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Today's Belize News: August 20, 2015 #506812
08/20/15 05:43 AM
08/20/15 05:43 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Introducing the contestants for the Queen of Bacchanal
Six lovely ladies from across the country will be vying for the title of Queen of Bacchanal on Saturday, September 5th at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena. The pageant is being organized by Foreva Fancy Boutique under the theme “One People-Breaking down all barriers, promoting unity” inspired by Soca Artist Destra. In hopes of winning the first ever Queen of Bacchanal pageant are Adella Banner, Kristen Igner Fuentes, Leidy Alicia Rejon, Shantel Carter, Doris Soriano, and Shantel Rubio. According to Foreva Fancy proprietor, Eduardo Aguilar the contestants of the pageant will not be judged according to their beauty but rather for their charisma and energy portrayed on the stage.

Five-a-side Football Tournament heads into finals
The Island Citizen Sporting Club (ICSC) and San Pedro High School (SPHS) Five-a-side Football Tournament is coming to close with only the semi-finals and championship matches left to be played. The quarter finals saw more teams being eliminated and the possible champions winning a slot in the semi-finals. Large crowds of football fanatics came out in full force to the Angel Nuñez Auditorium to support their favorite teams. As always, the week’s games kicked off on Thursday, August 13th with three little league, one female and two senior matches. In the first match of the night, the Under 10 teams of United FC and Barcelona FC faced off. It was a tight match but Barcelona FC managed to take the win in a 4-3 point game. In the second match FC America Under 10 defeated FC Bayern Munich Under 10 in a 3-2 point game. The final little league match was between Manchester United FC Under 13 and Chelsea FC Under 13. This match ended in 4-2 point win for Cheese FC.In the female match, Barrier Reef Girls defeated Hyde’s Strikers in a 7-1 point game. Playing in the fifth game of the night were Los Catrachos FC and Belize Pro Dive Center FC. But teams wanted the win but it was Los Catrachos who took the victory in a 6-3 point game. The last game end in a 2-2 tie between Varela’s Boys and United FC.

San Pedro Lions receive eye screening training
The Belize Lions Zone 59 held an eye screening training session on Friday, August 14th at the San Pedro Lions Den. Lion members from across the country took part in the training provided by Dr. Edward V Cordes, Lions chairman of KidSight USA, and Cindy McDowell, president of Plusoptix Eye Vision Technology. The initiative is part of the Lions-Belize National Children Eye Screening Programme, made possible through a grant from Lions Club International Foundation of the International Association of Lions Club. The program is expected to test island children’s eyesight and, if needed, provide them with proper eye glasses. According to Dr. Cordes the screening program targets children between the ages of 3-14. “This is very important not just for the community but the entire country. After the training, Lions members will be able make use of the screening machine perfectly and carry on with the program helping as many children as possible on a monthly basis. In the United States, Lions KidSight USA has established some guidelines that are very useful for the right procedures to get the adequate results we all want. We are here to help them achieve this very same goal,” said Cordes.

ACES completes renovations with assistance of island resort and volunteers
With the opening of the new school year quickly approaching, schools across the island are making sure everything is up to par for the arrival of their students in September. Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES), is one such school that has been busy with renovation projects. The unexpected, yet much needed repairs came at a high cost, but luckily one resort decided to give back to their community donating paint towards the school face lift. The donation of 30 gallons of exterior point and 15 gallons of acrylic and oil based paints came from Grand Caribe Resort. It was used to brighten up the school’s building and paint new structures including the newly built ramp for the special needs classroom. “We would like to thank Grand Caribe for supporting the school and helping us in our efforts to provide a quality child friendly school environment. We are gratefully for the support as it goes towards the future of our island children,” said Sarah Freudenberg, Director of Special Education at ACES.

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks- Sanpedranos At Their Best Dressed
Now that you see this flashback do you wonder why in the world this large group of San Pedranos is so well dressed? The men were all wearing shoes which is not normal under normal circumstances in San Pedro back in the 1980’s. Not only are they all wearing shoes, but also formal suits and tuxedo! And their long hair are all so well combed! No the real truth is that this was the quinceaños of Tio Pil’s only daughter, Lily Paz Nuñez. The mass was celebrated at the Catholic Church and the social reception was held at Big Daddy’s. Now it would be nice for you to help us identify the young men and ladies in this gala Flashback, besides the padrinos Pete Salazar and Chabby Nuñez Salazar. I think I see Sir Nicolas Varela.

Lions President Rigo Hand Over To President Fatima
On Saturday night at the Lions Den of San Pedro, outgoing president Lion Rigoberto Kumul used the gavel to hit the Lions bell for the last time as he called his last meeting to order. The occasion was to install the new board of directors for the San Pedro Lions Club. Stepping up to the rudder of the ship is incoming president Lion Fatima Graniel. The installation of the new board was conducted by Zone Chairman Lion Raul Castillo. The new board for the San Pedro Lions Club is as follows: President Fatima Graniel/ Vice President Rene Guzman/ Secretary Carolina Kumul/ Tresurer Abel Guerero Sr./ Membership Jan Brown/ Lion tamer Nigel Belisle/ 1st Year Director Rogoberto Kumul/ 2nd Year Director Flora Ancona/ Tail Twister Wally Nuñez/ Bar Manager Rigoberto Kumul. During the ceremony new member Pamela Zetina was initiated and sworn in. New members were also initiated into the San Pedro Leos Club and the Belmopan Leos Club and thereafter the board of directors of these two clubs were also installed. The new president of the San Pedro Leos Club is Mandy Rivero.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

In a democracy it is the people that have the power and not the politicians
By Wellington C. Ramos. In my study and teachings of political science it is always made clear that, in a democracy, it is the people that have the power and not the politicians. This is very important for all aspiring politicians to keep in mind before they seek public office. I would also advise them not only to keep this basic fundamental principle in their minds but to use it as guide when thinking and formulating policies on behalf of their people. People who enter politics with this principle and practice very seldom lose elections. On the other hand, people who enter politics without this philosophy have a difficult time getting elected and, if elected, get voted out shortly thereafter. Any person who is seeking political office without accepting and making this clear to the people, is coming to office with his or her own hidden agendas and, if elected, the people will suffer some consequences. In a democracy, people elect politicians to office to promote and advocate for their best interest.

