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Today's Belize News: August 29, 2015 #507006
08/29/15 05:46 AM
08/29/15 05:46 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Work on phase two of Police Barracks resumes
Works on the second phase of the police barracks building has finally resumed as of Wednesday, August 26th, after being at a standstill for almost a year. The construction of the second barrack building began early in October of 2014, and so far, only the foundation and first floor walls have been constructed. The Ministry of National Security gave $50,000 towards the completion of the building in August of last year, but according to Guerrero more will be needed. “The government provided us with some funds which have already been used in purchasing the construction materials. The funds were not enough so we might need the San Pedro Town Council and maybe the business community as well to chip in, in order to finalize the completion of the building,” said Guerrero. The additional funds that are needed will cover the cost for plumbing, electric wiring, painting and tiling.

Horris Patten is the new Health Inspector for San Pedro
Horris Patten is the new Health Inspector, who will be in charge of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. As of Wednesday, August 5th, the senior public health officer took over the position that was held by health inspector Lisa Tillett, who has now been assign to Belize City. Patten is a native of the Corozal District and is excited to be on the island. He looks forward to work together with the San Pedro residents in order to reach out to everyone and assist them in their health issues. During his time in the islands, Patten will implement different programs within the community which will stress healthy livig. “First of all, we need the public’s participation, this is very important since when it comes to health we need to engage with the community a lot. In my portfolio, the investigation of commutable diseases is a must as well the investigation of public health complaints. In San Pedro my department is in charge of food safety and from time to time we will conduct private and food premise inspections at the different food establishments to ensure that the food being prepared is safe and the people who are consuming it are not exposed to any illnesses by food not being prepared in a clean way. I will also be overseen anything that has to do with vector diseases which is the Malaria program and with the recent Dengue outbreaks in other parts of the country, we will be monitoring for any signs of any vector illness,” elaborated Patten.

Ambergris Today

Travellers Launches New Fiesta Rum - The Belizean Party Rum
Just in time for September celebrations Travellers Liquors launched its first-ever celebrity tie-in rum “Fiesta Rum” at the Traveller’s Liquors Heritage Center on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. Last year the popular “Belizean Rum” hit the stores countrywide just before the September Celebrations festive season; this time around it is all about Fiesta Rum. It is Travellers first blended spice rum inspired and in collaboration with Belizean celebrity Disc jockey DJ Dalla. Fiesta Rum is a very clean and smooth alcohol (goma free/ hangover free) with an aroma of vanilla, hazel nut, chocolate and cinnamon coming from the barrel and other natural spices of Belize. The new rum is now readily available in stores countrywide Belizeans and visitors to enjoy during the nation’s patriotic celebrations.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Please support the fundraiser for Mrs. Dora Badillo
Please come out and support this Fundraiser we are doing for Ms. Dora Badillo as she is in need to pay her medical expenses! IT will be this saturday at 9am! Thank you and God Bless! Donations are appreciated!

Caye Caulker: San Pedro Belize Express ticket office moving
The San Pedro Belize Express ticket office on Caye Caulker will be moving to the bridge today, so you will be able to buy your tickets and send cargo right on the bridge as of 1 p.m. TODAY (Friday August 28, 2015).

Corozal to hody 8 Ball Billiards Tournament
Aug 28 - Corozal to host the Finals of the annual Belikin sponsored 8 Ball Billiards Tournament. It is all happening this Saturday Aug 29 and Sunday Aug 30 beginning at 9:00 A.M. at the Andres Campos Civic Center. Elements will be the defending champions. Everyone is invited to attend. Plenty of sitting area and Free Entrance.

Cayo Got Talent at CWC
Check out the Cayo Welcome Center tonight for Cayo Got Talent. This will be a preliminary show, getting ready for the bigger events coming later this year. "This is the start of something BIG.Together with Masabaduga - Barefoot Restaurant and a number of the Twin Town's positive youth, we aim at helping our youth build and grow any and all talent into Something Great. We hope to make this a successful annual talent competition."

Government of Belize Does it Again - Bulldoze the homes of Belizeans squatting on land.
This time it happened in the Salvapan area of Belmopan. Without any warning, Government sent in heavy equipment to bulldoze the homes. A protest march has been planned to register the affected families outrage. According to a source, prior to his election as mayor of Belmopan, Khalid Belisle promised to have the land in the area surveyed and distributed to the residents in the area. He has since reneged on that promise. The displaced families also say that they will lodge a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in Belize. This video was captured by a child who has been displaced by the government's unconscionable act.

Freshmen's Day 2015 San Pedro High School

Katy Sealy Wins Gold!
Heptathlete Katy Sealy Repping Belize. Katy Sealy won GOLD in the Central American Championship title for Belize in Nicaragua

People's National Party of Belize condemns presence of military on political station
The People’s National Party notes with grave concern the appearance of Admiral Borland and Commandant Jones on UDP owned radio and TV station Wave. The appearance of these two gentlemen along with Minister of National Security John Saldivar on Wave can only be construed as using the military, which serves the entire nation, not just the UDP government, for political ends. An important line has been crossed, one which should never be crossed again. Surrounded as we are by countries that have experienced in the recent past, or currently suffer the evils of military dictatorship, we Belizeans are right to be extremely angry that it seems that here in Belize the military are now being used for political ends.

Power Interruption 8:00am to 3:00pm, Sunday, August 30, Belize City
Entire West Landivar area. Two twenty minute power interruptions from 8:00 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. and 2:40 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. will also affect the portion of Princess Margaret Drive from St. Matthew Street to University Drive, Lizarraga Avenue, Gentle Avenue, Meighan Avenue, University Drive and Moho Caye and area from Mile 1 to Mile 3 on the Philip Goldson Highway including entire areas of Coral Grove, Buttownood Bay and Belama Phase 1. BEL to conduct system upgrades on the power distribution system in the area.

NTHU Scholarship Ceremony
The National Tsing Hua University Belize Educational Service Group was in Cayo doing community service projects for 6 weeks this Summer. While here, they visited 11 local schools to meet with their principals, and help out with various projects. They come to Belize every year, and stress the importance of education, and they continually find ways to use computers to increase education in the local schools. They donated computers, laptops, and projectors to the 11 schools. This year, they also awarded 4 scholarships to local students so they could go to high school. The ceremony was carried out at Sacred Heart College's auditorium. The Taiwanese Ambassador, Benjamin Ho, was instrumental in this year's activities, and gave a wonderful speech on community service. Thank you, NTHU, for all you have done in Cayo over the years. See you next year. Pictures on G+.

Remember this????
The U.D.P. at that time was headed by Theodore Aranda, Manuel Esquivel and Dean Lindo. Mr. Aranda was quoted on BBC television at the time as saying "We want nothing to do with independence." The U.D.P. boycotted the Belize Independence Ceremony at Government House where the Union Jack was lowered, then replaced by the Belize Flag to the joy of hundreds of Belizeans who had gathered for this historic event. The current Prime Minister of Belize Mr. Dean Barrow (nephew of Mr. Dean Lindo) had left Belize for the U.S. at the time and did not return to the country to participate in Independence Day Ceremonies for the new nation-state. Belize became an independent nation on September 21st, 1981. Independence Day in Belize is a day that honors our struggles for a better life, a day that celebrates our triumph that has led our country and its people to freedom and a new and improved way of life.

Channel 7

Four Years Later, Government Will Compensate Fortis For BEL Expropriation
Last night we told you about the special Cabinet meeting which is set for Monday, and the special House Sitting which we are now informed will be Wednesday, not Tuesday. But what's it all about; what could be so special? Many have speculated that it's to announce a date for elections - but tonight 7News has confirmed that it's not that. Best information to our newsroom is that Government has hammered out a settlement agreement with Fortis International to compensate the Canadian Power company for taking over BEL. Our information says that the special Cabinet meeting to sign off on the agreement will be held in Belize City in the morning followed by a press conference in the afternoon - where the Prime Minister will publicly announce the settlement. From there, it will be taken to the house for approval on Wednesday and then the Senate on Friday.

Senator Shoman Wants CEO's To answer To Senate About Sarstoon
The Sarstoon River has become the flashpoint for the Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute - and now PUP Senator Lisa Shoman wants answers from the top brass in Foreign Affairs and National Security. She sent a "notice of motion" to the clerk of the National Assembly today - in advance of next Friday's Senate meeting. Shoman is invoking the powers of the Senate to bring the CEO's in both Ministries before the upper house to speak about the recent aggression that the Guatemalan military has shown on the Sarstoon. She's says its necessary after the Prime Minister reported tone week ago that the BDF has been putting up with routine harassment and intimidation from the Guatemalan Navy when they go up river to the Cadenas border lookout. When we travelled there eon Tuesday we saw the BDF Patrol Boat jetting out of the Sarstoon, which the Guatemalan navy boat at high speed right behind them. It looked like a chase, but the BDF has not confirmed. the She explained via telephone today:... Hon. Lisa Shoman, PUP Senator "I think it is important for us as the senate to bring in, because we can, we have that right and that responsibility to bring in the CEO's of National Security and of Foreign Affairs and let them tell us what has been happening in the Sarstoon River, how long it's been occurring, the steps that have been taken, if protest has been made to Guatemala."

Billy's Kitchen Caught With Crustaceans
Undersized lobster caused a major headache for a Chinese Restaurant Owner in Belize City today. Fifty year old Pin Yin Wu Li, the owner of Billy's Kitchen, a restaurant at mile 1 on Phillip Goldson Highway, was charged with possession of 18 undersized lobster. She appeared today before Magistrate La Donna John where she pleaded not guilty. She was released on bail of $800 dollars and her case was adjourned until October 7. On August 25 - a fisheries officer found the undersized lobsters inside the cooking area. Lobster season is open right now, but tails must weigh 4 ounces or more for it to be legal.

