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Today's Belize News: August 18, 2015 #506753
08/18/15 05:53 AM
08/18/15 05:53 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Island Invasion: the party you don’t want to miss!
San Pedro Town is without a doubt the party capital of Belize. Hundreds upon hundreds flock to the island every holiday/festival weekends. From Easter to Costa Maya and even New Year’s, everyone wants to party like an islander! And one of the most anticipated parties has to be Island Invasion! Organized by King of the Island Promotions- aka Brian Halliday- and held under the largest palapa in San Pedro, Fido’s Courtyard, this is a party of epic proportion. For the past several years, Island Invasion has been the leading event for dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Brain certainly does a superb job at having the hottest line up of DJs at every event. The high energy party atmosphere keeps crowds of over 800 dancing till their feet hurt to the best tunes of old and new school soca, dancehall, club, house, reggae and pop. With cocktails and cold beers flowing courtesy of the talented bartenders at Fido’s, the energy level never falters.

Statement by the Caribbean Tourism Organization on the influx of sargassum seaweed
The seasonal influx of Sargassum seaweed on Caribbean beaches has got the attention of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and tourism policymakers and practitioners across the region. Sargassum is a natural occurrence believed to originate in the Sargasso Sea, a two million-square-mile body of warm water in the north Atlantic near Bermuda, although some scientists believe the current influx was brought into the Eastern Caribbean through the North Brazil Current and because it thrives in warm, nutrient-rich water, the Sargassum simply spreads throughout the region

Sancas Realty breaks ground for San Cas Plaza commercial project on Ambergris Caye
“We are extremely excited to bring this project to San Pedro,” said Gil Castillo, President, SANCAS Realty. “The growth of Ambergris Caye has been amazing. As our community expands, we need to invest in additional retail and office space to help support local business. San Cas Plaza will provide essential commercial real estate inventory for marquee tenants.” SANCAS Realty, the exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate for Belize, will serve as the anchor tenant for the building. Founded in London in 1766, Christie’s is the world’s most exclusive real estate brand, encompassing a network of top luxury brokers and agents from around the globe. The San Cas Plaza project will provide solid employment for workers on Ambergris Caye, according to Castillo. He expects the building to be completed within 10 months, Orange Walk based AM Construction is serving as the general contractor.

Let’s Build-A-Beach!
A group of dedicated San Pedro volunteers have embarked on a one- of- a- kind project that involves turning the unsightly and smelly Sargassum (seaweed) into a beach. The group of volunteers is led by Dimas Guerrero via a movement called “Build-A-Beach Campaign.” The activity takes place every Sunday at 10AM with everyone convening at the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge before heading to Northern Ambergris Caye. The Sargassum seaweed creates an unsightly and smelly situation, which has been making it very inconvenient for a swim near the beach. However, Guerrero came up with a great idea to get rid of that unpleasant experience while making good use of the Sargassum. “The Sargassum is gathered, spread out on the beach to dry and then buried in holes which are dug along the beach. The Sargassum actually stabilizes the beach, bringing minerals to it while we use it as a landfill. The holes dug on the beach are then filled with Sargassum and covered with white sand, thus building the beach,” explained Guerrero.

Ambergris Today

25 Years Ago: Remembering when WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village
SEA GRAPES: A long time ago going to pick sea grapes was a source of great enthusiasm and fun. We used to plan for the day and the village folks used to share information about the places where the grapes were plentiful and where they were the largest and even where they were the sweetest. Don't laugh but plastic bags were not available yet, so we used to tie our T-shirts and made bags. SELLING LOBSTERS: Many years ago the big thing was not the opening of the lobster season or Lobster Fest but rather the selling of lobsters door to door. We USED TO boil whole lobsters and offered red juicy whole lobsters door to door to the village folks. Again don't laugh but the selling price was of five cents per whole lobsters. COMIC BOOKS: I think most of the kids in the 1950's USED TO learn to read Spanish with these comic books. Then you have to remember that there was no television at that time, therefore reading comic books was extremely popular. We used to rent them for five cents from a lady in the village whose name was Mrs. Manny Manrique.

Sargasso Situation Causes Tourism Cancellations in Caribbean, Is Belize Next?
Belize is lucky that is has not been hit hard with the influx of unwanted and unsightly Sargasso; other Caribbean and Central American countries are feeling the pressure with tons of seaweed posing a threat to their tourism industry. It stinks and takes away from the beach experience of visitors. Mexico is pledging $1.9Mil towards cleanup campaigns of the massive amounts of Sargasso that has piled up along its Caribbean shores, affecting the popular tourist hotspots like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The Caribbean nation of Tobago has deemed the Sargasso invasion a natural disaster, having injected $3Mil into cleanup efforts already. The seasonal influx of Sargassum seaweed on Caribbean beaches has even gotten the attention of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and tourism policymakers and practitioners across the region.

Local Belizean Cast in American Movie Filming in Belize
Filming commences this week for an American movie that is being called the ‘Jungle Move” by director/filmmaker Christopher Coppola in which a Belizean actor has been cast in a supporting actor role. Local San Pedro, Ambergris Caye resident Horacio Luis Guerrero and star in the La Isla Bonita Telenovela, will be acting alongside Hollywood celebrities Debra Unger, John Savage and Vincent Spano in the film directed by Christopher Coppola, brother to A-list actor Nicolas Cage. Coppola is nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire and cousin of director Sofia Coppola. He began his filmmaking at an early age by creating super 8 films that starred his brother, Nicolas Cage. Horacio Guerrero told Ambergris Today that he was made aware of the movie role during his participation at the Belize International Film Festival, “Belize’s Film Commissioner, Mr. Nigel Miguel saw the novela at this year’s film festival for the first time and he was impressed with what he saw,” commented Horacio. “He had just been informed about the Coppola movie and how they were looking to cast a local Belizean, he immediately thought about me.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Paint 'N Splash Seahorse
Thursday, August 20 at 2:00pm, Crazy Canucks Beach Bar in San Pedro, Belize

Mr. Gian Chand Gandhi, S. C. passes away
It is with deep regret that the Office of the Prime Minister announces the passing of Mr. Gian Chand Gandhi, Senior Counsel and Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Gandhi passed away in Belmopan City on Monday, 17th August, 2015 after a long illness. He was 82 years of age. Mr. Gandhi has had a long and distinguished career in the Service of the Government of Belize having served for over 37 years in various capacities such as Crown Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions, Solicitor General, and most recently as Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Gandhi also served as Director-General of the International Financial Services Commission since 1999. Prior to coming to Belize, Mr. Gandhi worked as a legal officer in the British Public Service in the Departments of Trade and Health and Social Services. He is survived by one sister and two brothers. Funeral services will be announced at a later date.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, August 17, 2015: 19. PICK 3: 9 9 5

Rotaract Paints Mount Carmel
The Rotaract Club of Benque visited Mount Carmel Primary School, where they painted some of the classrooms as part of their ongoing community service project. Looks good. Thanks, Rotaract! "Today, Sunday, August 16, 2015, our members painted an Infant 2 classroom at Mount Carmel Primary School. Another classroom will be painted in the coming week. We express our sincere gratitude to the Lincoln Woodstock Rotary Interact Club for their generous donation of three buckets of paint. Thank you to our members and Ms. Rosita Silva, Vice Principal at Mount Carmel Primary School, for taking the time to assist us today."

