There is certainly dissatisfaction but that too will pass, says Aban, when cane farmers receive their third payment in the month of November.

American Retiree Apparently Drowns At Sea
Approximately eight hours after retrieving the dead body of 41 year old Andy Grant from the sea, Corozal Police were called out to the Rainbow Beach Area in Corozal Town to deal with another apparent drowning. At around 5:00p.m police visited the Rainbow Beach Area where they saw the lifeless body of 56 year old American retiree Jimmy Robert Anthony. Anthony’s body had already been retrieved from the sea by passers-by. According to the wife of the deceased, Denise Anthony, they were in the Rainbow Beach area when they decided to go for a swim. Shortly after the trip turned deadly as she realized that her husband was motionless and slowly drifting away into the deep. This is when she screamed for help and caught the attention of some passers-by who rendered assistance. It was too late though as Anthony was already dead. Anthony’s body was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and awaits a post mortem examination.

Three Belizeans Murdered In Florida
A Belizean residing in Lehigh Acres in the Florida state is being investigated by Lee Country Sheriffs for a triple homicide that occurred yesterday in that area. A report from Wink News in Florida indicates that the victims are Myke Kelly, who was found along with the bodies of his pregnant girlfriend, 18 year old Starlette Pitts, and Starlette’s mother, Dorla Pitts. The three bodies were found inside a home between Gunnery Road and Sunshine Boulevard. The report says a man who lived at the same address; Belizean Bryan Hyde appeared in court Wednesday morning for driving without a license. Hyde, according to our information, is related to the three victims who are also Belizeans. Hyde is said to have moved to Florida 7 months ago and was living at the same address as the victims. Here is the report aired by WINK News.

NTV Visited The Sarstoon Island In Preparation For Expedition
Members of The Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers had a brief encounter with Guatemalan armed soldiers today as they scouted the area at the Sarstoon Island before the planned trip this coming Sunday. The Belize Territorial Volunteers are at the lead in the August 16th expedition to the Sarstoon Island in Southern Belize. Members of the Northern Territorial Volunteers are assisting in the trip which, despite warnings and requests of desisting by government and BDF officials, the groups intend to make. Today, we spoke with member of the NTV Orlando De la Fuente, who told us that they had left PG early by boat to the Island this morning. Here is his account of what happened once there. “Upon entering Sarstoon Island the Guatemalans have a marine base there and I personally think that we don’t have to check in with the Guatemala but it is customary that all Belizeans check in with the Guatemalan and the Belizean government has taken no step to stop that practice or to tell the Guatemalans to cease and decease and they insist that Belizeans both check with them at the Guatemalan base it is just a small pier.”

Belize Independent Development Research Group Release Survey Information
An analysis conducted by the Belize Independent Development Research Group has compiled the results of their first survey in the country with the intent to get an idea of the Belizean electorate leading up to the General Elections. The independent poll which was conducted from August 1st to 8th had the participation of one thousand online visitors. Poll takers had to answer ten multiple choice questions including those of the Party leaders of both parties and the performance of the incumbent government. And while the results varied most notable is that in several questions a lot of the participants were uncertain whether they will participate in the voting of the upcoming general elections. When asked if they think the country is headed in the right direction, or on the wrong track more than 50% of the responders said we are on the wrong track.

Students Attending High School In Corozal Will Get Free Transportation
The 24th of August 2015 will mark the end of the summer holiday for high school students. For some parents, especially those living in the rural areas, this means that they are once again faced with cost of food and transportation. In the Corozal District for instance traveling is a must for many students and at the end of the week commuting proves to be quite expensive. Today though, there is some good news for student’s attending three highs schools in the Corozal District and it comes in the form of free bus rides to and from school. “Since taking over the reins here in Corozal at the district education center I observed that a number of our secondary school students have been paying public transportation to get to school and so for some time I’ve been looking in to the possibility and presented a proposal and so I want for the benefit of all of our stakeholder, our Corozal community that we will now be providing a transportation free of cost, free in the sense that the student will not be paying but it is accost to taxpayer and so we want to encourage our children to capitalize on this and it is going to help parents and student they no longer have to compete with the general public in terms of finding transportation the busses will have specific routes passing certain areas so it will take them to school and then bring them from school back to their respective designated area.

