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Today's Belize News: August 19, 2015 #506780
08/19/15 05:38 AM
08/19/15 05:38 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Signing of Tax Information Exchange Agreement between Belize and Switzerland
The Belize High Commission is pleased to announce that the Government of Belize and the Swiss Federal Council signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement was signed by H.E. Ms. Perla Perdomo, High Commissioner of Belize to the United Kingdom and Mr. Frank Gruetter, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement will allow for the exchange of information that is relevant to the determination, assessment and collection of such taxes, the recovery and enforcement of tax claims or the investigation or prosecution of tax matters.

Belize participate in UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament
Belize participated in the Central American Football Union (UNCAF) Pre-Olympic Tournament held in Guatemala from Saturday, August 8th to Saturday, August 15th. The tournament will decide the three teams that will represent UNCAF at the 2015 Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Men’s Olympic Qualifying Championship. Among the players forming the Belize National Under 23 football team is island athlete Rugerri Orvin Trejo. Participating in the UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament are National selections from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. They were divided into two groups with each team playing two matches. Belize was drafted in Group B along with Honduras and Guatemala, while Group A consists of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama.

Saga observes International Homeless Animal Day
On Saturday, August 15th, Saga Humane Society celebrated the first ever International Homeless Animal Day in San Pedro. Saga highlighted homeless animals from around the world with an adoption campaign for their animals. The event kicked off at noon and went on until 5PM with the showcasing of adoptable pets for the general public while at the same time introducing the San Pedro residents to the work done by Saga. Dawn LoCascio, one of the organizers stated that the event was fun and they had a good turnout. “It was big day for us especially in view of the Dog Act being enforced and the new pet adoption. We are on such a great track. We got some lookers and I am happy to say that we also had five adoptions which are in process. The animals loved all the attention and the most interesting part is that there were people visiting Fort Dog who had never been there before,” said LoCascio.

Ambergris Today

Plenty of Horsing Around at Banana Bank Lodge Summer Camp
Summer camps in Belize are aplenty – some hit the beach, some hit the sea, while others hit the jungles of the countryside. But this one camp is centering its activities on horseback riding. The Summer Horse Camp at Banana Bank Lodge and Jungle Horseback Adventures stands out as the only program in the country that has its young participants handling, riding and taking care of horses. It’s a fun-filled summer camp that is packed with adventure, but at the same time teaches young children how to ride horses, communicate with them, train them and also teaches them responsibilities as they care, clean and saddle their own horse assigned to them throughout the entire camp session. “Horsing around is allowed,” says Leisa Carr of Banana Bank Lodge who runs the camp and is in full contact with the children throughout the week-long camp. It’s all about the horses and even those who are not experienced riders or familiar with horses find themselves thinking about horses all day long – even dreaming about them.

San Pedro Lions Club Spearheads Countrywide Eye Screening
It was the San Pedro Lions Club that spearheaded a drive to conduct free eye screening for children on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize that lead to the Lions Club International Foundation of the International Association of Lions Clubs to offer a grant that enabled all the Lions Clubs in the country to use Special Portable Eye Screeners to conduct a LIONS- Belize National Children Eye Screening Program. The program kicked off in San Pedro this weekend as Lions and Leo members were trained to use the Eye Screeners by Lion Dr. Edward Cordes, Lions Clubs International Past International Director and Head of the Lions Kid Sight USA, which is a Lions Clubs International USA Eye Screening Program, and Ms. Cyd McDowell, who is the President of Plus Optix, the company from which the Eye Screeners were bought. On Saturday, August 15, 2015, the trainers overlooked the screening process as children visited the Lions Den to have their vision checked. Screening only took place for a couple hours in the morning as the machines had to be taken to other clubs to train their members. Outgoing San Pedro Lions President Rigoberto Kumul informed Ambergris Today that the club has secured a donation which will have the island club acquiring its own portable eye screeners so that the San Pedro Lions Club can conduct regular eye screening for children.

Saga Humane Society Conducts Adoption Drive
On Saturday afternoon, August 15, 2015, volunteers, friends and staff of Saga Humane Society hosted the first ever International Homeless Animals Day at Saga Humane Society Fort Dog on Sea Grape Street in San Pedro. To honor homeless dogs, Saga showcased all of their dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are available for adoption. Saga Humane Society Chairman Kevin Smith commented, “Saturday’s adoption event was a great way to celebrate International Homeless Animals Days.” Potential adopters visited Saga’s shelter ‘Fort Dog’, see all of the dogs, talk with Saga staff. Adoption councilors and Saga volunteers were on hand to interview potential adopters. The adopters were able to interact with the dogs and cats, ask questions about the animals, learn about activity levels and behavior and get matched with the perfect best friend.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Paint N Splash "seahorse sparkle"2
Thursday, August 20at 2:00am. Belizean Melody Art Galley, San Pedro, Belize

New Town Foreman in San Pedro
The San Pedro Town Council would like to extend a warm welcome and at the same time introduce you all to Mr. Armando Badillo, our new Town Foreman. Mr. Badillo will ensure that workers are organized and that our town is maintained clean and well-kept. Mr. Badillo is a very hard working man with nothing but the town's best interest at heart. Welcome Mr. Armando Badillo!

Calla Creek Community Center Project
4 the World is helping out, big time, with the Calla Creek Community Center. That's some serious work they have going on. It's great to see the community come together for a great cause. Thanks, 4 the World! Pictures here, and here. "Our Belize volunteers along with volunteers from our partner S.O.S.( Students Offering Support) unload lumber to carry across the swinging bridge for the community center project in Calla Creek Village. Next we will take rock, cement, sand and everything else we need across the bridge to the project site."

Seasonal Precipitation Outlook (August September October 2015)
Rainfall amounts that are expected across districts stations during ASO 2015 are as follows. Accumulated rainfall totals for the ASO season are likely to range from 200mm to 800mm over northern (Corozal &Orange Walk), inland(Cayo & Belmopan) and central coastal areas Belize District). Accumulated rainfall totals over southern Belize (Stann Creek and Toledo) are likely to be between 900 mm and 1800 mm. What influences the next season? El Niño Southern Oscillation: A moderate El Niño exists ; sea surface temperatures (SSTs) 11.5° C above average and rising in equatorial eastern Pacific (NINO3.4).

