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Today's Belize News: August 14, 2015 #506665
08/14/15 05:15 AM
08/14/15 05:15 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Belize’s Rainforest Beauty captured at Xanadu Resort
This beautiful island eco resort captures the beauty of Belize’s rainforests and glorious falls. Guests here get a taste of the mainland in this pristine natural environment.

2015 already registering record number of Dengue outbreaks
The Ministry of Health has confirmed an alarming number of Dengue cases, totaling 261 victims to date. Most of the cases are originating in the Toledo District, and this has prompted the local health authorities to start checking grounds and premises in the communities that are most affected. The three Vector Control Diseases that have impacted Belize are Dengue, Malaria, and Chickungunya. From the beginning of the year up to July, the number of dengue cases has almost tripled. According to Chief Operations Officer of the Vector Control Unit, Kim Bautista, they have confirmed reports on an outbreak of dengue in its most deadly form, “hemorrhagic dengue fever”. “The symptoms that go with the dengue hemorrhagic fever is a combination of serotypes of the four serotypes that exist with the dengue virus,” said Bautista. He further explained that when a person is exposed to a serotype, they become immune to it, but when there is another serotype circulating, then there are higher chances to get ill with dengue hemorrhagic fever. “This year, we have seen 15 alerts countrywide for dengue hemorrhagic fever and five of those cases coming from the western district. Of those, dengue hemorrhagic fever is a clinical diagnosis. If there are five alerts, it does not necessarily mean that there are five confirmed cases,” explained Bautista.

Abandoned Helicopter found in Orange Walk District
A grey Bell 407 helicopter with dark tinted windows was found abandoned on Wednesday, August 5th on a feeder road in the Blue Creek area of the Orange Walk District. The aircraft is now in the possession of the Belize Defense Force (BDF) Air wing headquarters in Ladyville, while police continue their investigations as to who the helicopter belongs to and how it made its way to Belize. The aircraft, with registration number N607AZ, was circling in the San Felipe/Blue Creek area when Orange Walk police were alerted. Police were conducting an anti-drug operation in the area and quickly responded to the reports. However, by the time they arrived the helicopter had already landed. The aircraft was quickly secured, but no one was to be found in the abandoned helicopter. It is not yet known if the aircraft had been used for transporting drugs, however the police found several blue plastic containers with fuel to increase the distance of travel. Police believe that since the helicopter was found in close proximity of the Belize/Mexico border, the pilot and passengers may have escaped into the Mexico.

Dog Act to be implemented in San Pedro
From now on all dogs must be collared and leashed while out in public areas. Saga Humane Society, along with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and San Pedro Police Department, have teamed up to enforce the Belize Dog Act, Chapter 153. The initiative is set to kick off on Saturday, August 15th with a sensitization effort by the police department, and enforcement will begin on Tuesday, September 1st. The implementation of this regulation will not only benefit island pets and pet owners, but also the wider community, including visitors, as the streets will be safer and cleaner. According to Section 10 (1) of the Dog Act of The Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, “Whenever a dog is seen in a town, on a highway or in a place of public resort in any of the following cases- (a) not having a collar/leash with a licensing badge for the current year attached thereto; or (b) appearing to be a stray or ownerless dog; or (c) being a bitch in heat and being neither led nor carried; or (d) suffering from any contagious disease and not being carried; or (e) suffering from any disease or injury which causes pain to the dog and being neither led nor carried, that dog may be seized by any police officer or dog catcher and the owner of the dog shall in cases (a), (b) and (c) be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding twenty-five dollars.”

Team Yellow Dog win Tres Pescados Slam for a second year in a row
24 teams participated in the 7th annual Tres Pescados Slam Tournament (TPST), the largest fly-fishing event in Belize’s history. The three day fishing tournament, held from Wednesday, August 5th to Saturday, August 8th, saw top national and international anglers attempt to land a big one in hopes of claiming the grand prize. In the end, it was team Yellow Dog who took the grand prize for the second year in a row. The event opened on Wednesday, August 5th with the Captains’ Dinner and fishing officially started on Thursday, August 6th at 5:30AM, continuing on Friday, August 7th. All catches had to be checked in by 3PM on said dates. On the final fishing day on Saturday, August 8th, anglers gave it their last shot at landing the big one because by 7PM awards were going to be issued.

Ambergris Today

The Beauty of the Snake Cayes of Southern Belize
Don’t let the name scare you or keep you from visiting one of the most beautiful and pristine island chains off the coast of Belize. The possibility of having a close encounter with a snake is minimal, but the chance of encountering some of the most awe-inspiring beaches, crystal clear waters and natural habitats in the country is guaranteed. The Snake Cayes of Belize is a group of four small islands that lie roughly about 20 miles off its southern coast of the Toledo District and include West, Middle, East and South Snake Cayes. They got their names due to the abundance of boa constrictors that once lived on one of the islands. The cayes are not part of the barrier reef system, but lie within the Port Honduras Marine Reserve of Belize on an isolated coral ridge growing on a limestone ledge. The reserve encompasses an array of vital habitats with patch and fringing reefs, seagrass beds and 138 mangrove cayes, supporting an important fishery for local traditional users. Visitors to the cayes and surrounding areas enjoy the clear, turquoise waters of the reserve, snorkeling amongst the abundance of marine life (including coral patches).