Minister of National Security Speaks On Abandoned Helicopter
Last week we told you about an abandoned helicopter found near the Belize-Mexico border near Blue Creek IN THE Orange Walk District. As we reported, the perfectly working grey BELL-407 Helicopter with tinted windows, bearing the registration numbers N607AZ has since found residence at the BDF Headquarters in Ladyville. According to National Security Minister, John Saldivar, a time frame is given for the owner to either claim it or come forward…. According to Saldivar, after that period elapses, the chopper will remain an asset for the Belize Defense Force. “The case is still under investigation and we don’t have any leads at this time and the helicopter as far as we are concern was abandoned by whoever left it there and therefore there is a time for them to claim or to come forward and then after that it is considered as abandoned property and it will become the property of the government of Belize and an asset of the Belize Defense Force.”


Florida Police Investigates Triple Homicide Involving Belizean Nationals
Three Belizeans are dead following a homicide incident in Florida, USA. Reports are that the incident occurred yesterday morning just before ten o’clock Belize time or just before midday in the state of Florida. Online news articles indicate that the Lee County Sheriff’s office was called to the crime scene at the 3500 Block of […]

Public Service Union Has New Council of Management
This past Friday and Saturday brought changes to the Council of Management for the Public Service Union of Belize as the 93rd Annual General Meeting was held in Orange Walk Town. The meeting, held under the theme, ‘PSU: Embracing our Future; Transforming Belize; Improving Standards through Innovative Technologies’, had presentations by Sharon Frazer, the President […]

Area Rep Breaks Ground for Lake I Community Centre
Lake I has broken ground for their first ever community centre. Mark King, Area Representative committed to carrying out community services through programs at the centre while explaining the need of the community centre. MARK KING “Today we break ground for the first ever community center in Lake Independence. This undertaking is very special. The […]


New Comptroller of Customs speaks on major issues
Today was the press’ first introduction to Acting Comptroller of Customs Emil Grinage. There were several issues discussed including that employees were afraid that they would lose valuable overtime pay due to the full rollout of the ASYCUDA World system of tracking Customs transactions. As wi...

Former PM says Guat Foreign Minister blundered about 2000 agreement
It is no secret that the Sarstoon Island, which is enshrined in our national Anthem and even our constitution for that matter, has of recent become a controversial topic. This was following the recent standoff between the Belize Coast Guard and the Guatemalan Military on the island. Belize later we...

Territorial Volunteers moving ahead with Sarstoon Island Rally
The Belize Territorial Volunteers in conjunction with the Northern Territorial Volunteers are moving full steam ahead with the Sarstoon Island Rally that is scheduled for this Sunday August 16th, heedless to the many warnings from the diplomatic core and officials from the National Security. Wil Mah...

BTB responds to Carnival report
Monday’s press release by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) contained bombshell news – Carnival Cruise Lines seemed to be in the midst of a serious conflict with local tourism authorities including the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) concerning its future here. Ahead of the...

Belmopan Citco Revisiting the Traffic Problems
The Belmopan City Council is taking a comprehensive approach at solving some of the key issues surrounding traffic control in Belmopan, specifically around The Market Square Area. Yesterday on Monday, August 10th, Louise Lewis, Belmopan City councilor with responsibilities in transport held a diagno...

Scotia Bank and Ministry of Education team up on book drive
Reading is fundamental and with schools to re-open in the next few weeks, families are scrambling for their children’s reading material. Today Scotiabank (Belize) Limited opened a book drive in which customers are asked to donate books and other supplies at their Scotiabank branch countrywide....

Body Found in Corozal
Early this morning, the dead body of a man was discovered floating in the sea in the Corozal Bay. The body of the man, later identified as 41 year old Andy Grant, also known as Bamba, was found around 9:30 this morning near the area that used to be the old Corozal market. Initial police investigatio...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Trade license reform discussion continues as Chamber presents plan
Recognizing that business are threatening to leave the Old Capital and indeed other municipalities because they believe they are being unfairly squeezed and soaked by the City and Town Halls for money they need to run municipal operations, the nine municipalities led by the Belize City Council and […]

Primary schools work on improvement plans
With schools set to re-open in a few weeks’ time, the men and women responsible for our children’s education are spending these last few weeks of vacation conferring about the way forward for education in Belize. 54 schools which form part of the Quality Child Friendly School Initiative […]