Tall Guy (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and former Laker in Belize
This tall fella #33 is visiting Belize. He is here on vacation while looking at real estate.

Art Lovers!
Make it out to Belize City September 11th for the Silence of Emotion Exhibit by Rony Israel Jovel

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, August 18, 2015: 08. PICK 3: 5 4 5. FANTASY 5: 12 27 21 8 35 O

NICH looking for Communications and Marketing Officer
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) is seeking a suitable applicant to fill the post of Communications and Marketing Officer. To find out more information see vacancy posting or call Stephanie at 822-3302.

Channel 7

Hon. Sedi Says He Doesn't Believe The Media, He'll Wait For The OAS Report
Since Sunday, the Sarstoon showdown between the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Guatemalan Navy has dominated the headlines. As we showed you yesterday, the Guatemalans blockaded the 5 boats carrying 160 persons who wanted to tour the entire circumference of Sarstoon island, which remains the flashpoint for the territorial dispute. All accounts from those on the boat, and our video footage clearly show that it was the Guatemalans who approached first, and they were the ones who moved into positions which caused a dangerous game of bumper boats on the water. But, Belize's Foreign Minister doesn't believe it. That's what Amandala readers saw on page 3 of the mid-week issue. The Foreign Minister scolded Sunday's participants, and simply doesn't believe the footage which shows aggressive engagement by the Guatemalans. In fact, he says, Sunday's encounter between the territorial volunteers and the Guat Navy officials was polite and civil.

Guatemalans Give Another Version Of Sarstoon Showdown
And, while the territorial volunteers gets a tongue lashing from the Foreign Minister, right now the expeditioners are also getting blasted in the Guatemalan media. We've seen news stories from 3 different media outlets from Guatemala, all of which slant against the volunteers. We'll get to the newspaper articles, but first, to that report we told you about last night from the Guatemalan news station, Canal Antigua TV. They got an interview with one of the most senior officers who tried to stop the volunteers from going to Sarstoon island. He's Guat Navy's Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas who also said that the Belizeans were the ones who were being abusive and aggressive. Here are his comments, which have been translated: Carlos Thomas, Vice Admiral "This is a manifestation of a lack of knowledge of some Belizean citizens, by attempting to lodge themselves or a Belizean flag in Guatemalan territory. This historically, the Sarstoon River, the waters of the Sarstoon River, are internal waters which belong to the Guatemalan state. We acknowledged it as such, and the Navy recognizes its sovereignty and it is an important mission which we are carrying out here. Simply, we did a containment movement of this civilian population, which was poorly oriented, I would say, because of their aggressive and abusive approach. They intended to take possession of property which belongs to the Guatemalan state."

It Happened Before...
And one man who knows too well the grip of Guatemalan military is Greg Choc. In October of 2007, the former SATIIM Executive Director was on patrol in the Sarstoon when he and his rangers were stopped and prevented from doing their work. IT caused a huge incident at the time - and on Sunday he was there again. He compared that 2007 experience to what he saw on Sunday on the Sarstoon River: Greg Ch'oc, Former Executive Director, SATIIM "For over almost 2 decades I have work in this area, both accompanying my rangers and board members, with the exception of one incident in October of 2007 where we encounter hostile navy of Guatemala, but we have generally patrol the island incomprehensible that Guatemala now have initiated asserting its sovereignty over the island. The communities on the other side, about 5-6 of them in proximity to each other recognize that the island is Belize. Our boat was intercepted, they came in front of us and we had to stop to avoid a collision and at that time like what they have been doing, from what I have heard from the news that they ask the boat captain and boat to give them the reason for being in the area and when the Belizeans that were on the boat refused, they ask for the rope to be handed over or to accompany them to the base.

PUP: Playing Politics On Sarstoon Or Stealing Volunteers' Thunder?
And while the issue is nationalistic for the volunteers, for the PUP, it is political. The opposition has jumped on the BTV Bandwagon to run roughshod over the foreign minister and the Barrow Administration. Today, Opposition Leader stressed that at this time, they are both proud and ashamed: Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "My friends today we are filled with two distinctly opposite emotions; pride and shame. Pride in our Belizean citizens who on Sunday August 16th, gathered in the beautiful community of Barranco in the southern Belize and embarked on a journey of courage and determination in support of Belize's territorial integrity and sovereign dignity. Pride in those who stood up to Guatemalan aggression in defense of our homeland. At the same time we experienced shame. Shame in our Belize government that failed in its most fundamental of duties. Most fundamental of its obligations, the protection of its citizens and the protection and preservation of our nation state. Shame on this UDP government. Shame on Prime Minister Barrow. Shame on Foreign Minister Elrington. Shame on the Minister of National Security John Saldivar. If this UDP government cannot stand up for and protect its citizens - Belizean citizens. If they refused to protect and defend our territory, then they are useless. We want peace with Guatemala and we must always work together to achieve that peace, but it must be based on respect. Not on fear. Not on intimidation and certainly not on appeasement. We demand that our Belize government seek a full and unequivocal apology from the Guatemalan government by way of a diplomat note for their military's actions on Sunday - a full explanation of why they acted in the manner in which they did. A formal commitment that such actions and behavior will not be repeated."

Min. Of Agriculture: There Is A Northern Drought (Duh...)
Last week - we showed you the grain farmers of the Orange Walk district - who told their story of losing hundreds of acres of corn fields to drought. Here's what the CEO of the Indian Creek Co-Op told us last week about drought conditions in three of the last 4 years:.. Jacob Harms, CEO - Indian Creek Co-Op "From 2012 we had a serious loss on that. We lost about 90% of our corn fields and then in 2013, we did good. We had a yield about 134,000 bags. Then 2014, we lost almost everything. We were expecting about 250,000 bags of corn. We only received 48,000 bags. So we had a huge loss and this year it looks like we will go the same way or even worse." "We need the corm for food, for our own to make our corn tortillas and for animal feed, both. We must survive. We must go on. We are looking at the corn field to see what is happening here and we see that the drought is affecting us a lot and we don't know what to do anymore because we are just down. We need any support for something."