FCD Karst Rangers exploring the Solitaire Valley
Along the Chiquibul River for caves and sink holes.

Channel 7

Showdown Sunday in The Sarstoon
Sunday may be the slowest day of the week - but yesterday, Belizeans all across the country were on high alert: would there be a showdown in the Sarstoon between the Guatemalan Navy and the Belize Territorial volunteers? Well, there was - and the media captured it up close. Daniel Ortiz was on the ground, and chest high in the waters of the Sarstoon - here's his story:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting The 4 Belizean boats moved off. The intention was to give everyone a tour of this now infamous Sarstoon Island that has become a flashpoint for the Belize/Guatemalan Territorial Dispute. There was no sign that the Guatemalan Navy had changed their sentinel mode, and so the Belizean vessels slowly made their way into the Belizean side of the river. About 10 minutes in, this leisurely throttle in the river became instantly pressurized when 2 Guatemalan Navy boats made a direct path to the lead vessel, cutting off it off from any further movement. There, the most senior officers of the Navy, who had been watching in the distance for about 3 hours, spoke to the leaders for the first time that day and gave them a stern warning that they had entered Guatemalan territorial Waters.

Rage On the River
As you saw in the story, at the height of the confrontation, Orlando De la Fuente captained the lead boat, and he tried to out-maneuver the Guatemalan Navy vessel which kept chasing after him. While most of the cameras were focused on that showdown, the biggest Belizean vessel, Dore, was forced to hang back while the other 4 smaller boats managed to escape the Guatemalan blockade. Well, that's the boat Audrey Matura-Shepherd and Wil Maheia were in. When the trip was finished, they also spoke on how, from their perspective, the Guatemalans rammed their boat as a justification to use force. Here's their account: Audrey Matura-Shepherd - Participant, Sarstoon Expedition "Well I say what happened when they realize that the other smaller vessels took away and break away because we saw when they were trying to push the other smaller vessels into their waters to try and bully them. But the problem is our vessel was bigger, so Wil said well we are moving ahead. But we told them when they came, we are going in Belizean waters. They came and brought their vessels as to come and jammed us. But of course we can't afford for them to jam us, so we kept going more to the side, but then we had to stop because the water would have been too shallow. So what we told them then is that you are in Belizean waters. You need to move. We made 7 attempts right Wil? The last one we did it in front of the OAS for them to see that these people are in our waters and refuse to give us passage. Every time their intention is to jam our boat. Three times we almost made contact and different one of us push the boat."

Seeing Sounds In The Jungle
On Wednesday we told you about the echolocation workshop held at the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired. That was phase 1, just an introductory session for the kids. But this weekend the group took it to the Caves at Tiger Sandy Bay to refine their skills in the real world. We traveled along with the group on Saturday and found out just how life changing the exercise was for the kids and their families. Courtney Weatherburne reporting An adventure: that's what these kids were ready for. With a trekking pole and a cane they started down this grassy trail - leaping, swiping and prodding the earth to find their way. But they weren't limited to these two canes. They also had to use their ears and make tongue clicks to be able to traverse this dense forest. That method is known as echolocation: the ability to see through sound. These blind and visually impaired kids are practicing this technique outdoors for the first time. It took a while for them to orient themselves to this new environment. But with a few tips from the instructor, Juan was able to make it under the log.

Brawl Leads to Murder In City
After cresting in May and June, violence in the city had been on a downswing recently - that was until this weekend when there was a murderous gang brawl on Newtown Barracks near the BTL Park - the spillover from a misunderstanding that had happened at a nearby bar. After all the fists were thrown - two men lay unconscious - one of them would be dead within hours while the other is still clinging to life tonight. Monica Bodden found out more:.. Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner of Police "It has to do with an incident that occurred on Saturday August 15th. Shortly after 3am, police responded to a call with regards to a fight in the Newtown Barracks area where several persons were observed with varied degrees of injuries. One person was lying on the ground as a result of that fight. Reportedly a vehicle sped off from the area and ran over this person that was lying on the ground. Of the 5 persons that were injured, one is Joel Bishop, 28 years old and he suffered head and body injuries. All persons were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Teenager Shot In City
And while police were responding to the early morning brawl, there was a shooting at the corner of Mapp and Cran Streets. After a concert at ITVET, 17 year old LYNDON ST. CLAIR was walking on Mapp Street heading towards North Front Street when a car pulled up and a gunman opened fire. Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner of Police "The second incident has to do with a seventeen year old male who was walking at the corner of Mapp and Cran Street Sunday morning August 16th, sometime after 3a.m. and heading towards North Front Street, he reported that he heard shots that came from a moving vehicle that passed him and realized that he was hit to the left leg. He is presently at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital receiving treatment. He is in a stable condition and the police are seeking two persons for questioning." The shooting is believed to be gang related. So far no one has been detained.

Infant Killed In Violent Vehicle Flip
An infant was killed yesterday in a traffic accident. Ariani Rodriquez was flung from this 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor when it flipped between miles 50 and 51 on the Hummingbird Highway. She was one of 10 people in the very over loaded SUV. Driver 25-year-old Marvin Zuniga, a Honduran from Salvapan was driving and lost control while driving from Armenia Village towards Belmopan. His ten passengers included owner of the vehicle 32-year-old Claudia O'Brien who received head and body injuries, 12-year-old Lizeth Martinez, who received two fractured legs and a large cut wound to the head, Amir Rodriguez who received a large cut wound to his head and a fractured arm, 9-year-old Gabriel Martinez who received a cut wound on the right side of his face, bruises to his forehead, Stephanie Rodriguez who received head and body injuries and a fractured right leg, 14-year-old Manuel Martinez, who received a fractured left arm, facial injuries, cut wounds and bruises to both legs, Graciela Martinez who received a cut wound on the right side of her head, Leonela Rodriguez who received head and body injuries, and 15-year-old Tirelly Martinez who received abrasion to her legs.

Two Men In Pickup Died
On Friday's newscast we showed you the late evening traffic fatality that claimed two lives between miles 6 and 7 on the Phillip Godson Highway. Well, police say that 24-year-old Eaton Belisle of Saint Paul Village was driving the Mercedes Benz Car when crashed into a pickup truck driven by 51-year-old Yaun Sheng He. Two of the three passengers in the pickup, Rudolph Locke and Shane Goff were fatally injured from the collision.