Belizean Doctors to Benefit from Specialty Scholarships from the Government of El Salvador
Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin recently returned from an official visit to San Salvador, El Salvador on the invitation of the Minister of Health of El Salvador, Dr. Elvia Violeta Menjivar and her deputy, Dr. Julio Robles Ticas. The three-day visit from the 12th – 14th August allowed for further discussions to finalize a Memorandum of Understanding for mutual health benefits in human resource development and information sharing between both countries. While negotiations continue, the Government of El Salvador has offered to provide free services through the visit of a medical team at the end of this month and has also offered 21 scholarships in various medical specialty areas to Belizean doctors.

Don Milo passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Paz family & friends on the passing of Mr. Jose Aljemiro Paz Sr., better known as "Don Milo". May his soul rest in peace. The wake of Don Milo will be tonight (August 19) at his residence on Barrier Reef Drive and Funeral Services will be tomorrow, August 20, at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church at 9:00 a.m. El Alcalde Daniel Guerrero, el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro y el Staff extiende sus mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos del Sr. Jose Aljemiro Paz Sr., mejor conocido como "Don Milo". Que en paz descanse. El velorio del Sr. Milo será en su residencia hoy por la noche y los servicios funebres serán mañana, 20 de agosto, a las 9:00 a.m. en la iglesia romana católica de San Pedro.

Step by Step Tutoring Center Musical Summer Camp
First Musical Summer Camp. Let's make this an Annual Event. Come out and support our little ones.

Notice from The Belize Zoo
TBZ will soon be saying farewell to Johanna, our wonderful Environmental Educator. She is off to pursue an exciting new chapter in her professional career, and goes with our very best wishes and deepest thanks for all her hard work at the Zoo. Good luck, Johanna! Of course, we are now looking for another bright young Belizean to fill her really big shoes! The position of Environmental Educator requires the minimum of an Associate's degree in Natural Resource Management, Biology, or a related field. Responsibilities include: Delivering on-site and outreach environmental education programs developed for local school groups and communities. Conducting natural history tours, presentations, and animal encounters. Contributions to design, preparation, and distribution of zoo education resources. Assisting with logistics and preparation for public zoo events. Interested applicants can contact the Zoo at 822-8000 or [email protected] for more details.

Prime Minister's Statement on Belize Territorial Volunteer's Excursion to Sarstoon Island

BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, August 19, 2015: 12. PICK 3: 4 8 6

Poets Corner: Mandate
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Belize needs a new mandate Its current situation is at a failed state God will not intervene at this rate We are enjoying being PUDP subordinates Until we are willing to change our state The autocracy will use the business conglomerate To keep the hegemony in state Only a national labour party Will change Belize’s fate The union must take a leap of faith To undo this monster they helped to create PUP is desperate They have to take blame for the mess they orchestrate If the working class don’t get up and demonstrate Jamaica will be their fate Prices at the counter will escalate The bank will increase its lending rate It’s industries we must generate It’s the working class they’ve been trying to castrate We must be the ones to determine our fate The US is sitting down di wait To invade for their pound of flesh But first devaluation will be our guest A new government will be fresh Only the workers can save the workers at their bequest America will only do what she does best Divide and conquest

SHJC Fall 2015 Orientation
Sacred Heart Junior College started this week. They had an entertaining orientation. Best of luck to all the SHJC students as they become the future leaders of Belize.

Brian Bushway at Soul Project
Brian Bushway, who's with World Access for the Blind, and some of his students played at the Soul Project. "Brian Bushway of World Access for the Blind with his Belizean studies had lunch at soul project,they enjoyed Running W meats Pipil tacos followed by Brian jamming on stage, he played some great originals songs, and some of his students performed too, Brian is here in Belize teaching a Human echolocation course, how to see with with sound, amazing, this is a project spearheaded by my friend local wildlife filmmaker Carol Foster, something she learn about while studies about bats echolocation for a film she was working on, she raised the funds to get Brian out here to teach."

Samantha Harrison is Queen of the West
Congratulations Samantha Harrison! She's the new Miss Queen of the West.

Belize's Belikin Wheels became the Belizean basketball team in the whole of Belize's basketball history that may have dominated the national basketball championship longer than any other Belizean basketball team of the 1960's, 70's and 80's. A Belizean basketball powerhouse, the legendary national champions was engined by outstanding ballers like, power-forward and center, Charles Goff, the long range bomber and shooting sensation, the late Frankie 'Fadeaway' Flowers, the incredible point guard, Luwelington Bakus, and others like David Craig, and the late Alfonso Martinez. Team Wheels was compact with many others like power forward, Ernie 'Wilson' Pickett, and sharp shooter Billy Skeen.