Social Security Workers Vex With Management
Collective bargaining negotiations have started between the Social Security Board and its Staff. But things took a sour note this weekend when the staff shot one across the bow at management and the Board of Directors. The occasion was a staff day at Royal Palm Resort - which should have been for light and lively recreation. Management had everyone outfitted in t-shirts which were emblazoned with the theme "Set to Go", a reference to the SSB's ongoing management transformation process. But workers had their own message for management, which they printed on the backs of their shirts; it said, "United For A Raise." Apparently, workers are upset because they submitted their collective bargaining proposals and the Board of Directors shot down almost every proposal. The staff is asking for a 12% annual raise for three years, an increase in the weeks of leave to 7 for senior staff, and 6 for junior staff, and an increase in sick days leave from 17 to 29, among many other proposals. The management has rejected almost every single proposal made by staff. Both sides were to meet today, but the meeting was postponed.

PUP Leader Avoids Confrontation With G-11
The PUP's press conference today was to talk about the Sarstoon Showdown, but we did manage to get in a question about Dr. Francis Smith's incendiary remarks against how own party. On Sunday morning - the PUP candidate for Pickstock called the media to his office at Belize Medical Associates to explain why he and the G-11 would not be attending the party's rally in Big Falls later that day. Smith insisted that the party must hold true to its constitution and have a convention where the leader can be challenged. Today, that Leader Francis Fonseca didn't want to talk about it too much - and would only say that both sides are working on a compromise:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the PUP "I have met with the 11 standard bearers. We have agreed upon a process which I believe will lead to a resolution of whatever differences we have between and among us. So, I am not going to attack or criticized Dr. Smith or anyone else. We are, as he said, we are free thinkers in the People's United Party. He has every right to his views. But at the end of the day we are one party and we must respect the decisions of our party. So we will have a dialogue, we will have a discussion and we will certainly try to resolve whatever differences exist among us and between us. But at the end of the day when our final decisions are made, we ask and we expect that everyone will respect and abide by those decisions."

Dr. Smith Praises Fonseca, But Says "Mistakes Were Made"
So party leader Fonseca took the high road today - and right that he should; the G-11 while insisting that he face a convention - have not disparaged the man personally. In fact, on Sunday, Dr. Francis Smith repeatedly referred to Fonseca as virtuous. We challenged that - here's how the exchange went:. Dr. Francis Smith, PUP Std. Bearer - Pickstock "Honorable Francis Fonseca, I believe this to be true, is a noble man. He is a good man. He is an educated man and it the mark of an educated mind to tolerate diversity of thought without accepting it. So he is free to choose. He should be able to listen to my views without getting upset, stay calm, just listen. You don't need to agree, but listen. Because that's the way you learn." Jules Vasquez "Sir, this hospital where you work and you have work for many years, is actually an example of how a private sector hospital with commercial loans in the normal course can survive. Universal Healthcare when it started out didn't operate in that model. It operated on another model which was that to receive a commercial loan and government made a guarantee for that. Where was the goodness, the nobility of Francis Fonseca, your party leader when he signed the guarantees we believe in secret, certainly not before the national assembly for that hospital Universal Healthcare?"

Fonseca Sounds Caution On Commercial Banks De-Risking
Recently, there's been a lot of news about the difficulties that 2 banks in Belize have been having after their correspondent banking relationship was severed by the Bank of America. The Prime Minister has commented that it's a situation that is lamentable, but inevitable. Not surprisingly, Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca disagrees. While he had the media's attention today, he took the opportunity to discuss why this issue needs urgent attention: Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the PUP "We have heard about offshore banks and correspondent banks. These are terms that have become very familiar to the Belizean people, but the reality is that offshore banks with no corresponding banks, means no offshore banking sector and the essence of offshore banking is the free flow of foreign currency, primarily US dollars through the banks without any exchange control. This is a kin to conducting banking business in the US, but doing it outside of the US. Without these corresponding banks that we have been hearing about then you are forced to do banking essentially back in the United States, which means that Belize offshore banks are no longer attractive and ultimately leads to a loss skilled labor jobs."

Sarstoon, Imagine There's No Showdown...
Last night, in our coverage of the trip to the Sarstoon, we focused on the confrontation on the River between the Guatemala Navy, and the Belize Territorial Volunteers. But, there is a completely different angle that we've yet to present. That's a look at the lighter side of the expedition, and how it would have unfolded, if there hadn't been a confrontation. Tonight, we've have that story for you: Daniel Ortiz reporting At around 10 a.m. yesterday, approximately 200+ persons gathered onto this pier in Barranco Village. They came from the Orange Walk and Belize Districts, spending anywhere between 3 and a half to 6 hours on the road. On this Sunday, they were there to travel to Sarstoon Island and see for themselves a spit of land in a wide river that has become ground zero for the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute. In Barranco, they were pleasantly surprised to find police officers Coast Guard personnel on site. They were there to ensure the safety of those boarding the boats heading to the landing zone, a sand bar with waist deep water, right before the mouth of the Sarstoon River.

Under 18 Volleyballers Score Successive Wins In Costa Rica
The female under 18 volleyball selection is in San Jose Costa Rica tonight playing in the Central American Championship. The news is that after a disappointing opening game against Salvador on Sunday, the team cruised past Nicaragua last night: 25:20, 25-21, 25-17. Belize's Mya Musa and Kori Diego scored 12pts each, each hammering 10 kills at the net; while Mya also served 2 aces and Kori had 2 blocks. The good play continues at this hour where Belize beat Panama, three sets to nil, 25 - 8, 25 - 14, and 25 to 10 - in a match that was concluded 15 minutes ago. But it gets tougher after this when they play Honduras on Thursday and the defending champs Costa Rica on Friday. We'll keep you posted.

High Times In The New Hilux
For the past few weeks you've been seeing the ads for the new 2016 Hilux on the news. Well it just came into the country last week - and since we love to play with what we cannot purchase, we thought we'd take it for a spin, or a hundred. Jules Vasquez pulled up at Belize Diesel today for a whirl:.. Jules Vasquez reporting The 2016 Toyota Hilux has long been the standard in third world pickups - but this year it's been re-designed. Ryan Marin, Sales - Belize Diesel and Equipment Company "This is the all-new 2016 Hilux. So, we have changes to the engine, new body style, it's a wider, longer wheel-base, new chassis, new suspension, new interior, new features inside." Indeed, the Hilux has the heft and feel of a first world pickup or a full size SUV - still it's surprisingly quiet inside and the ride comfort is comparable to an SUV. The redesigned grille and other touches, give it a more aero-dynamic look, but still, for better or worse, has that unmistakable third world profile.