25 Years Ago - Remembering when WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village
A long time ago going to pick sea grapes was a source of great enthusiasm and fun. We used to plan for the day and the village folks used to share information about the places where the grapes were plentiful and where they were the largest and even where they were the sweetest. Don't laugh but plastic bags were not available yet, so we used to tie our T-shirts and made bags. We also used to weave baskets with the palmetto leaves. There were the purple grapes and the "uvas blancas" or white grapes which remained greenish even when ripe. We used to boast when we crashed into a tree of white grapes. TODAY some folks come to your house offering sea grapes for 10 dollars a bag, but is that fun? We USED TO enjoy them for free as I still do today. Many years ago the big thing was not the opening of the lobster season or Lobster Fest but rather the selling of lobsters door to door. We USED TO boil whole lobsters and offered red juicy whole lobsters door to door to the village folks. Again don't laugh but the selling price was of five cents per whole lobsters. There used to be a good market because with a population of some 10 lobster fishermen, the rest of the villagers were very willing to buy them despite the high price of them. And why do I say. High price when it was only five cents? Believe me, some people did complain that it was a bit expensive and it was because lobsters were in abundance and were dirty cheap. I remember when WE USED TO read a lot of books here in San Pedro. This is something that is almost at zero today on the Island. I recall my favorite English comic books like Archie, Donald Duck. Superman, Bat Man. Robin Hood, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Old West of Cowboys and Indians. And there were the Spanish favorites like Tarzan, Dracula, Memin, La Pequeña Lulu, Roy Rogers, Chanoc, Zorro, Popeye, Spiderman, Superman, Bat Man, Archi, Tawa The Indian, El Hombre invisible,

Culinary Tourism is Happening NOW in Belize
My Traveling Feet have been known too take me around the country in search for food, delicious Belizean food. I am not much of a “Foodie” but I do appreciate fine dining and unique culinary experiences from time to time. I try to eat healthy and avoid eating out as much as possible, but my job is about promoting tourism in my country and part of that involves experiencing FOOD. Not so long ago I wrote an editorial about Food (Culinary) Tourism, which asked the question: “Is Belize ready to exploit an industry that could have tremendous potential in the growth of the tourism industry for the country.” Well, a couple weeks ago I traveled to Belize City to attend the launch of Flavors of Belize’s 5th Edition magazine and looking at the success of the publication I can truly say that Belize has come a long way in developing its culinary tourism.

Flashbacks - Sanpedranos At Their Best Dressed
Now that you see this flashback do you wonder why in the world this large group of San Pedranos is so well dressed? The men were all wearing shoes which is not normal under normal circumstances in San Pedro back in the 1980’s. Not only are they all wearing shoes, but also formal suits and tuxedo! And their long hair are all so well combed! Now take a look at the ladies. What could be happening that they are all in evening gowns? Now let us make a few wild guesses? Could it be a visit by Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain? Or is it one of those gala social parties the Lions used to throw back then? Oh I know. It is the annual general meeting of Caribeña Fishing Cooperative. No the real truth is that this was the quinceaños of Tio Pil’s only daughter, Lily Paz Nuñez. The mass was celebrated at the Catholic Church and the social reception was held at Big Daddy’s. Now it would be nice for you to help us identify the young men and ladies in this gala Flashback, besides the padrinos Pete Salazar and Chabby Nuñez Salazar. I think I see Sir Nicolas Varela.

Belize to Represent at Miss United Continents 2015 Pageant
It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you Miss Shamira Imani Neal 22 years old, who is 5’ 11” (180 cm) tall. Miss Neal resides in Belize City and is a graduate of Wesley College. She is currently furthering her studies to become an attorney-at-law. Miss Neal has a full time job as a customer service representative with the Belize City Council. Her passions are modeling, volleyball, and promoting Belize nationally and internationally as a beauty ambassador. Miss Neal has participated in the Queen of the Bay Pageant in Belize City 2013, and the titleholder for Miss World Belize First Runner-up 2014-2015. With her aforementioned qualifications, this entitles Miss Neal to enter the prestigious contest to be held in Ecuador, Miss United Continents 2015, who seeks titleholders our first runner-ups in any of the four major beauty contests worldwide which are: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, and Miss International. Previously in 2012, Miss World Belize, Chantae Guy of Belmopan represented Belize in this contest which was known at the time as Miss Continente Americano.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Anglers Abroad takes 2nd place in Slam Tournamen
Haywood and Team Anglers Abroad (Travis Then & Justin Parish) strike again with a second place win at the 7th annual Tres Pescado Slam Tournament in San Pedro Belize. After winning 1st and 2nd place a few years back as an angler, Haywood has taken it to the next level by landing in 2nd place after only two years of guiding in the tournament. Team Anglers Abroad had a strong start on the first day with a Grand Slam that tied them for first. They went on to land another Tarpon and Bonefish on the second day, but unfortunately couldn't make the Permit eat. On the third day, Team Anglers Abroad managed to land a nice Bonefish and a Permit, but alas the Tarpon proved elusive. Unfortunately, the Permit which would have put team Anglers Abroad on top of the leader board was two inches short of the qualifying size and team Anglers Abroad had to settle for 2nd place. Even though team Anglers Abroad was unable grab the first place trophy, they still feel like winners as both 1st and 3rd place trophies went to Caye Caulker guides (Ken Coc & Parnell Coc) who are part of the Anglers Abroad family. Caye Caulker is where its at for fly fishing!!!

Monday's Mangrove Madness
Thanks to Mark and Allyson Smith we explored a new area of mangroves, and there was so much to see! Kaz found another seahorse... she's one lucky lady :)

International Youth Day
International Youth Day being celebrated today at the ITVET grounds in Belize City. Please join!

Oversize load at the Santa Elena, Corozal border
So we ran into this unusual site of an oversize load at the Santa Elena, Corozal border. The freight truck was being escorted by police. We understand that the freight is a dismantled tower coming from Veracruz, Mexico that will be erected at the Belize Sugar Industries/ASR’s headquarters in Orange Walk. (We have no confirmation from BSI yet, whether this is so). We are happy to see the investment’s taking place at BSI’s sugar mill and in the same light would like to see the same benefits passed to the sugar cane farmers and their families. Power to the cane farmers in the struggle.

Belize Bird Rescue update
If you want an internship experience that allows you to find the value in wildlife (and stands out on resumes) then working with Belize Bird Rescue is the place to go! My name is Amanda and I spent part of my summer working with the rescue and learning all about rehabilitation. Never having worked with any kind of bird before, I was taken on and taught how to properly handle and care for many types of birds that most people will never see in real life. Not gonna lie, it was hard work, but it's all worth it. It was truly a magical experience. All the people were so amazing and I will forever cherish the memories and knowledge from working with there. If you have any interest in birds or animals in general, I strongly encourage you to consider applying for an internship here. They will always appreciate the help and it will make you feel good for making a difference.

