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Today's Belize News: August 26, 2015 #506921
08/26/15 04:28 AM
08/26/15 04:28 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Summer Bible Study Camp is a tremendous success!
The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church hosted a bible study camp from Monday, August 17th to Friday, August 21st under the theme “Champions for Christ,” for children ages 6-12. The Bible camp was organized by the local parishioners and the Sisters of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity from New Mexico, United States of America and ran from 9AM to noon. The event was designed to teach the participants about Christ and make the children be Champions of Christ in a camp of faith. According to Sister Mary Peter the turnout was excellent and the camp was full with fun activities. “Each day we had singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and games. We also had a faith stations where they learn biblical things. Each day we had about 65 children along with teens who helped us with the group of younger children as they moved through the different activity stations,” stated Peter.

Belize Brewing Company: Work in Progress
As part of a continuous improvement program, Belize Brewing, a Bowen & Bowen Company, is in the midst of major upgrades to increase production capacity for our products; Belikin Beer, Belikin Stout, Belikin Premium, Lighthouse Lager, and Guinness. These ongoing improvements are necessary to help us meet the increasing demand for these popular Belizean Beers. Unfortunately, over the weekend we encountered an unexpected equipment failure in a crucial area of Belize Brewing’s bottling line. We are working around the clock to fix it and expect to be back to normal production capacity by Tuesday the 25th. Over the next few days we may have a shortage of Belize Brewing products as a result of the lost production time. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask you to bear with us as we work through this.

San Cas Realty joins Christie’s International to bring new level of Real Estate to Belize
Belize now boasts association with one of the oldest and most prestigious action houses in the world, as San Cas Realty is an official affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. The grand announcement was made on Thursday, August 20th during the official inauguration of San Cas Realty at Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace. San Cas Realty is part of the Santiago Castillo Group Limited (San Cas) with Gil Castillo pioneering the venture into the international real estate market. With sales of $7.7US billion in 2014, Christie’s is undoubtedly the leading enterprise in the industry and is sure to elevate Belize’s own real estate industry to new levels. “Belize will provide Christie’s with new opportunities. We’re always looking for the next best thing. Most of the Caribbean has been done, and now it’s Belize’s turn, in our opinion, to be the next best place to go. You’ve got some of those pristine, beautiful beaches and landscape in this whole part of the world and it has that appeal for the Caribbean customer and also that Latin American person so it’s the best of both worlds,” said Moeser. He indicated that target investors will not only be for residential but also for commercial development. “Christie’s is the largest action house in the world, and we will bring a new set of cliental to Belize. These people are looking for fantastic properties to invest and are willing to pay for the value. We are glad we have the opportunity to be involved from the ground up to take this market to the next level,” ended Moeser.

Ambergris Today

Temporary Beer Shortage Expected as Bowen & Bowen Experiences Equipment Failure
There might be a scarcity of Belikin Beer in Belize in the coming days as a press release from Bowen & Bowen Brewing Company indicated that over the weekend the company encountered an unexpected equipment failure in a crucial area of Belize Brewing’s bottling line. The press release indicated that: “As part of a continuous improvement program, Belize Brewing, a Bowen & Bowen Company, is in the midst of major upgrades to increase production capacity for our products; Belikin Beer, Belikin Stout, Belikin Premium, Lighthouse Lager, and Guinness. These ongoing improvements are necessary to help us meet the increasing demand for these popular Belizean Beers.” Unfortunately, over the weekend, the brewing company experienced equipment failure which will have a trickle effect on the delivery of products in the coming days. Bowen & Bowen stated that the company is working around the clock to fix it and expect to be back to normal production capacity by today, Tuesday, August 25. Over the next few days a beer shortage is expected as a result of the lost production time.

NBA All-Star Kareem Abdul Jabaar Vacation House Hunting in Belize
The seven foot, two inch tall NBA U.S. Basketball legend could not hide from the public eye as he traveled around the country of Belize last week, reportedly looking for property to purchase. Might he be looking for a vacation home to relax? Kareem Abdul Jabaar, an all-time leading scorer in the NBA was in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and other parts of the country, not only vacationing, but also reportedly looking around at real estate. He had been sighted since Wednesday, August 19, 2015, in San Pedro with local real estate agents and businessmen and then hopped to Orange Walk shortly after. While in San Pedro, though, he had the opportunity to be hosted by San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero, accompanied with a few of his Councilmen and local contractors. Jabaar, in return, gifted Mayor Danny with an autographed jersey as a token of appreciation for his hospitality.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow Departs the Country
The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that the Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, Tuesday, 25th August, 2015, to accompany his wife, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow as she continues scheduled medical checkups. Prime Minister Barrow will return to the country this coming Friday, 28th August, 2015. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize will act as Prime Minister.

Heist at the Corozal Free Zone
Proprietor of Euro Moda, Daniele Chou says thief or thieves broke into her store and stole around $6,666.00 in US, Belizean and Mexican currency. Corozal Police continue to investigate.

t's Official. Southest Airline in Belize!
Here is the Southwest counter at the Philip Goldson International Airport.

Magic happens when you swim with Dolphins
”Los Bambinos” and “Mama” with their first encounter of these magical creatures from our seas. Bottlenose dolphins are well known as the intelligent and charismatic stars of many aquarium shows. Their curved mouths give the appearance of a friendly, permanent smile, and they can be trained to perform complex tricks. However, dolphins are threatened by commercial fishing for other species, like tuna, and can become mortally entangled in nets and other fishing equipment. Lets us all work together to love and protect these ambassadors of our seas.

Make some Belizean Fry Jacks today.
Serve with some fried beans and maybe stew chicken. This recipe is really made simple. it works really good if you follow the instructions just as is if you are a beginner. once you get the hang of it make your own adjustment or add your own flavoring. you could even sprinkle powdered sugar on it for the kids or serve with honey. make sure to fry in hot oil to get your puffing up. remember they cook real fast. drop in wait a few seconds and flip and then out. dont step away or they will burn or get too brown.

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of August 16th – August 22nd, 2015
The tarpon fishing improved as the week went on! it is fairly certain that during their migration the tarpon do this to spawn and get a larger gene pool going for reproduction. Even though tarpon mature at 14 or 15 years, our younger resident tarpon on Savannah flats were exhibiting odd pre-spawn behavior out on the flats and proved tough to engage with a fly.

Takasan Japanese Restaurant opens in Belize City
As of August 13th 2015, a new Japanese restaurant has opened in Belize City. The restaurant is located on Mile 1 along the Philip Goldston (Northern) Highway, inside the new shopping mall, Northern Shops. Being the only restaurant in Belize with a Japanese chef, we can guarantee that you will enjoy the real taste of Japan. Our opening hours are from 11am to 9pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Please do visit us, see the attached menu and enjoy some delicious Japanese food.