Alpuche On Acquittal
Last week Friday, we told you how Efrain Alpuche, the security guard of PUP politician Ramon "Monchie" Cervantes, was acquitted of arson along with his co-defendant, Saulito Vasquez. At that time, we tried to get an interview with him, but he was unavailable. Well, as you saw before the break, he was one of the people who went on the trip to Sarstoon Island. While we had the opportunity, we asked him about the acquittal from the accusation that he burnt BSI's cane fields, and here's what he had to say: Efrain Alpuche, Acquitted of Arson "To be honest I must say that it's a relief to be having that, even though I maintained my innocence. To have had that hanging was heavy. From last Friday we went to court and a memorandum was handed down from the DPP's office withdrawing the case. We were not disclosed, nor was m lawyer able to get a copy of the disclosure as to why, but it was withdrawn so I am quite relief and it's good to be out and I don't have that hanging over my head anymore." Daniel Ortiz "Was there any doubt?" Efrain Alpuche, Acquitted of Arson "About my innocence, no. That was purely political mischief on their part and I guess it didn't work out. My speculation is that they didn't have a case, so it fell apart on them."

Channel 5

“Shame on U.D.P. Government!” – Francis Fonseca on Sarstoon Confrontation
Following an incident in the Sarstoon between the Guatemalan military and a group led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers on Sunday, the People’s United Party has condemned the actions of [...]

P.U.P. Deputy Leader and Senator Recount Sarstoon Island Expedition
The People’s United Party did not form a part of the expedition, but former P.U.P. Foreign Minister and current Senator Lisa Shoman was present and accounted for…as was P.U.P. Deputy [...]

BTV Doesn’t Need O.A.S. Report to Prove They Didn’t Enter Guatemalan Waters
Immediately after BTV’s trek to the Sarstoon, the government of Belize, through the National Security Council, announced that they had been on top of things, monitoring the entire expedition – [...]

G.O.B. Needs to Clarify NSC Statement on Sarstoon Island Expedition
The release from the National Security Council has been met with disbelief and outrage in certain quarters, largely because it does not even acknowledge that there was any incident at [...]

What’s the Opposition’s Take on Local Banking Sector?
Fonseca says that while all eyes are on Guatemala and the threat to the Sarstoon, there is another critical issue on the front-burner which has potentially devastating consequences on Belize’s [...]

P.U.P. Party Leader Meets with G-Eleven
A group of P.U.P. standard, informally dubbed the G-eleven, continues to boycott party functions. On Sunday, when a consultation was held in Big Falls, they were not there. The eleven, [...]

Hit & Run Victim Hilton Conorquie Clings to Life at K.H.M.H.
A Belize City man is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being hit by a vehicle and left for dead on the George Price Highway over [...]

Still No Arrests in Murder of Joel Bishop
Police are nowhere closer to determining who was responsible for the murder of twenty-eight-year-old Joel Bishop. Bishop, a resident of Oleander Street in Belize City, was along with a group [...]

BPOs and Employment in Belize
Employment in Belize has been a hot-button issue for the public and private sector. Approximately forty percent of the country is poor and the unemployment rate is just as dismal. [...]

Men Accused of Burning Cane Fields Are Acquitted of Arson
In May, Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez were arrested by Orange Walk Police and charged for allegedly burning cane fields in San Lorenzo belonging to Belize Sugar Industries Limited. But [...]

Accused Murderer of Well-Known Conch Shell Bay Fisherman Rearrested
Forty-two-year-old James Rhaburn, accused of killing Michael Richard Ysaguirre by beating him to death in June 2014, remains in police custody tonight pending a charge of murder.  Ysaguirre is the [...]

One of Two Accused Robbers Acquitted of Murder of Mennonite Businessman
Tonight, one of two men accused of the murder of businessman Wendelin Reimer, who was shot and killed during a robbery at Eagle One Hardware in October 2011, is home [...]

Dismantling Criminal Firearms Trafficking Organizations
Seventy percent of the population of SICA member countries identify crime as the main threat to sustainable human development and one of the biggest contributors is the trafficking of illegal [...]

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08/19/15 05:38 AM
08/19/15 05:38 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


26 Females Workers Released After 69 Hours Behind Bars
Late this evening at the Corozal Magistrates court, several illegal immigrants and alleged bar workers from Orange Walk Town were slapped with a charge of failure to comply with recommendations of a visiting permit. This charge comes after a sweep from Immigration officials from Belmopan and Belize City on Friday night. As we reported last night, the immigration teams rounded up a total of 26 women, mostly workers, who were found inside popular bars around town. The women comprised of Guatemalans, Hondurans and Belizeans were detained on Friday night around 10:00 and were not permitted to leave after the police’s 48 hour detention period. We understand also that around 4:15 yesterday evening, Immigration Officials arrived at the station and took away eleven of the girls in a white van. We understand these women, who were not charged, were taken to the Benque Border where they will be deported back to their country. Attorney for the 3 Belizeans, Marcel Cardona, told us today that his clients were released from 7:30 last night without any charge. That is after they spent 69 and a half hours behind bars. We tried on several attempts to get official information from the Immigration authorities but we were told no one is authorized to give comment except for Maria Marin, the Director of Immigration. Our messages and calls to her desk are yet to be returned.

Leaked Memo Reveals Why DPP Dropped Case Against Monchie' Driver
Last night we told you about the charge for arson which was withdrawn against Efrain Alpuche, security guard for PUP Orange Walk North standard bearer Ramon Cervantes Jr., and Saulito Vasquez. The duo was charged with arson of sugar cane fields belonging to Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) on the San Lorenzo Road in May 2015 but then the DPP advised the police to withdraw the charge due to lack of evidence. The reasons behind the DPP’s decision was not known when the news broke out that the charge had been dropped against both men. But tonight we can give you that information thanks to a leaked Memo obtained by the media from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and sent to the Officer Commanding the Orange Walk formation, Assistant Superintendent Selvin Tillett.

