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The San Pedro Sun

Brandon Santos participates in Triathlon Training Camp in Ecuador
Star island triathlete Brandon Santos recently returned from Ecuador after participating in a Triathlon Training Camp. From Saturday, June 25th to Sunday, August 9th, Santos was in Ibarra, Ecuador, testing his skills as a triathlete during two weeks of intense training. Santos was accompanied by Chris Ramirez from the Corozal Destruct. Both athletes represented Belize in this regional camp aimed at improving athletes’ skills in the discipline of running, swimming and cycling. The training camp was made possible through a collaboration between the Belize Olympic Committee, Triathlon Confederation of the Americas (CAMTRI), and the Triathlon Federation of Ecuador. Senior athletes Amed Figueroa and Kent “Bob” Gabourel have also previously participated in this camp.

Letter to the Editor: International Costa Maya Festival® Committee says thanks
Dear Editor: Please allow us space in your newspaper to extend our sincerest thanks to those who made this year’s International Costa Maya Festival® a success. It is thanks to these businesses and individuals’ generosity that we are able to put together the festival every year. Without the help of the community, the festival would not be possible. We encourage everyone to participate in next year’s event so we can bring a bigger, better festival for all. Once again, thank you to the following: Grand Sponsors: Belize Tourism Board, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., San Pedro Town Council, Ramon’s Village Resort, Heineken Diamond Sponsors: Jose Luis Zapata Photography (Official Photographer), Designing Solutions Platinum Sponsors: NICH, Reef Radio/Reef TV, Great Belize Productions, Love FM/Estereo Amor, Caribbean Rum Gold: Ambergris Today, The San Pedro Sun, Milo’s Center, Moon Dancer Boutique, Flowers Salazar & Associates Silver: San Pedro Belize Express, Tropic Air, Maya Island Air, Moncho’s Golf Cart Rentals, Grand Caribe Resort, Belize Border Management, Fiesta FM, Radio Oye, Cruise Solutions, Tabony’s, Wine de Vine, Krystal Shipping, Caribbean Depot, Belize Airport Authority Steel: ...

Alex Noralez completes FIFA Physical Fitness Coaching Course
The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) recently conducted a Physical Fitness Coaching Course from Tuesday, August 4th to Saturday, August 8th. Aimed at enhancing the sport of football, the course saw the participation of football coaches from across the country. Among the participants that completed the course is San Pedro High School teacher and coach of the football team, Alex Noralez. The training was held at Football Federation of Belize (FFB) headquarters in Belmopan City. The five day training was led by FIFA Fitness Instructor Andre Waugh of Jamaica. Participants underwent strength, speed, agility, power and endurance training, as well as proper techniques for warming up and cooling down before and after matches. Each individual skill is essential to improve one’s ability during game time, but also to ensure safety during the matches and training regimens.

Island Invasion rocks San Pedro
Once again King of the Island Promotions brought the high energy party atmosphere to San Pedro Town. Anticipated by both island residents and visitors, Island Invasion brought the “Summer Heat” to Fido’s Courtyard on Saturday, August 8th. With a crowd of about 800 in attendance prepared to enjoy a night of dancing, this Island Invasion certainly was a huge success. With general admission of $15 before midnight and $20 after or $40 for VIP, the event featured a premier DJ line up and list of giveaways. Spinning the tracks until the wee hours of the morning were Fyah Statah Sounds, Evolution Sounds, Air Invasion Sounds, DJ Buggz, Richie Galvez, DJ Odyssey, DJ Jago and Tagg International. Everyone danced the night away to the best summer tunes, including old and new school soca, dancehall, club, house, reggae and pop. With cocktails and cold beers flowing courtesy of the talented bartenders at Fido’s, the energy level was always kept on high.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Wildtracks Update
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the dedication of all Wildtracks volunteers in caring for Ben - one of possibly only 1,000 manatees left in Belize. The calm, professional way in which they approach the situation, the respect they have for this injured manatee, and their willingness to put that extra effort into trying to ensure that he pulls through. We are still working hard to save Ben's life, dealing with propeller wounds, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. This critically underweight animal still weighs in at between 700 and 800lbs, and every day, the Wildtracks Team have to ensure he is restrained for water change and feeding, to prevent harm to himself, and to team members. Thank you to all those at Wildtracks, both local staff and volunteers, who spend their last daylight hour of each day ensuring he is fed and his water changed, after a long day of caring for the other rehab animals. There is still a chance that we may lose the battle, but it won't be for lack of trying.

Placencia Lagoon Fieldtrip
Yesterday's science camp took us out to snorkel in the mangroves of the Placencia Lagoon. We found some amazing flora and fauna on the submerged mangrove roots. Everyone was amazed at the diversity of this important ecosystem!