Home Invading Carjackers Caught
One week ago on August 21st. at 10:50 pm, two men - one black, one Hispanic, stormed into the San Ignacio home of 37-year-old Environmental Officer Anthony Mai. They demanded the keys for his government owned Toyota Hilux and his Chevy Colorado Pick-up which was parked in front of his yard. They drove off in the Chevy and fired a shot at Mai's house as they tore off into the night. Well, police say they have the culprits. Cayo residents, Melvin Budna Jr. and Julian Garcia have been charged for aggravated burglary, aggravated assault with a firearm and theft of motor vehicle. They appeared in court on Wednesday and were remanded into custody until October. The stolen pickup has not been recovered.

Belize Embassy in Mexico, A Resource
Yesterday we told you about the "Export to Mexico Workshop". The idea was to give Belizean producers and exporters an overview of the Mexican Market - with the finer trade details of all the in's and out's of the third most populous country in the America's. And while BELTRAIDE took the lead, the effort was brought together by the Belizean Embassy in Mexico City. It's an important detail because as the Deputy Chief of mission explained, that embassy is also a quick reference resource for exporters:.. Michelle Vanzie - Deputy Chief of Missions, Belize Embassy to Mexico "The Mexican economy is a very big economy. It's one of the largest in Latin America. I believe it's the second largest, perhaps after Brazil. So what we are trying to promote, is basically to get the Belizean products into Mexico because it's such a big opportunity, such a huge market. We are able to assist. One of the things that challenges Belizeans producers and distributors and so forth is that I believe because the market is so big they don't know where to start. They don't know who to touch base with and that kind of impedes them from trying to get in. So this is where the Embassy of Belize can come in. You contact us. We have set up strong relationships with different entities from the private sector, NGOs, non-profit and so forth. For example the chambers of commerce out there, licenses, accreditation and certification bodies. So if we are there to provide assistance and to provide advice and to network you with the persons that can get your product in."

Police Minister to Islands
Two weeks ago we showed you Police Minister John Saldivar touring the newly restructured Eastern Division's North, South and Rural formations. Well, San Pedro and Caye Caulker are also part of Eastern Division - North. He toured those areas on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Now, the island formations have their own particularities - not the least of which is the high number of extortion cases committed by corrupt cops against tourists, and of course, the murder of 18 year old Hilberto Sotz, which happened on Caye Caulker. But bad policing can sometimes be caused by poor working and living conditions. And that's what Saldivar found when he visited Caye Caulker. He discussed that and more when the tour was finished yesterday evening. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "I continue to be impressed with the level of organization and strategy that the various officers in charge have been employing in their area. I am also again more convinced that the new configuration that we have put together for the Belize District is working and will continue to produce dividends for the police department."

Slain Bishop's Mother Speaks
Joel Bishop was killed in a massive gang related brawl on Princess Margaret Drive two weeks ago. Police have not made any arrests because we are told there are no witnesses coming forward. Bishop was viciously beaten and run over - and while police do have suspects - there's no enough evidence for an arrest. Today, Bishop's mother Deseree Hernandez who is visiting from Miami told us that she knows who is responsible for orchestrating her son's death - because there had been threats: Deseree Hernandez "I would like the world to know who send out the threat and who is happy and laughing about my son's death. And I would like them to know that she has threaten my son a long time ago. She threaten my son, she threaten me, she threaten my brother Goldburn Samuels, she threaten my other son Joseph Bishop and she needs to stop. My son told me that she told him that 'we will let them slaughter you like a cow in the street you Bishop, you will die and I will make them kill you.' She needs to stop and like my scriptures says that I have to forgive her and you cannot with Yahooweh Yahshua, you cannot play with him. He is nothing to play with."

No Faith In Principal At Faith Nazarene
Next week Tuesday, September 1, primary schools all around the country will be opening up for the new school year. Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio, like other schools are doing the same, but tonight a rift between the parents and teachers on one side, and the principal on another, is widening, and threatening the stability of the school. 400-500 students stand be affected, and parents are contemplating pulling their children out and enrolling them at another school. What's the reason for all this? Well, the teachers and parents who we have spoken to say that the Principal, Policarpia Pech, has mismanaged the school, disenfranchised the teachers, and disrespected the student population and their parents. Add to that allegations of poor decisions which have caused the school money, and it made for a tense situation where teachers and Parents of the Parent Teacher Association committed to protest this evening. But, they decided against it at the last moment, because the General Manager of the Nazarene Group of schools called them into a meeting to discuss a compromise.

Why Chicken Prices Went Up
On Wednesday's newscast we told you about the inflation figure for July. It was down minus one percent - meaning, that the groceries you bought for 100 dollars in July of 2014, would cost 99 dollars in July of 2015. Now, anyone who shops at the market knows that isn't so - and that's because essentials like eggs and beef have gone up sharply. Eggs went up 17% and today we asked the Manager of the Belize Poultry Association, Orland Habet to explain the price spike and tell us when you can expect lower prices:.. Orland Habet, Manager - Belize Poultry Association "The production of eggs actually went down because if you recall in January, BAHA had made a report that Spanish Lookout through a regular surveyance program flocks of hens were found to have Avian Influenza H5 which is a low pathogenic Avian Influenza. Belize had options of either depopulation and or also to do a vaccination program. We, along with BAHA and the Ministry of Agriculture opted to go the depopulation side instead of the vaccination, because it's more difficult, it costly and it takes a long time and we have to have a plan to get out of it.

Making Kareem Matter
Journalist Kareem Clarke was killed on July fifth, and by July 10th media workers had organized themselves to honour his memory with the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund. After 6 weeks of meetings - the group is moving ahead with its first event tomorrow. It's a food drive for a feeding program where media workers will be gathering outside some of the city's largest supermarket and asking you to contribute. Treasurer Marisol Amaya told us more:... The media crew will be in front of the supermarkets from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, so you can make your donations then.

Bredda D, Come A Long Way
The musical artist Bredda David created Kungo Music in the early 80's. Since then he's remained an enduring presence on Belize's musical scene - where he sees the himself as more than just a music man - he sees himself as a messenger. And he's carrying an important message in his latest CD called Mama Africa - he says it's about a nation at 34, coming of age:.. The song "We've come a long way" was first recorded in the early 80's - but it's experienced a resurgence in popularity, so the video was recorded this year.

And, in our last story for tonight - our news team today happened on a small police ceremony being conducted by the commanders of the San Ignacio Police Formation. The purpose of it was for the police leaders to decide who would be the officers of the month for August. We got a chance to speak with them about the rigors of the job and how they managed to distinguish themselves amongst their peers: We are obliged to note that while Corporal Ricky Valencia is making positive news tonight, he was under intense scrutiny last year when he was accused by Unitedville resident, Elston Arnold of looking on while a fellow officer brutalized him, shot him, and left him on the road while he was bleeding out. He was charged with criminal and disciplinary charges for that incident, but he was freed of the criminal charges.

Channel 5

Chik-V Cases Confirmed in Corozal
The first confirmed case of Chikungunya was recorded in Belize’s public health archives back in November, following a rash of the mosquito-transmitted fever across the Caribbean and Latin America. Since [...]

Police Finally Arrest Suspect in Brutal PG Murder
There finally is an arrest in the vicious murder of a labor officer that occurred months ago in Punta Gorda. Fifty-five-year-old Alberto Coleman, the ex-boyfriend of Juana Cowo, has been [...]

Opposition Senator Files Notice of Motion
Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman is unrelenting on the issue of the incursion in the Sarstoon by the Guatemalan military. Today she wrote to the Clerk of the National Assembly informing [...]

Senator Shoman Expects Support from Government Side
Shoman has tried to pass a motion once before, requesting an official Senate special select committee investigation into corruption in the Immigration Department. Thanks to a government majority in the [...]

Cost of Living Decreases By 1%
More Creole women are gainfully employed than Creole men. Unemployment figures improved slightly and the cost of living is down marginally when compared to the same period last year. Those [...]

Canada Selects Team to Battle Belize Jaguars
Canada’s twenty-two man roster has been selected ahead of a two-game home and away series against the Belize Jaguars in the third round of World Cup Qualifiers.  On Thursday, veteran [...]

CEMO Promotes Informational Exercise Books
The hurricane season started in June but in time for the school, year, the City Emergency Management Organization wants your support in purchasing exercise books that they say has very [...]

City Youth Charged for Drug Trafficking
Today, twenty-three year old Raheem Marsden, a resident of Belize City who was busted in possession of nine small parcels of marijuana, was arraigned at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court [...]

Undersized Lobster Lands Business Owner in Hot Water
A Taiwanese businesswoman who was caught with eighteen undersized lobster tails at her business was today dragged to court on fisheries offenses. But she pleaded not guilty and is challenging [...]

Tourism Minister Boasts About New Subdivision
In September of last year, News Five aired a story on which three hundred lots had been surveyed and granted to residents as part of a proposed subdivision for the [...]

Albert Pandy Organizes Highway Cleanup
A resident of the Georgeville Community on the George Price Highway in Cayo has started a cleanup campaign to inspire civic pride among the villagers. This past Sunday, Albert Pandy, [...]

Media Colleague Hold Food Drive In Memory of Kareem Clarke
On Saturday, personalities from various media houses will come together to ask Belizeans for help. Friends who have joined to form the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund will be holding their [...]