Go babies GO!!!!!!
Today's Turtle Hatchlings. Eight nests hatched this week. Three new nests were identified bringing our total to 102 nests on Ambergris Caye for 2015.

Paint N Splash "Coco Craze"
Thursday, August 27at 2:00pm, Crazy Canucks Beach Bar

Beach Cleanup - Dangriga, Seine Bight, Placencia, PG
Instead of arguing lets work together to beautify Belize... Clean where you live so you can enjoy where you live... Tropic Air, Oceana Belize and local communities teamed up for a successful beach cleanup on Saturday! Thank you to everyone who came out to help. We will let you know when and where the next one will be.

Queen of the Bay travelled to Belmopan
Yesterday, as is tradition, contestants for the annual Queen of the Bay travelled to Belmopan to meet with the Prime Minister. However, this year, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega had the honour of greeting and conversing with these ten Belizean beauties.

Our Freedom Fighters
Belize Territorial Volunteers and Northern Territorial Volunteers erect Belizean flag on our Sarstoon Island this morning in memory of Danny Conorquie who was murdered by Guatemalans conducting illegal activities in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and who entered our land illegally. BTV volunteer and activist Audrey Matura-Shepherd's wrote in her FB timeline "I today was a part of the planting of a Belizean flag on Belize's Sarstoon Island. On September 25, 2015 Danny was killed and in exactly one month it will mark one year since his death yet the government has not settled compensation to his family."

BECOL U19 Tournament
The BECOL Under 19 Basketball Tournament was held at Falcon Field, and Kenny Lamb got some incredible pictures of it.

Channel 7

Once More Unto The Island
For the last 2 weeks, the news has been dominated by Belize Territorial Volunteers and their trip to Sarstoon Island which ended in a confrontation between them and the Guatemalan Navy. It even prompted a Prime Ministerial press conference where he was flanked the Ministers of National Security and Foreign Affairs, and the commanders of the BDF and Coast Guard - who comprise the National security Council. In that press conference, the Prime Minister implored the Volunteers not to return to the Sarstoon River because it strains diplomatic and military relations. BDF Commander, General David Jones also made it clear that the agitation by the Territorial Volunteers endangers his soldiers who are posted at the Cadenas Conservation Post. The only way to get to Cadenas is through the Sarstoon River, which the Guatemalans consider theirs. Well, as we also showed you last week, Wil Maheia, responded that he would make attempts to follow the BDF change overs which happens roughly every other Tuesday. Today was supposed to be the first such mission, and our news team of Daniel Ortiz and Codie Norales left out at 1:00 am for Punta Gorda Town to see for ourselves how this would work. It didn't, but something else did work out. Daniel Ortiz reports:

Orange Walkeno Caught In Nicaragua With Weed
An Orange Walk man is detained in Nicaragua tonight after he was caught with a wholesale quantity of weed. He was intercepted on Saturday at Rio San Juan which is on Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast - right at the border with Costa Rica. 32 year old Wayne Thomas of a St. Peter's Street address in Orange Walk Town was driving a Dodge Van with Orange Walk license plates headed south for Costa Rica. Nicaraguan police stopped the van and found a secret compartment in the ceiling. They took out 101 packets of weed, weighing in at 55 kilos, or 123 pounds. The Nicaraguan media asked him where he was bringing the drugs form - here's what he said:.. Police say he entered the country at "Las Manos" - which is the border crossing with Honduras, south of Tegucigalpa. Police say they suspect there is a drug smuggling ring at work.

Audrey On Ray: It Wasn't (Just) Me
Last night our headline story was about the removal of Ray Davis as the Labour Senator. That was the decision that the General Council of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize took after a motion to vote on whether the members were satisfied with his performance. An easy majority of the 25 representatives voted that they were not satisfied - and so the long embattled Davis will be replaced. But there are those within the labour movement who take the view that he was being dismissed without just cause having been established - and "just cause" is one of the cornerstone principles for trade unionism in general. Today in Punta Gorda, we asked NTUCB Vice President Audrey Matura-Shepherd about his departure. She's the first one who went public and said he has to resign or be removed - but today she stressed that it was a group decision: Audrey Matura-Shepherd, 2nd Vice President - NTUCB "Let me tell you, all I say about that is within our union, democracy prevails and clearly I was not the sole vote. It was an overwhelming majority. I know Channel 7 always gets the scoop because we have the traitors within who always leak the information. So go interview them. But the official word comes from our president Mr. Marvin Mora, who I support and I am just but one vote in votes that go in the double digits."

NUTCB: Many Email Fails
And so while Ray Davis was removed for non performance - it really comes down to an issue of email protocol - or a lack thereof. Things came to a head because the NTUCB believes that Davis bailed on a Senate meeting - and never told anyone, leaving the unions in the lurch. But in fact he did send this email weeks before the meeting - both to the President of the NTUCB and the General Secretary. Except none of them got it. That e-mail fail is what ultimately triggered the campaign to resolutely deal with Davis. So it's ironic that even as the union sent him off - there was another email fail - this one of epic proportions. On Saturday evening at 5:30, General Secretary Rebecca Suazo sent out the email with the minutes of the meeting held earlier that day. She sent it to her NTUCB mailing list - including ex-Senator Davis. It shows who brought the motion to questions Davis's performance and shows who seconded it - and how the vote went: 18 not satisfied, 6 satisfied, 1 abstention. It's awkward, but it's also very bad form - kind of like finding out you got fired in a mass email - before getting a letter of termination.

Yolanda Gomez Denies Credit Card Misconduct
The La Inmaculada Credit Union in northern Belize - it's a large and powerful institution with tens of thousands of members, and - we are told - more than 52 million dollars passing through it annually. But, with all that prosperity, tonight there are deep public misgivings about the management of the union. And as we showed you last night, a special general meeting on Saturday did nothing to allay those concerns - in fact, its inconclusive ending may have resulted in even deeper agitation. But while there is public frustration with the board - which narrowly escaped having to face a no confidence vote on Saturday - there are also concerns about the tenure of Yolanda Gomez as General Manager. No less than the chair of the board has publicly heaped substantial allegations of wrongdoing at Gomez's door. Gomez has consistently denied any wrongdoing - and the board has not come up with any proof. But, the allegations include unauthorized loans - we are told to family members and Gomez's personal employees. It also includes misuses of the LICU credit card - and alleged repaying of the debts with LICU funds. Gomez flatly denied that on Saturday:..