Reef TV's Annual Karaoke competition
Reef TV's Annual Karaoke competition kicks off tomorrow inside Jaguar's Temple Night Club. Come and be part of a night full of entertainment.

Summer Art Wave 2015 turns out a huge success!
Summer Art Wave 2015 has been a most memorable experience with our beloved community. A sincere thank you to all participants, instructors, and volunteers for your passion, patience and persistence in developing new creative skills and creating great memories! We must thank our sponsors who were a vital component in the success of the program. Thank you to Atlantic Bank, Bowen & Bowen, Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Corozal Community College. We are already looking forward to next summer's program!

Channel 7

Senator Lisa is Going to The Sarstoon!
For days now, the headlines have been dominated by the Territorial Volunteers - who are going to Sarstoon Island on Sunday. The island is the southern boundary of Belize's territory - and the trip is designed to defiantly reassert that the island is within Belize's territory. Government has been cautioning the volunteers and their supporters not to go - but today their expedition got a shot of legitimacy when PUP Senator Lisa Shoman said she would be joining them. And she's not just going along for the ride - Shoman is throwing her weight around as a senator and member of the bipartisan committee dealing with the territorial claim. She has written letters to Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington and Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize, Manuel Barillas, basically putting them on notice that she's going in an official capacity and arrangements for security should be made.

Triple Homicide in Florida - Belizean Family Speaks
Last night we told you about the 3 Belizeans - Roaring Creek Residents - who were murdered in Lehigh Acres, which is in Southwest Florida. 37 year old Dorla Pitts, her 17 year old pregnant daughter Starlette, and the girl's boyfriend Myke Kelly were found dead in their home on Tuesday afternoon - and the man accused of killing them is from Camalote. Now most of the information we are getting is from American news sites but today we heard the local angle from Dorla's father-in-law, Edward "Ned" Pitts, who lives here in Belize City. He along with his wife expressed how shocked they were to find out about their daughter in law's and granddaughter's murder. Edward Ned Pitts, Father-in-Law "I don't know what triggered off the... It's very perplex to know why. The three of them died. It sounds that three of them died. I don't know how they died. I don't know if by gunshot, I don't know if by physical violence. I don't know and I don't hear anything on the radio and my son have not been able to tell me exactly how they died. In May she was sitting right around this table having lunch with us. She and her mother and her sister. We are in communication and we often to Miami where they live and spend time with them. She is a pleasant girl, Dorla. And Starlette is also a pleasant child. A teenager. You know teenager have their way, but she was a very pleasant child. The two family gets a long quite well, both the Hyde family and Dorian. They very much loves Dorian."

Chairman of Progressive cane Farmers Mysteriously Shot
You may have seen him on the news as the Chairman of the newly formed Progressive Cane Farmers Association, but tonight, Abizur Loza is making headlines because he was shot early this morning at a cane field in Patchakan Village, in the Corozal District. Police haven't released any official information as yet, but what we have been able to find out is that he was in his cane field on the outskirts of the village known as Chaac Luuc. There is suspicion that whoever attacked Loza, shot him after they ambushed him in the bushes in some time between 1 and 2 a.m. this morning. At this time, all we know is that he had to be transferred to the KHMH for further treatment. Today, his wife, spoke to our colleagues from Love FM, saying that she does not know much about the incident:

Drought Could Cause Losses of Millions To OW Corn Farmers
You might not have noticed it, but this year's rainy season has been very dry. The farmers of the southern Orange Walk District are acutely aware of the shortage of rain - in fact they say a drought is crippling their corn harvest and causing losses in earnings that could add up to millions of dollars. Not only that, but it could also cause the price of food to go up - and we don't just mean corn tortillas! We found out more when we visited the area of Indian Creek in the Orange Walk District today. The area is home to a co-op of 141 members - and they are losing vast acreages of cornfields due to drought. Here's more:... Jacob Harms, CEO - Indian Creek Co-Op "I have been doing farming for myself. I've been farming for 26 years now and we have never seen that kind of drought what we have now." Jules Vasquez reporting Jacob Harms says that in a lifetime of farming - he has never seen anything quite like this. They've experienced a drought for three of the last four years - and the losses are adding up in the corn field:

A Council to "Conversate"
And while those farmers are facing big business losses with dire consequences for their creditors - those blue collar types weren't at the white collar meeting of the Economic Development Council today at the Biltmore. It's the public and private sector dialogue to air out issues between both sectors, and come up with solutions to make it easier to do business. This session was the prelude to the Prime Minister's Business Forum. The press wasn't allowed in, but the Two chairmen of the Economic Development Council spoke with the media outside this evening. Here's what they had to say: Kay Menzies - Co-chair, Economic Development Council "I think the members of the private sector who sat on the panels did a fairly good job of explaining what they are doing in terms new technology and so on but also the constraints that they face that generally business encounters in trying to get ahead and trying to fulfil our role in growing the economy. the point of this whole forum is for the public and private sector to work together to grow the economy, so that we can benefit all Belizeans but both sides face difficulties with which we can help each other and that was one reason for mixing the panels, but also the private sector folks had an opportunity to say, look these are the issues I am facing, these are the ways you can address it and I can get ahead if we do that."

22 Year Old Special Needs Man Charged For Sodomy
A 22 year old has been charged for sodomizing his 6 year old cousin in Punta Gorda. It happened in early June when the little boy was home alone. When we spoke to PG police today they told us that the 22 year old is a special needs case but that he was never known to harass or assault anyone. The police were trying to get the 22 year old medically evaluated for mental soundness before pressing charges but that process took too long so he was charged with "Rape of a child" and "Unlawful Sexual Intercourse" on Monday.