Campaign To Raise Awarness Against Dengue And Malaria Continues In Corozal
On August 7th Kim Bautista, the Chief Operations Officer for the Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health, revealed that at week 31, 1638 persons were tested for dengue and out of that amount, 261 cases were confirmed by laboratory testing. That’s 36 more cases or a 16 percent increase when compared to data from last year during the same period. Bautista also reiterated that health officials are keeping a close eye on the Corozal, Cayo and Toledo Districts for the disease. Bearing in mind that the best way to get rid of the mosquito that transmits dengue and to have the disease under control is by practicing civic pride, the Corozal Health services embarked on clean-up campaign this past Saturday. The aim was to destroy not only the vector that causes Dengue, but also malaria and Chik V.

Dr. Francis Smith Discusses PUP G11's Position In The Party
Yesterday we told you about the P.U.P G-11’s proposals for reforming and strengthening the democracy within the People’s United Party. As previously reported 11 standard bearers have not yet returned to the fold and are now locked in negotiation with the PUP’s sub-committee of two, appointed by party leader Francis Fonseca. The sub-committee which is made up of standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa, and, Area representative for the Cayo South, Hon. Julius Espat, met with two members of the eleven including Dr. Francis Smith, standard bearer for Pickstock constituency, and Paul Thompson, standard bearer for the Albert constituency. In a lengthy press meeting on Sunday, Smith told reporters about the intentions of the group and their resolve to change the way P.U.P carries out its business. Smith stressed that the group is not fighting to take over the leadership of the party, but is only pushing for “quality assurance to make the party better.”

Wilfred Elrington Says he Does Not Believe Belize Media
An article from the Amandala Newspaper is tonight raising eyebrows and causing great concern in the public domain. That is because the article entitled “I don’t believe the Belize Media” quotes the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington stating that there is no evidence to suggest that the Guatemalan navy harassed Belizeans in our territorial waters on Sunday’s expedition. As you might recall those heading the expedition have stated that Guatemalan authorities entered Belizean waters and tried to block them from reaching closer to the Sarstoon Island. All this was witnessed by representatives of the OAS and captured by the cameras of various media houses including ours.

Carolyn Trench Sandiford Verifies Medias' Version Of Sarstoon Trip
So Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington does not believe the Belize media or anyone who was on the excursion to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday. While the Minister says he awaits a report from the Organization of American States so that government can take a decision as to its next move, he did keep in his usual stance, which is that the Belizean people basically have no business at the Sarstoon as it agitates the so called “good relations” with Guatemala. He even asserted that the Guatemalans extended courtesy to the Belizean visitors. The Minister’s remarks have without a doubt stirred different levels of emotions not only within Belizeans who were part of the group at the Island but others who have been following the story closely.


New Public Service Union President speaks of way forward
Eldred Neal is the recently elected president of Public Service Union. Neal told us that under his leadership the executive will continue following a strategic plan of action and will start on a campaign to get more members. Eldred Neal – President, PSU “As an individual holding the office my personal priority is to ensure […]

Training continues in the fight against illicit firearms trade
A specialized course was held for Judicial Officers in Belize by the Central American program on Small arms and Light weapons control (CASAC). Its aim is to dismantle illicit trade of firearms. Director of CASAC, Hefer Morataya, told us what the workshop is about. Hefer Morataya – Director, CASAC ““We are conducting the first course […]

Banking sector in crisis says Opposition Leader
During the press conference this morning, PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, spoke about the banking sector in Belize, specifically what Fonseca describes as a “crisis in the banking sector” in Belize. Recently, Bank of America terminated its correspondent banking relationship with Atlantic Bank International. And previous to that, Bank of America terminated has also terminated is […]

PUP leader expresses confidence after meeting with disgruntled standard bearers
On Sunday, PUP standard bearer, Francis Smith, summoned the media to share his opinion on the internal rumblings within the party. Smith spoke on several topics especially the position of G11- the group of Standard Bearers within the PUP seeking major reforms within the party. Today, Fonseca was asked to respond to Smith’s comments. Francis […]

Female cross country champion picks up prizes
The annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic was held on May 17. The race which had eight participants, started from San Ignacio and ended in Belize City. Today a ceremony was held for the winners including first place winner Alicia Thompson, who spoke to Love New about her win and minor complications she had on […]

Man freed of murder charge in trial without a jury
Twenty-five year old Ernest Staine, one of two men charged with the murder of 36 year old Wendelin Reimer, was acquitted of the charge today by Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial that was without jury. Reimer who was the owner of Eagle One hardware Store, located at mile four and a half on Phillip […]

Belize takes on Mexico in Scotia bank CONCACAF champion’s league
The FFB Stadium will be abuzz with action later tonight as Belize’s national Champions Verdes FC Belize will be hosting Gallos Blancos de Queretaro in the Scotia bank CONCACAF champion’s league. Belize has not been a part of the competition since 2008. Earlier today Love News caught up with the community manager for the Mexican […]

Organizations salute work of the Belize Territorial Volunteers
Mayor of Orange Walk, Kevin Bernard issued a release on behalf of the Orange Walk Town Council saluting the Belizeans who journeyed to the Sarstoon River on Sunday to take a stand and send a message. Mayor Bernard says quote “As a Belizean, and as a patriot, I am proud and humbled by the tremendous […]

Opposition says Guatemalan official’s statements need to be rectified
As we mentioned, Guatemala media were present at Sarstoon River and yesterday one of the first news report of that country on the expedition was published online. It came from Canal Antigua and the reporter reported that Belizeans had entered into Guatemalan waters in order to position a flag on Sarstoon Island. In his news […]

Role of OAS clarified
Media from Guatemala recorded the entire confrontation between Belizeans and Guatemalan armed forces and like the armed forces, they too were in Belizean waters. They, as expected, put their own spin on the situation, reporting that Belizeans were abusive and unmannerly. Reports from several Guatemalan media houses stated that Belizeans were trying to lodge a […]


PUP rally in Toledo well attended
The People’s United Party held a rally in the Toledo district this past Sunday and it has been one of the largest they have seen in a while. Some 4000 persons attended the Power to the People Rally; the second in a series of rallies the PUP is putting off to create some momentum after several rec...