“Sleepless Girls” Launches on Saturday in San Ignacio
Since February of this year, the Youth Advocacy Through Arts has been traveling the country and visiting high schools across the city performing its latest play entitled Sleepless Girls. The [...]


Belize Waste Control takes Belize City Council back to court
Mayor Darrell Bradley and the Belize City Council have had their fair share of headaches with the sanitation companies. Today Mayor Bradly told the media Belize Waste Control is taking the Belize City Council to court once again, this time it has to do with recycling. Mayor Darrell Bradley “They are suing us again in […]

Senator submits motion to have CEOs appear before the Senate
Senator Lisa Shoman sent a letter along with a Notice of Motion to the clerk of the national assembly today. In her letter, Shoman is that the Notice of Motion be part of the Order of Business at the Senate meeting which has been scheduled for next week Friday. Shoman explained what the motion is […]

Man detained for fake currency
Police have detained a man after he reportedly attempted to make a credit card payment using fake currency. A bank teller at the Belize Bank Belize City Branch, reported that the man was making a credit card payment of eight hundred and eighty dollars using one hundred dollar bill, sixty eight five dollar bills and […]

Fire leaves family homeless
Fem Cruz reporting… A fire last night in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan has left a family of three homeless. 25 year old Valentino Choco spoke to Love News about thier loss. Valentino Choco – Fire Victim “Well my wife left home around 11 on Thursday morning while I was already out for work. […]

Mayor says street works continue
During our interview with Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, we got an update on the infrastructure work that is happening in Belize City. Bradley shared that several more contracts have been signed in order to pave more streets in Belize City. Mayor Darrell Bradley. ““Some of the areas we are now is off the main […]

Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund to hold fundraiser
Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund has planned its first fundraiser to be held tomorrow in Belize City. Kareem Clarke who was gunned down in July was a reporter for the Amandala newspaper. The fund which was created in his memory by his friends in the media looks at eliminating hunger among school children. As its first […]

Homeless man shares his story
Wayne Gentle – Homeless “I can’t believe it, nobody could have told me that I would have come to this.” Hipolito Novelo, Love News “If you think that you have it bad then you better think again. In fact, think about 59 year old Wayne Gentle. He has been having it bad for the past […]

Sculpture to be placed at BTL Park
The Belize City Council has plans to erect a fifteen foot sculpture at BTL Park. Mayor Bradley says he plans to do so before the year is over and he plans to hire Stephen Okeke as the sculptor. Bradley told us more about the sculpture. Mayor Darrell Bradley “It’s similar to the concept of the […]

Police Officers complete training on community policing
Angelica Cruz reporting… “The closing ceremony was held this afternoon at the Police training academy in Belmopan for a one week community policing training which began on Monday August 24. This training had the participation of 36 police officers from across the country. Sergeant Elroy Carcamo, NCO in Charge of Community Policing spoke to Love […]

Mayor Bradley says he has support of business community on campaign trail
Earlier in the week, PUP’s Standard Bearer for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa, told Love News that he feels confident that he will defeat his UDP opponent, Darrell Bradley. Musa said that his campaign has been going great. However, he did also say that the only thing that Bradley has over him is Government monies to […]


BTV travels with BDF; Plants a flag on Sarstoon
A Belizean flag has been planted on the now iconic Sarstoon Island. While that was not the main objective of today’s Belizean Territorial Volunteers trip down the Sarstoon river, the BTV saw an opportunity and took it. As we have been reporting for the past few weeks, tensions have arisen between th...

Police demlish Belmopan squatters’ homes
A community of Squatters in the Maya Mopan Community were upset when City Council workers, flanked by a police mobile rolled into the community today and started dismantling their wooden structures. A total of 4 wooden structures were dismantled and more were slated for dismantling that same afterno...

Blackman Eddy villagers upset over sale of land
A 20.7 acre piece of land in the village of Black Man Eddy is in Dispute. According to the Chairwoman of the Village, Yolanda Molina, she along with the village council, has been working since 2009 to acquire the land for the purpose of village expansion. She lost the 2010 village elections and so ...

Ray Davis dismissed as Senator
The General Council of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize has voted to remove Ray Davis as Labor Senator. Tensions have been building since Davis abstained from voting on the Petrocaribe Loans Act when it was first passed into law on March 30 of this year. There was public chiding of Davis...

Director of Health Services unceremoniously cleared out of office
The Director of Health Services, Dr. Michael Pitts, the highest ranking Public Servant in the Ministry of Health, was unceremoniously cleared out of his office at the Ministry of Health today. According to credible reports to Plusnews, the cleaners at the Ministry of Health were ordered by the Mini...

Charged for killing two persons in traffic accident
24 year-old Ethon Belisle, a resident of St. Pauls Bank was charged him with 2 counts of manslaughter, 2 counts of causing death by careless conduct, 1 count of driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, and 1 count of improperly overtaking a vehicle that was in front of him. All these ...

15 year old killed in Home Invasion
A 15 year old boy was killed during a home invasion at his grandfather’s house on the Hummingbird Highway. Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story. Harry Arzu: a 15 year old boy is dead as a result of a gunshot wound that he sustained during a robbery that occurred Friday Mornin...


Former rap artist “Bobo Youth” fished out of the river
A fisherman from Hattieville had an unnerving experience yesterday morning that made him run off, leaving his fishing net in the river near the BelCan Bridge. Herman Lawrence Williams, 39, felt something heavy tugging on his net, and as he began pulling on the net, he saw a human hand in the net, coming out of the water Williams dropped his net and ran, out of fright. Williams managed to find two policemen and told them of his “find.” Within a few minutes, a curious crowd was gathering on top of the Belcan Bridge, staring below at the body of a man near the shoreline. There were murmurs in the crowd, as some people began saying, “that man is Bobo Youth, he hang around this area a lot.”

COLA pressures GOB: “Protect Belize: Build the base now.”
The activist grassroots organization Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) this morning launched its response to the government’s delay in the construction of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) on Sarstoon Island under the banner “Protect Belize: Build the base now,” at a press conference that was broadcast live from the Radisson Fort George Hotel. Around the end of May, there was a standoff around Sarstoon Island between elements of the Belize Coast Guard and the Guatemalan Navy. The government later reported that Guatemala had objected to the construction of a military base on the island until their territorial claim is adjudicated at the International Court of Justice. Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington had said that Belize and Guatemala were scheduled to discuss the matter at the Organization of American States.

Did Guat navy chase BDF out of Sarstoon?
The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), in defiance of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow’s warning not to return to Sarstoon Island a second time, did just that Tuesday morning, August 25, when Wil Maheia, the BTV founder, set out in two boats with over a dozen persons, including media representatives, to witness the changing of the BDF guard at their Cardenas observation post, accessible only through the Sarstoon River. This time, however, while the BTV was spared harassment from Guatemalan navy boats, they witnessed the returning BDF boat being “escorted,” at high speed, by a Guatemalan navy boat deep inside Belize territorial waters, constituting yet another violation of Belize’s territorial integrity. Last Wednesday at his prime ministerial press conference, where he was flanked by Foreign Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington and National Security Minister John Saldivar, BDF Brigadier General David Jones and Coast Guard Admiral, John Borland, Prime Minister Barrow disclosed to the nation for the first time that not only has Guatemala beefed up its claim to the Sarstoon River, but “…our BDF are routinely challenged by the Guatemalans and as happened just last Tuesday, frequently told to turn back.”

Alberto Coleman, 55, arraigned for murder
Alberto Coleman, 55, a bus driver of Hopeville, was arraigned at the Punta Gorda Magistrate Court today before Magistrate Emerson Banner on the charge of murder for the death of Alberta Cowo Cardinez, 29. He was remanded until October 29. Police said that they conducted a two-month investigation into the brutal death of the Labor Officer, which led to Alberto Coleman, her ex-boyfriend. On Friday, July 3, Cardinez’s decomposing body was found in her room on Jose Maria Street in Punta Gorda by her family members who went to Punta Gorda to look for her after she was reported missing on Wednesday, July 1.

Accused murderer walks
Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas, sitting without a jury, ruled yesterday to acquit Nicholas Swazo, 29, of the October 7, 2011 murder indictment of Mennonite businessman, Windell Reimer, 35, who was gunned down at his hardware store Eagle One, on the Philip Goldson Highway. Swazo becomes the second person to be acquitted of Reimer’s murder. On August 18, Earnest Staine was acquitted of the murder of Reimer when his attorney, Dean Molina, successfully made a no-case-to- answer submission that Justice Lucas upheld. In finding Swazo not guilty, Justice Lucas found that the prosecution’s case suffered a key defect in Swazo’s identification.

Statistical Institute of Belize reports on the economy
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) had a press conference at the Central Bank of Belize at which presentations were made by Angelita Campbell, Marilyn Pinelo-Lee, Jefte Ocihaeta, and Dr. Leopold Perriott. Campbell stated in her presentation that consumer prices are down, but not by a significant amount — only by 1%. She pointed out as well that these consumer prices represent the average price of particular goods, which is derived after aggregating a range of prices being charged, and so what is actually spent at any given store by a customer may vary. A comparison between prices of certain goods in July 2014 and those same goods in July 2015 showed the following changes: the price of eggs rose from $3.25 a dozen to $3.75 a dozen, the price of pork chops went from $6.71 to $7.16, and the price of ground beef rose from $5.06 to $5.90. Meanwhile there were price drops for red kidney beans which cost $2.33 per pound last year but now can be purchased at $1.41 per pound, and rice (retail) – the price of which fell from $1.21 per pound to $1.10.

