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Today's Belize News: September 1, 2015 #507078
09/01/15 06:00 AM
09/01/15 06:00 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Iris Salguero is Miss San Pedro 2015-16
After a night of beauty, poise and grace, San Pedro Town has a new beauty ambassador, and she is 19-year-old Iris Salguero! The 2015 Miss San Pedro pageant began at 8PM inside the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Stadium, with hundreds of island residents in attendance. After the National Anthem was sung, an opening number by San Pedro Jabbawockeez kicked off the night’s events. Host Eiden Salazar Jr. was once again in fine form, transitioning the evening’s various segments, starting with their introduction. As they slipped away to prepare for the costume segment, special invited guest performers Lirahunu Satuye Dance Group showcased some of Dangriga’s finest! The Garifuna group – comprised of drummers and dancers – brought color and life to the stage as they displayed one of Belize’s richest cultures.

Ambergris Today

Miss San Pedro Pageant 2015
Congratulations to the new Miss San Pedro 2015 Iris Salguero and all the other contestants for a job well done.

Iris Salguero Selected New Miss San Pedro 2015
An attentive and anxious audience awaited the results of the Miss San Pedro Beauty Pageant that was held at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex on Saturday, August 29, 2015. Cheers when out to all six contestants who were vying for the title of the prestigious crown. In the end, five judges selected 19-year-old Iris Salguero (Miss Captain Sharks) as the island’s newest beauty ambassador. The audience burst into thunderous applause as the contestants graced the stage for the opening dance performance that included participation of outgoing Miss San Pedro 2014 Michelle Nuñez. The ongoing cheers for the lovely ladies kept on throughout the pageant as the entertained in three segments that included a cultural, swimwear and evening gown presentations. Pageant contestants included Vivian Magdalen Noralez, Velie Alexi Williams, Ethel Villatoro, Brianna Hope Leslie, Iris Salgero and Tisane Martinez.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Braised oxtail
1. In a heavy-bottom saucepot, heat the olive oil. Dust the oxtail pieces with a pre-seasoned flour then browning on all sides of the pieces. Remove; set aside onto a paper towel to drain off excess oil. 2. In a heavy bottom stock pot pre-heat beef broth, garlic, black pepper, onions, red wine and Worcestershire sauce bring to a rolling boil . 3. Add the browned oxtails and turn down the flame to simmer and cover continue cooking tails 2 1/2 -3 hours occasionally stirring tails as not to stick, adding 2 more cups of hot water as needed when the liquid becomes low, continue cooking oxtails until tender. This method makes it's own gravy.

BECOL Men's Tournament
BECOL had their Men's Basketball Tournament this weekend at Falcon Field. Once again, Cayo photographer Kenny Lamb dazzles with some great pictures of the event.

BWRC 2015 Fundraiser
The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic has announced the date for this year's silent auction and fundraiser. Saturday, November 21st, at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Sounds like it'll be bigger and better than last year. If you can donate anything, please let them know. "We could not do our job without your support! I am sure you can recognise Petunia the porcupine, but I hope the flyer is not too small to read? (when veterinarians do graphic design...) But here the key facts: Save the date for this year's BWRC fundraiser event on the 21st of November, at the amazing San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This year with live music! And, please share this and help us with donations for our Silent Auction to make this year's event as successful as the 2014 lion fish dinner and auction. Contact [email protected] com for more info. Thank you!"

Hot Mama's Wins Again
Congratulations, Hot Mama's! Their world famous Manganero hot sauce took 2nd place at the World Hot Sauce competition in Louisiana. "Hot Mama's Belize Ltd., Belize's premier producer of the world renowned Manganero Sauce, continues to rack up points on the international foods scene, when the Company recently took Second Place honors in this year's World Hot Sauce, BBQ and Extreme Foods competition in Louisiana. The Manganero Sauce took First Place honors in last year's competition where the Company gained the premier recognition in the category for Best Fruit Based Hot Sauce, with the same Manganero Sauce, which had won 1st Place in the Scovie Awards of 2008."