As we showed you at the top of the news, the Belize Territorial Volunteers went back to the Sarstoon River today. They were there to follow the BDF soldiers downriver to the border post of Cadenas. But the volunteers missed the trip from PG to Cadenas, so they had to wait a long time until the BDF vessel returned through the Sarstoon. And we had to wait with them. So, how did the volunteers pass the time? Well, they went chasing after suspected Guatemalan fishers poaching in Belizean waters. Our news team followed them on that mission - which had elements of both mild tragedy and deep comedy; here's how it went: While waiting for the BDF change over to return from Cadenas, Maheia and the boat captains took us along the southern shore of the Toledo District, just before the Sarstoon River mouth, waters considered to be clearly in Belizean territory. It immediately became apparent what they were signaling to a number fishermen believed to be Guatemalans who were illegally fishing in Belizean waters. Now, we're unable to say 100% that they are illegals fishing in Belize, but there were very distinct traits of their behavior while we were there.

BDF In Court For Trying to Defraud Courts
BDF soldier, Rigo Francis Zuniga went to court today accused of committing a mischievous act. Here's what happened: it seems 28 year old Rigo Francis Zuniga was trying to avoid paying Courts Belize bill after getting a flat screen television on credit. He made a false report to police alleging that all his household items were destroyed in a fire, but it turns out there was no fire. It was more like a fire sale! Because when police went looking into the story, they found that he gave the items to a woman who pawned them out at Fair Brothers Pawn Shop. She told police that Zuniga gave her his flat screen television he got from Courts and a stereo to pawn out for him. Police found the items at the Pawn Shop. As a result, he was charged with committing a mischievous act. This morning, Zuniga appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Ladonna John in Court #4 where he pleaded not guilty to the offense. Magistrate John granted him bail in the sum of $500 plus one surety of the same. He is due back in court until October 27, 2015.

Sixth Former Again For 14 Year Old
18 year old Saint John's College sixth former Daniel Bradley has been slapped with another charge of unlawful sexual intercourse - again for having sex with a 14 year old girl. Two months ago, he was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl was back in court again to be slapped with another sexual offense. He appeared before Magistrate, Ladonna John in Court #4 where he was read a single charge of one count of unlawful sexual intercourse for carnally knowing a female girl under the age of 16 to wit, 14 years and 4 months. The contact is alleged to have occurred between May 1 and May 31, 2015. In court, no plea was taken from Bradley - who was represented by attorney, Ellis Arnold. Magistrate John explained to him that she will not be taking a plea in the matter since it's an indictable offense.

PM Accompanies Wife
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today to accompany his wife Kim for a regular checkup. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2011 - and after aggressive treatment, it has been in remission for the last two years. A government press release says that the Prime Minister will return on Friday 28th August. Gaspar Vega will be acting Prime Minister.

Mr Program Makes Introspective Track
Belizean Artist Mr. Program is back with his latest song and music video called "Them Should Ah Know". The catchy song is more than just another track - it speaks about his personal struggle as an artist and where he would like to see himself in the near future. He told us what you should know. The video is available on Youtube.

Notepads With A Safe Message
Hurricane season is upon us - and the City Emergency Management Organization is always pushing for greater community awareness - specifically - what do you need to know when a storm is coming. Well, a lot of your plan should be based on the warning flags. But do you know the difference between preliminary, red on, red two and all clear? Well, CEMO wants even your children to know. That's why they have launched a new notepad series. Wayne Usher told us more:.. The notepads are available at the CEMO office at the downtown Commercial Center in Belize City for 50 cents each or six dollars per dozen.

Channel 5

The BTV Raises Belizean Flag on Sarstoon Island
The Belize Territorial Volunteers remain in the headlines tonight. This morning, a smaller group headed down south once again to the Sarstoon Island. Unlike their previous visit when they were [...]

Hubert Elrington Says Territorial Volunteers Are Insane
The group which succeeded in planting a flag on Sarstoon Island today is now being lauded by Prime Minister Barrow. In a press conference last Wednesday, the PM changed his [...]

Former U.D.P. Minister Says Country Is Being Run By Idiots
The former U.D.P. Minister also didn’t shy away from criticizing the Barrow administration, which he says is running the country into the ground. Elrington claims that rather than growing the [...]

Miguel Segura Sued by Victim’s Family
Former Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura is being sued for damages. The claim is being brought by the mother of Yolanda Valencia, who died in a terrible head-on collision [...]

GSU Boss Mark Flowers at Centre of Land Controversy
The quaint village of Blackman Eddy is the second smallest village in the Cayo South Constituency. Located at mile fifty-seven on the George Price Highway, the village is home to [...]

Do You Support BTV’s Trek to Southern Border Areas without Military Escort?
And tonight’s question is: Do you support the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ trek to border areas in the south without military escort? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones [...]

Flashback – George Price Speaks on Territorial Sovereignty
At the top of our newscast, we showed you the BTV-led trip to the Sarstoon Island where they, along with a handful of Belizeans and the media, planted the Belize [...]

Standard Bearer Says Progress Made in P.U.P. G11 Dispute
A group of eleven standard bearers of the People’s United Party continues to boycott official Party functions. They are agitating for change in the P.U.P., and until some common ground [...]

Kareem Musa Says He Will Deliver Caribbean Shores
Even as Kareem Musa deals with internal party issues, he can’t lose sight of his own upcoming battle in Caribbean Shores. He will be facing off against a formidable candidate [...]

Belizean Busted With Weed in Nicaragua
A Belizean is tonight in big trouble in Nicaragua after he was busted near its border with Costa Rica with a large quantity of marijuana. Reports from the Nicaraguan media [...]

B.D.F. Soldier Charged for a Mischievous Act
B.D.F. soldier, twenty-eight year old Rigo Zuniga, is also in trouble with the law tonight for attempting to avoid paying Courts Belize for a flat screen television.  Zuniga made a [...]

Teen Charged for Sexual Assault of Minor
An eighteen year old student, Daniel Bradley, was back before the court today. In June he was accused of sexually abusing a fourteen year old girl, and today he was [...]

Hubert Elrington Says Petrocaribe Going Soon
Appearing on the Dickie Bradley Special on Monday, Hubert Elrington, a former U.D.P. Minister, blasted the government, claiming that there is absolutely nothing to cheer about under this administration. Not [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Moving Toward Firm Stance on Petrocaribe
Earlier this year the Belize National Teachers Union (B.N.T.U.) announced that they were holding countrywide consultations with their members about the Petro Caribe Bill 2015. The consultations were a part [...]

Marvin Mora Says the Union is Monitoring Situation at B.S.I.
And where does the N.T.U.C.B. stand on the issues of the workers and B.S.I./ASR? President Marvin Mora says that the concerns of the Belize Workers Union have been brought to [...]

Guatemalan Poachers Fish in Belizean Waters
Gillnetting is a common fishing method that is closely monitored and regulated by fisheries management and enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, the practice used by commercial fishermen is not adequately controlled, despite [...]

Receiver Says Port has Made Progress
Since it went into receivership in 2012, reports of the purchase of the Port of Belize have circulated. Earlier this year, we told you that at least one local businessman [...]