Former Belize national team coach “Chelato Ucles” seriously ill
Reports received at our sports desk are that former Belize national team coach, Honduran Jose de la Paz Herrera, better known as “Chelato Ucles,” was today flown out of Honduras to Costa Rica for medical treatment. He has been suffering from diabetes and had been hospitalized in Honduras to undergo a foot operation. From the sports desk, and on behalf of his many friends in Belize, we send our best wishes and prayers for a successful recovery to Chelato. Following his 2010 stint as national team coach for Belize “in a bid to qualify for Brazil 2014,” Chelato had reportedly been helpful to Belizean players attempting to secure places with teams in the Honduran league.

PLB Opening Season Week 2 results, standings, schedule
FC Belize is officially out, and with 6 teams remaining, the Premier League of Belize 2015-2016 Opening Season is already in full swing, with 10 regular season weeks before the top-4 playoffs. With the competition schedule adjustment, after the withdrawal of FC Belize last Friday, Placencia Assassins and Police United FC now have a Week 2 back match, scheduled for September 19 at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium. There were two Week 2 games this past weekend. At the FFB Stadium on Saturday night, visiting Wagiya from Dangriga got on the score card early through Eugene Martinez (1’), but home standing Belmopan Bandits replied before the half with goals from Evan Mariano (39’) and Marlon “El Matador” Meza (44’), and held on for the 2-1 victory. On Sunday afternoon at the MCC Grounds in Belize City, after a scoreless first half, midfielder Jesus Patino centered for Deon McCaulay (54’) to put visiting Verdes in front, but home squad BDF got a late tap in from Orlando Trapp (82’) off a free kick by John King, to knot things up at 1-1, the final score.

Dangriga: Wagiya vs Police United at Michael Ashcroft Stadium
Cycling: Here are the results from the second annual Harlem Street Fest Cycling Classic that was held last Saturday from the Roxy Bar to Hopkins junction and back. For the juniors category, first place, second place and third place went to Team Smart; the entire team came in together holding each other’s hands in the air. For the senior category, first place went to Joel Vanagas, in second place was Allan Castillo, and third place went to Erwin Middleton. The Southern Regional Cycling Association would like to inform cyclists that the next race coming up will be the last Sunday in September, which is the 27th September. 8-Ball: The Stann Creek District 8-ball fans would like to wish Valley Shooters all the best this weekend, as they will be representing the Stann Creek District for the National Belikin 8-Ball Tournament in Corozal.

Cricket Corner
Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Cricket Competition Finals continues this weekend in Flowers Bank , between the home team Wicked 11 and Easy Does It of Lemonal. This is game two. Easy Does It had won game one earlier. This is a must win for Wicked 11, or they could well be on their way to hunt. The Wicked boys will try to push a game three. So, best of luck, teams! Play to your hardest, and please display sportsmanship. Respect your fellow men. As the season reaches the end, I take this opportunity to thank each and every one who looked forward every Friday for getting an Amandala to see what is written on cricket and some. It is with great pleasure and respect that I thank some people who had given me courage to continue writing, giving the public information about the game that is so loved by them, but were unable to attend all games at the same time. I love the sport very much, hence the reason I take pride and time to do just that, put it in black and white.

Editorial: The Jewel gangster
Belize is a country where people live, overall, well above their means. The reason for that is that Belize is a country where there is a lot of trafficking of illegal commodities, such as narcotics and human beings and travel documents. The Jewel is a gangster. With the de facto standard of living based on such gangster activity, Belize is a country where life is cheap. It is a country where crime pays very well. It is a country where the attorneys are so powerful and have so thoroughly subverted the judicial system that the really big-time criminals never go to jail, or if they visit, it is not for very long. Those whom we sometimes refer to as the “street people” of Belize understand completely how bogus it all is in Belize. The middle-class people of Belize, sometimes called the bourgeoisie, those who work 9 to 5 jobs and pay all their taxes and go to Christian churches on Sundays, know something is wrong somewhere, but they are still basically wide awake in a dream. How could Belize have become so bloody?

From the Publisher
At the end of August fifty years ago in 1965, my parents flew with me in a TAN propeller plane to Miami, from which we took a Northeast Airlines jet to New York City. These were my first plane flights, and immediately the experience had intimidated me. But, that August day had been so exciting and exhausting, I fell asleep in the jet from Miami to New York. I woke as we were coming in to land. The lights of New York City were spectacular. In Brooklyn, we stayed with my grandaunt, the late Gladys Lindo Ysaguirre. She lived on Rutland Road, near the George Wingate High School and just two houses down from where the late Rev. Gerald Fairweather, Compton Fairweather’s father, lived. Around the lane and a block away around the lane down Midwood Street Bill Lindo lived, along with his mother and stepfather. This was right at the back gate of Brooklyn’s famous Boys High, where Kareem Abdul-Jabaar (then Lew Alcindor) went to high school. Bill was going to Wingate.

Rowland Parks wrote OAS about BTV’s Sarstoonexpedition
Attention: Mr. Sergio Benitez Director Office of the General Secretariat of the OAS Adjacency Zone Belize and Guatemala August 17, 2015 Dear Mr. Benitez: Please find below a list of questions relating to the expedition led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers yesterday to Sarstoon Island. As observers of the events at Sarstoon Island, regarding the trip by the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers on Sunday, August 16, 2015, did your representatives observe the Guatemalan navy in Belizean waters blockading a Belizean boat from joining the rest of the flotilla that had gone to the island along with Wil Maheia and his supporters? 2) All local media reports say that the blockage of the Belizean boat occurred in waters that are clearly Belizean waters. Do your representatives agree that the blockage of the boat occurred in Belizean waters?

September reminders from Victor Cucul
Dear Editor: September is around the corner again for us Belizeans to appreciate our country, this time 34 years of Independence since 1981. The colorful red, white and blue decorations will be going on display, carnival fever will be hitting the streets like wild fire, and the radio air waves will be flooded with patriotic songs. Then finally on Independence Day, families, friends and distinguished guests will be sitting under the tent waiting patiently for the usual persuasive speeches by our local political leaders reminding us that we are an independent nation. However, are we indeed “independent” in that political aspect of the English word? As a former British colony, we as a people have made basic decisions and drastic changes that have positively contributed to the standard of living and the way we are presently governed. In addition, we have a Belizean Constitution that defines us as a sovereign nation under the supremacy of God. We are also taught that our country is made up of 8,867 square miles and is bordered by Mexico in the North, the Caribbean Sea in the East, and Guatemala in the West and South. Moreover, we have reputable leaders claiming to govern and manage our resources in the best interest of us, the Belizean people. I could certainly go on; however, the unending issues between Belize and Guatemala give me reason(s) to believe that something is wrong somewhere.

Senator Shoman takes on Foreign Affairs Minister Elrington
Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman, a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bipartisan Commission on the unfounded Guatemalan claim to Belize’s territory, has written to Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington today, requesting a copy of the diplomatic note of protest that the Belize Government sent to the Government of Guatemala over Guatemala’s military incursion in Belize’s internal waters. The letter also requested a copy of the Organization of American States (OAS) Report on the Sarstoon incident involving the Belize Territorial Volunteers, on Sunday, August 16. Senator Shoman’s letter, written on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition, characterized the incursion of Guatemalan Navy vessels into internal Belizean waters as a “…hostile, aggressive and unacceptable confrontation and the detention of a vessel with Belizean citizens in our waters…” Senator Shoman also offered to provide the Foreign Minister with “a full first-hand brief of the unwarranted and intolerable actions taken in internal Belizean waters on the Sarstoon River, on August 16, 2015 by the Guatemalan armed forces…”

After 27 years, Melvin Hulse “divorces” UDP
In June, Melvin “Flippin” Hulse, a former United Democratic Party (UDP) Cabinet minister and then standard bearer for the Stann Creek West constituency, had a conversation with an unnamed person, during which he lashed out at the UDP government of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow. As a consequence of that conversation, which had secretly been recorded by that unnamed person, and was subsequently made public by the Opposition People’s United Party, Hulse resigned his standard bearer position and now, he has decided to resign from the UDP, ending 27 years of his life in electoral politics. Hulse, who earned the nickname “Flippin,” due to his constant use of the word, made the announcement this morning on the Love FM Morning Show, where he appeared as a guest. In the July recording, Hulse was brutally critical of PM Barrow’s spending of Petrocaribe dollars on the July 8 by-election in the Dangriga constituency, following the resignation from the House of Representatives of the PUP area representative Hon. Ivan Ramos.

