The ministry of education sent out an odd press release today saying that public primary schools and pre schools should start on September first.

The release quotes the Education Act which states, quote,
"In the case of pre-school centres, primary schools and secondary schools or institutions, classes for the school year shall commence on September 1 of each year, except that where September 1 is a day later in the week than Wednesday, classes begin on the first after September 1."

Of course if you can understand that impenetrable language, you probably don't need to go to school.

Channel 7

There will be 182 days of school for Government-run and grant-aided pre and primary schools for the 2015-2016 school year, which commences on Tuesday, September 1 and ends on Friday, June 24, 2016.

The official calendar presented by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, lists official activity and holiday dates for the majority of schools run by and through the Ministry. The calendar is also closely followed by schools run by denominations.

The main education related activities include the School Children’s Rallies for September 18; Children’s Day on November 20; World Poetry Day on March 21, 2016; and Teacher’s Day on May 13. The annual Education Showcase, after running for a month in 2015, is back to two weeks in 2016 from May 2-13.

The Primary School Examinations (PSE)’s two scheduled sittings are March 14 and May 3, the first time ever it is held on a Tuesday due to the Labour Day holiday.

There are three terms, from September 1 to November 27; November 30 to March 4, and March 7 to June 24. Vacations will be observed for Christmas (December 14 to January 1) and Easter (March 21 to April 1), in addition to the usual national observances.

The Outstanding Teachers’ Award Ceremony is set for May 12.