Challenges Facing Belizean Fishers Documented
British Honduras was built on logwood and mahogany trade. That colonial history was based on exploitation of natural resources and people.  Though we have achieved independence, Belizeans still depend on [...]


Store At Free Zone Robbed Of More Than Six Thousand dollars
Corozal police are investigating a burglary at the Corozal Commercial Free Zone that netted a thief or thieves more than $6,000 in cash. Twenty eight year old Italian businessman Daniele Chou of Carretera Bacalar, Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico, reported to authorities between 6:00pm on Sunday August 22nd and 7:00am on Monday August 23rd, thieves broke into his business namely Euro Moda situated inside the zone and made off with $6,666.00 in Belizean, Mexican and US dominations. Police have no suspects and their investigation continues.

CSCPA Get Certified By Fair Trade
The Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association was formed last year after the Government of Belize amended the sugar act giving cane farmers the freedom to break away from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers and form their own group. Automatically cane farmers who divorced from the BSCFA and joined the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers stopped benefitting from Fair Trade premiums since the BSCFA was the only association certified at the time. But that is now a thing of the past because after much hard work the CSCPA has been certified by FLOCERT. According to Chairman of the CSCPA Elvis Canul the certification is valid from the 24th of August to the 24th of May 2016. “This brings a great moment for our cane famers because by being certified we will be entitled to premium that is catered for the small cane farmers and it helps to sustain the high cost of production of cane so definitely this is a big achievement for our Association to be certified.”

OWTC Participated In Orientation Training On Do's and Don't Of Roles Of Council
A two-day local government orientation training that engaged municipal councilors and local managers concluded today at the Social Security Conference room. The sessions says Mayor Kevin Bernard, included a refresher course on the do’s and don’ts of roles and limits of the council. “Discussed the role and the responsibility of the Council, that are their rights and what are their responsibilities as policy makers what is it that they can do or can’t do and today they touched on the accounting regulations, the powers vested into the Mayor, the Administrator in terms of what should be done and shouldn’t be done so it is basically informative information getting our councilors aware of what really they are to do as a council, what really we are to do as a body and then we are talking about the projects that has been ongoing it is a matter of continuity and information being passed on to those new council members as well for example what has been done with the BMDP projects in terms of the sustainable child friendly initiative and in the partnership we have done with the Social Investment Fund through the World Bank project so those are the things we are talking the Municipal Growth Plan what are we to do with those things how do we continue to work with those plans to make our town sustainable to make our town to be able to grow and for us to be able to increase in terms of revenue and initiative that we have been able to put forward as a Council.”

Another September To Remember, Biggest Event In Belize
The celebration of Belize’s Independence is one of the biggest events Belizeans at home and abroad look forward to and today the hypnotizing vibes are already being felt in all corners of the country. In Orange Walk Town, the wheels have begun spinning when it comes to preparations and planning of the two most anticipated holidays, the tenth and the 21st of September. Today, we asked Mayor Kevin Bernard about this year’s plans for a smooth celebration since last year there was a first recorded casualty. “At the last September celebration meeting just before leaving we reminded and we have seen a letter of request from the vice chair of the National September Celebration Committee where they are requesting for additional security for Orange Walk and it has already been advertised Jove was the first time they had that last year and they are coming gain this year and there will be more people coming again to Orange Walk so we are requesting and I don’t want what happen last year happen again so what we will be doing too we will calling a meeting by the end of this week to those participants because we want to ask them to be able to provide their own Marshalls especially for those big trucks.”

CJC Get Renovation Of Classrooms For Bio/Chem And Humanities Department
It is said that an individual will be best receptive towards learning depending on the environment he or she occupies. Bearing that in mind the Corozal Community College is constantly finding means and ways to best accommodate its students. The institutions newest accomplishment comes in the form of a writing lab Chair for the Humanities Department. “This is something new to CJC an addition to our current facilities; it is the CJC Humanities Department Writing lab we have space to comfortably seat twenty students, we recognize that there is a writing issue or a problem that our students face not just at this level but at every educational level and in an attempt to address that we have come up what is this writing lab and the purpose of the lab is for us to be able to help our students to sit with them on a one to one basis or in small group conferences so that we can help them with their writing, help them to identify their strength their weaknesses in writing and in so doing edit their work and revise so that they can produce better quality work and we hope that the student will make the best of the opportunity that we are providing for them.”

Prime Minister Accompanies Wife For Medial Check Up
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country to accompany his wife, Kim Simpliss Barrow on a scheduled medical visit to the US. During his absence, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will hold down the fort as Prime Minister. The Barrows are expected to return to Belize on Friday.

Orange Walk Mayor Returns From LAMC In Puerto Rico
Yesterday, Mayor Kevin Bernard made his return to the country after participating in the Latin American Mayor’s Conference in Puerto Rico held last week. The summit for government sector professionals gathered Latin America and Caribbean leaders to discuss the challenges of the global economy and to bet on sustainable economic development and the decentralization of power as the new frameworks for participatory governance. Bernard, who represented the Belize Mayor’s Association, told us today that the weeklong sessions was geared at enhancing local government structures and approaches. “What that congress involved is also a time to share ideas, share best practices as you know across the region and as Mayor and in the Belize Mayor’s Association we are always been saying that we need to fight for more autonomy, we need to talk more about decentralization and these are things that were discussed from an international level where we are seeing other municipalities fighting for that same cause in their various countries so over the three days it was a very packed agenda, there were several session that you could have attended; one of the things that I know it was very crucial that was discussed very passionately was the issue of decentralization and more autonomy in local governments because as you know the local governments are the ones that really they are the ones that see the people more and so another area that we touched on is how do you enhance local government?

Belizeans Chased Out Of Melchor
It is no secret that thousands of Belizeans travel to neighboring Melchor de Mencos in Guatemala and the Mexican frontier with the intent to save money on groceries, clothing and other services. And while millions of Belizean dollars are being pumped into those thriving economies, a Belizean family is crying foul tonight after a visit to Melchor de Mencos over the weekend ended in an unnecessary brawl with Guatemalans which caused injuries to many. According to Diana Trap, on Sunday her family suffered a traumatic experience and had to run back across to the Belize border after they were attacked by a mob of Guatemalan men near the Melchor market. Trapp says the scuffle stemmed from an assault upon her niece, a minor who accompanied her on the trip. Trapp recounted the tale to our friends at Krem Radio and here is her tale as she and her family and friends entered that alleyway near the market.