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The Reporter

Hit-and-run victim needs public assistance
Hit-and-run victim, Hilton Conorquie, who was knocked down and left on the road almost two-weeks ago, is still in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hopsital. His family is appealing to the public to help by donating blood. Therese Leiva, Conorquie’s sister, said […]

Mark Phillips disputes police version of shooting incident
The family of Mark Phillips, the minor who was shot last Thursday, has disputed the police version of events, which indicate that Phillips was shot by a friend during an attempted murder. Phillips, in the company of his mother, told the media that the […]

The Battle of September 10, 1798 – a first person’s account by Steven Forbes
The only detailed first-person account we have of the Battle of St. George’s Caye is the account given by Steven Forbes. It was edited by E.W. Williams and printed by The Sheldon Press in London. Belizean novelist Stephen Fairweather, has done exhaustive research on this subject, and in his book […]

Lions Club gets equipment for rapid eye screening for children
A group of doctors from abroad has completed familiarization sessions with the organizers of the Belize Lions Club’s Eye Care Program for needy children, showing them how to use special eye screening equipment. Through a grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation along with […]

Tourism police get new cycles and radios
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) with assistance from the Ministry of Tourism, presented the Tourism Police Unit (TPU) with some new equipment, including cycles and radios to assist the unit with their day-to-day activities. Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia presented the new fleet of […]

25 Belizean scholarship recipients take up studies in Taiwan
Twenty five of Belize’s brightest young minds will leave Belize this weekend for Taiwan, where they will swell to 155, the number of Belizeans studying there. Twenty-one of them have received university scholarships under Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) Scholarship Program, for which […]

BTIA: “Cuban tourism market no threat to Belize – at least not yet”
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) this week, said that the opening of the Cuban market as a destination for United States tourists poses no short-term threat for Belize’s tourism industry. BTIA President, Osmani Salas, told the Reporter this week that since Cuba is still […]

Segura sued for damages after fatal RTA in 2014!
The mother of Yolanda Valencia, who died in an early morning collision on August 16, 2014, has filed a lawsuit against former Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura. Segura was driving the government-issued SUV which slammed head–on into a taxi in which Valencia was a passenger, as she headed for […]

In defense of the OAS
By: Alejandro Vernon The Organization of American States is made up of 35 members of this Western Hemisphere. It was established on April 30th, 1948 at Bogota, Columbia, was reorganized and strengthened the inter-american system, which dates from 1820. It is a regional agency within the United Nations. Its role […]

The Guatemalan Experience
By: Neri Briceno History has shown that Guatemala is an aggressor nation. Its military is by far the most powerful institution in the region and basically still controls the country, despite the fact that there is a civilian government in place. The military takes the lead in most domestic and […]

British government takes keen interest in incidents between Belize and Guatemala
The British Government, particularly its Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has been taking a keen interest in the situation and incidents as they occur between Belize and Guatemala. That’s according to Belize’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Her Excellency Perla Perdomo. In a question […]

Belize and Mexico bridging the trade gap the trade gap
The “Export to Mexico Workshop”, a one-day seminar, was held by the Embassy of Belize in Mexico on Thursday, August 27th, 2015. In collaboration with the embassy, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) upheld its plan to promote export-ready products. The workshop, which […]

The year 2015 is shaping up to be an election year, and all of us know that during an election year people become high-strung and emotional. The insistence of the Belize Territorial Volunteers on their right to visit certain parts of the Belize Border which are under dispute with Guatemala […]

Economic activity dips
Belize’s economy contracted slightly for the second quarter of 2015, according to new data released by the Statistical Institute of Belize. The SIB on Wednesday released its latest statistics, including the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimates and External Trade Bulletin, which showed decreases in primary […]

COLA to GOB “Build the base now!”
Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), this week, launched a campaign to pressure the Government of Belize into building a forward operating base on the island in the Sarstoon River known as Sarstoon Island. COLA, at a press conference at the Radisson Fort George […]

Bobbo Youth found dead in Haulover Crk.
Well-known Belizean musician, Theodore “Bobbo Youth” Parchue, 34, was found dead in the Haulover Creek near the Belcan Bridge early Wednesday morning. A fisherman who had gone out to cast a net made the chilling discovery. According to Herman Williams, the fisherman who found […]

BEL makes new proposal to BEWU
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) made a revised proposal to the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) on Thursday via Minister of Labour Godwin Hulse, who has been brought in to mediate the situation.But the parties involved remain tight-lipped on the details surrounding the proposal. Following […]

The Belize Times

From the Belly of the Beast!
Hubert Elrington, the older brother of Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington, launched torpedoes into the Barrow Administration’s mismanagement of the country when he appeared as the special guest on the Dickie Bradley Special show which aired on Channel 5 TV on Monday night this week. Elrington, a former UDP member who served as Attorney General under the Esquivel regime, is known for his stern dislike and tough criticisms of UDP Leader Dean Barrow. Elrington was the political genius one who coined the term “all glitter and substance” for Barrow, a description which has stuck throughout the politicians’ record. But his personal feelings aside, Elrington discussed the quantitative and qualitative evidence throughout the country which abundantly, overwhelmingly and ever-growingly shows that the Barrow Administration has been a miserable failure. “This economy has been run into shambles. It does not even exist. We live because Venezuela gives us handouts every month. That’s how we survive. Where is the creativity? Where is the ingenuity? Where is the talent? Where is the ability? Where are the goods that we should be producing?

The Blue Machine on the Rise!
Whenever there is any mobilization on the part of the People’s United Party it causes grave concern within the camps of the United Democratic Party. The “Power to the People” tour has been such an event. People’s United Party leader Francis Fonseca and champion of the good people of Freetown has taken the time to engage with the people across the nation of Belize – from the proud Rio Hondo to the Old Sarstoon. The tour is considered a consultation endeavour in conformity with the great motto of the PUP – Serve The People! The People’s United Party under the leadership of its leader has its sights set on winning the upcoming General Elections whenever Dean Barrow dares to call it! The fact is that the People’s United Party knows how to win election and it is without a doubt that the Blue Machine is on the rise again. Like the Reggae sensation “The Itals” said “Don’t mess with the Lion when he is awake for he will eat you to the bone”. The Lion within the PUP has awakened and no petty propaganda will detract from the agenda of holding the UDP in the crosshairs when the Election is called.

Artist “Bobo Youth” fished out of Haulover Creek
A local fisherman hoping to get his best catch of the day got the scare of his life when instead of pulling out fish with his net, he dragged out a lifeless body out from the Haulover Creek, under the BelCan Bridge in Belize City. Herman Williams, the fisherman, said the first thing he recognised was a human hand hooked on his net. He was startled. “I deh inna wata to about my knee and I dash di net and when I do soh, I feel something heavy pon it. I feel something heavy and when I do soh I look and I see like wah piece ah board di come and when I look I see dah wah hand. And I let go dih net and I run pon dih edge ah dih wata,” recounted Williams.

Think About It
The Prime Minister said at his last “press conference” that Guatemala believes the whole Sarstoon River and Sarstoon Island is part of their national territory. This is a bomb shell. This is very different from what Belizeans have always thought was the situation. Meaning, we all thought that Guatemala claims the Sarstoon in the same way she claims the south of our country-from Sibun River to the Sarstoon River. She claims buy we exercise possession and control. But now we are being told Guatemala is treating the whole Sarstoon River as part of their land. They are in possession and they are controlling it. This explains their new aggression towards Belizeans and the BDF when we go “on their river”. The heroic Belize Territorial Volunteers led by Wil Maheia were on the Sarstoon River on Tuesday 25 August 2015. They report that a Guatemala military gun boat escorted the BDF on its journey up the river to take soldiers to Cadenas. This explains why the Prime Minister was saying how every Tuesday of every week our BDF are confronted by Guatemala and are even told to turn back. The BDF do not turn back but this routine behavior by Guatemala has significance.

Wake up Belize!
Prime Minister Dean Barrow once warned his team of Idiots (Butty’s term, not mine) that if anything could bring down his government it would be corruption in Immigration. Well, I believe that he was at least half right. Belizeans seem to have become quite tolerant of and very comfortable with corruption but immigration seems the bigger problem; immigration in particular, as it relates to the large influx of people from neighboring Guatemala. Section 29:3 of Part 3 of our Constitution states specifically that: “No person shall be entitled under the provisions of this Part to be a citizen of Belize or be granted citizenship of Belize if such person shows any allegiance to or is a citizen of a country which does not recognize the independence, sovereignty or territorial integrity of Belize”. Appended to this particular section is an addendum which reads: “Provided that the Minister may in his discretion grant Belizean citizenship to persons falling under this subsection who would otherwise been titled to such citizenship under the provisions of sections 23 and 25 of this Constitution”. Interestingly enough, while these ministers have used this addendum to Section 29 as justification for their actions, both Section 23 and 25 are specific as to who “would otherwise been titled to such citizenship”. It does not give legality to nationalization of Guatemalans. The nationalization of just about every Guatemalans since Independence is, for all intents and purposes, unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

Guatemala Government in Turmoil…so is Barrow’s
The Government of Guatemala is in trouble, deep trouble. It is rapidly falling apart, weeks before it’s general elections. Each day sees Ministers rushing to resign and thousands of protestors taking to the streets. Guatemala holds its first round of elections next month on the 6th of September. Their system of Government is different from Belize. The elections are for a new President, new congressional leaders and for Mayors and Governors. There are some fourteen different political parties which are fielding candidates. If the candidates do not receive a clear majority of votes, a second round of voting is held for those with the highest votes. Guatemala has a more progressive electoral system than Belize in terms of its laws which set specific dates for elections. Also, a specific date and procedure for power to pass from the present President to the newly elected President. So, although the elections are in September, October and November, the newly elected President will not take office until in January. This system is similar as the United States of America.

Belize Bank Bulldogs lead Firms basketball finals: 1-0
The Belize Bank Bulldogs defeated Central Bank 60-42 in Game 1 of the Belize City Firms basketball championship finals held at Birds Isle on Saturday night. Rupert Brown led the game with 16pts, while Roscoe Rhys and Brian White scored 11pts apiece. In the semifinals Game 1, Central Bank had eliminated Heritage Bank: 82-66 while the Bulldogs defeated Central Health 71-68. Game 2 of the finals is set for Friday, August 28; Game 3 if needed will be played Saturday.