Premier Football League of Belize launches opening season
The Opening Season of the Premier League of Belize kicks off this weekend with 6 teams participating in this season’s tournament. Game 1, scheduled for Saturday, August 15 features the closing season champs, Verdes Football Club going up against the Placencia Assasins at 7:30 pm at the Norman Broaster stadium in Cayo. On the […]

Boyfriend wanted for sex crime
San Ignacio Police are currently looking for a male person for the crime of unlawful sexual intercourse. According to police report, a 15 year old accompanied by her mother reported to officials that since July 3rd, of this year she has been sexually active with her boyfriend. The minor also […]

Lions plan national children’s eye screening program
Studies have shown that vision disability is the number one health issue in schools, which affect learning abilities and results in lower performances from students. To help combat this problem, the Lions Club in Belize has organized a National Children Eye Screening Programme which will commence in September. This programme […]

Musa says PUP united
Former Prime Minister Said Musa, who led the People’s United Party (PUP) from 1996 to 2008, appeared on The Dickie Bradley Special on Monday night on Channel 5, discussing the internal state of the PUP as well as its readiness to speak on national issues such as the Guatemala dispute. […]

Orange Walk Selection vs Chetumal FC this Sunday
Fresh off dates with the national senior and U-23 football teams last week during Fiestarama, two Orange Walk selections will be playing again on Sunday against visitors from Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The first game kicks off at 1:00 p.m. at the Louisiana Football Field when Orange Walk […]

Cancer foundation holds fundraiser
Cancer Foundation, A Thousand Smiles for Cleyon, will be having a fundraiser Saturday, August 12th, in honor of Henry Griffin, a child who passed away last September while being assisted by the foundation in his battle with cancer. The event will serve to bring awareness to the rising amount of […]

Weather improves again for mid-week
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. A few showers and isolated thunderstorms will affect mainly inland areas this morning, with showers becoming isolated this afternoon and tonight. Winds will be blowing from the East at 10-20 knots […]

Belizean mother, daughter and boyfriend killed in Florida; may relative be responsible?
Lee County, Florida, sheriffs are investigating an ugly triple homicide in the community of Lehigh Acres, Florida that took place on Tuesday. 37 year old Dorla Pitts, originally of Roaring Creek, Cayo District; her pregnant daughter, Starlette, 18; and her boyfriend, 19 year old Michael Kelly, Jr., were found dead […]

The Perfect Time
It may be our own feelings of fear, guilt, or shame that keeps us in a physically abusive relationship. Often, social and economic pressures compel us to stay. Sometimes we stay for lack of somewhere to go for shelter and advice, or because we feel that we love or partner and we live with the hope that he might change. If only we can “hang in there.” Tragically, in most cases, the abuse continues, for in fact his behavior may not have anything to do with our actions; it may simply be his choice to be abusive and expect us to always be submissive.

First body retrieved from the sea in Corozal has been identified as Andy Grant
The body of 41 year old Andy Grant, a resident of San Andres Village was retrieved from the Corozal Bay around 9:15am yesterday morning. Grants floating body was spotted near the old Market by residents in the area who reported it to the police. It is unsure if there were any signs of violence on the body. Officials transported the body to the Corozal Community Hospital but we understand that the facility’s’ morgue is out of order and as a result was transferred to the Northern Regional Hospital.


I Say NO to Offshore Oil Exploration – It’s Not Smart for Belize
Tourism is a major industry and key to the development of the country. Reading this gives me hope that GOB will not move forward with granting offshore oil exploration concessions and put in danger one of the most valuable resource this country has. Oceana has been the driving force for the people of Belize to fight this crazy idea that offshore oil drilling can be good. Come on! The negative impacts totally outweigh anything positive that oil drilling can bring to such a delicate environment. But this is just one victory over many more battles that the people of Belize need to win.

More Flights. More Growth. Why Belize is Poised to Become the Next Caribbean Capital
United, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines all recognized the need to establish North America-to-Belize routes years ago, and as traffic increased over time, flights to the Central American nation increased, too. Eager to establish its own presence in this increasingly-popular destination, Southwest Airlines just began flying to Belize as well. Now, COPA Airlines is opening routes to this emerging Caribbean epicenter by announcing direct flights from Panama City. This news of yet another airliner adding Belize routes to keep up with burgeoning traffic speaks volumes about Belize’s reputation for being one of the region’s fastest-growing commercial hubs. These airlines aren’t the only improvements helping to forge a future for Belize. Take, for example, a recent press release announcing the expansion of the Chetumal, Mexico airport. Ostensibly to help handle traffic flowing into Costa Maya, Mexico, this expansion project is also going to help Belize tourism as much because Chetumal is in close proximity to the Belize border.