PUP reform movement demands voice in leadership choices
And while the PUP were in Toledo District, conspicuous by their absence were those standard bearers who have demanded a greater voice in party affairs. They have called for a National Convention to be held soon, for more national consultations on party policy and a restructuring of the National Exec...

Brawl outside Club in City leaves man dead
The North side of Belize City is relatively low on crime. What crime there is tends to occur in the high traffic areas ranging from Marine Parade along Newtown Barracks and up to St. Thomas Street. However, the area between BTL Park in Belize City and MCC Grounds was on Saturday night the scene of ...

Accident claims lives of two children, several others injured
A traffic accident claimed the life of a minor on the Hummingbird Highway. On Sunday, August 17th, Marvin Zuniga, Claudia O’Brien and nine minors; Lizeth Martinez, Amir Rodriguez, Gabriel Martinez, Stephanie Rodriquez, Manuel Martinez, Graciela Martinez, Leonela Rodriguez, Tirelly Martinez and...

Former SolGen Gian Ghandi dies
Gian Ghandi passed away today August 18 at 82 years old after battling with a long illness. Mr. Gandhi has had a long and distinguished career in the Service of the Government of Belize having served for over 37 years in various capacities such as Crown Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions, Soli...

Parked Car slammed while waiting for accident scene to clear
When the Police were combing the scene of the Hummingbird Highway accident that claimed the life of a two children, they made oncoming vehicles pull off to the side of the road so that no one could interfere with the investigation. While the vehicles were pulled off to the side of road, a White Pi...

American National Died in car crash
There was another fatal traffic accident on Saturday August 15 at about 7:00pm, between miles 68 & 69 on the George Price Highway, Cayo District. 68 year old US National Davis Turner of Calla Creek Village, was driving a Dodge Ram 2 door pickup heading from San Ignacio to Benque Viejo Town. Tr...


“I don’t believe the Belize media”
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington told Amandala this morning that the government is “very satisfied” with how the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ expedition went yesterday on the Sarstoon River, despite widespread reports that the Guatemalan navy harassed Belizeans in our territorial waters. “There was clear evidence that the Guatemalan navy boats were trespassing in Belize territorial waters yesterday; in that case, will your Ministry of Foreign Affairs send a diplomatic note of protest to the Guatemalan authorities?” Amandala asked Elrington. “Fortunately, we had taken the precaution of having the OAS people present, and they are going to do a report on it, and as soon as we get the report, depending on what it consists of, we are going to take a decision,” Elrington replied. Elrington admitted that the Belize Government will not act on the assertions by the BTV that Guatemalan naval boats accosted them in Belize territorial waters.

Sarstoon confrontation!
The government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow upheld its threat not to send the Belize Defence Force (BDF) to ensure that an expedition led by founder and leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), Wil Maheia, and Orlando De La Fuente, leader of the Northern Territorial Volunteers, had safe passage yesterday, Sunday, to Sarstoon Island, the southernmost island in Belize, nestled inside the mouth of the river by the same name, whose southern branch forms the border between Guatemala and Belize. Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, who had to have taken his cue from PM Barrow, had repeatedly said that the expedition did not have Government’s blessing. Last Tuesday, the BTV had sent a letter to the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, informing him about the planned expedition, but there was no reply from Saldivar. When Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman, who is also a member of the Negotiating Team on the Bipartisan Committee on Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belize, announced she was joining the expedition to the Sarstoon, Government’s indifference took a sharp turn – Government then expressed “great consternation” over the announcement.

What really killed Joel Bishop?
A man who was walking home along with his friends from the BTL Park on Newtown Barracks, at about 3:10 a.m. on Saturday, August 15, died in the hospital after he was attacked by about 10 men, who beat him severely, and then ran a vehicle over him and sped away. The victim, identified as Joel Bishop, 29, of Belize City, suffered massive internal injuries and also injuries to his head. He died about 9 hours later at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. His three friends, who also fell victim to the attack that caused Bishop’s fatal injuries, were declared to be in stable condition. One of them has been released from the hospital. Bishop’s body has since been taken to the morgue, where it will undergo a post-mortem exam to determine the cause of his death. Police reports are that they went to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) and saw some men who had suffered various degrees of injuries after they were attacked by a group of men.

Talks with 11 PUP standard bearers challenging status quo
Today, as the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) headed to Big Falls, Toledo District, for its Power to the People consultation rally with 21 standard bearers, 11 standard bearers who have not yet returned to the fold are now locked in negotiation with a sub-committee of two, appointed by party leader Francis Fonseca, to hear their proposals for reforming and strengthening the democracy within the PUP. The sub-committee, made up of Kareem Musa, standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, and Hon. Julius Espat, area representative for the Cayo South, met with two members of the group of 11: Dr. Francis Smith, standard bearer for Pickstock constituency, and Paul Thompson, standard bearer for the Albert constituency. Dr. Smith took time out today on Sunday to brief reporters about the objectives of the group, who are insisting on changing the way the PUP goes about its business.

Editorial: Colonialism and patriotism
There are many good and honest Belizeans who will consider any criticism of Centenary as an attack upon their heritage in the Settlement of Belize. We understand this reaction, and we are sympathetic to it. The reality is, nonetheless, that in 2015 Centenary has been transformed from celebrations couched in a patriotic framework to almost a whole month of predominantly hedonistic events driven by the tourism powerhouse of the Belizean economy. Until the year 1964, Belize was British Honduras, a total British colony. After the settlement had become a Crown Colony, there had been the rebellions of 1894, 1919, 1934, and finally there came the extended anti-colonial push of the People’s United Party (PUP). No matter, until 1964, patriotism in British Honduras definitely meant allegiance to the exploitative rule of British colonialism. It is possible to identify certain families in Belize which were and generally remain, Anglophile. These families were privileged, prestigious and successful during British colonial rule. Most of these families were various hues of brown, but a few were black, black enough. Before 1964, British Honduras was not an incorrigibly divided society where the majority Creole population was concerned.