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Belizean national caught with marijuana in Nicaragua
A Belizean man is in problems in Nicaragua after he was caught with over one hundred pounds of marijuana. According to the Nicaraguan National Police website, 42 year old Wayne Thomas Reneau was caught with 101 packs of the controlled herb which when weighed, totaled approximately 123 pounds. The operation was conducted on Saturday evening […]

Belize Territorial Volunteers head back to Sarstoon Island
Early this morning, Belize Territorial Volunteer’s Leader, Wil Maheia and a small group made another trip to the Sarstoon to place a Belizean Flag on Sarstoon Island. Love News spoke earlier today with Maheia via phone. Wil Maheia – BTV “Well this morning was quite an interesting morning. As you know we had planned to […]

Attorney speaks of civil suit against ACP Miguel Segura
On August 16, 2014, Yolanda Valencia was killed in a traffic accident on the George Price Highway. Valencia’s mother, Guadalupe Valencia has filed a civil suit against Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura who was the driver of the vehicle that hit the car in which Yolanda was a passenger. The driver of the vehicle, […]

Kareem Musa speaks on PUP’s G11
Apart from being an attorney, Kareem Musa is also the PUP’s Standard Bearer for Caribbean Shores and he sits on a sub-committee within the PUP that is carrying out with negotiations with the G-11 members. Today, we asked Musa for an update. Kareem Musa – PUP Standard bearer, Caribbean Shores “We are in negotiations with […]

Corozal Sugar Cane Producers’ Association receives FAIRTRADE certification.
Arturo Cantun reporting… “The news that the organization has been certified by Fairtrade has been received very well by farmers belonging to this association. According to Chairman of the CSCPA, Elvis Canul, he recognizes the importance of this achievement and has compromised the organization in keeping in compliance with the requirements. Elvis Canul – Chairman, […]

Prime Minister travels to the US
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today to accompany his wife, Kim Simplis Barrow as she continues scheduled medical checkups. Prime Minister Barrow will return to the country on Friday and during his absence, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister.

UB mandatory insurance discontinued
The Belize Youth Movement in partnership with the Student Board of the University of Belize is celebrating their victory over the University of Belize’s mandatory Black Jaguar Accident protection policy. The policy has now become an option for students who wish to purchase the insurance when registering. Alberto Vellos, President of the Belize Youth Movement […]

House destroyed by fire in Dangriga
“The house of Eric Flores, a resident of this municipality was destroyed by fire in the wee hours of Monday morning. According to one of Flores’ relatives the lumber house which measured 14×16 that was situated in the Monument Site of town apparently caught on fire as a result of someone burning […]

PUC introduces program to improve networking
The Belize Public Utilities Commission held a work shop today for a new initiative called The Signal Information System. It’s a program that would be expanded to agencies that would be able to share information more efficiently. Rudolph Williams, Director of Water and Waste Water sector at Public Utilities Commission told Love News more about […]

CEMO introduces information books
The 2015 hurricane season is almost at its mid-point and the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) has come up with an initiative to keep awareness at the forefront. Wayne Usher is CEMO’s Liaison Officer. Wayne Usher – CEMO’s Liaison Officer ““The school program is to give the message that CEMO sends throughout the year to […]


Two remanded for aggravated assault with firearm
Two Belize City men were remanded to prison after they were arraigned before Magistrate Ladonna John this morning on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm. Lloyd Leslie, 23, a laborer and resident of 5 Bocotora Street, and Dwayne Evelin, 25, a laborer and resident of 17 Armadillo Street, both entered not guilty pleas after Magistrate John read the charge to them. Magistrate John explained to the men that because the offense for which they were charged was allegedly committed with a firearm, her court could not offer them bail. “You have to apply to the Supreme Court for bail,” she told the two men, before they were remanded to prison until their next court date, October 26.

Men remanded for FirstCaribbean robbery bailed
Four of five men who were remanded to the Belize Central Prison on the allegation that they staged a broad-daylight armed robbery of FirstCaribbean International Bank branch, located at San Cas Plaza, were granted bail this morning by Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore. The four accused men all pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery. The fifth man was only charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. Justice Moore decided to grant the four accused men bail despite strong objections from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Sabita Maharaj, who argued that at least two of the men have previous convictions and are likely to commit other offenses if released on bail. The Crown also based its objections for bail on public interest grounds.

Melchor mob attacks Belizean shoppers
Around this time of the year, there are more excursions from Belize to Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala, than the normal weekend trips, because many Belizean families are of the view that they can literally stretch their dollars in Melchor, especially in the season before the new school year, when their uniform/books expenses are very high. Yesterday, Sunday, however, a Belizean family suffered a traumatic experience and had to run back across to the Belize side after they were attacked by a mob of Guatemalan men near the Melchor market. This incident comes on the heels of the Guatemalan navy’s aggression against the Belize Territorial Volunteers two Sundays ago, on August 16, in the Sarstoon River, Belizean territory, where the Guatemalan navy has been exercising sovereignty since the last days of May when the Belize Government ordered a contingent of the Belize Coast Guard to withdraw from the area.

Boy, 15, shot dead in home invasion
A young man, 15, died after being shot at the farm of his grandfather, Thomas Polanco, located at Mile 35 on the Hummingbird Highway, shortly after 9:00 Friday morning by three masked men, who were armed with machetes. Police strongly believe that one of Polanco’s past employees was one of the three men who went to Polanco’s residence on Friday morning with machetes, held up and tied up the family members who were at home at the time, and then ransacked the house looking for cash and valuables. The gunmen stole $3,000 cash, Polanco’s 12-gauge shotgun and some cartridges, as well as some household items. According to police, Thomas Polanco’s teenaged grandson, Briton Tharique Polanco, 15, who was out in the field at the time the robbers went to the farm, heard noise coming from the house and ran up to the door of the house to see what was happening, and that was when one of the robbers shot him in the chest with the stolen shotgun, which belongs to his grandfather. The three bandits then escaped in the family’s vehicle, and are currently on the run.

Shot in ambush by “friendly fire?”
A 16-year-old who, along with two other men, allegedly was lay-waiting an intended victim around 8:45 p.m. last Thursday, is now in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he inadvertently was shot in the abdomen by his partner in crime while in them ambush position, according to police. Police say that the three men went into the Queen’s Square Anglican Primary School compound on Fairweather Street on Thursday night and took up ambush positions to shoot a man who was to come over the Fairweather Street Bridge and onto Fairweather Street, near the school compound. As the unsuspecting, intended victim was approaching, one of the three men took out a .38 Special revolver to shoot the victim, but the gun misfired, and he began to tamper with it. According to police, the revolver then fired a round which hit the man’s accomplice, the 16-year-old, in the stomach.

La Immaculada Credit Union meeting “got too hot” and was adjourned
On Saturday, August 22, Muffles College in Orange Walk Town was the venue for a Special General Meeting held by the La Immaculada Credit Union. The member-owners had collected signatures demanding a Special General Meeting to address the issues surrounding the termination of Yolanda Gomez, the former General Manager. In April, Gomez was suspended from her position, then in July, she was terminated. There are allegations of fraud, forgery, unauthorized cash movement and loan write-off that the Board claimed was done by Yolanda Gomez. However, at the Special General Meeting there was no actual evidence presented because the investigation is still ongoing, said Board members.