FCD Rangers and their SMART patrol systems
FCD Rangers use SMART patrol systems to maximize best practice and utilize the power of information to increase the effectiveness of environmental law enforcement in order to protect wildlife and its habitat in the Chiquibul

Garifuna Nation is the best last hope for all Garifuna people
The Garifuna people live in the countries of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and the United States of America. It is estimated that this nation, as described by the United Nations, numbers about 700,000 people living in all these countries. Due to their resistance to Spanish, French and British colonial rule and slavery, some of these people were forcefully removed from their native land St Vincent and the Grenadines and deported to Roatan, Honduras, on April 12, 1797. Subsequently, because of the living conditions and the hostility they experienced in Honduras, they migrated to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, and later on to the United States of America where they live up to today. Even though most of these Garifuna people were born in these countries and are citizens, they are still looked upon by other ethnic groups in these countries as intruders and strangers.

Miss Queen of the Bay Pageant
Winner of the Queen of the Bay

Rehabilitation of Dangriga Multi-purpose Sporting Complex
Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), a public sector agency of the Government of Belize (GOB), is undertaking the design, construction and management of capital projects in Belize with particular emphasis on sporting and other multipurpose facilities. The Design phase for the Dangriga Multi-purpose Sporting Complex has been completed and BIL is pleased to announce that the contract for the Construction phase was signed today. The contract was awarded to Mr. Salvador Habet of BCG Ltd from Belize City for $2,991,544.07.

September Celebrations Basketball Marathon
The San Ignacio and Santa Elena Basketball Association is having a basketball marathon for the September Celebrations. There will be cash prizes for the winners.

Channel 7

The Notorious Russell Hyde Killed Execution Style
For decades, the name Russell Hyde hung like a spectre over Western Belize – he was the most notorious figure in all of the West. The tales of his outlaw exploits were part of the lore of the Belmopan and Roaring Creek areas – and in May of this year, his outlaw narrative spun into headline news when Hyde was at the centre of a string of murders, starting with the sniper killing of his wife. After that, four, and possibly five men were killed. That is the panorama of violence that defined the world of Russell Hyde, whose ruthlessness and reach in the underworld were vast. Yet, on Friday night, when a gunman ambushed him at his home – Hyde had nowhere to run; he couldn’t escape a determined killer who shot him four times with a shotgun and point blank range. It’s a stunning and sudden end, for a man who dabbled in death, but had always dodged it. I spoke to his family yesterday in Belmopan:…

Hyde Friend Marcy Was Collateral Damage
As we told you in the story, 27 year old Marcy Humes was also shot and killed along with Russell Hyde on Friday night. Our sources say that Hyde told Humes to open the door to the house after they saw the flashlights but that was when things took a turn. The gunmen, apaprently thinking that Humes was Hyde – shot her twice – once to the chest and once to the leg. We spoke to her family yesterday and they told us that Humes was just caught in the middle of a chaotic situation. Courtney Weatherburne "Your daughter was with Russell Hyde right? So do you know when they started to talk?" Maria Samuels- Mother of Deceased "Nothing, nothing, I no know nothing. One month I no see my daughter to talk to; I no see her, I no hear her voice. Till I gone meet her dead on that bed, then only then I see her. I go to my work 8 o'clock in the morning; I come home come straighten off and I no see her, I don't know until I gone meet her dead."

Police Cpl & PM Wife's Personal Security Charged For Murder
And there was another murder in Cayo South – but in this one – the man accused is a cop – more importantly, he is the personal security guard of the Prime Minister’s wife Kim Barrow. He is accused of killing Nicaraguan Eduardo Manuel Perez Sanchez. Perez Sanchez was found early on Saturday morning on the Young Gial Road in Teakettle; he had been shot twice to the head and dumped on the road. I spoke with the family who made the discovery:… Hubert Usher - Found the Body "I was heading by my work Saturday morning about 5:40. And when I haul that curve, I see a guy laying on the road, so I drive the truck little closer and I stop and I watched him, see if he is blowing. When I notice that he no the breath; so I open the truck, come outside and when I peep, I see they got his face tied with a black cloth. I called my boss and I tell him boss, I see a dead body on the road side. He told me to call the police. Well I don't know the police number to call, so he gives me it. He tell me the police number is 911 and I call the police and I told them I see a dead body on the road side; and they told me okay, don't move. Just hold on right there until they get here. And I wait until they got here and I showed them. I watch and everything then I took off and went to my work."