The outstanding Belizean boxing champion of the 1960's and 70's, David Dakers, ruled Belize's boxing ring for a whole decade. His most incredible fights that blasted from Radio Belize's airwaves in grand style by the renowned Belizean boxing announcer, the late C.L.B. Rogers, filled the homes of many Belizeans at that time with excitement to hear the pound by pound showdown between Dakers and other incredible Belizeans boxing champions like Gilly Dunn, Hurricane Bowser, and the Jamaican warrior, Tough Skin Cameron. Dakers has become Belize's most celebrated and renowned boxer of all times, and who held the title for the national middleweight champion of Belize for many years. Dubbed as Belize's 'Golden Boy', David Dakers has retired in Belize today, and in 2001, yours truly met the legendary Belizean boxer where we were both traveling on a bus on the Western Highway now George Price Highway, in route to his hometown village of Camalote where he was residing at that time. The soft spoken but hard hitting Belizean boxing icon had told me that he was working with the young men of the village in boxing, and had hoped to contribute his skills as a boxing coach in the revival of boxing in Belize.

Channel 7

It's Official! Guatemalan Military Made Incursion Into Belize, Protest Note Sent
It was an incursion by the Guatemalan military and Belize has sent a diplomatic protest note to Guatemala. That’s what Prime Minister told the media today in a press conference about the Belize Territorial Volunteers trip to the Sarstoon Island. The Prime Minister held the press conference at the Biltmore right after a meeting of the National Security Council which was held at the same hotel. They reviewed the report on Sunday’s happenings from the OAS, as well as the video footage from the Belize Media, along with accounts from the Belize Territorial Volunteers. The PM sat at the head table flanked by with members of the Security Council to say that the Guatemalan military entered Belizean territory, and that it cannot go unchallenged:

General Says The Territorial Volunteers Are Endangering Soldiers
And so while that protest is one issue, the larger issue is really the Sarstoon – and how the Guatemalans have started to show aggression on the shared river. That brings into very clear and present danger the BDF patrols that must go up the river weekly or bi weekly to change over personnel at the Cadenas observation post. And BDF Commander, General David Jones says the Guatemalans have stepped up the aggression since the territorial volunteers have been active. The General said plainly that it’s putting his soldiers’ lives in danger: Brig. General David Jones - Commander, BDF "What we've noticed of recent that; the Guatemalan patrols follow our vessels, sometimes for a kilometer up the Sarstoon. But recently they have been going all the way to Cadenas to follow patrol and that isn't normal. Apparently they were informed at the lower level that they were not supposed to go all the way there. But of recent because of the traction of what is happening with the Territorial Volunteers wanting to go to the Sarstoon Island; and wanting to show their patriotism in the area, they have escalated their interest in what's happening in the Sarstoon.

BDF Wanted To Be There
And so while there’s going to be a protest note, and a meeting at the OAS in Washington, ultimately the BDF has the job of maintaining sovereignty in the Sarstoon. But they also have to ensure citizen security – and that’s why they have been bashed for keeping their distance when the Guatemalan Navy was bullying Belizeans on the Sarstoon. General Jones said that the military wanted to be there, but that instead of providing security, their presence would have had the opposite effect: Brig. General David Jones - Commander, BDF "We understand what Guatemala's position is. We know what our position is; and if we had our military forces out there, of course, we're patriotic as well. You cannot question the patriotism of any of our soldiers because they stand ready to defend Belize and they will continue to do so. Had we been out there; of course we would have not liked to watch our civilians being bullied by any force. We would have wanted to defend them and we would have defended them. But it would have resulted, inevitably to gun fire; and they were women and children out there and civilians out there. So we took the prudent view and not send the military out there for such a trek; because we had advised them not to. And that is still our stance."

Even The OAS Got Intercepted By the Gung Ho Guat Navy
As we showed you in our coverage, Magdalena Talamás, the Chief of the OAS Chief Fund, which mediates the territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala, was out on the river when the territorial volunteers went to tour the Sarstoon Island. Well, according to the Prime Minister, both his government and the Guatemalan Government, in the person of no less than Present Otto Perez Molina requested that the OAS be there to monitor the situation as an impartial observer. The militaries of both countries were to have been informed, but even the OAS was intercepted by the Guatemalans. He noted that this would tend to point to a situation where the Guatemalan officials say one thing while the military does another: Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister "I just wanted to add something to the exchange between you and the general, relating to this question of whether the orders that we are told are given at the top in Guatemala actually filtered down. Ms. Talamas' report makes clear that before the Guatemalan navy intercepted the Territorial Volunteers, they intercepted her.

Taxi Driver Remanded For Rape
45 Year-old Michael Andrews, a taxi driver of Kraal Road, is in jail tonight after a 41 year-old woman accused of him of rape. The victim reported to police that on Saturday, August 15, he went to her Belize City home and forced himself on her. Police investigated her report, and charged Andrews with rape. He was arraigned today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana, where no plea was taken due to the nature of the offence. The police prosecutor made several objections to bail. Andrews responded by saying that he is a law abiding citizen who is gainfully employed. After considering the objections Action Chief Magistrate Arana upheld them and remanded Andrews into custody until September 30.

Something New and Novel Out Of Marie Sharp's Pepper Pot
"Belizean Heat", "Fiery Hot" and "No Wimps Allowed": these are just a few of the pepper sauces that Marie Sharp produces. Over the years these products and others have earned a firm foothold in Belizean culinary culture. And now Ms. Marie hopes that an unusual new sauce can make its way unto your dinner table. Courtney Weatherburne traveled to the Marie Sharp Factory just outside Dangriga on Friday to find out and why the new sauce stands out among any other in the world Courtney Weatherburne Reporting... Almost every Belizean at home and abroad is very familiar with this logo. In fact products carrying this brand can be found on every kitchen counter and on most restaurant tables. And Marie Sharp is the woman behind all these product lines.

