On the top of the news, we told you about the murder 20 year-old Malik Dixon, a resident of Mahogany Street.

He’s the first murder in over a month, and the first suspected gang slaying since July 5th, 2 months ago. So, apart from the shooting of 16 year-old Mark Phillips the city has been relatively quiet. Today, police commander of Eastern Division South, Chester Williams told us that the NUMBERS for major crimes are down:

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South

"When we compare our statistics for August this year to August of last year; in the precinct 1 area last year in the month of August we had 2 murders. And this year in precinct 1, August; there is no murder. We must understand that precinct 1 have the Mayflower area; which was a problem to us when I came. And it has the Taylor's alley as well which is a problematic area. Our results, our effort have yield good results in that area. In terms of major incidents comparing precinct 1 last year August to this year August; last year we had a total of 18 major incidents, this year August we have 9. That's a reduction of 50%. In terms of precinct 2, last year August we had 2 murders; this year we have 1 and that is the one that took place on Saturday night. And in terms of major incidents, last year August we had a total of 21; and this year August we have a total of 14. So that's a reduction of somewhat 40% again. So we can see where policing efforts is paying dividend to us on south side Belize City; and we continue to push our police, our committee oriented style policing. People have been very receptive to work that we have been doing on south side Belize City. They welcome us into their homes and the perception of police on south side Belize City as well as other parts of the country is changing; because people are now seeing that the police are serious about community policing and if we can through the effort we are doing remove that perception about the police from the public at large, it will help us significantly in our fight to reduce crime in Belize."

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