Man Dies In Pickup/Car Collision
And while that accident happened on Sunday - 24 hours earlier, on Saturday night at 7:00, the George Price Highway was the scene of another fatal accident. It happened between miles 68 and 69 where a Dodge Ram pickup and a Toyota corolla Car had a head on collision. 68-year-old Davis Turner was driving the pickup and he died from the impact. The Corolla was driven by 40-year-old cab driver Carlos Chanek, from Benque Viejo Town. His passengers, 34-year-old Barry Gongora, 30-year-old Kevaun Gillett, 31-year-old Allan Gongora and 31-year-old Randy Andrews all of Ontario Village, received varying degrees of injuries.

PUP Draws Thousands In Big Falls
2 weeks ago, we told you about the Opposition Party's Power to the People Rally, an effort to energize the electorate and excite some ardor for the PUP before general elections are called. The first rally took place in San Ignacio Town, and yesterday evening, it moved on to Big Falls in the Toledo District. Our information says that 46 buses were mobilized to get the communities to the event, which had an attendance of more than 3,000 persons. That's a much higher turn out from they Cayo rally, and we stopped in to see how it went: Hon. Julius Espat, Deputy Party Leader - PUP "Numbers is not really that important to us, it's the participation of the people in the different zones and we had full participation of the south which is a good thing. It was a vibrant event and when you walked in you felt cold seed and all. It was a good thing I must say for the People's United Party." Daniel Ortiz "What was the topic which was of highest priority of persons who attended?" Hon. Julius Espat, Deputy Party Leader - PUP "The topic is where were you and what you were doing today? That was the topic in reality: the Sarstoon. People wanted to know how you guys were being treated by the Guatemalans.

Francis, The Doctor Says No Time For PUP Show
And while the PUP rallied in Big Falls, again, the G-11 didn't show up. And this time none of them showed up - whereas in San Ignacio, Cayo Central's Dan Silva and Belize rural South's Elito Arceo were there. But in Punta Gorda, it was zero for 11. It's a sign that the party remains divided - and yesterday instead of filling up a bus with supporters headed for the south - the ad hoc spokesman for the group, Dr. Francis Smith, called the media to his office at Belize Medical Associates to explain that he didn't go to Punta Gorda because he has political work to do, rather than being in what he calls a show:... Dr. Francis Smith, PUP Std. Bearer - Pickstock "I am not here to be a show pony in a circus. This is not a show. My business is to make sure I bring in Pickstock, that I beat Sedi Elrington and in July and August my business is to be on the ground house to house looking for new registrations and transfers. We are cash strap. I am not getting any money from Ashcroft. I am not getting any money at all. I am getting it from my business at Belize Medical Associates. So I am free. I am a standard bearer for the People's United Party. My leader is Francis Fonseca, but I am a free thinker and my view is that I cannot be in PG at this time." Jules Vasquez "Sir, will you face a sanction for not attending today's meeting?" Dr. Francis Smith, PUP Std. Bearer - Pickstock "I couldn't care less. As I said, I am fearless."

Deputy Julius Reacts
Those are strong words - and Smith has voiced them before - most recently at that meeting of the Standard Bearers and the National Executive - where insiders tell us Deputy Leader Julius Espat called him "crazy". And while that was said behind closed doors, what did the PUP's unofficial director of discipline Espat have to say about the absences yesterday? Here's what he had to say about the issue of Francis Fonseca's leadership remaining unchallenged due to an endorsement convention: Hon. Julius Espat, Deputy Leader - PUP "What and why is Francis Fonseca our leader and he is not going up for an elected convention? Well we have a very peculiar situation where the UDP infiltrated our party in 2012 and because of that made us lose and we made a decision that we will now allow the UDP to do that once again and so it is a decision. It's a strategic and a tactical decision on our part, to not have the other side infiltrate us and that is what politics is all about. It is our responsibility to put our best players out, so that we can have a better chance of winning the election - so that we can have a better chance of serving our people."

The End Of an Era: Gian Chand Ghandi Passes
The Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance and Director-General of the International Financial Services Commission, Gian Ghandi died early this morning at the Western Regional Hospital after a long illness. Ghandi, who was the consigliore to the most powerful men in Belmopan for the past two decades, was 82. Ghandi worked in the Government Service for 37 years and was considered virtually indispensible in the Esquivel, Musa and Barrow administrations between 1995 and 2015. Ghandi first came to Belize as a Crown Counsel in the late 1970's from the British Public Service and worked his way from Crown Counsel, to Director of Public Prosecutions, to Solicitor General, and in his final posting, as the one of Prime Minister Dean Barrow's must trusted advisors in the job of Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance.

Couple Recovering From Home Invasion
There was a home invasion last night in Hattieville. It's the kind of thing no one wants to ever experience - but today Augustine and Irma Ramos told Monica Bodden how they survived it:..

Cops Catch 16 Gauge
And while Hattieivlle police look for that burglar, around 12:30 on Saturday morning the rural response team received information of a man carrying an unlicensed firearm. Police set out on a search intercepted 32 year old Daniel Maine. We found out more. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander, Eastern Division Rural "On Saturday 12am, the Rural Rapid Response Team received information of an individual in possession of a firearm. They were dispatch and they intercepted one, Daniel Maine, thirty-two years, who was dressed in camouflage having in his possession a 16 gauge shotgun along with 4 cartridges of 16 gauge and 20 gauge. He was taken to the station where he was processed and charge for kept firearm without a license." Maine was charged with keeping a firearm without license.

Teenaged Girl Missing For 4 Days
Police are asking for the public's help in finding this girl: 15-year-old NETHANIA ACOSTA, a Palotti student of 7 Poinsettia Street in Belize City. She was last seen at 7:30 on Friday morning. That's almost four days ago, and NETHANIA hasn't been seen since. She is 5 feet four inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. Anyone seeing her is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Mother of 8 Year Old Disappears
25 year old mother MARIA ZELAYA AGUILAR is also missing. Her common law husband Rufino Reina came to our office today to say that she left home last week and has not returned - but she left after a public quarrell:.. Anyone with information can call Rufino at 651-0-5-7-2.

Mayor Says Market Wholesalers Made Their Own Bed Hard
On Friday's news, you saw all the drama and hard talk at the Michael Finnegan Market when the wholesale vendors were moved form in front of the market. The city Council says that the wholesalers are retailing - and in so doing are underselling the market vendors - who are their main customs. But the wholesalers say the mayor is pushing them all the way to the back of the market - where there's no light and many criminals lurking. On Saturday, the mayor told us he doesn't know about all that:... Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City "The fact that that had to be relocated, meant that they broke that bargain with the city that they engaged in retail businesses which they are not supposed to do and that relocation was precipitated because we had complaints from market vendors. The area in which they were relocated I am not very familiar with the space. This is not something that comes to my desk. It is something that it's dealt with from the technical side and so their relocation is as a result of that. I am not familiar as I said in relation to the space they they've relocated, but we would not have a problem if they be in the original location if they just stop with wholesaling."