Fans ride underdog BDF to 1-1 draw with Verdes
The news began filtering through the football community on Saturday night, and spread quickly when it was made public on Krem’s Press Cadogan Sports Show on Sunday morning, that FC Belize, the last remaining Belize City based team in the Premier League of Belize (PLB), had withdrawn or been dropped out of the competition before playing their first scheduled match, which should have been against Placencia Assassins on Saturday night, August 22, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence. Following their second match forfeited to end the previous season, there was talk of a possible suspension of FC Belize from future competitions. But the new management of the Premier League, which now has a board of directors and a hired General Manager, Wilhelm Miguel, to run its competition, had appeared sympathetic to the plight of FC Belize, which had struggled with ownership controversy for the past year, along with a tremendous handicap with the closure of the MCC until early this year. And just a couple weeks before the start of this new season, the lights at the MCC were taken down by the National Sports Council, making work-out difficult for the team.

National Women’s Softball Championship this weekend
The Belize Softball Federation will be holding its XXV National Women’s Softball Championship over this weekend, from Friday to Sunday, August 28-30, at Rogers Stadium in Belize City. The action starts on Friday and according to a release from the Federation, the first game gets under way “at 6:30 p.m. sharp.” On Saturday, the games will start at 9:00 a.m., and Sunday games begin at 10:00 a.m. Official opening ceremonies for the Championship are scheduled for Saturday, August 29, beginning at 1:00 p.m. after the second game. Six teams will be vying for this year’s National Championship, two each from three different softball zones, namely: BTL and Belize Bank Bulldogs (Belize City), Unitedville’s Rebels United and Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy (Cayo), and Double Head Cabbage and UB Black Jaguars (Belize Rural).

“Ladies” Flores set to win BDF 13 Miles Race
Veteran runner, Anthony “Ladies” Flores, 54, originally of Dangriga, is set and ready to win the upcoming BDF 15 Miles Road Race that will be held this Saturday morning, August 29. Ladies came to Amandala today, and reported that that he has been working out on the beach sands in Dangriga, and now possesses the endurance and stamina to punish and defeat the competitors, and has declared himself the winner. The veteran runner said that he has been running for the past 15 years, during which he has been achieving second and third place, but he will dominate this race and achieve first place in this upcoming race. Flores said that on Saturday morning, the race will commence from Old Belize at Mile 5 on the George Price Highway, and will make its way to Central American Boulevard, left over Belcan Bridge, and left into the Philip Goldson Highway, and conclude at Price Barracks, which will be a distance of about 15 miles.

BDBA Firms finals: Bulldogs vs Central Bank
The Belize District Basketball Association’s (BDBA) Firms Basketball Tournament 2015 held its knockout semifinal games on Friday night, August 21; and it was right into game 1 of the best-of-3 games championship finals series on Saturday night, August 22, at Bird’s Isle. The semifinal opener on Friday night featured a battle of the banks, as Central Bank disciplined Heritage Bank, 82-66. Leading Central Bank were Jacob Leslie with 32 pts 6 rebs 4 assts, Dave Apolonio 21 pts 2 rebs 3 assts, and Farron Louriano 15 pts 8 rebs 2 assts; while Heritage Bank was led by Marvin Skeet 19 pts 8 rebs 3 assts, and Winston Pratt 14 pts 3 rebs 3 assts 3 stls. The semifinal nightcap was a much closer contest, as Bulldogs pulled out the 71-68 win over Central Health. For the victorious Bulldogs, Brian White had 22 pts 8 rebs, Rupert Brown 22 pts 2 rebs 4 assts 2 stls, and Tarique Gabb 11 pts 4 rebs 2 assts 2 stls; while Central Health was led by Neil Nicholson 33 pts 3 rebs 3 stls, Travis Bernardez 11 pts 3 rebs 2 assts 2 stls, and Lonnie Trapp 10 pts 5 rebs 2 assts 2 stls.

Editorial: Armed and dangerous
On Wednesday, August 12, United Democratic Party (UDP) Junior Cabinet Minister, Hon. Mark King, made serious threats against the Kremandala organization; against Evan X Hyde, the Kremandala chairman; and against Mose Hyde, the general manager of KREM Television and a talk show host. Mr. King’s threats were broadcast on national television news: the threats had been made earlier that Wednesday during a speech in his Lake Independence constituency. Mr. King, a former Belize Defence Force soldier who was made a Justice of the Peace in 2005 by the PUP Belize Rural Central area representative, Hon. Ralph Fonseca, is thought by some observers to be eccentric. But, he owns security companies, which means he has armed employees at his disposal. Mr. King is also the Minister of Gangs. We are not exactly sure what his portfolio involves, but it is for sure that the Junior Minister has frequent contact with the various Belize City gang leaders who have been in charge of work gangs on government infrastructural projects in the old capital. Overall then, it is reasonable to say that Hon. Mark King is armed and dangerous.

From the Publisher
With your permission, I’d like to use my column today to inform you about your enemy. Sun Tzu insists that you should know as much as you can about your enemy. Belizeans, your enemy is the Guatemalan military, which now directly controls the political directorate in Guatemala. The President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, is a General of the Guatemalan Army. He was an officer in the Guatemalan military during the presidencies of Lucas García and Ríos Montt. General Perez Molina was head of the EMP during the presidency of Ramiro de León Carpio, from 1993 to 1996. The EMP is the Estado Mayor Presidencial (Presidential Military Staff). The EMP is in charge of interrogation and torture. The following is from pg. 307 of Francisco Goldman’s THE ART OF POLITICAL MURDER, published by Grove Press in 2007: “General Otto Pérez Molina represented the military during the Peace Accords negotiations. He was one of the principal architects of the amnesty. In 1996, the year the accords were signed, the New York Times reported that in the early 1990s, when then Colonel Pérez Molina was the head of Military Intelligence, he’d ordered the murder of the captured guerrilla Efraín Bámaca.