Does Hon. "Boots" Support Peace In Jane Usher Area
On Monday we showed you the sports day that the Police held in the Jane Usher area on Sunday. We were there but we didn't see the area representative, the UDP's Anthony "Boots" Martinez. We wondered whether his absence indicates that he doesn't support the initiative - so we asked him yesterday:.. Jules Vasquez "But I didn't see you at the sports fair on Sunday. What is you're feeling about this peace process that the police are trying to approach?" Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez "Well I think it's an excellent process, but having being at a sports fair, its ok, I was in independence doing a little political work for the party. But apart from that I have been more than vigilant in my area, even promoting peace within the area a part from the police but I think it's a very good initiative to work with the community. I think it's a situation that can be control. I've been speaking to people in the area, because in my view it's an internal rift behind there."

Community Cops the Wave Of The Future?
And that community policing initiative that we saw on Jane Usher Boulevard is the kind of effort that Police Minister John Saldivar wants the police department to become synonymous with. Now, community policing is a buzzword that comes into very easy use - but it's never gotten the kind of attention or resources that paramilitary style policing has gotten. Saldivar says he hopes that can change:... Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "The long term policing plan for this entire country is indeed to focus on community oriented policing. We are convinced that the police has got to be more involve with the community and as well the community more involve with the police. So, both models, the one that you have described from OC Eastern South and the one that you describe from Mr. Jemmoth. They both must apply, because we believe that that is the way out of this crime crisis that we are experiencing." Jules Vasquez "Minister, we've seen the number of homicides cut back quite significantly in the Belize District particularly over the past one month to 5 weeks and again, that is simultaneous with the transitioning. We always remember correlation is not causation, but is there any hope that we cannot break a record for homicides this year and keep in under 140 nationally?"

Verdes Bolsters Roster For Champion's League
Local football fans are eagerly anticipating a match between this year's National Premier League Champion, Verdes, when they take on the Mexican football club, known as Gallos Blancos de Querétaro. That will be the first match that a Belizean Team has played in the CONCACAF Champion's League since 2008. It's a major opportunity for the Verdes team, and with the backing of the Football Federation of Belize, they are making preparations to host the Mexican team on next week Tuesday, August 18. In order to play at the next level of footbal, the Verdes has acquired 4 new players, and today, they introduced them publicly at a press conference held at the FFB Headquarters in Belmopan. Verdes' Technical Director, Marvin Ottley, explained the teams recent training, and these new team members:

Making Teaching Practical
A group of 8 instructors from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax Nova Scotia is in Belize assisting with an education workshop called "IQUIP Belize". It's for teachers, and their instructor explained how the program works:... The teachers are receiving instruction in Math, English language arts and Science.

Channel 5

Brian Hyde Charged for Triple Homicide in Florida
Roaring Creek resident, nineteen-year-old Brian Hyde has been charged in Lee County, Florida for the triple murder of thirty-seven-year-old Dorla Pitts, her pregnant seventeen-year-old daughter Starlette Pitts and Starlette’s twenty-one-year-old [...]

Dorrien Pitts Breaks the Silence on Murder of Wife and Daughter
On Wednesday, News Five spoke with Belmopan resident, Alvin Hyde, who is the father of Dorla Pitts. According to Alvin, his daughter and granddaughter have been living in Lehigh for [...]

Chairman of the Progressive Cane Farmers’ Association Shot in Corozal
A Corozal man was shot early this morning. Details are still sketchy at this time as no official report was made to the Corozal Police, but we have confirmed that [...]

Senator Lisa Shoman Joins the BTV in Sarstoon Island Trek…
On Wednesday morning, the Belize Territorial Volunteers, on a scouting mission in the vicinity of Sarstoon Island, had a near brush with Guatemalan military personnel upon returning from the remote [...]

….Is She Going in an Official Capacity?
According to Shoman, the idea that local military presence in the area, while accompanying the volunteer expedition, can inflame an already hostile situation with Guatemalan armed forces is total nonsense.  [...]

Verdes Put Belize on the Map in Upcoming Regional Football Tournament
For the first time since 2008, Belize is participating in the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League where Verdes F.C. will be doing battle against Mexico’s Queretero in game one of a [...]

How Prepared is Verdes for Champions League?
According to Coach Marvin Ottley, the team has been preparing tediously for the past two months and has been participating in international friendly matches to prepare for the series.   [...]

Kareem Smith Remanded for Pulling Gun on Ex-Girlfriend
Construction worker Kareem Smith, who is no stranger to the law, is tonight behind bars on remand. According to reports, on July fifteenth, Smith allegedly pulled a gun on his [...]

Belize City Man Fined for Fisheries Conviction
A George Street fisherman is out of pocket tonight after the Magistrate’s Court slapped him with three separate fines. Nine months ago, thirty-eight-year-old Jorge Zetina was found with fourteen undersized [...]

Public and Private Sectors Meet for Economic Dialogue
The private and public sectors met today in what was being dubbed as an economic dialogue.  While a majority of the session was closed to the media, we were able [...]

School Improvement Planning Workshop Held Countrywide
Since last week, a school improvement planning workshop has been ongoing across the country. It is the continuation of a Quality Child Friendly Schools Initiative that was piloted back in [...]

Schools Assess Quality of Education at Primary Level
One developing school, St. Luke’s Methodist School in Belize City is participating in the workshop. Principal, Pamela Bodden spoke on the benefits of the sessions for the school.   Pamela [...]

International Youth Day Celebrated in Belize
On Wednesday, August twelfth, the world observed International Youth Day under the theme “Youth Civic Engagement”.  While opportunities for youth to engage at political, economic and social levels are low [...]

Children Across the Country Prepare for National Eye Screening
In September, the Belize Lions Club will be carrying out a national eye screening exercise for toddlers and up to fourteen-year-old. Through a grant from the Lions Club International Associations [...]

Drought in Orange Walk Results in Millions of Losses for Farmers
Farmers in the deepest South of the Orange Walk District are facing the grim reality of millions of dollars in losses. And it’s all because of an ongoing drought in [...]

Healthy Living has First Day of School Jitters
The first day of school – usually the first image that comes to mind is of an eager toddler heading out to the first day of preschool. But the first [...]