Indian Ethos in Belize
We caught up with Bradley at the celebration of Indian Independence Day on Saturday in Belize City. It is the 68th anniversary of the independence of the largest democratic country on earth. And the Indians in Belize say their Indian roots make them better Belizeans:..

Sing a New Song
On Friday night, the finals of the 2015 National Song competition was broadcasted on national television and right here on Channel 7. There were 2 songs performed in the Belize Song Junior category 9 in the Belize Song Senior Category, and 7 songs performed in the Carnival Song category. 19 artists who took the stage for 18 performances, but in the end there could be only 3 winners, one in each category. Well, in the Belize Senior category, Cecil Jenkins Jr., last year's winner in the Junior's category, stepped up and proved that last year's victory was not a fluke. We spoke with him shortly after he had learned that he won yet again: Carnival Song veteran Ernestine Carballo took the stage for the last time as a competitor in National Song Competition, and managed to win with her song "Til Di Sun Come Up". We discussed the win with her:

Channel 5

Guatemalan Military Attempts to Thwart BTV Mission in Belizean Waters
On Sunday, Guatemalan military personnel attempted to turn back five Belizean vessels carrying members of an expedition led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers. The incident occurred in the early afternoon [...]

Territorial Volunteers Successfully Complete Expedition to Sarstoon Island
The incident with the Guatemalan military occurred in the early afternoon…actually close to the end of the expedition to the Sarstoon. The morning was spent further north, where about one [...]

What Role Did O.A.S. Play in Weekend Trek to Remote Island?
The National Security Council release issued Sunday evening states that the O.A.S. confirmed that the vessels which transited Sarstoon Island did so from the north and the south. The NSC [...]

Guatemala’s Skewed Version of Events Reported
The National Security Council reiterates that, “assertion and maintenance of sovereignty over the Sarstoon Island and our half of the river is best left to the Belizean military and Belizean [...]

Joel Bishop Stomped and Ran Over in Deadly Melee, Three Others Injured
Just before three o’clock on Saturday morning, there was an all-out brawl near the entrance to the MCC Grounds across from the Ramada Belize City Princess. Four residents from the [...]

Seventeen-year-old Victim of Drive-by Shooting
Exactly twenty-four hours later, on Sunday morning, shots rang out at the corner of Mapp and Cran streets in the city. A seventeen-year-old was targeted by gunmen in a vehicle; [...]

Trio of Fake Cops Pulls Off Home Invasion Near Boom Cutoff
A scary home invasion took place on Sunday night around ten on the Boom Road near its junction with the George Price Highway. A family was inside their home when [...]

Double Fatality in Road Traffic Accident
On Friday night, we showed you the fatal traffic accident that took two lives between miles six and seven on the Philip Goldson Highway, earlier that evening around five thirty. [...]

Motorists Escape Grave Injuries in RTA at Scotland Half Moon
An accident in Scotland Halfmoon Village on Saturday night left several people nursing injuries. While no one was fatally injured at least eight people, including children, received cuts and bruises [...]

Minor Perishes in Traffic Mishap on Hummingbird Highway
A terrible accident on Sunday evening on the Hummingbird Highway has left one child dead at the scene, another reportedly succumbing to injuries today, the driver missing and seven other [...]

Police Intercept Daniel Meighan with Unlicensed Firearm
The Rural Rapid Response Team was out in the Hattieville Area when they intercepted Daniel Meighan with an unlicensed firearm and cartridges. Police shared details of the discovery.   Sr. [...]

P.U.P. National Tour Heads South
The People’s United Party gathered en masse in Big Falls on Sunday where the leadership of the country’s oldest political organization met with its rank and file.  The southern leg [...]

Pickstock Standard Bearer Francis Smith a No-show in Big Falls
While Smith attests to not having the means to shuttle supporters from his constituency to Toledo, he maintains that the true idea of public consultation is to have those in [...]

Former SolGen Gian Ghandi Passes Away
Senior Counsel Gian Ghandi, a career public officer who has served extensively with the Government of Belize, passed away in Belmopan earlier today.  Gandhi has had a long and distinguished [...]

Belizean Artists Take 2015 National Song Competition
The National Song Competition 2015 took place this past Friday at the Memorial Park in Belize City. A total of two juniors, nine Belize Song seniors and seven Carnival song [...]

Football and Cycling Over the Weekend
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Verdes FC begins its sojourn into the 2015 CONCACAF Champions Tournament tomorrow, Tuesday, with a home stand against the [...]


Mendez's Case Adjourned Again
This morning, the People’s United Party Orange Walk East Area Representative Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez was back in court following his arraignment on six charges stemming from allegations made by a pair of minors in February of this year. But there was no court case as the matter was once again adjourned this time to August 31st, 2015.

PUP Approved Trip To Sarstoon Island
And sticking to the topic of the trip to the Sarstoon Island, today the People's United Party weighed in on the issue as it expressed its solidarity with and pride in those 200 Belizeans who travelled to Barranco and to the southernmost boundary of Belize. According to the P.U.P, these Belizeans quote “Demonstrated in a clear and unambiguous manner that we have every right to travel to any part of Belizean sovereign territory and that the independent spirit of Belizeans is alive and assertively proud, even in the face of foreign aggression. Those Belizeans who travelled to the Sarstoon demonstrated, by their peaceful presence, the ineffectiveness of the current administration in asserting our national rights and upholding our sovereign dignity.” End quote.

NSC Says Belizeans Navigated Into Guatemalan Waters
While the group awaits a response from GOB as it pertains to the behavior of the Guatemalan Military and their incursion in Belizean waters, they have heard from the National Security Council of Belize who was totally against the trip. While that position has not changed, the council issued a release yesterday afternoon after learning that all those that took par ton the expedition had arrived safe in Barranco Village. The release states and we quote “The welfare of Belizean citizens, no matter what the circumstances, is always of paramount concern to the Council and the Government of Belize. Thus, nothing can take away from the Council's pleasure that no misadventure overtook the hundred plus Belizean men, women and children that journeyed to the Sarstoon.” End of quote.

Alpuche Discusses Withdrawal Of Case Against Him
Last week we told you about the case that was dismissed against Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez who were accused of burning BSI sugar cane fields. Over the weekend, we spoke with Alpuche who told us more about that welcomed news. He said they had gone to court last Friday which was where they first heard of the dismissal. “We were informed that a memorandum came on the DPP’s office withdrawing the case against us, we were not given the details of the memorandum and I think my attorney will query that and will find out but we weren’t given the detail why it was withdrawn.”