Delivering On The Promise of Community Policing
This afternoon the media was invited out to the Jane Usher Basketball court - where officers of the Eastern Police Division South distributed school supplies to over a hundred students. It is a part of their community policing efforts to build stronger relationships with members of crime ridden communities. The back to school initiative started in the Jane Usher neighborhood today. The Officer Commanding explained: But, while the police build community partnerships – murderous, gang related crime still occurs. The media asked Williams about the apparent murder of 28 year old Joel Bishop and also the meeting that was held on Monday with members of the PIV and Supaul Street gangs – whose feud may have led to the murder:.. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, OC - E.D. Southside "We continue our police community initiative and what we're doing here today is one way for us, the police giving back to the community. Whereby a lot of children in the Jane Usher Boulevard area who are needy. The parents cannot provide for them that they would need to go to school.

Sandhill Mason For Shotgun
29 year-old Tyron Davis, a mason of Sandhill, is in jail tonight after rural police say that they busted him with an unlicensed shot gun. The incident happened yesterday on the Phillip Goldson Highway when police found Davis walking on the Phillip Goldson Highway with 16 gauge shotgun in his hand. When they stopped and searched him, he couldn’t produce a valid license, so they continued to search him. That’s when they found six cartridges for the 16 gauge shot gun in his pants pocket. The police arrested and charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. He was arraigned before Acting Chief Magistrate Arana, and due to the nature of the offences, he couldn’t be granted bail even though he pleaded not guilty. He was remanded into custody until September 30.

GOB: Sarstoon Es Nuestro
At the top of the news you heard Government’s position on the Sarstoon Showdown between Belizean civilians and the Guatemalan Navy. So, what about the Sarstoon River, and the Sarstoon Island? As we’ve shown you, the Territorial Volunteers went to the Sarstoon Island to send a statement to Guatemala and the world that the island is for Belize. More importantly, they were of the opinion that the Belize Government was slowly ceding territory through diffident diplomacy. So, what is the Prime Minister’s position on these areas considered to Belizean territory? He explained it to the press today: Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister "Guatemala claims the River Sarstoon not in the same way as it claims other portions of our country. Their position is that what we know to be Belize never included the Sarstoon River, and that our border in that area stopped at the bank of the river on the Belize side. So the entire Sarstoon was always, they argue, part of Guatemalan territory and recognized as belonging to them."

PM to BTV: Don't Go there
So then what does the Prime Minister think of the territorial volunteers and their trip to the border? He bigged them up for their patriotic spirit – but discouraged them from doing it again. He told the press that while he understands their patriotic sentiment, the BDF is weekly doing what they set out to do: Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister “Now I want to make clear that I perfectly understand and indeed applaud the sentiment that motivated the Territorial Volunteers. Their decision arose from feelings of patriotism that are not just commendable but inspirational. Nevertheless, theirs was an incomplete grasp of the facts; a situation for which Government is perhaps at least partly to blame. As a result their actions, though well-intended, were wrong. For it cannot be right to insert any Belizean, but especially children, into a situation so fraught with danger.” "Territorial Volunteers' purpose-driven visit, their course of action, was entirely unnecessary to make a point that our security forces make every week. In all the circumstances, therefore, we remain convinced that Government was right in withholding military accompaniment from the Volunteers. I have already described the tension and volatility inherent in the situation of our active dispute with Guatemala over the Sarstoon River."

BTL Scholars
Today, 20 students received full scholarships from BTL. It’s part of the company’s scholarship program which has been going on for 24 years now, where brilliant but needy high school students are given full funding for their tuition, books and other fees for a high school of their choice. Today, 7News stopped by to meet the new recipients, and here’s what they told us: This year BTL is giving away 19 high school scholarships and 1 tertiary level scholarship. They were chosen from 200+ applicants though a rigorous process which took several weeks.

Belize Draws in Historic First Champions League Match
For years, Belize had been left out of the CONCACAF Champions League – because we never had a suitable stadium. But last night finally the prestigious tournament went to the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. The Gallos Blancos de Querétaro from the top Mexican League went into the Capital looking for a victory. But, Cayo’s Verdes held their own against the Mexicans, playing to a nil – nil draw. They were led by goalkeeper Benito Morreira who made six saves to help Verdes FC earn a historic point in the draw. After the game, the Mexican Coach was salty about the defeat and the officiating:.. Translated from Spanish to English.. Reporter "What did you like of your team? Do you think your team did good or bad?" Victor Manuel Vucetich - Queretaro's Coach "Truly my team didn’t play well tonight, hence, the result is not too good, we are very angry, a believe the referring was fatal , allowing the goalkeeper to have six intervention/pause during the game, at no moment there was a situation which merited for the assistance to enter the field.

Hello Haiti!
CARIFESTA is the biggest cultural celebration in the Caribbean – and this year it’s being held in Haiti. In 2013, Belize sent a delegation of 34 artists to Surinam, and this time it’s sending 21 to CARIFESTA 12. Monica Bodden found out why dance is an essential part of Belize’s cultural offering:… The first CARIFESTA was held in 1972.