Drums, not guns!
Roughly 15 young persons from Belize City got a rare chance this week to reconnect with their roots through the art of making and playing drums, as a part of a diverse summer program being offered by the Museum of Belize, which engaged the very talented sambai master, Emmeth Young, of Gales Point Manatee to share his skills with these aspiring drummers. Among those youth were boys and girls, the youngest being only 5. Young said that although the minimum age limit was 8 years, in the culture, they don’t believe in turning people back who show an interest in learning. When the classes began on Monday, Young took 15 shells, mainly of mahogany and cedar, to be used in the making of djembe and sambai drums, to the Museum of Belize, where the children converged for sessions running from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. By Wednesday, some of them had already completed making their drums, and all were complete by Thursday.

From the Publisher
It seems to me that no one can pinpoint when exactly it was that we Belizeans (then British Hondurans) decided that we were worthy of being a nation and that that’s what we wanted to be. Personally, I think that Belizeans were doing an amount of travelling in the first half of the twentieth century apart from the World War I and World War II experiences. Individual Belizeans were coming home and telling our people what they had seen and heard in foreign lands. Our people got to thinking we could have a better life if we did some agitating. Amongst my relatives back then, I had a maternal uncle, Buck Belisle, who worked in Panama from 1941 to 1946. A second cousin, Jerry Belisle (Buck’s first cousin), joined the United States Merchant Marine before I even knew myself. My paternal grandfather’s nephew, Wallace Hyde, travelled all over the world working in the Merchant Marine. So did one of my maternal granduncles, Gilbert Belisle. My paternal grandfather, James Bartlett Hyde, did a lot of travelling along the Gulf Coast of the United States – Corpus Christi and Galveston, Texas; New Orleans and Westwego, Louisiana; Biloxi, Mississippi; Tampa, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; Savannah, Georgia, and up the Carolina coast. To reach these ports, he had to travel along Mexico’s Gulf of Mexico coast – Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Vera Cruz, Tampico, etc.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Real Verdes goalkeeper named best player in tonight’s game against Gallos Blancos
Tonight, Real Verdes makes history as the first football team in Belize to play in the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League against Gallos Blancos from Queretaro, Mexico. Goal keeper, Benito Moreira, was named the best player in tonight’s game as he held his grounds and vigorously defended the goal post for […]

Happy birthday weed?
The sister of a woman accused last week of attempting to smuggle marijuana into the Central Prison in Hattieville is accused this week of attempting the same. 33 year old Shelmadine Garbutt is charged with drug trafficking for taking three grams of the drug into the prison on […]

One of two accused beats robbery-murder
It is officially out of session but the Supreme Court issued a decision in a trial without jury today. 25 year old Ernest Staine, charged with the murder of 36 year old Wendelin Reimer, the owner of Eagle One Hardware Store at Mile 4 1/2 Philip Goldson Highway, […]

Why DPP dropped cane field arson charges
Last week, Efrain Alpuche, a security guard for PUP standard bearer Ramon Cervantes Jr., and Saulito Vasquez, jointly charged with arson of sugar cane fields belonging to Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) on the San Lorenzo Road in May 2015, had their charges dropped for lack of evidence. The […]

Search for 10 years old Jason Pau has been suspended
It has now been eighteen days since 10 years old Jason Pau, resident of the Cuxlin Ha community was last seen alive. On July 31st, Pau was with a group of American volunteers on a field trip to Blue Creek Village, when he mysteriously disappeared. The group reported […]

Over 20 arrested during bar raids in Orange Walk
Earlier, we told you about several female bar workers who were detained after Immigration Officials carried out a raid, sweeping across popular entertainment establishment and bars in Orange Walk Town. A total of 26 women from Honduras, Guatemala and Belize were detained pending investigation into their involvement in a human […]

The Belize People’s Front speaks out
The Belize Territorial Volunteers excursion to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16th, 2015, have spark The Belize People’s Front to take a stand. The Belize People’s Front have issued a press release congratulating the Belize Territorial Volunteers and all Belizeans who partook in this expedition. They stated that Guatemala […]

Update: Home invasion reported in Hattieville
A husband and wife living on the Burrell Boom-Hattieville road were targeted by armed robbers pretending to be police officers over the weekend. Police responded but were not able to get the robbers on time. Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural) Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster told BMG that the […]

Police faulted for response to brawl
The North side of Belize City is relatively low on crime. What crime there is tends to occur in the high traffic areas ranging from Marine Parade along Newtown Barracks and up to St. Thomas Street. However, the area between BTL Park in Belize City and MCC Grounds […]

Man charged for firearm
32 year old Daniel Meighan pleaded not guilty to charges of keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he was arraigned yesterday, August 17th, by Magistrate Patricia Arana. Meighan was taken in custody by police, hours after the home invasion was reported in the Hattieville […]

PUP reform movement demands voice in leadership choices
On Sunday the People’s United Party (PUP) held the second stage of its national tour in the Toledo District. Conspicuous by their absence were those standard bearers who have demanded a greater voice in party affairs. They have called for a National Convention to be held soon, for […]

Over 20 arrested during bar raids in Orange Walk
The Belmopan Immigration Department conducted a special operations, a little over 66 hours ago that resulted in the detention of over twenty female bar workers in Orange Walk Town. Belize Media Group understands that on Friday around 10pm, several teams compromising of members from the Belmopan Immigration and Nationality Department […]


So…You Wanna Ship A Boat To Belize?
From Lisa and Ronnie of the very good blog: First World Refugee. Super information about the planning and the first year of living on Ambergris Caye at Grand Caribe. From selling almost everything you own to getting boat captain licenses. They are on the accelerated Belize program. Thank you SO much for guest blogging while I’m in Michigan. Current temp? About 63 degrees. Brrrr…. We finally decided the time had come to buy our own boat….sounds like a fun and easy task….right? The first step was to decide what brand of boat to get…we knew we wanted a center console boat that could be used for fishing….and that we wanted a boat that was US made… After hours and hours and weeks and weeks of research and talking to friends we decided that the perfect boat was a Sea Hunt Triton – great hull design, “dry boat” has fishing stuff on it and all of the comfortable seating Lisa wanted….and the most important feature our boat had to have…shade! For months we’d find the exact boat we’d want in the price range we could afford online…but every time we’d call it was…Oh, sorry – no longer available…..apparently Sea Hunts are very desirable boats…which is a great thing…unless you’re trying to buy a used one.

