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It is going to need more then maintenance if they don't stop those full blown cement trucks & huge dump trucks loaded with sand & gravel pass over it. They will have to completely rebuild it as it is not designed for that heavy of a load factor. I live 2 blocks from bridge & hear those trucks honking at least 12 or 14 times per day.

The fee is too high to be crossing a bridge that has already paid for itself. It needs to be lowered. I stayed up north and in two days I had over $70.00 in tickets crossing back and forth on the bridge. Not even in New York where they are notorious for toll bridges do i pay that amount in less than 40 hours. Something is wrong. If the maths was done it would show that the bridge has been paid for by now...if audit needed to show why not. No way in the world that loan has not been repaid.