Why Was Malik Murdered?
So, Police in Belmopan have their hands full with those 3 murders, especially because one of their own stands accused – and more embarrassingly, he is one of only three officers in the entire country entrusted with the care of the Prime Minister’s family. But Belize City police also have their work cut out for them. After a brief lull in violence, 20 year-old Malik Dixon was killed on Saturday night in what looks like a gang slaying. Dixon has been shot before, and he is on the record as associating with known gang figures in Ghost Town. But on Saturday night, his killer caught him off guard riding his bicycle on Flamboyant Street. He was heading home to Mahogany Street when a gunman opened fire on him. 2 bullets struck him in the lower back and under the left arm pit, and as soon as he fell off the bike, the gunman fled the scene.

GOB Settles BEL Compensation With BECOL
In mid-2011 – the Government of Belize took over BEL. They took it from the Canadian company Fortis – who was the majority shareholder at the time. At the time, the Fortis-managed BEL was insolvent, in other words, it had run out of cash, and could not pay its debts. The company said it needed higher rates, or it would be forced to implement rolling power outages. Government rejected that, and moved decisively to pass legislation and swooped in to take over the power company. Since then, BEL has been stabilized and earned record profits – while bringing down rates to a modern low. Sounds like a happy ending, but, one big part of the story was missing: Fortis had not been paid for its shares – and according to them Government owed them over 300 million Belize dollars. More than that, Fortis was challenging the takeover in court – and that case is at the Caribbean Court of Justice – where Fortis found common cause with the Ashcroft Alliance. So, it was a ticking time bomb – either government would have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars – or it could lose the case, and be forced to give them back the company. Both prospects were grim, but things took a turn when former Fortis boss Stann Marshall retired and was replaced by Barry Perry. He didn’t want hundreds of millions, and he didn’t want the company back – he just wanted a fair settlement. Perry met with the Prime Minister in July and since then, things moved very quickly to a settlement – the details of which were announced this afternoon at a press conference at the Biltmore:…

Hon. Marco Tulio - Charges Upgraded, Accusation Very Serious
Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez… that’s a name you haven’t heard in the news for almost 5 months now. Well, the PUP Area Representative for Orange Walk East – who is accused of child molestation, is back in the news tonight after he returned to the Orange Magistrate’s Court today. He was expecting a routine adjournment, where the police prosecutor normally asks the Magistrate for an adjournment while the investigators gather their evidence for disclosure. But he and his attorney were blind-sided at the preliminary inquiry when the prosecution asked the court to withdraw the 6 counts of aggravated assault of an incident nature against Mendez, and then… they requested for him to be arraigned on 3 counts of carnal knowledge – a far more serious offence. Now, Dr. Mendez has maintained his innocence ever since these allegations emerged against him. Police say that the two female children accused him of touching them inappropriately, but now, police are saying that he did more than that. Investigators are now saying that there is evidence that he had sex with these minors.

Citrus, Fewer Boxes of Fruit, But Still A Profit
For the past year, the Sugar industry in the north has been so much in the news that we’ve kind of forgotten about citrus in the south. Government had to intervene dramatically in that industry to stabilize it last year. But since then, how has it been doing? Well, we got the full lowdown at the end of crop year meeting on Saturday in Pomona Valley. Jules Vasquez reports:… Jules Vasquez Reporting… Everyone was under the tent at the CPBL – even though the tent has gotten smaller as the industry has been in the doldrums for the past three years due to citrus greening. Doug Singh - Chairman, CPBL "If you look at the reversal in 2012 the industry started turning around. It was after that it collapsed; and when it collapsed it was of a result of the threat of hlb. You will recall around that time there were destructions in nurseries. There was very reinvestment done and we're going through the results of those lower investments."