Re: Today's Belize News: August 20, 2015 [Re: Marty] #506813
08/20/15 05:43 AM
08/20/15 05:43 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

PM Breaks Silence on Sarstoon Island Expedition
The incident between a Belize Territorial Volunteer-led expedition and Guatemalan military on Sunday has created a storm of anti-Guatemala and certainly anti-government sentiment. G.O.B. has remained tight-lipped on the attempted [...]

Should BTV Mission Have Been Accompanied by Local Military Forces?
The government has also come under fire because the expedition which included approximately one hundred and fifty Belizean men, women and children was not afforded the protection of a Belizean [...]

BTV Lauded for Patriotism, but Slammed for Risky Endeavor
PM Barrow says that they don’t just talk the talk about maintaining sovereignty, but actually claim it. Every Tuesday, the B.D.F. travels down the Sarstoon to change shifts at the [...]

Channel Five Wins Big at 2015 CBU Awards
The Forty-Sixth Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union is currently taking place in Grenada.  One of the highlights of the week-long event is the Caribbean Broadcasting Awards which [...]

B.D.F. Commander, “Relationship with Guatemalan Military is Jeopardized”
The Prime Minister claims that following Sunday’s incident with the Guatemalan Navy, there is no doubt that tensions and thus the risk and danger has increased, not only to the [...]

P.M. Doesn’t Need to Wait for O.A.S. Report to Prove Guats Entered Belizean Waters
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was at the press conference today and indeed, the entire issue of the Sarstoon expedition and Guatemalan falls squarely in his portfolio. But apart [...]

Did PM Chide the Foreign Minister?
And just in case that was a little ambiguous, it was made clearer by the Prime Minister. He didn’t exactly go so far as to say that Elrington has been [...]

More on Belize/Guatemala Dispute and Sarstoon Island
Already escalating anti-Guatemalan sentiment was fuelled by a news report of the incident released by a Guatemalan reporter with Canal Antigua. That reporter conducted an interview with Vice-Commander Thomas, the [...]

Police Stage Intervention in PIV/Supal Street Rivalry
On Saturday morning, there was a murder on Newtown Barracks near the MCC Grounds. An Oleander Street resident, twenty-eight-year-old Joel Bishop was brutally beaten by a group of men and [...]

What’s the Motive Behind Murder of Joel Bishop?
GSU Commander, Superintendent Mark Flowers, also attended the meeting to express the GSU’s perspective in dealing with the criminal activities in these areas. However, on Monday, a motive has not [...]

Cops Receive Firearm Training Through SICA
Today, the ITVET Compound in Belize City was buzzing with officers, prosecutors and scenes of crime personnel. A team of officers intercepted a heavily tinted Toyota four runner, detaining two [...]

Verdes and Queretaro Draw at Nil in CONCACAF Champions League
The F.F.B. Stadium in the Garden City came alive on Tuesday night for game one of a home and away series between Verdes F.C. and Los Gallos Blancos of Queretaro, [...]

Jane Usher Kids Receive School Bags from Police Department
Today, children in the Jane Usher Boulevard area of Belize City were provided with much needed school bags and supplies, just in time for the start of the new school [...]

Laptops Donated to Belize City Schools
Last month, we showed you the summer camps being held to train students and teachers at the primary and high school levels on how to better manage financial resources, plan [...]

Belize Heads to CARIFESTA 2015
The twelfth annual CARIFESTA, the premier festival of the arts and culture in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is set to open this Friday in Port au Prince, Haiti. The regional [...]

Great Belize Productions - Channel 5 - wins 4 awards at the 46th Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union
The CBU awards are awarded to journalists from across the region whose work captured the attention of a panel of eminent judges from the Caribbean. The award ceremony took place on August 17 in Grenada and from a total of 182 entries from 10 countries, Channel 5 walked away with 4 awards. Marleni Cuellar won two of the four awards for her stories: "Deaf Girl in a Hearing World" which won Best Children/Youth Issues Feature and "Lifesaving Skills for 'Sugah Bellys'" which won Best Healthy Lifestyle Feature. Duane Moody earned a Special Mention for his story "Benque Viejo's Crucifixion Re-Enactment" in the Best education/Culture Feature. And, the Production department of Channel 5, under the leadership of Rick Romero won Best Public Service Spot with a PSA for the Drunk Driving Campaign entitled "Ashley's Story."


Eldrid Neal Becomes New President Of Public Service Union
Every two years, a new president is elected to oversee the functions of the Public Service Union and this year, the reigns have been given to Orange Walk’s very own Eldrid Neal. Neal takes over the Unions reigns and replaces Marvin Blade. Today we spoke to Neal via telephone to find out what his plans for the union are. “We want to hype officers and train in terms of the service they provide, we want to ensure ta they are compensated properly, we want to ensure that there is scope within the Public Service our continual growth in terms of how officers are transitions and of course to continue to be the support net and public service that they provide and how they look at public servants.”

San Pedranos Join Hands To Fight Sargassum
On August 4th our reporter Dalila Ical was in San Pedro and reported on the smelly Sargassum accumulation along the San Pedro beach line. In an interview with Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, it was mentioned that the BTB has been working with stakeholders to provide necessary equipment/tools to clean the sargassum in San Pedro Island. Weeks have passed and the problem persists and there is still no sign of the equipment or of any of the assistance Bevans mentioned will be provided. The lack of assistance prompted the creation of the Build a Beach Campaign group formed by concerned citizens of La Isla Bonita. The group’s aim, under the leadership of Dimas James Guerrero, is to instil civic pride. Guerro told our reporter Karel Heredia how they will accomplish their aim.