Special Operations Leads To Detention Of More Than Twenty Females Employees
Several bar raids on Friday night in Orange Walk Town resulted in over twenty female workers being detained and tonight, they are still spending time behind bars. According to their attorney, Marcel Cardona, at 4:00pm today, a little over 66 hours have elapsed since a special operation carried out by Belmopan Immigration Department resulted in the detention of twenty six female bar workers. From what we have been able to gather, on Friday around 10:00pm, teams descended to popular entertainment spots around Orange Walk Town resulting in the detention of the 20 female workers. Attorney for the detainees Marcel Cardona says, authorities are limited to a 48 hour detention period and after that time has elapsed, if there is no evidence of charge that the arrestees deserve to be free. Here’s what he told us outside the police station today…. “Simultaneously they started raiding all bars in Orange Walk in particular I understand it was Mexically Bar, Picame Bar, Copa Cabana Bar, and at each of these bars they picked a number of females that may have been around the place or inside people that they believe may have been associated with these bars it is my understanding that at Mexicaly bar two young ladies of Guatemalan nationality were detained as well as two from Honduran nationality, at Copa Cabana Bar one of the three young ladies detained were of Guatemalan nationality whilst two were Honduran nationality, ...

Taxi Driver Involved In Traffic Accident
At dawn on Sunday morning, authorities in Orange Walk Town responded to traffic mishap on the Belize-Corozal Road that left one taxi operator injured. Twenty eight year old Julio Castillo reported to police that around 4:00 Sunday morning, he made a taxi run to Enramada Hotel then decided to head home. Upon reaching the pedestrian ramp in front of Home Protector Insurance Company, Castillo says he noticed a vehicle behind him that was blinding him with his lights. Castillo reported that upon reaching the junction to Liberty Avenue, the vehicle in question drove up beside him and cut him off causing him to swerve to the extreme right and onto the sidewalk, then slamming into the cement fence on the property of Ernesto Reyes. Authorities say the impact caused the vehicle to swerve back onto the road in an East to West position activating the air bag which flung Castillo through the windshield onto the ground. The grey and white Sephia car’s front portion was extensively damaged. Castillo complained of pain to the body but was treated and released from the NRH. He was charged for driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention

O/W Calls On Government To Heed The Message Sent By BTV
Today the Mayor of Orange Walk Kevin Bernard also saluted all the Belizeans who made the journey to the Sarstoon River on Sunday and took a stand and send a strong message. At the end of the release issued today, Mayor Bernard called on the government to heed the message sent by the Territorial Volunteers and to act with all dispatch to actively maintain our sovereignty and territorial integrity. If Guatemala senses weakness, it will utilize that weakness to its advantage. That is natural. Belize cannot afford to show weakness. We cannot cede even one inch of Belizean territory. It is our right, and our obligation to hold our ground, notwithstanding any unfounded claim, says the release.

Guatemalan Marine Says Sarstoon River Belongs To Guatemala
While the trip to Sarstoon headed by the Belize Territorial Volunteer, now forms part of Belize’s history, there is no doubt that it is an issue that will be widely discussed both here in Belize and in Guatemala. And of course, as expected, when it comes to the Guatemala they will have their own version of the happenings that took place during the trip especially when the group arrived close to the Sarstoon Island. While the group is stating that their pathway to the island was blocked by Guatemalan armed forces, a report emitted today by Canal Antigua of Guatemala is saying otherwise. In fact, that part of the story relayed by the group and clearly shown in the various footage captured by Belizean media houses, was not even mentioned in the report. What was stated though, is that Belizeans are misinformed and misguided and that the Sarstoon River historically belongs to Guatemala. This statement was made by the Vice Admiral of the Guatemalan Marine, Carlos Thomas who further me mentioned that the group pretended to take possession of a property belonging to Guatemala. Here is that report.

Dr. Francis Smith Talks About PUP Moving Forward
The Pickstock constituency is one of the smallest areas in Belize City. At the last election the P.U.P. stronghold went red in the tidal wave that swept across the country. But Doctor Francis Smith hopes to change that and return the division to the blue corner. Over the weekend, the P.U.P Standard Bearer gave the media a fifty minute interview where he spoke on several issues of national importance including the party’s strategies and vision for the upcoming General Elections. Smith says the only way the PUP can gain legitimacy is to propose a reform movement to the people with their intention to serve the people. “We need to demonstrate to the people that we can practice these things while in government so there are concerns, we have to face our concerns of our constituents, our people how do we engage persons, how do we do best practices that are enshrined with the People’s United Party.

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Early morning brawl leaves one man dead and another hospitalized
Joel Bishop and Mark Benguche, were reportedly socializing at the BTL Park when upon leaving, they were attacked by several men. Twenty two year old Mark Benguche, received a cut wound to the left cheek and Joel Bishop was seen lying on the street wounded. Assistant Commissioner of Police Deseree Phillips updated the media. ACP […]

Lawyer says women detained illegally
26 women are detained at the Orange Walk police station since Friday night and until news time no reason has been given for their detention. LOVE NEWS has credible information that Friday night around 10, several raids were carried out simultaneously at bars in Orange Walk Town. The operation, we understand, was carried out by […]

Fire destroys home in Hopkins Village
Harry Arzu reporting… “The lower flat of the inside and contents of a two story concrete building located on the Southside of Hopkins Village were destroyed by fire last Saturday night. Love News spoke with the owner of the house, Joy Nunez and a witness Francis Flores who was at the scene. Joy Nunez – […]

Teenage girl reported missing
Fifteen year old Nethania Acosta, a student of Poinsettia Street in Belize City, is reported missing by her mother Karen Acosta. She left home last seen last Friday, and has not returned since. Nethania Acosta is of Creole descent has brown almond shaped eyes, medium built, shoulder length black, straight hair , round face, medium […]

Minor recovering from gunshot wounds
On Sunday morning at around three o’clock, a minor was shot at the corner of Cran and Mapp Street, while heading towards North Front Street. The 17 year old minor said that, while walking, he was approached by a car driving slowly and a male person fired shots from inside the car. Police are investigating.

PUP standard bearer speaks of plans for reform
PUP’S standard bearer, Francis Smith, held a press briefing on Sunday morning. Smith covered several topics including the movement of the G10 and their agenda. Dr Francis Smith – PUP Pickstock standard bearer “We see ourselves more or less as a reform movement. I want to be careful saying that because again I don’t want […]

Two persons die in road traffic accident
Angelica Cruz reporting… “On Sunday evening August 16 sometime around 5:37pm, Belmopan police responded to a traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway between miles 50 and 51. Upon arrival at the scene, they saw a grey 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavour SUV overturned on its left side on the right hand side of the highway extensively damaged. […]

Former Solicitor General dies after long illness
Former Solicitor General, Gian Ghandi died earlier today in Belmopan after a long illness. 82-year-old Ghandi has served the Government of Belize in various capacities for over 37 years including Crown Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions and most recently as Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance. Gandhi also served as Director-General of the International […]

National Security Council no major incident reported on Sunday’s expedition
Yesterday the National Security Council of Belize expressed its satisfaction that the expedition ended without major incident. The release from the NSC says the welfare of Belizean citizens, no matter what the circumstances, is always of paramount concern to the Council and the Government of Belize. It goes on to say there is confirmation by […]