The elusive courage
Dear Editor, In molding democratic citizens most people argue that a good education system is needed. I would like to add another component to a successful democracy besides good education and people participation – courage. Due to victimization and our colonial history most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have citizenries that are afraid of their government. This is a sad state of affairs because the people should give direction to their government. This is the only way history has shown you will have a prosperous and happy country that’s democratic. We need only look at the Scandinavian countries of Europe. Many times it is not that the citizenry don’t know their rights and responsibilities: it is that they are afraid that if they exercise their rights they will be victimized by their government. Your newspaper has experienced such occurrences already.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police continue community outreach in Southside Belize City
The Eastern Police Division South, commanded by the unconventional and innovative Superintendent Chester Williams, continues with its community outreach efforts, attempting to reduce crime in troubled areas. Officers of that division will be doing a “Meet and Greet” on several streets on Wednesday, August 26, including Supal, Kraal Road and […]

Free Zone Store’s proceeds burgled
An Italian National, currently residing in Quintana Roo Mexico, 28 year old Daniele Chou, who owns the “Euro Moda” store at the Corozal Commercial Free Zone, reported to police that his place of business was burglarized sometime over the course of the night of August 22nd. When Chou returned to […]

Dangriga businessman reports burglary
A burglary at the residence of a well-known Dangriga businessman, yesterday, August 24th, resulted in the loss of items valued at a total of $10,150.00. 32 year old Charles Zabaneh Jr. reported that while checking his garage yesterday morning, he noticed that a 40 horsepower outboard boat engine, valued at […]

Melchor trip ends in insult and injury for City family
Told in rude language to go back to Belize after an inappropriate touch on a minor, a Belizean family on excursion to Melchor de Mencos, Peten, Guatemala, has said they will never go back again and encourages other Belizeans not to either, today’s Amandala reports, via KREM News. […]

Lady bar owners charged over undocumented workers
The owners of two entertainment establishments in Belize City, Rexis Mejia and Mora Mejia, were charged with immigration offences when they appeared on Monday before Magistrate La Donna John. Rexis, who is the owner of Long Island Bar on Blue marlin Drive, was charged with 3 counts of […]

Sixth former charged again for carnal knowledge
18 year old Daniel Bradley, a sixth form student, who was charged with 1 count of unlawful carnal knowledge in June, was brought to court today for another charge of unlawful carnal knowledge regarding the same complainant. Both offences occurred between May 1 and May 31. Bradley was […]

Two men charged for firearm assault
Lloyd Leslie and Dwayne Evelyn have been remanded into custody for separate incidents of aggravated assault on August 19 and 20. In the latter, the target, identified as Delbert Palacio, was reportedly accosted by Leslie, Evelyn, and 16 year old Mark Phillips inside the compound of Queen Square […]

Driver charged for traffic accident
Two weeks ago there were multiple fatalities reported on the Philip Goldson Highway between Miles 6 and 7 when a 4-door Mercedes with no license plates slammed into a Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck. Two men identified as 52 year old Alden Locke, also known as “Tall B”, and […]

Belizean Captured with weed in Nicaragua
On Monday, August 24 2015, Wayne Thomas, 32, from Orange Walk was reportedly caught trying to traffic marijuana across the San Pancho border from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. Officials informed that when Thomas arrived at the border in San Pancho, the white van he was driving was thoroughly searched. During […]

First Lady of Belize departs to US for continuous medical checkup
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has left Belize as of today, Tuesday, to accompany his wife Mrs Kim Simplis Barrow to the U.S. for continued medical checkups. Mrs Barrow continues to fight breast cancer, with which she was stricken a few years ago. The Prime Minister returns on Friday, August 28. […]

Good weather continues across Belize
The National Meteorological Service of Belize predicts mostly sunny skies and warm weather today with isolated showers or thunderstorms developing mainly inland this afternoon. Tonight, skies will be partly cloudy with little or no rainfall. Winds will be blowing from the East at 5-15 knots and the sea state will […]


Planes, Trains and Automobiles…and More Planes: I’m Home!
A long trip home became a wee bit longer on Sunday afternoon when we were experience some bad weather on Beaver Island, Michigan. JUST when we needed to fly the rain and a bit of thunder started…and for a little plane? That’s never good. Finally the plane arrived…just a little four seater…and we were off…bye Beaver Island. Man…what a great spot.

Remembering Radio Swan Island ….
A casual Facebook interaction with Daedra Haylock on a post by Renee Trujillo yesterday brought back a few memories from my childhood, partly from what it was like growing up in a Belize before Independence and the proliferation of available and accessible media. I grew up in a time when we only had one radio station, no tv and mostly in parts of the country where running water, electricity, paved roads and telephone service was virtually non-existent outside of the population center that was the old capital Belize City. Besides Radio Belize’s AM signal my folks used to tune into baseball and other sports, as well as the Grand Old Opry (Country and Western music) on Armed Forces Radio and news on the BBC, on shortwave. It occurred to me while commenting about media in Belize with the ladies and monitoring the progress of Hurricane Danny that there was also another radio station that my weather-wise folks used to tune into that perhaps the majority of Belizeans currently do not even know existed and played a role in Belize’s history.

The Evolution of Belize’s Public External Debt
In a letter to the News Director of Channel 7 News Belize and the Editor, AMANDALA newspaper, Dr. Carla Barnett, former Financial Secretary, Government of Belize, and currently United Democratic Party Standard Bearer, Freetown Division wrote: “August 12, 2015 Dear Editor, I have heard several commentators make strong assertions about the state of the public finances and public debt, that have caused me to pause. Commentators have suggested, for example, that government is “borrowing at an unprecedented rate” or that the debt to GDP ratio has risen to “unprecedented levels”. These assertions tend to be made without providing the supporting evidence and, having been involved in finding solutions to the fiscal and debt crisis of the mid-2000’s, I know that these comments are not based on accurate information.

The “Battle” for Sarstoon – a first person account
As usual these are my observations and opinions solely, and, of course, my conclusions for my own purposes. It is NOT a news report. The women! Carolyn Trench-Sandiford woke me up a few minutes after 4:00 a.m. and quite adeptly drove us to Barranco Village. Although I had awakened at 3:00 am and had gotten up and made coffee, I went back to bed and for some inexplicable reason fell back asleep. I was awakened from blissful sleep when she hollered for me outside and I cannot thank her enough. I would’ve hated to have missed going to the Sarstoon. As a citizen I am thankful for the efforts of the Belizean Territorial Volunteers to try and wake up Belizeans from their induced sedation where the existential threat that Guatemala’s claim is to the nation of Belize. The BTVIPNP saying “No” to the ICJ does not make a lot of sense to me but the effort to draw attention to Guatemala’s posture, (stance and action), as well their more critical-than-not analyses of and commentary on the GOB’s dispute management in this regard is very needed at a time when the official opposition has been too circumspect in my estimation.

The “Battle” of the Sarstoon … (Part 2)
There is something about being out on the open water that exhilarates me. It is a primal, visceral reaction. My thoughts as we steamed determinedly towards the Sarstoon and perhaps a date with destiny were a jumbled stream of consciousness as I absorbed the sights, the sounds, the emotions, the feelings, my now compatriots. The boats had returned to the small dock at Barranco after taking about 50-60 persons presumably to the Sarstoon Island. I had managed to climb on to one that had a bikini, strapped on a life vest, and settled into the shade for what I anticipated would be a swift, smooth ride across a calm sea with Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, Alberto Vellos and Dickie Bradley as my seat companions. Richard Bradley Jr., another attorney, and Alton Humes, a reporter, had helped a frail, elderly Garifuna lady to a seat on the foremost “tart” in front of me and I later learned she was Barranco’s most famous resident, Andy Palacio’s aunt. I was glad that he was there in spirit. In the flesh he and I would’ve composed a song, maybe even two, mostly for my entertainment and because that is what he does. It is a Garifuna cultural tradition.