Economic co-operation and trade and Belize-Guatemala Issue
Economic co-operation and trade between Belize and Guatemala is hard to manage, risky in the undertaking, and doubtful of success in making Guatemala relinquish its claim over Belize. The difficulties are even multiplied when we look at a state as Belize, which is culturally and politically different from the Republic of Guatemala. Perhaps even more important is Guatemala’s reluctance to make possible the kind of legislative measures to recognize Belize as a sovereign entity. Public speeches by Guatemala’s Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, are great, but they are only partial viewpoints that are subject to expansion and revision. In fact, they do nothing but to satisfy Guatemala’s constitutional obligation to integrate Belize. Guatemala, no doubt, is very clever in its approach to use economics, namely bilateral trade and commerce, as a scheme for ensuring the political integration of Belize within a Central American framework. Once conquered economically, Belize would be easy picking for Guatemala to hold politically. For a long time I have thought carefully and seriously about these matters, and with so much talk going around these days about the Belize-Guatemala issue, I have decided to condense my views on the subject. Setting aside the historical circumstances that formed the Belize-Guatemala dispute, about which others have spoken or written elsewhere, I shall concern myself more with the major point of making economics the wisdom of settling the dispute and less so with the legal issues surrounding the Anglo-Guatemalan claim.

Response to my friend Elroy Johnson
By: Wellington C. Ramos. The Guatemalan claim to Belize like all the claims that exist among the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, has their roots in the Treaty of Tordesillas that was signed between Spain and Portugal in 1493 and approved by the then Catholic Pope Alexander the VI of Spain. Neither Spain, Portugal or the Catholic Pope, had the right to come all the way to this part of the world to take away the land of the indigenous people of this planet. Such action is deemed as genocide committed by all those who were involved in this inhumane act. All territories taken by these individuals, must be returned back to those who were there at the time they came to use force to wage and unjustified war against these people’s nation state. In addition all titles to land obtained by these Europeans must be voided and the lands must be handed back to the true owners the indigenous people who live in these countries today.

The People have the Power not Politicians
By: Wellington C. Ramos. In my study and teachings of political science it is always made clear that in a democracy, it is the people that have the power and not the politicians. This is very important for all aspiring politicians to keep in mind before they seek public office. I would also advise them not only to keep this basic fundamental principle in their minds but to use it as guide when thinking and formulating policies on behalf of their people. People who enter politics with this principle and practice, very seldom lose elections. On the other hand, people who enter politics without this philosophy, have a difficult time getting elected and if elected get voted out shortly thereafter. Any person who is seeking political office without accepting and making this clear to the people, is coming to office with his or her own hidden agendas and if elected the people will suffer some consequences. In a democracy people elect politicians to office to promote and advocate for their best interest. Politicians must come to the people and ask them what are some of the issues, they would like him or her to address in parliament on their behalf if he or she was to be elected. Then, the politician will campaign with those issues and start planning strategies to get them passed through parliament so that his or her people can benefit from the programs that are generated.

International Sourcesizz

Mesoamerican Race to Protect Parrotfish and the Reef
In a dramatic twist to the typical fishing tournament, this friendly competition among the four countries sharing the Mesoamerican reef (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico) rewards international players who catch less fish and protect more coral reefs. The countries are closing in on the goal of becoming the world’s first ecoregion to achieve full protection of parrotfish, and results published this year show that their efforts are working. New assessments from the 2015 report card for the Mesoamerican Reef show that parrotfish are increasing, along with the overall reef health. This is good news contrasting some dire predictions that Caribbean reefs might disappear within 20 years. In April, Guatemala became the region’s newest country to implement a ban on fishing parrotfish, following the example of Belize, which created the first nationwide ban in 2009, and Honduras with a ban in the Bay Islands since 2010.

Tropical Storm Danny forms
Tropical Storm Danny has formed about 1600 miles east of the Windward Islands. That's 3300 miles from Southeast Texas. Maximum-sustained winds are at 45 mph. Danny is expected to strengthen into a hurricane Thursday Afternoon and continue strengthening to a 100 mph, Category 2 storm by Sunday. The European Model takes this system towards the Yucatan near Belize a week from this Saturday.

Tropical depression east of Windward Islands expected to become storm today
A tropical depression has formed in the eastern Atlantic, about 1,665 miles east of the Windward Islands, and forecasters say it will become a tropical storm soon and a hurricane later this week. Tropical Depression Four is expected to become Tropical Storm Danny later today and then develop into a hurricane by late Thursday or Friday. The system is carrying maximum sustained winds of about 35 miles per hour, and is moving west at about 13 miles per hour, according to the advisory issued at 11 a. m. by the National Hurricane Centre in Miami. It is expected to move slowly to the west-northwest later tonight or tomorrow and computer model forecasts indicate it may reach near the Caribbean Sea in a week. Tropical Storm Danny would be the fourth storm of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season but the only one to threaten the Caribbean. Previous tropical storms – Ana, Bill and Claudette – took aim at the United States coast.

The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 9
THE 21st CENTURY 14th January, 2000 Jose Portillio inaugurated as President of Guatemala attended by Prime Minister Musa. In his inaugural speech he assures the intention of his Government to do everything possible to find a definitive solution 24th January, 2000 Guatemalan national shot and killed by BDF return fire in Sapote area of the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, a major marijuana cultivating area 16th January, 2000 Prime Minister Musa informas a Press Conference that he had written Guatemalan Foreign Minister Gabriel Orellana expressing regret over the incident, providing an official report, and inviting participation in a joint investigation Prime Minister Musa also announces the holding of a Belize/Guatemala technical meeting to be held in Miami on 25th february The Press Conference is informed of the appointment of a new National Advisory Council on the Guatemalan claim


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  • Horse Camp Fun Adventures at Banana Bank Lodge, Belize, 3min. Summer camps in Belize are aplenty – some hit the beach, some hit the sea, while others hit the jungles of the countryside. But this one camp is centering its activities on horseback riding. The Summer Horse Camp at Banana Bank Lodge and Jungle Horseback Adventures stands out as the only program in the country that has its young participants handling, riding and taking care of horses.

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  • México e Belize - 2015, 7min. Imagens capturadas durante a viagem pelo México e Belize, incluindo Cancún, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Holbox, Cozumel, Cenotes, La Paz e Caye Caulker.

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