Guatemalan official says Belizeans were trespassing
Guatemalan media was present as well. Today Canal Antigue published their version of the situation. Their title of their story is “They try to put a Belizean flag in Guatemalan territory”. “They” is referring to Belizeans and “territory” is in reference to Sarstoon Island. The report features a statement of Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas of […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PUP salutes “brave” BTV
A statement by the People’s United Party expresses its solidarity with and pride in those 200 Belizeans who travelled to Barranco and to the southernmost boundary of Belize. They demonstrated in a clear and unambiguous manner that we have every right to travel to any part of Belizean sovereign territory […]

Belizean attorney Gian Ghandi dies at 82
Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Solicitor General and legal counsel in the Ministry of Finance Gian Chand Ghandi, Senior Counsel, died today, Monday, in Belmopan at 82 after a long illness. Ghandi started as a a legal officer in the British Public Service in the Departments of Trade and […]

Childrearing dispute leads to stabbing
A couple’s dispute over discipline of their child turned violent, resulting in the child’s father recovering in hospital and her mother facing court charges. 21 year old Chelsea Mackay, originally from Ladyville but presently residing in Belize City, is accused of dangerous harm and deadly means of harm […]

Company charged over GST
Komal Bhowjani, the legal representative for Icon Belize, a company located on Newtown Barracks in Belize City, appeared today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana in relation to charges of 6 counts of failure to file General Sales Tax returns for the period December 2014 to May 2015. […]

Child killed in accident on Hummingbird
A traffic accident between miles 50 and 51 on the Hummingbird Highway yesterday evening, August 16, resulted in one fatality and nine people needing medical attention. Belmopan Police arrived on the scene around 5:37 p.m. where they saw an overturned grey Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV and a female child identified as […]

Minor shot in Belize City
A 17 year old Belize City resident was hospitalized after being shot in the leg yesterday morning, August 16, while walking towards North Front Street. He reported that at the corner of Mapp and Cran Streets, a car drove up slowly beside him and a male occupant fired several shots […]

Student, 15, reported missing
Nethania Acosta, a 15 year old student of Poinsettia Street, Belize City, has been reported missing by her mother, Karen Acosta since Friday, August 14th, when the minor left home around 7:30 a.m and never returned. Nathania is of creole descent and is described as having brown skin, brown eyes, […]

Late night brawl leaves one dead, three injured
Belize City Police has detained several persons and impounded a vehicle in connection to a Saturday night, August 15, brawl that took the life of a 28 year old city resident and injured 3 others. The 4 men – 28 year old Austin Rowland, 22 year old Mark Benguche, 21 […]

Lucky to be alive
A taxi operator from Orange Walk Town is lucky to be alive today after he was involved in a traffic mishap that extensively damaged his vehicle. According to the official report, 28 year old Julio Castillo of a Mahogany Street address reported to police that around 4am on Sunday morning, […]

17 year old shot in Belize City
A 17 year old resident of Belize City is recuperating from a single gunshot wound to the leg. According to police report, the young adolescent was walking towards North Front Street in Belize City and upon reaching the corner of Mapp and Cran Street, a car drove up […]

Attorney and former Public Officer Gian Ghandi passes
Reports reaching our newsroom are that attorney and former public officer Gian Ghandi passed away in Belmopan this morning. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as more information becomes available.

Garinagu face fight to hold land in Honduras
The Garinagu people of Atlantic Honduras have banded together to fight the continued encroachment and expropriation of their land. Independent journalist Jeff Abbott, writing for Portside, says projects funded by the U.S. Government for investment in Central America are just a cover for multinational corporations to invest […]

Fair and warm weather expected to prevail
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with a few cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated. Winds will be blowing from the East at 5-15 knots and the sea state will be choppy. High temperatures today are expected around […]

Home Invasion in Hattieville
Reports reaching our newsroom is that shortly after 9:00pm last night, there was a home invasion in Hattieville. According to the report, three men dressed as Belize Defense Force soldiers and pretending to be police officers, forced their way into the home of Augustine Ramos. Mr. Ramos managed to escape […]


The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 8
The following is a continuation of the timeline between 1994 – 1999 from part 7. 1994 – 1999: Belize Foreign Minister Dean Barrow responds to the letter on 22nd March 1994, strongly asserting that Belize stand by its rights to a 12 mile territorial sea based on the equidistance principle. “Protests have and are hereby lodged against any and all Guatemalan claims and or acts past present and future, in violation of international law…” At the UN 49th General Assembly on 24th october 1994, Belize’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Edward Laing, rebuts statement by Guatemala’s representative who reiterates Guatemalan non recognition of Belize land border and territorial sea. he expresses dissatisfaction that Guatemala should question the universal recognition of the inviolability of Belize borders (reflected in the numerous Resolutions of the United States General Assembly)

The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 9
THE 21st CENTURY 14th January, 2000 Jose Portillio inaugurated as President of Guatemala attended by Prime Minister Musa. In his inaugural speech he assures the intention of his Government to do everything possible to find a definitive solution 24th January, 2000 Guatemalan national shot and killed by BDF return fire in Sapote area of the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, a major marijuana cultivating area 16th January, 2000 Prime Minister Musa informas a Press Conference that he had written Guatemalan Foreign Minister Gabriel Orellana expressing regret over the incident, providing an official report, and inviting participation in a joint investigation Prime Minister Musa also announces the holding of a Belize/Guatemala technical meeting to be held in Miami on 25th february The Press Conference is informed of the appointment of a new National Advisory Council on the Guatemalan claim 24th February, 2000 Guatemalan armed forces abduct 4 member BDF/Police patrol in the Tree Tops area of San Vicente Belize 25th February, 2000 Belize protests Guatemalan incursion, demanding release of its security personnel Belize withdraws from Miami technical meeting

Caye Caulker Vacation: Take the Chance to Go Slow
A Caye Caulker vacation is something that anyone would want to have. If you are planning to spend your days in Caye Caulker beaches and bars, here is a short guide to help you make the most of your stay. A Caye Caulker vacation is the epitome ofCaye Caulker Vacation relaxation. Lining the sandy streets of this island village are guesthouses, grocery shops, internet cafes, restaurants, artisans selling crafts, and a few bars. At the end of the village, you will find the legendary split where you can take a dip or grab a drink at the Lazy Lizard bar. Caye Caulker is all about relaxing in a small and quaint environment. You can read a book, chill in a hammock, talk to some local islanders, eat lots of lobster, enjoy some drinks, go for a swim, or just do nothing at all, whatever you like. Located 21 miles northeast of Belize City, Caye Caulker is just south of Ambergris Caye. A few of the Mestizo refugees who landed on Ambergris Caye after the Caste Wars in Mexico moved and inhabited this island. There are several theories on the origin of the name ‘Caulker,’ but the most convincing is an anglicized version of ‘Hicao,’ which is the island’s Spanish name for coco plum. Today, tourism and fishing form the base of their local economy. They supply most of the lobster food for Red Lobster as well as for Ambergris Caye.