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08/14/15 05:15 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Orange Walk Town Council Releases Fiesta Rama' Financial Report
The report for the 2015 Fiestarama is out and Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard says that while profits were not as big as in 2014, the council plans to invest the money in school children and infrastructure. In an interview with him today, he gave us the numbers and expanded on the projects to be financed with the winnings “Even through the profits was far less than last year’s profit we are still happy that we were able to report that this year’s Fiesta Rama’s Profit is a little under eighteen thousand that is still a significant amount of money. What do we do with that money now, if you noticed we have started our student program and we had said that we are going to do two things with the monies, (1) we are going to invest some of that monies by putting some infrastructure work, we have to purchase tar, we have to purchase materials and these monies are never enough and so this year what we did we are assisting a hundred students that will automatically account for ten thousand dollars of this money, however, we were able to offset a fee of that money a ten thousand dollars because the government of Belize through the ministry of education has called me and informed me that they will assist us with five thousand so what we deiced to do instead is that the remaining portion from the Fiesta Rama will go towards infrastructure works so we will purchase more tar and we will purchase more road material because we need to try and fix Guadalupe Street, we need to try and fix Cinderella Street so those are the plans that we have in terms of our Fiesta Rama funds.”

Fiesta Rama Earning To Be Used For Student Program And Other Projects
As mentioned by Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard, a portion of the funds from Fiestarama is being used to fund a summer job program at the Council. This year, the Council is hiring one hundred students who will be working at different areas within the community. Kevin Bernard – O/W Mayor “It has been very successful because we have the students benefitting (1) they benefitting from a hundred dollars doing half day work for the five days and it helps showing some community work because the students are out there cleaning, white washing the parks and right now we have them cleaning the entire highway with the newly built road there is a lot of dust accommodation at the edges of the road so we have tem cleaning up those and it giving some sense of pride and I think what this does for them is that am earning something for my education and give them some sense of a little independence as young kids and so I am happy that we were able to do that this year again.”

How Contraband Of Belize's Sugar Into Other Countries Affect Local Producers
On Tuesday’s newscast we told you about what a lucrative business the contraband of Belize’s Sugar to Mexico has become. Smuggling of Belize’s sugar into Mexico is causing a great loss for the local sugar producers in the southern part of that country since only five percent of the local production can be commercialized thus affecting more than five thousand families of Quintana Roo. According to Mexican officials, due to limited vigilance at the borders the calculation of the amount of sugar entering Mexico from Belize is difficult to assess. And the Chairman for Belize Cane Farmers Association Corozal Branch, Ramon Aban is in total agreement with the statement. And while he admitted that the smuggling of Belize’s sugar to Mexico has existed for years, he also told us that it affects local producers on this side of the border.

Senator Lisa Shoman Signs Up For Trip To Sarstoon Island
PUP Senator Lisa Shoman has written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and His Excellency the Ambassador of Guatemala to Belize Manuel Roldan Barillas requesting for necessary measures to be taken to ensure the safety of all those going on the trip to the Sarstoon Island over the weekend. In both letters Shoman clearly states that she is accompanying the Belize Territorial Volunteers quote, “in the capacity as a Senator and member of the National Assembly of Belize, as well as the Representative of the Leader of the Opposition on the Ministry team dealing with the unfounded Guatemalan claim to Belize, and as a Belizean,” unquote. Senator Shoman spoke with the media on her decision today. “The reason that I did so was because I became very concerned yesterday after listening to the declarations that were being made by the minister of national security it is clear to me that Sarstoon Island is a part of Belize and even if it is an area that Guatemala is claiming the point could also be made that Guatemala is claiming half of Belize and all of the Cays, that is absolutely no reason for people not to go to Sarstoon Island and I became very concerned that enough care and attention was not being taken and beside it that it was my responsibility since I have been a part of this process to take seriously the concerns that BTV particularly after the incident of yesterday and after some reflection, consultation with the Leader of the Opposition who I represent I decided that I would accompany the BTV and reach out to Mr. Wil Mejia and let him know that I am interested and receive his kind invitation to accompany them.”

Belizean Charged For Triple Murder In Florida
Yesterday we told you about a Belizean residing in Central Florida who was being investigated for a triple homicide that occurred on Tuesday in Lehigh Acres in the Florida state. For context, 37 year old Dorla Pitts, her pregnant 17 year old daughter Starlette Pitts and her boyfriend Myke Kelly were found murdered in their home located between Gunnery Road and Sunshine Boulevard. Today, officials at the Sheriff’s Department announced that 19 year old Belizean, Brian Omar Hyde has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder and one count of killing an unborn child by harming the mother. Hyde is a cousin of the victims, investigators said and the victims are Roaring Creek residents.

Teachers Conducting Coaching Program To Their Professional Development Certificate
A two year coaching program to equip teachers and school leaders in acquiring their Professional Development Certificate is currently in full swing. The training has at its helm Professor Allan Dawe of Mount Saint Vincent University in the US. Dawe summarizes how these sessions make a difference in the classroom, especially for students who are not Math or Science enthusiasts. DR. ALAN DAWE – Coordinator, MSVU: “It is about the transition about the new mathematics and new science curriculum in support for the English Language arts program so they are two of them science math brand new and the other one has been here since 2007 so we are here to support teachers in the transition to that new base education.” Maria Novelo – Reporter CTV3: “So, what was lacking for this to be implemented?” DR. ALAN DAWE – Coordinator, MSVU: “Right now is coaching so part of our model is that we will go into school and it is all about implementation, it is fine for teachers to come to workshops but if something doesn’t change in their classroom improved and in practiced then the workshop wasn’t successful so we provide coaching and that coaching doesn’t really exist here in Belize there are some areas that they are using some coaching so we are here to support the teachers with that and with workshops and we are also training Belizeans to take on that coaching role so in three four years’ time we step back completely of this program and it becomes completely Belizean run and operated.”