Police Have No Suspects For Hyde Murder
As we told you earlier in the newscast 45 year old Russel Hyde and his girlfriend 27 year old Marcy Humes were shot and killed at Hyde’s house on Friday night after 9. Now the narratives circulating all point to retaliation as being the motive, but when we spoke to police today – they couldn’t confirm it or provide much compelling information at this point. Courtney Weatherburne "There is speculation that Hyde was killed in retaliation for Madrid's murder. Can you confirm that?" Insp. Stephanie Grinage - Deputy Commissioner, Belmopan Division "At this time we cannot confirm what is the motive in regards to the murder of Mr. Hyde." Courtney Weatherburne "Could you talk to us or reveal if the murder starting from Steven Hyde or his friend as well Edilberto Madrid are somehow linked? Can you confirm that?"

"Russell, So Are You ...
So, Russell Hyde, the most notorious name in the west is dead, executed with a shotgun….for some, it was an inevitability, for others, an impossibility that he would be casually killed with the same cruel force he had become known for. But, while there is so much talk about his notoriety, here at 7News we always found Hyde to be approachable, cool and straightforward He came here more than once to make his point against the police – and Jules Vasquez asked him straight about his life in the underworld – when he was responding to police accusations of drug trafficking:… FILE: (April 30, 2012) Jules Vasquez "I will ask you this plainly sir; are you a drug dealer?" Russell Hyde, Charge by GSU "I am not a drug dealer, boss. I deal with my farming and stuff. I am not saying that I am a saint. But that is not the way to go on someone to search for drugs. If you already search that place with someone, you are going to pick me up from off the street five hours after and claim that you find drugs there. You could have planted it there too, so the benefit of the doubt has to go to the accuser. I am the accuser. I was never there, I am not God."

Logan For 54 Counts of Forgery
Tonight 28 year-old Glenford Logan is out tonight on bail after he was arraigned before Magistrate Deborah Rogers for 54 charges of forgery, theft and uttering upon a false document. According to police 78 year-old retired Canadian John Oliver reported that last week Monday, the bank called him to say that there had been 18 suspicious cheques which were cashed to withdraw $6,250 from his bank account. When he investigated, he realized that his cheque book had been stolen from his vehicle, and when he saw the cheques, he confirmed that his signature had been forged. Police investigated, and charged Logan with 54 criminal offences of forgery, theft and uttering upon a false document. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers, but before the arraignment started, police asked our court reporter and another freelance journalist to leave the court room. That’s very unusual because the press is usually allowed to observe such cases, and are only asked to leave in sensitive cases involving minors.

Dangriga Sports Complex Cometh
Dangriga will get its new sports complex. The Design phase for the Dangriga Multi-purpose Sporting Complex has been completed and the contract for the Construction was signed today. It was awarded to Salvador Habet of BCG Ltd from Belize City for 2.9 million dollars.

Remembering The Battle
Yesterday, the 2015 September Celebrations was officially opened on Saint George’s Caye, which is where it all began for the September season. In the keynote address, Tourism and Culture Minister Manuel Heredia Jr., spoke about the significance of the event: The September spirit gets another infusion of energy tomorrow with the Belize City Council’s Annual Flag Raising event.

Backpack, Backpack!
Remember that first-day-of-school feeling... when your new backpack was full of crisp notebooks, sharp pencils, bright markers...? Well according to the organization called Group Hug, every child deserves that feeling. This summer, the group of young people toured around the city to distribute backpacks and school supplies to over a hundred primary and high school students. And there is another organization called Backpack for Kids International. It is based in New Jersey to help underprivileged students with school supplies and backpacks. Founder Carla Usher Sherman is a Belizean American – who says her charity must start at home. Tomorrow Sherman and her team travel to Santa Rita Christian School and San Antonio Government School in the Corozal District where they will be distributing over a hundred backpacks to students.

Police Say Major Crime Down
On the top of the news, we told you about the murder 20 year-old Malik Dixon, a resident of Mahogany Street. He’s the first murder in over a month, and the first suspected gang slaying since July 5th, 2 months ago. So, apart from the shooting of 16 year-old Mark Phillips the city has been relatively quiet. Today, police commander of Eastern Division South, Chester Williams told us that the NUMBERS for major crimes are down: Sr. Supt. Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South "When we compare our statistics for August this year to August of last year; in the precinct 1 area last year in the month of August we had 2 murders. And this year in precinct 1, August; there is no murder. We must understand that precinct 1 have the Mayflower area; which was a problem to us when I came. And it has the Taylor's alley as well which is a problematic area. Our results, our effort have yield good results in that area. In terms of major incidents comparing precinct 1 last year August to this year August; last year we had a total of 18 major incidents, this year August we have 9. That's a reduction of 50%. In terms of precinct 2, last year August we had 2 murders; this year we have 1 and that is the one that took place on Saturday night. And in terms of major incidents, last year August we had a total of 21; and this year August we have a total of 14.