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Wins 2 Tourism Awards
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel won 2 awards at the BTB's National Tourism Awards. They won the 'Hospitality Award,' and Miriam Roberson won the Minister's Award. Congratulations, SIRH, on the well deserve wins, and keep up the great work. "On August 1st, 2015 the San Ignacio Resort Hotel received the 'Hospitality Award' at the 13th National Tourism Awards ceremony held at the Holiday Hotel in Ambergris Caye, Belize. The Industry Awards honor businesses across the country for meeting industry expectations and providing exemplary hospitality standards."

Belizean Tamales recipe
This is the Belizean Tamales recipe made easy. It is broken down into steps for easy to follow instructions.


Coast Guard Won't Form Part of Trip To Sarstoon
It appears that the Belize Territorial Volunteers stands alone and will not be getting any support from either the Belize Defense Force or the Coast Guard. Today, the Belize National Coast Guard Commander John Borlan told the media that they won’t escort the expedition as he stands by what his government decides and his government has discouraged the trip. "I've seen that latter and as you've said you were hoping that I would entertain you. Unfortunately I can't. The government of Belize has given its position on this matter, on this issue. I go with what my civilian leadership decides. As you know we are a discipline armed organization, we follow orders and we go by the policies of those that we have committed to support in our duty as a member of a military force."

Home Burglarized In Orange Walk
Thieves broke into the home of the late Leonel Guerra while his family was away. According to family members, Guerra’s wife was staying at another family member and while out, the perpetrators broke in. They report that on Wednesday night family members visited the residence to feed the dogs and at that time all was in order. By Thursday morning however, sometime between ten thirty and elven in the night, they went back to the house and discovered that it had been ransacked and several items stolen. Among these are one forty eight inch flat screen television, a radio system, DVD players, one Digicell cellular phone, one wheel barrow, at least three bottles of liquor and assorted jewelry. The burglars even broke one of the children’s piggy bank. It appears the men first jumped over the razor wires on the fence and made their way into the house through a small window in the kitchen. The rest of the windows are secured with burglar bars. Upon making further checks, the family found the burglars’ escape route.

NSC Say's Trip To Sarstoon Is Dangerous, BTV Should Stand Down
As mentioned at the top of the newscast Sunday’s trip to the Sarstoon Island planned by the Belize Territorial Volunteers is causing much controversy. Among those who believe that the trip should not go carried out is the National Security Council who meet this afternoon for a special session to discuss the security and citizen protection issues arising out of the trip. After the meeting the NSC issued a release reiterating the position already taken by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Security. They say that Sunday's expedition to the Sarstoon Island is ill-advised and downright dangerous. But since the NSC is most concerned about the safety of Belizean citizens, they have put in place a contingency plan to try to deal with all possible consequences of the action of the Territorial Volunteers, says the release.

Consultation Takes Place For Free Transportation ITVET Corozal
On Wednesday students attending Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, Corozal Community College and Cornerstone Presbyterian High schools received the good news that come the new school year they will be receiving free transportation to and from school. Economically this will surely prove to be a relief for parents even for those whose children are attending the Corozal ITVET. According to Corozal’s Education Manager Jahmore Lopez, the ministry is currently looking into partnering off with high schools in the Corozal District that do not provide technical subjects to their students. The idea is to offer the students an opportunity to learn a trade by providing them with free transportation to the ITVET. “We are also looking at trying to ensure that every student at the secondary level graduates with a skill and if you look at certain schools like Escuela who has a wonderful program as well in terms of agriculture and technical aspect and so we are looking to part with those schools that don’t have that track and their students then can come to the ITVET learn a skill and actually become qualified by sitting the Belize national qualification Exam and they can also do it for the Caribbean and we have started with Corner Stone hopefully maybe we can have others that will come on board and again what we did to facilitate this we provided the transportation for those students and so that continues.”

Fiesta Rama Earning To Be Used For Student Program And Other Projects
On Wednesday students attending Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, Corozal Community College and Cornerstone Presbyterian High schools received the good news that come the new school year they will be receiving free transportation to and from school. Economically this will surely prove to be a relief for parents even for those whose children are attending the Corozal ITVET. According to Corozal’s Education Manager Jahmore Lopez, the ministry is currently looking into partnering off with high schools in the Corozal District that do not provide technical subjects to their students. The idea is to offer the students an opportunity to learn a trade by providing them with free transportation to the ITVET. “We are also looking at trying to ensure that every student at the secondary level graduates with a skill and if you look at certain schools like Escuela who has a wonderful program as well in terms of agriculture and technical aspect and so we are looking to part with those schools that don’t have that track and their students then can come to the ITVET learn a skill and actually become qualified by sitting the Belize national qualification Exam and they can also do it for the Caribbean and we have started with Corner Stone hopefully maybe we can have others that will come on board and again what we did to facilitate this we provided the transportation for those students and so that continues.”