GOB Informs Guatemalans About Trip To Sarstoon
By the end of today there hasn’t been any response to the correspondence of the Belize Territorial Volunteers on their request for BDF and or Coast Guard escorts for the August 16th trip to the Sarstoon Island. However, Chief Executive Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister has indicated that the Guatemalans have been informed about the BTV’s trip to the island but Belize is still to receive a response on the matter. Audrey Wallace: “What I can say is that the information has been told to the Guatemalans but we have not heard back from them officially but that message has been related to the Guatemalans from our side but I have not receive an update or a response from them that I do know message has been sent but what I can tell you just on some of the things that has happened since yesterday that the new Ambassador to the OAS, he met with the OAS secretary general and his advisors in Washington once again seeking the support and assistance on this issue to avoid any incident from the Guatemalans side we also know that the Director of the Peace Fund and Ambassador Raul Lagos who is a special advisor to the OAS secretary general on this Belize/Guatemala issue they will be traveling to Belize on Saturday and again the objective is to ensure that peace would be out when the Volunteers visit the Sarstoon this coming Sunday.”

NTV Comes Face to Face With Guatemalan Authorities As They Visit Sarstoon Island
Members of The Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers had a brief encounter with Guatemalan armed soldiers today as they scouted the area at the Sarstoon Island before the planned trip this coming Sunday. The Belize Territorial Volunteers are at the lead in the August 16th expedition to the Sarstoon Island in Southern Belize. Members of the Northern Territorial Volunteers are assisting in the trip which, despite warnings and requests of desisting by government and BDF officials, the groups intend to make. Today, we spoke with member of the NTV Orlando De la Fuente, who told us that they had left PG early by boat to the Island this morning. Here is his account of what happened once there. “Upon entering Sarstoon Island the Guatemalans have a marine base there and I personally think that we don’t have to check in with the Guatemala but it is customary that all Belizeans check in with the Guatemalan and the Belizean government has taken no step to stop that practice or to tell the Guatemalans to cease and decease and they insist that Belizeans both check with them at the Guatemalan base it is just a small pier.”


Primary schools work on improvement plans
With schools set to re-open in a few weeks’ time, the men and women responsible for our children’s education are spending these last few weeks of vacation conferring about the way forward for education in Belize. 54 schools which form part of the Quality Child Friendly School Initiative ...

Trade license reform discussion continues as Chamber presents plan
Recognizing that businesses are threatening to leave the Old Capital and indeed other municipalities because they believe they are being unfairly squeezed and soaked by the City and Town Halls for money, the nine municipalities led by the Belize City Council and officials of the Caribbean Local Econ...

Another Dead Body Floating on the Corozal Bay
Yesterday we told you about the lifeless body of a man, later identified as 41 year old Andy Grant, that washed up on the Corozal beach on Tuesday morning around 9:30 am. Grant, a resident of San Andres village, Corozal is believed to have been an avid swimmer so police are still trying to piece tog...

Musa’s Take On Bank De-risking
The Bank of Americas has pulled the plug on two banks in Belize, namely the Belize Bank International and the Atlantic Bank International. Atlantic International is a bank with only foreign customers, used to offer wire transfers, USD bank drafts and foreign currency to the US through Bank of Americ...

Belize Camping Experience concludes months of Youth Ministry

Russell Hyde’s sister and niece murdered in the US
Tragedy has struck a family in Lehigh Acres in Lee County Florida, and its tremors are being felt all the way in Belize. Online news sources released information earlier today of a triple homicide at a home on 21st Street Southwest of Lehigh Acres and, according to our sources, one of the victims i...

Four charged with drug trafficking
Two men and 2 women were charged with drug trafficking when they appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are 31 year old Darcie Montes, 20 year old Corey Martells, 20 year old Eraini Moreira and 43 year old Sherlett Gladden. They pled not guilty to the charge. They were all rel...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Corozal man accused of murder in Mexico
Channel 5 News has reported that alleged drug dealer Hugo Casanova, who has been in detention in Chetumal since February 2013 for drug trafficking, has been linked by the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s office to the double murder of Arena del Rocío Palacios Valdés, a pregnant woman, and her […]

Will Government “keep an eye” on BTV?
Despite their misgivings, the Government of Belize has reached out to their counterparts in Guatemala in an attempt to head off any escalation of hostilities ahead of the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ trip to Sarstoon Island on Sunday. Both Minister of National Security John Saldivar and Minister of State […]

Abandoned helicopter will be taken by GOB
A Bell 407 helicopter found in the Blue Creek area last Wednesday remains under guard at Price Barracks, Ladyville. But is it a case of “finders, keepers?” Minister of National Security John Saldivar told 7 News there is a time period for whoever left it behind to come […]

Visually impaired persons “see through sound”
Visually impaired persons get around by using guide dogs and canes or walk with a sighted person. But to increase independence, the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) are introducing a more modern way – echolocation. It is “human sonar” – borrowed from animals such as bats […]

New Lake I area Representative Mark King blasts opponent
Ground has been broken for the new community center in the Lake Independence division, next door to the abandoned home of the People’s United Party (PUP) in the division. First-term representative Mark King has received title for his plot next to the PUP plot, and applied to have […]

GSU will compensate farmer for gun
We have been reporting on the travails of 82 year old Henry Cunningham, a resident of Conch Shell Bay who lost his firearm to members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) last December as they raided his residence. New Superintendent of Police and commanding officer of the Unit, […]

BTL not off hook for advertising, Senior Counsel says
We reported last week on the battle between Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and concerned citizens led by Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman, who complained about negative images of women depicted in various billboards and on Facebook that appeared to be endorsed by the company. The company’s apology last week […]

Senator Lisa Shoman heads to Sarstoon Island; GOB says it is “political ploy”
The Belize Territorial Volunteers have continuously defied the pronouncements of local and foreign authorities against their visits to the southern and western border markers. Those warnings have been repeated this week ahead of the Sunday, August 16 expedition to Sarstoon Island, even as there was a confrontation with […]

Fisherman caught with illegal parrotfish and shark
Catches of parrotfish and certain types of sharks have been banned since 2009 but today a fisherman from Sarteneja pleaded guilty to possession of them while also using a vessel to fish commercially without a valid license. 26 year old Guadalupe Angel Verde pleaded guilty to using a […]