SQ Stars Mega & UB Jaguars are Volleyball Champs
The SQ Stars Mega won the 2015 Belize District Volleyball Association’s B division female championship, while the UB Jaguars won the male championship at the Belize Elementary auditorium last Saturday night. The SQ Mega Stars’ Shericka Burton, Jahshema Saunders, Kevaunna Sebastian and Karena Bernard hammered kills at the net on plays set by Nayala Tun and Karen Quan to win over the Leopards: 25-19, 20-25, 25-16 and 25-13. The Leopards had eliminated the Belmopan Mystics: 25-23, 26-24 and 28-26 in Thursday’s semifinals.

Blackwater bombs Juventus 2-0 in O.W. U-12 football
The Orange Walk Under-12 football eight-a-side competition organized by Orange Walk Deputy Mayor Ladrick “Mad Bull” Shepard continued with Young School, Vibes Alive and Blackwater posting wins at the Orange Walk Technical High School field last Saturday afternoon. Game results: Young School vs. Centaur Minions – 1-0 Goal by Jayshaun Dawson Vibes Alive vs. Belize U-12 –1-0 Goal by Luis Sosa Jr. Blackwater vs. Juventus – 2-0

Ras Indio Trailblazing – Represents Belize at 1st Reggae Fest in Chetumal, Quintana Roo
Belize’s true Reggae Ambassador, Ras Indio, has been on a successful trend-setting campaign. Ras Indio, who is relentless on his mission to make his music recognised around the world, recently returned from the first ever Reggae Fest held in Chetumal, Quintana Roo held on the weekend of August 16th. “It was truly a blessing to be so close to home and get the Love and Appreciation for this daily hard work I put in to this music with a mission to spread positive messages worldwide,” Ras Indio wrote on his Facebook page. Reggae fans from all over Mexico travelled to Chetumal. The main feature of the three-day event was Kymani Marley, who gave fans a free show. Interestingly, K. Marley was in Belize several months ago in a ticket-access only concert.

Eulogy for former PUP Mayor, Cornelio Acosta Sr.
I can try in the next few minutes to deliver a eulogy that hopefully would celebrate the life of your husband, your dad, your brother, tio and our friend, but to do that would mean that we would be here for days and you know Cornelio would rather we be singing with Renan’s Karaoke machine than making too much fuss with speeches. Plus each and every one of us has our own special eulogy we could deliver about the Cornelio we knew. There are just too many great stories and I hope that over time we will get to share them with you and with each other, for when we do, we keep Cornelio alive in our hearts and minds. So instead of a eulogy, I want to use my time today first to say to you, his family, thank you for sharing Cornelio with us. He was a good man, loved by all of us here whether we were his neighbour, friend, co-worker or a PUP and yes many UDP’s too, but not around election time. For when it came to his Party we all know Cornelio was a warrior in Blue.

PUP Marshalls – Serving the People!
On Thursday August 20th, members of the Marshalls joined Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca, former PM Hon. Said Musa, and Belize Rural South Standard Bearer Elito Arceo, in paying homage and respect to a loyal member, supporter, fighter and a true dedicated soldier of the People’s United Party: Mr. Milo Paz Sr. On Friday August 21st, through efforts and hard work of San Pedro Marshalls and Standard Bearer Elito Arceo, 15 gallons of paint, rollers and brushes were presented to the principal of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School. This donation was a continuing effort of service to the community and people, to help to improve the school’s environment.

BYM supports UB decision to recall mandatory insurance fee
The Belize Youth Movement, the youth arm of the People’s United Party, congratulates the students of the University of Belize (UB) for their efforts which have resulted in the cancellation of the unfair mandatory insurance scheme for students. At a student forum held last week Thursday August 20, 2015 in Belize City, University of Belize President Alan Slusher announced that the University would no longer impose the insurance fee on students and would instead make it optional. This is a great victory for the students who spoke out against the unfair scheme and who attended the forums held throughout the campuses to make their discontent known.

Dog & Pony Show – Were senior military officers forced onto UDP political station?
Belize’s top military officers, Belize Defence Force Brigadier General David Jones and Coast Guard commander Admiral John Borland, sent the wrong signal when they placed their credibility on the line and made an ill-advised appearance on the UDP’s political show, Wus Ting Da Mawning, on Wave Radio last week Thursday along with Minister of National Security John Saldivar and the two UDP empty-heads Joe and Fonso. This was a day after Jones and Borland sat next to the Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Saldivar and embattled Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington, and wilfully entangled themselves in the same bed sheet that the Barrow Administration is using to cover their misdeeds.

Petrocaribe Party Done!!
Since 2012 the Dean Barrow UDP government have been running the country of Belize economy on ‘barrowed’ and risky funds. Well the chicken has come home to roost. All right-thinking economists have been advising the Belize government that they have become extremely dependent on the Petro Caribe loan funds. What the UDP government should have done over the last eight (8) years was to ensure that they grow the economy and attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) as well instil confidence in the Belizeans people to invest their earnings. But foreign investments dwindled by almost 80% since the UDP Government took office and there is no visible plan to improve it.

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – This Sarstoon Thing
I really cannot stomach listening to anything that Foreign Minister Hon. Sedi Elrington has to say these days. But I do admit that I watched a part of the Peacefest “Culture of Peace” program, which was sponsored by the Government and the Organization of American States, on television one evening. It was hard to miss, since at least five TV stations were carrying it live that night. During the event Hon. Sedi proclaimed proudly that in 1981 Belize was able to attain our Independence with all of our national territory intact. My immediate thought on hearing this was: “No thanks to you!!” It never ceases to amaze me the way this good gentleman has managed to botch virtually every utterance he makes. He has now once more outdone himself in saying that he would have to await independent confirmation of the encounter at the Sarstoon last week Sunday, unable, it seems, on his part to believe what over a hundred patriotic Belizeans as well as members of various media houses told us had transpired. He seemed also unable to believe all the video footage which proved the belligerence and naked aggression of the Guatemalan navy. Senator Lisa Shoman was, I think, too kind in saying that Hon. Sedi’s stance is “unfortunate”.

Dr. Lesbia Guerra-Cocom – Working for Cayo West
While the invisible elected UDP area representative for Cayo West waits for borrowed Petrocaribe money to reach his desk to act on the needs of the people, PUP Standard Bearer Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom has naturally assumed the very important leadership role in the community. Over the past weeks, Dr. Lesbia has been on the ground, meeting the residents and discussing the issues that have affected them. Her visit to visit to Arenal Village, along with the communities of Corozalito and Primavera were welcomed by the residents. During the visit, Dr. Lesbia shared out school supplies to every child, and carried out basic medical consultations for anyone in need of it.

Dollar Diplomacy? – Venezuela’s VP visits to discuss territorial dispute with Guyana
Belizeans have become very suspicious of Venezuela’s Vice President Jorge Arreaza’s visit to Belize last week. Arreaza arrived in Belize on Friday, August 21st without any kind of fanfare or public announcement of his visit. In fact, the news of his visit spread fast and had become widely known before the Government’s Press Office issued a release at 6:36PM Friday evening broadcasting the news of the visit. Of interest is that Arreaza’s sudden visit came just two days after Prime Minister Dean Barrow had declared at a press conference that his Administration stands in solidarity with Guyana in a recently resurrected territorial claim by the Venezuelan Government. Officials in Guyana have expressed concern that their Caribbean counterparts have not reacted to the attack on their territorial sovereignty, and have suggested that perhaps Venezuela’s dollar diplomacy, powered by the millions of Petrocaribe dollars, could be at play.

Concerns with respect to the UB Notice dated August 6, 2015
Dear Editor, The faculty and staff of the University of Belize are hanging on for a glimmer of hope as their morale keeps going downhill. This year, the qualification of Dean’s position was downgraded from a PhD to a Master’s Degree. Could this be in order to put certain person(s), who does not have PhD, in the position> Remember, the Presidential post was downgraded from PhD to a Bachelor Degree! Now, there is the mention of a Vice President. Did the Board handpick him? What happened to procedural principles? What direction is the university taking? Downwards? According to inside sources, in two instances persons were notified verbally, by Management, that they got the position for Dean but were told otherwise at a later date. The faculty and staff also felt it unprincipled in the manner the Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology, who is also the Faculty Rep on the Board, was selected. It is alleged that management asked her to apply after the deadline had passed although others from the faculty had applied and the post was even advertised externally. Of course she got the position. Is this a reward? The faculty rep had indicated that she voted yes for the new President which had upset the UB community.

Blood Sucking Reconnection Fees!!
Dear Editor, “There comes a time when people get tired of being plunged into the abyss of exploitation and nagging injustice.” Martin Luther King, Jr. For the first two disconnections within a year Belize Water Services (BWS) charges $10 to reconnect its service to a customer. On the third disconnection within the same period, the utility company that is owned by the government is downright chancy, merciless and cruel. A customer must pay the full amount owed to the company plus three times his average monthly water bill for the last three months. This means that if a customer’s water service is disconnected for $75, and his average water bill for the last three months is $70 he has to pay BWS $285 to be connected to the service again. If a customer water service was disconnected because his monthly salary cannot afford of a water bill for $75, how will that customer afford to pay three times more? How can BWS see it right to force families to be without water for months and years?