Cops and the Community Again
And police say crime is going down because of the sustained community policing efforts that they are making in Southside Belize. That continued this weekend with an event held on Cumberbatch Field for the gang neighborhoods of Kraal Road, and Fabers Road on the turf of the Southside Gangsters. Williams said that yesterday’s community social event was the most well-attended of so far:

The Lion And The Pride
It’s a fixture on the September Celebrations schedule and The annual Lionman Triathlon was held on Sunday in Belize City. In the male category, Kent Bob Gaabourel won his third Lionman, Ahmed Figueroa was second, Eric Donis of San Pedro was third, KEnroy Smokes Gladden was fourth and Jody Williams was fifth. Belize Bank won the team event. Kerah Eiley was the first female and Dr. Ramon Figueroa repeated as master’s champion.

Channel 5

G.O.B. to Pay Fortis $70 Million for B.E.L.
The Government of Belize has gotten rid of one albatross which has been hanging around its neck since June 2011. That’s when government nationalized Belize Electricity Limited, seizing seventy percent [...]

Fortis Receives 33.3% Shareholdings in B.E.L.
The Prime Minister says he is confident that the new and improved relationship will work out, and if it doesn’t, there is a clause which allows Fortis to sell its [...]

Special Session of Cabinet to Discuss Fortis Settlement
The matter of the settlement was taken to Cabinet in special session this morning, and will go before the House on Wednesday and the Senate on Thursday.  The Governor General [...]

…CCJ to be Notified of Settlement
According to the Prime Minister lawyers for both parties are currently notifying the CCJ of the settlement so where litigation is concerned, the matter is done. The prime minister acknowledged [...]

Double Murder in Camalote: Infamous Russell Hyde is Taken Down by Gunmen
There were four brutal murders over the weekend. One in the City, another in Teakettle and the most sensational double murder occurred at a feeder road in Camalote also in [...]

Kim Simplis’ Bodyguard Arrested and Charged for Murder!
So while there are no arrests for the murders of Hyde and Humes, a policeman assigned to the Special Patrol Unit has been charged for another murder. Authorities believe that [...]

Who Killed Toony and Why?
There’s one other murder to report tonight. In the City, a resident of the south side was shot multiple times and succumbed at the K.H.M.H.  Malik Gibson, also known as [...]

Police Say Major Crimes are Down in Belize City
But is community policing an effective approach to addressing the issue of crime and violence in the Old Capital?  According to Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, when compared to August 2014, [...]

Was DHS Michael Pitts Booted Out of His Office Before Retirement Deadline?
Director of Health Services Doctor Michael Pitts is retiring from his post as third in command of the Ministry of Health.  His departure however, is not without controversy, as News [...]

Marco Tulio Mendez Goes Back to Court
Embattled politician Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez was slapped with additional charges today when he appeared in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court.  The P.U.P. Orange Walk East Area Representative was charged [...]

Trio of Thieves Arraigned for Stolen A/C Units
In court this morning, a trio was charged jointly with Handling Stolen Goods and one of the three was also charged with the theft of two air condition units from [...]

18 Counts of Forgery for Glenford Logan
A seventy-two year old man of the Buttonwood Bay area, Belize City, claims he is the recent victim of theft and is accusing a Buttonwood Bay mechanic of stealing over [...]

Community Family Day Brings Yarborough Youths Together
As many as six neighborhood teams converged on the Wilton Cumberbatch Field on Sunday where they all competed in a basketball tournament organized by Eastern Division South.  The initiative, part [...]

Pink Boutique Expands in the West
If you are a fashionista, you would easily recognize the Pink Boutique Brand. It already has branches in Belize City and San Pedro, and on Saturday, responding to a demand [...]