Efrain Alpuche Gets Off The Hook
Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez have been released of all charges and accusations in the burning of BSI sugar cane fields. 20 acres, or about 700 tons, worth approximately $50,000 of the company’s sugar cane were set ablaze in a case of suspected arson on Monday May 18th at around 5:00 p.m. on the San Lorenzo Road. Velasquez and Alpuche were arrested almost immediately and appeared in court on May 22nd on a single count of arson. No plea was taken and the men were offered, and later met bail of $40,000 each. Today however, we understand that upon the directive of the Director of Public Prosecution, the case was dismissed in court for a lack of sufficient evidence. The men have been freed of all charges.

Bishop Dorick Wright Speaks On Belize/Guatemala Unfounded Claim
The unfounded Guatemalan claim is nothing new, and today while meeting with the media and members of the territorial volunteers, Bishop Dorick Wright gave his take on the matter. According to the Bishop, he has been hearing about the claim from since he was a boy. “From I was small I’ve been hearing about this Guatemalan claim, I don’t know if it was ever done to land before but they were claiming but this is something they enjoy hanging over their heads I don’t care for it, it is going to hurt us at the end.” Bishop Wright adds that he supports the move for Guatemala to leave Belize alone. Bishop Dorick Wright “I’ve heard so many thing about the ICJ and I am not certain I know which cause I’ve heard some say we go and we lose, some say if we go we will win so I am saying we shouldn’t go because they have no right to make decisions for us others say decisions have been already made so if all that is true then I don’t think we should go if that decision was made at Independence maybe we should not go but I leave it up to the government and I hope that in their prudence they make the right decision but I really wouldn’t like them to just run into this but just listen to everybody and see what can be sensible decision that can be made.

The Reporter

MOH staff trained in post-crash care
The Government of Belize, as a part of the Belize Road Safety Project, facilitated special training for Ministry of Health staff in post-crash care for road traffic accident victims. Twenty-one MOH staff attended the workshops, sponsored by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and facilitated by staff from the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT). MOH staff were trained in two areas: Basic Life Support Training and the Medical First Responders (MFR) program, at sessions carried out at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development, in the City of Belmopan. According to GOB, the activities being implemented are in line with the Post-Crash Response Objectives identified within the Belize Road Safety Project and also identified in the draft long term strategic plan 2030.

Every little bit helps: community organizations hold
To assist needy families as well as the homeless with meals, the organization Together We Can Solve Hunger, and the Belize Volunteer’s Club are holding a dollar drive and food drive on Saturday at the Battlefield Park. The drive, held with the theme “Give what you can”, emphasizing the value each donation holds, no matter how small. Residents are asked to donate either a food item, be it bagged or canned goods, or a dollar to help support the organization’s activities. Geraldine Mai, co-founder of Together We Can Solve Hunger, explained that the organization was formed to address a serious, but solvable social needs. “I know what it’s like to not have anything to eat”, Mai said, “but people were there for me and now I want to give back.”

Two dead in evening RTA
Two people are dead and four more injured following a road traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway. A white Mercedes car and a pickup truck had a head-on collision around mile 7 ½ at around 5:15 p.m. on Friday August 14, after the pickup, which was reportedly speeding, tried to overtake the line of traffic but failed to merge back into the correct lane in time. Alden Locke and Shane Goff, died as a result, while Eaton Belisle, Kimberly Myers, Kirk Broaster, Huang Sheng He, and Javaughn Loganwere injured. The four are undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Rural Regional Commander of Police, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, told the media that speeding is a common problem along the area between the Haulover Bridge and Ladyville.

The Belize Times

UDP & Guatemala AGAINST Belize – GOB refuses to provide security to patriotic Belizeans travelling to Sarstoon Island
This UDP Government has completely sold out to Guatemala. For the first time in independent Belize’s history, the Government of Belize has openly surrendered control of Belizean territory to Guatemala. Sarstoon Island is located on the south end of Belize’s territorial map. “From proud Rio Hondo to old Sarstoon”, says the Belizean national anthem, but thanks to the UDP Government, Sarstoon is now controlled by Guatemala’s military. The UDP Government feels compelled to inform the Guatemalan military before it does anything on Sarstoon Island, even if it is just to carry out a coast guard visit. When the Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales visited two weeks ago and spoke lies and false excuses for his Government’s opposition to the building of a military base on Sarstoon Island, Belize’s Foreign Minister and main accomodationist, Sedi Elrington, just nodded in agreement and allowed the high-level propaganda to weaken Belize’s stance before international observers. It took Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who was once Belize’s Foreign Minister under the Esquivel regime, two weeks to speak out and agree with a powerful statement of clarification and strong rejection put out by all former People’s United Party Ministers of Foreign Affairs: former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Eamon Courtenay, Godfrey Smith, Senator Lisa Shoman, and later Assad Shoman.