Senator Lisa Shoman requests key disclosure from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dear Minister Elrington, As the Representative of the Leader of the Opposition on the Bipartisan Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which deals with the unfounded Guatemalan claim to Belize, I request that we be provided, as soon as possible with the OAS Report which has been provided to the Government of Belize in respect of the events of Sunday August 16, 2015. I also request, on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition that we be provided, with a copy of the Protest Note which the Prime Minister has indicated was sent to Guatemala, with respect to the illegal incursion of Guatemalan Navy vessels into internal Belizean waters and the subsequent hostile aggressive and unacceptable confrontation and the detention of a vessel with Belizean citizens in our waters; as well as the false and provocative statements of officers of the Guatemalan Navy towards peaceful, unarmed and patriotic Belizean Citizens.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Double Murder in Camalote Village, Cayo
Reports reaching Belize Media Group’s news desk, are that a family was ambushed by a group of gunmen in Camalote Village, Cayo District, a short while ago. The family was en-route to their farm when the incident occurred, leaving one woman dead and reports suggest that the life of a […]

Senator to present motion on military confrontations in Sarstoon
Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman is to present a motion in next Friday, September 4’s, meeting of the Senate in Belmopan, demanding under Section 61 (A) (2) of the Belize Constitution Act concerning powers of the Senate to make inquiries on any matter of public interest and requiring the […]

Solar lights to power Jalacte and San Vicente
In many of the most remote Toledo Villages, like Jalacte and San Vicente, electricity is a luxury that villagers can only yearn for, with flashlights, candles and kerosene lamps being the only means of light at night. Lending a helping hand to these villages in recent years, is […]

Undersized lobster found in restaurant
Fifty year old Pin Yin Wu Li, a Chinese businesswoman who is the owner of Billy’s Kitchen, a restaurant at mile 1 on Phillip Goldson Highway, was charged with possession of 18 undersized lobster when she appeared today before Magistrate La Donna John. Li pled not guilty to […]

Squatters in capital hit by eviction
Move in two weeks, or be removed. That is the choice facing alleged squatters in a parcel of land on the border of two suburban communities of the City of Belmopan, San Martin and Maya Mopan. 20 families were ordered by the Belmopan City Council to leave because […]

King calls out Krem and the Hydes
Lake-Independence area representative and Minister of State Mark King, at a ground breaking ceremony for a community center in the constituency earlier this month, called out the KREMANDALA institution and the Hyde family, who owns it, saying they are fair political game and accusing them of refusing to do business […]

Two charged for home invasion in San Ignacio
Melvin Budna Jr. and Julian Garcia, both residents of San Ignacio Town, appeared before a Magistrate on Wednesday, August 26, and were charged for the offenses of “Aggravated Burglary”, “Aggravated Assault with a Firearm” and “Theft of Motor Vehicle”. Those charges came as a result of the aggravated burglary that […]

Cayo police recover abandoned marijuana
In two separate searches conducted in San Ignacio on Tuesday, August 25, Police discovered more than 81 pounds of cannabis that were stashed in empty lots. The first discovery was made in a lot on Malhado Street, where 587 grams of the drug was found, followed by a second search […]

One arrested in Placencia after drug sweep
An anti-drug operation conducted over the course of Wednesday morning through afternoon, yielded a total of 858.2 seized grams of cannabis in the Seine Bight and Placencia Villages. Several houses, persons and empty lots were searched between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. on August 26, resulting in […]

Fire reported in Maya Mopan
A wooden structure, measuring 25 by 30 feet with zinc roofing, was completely destroyed by a blaze last night, August 27, in the Maya Mopan Extension area, Belmopan. Police and the Belmopan Fire Department responded to the call around 9:20 p.m. and saw the structure completely engulfed in flames, after […]

BEL revises proposal for union agreement
Management of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has revised again its initial proposal to settle the labour dispute with the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) over staff benefits. Minister of Labour Godwin Hulse and Labour Commissioner Ivan Williams are overseeing the process. The state-run power company says it is willing to […]

Fake $5 notes to pay for credit card
A man was detained by police for allegedly using suspected counterfeit Belizean currency when he attempted to pay on a Belize Bank credit card. One of the bank’s tellers informed her supervisor that the man handed over $880.00, comprised of 168 ($5) notes and 4 ($10) notes, and that the […]

Seine Bight man to be charged for drugs
21 year old Anthony Paulino, a resident of Seine Bight Village, faces charges of drug trafficking after he was busted with a large amount of cannabis on Wednesday, August 26. Anthony was on a bus heading towards Dangriga from Placencia, when around 2:30 p.m., police searched a bag in his […]

Friends for Conservation and Development cites US$18 million in mahogany and cedar stolen
An annual report on illegal logging activities in the Chiquibul National Park, released by co-managers Friends for Conservation and Development, states that some US$4.248 million in cedar and US$5.199 million in mahogany was cut and sold off from the park between 2010 and 2012. According to FCD there has not […]

PetroCaribe, the future of the Belize economy and nearing general elections
General elections loom on the horizon in the near future as a certainty, as the United Democratic Party (UDP) look to secure a third consecutive term against a visibly vulnerable People’s United Party (PUP), but less certain is the status of the PetroCaribe program and in the longer-term, Belize’s economy. […]

European Union to provide loans to cane farmers
Thanks to funding being made available by the European Union, cane farmers will be benefitting from loans to be used primarily for replanting of their crop and Raton maintenance. According to Marcos Osorio, Director of the Sugar Industry Research Development Institute (SIRDI), if the monies which are […]

Generally fair and warm conditions will continue
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers and thunderstorms will be isolated, except for a few more in the South this morning. Winds will be blowing from the East at 5-15 knots and the sea state will […]


Beautiful Boca Del Rio and Some Changes
For the slow season, construction all over the island is anything but slow. Old wooden houses leveled in a matter of days, new concrete multi-floored buildings going in… I got a bit of Scoop. Sandy Toes Bar is moving RIGHT NEXT DOOR to an empty lot – empty except for a shipping container. Apparently a dispute has forced the LOVELY Ishmael…(here are some photos of him in March of 2014 finishing his bar)… …to start building again! Oh man. I hope all of the bar’s fans support his new venture. He might even want some work with the re-build.

16 Wonderful Pictures of Belize. #10 is our favorite!
You’ll return home relaxed and invigorated, with memories and a collection of pictures of Belize that could only be found in Belize, where acres of pristine rainforest, the misty Maya Mountains, monkeys, jaguars, ocelots and other exotic animals as well as toucans, parrots and colourful tropical birds, the turquoise Caribbean, sparkling white beaches and a striking, multicultural populace all compete for your camera’s attention.

“When I’m Sixty-Four” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Sitting out on the veranda the other morning with a mug of coffee ((I’ll skip the usual description – regular readers will know which veranda and what type of coffee and if you’re not a regular reader (why not?) then go through the archives)) and I started to consider (I have no idea why) how I might have changed since moving to Ambergris Caye just over three years ago. Well obviously I’m three years older ( some more about this later). I’ve got a little greyer. Gained a few lines and wrinkles. I’ve lost some weight. Not intentionally. In fact people that know me will attest that I can ill afford to lose a few ounces let alone pounds. But the biggest change of all can’t be seen. It’s my state of mind. When I think back to the days when I was working (and trust me I don’t do that very much now) I’d wake in the morning (as now that was anywhere between 04.00 to 05.00 hours), make a mug of coffee and start working or thinking about work straight away. And that was the way it was through to around 19.00 hours later that day.

Hopkins Bay Resort Shows How Much it Cares by Helping Belize’s School Children
The handmade sign standing at the edge of Belize’s Holy Family Primary School says it all: “Preparing young minds for the future.” But were it not for the area’s tourism industry, and especially generous members of this community like the Hopkins Bay Resort, the start of school wouldn’t be as exciting, nor would students be as well-equipped and ready to learn as they are, thanks to the resort’s ongoing support. These days, both staff and guests of the Hopkins Bay Resort have become members of an elite family eager to reach beyond providing pens, paper and books. There’s a plan afoot to build a new classroom to expand the school (best estimates are that $10,000 BZD should accomplish this project) and there’s a feeding scheme on deck to underwrite the cost of feeding each child breakfast and lunch costing $4 BZD per student, per day. Down the road, playground equipment, building improvements and computers will be added to the list.

Belize City Carnival 2015 – What You Need To Know
If you've never experienced a September in Belize, you probably have also never been a part of Belize City's Carnival. What makes this experience so unique to the country, is the various groups that participate in the annual road march. From costumed revellers and human floats, to musical bands and dance groups; Belize City's Carnival 2015 promises to be a spectacular four-hour performance through the streets of the City. The day typically starts with J'ouvert, a pre-dawn event (open to any and every one) where individuals cover themselves in paint and/or coloured mud and dance to various genres of music including Soca, Punta, Calypso, Reggae, Pop, Edm and House, to name a few. This event ends on Barrack Road near the MCC Grounds, where participants usually clean themselves by jumping into the Caribbean Sea. After J'ouvert, most participants will choose to rest up for the main event at 1:00 pm – the Carnival Road March. As locals and visitors line the streets, the Carnival participants begin preparing themselves for the march ahead and making final alterations to their costumes and floats. Vibrantly decorated trucks equipped with generators and large speaker boxes playing popular dance music, are usually stationed in front of the costumed performers and marchers as they move to their choreographed dance routines. Private companies and NGO's, commonly prepare their floats to feature a service or message that they wish to highlight and often reward spectators with pamphlets, stationery, beads, sweets, t-shirts, and beverages.

Belize’s Top 12 Experiences and How You Can Do Them
We know what you’re thinking: Each time you consult a travel website or print magazine, somebody claims to be the expert on what to do and see in Belize. As a result of too many suggestions, your list may be so long, you’d have to stick around for months to see it all. We’ve got your solution: a list of the top 12 experiences to see first. You’ll fall in love with Belize, so you may as well save the rest for your next visit. 1. Watch birds. You don’t have to be an ornithological snob to appreciate the hundreds of bird species attributed to Belize—some say 300; others suggest 600. Numbers won’t matter once you experience the beauty of these colorful and often rare birds as they fly overhead, nest in trees and pose for photos. 2. Search for jaguars. Belize is home to the only protected jaguar reserve on Earth, but if you want to stand a chance of seeing them, you’ll have to visit their habitat, the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve, by night because these nocturnal cats hide by day and prowl the jungle after sundown.