Sweet Potato Coconut Bunt Trifle
I do a spin on our Belizean Trifle and use sweet potato to replace evaporated milk. The cake was very dense, but oddly delicious. This would go well with coffee or tea.

7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Visit Belize Now!
The little known country of Belize has a wealth of activities to offer every traveller. The sun is hot, the beaches beautiful and the sea warm. The reef is teeming with sea life, the land is awash in jungle and colourful wildlife. You can choose to sit back and relax with a cold beer, feel a breeze against your skin while sailing, jump into a cool pool during a hot hike, head underground for some cave tubing, wander around Mayan ruins, and so much more. Belize may be small, nestled by Mexico and Guatemala, but it sure is a country that packs a lot in! This is definitely the reason most people visit Belize, and why not. With such unusual dive sites, such as the Blue Hole, which regularly makes it onto lists of top dive sites, and the notoriously inhabited Shark and Ray Alley proving to be the main draws. Admittedly I did neither, but I did learn to dive while staying in Caye Caulker, and decided against the Blue Hole due to my lack of inexperience as this is a deep dive. However, even while learning to dive at the local reef we saw plenty of fish, coral, and a few Moray Eels. With warm waters a short wetsuit is all that’s required. The reef is the second largest in the world, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and there are a multitude of Caye and Island Atolls which are teeming with underwater wildlife. Many people venture to Utilla to learn to dive, as it’s slightly cheaper, but I think it’s better to pay a little bit more for a much better dive experience. Without a doubt Belize is one of the best places to dive or snorkel in Central America, and there are opportunities for both all along the coast. All I need now is a go pro to photograph my next dive and snorkel adventures!

International Sourcesizz

Jorge Landero is a painter. He likes to start working at three or four in the morning, after a cup of milk. His open-air studio is a concrete floor walled by a hedge of bamboo, and is frequented by his German shepherd, Max, who cannot be deterred from lapping water out of the paint cans. Landero says he started painting after years of hating his masonry work. “It was so [#%!] hard. Nobody bought me a brush…[But] my life was going to be doomed if I was not going to be an artist.” Now, he paints bright, beautiful canvases that hang in offices, banks, and resorts all over Belize. When Prince Harry visited the country in 2012, a resort owner touched down by helicopter to pick out a gift for him. I ask Landero, “How would you like to see Belize change?” “You cannot change Belize,” he says immediately. “The world is always going to be this way.” While he and I talk, Landero’s nine-year-old son Johan puts down his own painting on the table. It’s a beautiful waterfall scene. After we praise it, he grins and disappears back into the house on a secret errand.

CONCACAF Watch: Belize finally hosting CCL match
After years of disqualifications because of stadium issues, the nation of Belize finally will host a CONCACAF Champions League match, writes Jon Arnold. Despite direct entry into the competition, Verdes FC will become the first team to host a CONCACAF Champions League match in Belize when it faces Queretaro on Tuesday night. The first year of the CONCACAF Champions League, 2008-09, the Verdes were allowed in the tournament but played home matches at a neutral site. Since then, teams from the Central American nation have had to surrender their spot to another Central American team. Belize's FFB Stadium, the national ground, was deemed not to meet the confederation's standard. But after money from FIFA helped renovate the field, lights and dressing rooms, and after a false start last year when the Belmopan Bandits were set to play but ruled out after the tournament already had started, the CCL is finally coming to Belize.

Keller Williams set for overseas expansion in China, Belize and Colombia
Brand brings on former Re/Max exec Bill Soteroff to help lead its international growth. Keller Williams Realty has signed master franchise agreements for China, Belize and Colombia, continuing its rapid overseas growth. It’s also hired a new executive to help manage that growth. The Austin, Texas-based franchisor welcomed its first overseas affiliate in 2012 in Vietnam. With the three countries announced today, the firm now has franchise operations in 20 countries.

ETX nursing students plan medical trip to Belize
Kimberly Malone and Mara Poland are two East Texas nursing students who are planning a trip to Belize, but not for a vacation. They want to help provide health care to orphans in a country where quality medical care is a luxury. The two nurses-in-training are already hitting the books for their upcoming semester at UT Tyler Palestine and their trip. "We have a lot of nursing skills on our hands right now and we have this opportunity so that's what we're going with,” said Malone. With help from the International Service Learning program, Malone are Poland are heading to Belize to help the already struggling health clinics provide care for women and young children.

WKU's Johnson takes life experience from basketball mission trip to Belize
Western Kentucky's Justin Johnson is expanding his game this offseason, but he's also expanding his horizons off the court. The sophomore forward recently returned from a nine-day trip to Belize with the Sports Reach program, which takes groups of athletes to different countries to compete in games and complete mission work. Johnson was one of three current college players on the trip, along with a handful of other players - most of them former college athletes. Among the activities for the players during their journey was two trips to a children's home to deliver shoes and play with the kids. "It made you count your blessings," Johnson said. "The children's home was like 125 kids in one spot, no shoes. They showed us where some of the kids sleep and everything. The people that worked there told us they were better there than at some of the homes they live in, and you think, 'Man, this is still a rough place.' It was good to spend some time with some of those guys.

Roanokers lend a helping hand in paradise
Here’s one way to get to Placencia, Belize in Central America from Roanoke: You show up at Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport at about 5 a.m., to catch a 7 a.m. flight to Atlanta, where you hop another airliner to Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport outside Belize City. After your arrival, yet another flight awaits you. It’s about an hour long, in a single-engine, 12-seat airplane that’s more or less a 1975 minivan with wings. Before you say prayers as you hop aboard that vibrating, rattling contraption, visit the airport’s only watering hole, Jett’s Bar, owned and operated by a 4-foot-tall character named Jett. He looks like an aging Tattoo, the little guy in the old “Fantasy Island” television show. Jett may be the shortest bartender in the world. “Drink the rum punch,” a friend who made this journey last year had emphatically advised me. “Especially the stuff you get at the airport in Belize City waiting to get on the puddle jumper that flies you to Placencia. To survive that epic flight you need to be hammered!”

12 Stunning Overwater Bungalow Resorts (PHOTOS)
Located three miles from San Pedro in the calm waters of the Western Caribbean, off the coast of Belize, Cayo Espanto features butler-serviced villas with heated, private plunge pools and private docks. The resort's overwater bungalows, called "Casa Ventanas," are located the end of a dock that stretches over 150 feet off the island for the ultimate in privacy and surrounded by turquoise blue Caribbean Sea Guests can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking and fly-fishing.

Intentan colocar bandera beliceña en territorio guatemalteco
Civiles de Belice realizaron una incursión de abuso a la barra Sarstoon, Izabal, dando a conocer que es propiedad de Belice. El Comando Naval del Caribe les solicitaron documentación a los ciudadanos, pero estos indicaron que no tenían que entregar papeles ya que está en aguas beliceñas. Las autoridades hicieron un movimiento de contención para controlar la situación. Aún así, los vecinos se sienten atemorizados, especialmente los pescadores del lugar.