Sporting Highlights with Veteran Sportscaster James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   On Friday night, Central Bank forced a decisive 3rd game for the Interoffice Firms Division Basketball title with a [...]

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09/01/15 06:00 AM
09/01/15 06:00 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


GOB To Close Off Transactions By Tuesday Of Next Week
The Prime Minister says they hope to close off all transactions by Tuesday of next week, which means that government plans on taking this through all its process this week. The PM also assured that government has this money readily available and expects no problem in finalizing payment. “You will know of course that the foreign exchange is no problem since our reserves now stands at a Billion Belize dollars or five hundred million US, the settlement in the form of a bill for and act goes to the house on Wednesday where we expect to pass it all at once naturally time is of the essence and then it goes to the senate on Friday we would expect the Governor General to accent to the Bill no later than Monday and we would then dispatch to Fortis’ account abroad the US$35 million by Tuesday.” In the business arena however, it would seem that Fortis is at a losing end in this matter. When asked, the PM stressed that for this and other reasons, the settlement is a “good deal” for Belize.

GOB To Pay BZ$70 Million To Fortis
“It is a day of celebration”, said Prime Minister Dean Barrow as he announced in a press conference today that government has settled its issue with Fortis International, which has conceded its majority shareholdings to GOB. According to the PM, the negotiation process was “greatly accelerated” after Barry Perry was appointed Fortis’ new Chair a month ago. The PM said that GOB will be now paying seventy million Belize dollars to Fortis as settlement. “As compensation totality for GOB’s original acquisition of all of Fortis’ 70% shareholding in BEL, GOB will now pay to Fortis US$35 million Dollars in cash, BZ$70 million, and GOB gives back to Fortis a thirty three and a third shareholding interest in BEL, government keeps the rest of the 70% it had acquired and together with SSB which has something like 26.9% we will continue to own well in excess of the 51% mandated in the constitution and required for majority ownership and control we expect the new arrangement to serve BEL and Belize well. Fortis’ long established multinational role in energy generation and distribution plus it familiarity without local circumstances should seek contribute greatly to BEL further advance and development their expertise and resources will also help Belize in its quest for energy security and sustainability in particular Fortis’ interest in renewable especially solar can no doubt ultimately redound to our national benefit.”

Four Cases Of Chik V Found In Corozal
The Chikungunya disease, literally named for its crippling effect, has slipped its bonds in Africa and Asia and is now in Belize. For 2015 there are four confirmed cases so far, three in the Corozal District and one in Belize City. As for the cases from the Corozal District the patients hail from Altamira Village. According to Interim head of the Epidemiological Department, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, out of all the sample’s sent four came back positive for Chik-V. Dr. Marvin Manzanero- Head of the Epidemiological Department “I was informed that it is four the final number that we have; three females and one male and they are all adults from Corozal and Belize City. Karel Heredia - Reporter “What type of treatment are they receiving?”

OWTC Prepares Guadalupe Street For Paving
Today signalled a milestone for the Orange Walk Town Council and its business partners with the initiation of the Guadalupe Street Improvement Project. Viewers may recall that in 2013, we reported that a committee was formed under the banner GSIP, to rehabilitate the main road artery by paving the entire street but the funds were hard to come by. And two years later, this morning, heavy machinery and road barricades were installed in the area as works on Guadalupe Street kicked off. We spoke to Mayor Kevin Bernard who gave us an overview of the project. “We had said this before when we started our initial street works in 2012 that at some point Guadalupe street we wanted to address that, I will go back to history Guadalupe Street Improvement Project Committee was formed where we would have gotten funding and support from the business community, taxes that were paid by residence living on this street would have gone to the fund and after a year and a half I think because we were not getting as much support as we thought the council decided that whatever taxes that was already paid we went ahead and on the upper part of Guadalupe street, by San Antonio road coming down to Nahil Mayab we invested in a lot of materials putting down some alin material so what we decided to do because the streets really needs attention....



Russell Hyde murdered along with female companion
It was a violent weekend with four murders one of which involves a notorious figure and another which involves two police officers who are detained. We start first with the one in Roaring Creek. Last week the Hyde family buried their daughter Dorla Pitts, who was murdered, allegedly by her nephew Br...