Kareem Smith accused of threatening ex-partner
Try though he might, there was no getting out of charges today for 26 year old Kareem Smith of Holy Emmanuel Street in Belize City. The construction worker is accused of threatening his ex-common-law wife, whose name we will withhold for legal reasons, with a firearm, threatening to […]

School leaders get training in order to improve education quality
Countrywide training sessions for teachers, Administrators and Principals are currently being held over the summer break. That is because the Ministry of Education is embarking in its CPD Professional Development training where school leaders are learning to computerize vital information about their students, teachers and schools in […]

Chairman of the Progressive Cane Farmer’s Association shot in Patchakan Village
Reports reaching our newsroom are that the Chairman of the Progressive Cane Farmer’s Association, Abizur Loza was shot this morning in his home village, Patchakan in the Corozal District. According to our sources, Loza has been transported to the KHMH. We will have more on this story shortly.


Crossfit Belize: a workout in paradise
What do images of white sand, sparkling water, and blue skies conjure in your mind? Relaxing under a palm tree with a cocktail in hand? Being fanned and hand fed fresh fruit? Swimming above colorful reefs in crystal clear water? (I’m not the only one who imagines these things right?) Well, I am here to tell you to scratch those images! Now, picture sprinting through that white sand, using that palm tree to hold a handstand, and doing high knees through the water. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET AT CROSSFIT CFS IN SAN PEDRO, BELIZE. A WORKOUT IN PARADISE. The small, hot space, tucked in an alleyway was home to Crossfit CFS. Boxes lined the outside of the building, and the bright (and hot) sunlight filtered into the dark space through the open garage doors.

Volunteering at Wildtracks from an alternative perspective - the mother left behind
The first time I ever heard of Wildtracks was when my son called from UW Madison with this amazing volunteer opportunity he felt he just couldn't pass up. As he described to me what he knew at that point about Wildtracks, I was left with mixed emotions. Part of me couldn't help but get excited about what I was hearing. An opportunity to work hands on with manatees would be a dream come true for Mitch. He had become interested in manatees at a very early age, and this interest had grown into somewhat of an obsession with him over the years. The more he read and researched about Wildtracks the more interested he also became in the opportunity to work with the howler monkeys. As a pre-vet student and someone with a real love of wildlife, this seemed like a perfect fit for Mitch. The other side of me was, of course, nervous. Mitch would be only 18, traveling alone for the first time to an unfamiliar country in Central America. I had many concerns - his safety utmost on my mind. But also things like - What would his living conditions be like? Does he need special vaccines? What if he gets sick? What type of medical care would be available to him? As Mitch researched the answers to many of these questions and I learned more about Wildtracks through their website and blogs, I became more comfortable with Mitch's decision to spend his summer volunteering there. I had to agree that this seemed like an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up.

Miss Honduras crowned Miss Costa Maya 2015
This past weekend saw Miss Gabriela Vanessa Salazar Valle, win the title and crown of the 20th Annual Reina de La Costa Maya 2015. The pageant featured eight stunning delegates: Miss Belize - Samalia Vernon, Miss Costa Rica - Carolina On Porras, Miss Mexico - Samantha Gutíerrez Gónzalez-Rubio, Miss Nicaragua - Yuliset Laguna, Miss El Salvador - Genesis Margarita Fuentes Bolaños, Miss Guatemala - Lisa Hayet Francis, Miss Honduras - Gabriela Vanessa Salazar Valle, and Miss Panama Maria Saavendra. San Pedro’s very own AIDS Commission Carnival Group, opened the pageant with a lively performance of “Rompe La Pinata,” a colourful display of cheer and dance. Other performances throughout the night included the Belize National Dance Company with Belizean Soca Entertainer Ernestine Carballo and Alma Caribeña dance group from Mexico.

St. George’s Caye Day: A Tribute to the Past
What defines a nation’s character? People. Natural resources. And history. The past always defines the future, which is why Belizeans are proud to celebrate events that shaped its evolution from pirate haven to the next epicenter of culture and commerce in Central America. St. George’s Caye Day, celebrated every September 10th, is more than a legacy. It’s the foundation from which this nation reshaped its destiny, so whether your idea of a tribute to this important date calls for a moment of silence, a public expression of patriotism or a fiesta, you’ll be in plenty of good company. If you’re clueless about the roots of St. George’s Caye Day, allow us to educate you. Around the time the U.S.A. was struggling to free itself from British tyranny in the late 1700s, the people of Belize experienced an equally frightening threat: Belize forefathers—made up of African-born slaves and English-speaking Baymen, who knew a thing or two about domination—convened a town hall meeting to deal with news that Spain was sending an armada of ships to Belize with the intent of invading and enslaving settlers and claiming the land in the name of the Spanish king. What to do? There was no option. They would stand and fight for their freedom.

Belize Barrier Reef: Getting to Know the World’s Second Largest
The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is located about half a mile from the windward side of the island, where you can find several Belize Barrier Reef resorts. It is the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second longest in the world. East of the Barrier Reef are three separate atoll reefs. A fourth atoll reef called Banco Chinchorro is located north in Mexican waters, and is a favorite among wreck divers. The three atoll reefs in Belize are formed on two tiers of submarine ridges. There is Glover’s and Turneffe on one ridge and Lighthouse on another ridge farther to the east, this they have the same outlines and NE-SW orientations. Separating the two ridges are deep marine trenches. When you fly south into the country, you will see the reef as a continuous chain of white surf running along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It continues south almost the whole length of the country to the Sapodilla and Ranguana Cayes. Inside the reef, the water is shallow with the blue tinge. From the outside, it is deep, while it is a dark royal blue from the air. During very clear days, the reef looks like a shallow line that divides the two shades of two. It is only near Ambergris Caye that the reef runs very close to a well-populated caye. Here, you will see an almost solid wall of stunning coral formation that is only broken by narrow channels called quebradas. Observant divers can be entertained for hours by the wide variety, colors and shapes of the tropical coral.