Extra Special soft opening of Stella’s Smile Wine Bar
One of the things I love about island life is the close sense of community we have. Last Thursday a bunch of us came together for the soft opening of a new wine bar that is located 1 mile north of the bridge called Stella’s Smile. Billing itself as a “Sunset Wine Bar” it is perfectly located on the water on the lagoon side of the island with spectacular views of our Caribbean sunsets. So what exactly is a soft opening? A soft opening gives a restaurant the opportunity to practice on friends and family before the actual opening. This allows them to check for any glitches in their systems before opening to the general public so they can iron out any issues they may have. So for all of us this meant we got to experience items from their food and wine menu while watching a beautiful sunset and in this case, be a pert of David and Alisha’s equally beautiful mock wedding.

I sent out our night-time correspondent – “the fun one” – to party until dawn and then rise the next day and do it all over again. Last weekend was Costa Maya Weekend – one of the biggest party weekends in San Pedro. Fin does the Costa Maya in style. And by style? I mean one crazy shiny pink shirt. If I had to rank party weekends –> 1. Easter Weekend 2. Costa Maya Weekend 3. New Year’s Eve 4. Halloween Now for many of the party-goers, the activities take place outside the actual festival. The night clubs, the bars, the beach…all are packed with people who are just in town for a weekend of drinking and dancing. Here is a bit of Insta-Fin. Preparing for a big Saturday night out with Miss Costa Maya 2014…in pink and 2015, Miss Honduras, now Costa Maya, in yellow. Why attend the pageant when you can party with the girls?

An Afternoon Trip on A GORGEOUS DAY Lands Me in Belize City OR Rage In Belize
Yesterday was THE PERFECT day to head over to Caye Caulker – sunny, a slight breeze, puffy pinkish lavender clouds in the sky. I had some new things to check out – some new areas to explore. I decided to take the 1pm San Pedro Belize Express water taxi over. It’s my usual ride…my company of choice with lots more runs on the schedule than the competitors. Sigh…what a gorgeous day. I didn’t even mind sitting way in the back in the blazing sun. My ride would be short…just 25 minutes to Caye Caulker. And then…after 25 minutes, I watched us approaching Caye Caulker from the wrong side…we…OH SHIT…we are not stopping on the island. I charged upstairs to have a word with my captain. He wasn’t concerned. I’m just the driver and THIS is an express boat to BELIZE CITY. I stomped downstairs (as best one can do on a moving boat) and ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

A Vacation Guide on the Best Water Sports in Belize
Water sports in Belize is a perfect activity for anyone who’s looking for fun and adventure. Read through this water sports guide to help you make the most of this must-do in Belize. Water sports in Belize offers a great way to enjoy the country’s waters and add adventure andWater sports in belize excitement to your vacation. Belize’s coastline is mainly known for its fishing and diving, but it’s also a great backdrop for various watersports. The calm waters and steady winds provided by the barrier reef make for smooth sails off the coast. For those who are looking to doing more than just enjoy the scenery, add adventure on the water with this must-do Belize activity. But take note that even when all the islands and coastal beaches offer some kind of watersports, the availability of equipment can vary. Read on for a short description if the water sports things to do in these different places to help you pick where to go.

International Sourcesizz

Find Fulfillment by Starting a Business Abroad
On my first trip to Granada, Nicaragua several years ago, I stopped in a small bookshop in the historic colonial quarter, just a few blocks from the main square. It was evident the owner—an expat from California—was a lover of literature. Classics…science fiction…travelogues…histories…and more lined the shelves. As I chatted to him, it emerged that he got started when he was just passing through Granada and, looking to make a bit of extra travel money…he laid books out on a blanket on the street to sell. He did well, so he decided to stick and moved his wares to a shelf in a donut shop. Then he moved to his current location in a restored colonial building. I haven’t been back lately but following the store on Facebook, I see he’s expanded into the space next door and business is thriving. It’s gratifying to see someone find their true calling…to be able to make a good living following their passion. And that’s just one of the many expat businesses I’ve seen on my travels in places like Belize…the Riviera Maya, Mexico…Costa Rica…and Nicaragua.