Murder in teakettle; police officer charged
There was another murder scene in the Cayo District this weekend, not too far from Camalote. The lifeless body of Eduardo Manuel Sanchez Perez, a Nicaraguan National employed at Santander, was found afew minutes before 6 am on Saturday August 29th. According to the caretaker of a farm in Teakettle...

Musician “Bobo Youth” found dead in Belize City
33 year old Theodore Parchue, also known as the dancehall and reggae musician “Bobo Youth,” was found dead on the banks of the Haulover Creek on the Northside, near the Farmers Market, early this morning. Police have released no details and so what may have led to Parchue’s death i...

National Bank robbery; false alarm
Belmopan police rushed to the National Bank of Belize on Forestry drive sometime around 8 o’clock this morning in response to a bank robbery alarm. We were also called and left immediately but by the time we got there, everything was already quiet and seemed to be business as usual. According to th...

One man detained in pig rustling ring
And while some people steal fish, others steal pigs. Belmopan Police were called out to an area in the Valley of Peace community sometime after 1 am this morning where they were informed that a person or group of persons were involved in pig rustling at a farm in Valley of Peace. According to repor...

Richard Smith taking prayer team to San Pedro
A contingent of prayer warriors is heading out to San Pedro Ambergris this weekend to pray for the crime situation on the island and some of the other societal ills that plague the community while simultaneously praying for blessings for the islanders. This initiative is spearheaded by Founder and...

Flipping Flips out; resigns from UDP
Melvin Hulse has resigned from the United Democratic Party and in characteristic “Flipping” style, he made the announcement on a Live broadcast. This morning, the former UDP Minister and former Stann Creek West Standard Bearer for the UDP was guest on Love FM’s morning talk show w...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Gang attack kills 20 year old Belize City man
20 year old Malik Jair Dixon of Mahogany Street succumbed to gunshot injuries sustained when he crossed the path of a rival on Saturday night in Belize City. Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South) Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams says he was walking near the Administration Complex when […]

Police report lower incidence of major crime on Southside
It has been nearly two months since the shakeup of Eastern Division at senior command level, with a renewed emphasis on community policing, bringing the top brass out of their comfortable offices onto the ground with their constituents. Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams promised some results, and […]

PM mends fences with Lynn Young and Kay Menzies
With its return to the ownership, at least partially, of Belize Electricity Limited, Fortis gets three directors on the Board, one for each ten percent of shares it holds. It has identified two familiar names, former CEO of the company from its majority ownership days Lynn Young, who […]

Police charge man for stolen cheques
28 year old mechanic of Belize City Glenford Logan faces eighteen counts each of forgery, theft and claiming on a forged document. Unfortunately we do not have further details because Magistrate Deborah Rogers ejected and banned media personnel including our court reporter from her courtroom. Logan was arrested […]

PM’s bodyguard suspected of murder
A police officer has been accused of the murder of Nicaraguan national Eduardo Manuel Perez Sanchez. Police investigation led to 33 years old Police Corporal Ryon Wagner, bodyguard of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, as the alleged murderer of Sanchez. Wagner has been formally arrested and charged for murder. The Ministry of […]

Trio charged over stolen air conditioning units
Two Westinghouse air conditioning units belonging to businessman Sanjay Hotchandani were reported stolen on August 27 from his residence in Belize City. They were recovered, and the men accused of stealing them appeared in court today. Former watchman for Hotchandani, 31 year old Elmer Trujillo, must pay fines […]

Mechanic charged for forgery
A Belize City mechanic, 28 year old Glenford Logan, was charged with 18 counts of Forgery, 18 counts of Theft and 18 counts of “Claiming upon a Forged Document”. Logan received his charges on Thursday, August 27th after a forgery report was filed against him.

Cannabis bust in Benque Viejo
A drug bust in the sum of 27.5 pounds of cannabis was made by police on Friday morning, August 28th, around 3:40 a.m, when officers intercepted a bus on its way to San Ignacio from Benque Viejo. While searching the bus, officers found a sack, a plastic bag and two […]

Orange Walk Area Rep. Hon. Marco Tulio Mendez slapped with additional charge of Carnal Knowledge
This morning at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court, disgraced Area Representative for the OW East Constituency Marco Tulio Mendez, flanked by his attorney Andrew Bennett re-appeared in court for a preliminary hearing. That hearing however, took a drastic turn when an additional charge of Carnal Knowledge was […]

Theft of motor vehicle
A Sky Go Motorcycle belonging to Juenio Santos was reportedly stolen in More Tomorrow Village on Saturday, August 29th. Santos told police that he parked his white and red motorcycle on the river bank and when he returned, it was nowhere to be found. Police investigations continue.