Did El Chapo Land in Belize? – Suspected drug cartel helicopter found near border with Mexico
Did fugitive Sinaloa drug cartel leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, land in Belize to continue his great escape from Mexican authorities? That’s the question in the minds of many Belizeans after a mysterious helicopter encroached into Belize’s airspace and landed in the north-west Mennonite community known as Blue Creek. This occurred on Wednesday, August 5th, but Police authorities did not make it public until two days after, on Friday August 7th, adding to the scepticism and controversy. Authorities report that they had received information that a helicopter had been circling Belizean airspace near the border on Wednesday. They immediately deployed security personnel, authorities said. When they arrived in the vicinity, they found the landed aircraft without occupants. Inside the aircraft, the Police found blue plastic containers for fuel. The seats had been removed to make space for extra containers. The aircraft, identified as a Bell 407 model Helicopter, was dark-tinted. It’s only marking was a serial number painted on the outside, spelling out “N607AZ”. But authorities believe the serial number may have been altered to conceal the proper identification.

“The ICJ is not the only option” – PUP Leader Francis Fonseca accuses UDP/Sedi Elrington of seriously damaging Belize’s territorial integrity
Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Francis Fonseca, has placed on record that the People’s United Party is now fully opposed to going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle the unfounded claim over Belize’s territory by Guatemala. The PUP has taken this position, said Hon. Fonseca, because they no longer believe that Guatemala has been acting in good faith and has bullied the Barrow Administration into a weak position in which Belize’s integrity has been compromised. Hon. Fonseca said that the ICJ is not the only option to resolve the dispute with Guatemala. He explained that the PUP proposes to first pursue an internationalisation campaign in which it will seek from its partners a re-affirmation of their support for Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Secondly, the PUP will pursue negotiations based on an economic development agenda for both countries.

Belizean family murdered in Florida, U.S.A
A Belizean woman and her pregnant daughter, 37 year old Dorla Pitts and 18 year old Starlette, and the teenagers’ 19 year old boyfriend, Myke Kelly Jr., were found dead inside their home located at 3500 block 21st Street Southwest in Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Florida. The triple homicide was discovered by Pitts’ co-workers who came by the house to check on her, after she had not reported to work at the hospital where she was employed. Once inside, they first discovered traces of blood and then the victims’ bodies. They found Starlette’s one year old daughter crying inside the house. Investigators have not revealed what was the cause of the deaths as they carry out their investigations. The Police have detained one person of interest. 19 year old Brian Hyde, a recent Belizean immigrant to the United States, was stopped by the Police in another located and detained for driving without a valid license. Upon further investigations, Police linked Hyde to the murdered family.

Think About It
The information that emerged last Monday night on the Channel 5 show is significant and deserves public discussion. During the conversation between Audrey Matura and Dickie Bradley on the Guatemala issue, mention was made of new alternative. The suggestion coming from Hon. Francis Fonseca is that Belize needs a new paradigm to the current impasse. The new approach is that Belize should now embark on a new internationalization of its problem from Guatemala’s claim. We were shown, on the show Monday night, quotations from the foreign media, principally the British Guardian newspaper and the Financial Times of London of September 1978. These excerpts were that whilst attending a Guatemala negotiation in London attended by the British, Guatemala, and the USA, George Price was so angry that he publicly exposed the extent of British and American treachery towards Belize. The Americans and the British proposed that Belize will give Guatemala two thousand acres of land in the South and the British would give financial aid to Guatemala which in turn would withdraw its claim to half of our country.

Early Elections
Despite the Prime Minister’s pledge that the general elections will not be held this year, few people believe that he will hold true to that promise. Of course, that would be nothing new, since the man has a well established track record of breaking promises. Popular speculations are that Mr. Barrow will announce the date for elections during his Independence Day speech on September 21st. By law, there has to be a thirty day period following the announcement leaving pundits to believe that the actual date will be sometime in November. There are several reasons why a November Snap Election would seem likely, the least not being a connection to the Petro Caribe monies. The Barrow government has been floating high, but almost exclusively on this Petro Caribe buoy. The waters ahead however, are churning wildly. On December 6th, the people of Venezuela will go to the polls to elect a new government and the outcome of that election will have huge implications for Belize. The Prime Minister knows this and if he wants to achieve that “third term” with which he is so obviously obsessed, he will need to attempt it before the results of the Venezuelan elections are announced.