Overnight tourism rebounds as BTB looks for new markets
The Belize Tourism Board says overnight and cruise arrivals are improving after a contraction in the first quarter. June and July saw increases of 1.6% and 3% in overnight arrivals, while cruise passenger arrivals have risen by 0.2%. The BTB blames the 0.8% drop in cumulative arrivals through the first seven months of 2015 in part on decreases in the number of overnight visitors from Canada, in turn caused by a slowdown in the Canadian economy.

International Sourcesizz

Largest Protests of Year Add Pressure on Guatemala President
About 70,000 protesters filled a central plaza in Guatemala City on Thursday as part of a national strike meant to demand President Otto Perez Molina’s resignation as Congress investigates him over accusations of bribery. Perez Molina, who has seen five cabinet members resign since last week, met with his security minister and watched live images from street cameras showing the anti-government marchers waving flags and chanting “Otto your time is up.” Hundreds of schools and local businesses supported the rally, suspending classes and closing their doors in the country of 14.6 million people. With the Supreme Court’s approval, lawmakers formed a five-member committee Thursday to consider allegations that Perez Molina led a customs tax fraud scheme. The committee could report back to the legislature by Sept. 1, when Congress will vote on whether to strip the president, who has rejected the accusations, of his immunity from prosecution. “The country is living through dramatic circumstances,” said lawmaker Nineth Montenegro, who is on the five-person committee. “For the unity of the nation, the president should have already resigned.” Perez Molina, whose terms expires in January, has said he would confront the charges against him. In an Aug. 23 speech, he vowed to remain in office, even as his central bank president as well as his former vice president are in jail and the country’s main business chamber and religious authority call for him to step down.

Belize Summer Camp celebrates 25 year
During the 25th anniversary of the Belize Summer Camp, the Ignacio Volunteers went on a service trip to a town called Dangriga from July 20 to Aug.11. While there, the volunteers taught arts and crafts, sports and gave creative lessons to a camp of primary school students. They were also given the opportunity to learn about the culture and the political, sociological and economic issues that occur in the Caribbean and its developing countries. The Belize Summer Camp was started in 1990 by Ted Dziak, S.J., university chaplain, and has been held 22 times in the past 25 years. Dziak said like all camps, this one was unique in its own way. “It is a strong cultural city of 6,000 with great music and amazing food. Any time a student immerses themselves in the cultural differences and similarities of a country, a unique experience occurs,” Dziak said.

First Presbyterian youth build children’s library in Caledonia, Belize
For nine days this summer, 10 senior high youth and their adult sponsors returned for a second year to Caledonia, Belize, deep in the sugar cane fields of Belize to build a children’s library. The youth collected gently used books from their congregation all spring, and hand carried down over 750 books for children of all ages. “We took everything from Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George to Harry Potter and Anna Karenina,” said Rev. Kibbie Laird. “I was speechless when our American translator, a university graduate from Belize, told me that his family had never owned a single book, not even the bible or a cook book. Needless to say the books were such a big hit, that it took our breath away. We do a lot of things to help our kids understand the world, and my contribution to our New Canaan kids is opening their eyes to a world in need. For these our New Canaan youth, poverty now has a name and a face. And we cannot wait to go back and be with the Caledonian children again. They are our sister church. They feel like family.”

Stock recovery plan for Pacific Bluefin tuna urgently needed
Members of the Northern Committee (NC)* of the Western and Central Pacific Fishery Commission (WCPFC) meeting on Monday next week urgently need to commit to a rigorous recovery plan to address the collapse of Pacific Bluefin tuna stocks. They should also agree on catch limits for tuna weighing less than 30kg, warns WWF. Pacific Bluefin tuna is one of the most valuable fisheries in the Northern Pacific Ocean, supporting a billion dollar industry that sustains the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people and contributes to economic growth and social development in the region. "We are deeply concerned about the fact that Pacific Bluefin tuna breeding stock have declined from their unfished levels by more than 96 percent,” said Dr Aiko Yamauchi, WWF-Japan Head of Fishery and Seafood Project. “Around 90% of the fishing take is now young fish that have not yet reproduced. It is clear that Pacific Bluefin tuna management in the Pacific is totally inadequate to preserve the tuna stock.”

Marine Leaders of the Americas Conference comes to a close
The Marine Leaders of the Americas Conference 2015 concluded after a closing ceremony, August 26, 2015. Co-hosted by the Infantería de Marina de Colombia and U.S. Marine Corps Forces, South, the conference provided an opportunity for 15 partnered nations to combine experiences and work together focusing on continuing relationships and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. “When I was given the opportunity to come to this meeting I was very excited,” Neller said. “Because I knew in that in the next four years we’ll have the chance to work together even more closely than we do now.” The conference concentrated on continuing relationships within the Western Hemisphere focusing on improving Marine Corps training programs and enhancing naval infantry support to operations.

The Man Behind “Unseen Cuba”
When the aerial photos of Cuba taken by Lithuanian Marius Jovaisa began to be published on the Internet, we saw more than one expression of wounded, nationalist pride bemoaning the fact a foreigner had come along and captured those images before Cubans could. But Jovaisa’s status as a foreigner played a very small role in this feat, which required five years of his life, spending one million dollars, putting his patience to the test and even an interrogation by Cuban authorities on suspicion of espionage. The secret to the success of this initiative – which anyone familiar with the workings of Cuban institutions would dismiss as impossible – is to be found in the photographer’s athletic background. The obsessive and perseverant attitude he developed as a triathlon contestant – not being blonde or having been born in Europe – was what allowed him to master the “extreme sport” of pitching any unusual idea to Cuban institutions and negotiating the precipices of the island’s bureaucracy. In 2006, Marius published Unseen Lithuania, his first collection of photos of his native country, a book which became a best-seller. It was followed by his first international experience, Hevenly Belize (2008).


  • DESTINATION STUDY USA (EPISODE 1- AN OVERVIEW), 9min. For two weeks, Love News reporter, Hipolito Novelo and videographer, Brian Castillo, were in the United States of America visiting several tertiary level education institutions. The US Embassy here in Belize chose this media house to partner with for President Barrack Obama’s “100,000 Strong in the Americas” initiative. The goal of the initiative is to increase the number of educational exchange between the USA, Latin and South America and the Caribbean Region. So Hipolito and Brian’s responsibility was to visit several different types of colleges and universities in the States and put together a documentary that would educate potential Belizean students how to apply, finance, socialize, study and prepare for these colleges and universities. The duo visited Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois; Washington, DC; Nashville, Tennessee; and Murray, Kentucky. They got a firsthand experience at the U.S. Higher Education system and interviewed several Belizeans studying in the USA. The documentary is called Destination: Study USA and it will be aired in a series form over the course of coming weeks. It will be broadcast here on Love FM/Love TV and during The Morning Show every Wednesday starting today. The following episode takes an in-depth look at what the initiative is all about and what you can expect later on.

  • Brother Bernadine Project- Belize Mission Documentary, 17min.

  • Diva's Salon - Belize, 1.5min. Narette Allen, Belize City

  • Reflecting back on our mission team's June 2015 trip to Belize, 6.5min.

  • The popular Banana Eating contest at the San Pedro High School Freshmen's Day , 1/2min.

  • she sell sea shell by the seashore, 3min. I was at the islands in Belize, saw this lil crabby and she was just so into my camera :) she was a good actor so I made a lil cute video for my daughter..enjoy kids!

  • Belize Adventure on mv Caribbean Prince, 22min. Travel by smallship around Belize.

  • Calypso Bertrand: Going Down To Belize Blues, 4min. Playing for Belikins on the Toucan Trail

  • Captain Quint: Belize, 5.5min. Pineapple Jam v2

  • The Advancement of The U.S. Webster Proposals In Belize!, 24min. BELIZE & GUATEMALA: THE WEBSTER PROPOSALS! FROM 1968 TO 2015! In this radio show feature, Bilal Morris of BREDAA (Belize Rural Economic Development of Ageiculture through Alliance) analysis on radio station KPFK in Los Angeles on November 8, 2014 presented how the United States Government advanced its foreign policy agenda for Belize called the Webster Proposals initiated in 1967 by the Kennedy Administration to make Belize a part of Guatemala. The recent series of events that has unfolded in Belize in relation to the Guatemala oligarchy aggression to annex the country of Belize, has shown considerably evidence that the Webster Proposals continued to be implemented by the U.S. government, and its British and Israeli backed alliances. The feature underscores the building of a so-called Belize Coast Guard base by the U.S. military,The Southern Command using Guatemalan illegal workers without consulting with the Belize government, the murder of the black Belizean tourist policemen, Danny Conorquie, who was executed by Guatemalan bandits committing robberies in the Mayan resort of Caracol without no outcry from the OAS nor compensation for the killing, the continuous encroachments by Guatemalan illegal loggers in the deforestation of Belize's natural forest reserves in the Southern District of Toledo near the porous Belize / Guatemalan border, and the systematic eliminations of the black Belizean population through black on black crimes committed against each other by black Belizean men in Belize City since the advent of the U.S. so-called War on Drugs in the 1980's. Here Morris's analysis connects the dots that shows how the age old U.S. foreign policy agenda has continued to play out in Belize's current affairs, and its continuous push to make Belize a part of Guatemala through the aforementioned aggression against Belize and the Belizean people.

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