Orange Walk Mayor Attends Meeting In Puerto Rico
Today, the Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard left Belize en-route to Puerto Rico. A release from his office states that Mayor Bernard will be participating in the Latin American Mayor’s Conference in Puerto Rico for the rest of the week. The mayor is scheduled to return on Monday, August 24th and during his absence, Deputy Mayor Ladrick Sheppard will act as Mayor.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow Concedes that Guatemalan Boat Made an Incursion Into Belize Waters
The Government of Belize has sent an extremely strong note of protest to the Guatemalan Government. Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced this today in an afternoon Press Conference in Belize City where he said that he, unlike the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, did believe and accept what has been reported by the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the media when it comes to trip to the Sarstoon where Guatemala entered Belizean waters. The PM said that he was walking into the press conference from a meeting with the National Security Council where the decision was approved. He added that government has received a report from OAS Representative Magdalena Talamas on the BTV’s visit to the Sarstoon. In that report, the OAS indicates that four of the territorial volunteers’ boats made it to the Sarstoon Island and circled it by entering the North Channel and exited the south channel. One boat was prevented from taking the route.


Protest note to be sent to Guatemala over Sarstoon Island incident
There has been much talk about the expedition led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers to the Sarstoon Island. Earlier this week participants of the expedition shared their story which included being intercepted by Guatemalan naval authorities. Yesterday the Opposition People’s United Party shared their view, urging the Government of Belize to act. Today Prime Minister […]

BDF commander speaks on forward operating base
Sarstoon Island was thrust into the headlines after it was disclosed that there were plans to build a forward operating base on the island. The Guatemalans objected to the construction. Since then Belizean authorities have insisted that the base will be constructed. Today we asked Commander David Jones for an update. Brigadier General David Jones […]

Senior Superintendent Chester Williams meets with rival gangs
Earlier in the week, we told you about the gang brawl that left twenty two year old Mark Benguche, with a cut wound to the left cheek and Joel Bishop dead. The duo was attacked by a group of men in the area of BTL Park in the early hours of Saturday morning. Today, Senior […]

Taxi driver charged with rape
Forty-five year old Michael Andrews, a taxi driver of Kraal Road, was charged with rape when he appeared today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the offence is of a serious nature, that sexual offences have become […]

Sandhill villager pleads not guilty to firearm offences
Twenty-nine year old Tyrone Davis, a mason of Sandhill, was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he appeared today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana. Davis pled not guilty to the charges. Acting Chief Magistrate Arana explained to him that the curt has no jurisdiction to offer him bail because […]

Man found guilty of drug offences sentenced
Sixty-one year old James Alvarez, a labourer of Eden Site, was sentenced to three years today by Magistrate La Donna John after he pled guilty to a charge of drug trafficking for 124 grams of cannabis. Alvarez owed the court nine thousand and twenty five dollars for a previous conviction for drug trafficking which he […]

El Salvador offers scholarships to Belizean doctors
Belizean doctors are to benefit from scholarships offered by the Government of El Salvador. This is one of the results of a recent visit by Minister of health Pablo Marin to that country. The three day visit came at the invitation of the Minister of Health of El Salvador, Dr. Elvia Violeta Menjivar and her […]

Six high schools receive laptops
Price Waterhouse Coopers has made a donation of laptops through the Ministry of Education to six different high schools in Belize. Price Waterhouse Coopers has been hosting a financial literacy camp in Belize since 2008. Carol Babb, Deputy Chief Education Officer, spoke to Love News about the donation. Dr. Carol Babb – Deputy Chief Education […]

Twenty students awarded scholarships from Belize Telemedia Limited
Twenty students from a across the country were today awarded educational scholarships from Belize Telemedia Limited. Those twenty students are not part of the five hundred and ninety nine that BTL has assisted in furthering their education. The scholarship is all inclusive. Melanie Martinez – Senior PR, BTL “This year marks the 24th year that […]

Primary school students get school supplies
The Belize police Department in conjunction with a group of musicians is also contributing to the education of Belize’s children. Eighty seven school bags containing school supplies were handed over to the children of Jane Usher Boulevard Area. Hipolito Novelo reporting… All Sons of God (ASG) a rap group out of the Jane Usher Boulevard, […]


They Rammed our Boats; BTV
On Sunday August 16th over a hundred and thirty Belizeans ventured in to what might be the largest excursion of Belizeans to the Sarstoon Island. The company, lead by Wil Mehia of the Belizean Territorial Volunteers and Orlando De La Fuente from the Northern Territorial Volunteers, departed the doc...

OAS says Belizeans entered Guatemalan territory
The National Security Council of Belize says Belizeans entered Guatemalan territory , according to the OAS. While no one from the National Security Council was on the trip, a press release issued says that the NSC was in teleconference session for the duration of the Territorial Volunteers Sarstoo...

Guatemala says Belizean delegation abusive
As we told you earlier in our newscast, a hundred and thirty Belizeans traveled to Sarstoon island and had an encounter with the Guatemalan military. It was an intense encounter; one that was well documented by our Belize media core. But it was also documented by the Guatemalan media, who are tell...