Crisis After Crisis
Belize as a nation is at a cross-roads in its young history. Never before, since Independence, have there been so many crises upon crises facing our country. In all the major index/indices there is evidence a plenty of the steady decline and erosion that is taking place. Never in our history has a bank closed its doors. The Royal Bank of Canada was sold and became the Belize Bank. But the news last week that 1st Caribbean was packing up and leaving was not just unexpected, it was a shock. The news came against the disturbing development that Belize Bank and then Atlantic Bank had lost their correspondent banking network overseas. Meaning, no financial and international banking transactions can be done through those two banks. Now the closing of First Caribbean leads to another such loss of commercial and overseas financial activities. Heritage is like a village bank. Holy Redeemer Credit Union and St John’s Credit Union bigger than Heritage. It is no consolation to hear that tiny local Heritage Bank will buy some of the assets and take over some of the customers of First Caribbean Bank. Heritage has no correspondent banking contacts overseas.

Unitedville Rebels enters softball playoffs as #1
The Unitedville Rebels United have an 19 win – 1 loss record as they entered the Cayo Softball Association’s women’s softball playoffs as the top team. The Rebels will take on the No. 2 seed Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy (15 wins, 5 losses) when the playoffs kick off at the Joan Garbutt Stadium in Esperanza Village on Sunday. Camalote Spokane, the No 3 seed will take on the No.4 seed, Esperanza Wolverines, and since the playoffs will be according to the Paige system, the loser of this game will be eliminated, while the winner will then challenge the loser of the Rebels vs Roaring Creek game.

Atlantic Bank, Belikin & BWS make Firms basketball playoffs
Atlantic Bank, BWS Pressure and Belikin made the cut to the Belize City Firms basketball playoffs in games played at Birds Isle over the weekend. On Friday, Infotel posted a 55-43 over Central Bank. They were led by Stafford Young with 16 points, while Central Bank’s top shooter was Dave Apolonio with 16 points also. DigiCell got the easy bye to their 6th when Ready Call was a no show for their game. In Game 3, BWS posted a 67-63 win in overtime against Belikin. Akeem Trapp led the BWS team with 21 points, while Belikin’s Kadeem Olivera top-scored with 28pts.

Verdes FC Ready for CONCACAF Champions League
Team introduces new players: Belize’s Top Striker Deon McCaulay, Trinidadian Oswin Williams and Brazilians Yuras Silva and William Nascimento to boost their chances. Belize’s Hankook Verdes FC may not be considered as a powerhouse or favourite in the 2015 CONCACAF Champions League, but the champs hailing from the west who are representing Belize in the regional competition want to show a strong force. Verdes FC’s first match in the CONCACAF Champions League (SCCL) will be against Mexico’s Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, on Tuesday, August 18th at 8 p.m. at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. Most Belizean football fans may know Querétaro for the Brazilian star forward Ronaldinho, and they had grown anxious to see the superstar play in Belize. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for Belize, the star opted out of his contract with the team.

The Real Deal!!
There are more questions than answers surrounding the news that a bank has folded in Belize and that one of the smallest banks is positioning itself to buy its assets over. The first question that has to be answered is how did First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) come to this? While the answers may never come out, the truth of the matter is that banking in Belize under the Barrow Administration has been bad for business, from the “small man” to the “big man” bankers. For months, proof that Belizeans have been suffering under this dreadful economy could be seen in the skyrocketing cost of basic goods and the many homes being sold for failure to pay loans. Now we can see that the banks have also been haemorrhaging. Just ask the Belize Bank who because of its financial ties to British Billionaire Michael Ashcroft suffered tightened regulatory controls. Today, both Belize Bank and Atlantic Bank have suffered cuts from foreign currency accounts due to a lack of proper financial due diligence by the Government-owned Financial Intelligence unit (FIU).

Belize’s Money = UDP’s Money?
It is now clear to be seen that the UDPs are quite comfortable using tax payer dollars to pay for their political work. Mayor Darrell Bradley gave his political runman in Caribbean Shores, Omar Burns, a nice, cushy job over at the City Council. Technically speaking then, Burns should answer to taxpayers since we are paying his salary right? Not so! For the last two months Omar Burns has been seen in and out of the elections and boundaries office on a daily basis taking in voters to transfer for his boss, the Mayor. That would be all fine, if, of course Burns was being paid from the personal account of the Mayor.