Slices of Life from Belize - August 23, 2015
Well this entry will be brief, because we've hardly had any rain. Oh sure, a few storms have blown through, but in no way dropping enough water to keep things lush and growing. One of our local news stations, 7 News Belize, ran an article about the situation with this headline: "Min. of Agriculture: There is a Northern Drought (Duh)". You can read the article here. Farmers are really bearing the brunt of the weather situation. Crops, especially corn, have been turning yellow from lack of water. Our trees and shrubs almost all have a yellow tinge, and our grass is turning brown and crunchy. David was saying just the other day that we want and need rain so badly, he wouldn't care that we would have the dogs cooped up in the house with us, should the rain gods decide to visit. That's really saying something.

An updated list: Low Season closings and openings in San Pedro
Ah, low season on Ambergris Caye. Do restaurants, resorts and hotels close down because the visitors aren’t coming to Belize? Or do the visitors stop coming to Belize because so many restaurants, resorts and hotels are closed? Well, for whatever reasons a lot of places here on Ambergris Caye close — for as little as two weeks to as long as two months. During this time some places upgrade, change menus, add fresh coats of paint. It is pretty safe to say that come November, the island will be back in full swing and looking as beautiful as ever. Here is an updated list of Low Season venue closings (with some who plan to stay open through the season). If you know of others e-mail me at [email protected] or call 650-1987. I will update as needed.

International Sourcesizz

Faculty explore, share talents, serve during summer break
College of Southern Maryland professors Paul Billeter, Laura Polk and Michael Walls traveled to Belize, Bolivia, Peru and remote Appalachia this summer to research and study, and provide service to communities outside of the region. Billeter developed a lifelong passion for the tropics as an undergraduate biology major and during a trip to Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, in 1968. As a biology and physical sciences division professor since 1974, Billeter continues to learn about and explore the Caribbean region, and he shares his love for marine life and the tropics in the classroom and on travel study experiences each spring. This summer, Billeter gave a presentation on the evolution of travel courses at the Conference on International Coral Reef Education at the Tropical Education and Research Center in San Pedro, Belize. “The conference brought together college professors who teach field biology courses focused on marine biology and coral reefs,” Billeter said in the release. “My presentation focused on the evolution of travel courses in the Caribbean over the past 45 years and how I have internationalized my course to include case studies from Chile, Australia, Belize, the Maldives, the Line Islands, United Arab Emirates and Mexico.”

Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association focusing on local associations
Emil Lee, president of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), reported progress during his first year in office as CHTA continues its evolution into a Hub and Spoke organization. He said he is pleased that the focus on strengthening the National Hotel and Tourism Associations (NHTAs) throughout the region is evolving quickly. He also cites a new era of public-private sector collaboration between CHTA and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) which has emerged as a point of optimism for the industry's future. Lee recently visited with local CHTA members and ministers of tourism in various countries including Antigua, The Bahamas, Barbados and Belize.

Indian-Origin Man Found Dead in UK Hotel Room
An Indian-origin man believed to be a solicitor has been found dead in a hotel room in south east London. Scotland Yard officers involved in the search for John Neville Singh found him unresponsive in a room at the Premier Inn hotel on Lansdowne Road in Croydon on Friday. He was reported missing from his home in Mitcham, south London, on August 19. Formal identification is yet to take place but officers believe they are satisfied that the body is that of 67-year- old Singh. "The death is not being treated as suspicious at this time," the Metropolitan Police said. A post-mortem examination has been scheduled and Mr Singh's next of kin have been informed. According to a LinkedIn profile in his name, Mr Singh was a solicitor with more than 30 years of experience in civil litigation and a former magistrate in the Central American nation of Belize.


  • The Belize Challenge, Episode 2, 10min. The Belize Challenge er en fiskeserie fra HookedTV, filmet med utgangspunkt i Reefs End Lodge i Belize. Medvirkende er Vilhelm Skilhagen, Endre Hopland, Hannes Ribbner og Joel Ribbner. The Belize Challenge is a fishing show by HookedTV, shot from Reef´s End Lodge in Belize.

  • Belikin Ad - Heritage, 1.5min.

  • Vakantie 2015: Mexico-Guatemala-Belize,13 min.

  • Surf Kayaking Long Caye, Glover's Reef, Belize, 1.5min. Slickrock Adventures' guide MJ Yacab kayak surfing our wave in Belize. Wonderful zoom shots which affords a great view of the wave. Video by Larry Staples, a guest on the island in March of 2012.

  • Fun at The Split (Caye Caulker, Belize), 4min. Enjoying the Split in Caye Caulker, Belize. We considered staying forever! And we still just might... I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

  • Belize, 8min. Our trip to El Pescador Lodge in Belize.

  • Belize Fishing Video, 7.5min.

  • Members of Belize Territorial Volunteers re visit Sarstoon Island, 1min.

  • Belize - Climbing The Mayan Ruins (Altun Ha), 1.5min. Awesome Video I took When I visited the Mayan Ruins of Altun Ha in Belize!

  • Bacab Adventure & Eco Park | Belize City | Central America, 2min. Part nature preserve, part theme park, Bacab claims to offer 'Something for Everyone' – which is no idle boast. The place is set on more than 500 acres of delicious jungle, through which wind hiking trails and waterways. A nature hike will likely reward observers with a glimpse of resident howler monkeys or multiple bird sightings. But adventurers might wish to explore the reserve on horseback (best scheduled a day in advance), by kayak or even by mountain bike .

  • Belize NGO Documentary, 6min. The Travel Network Group put together this fantastic video about finding needs around the world and meeting them. This episode is set in the beautiful Central American country of Belize. Greg Taylor of Backpacker Films had the privilege to film this amazing experience with Matt Floryian, Director of Photography with the Travel Network Group.

  • Guatemala and Belize Movie 1080p, 12min. Just a little movie from my recent trip to Guatemala and Belize. Most of the video is original, with some footage from Beth Beaird.

  • Animals in The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center | Belize City | Central America, 3min. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is a zoo in Belize, located some 29 miles (47 km) west of Belize City on the Western Highway. Set in 29 acres (12 ha), the zoo was founded in 1983 by Sharon Matola. It is home to more than 125 animals of about 48 species, all native to Belize. The natural environment of Belize is left entirely intact within the zoo. The dense, natural vegetation is separated only by gravel trails through the forest. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center receives almost 15,000 school children every year.

  • Belize: Escape To Central America Part III, 4min.

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