Guatemalan gunboat ground on reef now guarding against BTV Belizeans?
While following the News Threads coming out of Guatemala after Yesterday’s Sarstoon activities , we came upon a story published by Emisoras Unidas of Guatemala. The article claims that ” In order to maintain the sovereignty of the territorial waters of the State of Guatemala , on Sunday...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize protests Guatemalan incursion at Sarstoon Island
The Government of Belize says it has taken action over the fact that armed forces of the Guatemalan navy entered Belizean waters in order to prevent unarmed Belizeans, members of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), from attempting to access Sarstoon Island on Sunday last. A protest note was […]

P.M. defends Foreign Minister over media comment
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was silent for all of today’s Prime Ministerial Press Conference, and that is for a reason. The Minister, speaking in the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s events to Amandala, insisted that formal confirmation from the OAS was needed and that the various media […]

How will military respond in wake of BTV incident?
There are many dimensions to the handling of the incident in the Sarstoon and one of them concerns military relations between Belize and Guatemala. Prime Minister Barrow told today’s gathering that one of the reasons why the BTV’s intervention was not needed is that the military, facing severe […]

PUP demands better accounting of banking system
The People’s United Party has made its first statements on the ongoing saga in the banking sector where the offshore facilities are being targeted by the U.S. and European Union for alleged mismanagement, and the closing down of correspondent relations with multiple banks. The PUP believes that the offshore banks […]

PUP working on internal unity
Following the first public comments by members of the dissident group of representatives in the PUP that are calling for reform, PUP leader Francis Fonseca spoke briefly today. He stated that the contact between his lieutenants and those of the dissidents are the first steps toward a resolution. Fonseca said, […]

Belize protests Guatemalan “incursion” in BTV incident
Saying that for now the OAS’ report is inconclusive as to whether the boats of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) entered Guatemalan waters on Sunday, but sure that they did enter our waters, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that Belize has sent an “extremely strong” protest note to […]

PUP challenges Government over Guatemala approach following BTV expedition
The People’s United Party (PUP) has joined the rest of the nation in supporting the Belize Territorial Volunteers following their Sunday journey to Sarstoon Island. But they wish to go even further with regard to how to handle the unfounded claim. While Belize wants peace with Guatemala, said […]

El Salvador to provide medical scholarships
Following an official visit to San Salvador, El Salvador to meet opposite number Dr. Elvia Violeta Menjivar and her deputy, Dr. Julio Robles Ticas, Belize’s Minister of Health Pablo Marin reports that the Government of El Salvador has offered to provide free services through the visit of a medical team […]

Burglary in Dangriga Town, one person was shot and several detained
Around 2:45 am this morning, police responded to an attempted burglary call at the Grigazilean store, owned by a Chinese-Belizean in Dangriga. When the police arrived at the scene, the burglars were also attempting to enter the Selana Restaurant Apartments which is located in the same building. Shots were fired […]

Fair, Warm and dry conditions expected for the next couple of days
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies today and clear skies tonight with little to no rainfall. Winds will be blowing from the East – Southeast at 5-15 knots and the sea state will be light chop to choppy. High temperatures today are expected around 89 […]

Land Of The Free – An Open Letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs, and collectively, our Cabinet
In regards to your statement “I don’t know if they (the Guates) know when they are in Belize territorial waters. There is nothing demarcating there.” I grew up in Placencia. 6th generation Placencian. I am a fisherman’s son like most people who were born and grew up in […]


The Guatemalan Claim Pt.10
The final leg of the claim (up to December 2008) has moved through some turbulent waters, so to speak. Today August 19th, 2015 the claim is as hot as ever. The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) made visit on the 16th August where close to 150 volunteers and press personnel came face to face with the Guatemalan Coast Guards bullying the Belizeans out of their own territorial space. Our Belizean Coast Guards, on the command of the present government, just sat idly on the dock of the southern mainland of Toledo. Included in the group of volunteers were the Organisation of American States (OAS) representatives, Wil Maheia one of the founding leaders of the groups and Senator Lisa Shoman. 17th September, 2002 Facilitators Proposals Presented to the people of Belize: - They describe the m]land boundaries of Belize. These are exactly as described in the 1859 Convention. - They propose that Belize retain its territorial sea entitlement as proposed by the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS 1982). - They propose a settlement in Belize/relocation to Guatemala scheme for the residents of Santa Rosa Village.

Top 7 Water Adventure Activities To Do In Belize
Are you thirsty for a little fun in the water? Do you have an appetite for adventure? Are you craving something new and exciting? Well, we know a place that can sufficiently feed your appetite for thrill. No, we’re not talking about a warm shower or a refreshing dip in a pool. The place we are talking about is Belize! Belize is not only home to a variety of marine wildlife, but is also a spectacular location for some fun, water-based, recreational activities.

17 Reasons to Visit Ambergris Caye Belize
Some societies believe that the sky is divided into 17 celestial layers, and who are we to argue with them? The sky over Belize is unforgettable, no matter how many layers there are, but we’ll use the reference to suggest 17 reasons to visit Ambergris Caye, perhaps the most well-known and popular destination in Belize. 1. Make Ambergris Caye your scuba diving jump-off point. Close proximity to Lighthouse Reef and the Turneffe Islands are highly-rated areas to explore, so try to get to both. 2. Ambergris Caye has been named the number one destination in Belize by travel authorities, so who are you to question their unanimity? 3. As Belize’s resort epicenter, choices abound... 4. Snorkle your heart out in the Great Barrier Reef vicinity. Ask your resort’s concierge to arrange a trip to this colorful underwater kingdom. 5. Eat up on Ambergris Caye. Tropical shacks serve authentic island fast food but there are plenty of top-rated restaurants, too. Indulge in freshly caught seafood 24/7 and if you come during lobster season, bring a bib!