After Sunday lunch with my mother and other family members, we headed up the Philip Goldson Highway, through the Burrell Boom Road, and unto the George Price Highway towards the hills of Gracie Rock, one of the nine communities of Belize Rural Central. Earlier in the morning, it was Mass at Our Lady of the Way RC Church. It was excruciatingly hot and humid at the start of the service. I was sitting in my usual pew and perspiring. I wondered if it was only me or whether indeed the humidity was way up. I saw various persons wiping with small towels and fanning away with the hymn sheet or church bulletin. Almost as soon as Father Leslie started his sermon, a torrential downpour almost drowned out his words, even though there is a functioning public address system in the church. The roof of the church is of zinc, and the sound of the rain thereon was quite a sound to experience. We arrived at Gracie Rock near the Sibun River around 2:30 pm. It was clear that the Gracie Rock area had not had any rain at all, almost incredible, since it surely poured in the Eastern section earlier. The Sibun is still green and crystal clear, an early ‘mauger’ season, I think, before more rains come later this month and in September. Various families were enjoying the river, lounging around in the water, and watching the children play. There are many spots along the river where it is shallow enough for whole families to swim, and many people take advantage of nature’s bounty.

Of this and that….
FOR SALE Belize is gone. Far gone. Look at the road sides. There are more “for sale” signs than mangoes. There was a tourist from Mexico. He thought “for sale” was a kind of restaurant. Lawd. I ketch mi shame. PROOF Things bad. Look at the newspaper. Everybody and their granny are losing their house. It is a shame. The newspapers are full. Murders cannot even get space again. Amandala was full. It had 20 pages of families. Families and children who lose their home. Twenty. The whole newspaper was only 56 pages. This is too many people. Landless. Hopeless. Embarrassed. Where is the dignity? BANKRUPT Belize is doing bad. Nothing no di go on. Petro tiyad a gi wi now. Well, one more elections. One more bribe. CHESTER, BOY Chester Williams is a police. He loves uniform. He loves TV. He has to get respect. He is now a big time lawyer. He could be making big bucks. He chooses to be a cop instead. He wants to be the top cop. Compol, mi seh.

PUP Marshalls support PUP Leader Francis Fonseca
Members of the PUP Marshalls Service Corps from throughout the country met at the historic Independence Hall on Thursday August 6th 2015 to discuss some of the serious political issues affecting our country as well as our great Party. Concerns were raised and discussed over the recent actions of some of our area representatives and standard bearers. Those present strongly felt that at this time of the country’s political history, where our democratic fabric is so fragile, there should be unity among all arms and forces of the party to tackle some of the problems affecting Belizeans. Some of those problems including the ongoing attacks on our sovereignty by Guatemala and the UDP Government’s weak defense and security of our territorial sovereignty, the increase in poverty, homelessness, crime, the inability of many to access affordable health care, as well as the rise in domestic violence and violence against senior citizens and children.

Hon. Dolores visits Gracie Rock residents
On Sunday August 9th Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia was on the ground in Gracie Rock Village. She visited various families and distributed gifts to residents. The Hemmans family, in true community spirit and gratitude, gave Ms. Dolores avocados and breadfruit. We really had a great time and felt truly welcomed by the residents of the beautiful Gracie Rock. Everyone was all smiles.

Castro can’t help himself!! – His children are first in line for educational assistance in Belize Rural North
It is a known fact that UDP Representative Edmond Castro has been hustling while in office, using public funds for his personal use. The Belize Airport Authority scandal which exposed how thousands of dollars collected by the Government was used by Castro to pay for all sorts of personal things such as his mother’s funeral expenses and for bicycle repairs was just the tip of the iceberg apparently. Then came brave whistleblower Alvarine Burgess who unearthed a visa hustle involving senior ministers. Burgess said she had to pay Castro $2,000 for over 2,000 visa recommendations he willingly gave for unknown Chinese nationals. Castro now seems to be dipping into education funds. Last week an announcement published in the UDP newspaper listed out names of young people who will be getting “education assistance” for the next school year. As was expected, Castro couldn’t help himself. Among them were a handful of Castros, including the disgraced UDP politician’s own children, Wasani and Jafari Castro.

Grenade planted at Police HQ? – Is someone sending them a message?
Police officers were forced out of their own headquarters located on Racoon Street on Friday afternoon when a grenade was discovered inside a drawer in one of the offices on the third floor of the building. The Racoon Street Police Station serves as the headquarters for the Eastern Division (South of Belize City) which is now led by Senior Superintendent Chester Williams. The tear gas grenade was found inside a drawer in a general office on the third floor which is above the main offices occupied by senior police officers. Who placed the grenade there and why, are questions which the Police are still trying to determine.