Switzerland, Belize Sign TIEA
Switzerland and Belize signed a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) on August 10, 2015. The agreement is Switzerland's ninth TIEA. It provides for the exchange of information upon request. It covers Swiss federal, cantonal, and communal taxes on income and capital, and the cantonal and communal inheritance and gift taxes. In the case of Belize, it covers the income tax, business tax, and general sales tax. The agreement must now be approved by the Swiss parliament and may be subjected to a referendum before it can enter into force. The cantons and business associations have already expressed their support for the deal.

Short Interest Update on Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:CWCO)
A reduction of 9,620 shares or 1.7% was observed in the short interest of Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. – Ordinary Shares The interest on July 31,2015 came in at 558,571 shares and as per the average daily trading of 123,175 shares, the days to cover are 5. The reduced interest is 3.9% of the floated shares. The data of July 15,2015 put the interest at 568,191 shares. The information was released by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc (FINRA) on August 11th-2015. The company shares have rallied 5.86% in the past 52 Weeks. On June 26, 2015 The shares registered one year high of $13.75 and one year low was seen on December 16, 2014 at $8.41. The 50-day moving average is $12.63 and the 200 day moving average is recorded at $11.75. S&P 500 has rallied 8.81% during the last 52-weeks.

Fortis Inc To Go Ex-Dividend on August 17th (FTS)
Fortis (TSE:FTS) announced a quarterly dividend on Wednesday, May 6th, Market Beat reports. Shareholders of record on Wednesday, August 19th will be given a dividend of 0.34 per share on Tuesday, September 1st. This represents a $1.36 annualized dividend and a yield of 3.56%. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Monday, August 17th. Several equities research analysts have issued reports on the stock. Barclays lowered their price target on shares of Fortis from C$42.00 to C$38.00 and set an “equal weight” rating for the company in a research report on Tuesday, August 4th. TD Securities reduced their price objective on shares of Fortis from C$47.00 to C$46.00 and set a “buy” rating for the company in a research note on Tuesday, August 4th. Finally, Scotiabank restated a “sector outperform” rating and set a C$43.00 price target on shares of Fortis in a research note on Tuesday, August 4th. Two investment analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and four have assigned a buy rating to the stock. Fortis presently has a consensus rating of “Buy” and an average target price of C$41.83.


  • Recycling for a better life, 3.5min. The Solid Waste Management Project has enhanced the environment for Belize as well as improved working conditions for the recyclers.

  • San Pedro 3rd Annual Summer Music Camp 2015, 5min. It just takes three weeks for Cuban music teacher Carlos Perrote to bring out the musician in students who participate in his Summer Music Camp in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Belize 2015 final, 3.5min. Loyola students in Belize, 2015.

  • Day 2 of steel pan drumming lessons, 10sec.

  • Belize Mission Trip Service, 83min. Five members of the team talk about their experiences on the Belize mission field.

  • BELIZE!!! Day 1 :), 4min. The Wallace's are back at it again!

  • Belize scuba diving, 9min.

  • Wings of Hope, 20min. This documentary chronicles the re-discovery of a population of wild Harpy Eagles in the Maya Mountains of southern Belize. and the history of the BFREE and UNCW initiative born from this discovery – the Integrated Community-based Harpy Eagle and Avian Conservation Program. Created by Emmy-award winning filmmakers, Richard and Carol Foster of Wildlife Film Productions, this film is rich with breath-taking footage of adult and juvenile Harpy eagles and other wildlife and vistas found in the pristine tropical forests of the Bladen Nature Reserve. Over the seven year duration of the project, the Fosters followed the local people involved as they transition from trainees to conservationists and their lives are changed through their efforts to save this rare bird and its diminishing habitat.

  • shark belize, 6min. Piot Family in Belize 2015.

  • Belize Trip 2015---Bethel University, 25min. Bethel University's 2015 trip to Belize!

  • Belize Cancer Society Cervical Cancer ad, 1.5min.

  • México e Belize - 2015, 7min. Imagens capturadas durante minha viagem pelo México e Belize, incluindo Cancún, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Holbox, Cozumel, Cenotes, Caye Caulker, La Paz-Baja California, Isla Espiritu Santo...

  • mammals of Belize - Video Learning -, 2min. This is a list of the "mammal species recorded in Belize". These are the mammal species in Belize, of which 0 are critically endangered, 2 are endangered, 3 are vulnerable, and 3 are near-threatened. One species has been classified as extinct.

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