International Sourcesizz

Preocupa mortandad de peces en Mahahual
Una mortandad de peces que están recalando a las playas cubiertas de sargazo en descomposición al norte de Majahual alerta a los pobladores de la Costa Maya, y en la pequeña localidad de Río Indio parece más grave de lo que a simple vista se observa. Lo anterior se debe a que es tal la alteración del ambiente en esta zona de la costa cubierta por sargazo en descomposición, que hasta los artículos metálicos como monedas en menos de una semana se vuelven negros y el agua en los depósitos como cisternas se ha cubierto de una capa aceitosa, sin que tengan noción de la fuente del aumento de la corrosividad. Los habitantes de esta zona manifiestan que no se había presentado nunca antes la mortandad de peces, y que ahora ya ocurrió dos veces en el lapso de un mes, por lo que consideran que algo tóxico puede estar emanando del mar y temen que pueda ser dañino para la salud.

Church youth group travels to Belize
The youth group of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Cornelius journeyed to Belize to lend a helping hand during an eight-day mission trip in July. The high school youth group worked with the volunteers of Bethel Presbyterian’s nonprofit in Belize called Habit Missions, which does ministry work with the homeless and youth in Charlotte, Belize and Trinidad. Heath Burchett, director of youth and family ministries at Bethel Presbyterian, founded the nonprofit Habit Missions with his wife in 2009. “Our goal for this trip was to give the high school students a chance to grow in faith,” Burchett said. “Additionally, we use our youth to encourage the 35 local volunteers we already have on the ground in Belize for Habit Missions.” The high school students had a packed schedule, full of not only ministry work but also fun activities to do in Belize. Focusing on building meaningful relationships, the youth worked with the homeless primarily in Belize City.

Canada ready to bounce back against Belize
It’s been almost a month since Canada was eliminated from the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup at the Group Stage. In many ways, Canada’s performance at the tournament was a letdown for a side that had previously been unbeaten against CONCACAF opposition under Spanish Head Coach Benito Floro. According to veteran Canadian fullback Marcel de Jong, the Canadian team is now itching to get back into action and redeem itself after an underwhelming run at the Gold Cup, starting with the squad’s two World Cup qualifying matches against Belize in early September. “I think are looking forward to a bit of revenge after exiting the Gold Cup early,” De Jong told RedNation. “I think we are very motivated to show that we are country that should be taken seriously.”

2 Surprising Reasons Why the Cost of Living Is Low in Central America
After reading more than 6,000 answers to questions about living in Panama, Nicaragua and Belize on our site, Best Places In The World To Retire, I can confidently report that the vast majority of our contributors tell us that it is cheaper to live in these places than in North America and that most of the time, it is much cheaper. You can get bananas for 5 cents each in Belize, a full-hour massage in Nicaragua for $10 and a housekeeper in Panama for $20 a day. The first has to do with health care. Quality health care services provided by dentists, doctors and hospitals cost less in Central America. For example, an expat in Panama told me her husband needed dental work that would cost $3,000 to $5,000 in the U.S. He got it done in Panama for $1,200. There are many reasons why costs are much lower in Central America. There are two more subtle ones. The first has to do with health care. Quality health care services provided by dentists, doctors and hospitals cost less in Central America. For example, an expat in Panama told me her husband needed dental work that would cost $3,000 to $5,000 in the U.S. He got it done in Panama for $1,200. The second surprising way our expats reduced their cost of living is that, after moving overseas, a significant number said they didn't have the desire to have as many material possessions as they did before. Here are some of the reasons:

Advocacy Quilts: an Art Exhibit With a Social Conscience at LBI Foundation
The Belize Forest Quilt with squares made in 2011 by women from the Q’eqchi Mayan Village of Midway, Belize. The women embroidered animals and plants of their rain forest that are threatened by oil exploration.

Fair Spirits has released a 10-year-old single cask rum from Belize, Mexico – the first in a limited edition series of expressions. The Fairtrade spirits brand has made just 1,500 bottles of Fair Rum 10 Year Old available. The single-cask expression was made from the same Fairtrade-certified sugar cane from Belize as the brand’s Fair Rum, and is aged in American oak barrels for an additional five years, before being bottled at 40% abv. It is said to have “rich notes of cloves” and “spicy complexity”. The follow-up to this augural bottling will be an 11-year-old overproof Fairtrade rum, which will be available in September. The rum joins the existing line of “socially responsible” ethically produced spirits and liqueurs made with Fairtrade ingredients, including a core rum, vodka, and gin selection along with liqueurs.


  • Introducing Mr. Errol Patt, meat pie guru of Caye Caulker, 1min.

  • BELIZE - San Ignacio, 4.5min. After a traumatic public transport experience we soothed our spirits in San Ignacio by interacting with an array of amazing animals at the Green Iguana Conservation Project and The Belize Zoo.


  • Diving the Great Blue Hole of Belize, 7min. We dove one of the most famous Blue Holes in the world, on Lighthouse Reef Atoll in Belize. A collapsed cave, the Great Blue Hole is over 400 feet deep and 1,000 feet across. Giant stalactite formations can be seen at around 135 feet. Caribbean reef sharks are commonly seen cruising the blue at about 70-90 feet. This video was made with footage from two dives, the deepest being to 151 feet.

  • Belize with Sharks part 1, 8.5min. Curious reef shark gets up close.

  • Belize Vacation to Garifuna tunes, 17min.

  • Belize (Part 3) - Looking for Manatees, 1min.

  • Ziplining At Jaguar Paw Belize, 4.5min.

  • Wild Cherry Picking in Belize, 3min.

  • A glimpse of my time in Belize, 4min. This video was made May, 2013 and it shows my 2 weeks full of activities in San Pedro, Blue Hole, Cay Caulker, Belize City, Hopkins and Placencia, Belize. Incredible places, amazing dives, impressive marine life - lots of sharks - and so much fun!

  • GUATEMALA AND BELIZE 2015, 10min. Hempstead Spanish Trip 2015.

  • Belize, 15min.

  • Belize Diving July 2015 with audio, 2.5min.

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