Lions Clubs conduct special National Eye Screening for Children
Through a Grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation of the International Associations of Lions Clubs, along with local contributions from the FOUR Lions Clubs in Belize, Government Ministries, Non-Government Organizations, and the local Business Community, the Lions Clubs in Belize will use Special Portable Eye Screeners to conduct a LIONS- Belize National Children Eye Screening Programme. The target groups will be children between the ages of 3 – 14 years, throughout Belize. Lions Clubs members and non-Lions volunteers will conduct the Eye Screening. The Programme will commence in September, 2015. The Lions Clubs in Belize are committed to pay for the Eye Glasses for children who need them, and for whom it is determined that the Parents/ Guardians cannot afford to pay for the eye glasses.

Belize near bankruptcy, says new report
A report published this week by financial media, 24/7 Wall Street, has listed Belize among seven countries that are near bankruptcy. Belize is included in the list for its high debt and sluggish economy. Along with Belize are Jamaica, Argentina, Greece, Belarus, Venezuela and Ukraine. Puerto Rico would have been on this list, but this week they announced that they would default on their debt obligations. The report notes that Belize’s debt is 75.7% of its GDP. This debt does not include Petrocaribe loans nor the over $600 million owed for the Government’s ill-advised takeovers of the Belize Telemedia Limited and Belize Electricity Limited. In June, a report by Moody’s referred to the BTL and BEL liability as the gorilla in the room for Belize’s debt and economy. Moody’s held that Belize was possibly staring at “unsustainable public debt” and even perhaps the need for another costly debt restructuring in 2018, if its predictions that the Government will not be able to meet the step-up coupon payments for the restructured bond and added liabilities.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize Territorial Volunteers set out to Sarstoon Island on Sunday with the support of the Church.
Sunday’s expedition by the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) will go ahead despite official disapproval from the Government of Belize. The trip to Sarstoon Island, the last Belize-claimed landmass within our defined territory, is fraught with tension considering past encounters between the Belize Territorial Volunteers and Guatemalan military […]

Two dead and three injured in Friday evening accident.
Police confirmed that five persons were injured, two fatally, in a traffic accident that occurred on Friday evening around 5:30 P.M. near Mile 7 1/2 on the Philip Goldson Highway. According to Eastern Division (Rural) Commander Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, two vehicles were overtaking the line of traffic; […]

Fair conditions to prevail for the next couple days
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting Sunny with cloudy spells all throughout the weekend. The General Situations call for a slight increase in moisture and instability is expected over our area for the extended weekend. The 24hr Forecast is sunny with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy tonight. […]


Belize Tourism Awards 2015
On Saturday, August 1st, the 2015 Belize Tourism Awards was held at the Holiday Hotel in beautiful Ambergris Caye (Belize’s most popular tourist destination). A better location couldn’t have been chosen since the reception venue was celebrating 50 years of being in business. This is a big deal in Belize because the travel industry is still very young and the tourism pioneers had to fight with tooth and nail to make things work. To this very day there is still not enough recognition by the government of tourisms important role in the economy. But enough about that, the 2015 award winners deserve the exposure and all the congratulations.

The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 6
So far, Guatemala and Britain have been going on about Article 7 and its contents of the Treaty of 1859. Britain suggests strongly that the Convention that holds article 7 is void. Guatemala on the other hand is using Article 7 as the sole or at least the most important piece of their argument. Both sides have shown frustration and Guatemala in some instances seem to be running low on patience. 9th March 1948 United Kingdom refutes Guatemalan objection to inclusion of British Honduras in West Indies Federation talks because the status of the territory was under judicial consideration. The British point out that Guatemala has failed to avail itself over the past two years to submit its claim to the International Court of Justice April to June 1948 Guatemala threatens invasion United Kingdom dispatches 2 warships to patrol the coast, and a battalion of infantry to protect the border of British Honduras, the latter to remain until the termination of the dispute

In praise of sitting still in Belize
I sit in the red Adirondack chair, the only one with a cushion, albeit a thin cushion, and marvel at the well-practiced thievery of the frigate birds. I used to think that they were like a natural GPS tracking system for schools of sardines. Where ever five or more were gathered, soaring so gracefully on the breeze, dipping, swooping, gliding sideways — surely there were fish below. But while the frigates are doing their narcissistic act of effortlessly artful skywriting up above, it seems that kamikaze pelicans, low-cruising cormorants and the brisk business-like white terns are doing all the heavy lifting. Time and again, I watch these birds dive into the warm Caribbean waters for food, only to have a couple of frigates swoop down from on high and attempt to snatch wriggling fish from their beaks. A cormorant sitting on the water to the south of our dock pulls up a spectacular breakfast and lifts its beak to the sky in order to open the throat in anticipation of a delicious glistening fish slider … only to have a frigate swoop in and literally snatch the fish out of its throat, by the tail.