The Things I Miss
Okay, to properly get into a frame of mind close to where I am - maybe that will make this post better - you'll need to crack a Shock Top, or a Blue Moon, or even a PBR...ah...a PBR. When I land (whenever that happens) in the states I'll be buying a case on the way "home". Home. Where the hell is that? I typed it up there, then had to go back and put the quotation marks around. Like it was a solid place in my mind...'home'...was a solid place. But it isn't. I'm in the middle I'd say. Between here and there. I loved it there. I love it here. Very different reasons for both - and likely nothing that can ever be combined into one place. Has anyone found that one perfect place? Does it exist? Maybe for them. Not for me. ANYWAY - enough of that...have you cracked that beer? Now turn on your preferred music player service; Pandora, iWhatever, Amazon Prime for me (thank you Amazon for a decent player that works in Belize and doesn't suck up hardly any bandwidth). Plug in one of the following stations - John Denver, Mumford, no...make it John Denver; but the Amazon one is better than the iWhatever one.

International Sourcesizz

Cuban thaw poses tourism threat to Caribbean neighbours
Surge of US visitors to Havana could suck vital dollars from other sun-kissed islands. High quality global journalism requires investment. The sight of the Stars and Stripes being hoisted over the newly opened US embassy in Cuba last week, was one of the most visible signs yet of the diplomatic rapprochement between the long-term foes. If President Barack Obama gets his way, the US Congress will soon go further still and lift its 55-year-old trade embargo on the island. Such a move would be a major boon to the Cuban economy, not least by unleashing a torrent of big-spending American tourists on the island, which has largely been starved of such arrivals for more than half a century. This, however, could prove disastrous for some of the small islands elsewhere in the Caribbean which are heavily dependent on tourism. They could see much of the US tourism trade they have come to reply on decamping to the large, and quite possibly cheaper, new competitor in their midst.

TV highlights
On “House Hunters Off the Grid” (HGTV at 10), a couple of restaurateurs look for a sustainable home in Belize’s Cayo District with a reliable Internet connection that will allow them to continue to run their business.

The oceans ‘secret’ grasped Leah Biery’s attention at a young age - See more at:
While working on the project, the documentary "End of the Line" was screened and featured "the most amazing fishery scientist in the whole world" Daniel Pauly. Biery said she fell in love with the documentary and Pauly's message, which resulted in Neill contacting Pauly about Biery working with him as a grad student. "Bruce emailed him and a day later he called me back and said 'Do you want to study shark fisheries at UBC," she said smiling. "I did a masters degree in fisheries management at the University of British Columbia. Through that I went to Belize and worked for the marine conservation organization Oceana and I studied gill net fisheries and juvenile fish catches." The people of Belize, Biery said like to eat really small fish because they fit on their plates, which is an issue because the fish are still babies and have not had a chance to reproduce. While in Belize she interviewed fishermen on how they use nets, what they catch with the nets and what size fish they are catching. The interviews led Biery to making a recommendation to the Belize government to adopt new fishery regulation to regulate those issues more effectively.


  • Video on growing and making Chocolate!, 9min. Been to AJAW Chocolate yet? You can make your own chocolate there. Here's a great video where you can learn about the chocolate tree, and the delicious treat. "Adrian Choco is a local tour guide and chocolate maker. In this video you will see the process of making the Ajaw Chocolate located in the heart of San Ignacio for a taste of Belize."

  • Belize Mission Project Movie 11/2012, 30min. Belize Mission Project marked its 19th anniversary w/ its Dental-Medical Mission in Belize in Oct. & Nov. 2012 headed by Dr. Frank Whipps. What started as a "fishing mission" evolved into a yearly Dental-Medical work Volunteers spend a week a year of about 40 assorted groups of Dentists, MD's, Hygienists, Audiologists, technicians & other assistants etc. The venues this year was in the town of San Pedro Caye, Placentia, Seign Beight, Maskall, Hattieville & Caye Caulker

  • Fishing tarpon and permit in Placencia Belize_ XXL Adventure AS, also a second one here, 1 min. Denne filmsnutten viser litt action fra Placencia sør i Belize. Dette er en destinasjon for de som ønsker å fiske tropisk, med spesielt tarpon og permit som hovedmål. Placencia regnes som en av verdens beste permit- destinasjoner, for det finnes ikke mange plasser i verden du kan få 20 - 40 kast på permit hver dag.. Det kan du her!

  • Rappelling in Black Hole, Belize, 4.5min.

  • Scuba Diving Belize 2015, 12min. Diving Blue Hole and reefs around Caye Caulker and San Pedro / Ambergris Caye Belize with Pittsburgh Scuba June 2015.

  • Aterrizaje en San Pedro - Ambergris Caye Belize 1, 2min.

  • Aterrizaje en San Pedro - Ambergris Caye Belize 2, 3min.

  • Belize, 1.5min. Dji Phantom 3 video of Belize

  • Island Expeditions Belize - Glover's Reef Atoll - Belize's Premier location, 4min. Leading the Way in Belize Since 1987, Island Expeditions leads sea kayak, snorkel, natural history, and dive expeditions to beautiful Glover's Reef, Belize. Based on Southwest Caye, at Glover's Reef in Belize, the group stay in Safari style tent accommodations, and are fully guided and fully catered to for multi day vacation to the most beautiful place in Belize. Let us show you the best of Belize!

  • Belize 2015 HD, 9min. Here is a video clip produce by one of our student from Canada showcase the many different adventures he experience on his visit here in Belize in March.

  • A few days on Caye Caulker, Belize., 5.5min. On the road between Mexico and Guatemala.

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