The Prime Minister of Belize - Dean O. Barrow: Commence building the Belize Coast Guard F.O.B. on Sarstoon Island!
Among the foremost of responsibilities of the Government of Belize (GOB) is to ensure that the: sovereignty, territorial integrity, security, safety and well-being of the nation of Belize is maintained. The nation of Guatemala remains steadfastly obstinate in its unfounded claim to virtually half of Belize's sovereign territory. The GOB, via its "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ACCOMMODATION and ADHERENCE has bowed to the bullying tactics of Guatemala involving innumerable, related matters. Sarstoon Island which lies in the Sarstoon River that divides Belizean territory from that of Guatemala, was recognised by the 1859 Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty, which explains that which constitutes the border between the two nations. Hence the Constitution of Belize (1981), via Schedule 1, acknowledges Sarstoon Island as indisputably being Belizean territory.


  • Fight turns to deadly Hit and Run after socializing in BTL Park, 1min. At approximately 3:00a.m. on August 15th, a fight broke out on New Town Barracks. At 3:05 a.m. a group of men were socializing in BTL Park. They left the park and when they reached MCC, Stadium, Mark Benguche and Joel Bishop were attacked by several men.At the same time a vehicle sped off and ran over Bishop. Bishop, 28 years old became unconscious and received injuries to his face and a fractured leg. 22-year-old Mark Benguche of Corton Lane received a cut wound to the left cheek, 28-year-old Austin Rowland of Oleander Street received a cut wound to the right ear and forehead, and 21-year-old Eugene Arana of Brown Street received three stab wounds to the right shoulder area.

  • Sarstoon Situation, 1min. Over 200 Belizean patriots did yesterday what the PM of this country cannot do -- circle around our own Belizean Sarstoon Island.

  • Zip Lining at Jaguar Paw in Belize, 11min.

  • Intentan colocar bandera beliceña en territorio guatemalteco, 4min. Guatemalan media claiming Sarstoon Island and the entire Sarstoon River belongs to Guatemala. You can clearly see at 2:40 in this video filmed by the Guatemalan press when the giant Guatemalan naval boat attempts to ram the much smaller Belizean boat loaded with peaceful, non-weaponized civilians. Later in the video you can also see clearly the OAS boat tied up alongside the Guatemalan military boat, when they did not even once engage the Belizeans or the Belizean boats. Sad to say "not one blade of grass" is a myth. Guatemala has already annexed a portion of Southern Belize, if not more. Between Barranco and the Sarstoon, illegal Guatemalan fishing camps dot the coast line.

  • Belizean Resistance In Southern Belize: The Annexation of Sarstoon Island by Guatemala!, 36min. Wake Up Belize show with the revolutionary Belizean talk show host, Mose Hyde, featured Belizean Journalist Bilal Morris of the Los Angeles based Belizean organization BREDAA discussion the resistance movement that has developed against the insidious Guatemalan military oligarchy aggression and annexation of the southern Belizean island of Sarstoon on the Belize Sarstoon River. The two Belizean journalist and activists discussed the revolutionary actions of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) in their relentless resistance against the Guatemalan military oligarchy aggression since 2008 after the signing of the 2008 Compromis between the Belizean government and the Guatemalan government that would have taken both countries into a referendum to take the Belize/Guatemalan Dispute to the international Court of Justice. Since that time, the Guatemalan government has encouraged massive encroachments on Belizean land at the Southern border of Belize, and has violently aggressed Belizeans citizens, the Belize Coast Guard, and murdered a Belizean security personnel, Danny Conorquie. The issue is close to become an international catastrophe with the Guatemalan military blockade of the BTV expedition to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16, 2015, as a show of resistance to establish claim to the island as Belizean territory.

  • Tropical (Yellow) Rat Snake / Tiger tree snake (Spilotes pullatus) - Belize, Maya mountains, 1min.

  • Belize so far, 11min. This is a Special video as I interview my new life in Belize.

  • Belize 08 11 15, 7min. Cave Tubing

  • Belizean Artists Take 2015 National Song Competition, 3min.

  • Guatemalan Military Attempts To Thwart B.T.V. Mission In Belizean Waters, 6min.

  • Foresters Lodge, Cayo, Blackman Eddie, Belize, Central America, 5min. Foresters Lodge is in the village of Blackman Eddy which is at mile 57 on the Western Highway. The Cabana built by local Mennonites is on sixteen acres which is situated on a hill with panoramic views of Barton Creek, and Spanish Lookout. The five horses on the property graze around the cabana freely during the day.The deck is a great place to enjoy your morning cup of tea and enjoy the singing birds and sunsets in the evening. There are Mango, Sour sop, Custard Apple, Avocado, Coconut, Papaya and Limes trees on the property. All of these fruit trees bring in animals and birds which make the deck a great spot for bird watching. You may be able to see a Toucan or a Gibnut at dawn or dusk. There are dogs on the property who are all friendly and are in the owners fenced in area. Foresters Lodge is a place you must experience to understand. We made life long friends. The bird watching & sunsets are astounding. The view is wonderful in all directions. Audrey & her 1st mate, Graham & their team are extraordinary! Lots of local restaurants & adventure tours nearby. Animal lovers will really like this place. We spent a lot of our time just relaxing, watching the sunsets & wildlife. All the photos in this video were taken on the property. It was like being at home, we will be back!

  • KulchaTours & Charters, Hopkins, Belize, Central America, Charlton Castillo, 3min. Charlton is the absolute best connection in Hopkins Belize for tours, bird watching, taxi, or airport transfers. He is a licensed Tour Guide & member of the Belize Audubon Society. He will be on time or early for any appointment. His knowledge of local birds & wild life is unequaled! He & Corine have become our great friends. Be sure to visit Corine at the Kulcha gift shop for the coldest beer & best T-Shirts in Hopkins. His tours include, Jaguar Preserve, Mayflower Waterfall Hike, Cayo Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing, Bird Watching Tour, Southern Mayan Ruins, Zipline, and Water Fall Rappelling.

  • Cave Tubing at Jaguar Paw in Belize, 4.5min.

  • Tropic Air ~ Belize, 15min. Tropic Air plane ride from Placencia to Dangriga Belize.

  • Crisis On Belize's Sarstoon Island: A Progressive Media Forum!, 90min. The progressive Belizean KREM TV television show, The Morning Review, hosted by Sister Yaya Marin Coleman, analyzed the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) expedition to Belize's Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16, 2015, at the advent of widespread objection by Belize government officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Security. Aired during a climate of political tension surrounding the BTV's relentless struggle to resist by all means the Guatemalan military oligarchy claims that the Sarstoon Island is a 'disputed' territory, the show presented the views and analysis of Belizean journalist, Bilal Morris of BREDAA, and Patrick Rogers of the Vision Inspired by the People (VIP).

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    Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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    Cayo Espanto
    Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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