Cave Tubing in Belize
Coming from Boulder, CO I’m no stranger to tubing down a river, but Belize offered a new twist on that activity: Cave Tubing! Belize is known for having the largest cave systems in all of Central America, but the most popular cave tubing is found at a small part of the Caves Branch River at Nohoch Che’en Archaeological Reserve near Belmopan. Here you will goes through 5 different caves, weaving between sunlight and darkness for almost 5 miles! Our plan was to stop for cave tubing while on the drive from San Ignacio to Belize City before catching the last ferry out to Caye Caulker. While we started the day early, it was already hot and humid when we reached the Reserve. After putting on plenty of sunscreen we were outfitted with our inner-tubes, life jackets, and headlamps. (I highly recommend you wear shorts, shirt, and water shoes. Don’t forget a little spritz of bug spray and sunglasses as well. )

A step closer to life in the wild...Little Bean's group move on
In the past few months Bean’s group (a.k.a. the ‘big babies’) have made huge progress in their journey towards release – they have moved from their forest cage enclosure to the wilderness of the pre-pre-release enclosure! A few days after moving them across to the cage inside pre-pre-release, we opened the doors and let them explore the trees and hone their climbing skills. Some monkeys adapted slightly faster than others – as expected, Suri and Jessie were instantly at home high up in the trees and were so happy they had no intention of coming back down any time soon. On the other hand, Hobbes needed a little more practice in the trees, and was slightly disheartened after falling out a number of times, and so retreated back towards the cage. However after a few short days of practice, his climbing improved immensely and he too decided that he never wanted to come back into the cage (unless milk was on offer of course). J.W. and Bean followed suit, and shortly they were all sleeping outside in the trees, finally looking like real monkeys!

International Sourcesizz

Agroecology as a Tool for Liberation: Transforming Industrial Agribusiness in El Salvador
Excerpts from an interview with Miguel Ramirez, National Coordinator of the Organic Agriculture Movement of El Salvador. "We say that every square meter of land that is worked with agro-ecology is a liberated square meter. We see it as a tool to transform farmers' social and economic conditions. We see it as a tool of liberation from the unsustainable capitalist agricultural model that oppresses farmers. We in the Organic Agriculture Movement see the soil as Mother Earth, a living organism, which gives birth to all kinds of life. Mother Earth is agonizing, and needs to be rescued. Even a new small plot of land under organic management is part of the effort to revive her. We now have around 3,700 small local producers who are educated and working on organic agriculture in El Salvador. We're just about one percent of all small producers, but 15 or 20 years ago we had no organic agriculture. Our territory is made up of just 20,000 square kilometers, with 70 percent of the territory dedicated to agriculture. The challenge is to keep winning over new farmer families that will re-convert to organic farming and liberate the land.


  • Take a walk down the mile long Boardwalk that winds through ‪The Estuary At CayeCaulker‬, 1min.

  • Maya Island flight over Savannahs, Belize, 1min.

  • Land Adventures Belize, 6.5min.

  • Chetumal Missions Trip, 6min. We took 3 teams, a medical and dentist team, a work team, and children's ministries team on a missions trip to Chetumal. The Dr and dentist team conducted medical brigades every day, gave the gospel and prayed with each patient and also gave medicines to the patients. The dentist filled teeth and pulled teeth The work team laid a foundation of stone for a church to be built, painted 4 churches, plastered walls inside and outside and poured a cement foundation.The kids ministry pastors played games with the kids every day, made animal balloon, sang songs and they taught them about Jesus.Our teams were awesome and worked hard every day. We were also able to go to the Mayan ruins, swim in the lagoons and natural springs and went to Belize border and shopped. It was a wonderful time. Great teams.

  • Eddie Z Belize 2014, 26min.

  • BELIZE Day 2! Part two, ziplining in the Jungle!!!, 9min.

  • River Tubing Rock Sliding at Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize, 1min. Great day tubing and rock sliding with our guide Doyle Gardiner of DTOURZ Placencia.

  • Belize Field Experience 2015, 4min. A glimpse of my experience in Belize through pictures! We spent our two weeks in Belize Working with children in San Pedro who have special needs. Through this video you will see a glimpse of how we spent our time and the culture of Belize.

  • Cave Tubing Belize, 3.5min. Tubing through the Maya Underworld in Belize.

  • BELIZE! Day 3 :) Scubadiving, Placencia, and lots of fun!!!, 7.5min. A day without laughter is a day wasted!

  • GoPro Belize 2015, 18min. 2015 6 Day Road Trip in Belize.