Hon. Marco Tulio Mendez returns to court today
Area Representative for the Orange Walk East Constituency, Hon. Marco Tulio Mendez returns to court today to answer six charges of aggravated assault of an indecent nature -four of the offence allegedly committed against an underage girl and two counts allegedly committed against another girl. Hon. Mendez is the first […]

Shyne clarifies the title of Music Ambassador
By Shyne Barrow. As the music ambassador of Belize I receive absolutely zero financial support from the government of Belize. I do not get a salary. I do not have a budget. I don’t even get gas money. With that said I try my very best to help develop Belizean musicians. Before I was music ambassador I mentored a young Tanya Carter and tried to support her in her efforts to be the super star artist she is today. Whether attempting to take her to the UK to record(I was denied entry) or paying her to record on songs I never released, I was there. TR Shine is another super star artist that I mentored from the beginning, whether donating $50,000 in equipment to his heights of vibes studio or giving money to shoot videos, I’m always there.


10 of Belize’s Hottest Christmas & New Year’s Destinations
Sunscreen? Check. Beachwear? Of course. How about noisemakers? They don’t take up much room and when you get to Belize for your Christmas to New Year’s holiday, you’ll want to ring in 2016 properly. Do it from the beach under thousands of stars. Toast Belize’s perpetually gorgeous weather (ranging from 70-degrees to 83-degrees). Can’t decide where to stay for your year-end holiday? These 10 resorts are hot, hot, hot!

Lamanai Landings; Crocs, Crops, other words...
Let's start today with a little lesson in Mayan language arts. Thousands travel to Lamanai annually to explore this amazing ruin site - however next to no one knows where they are. "Lamb-in-eye" as everyone says it means 'city of much insects' in the Mayan language. But they didn't name the city after insects (side note - not one bite that day!) they instead named it after crocodiles...submerged crocodiles to be more accurate - "La-mon-eye-een" is the city of submerged crocodiles. Its great to get away. Everyone needs a few days every now and again to get a bit of a recharge in the system, and even if you do have to work a bit each day - the change of scenery and a few new experiences makes a world of difference. My most recent trip to the "center of hell" (according to our Accounting Manager) turned out to be so lovely that 2 night easily became 4 nights. Lamanai Landings was a great little unexpected bit of paradise in the middle of what I thought was going to be a buggy, sweltering, suck fest. To be completely fair I found the entire area district of Orange Walk (that I saw) to be really very nice. The hotel is 3 miles outside of town, and situated on their private lagoon. All the rooms have patios over the water, so you get a wonderful cooling breeze. Best part is the crocs in the lagoon! Killed a lot of time staring at crocs.

Moving Toward a Geopolitical Marketplace
This column frames a question to which I do not have the answer. Or think of it as a historical agenda: How can we bring the logic of free market exchange into the domain of geopolitical conflict? Why would we want to do such a thing? It’s not simply a matter of substituting gold for guns, or nonviolent exchange for violent exchange. The question I am posing is not based on some utopian hope for perpetual peace. The distinction I want to focus on is the difference between zero-sum conflict and positive-sum exchange. With rare exceptions like landfill extensions or China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea, the quantity of land on this Earth is fixed. Whatever territory one country gains, another must lose; any exchanges are thus zero sum. This is not so in the marketplace. The butcher comes to market to sell meat and buy bread, voluntarily. The baker comes to market to sell bread and buy meat, voluntarily. Both are beneficiaries of the voluntary exchange. Both return home better off than when they left home; theirs was a positive-sum exchange.

Tropic Air, Chaa Creek and Belize Go Global!
We just received the news that Tropic Air, Belize’s friendly local air service, is organising a road show to promote Belize’s many charms to the people of Chile this December, and coming on the heels of Tropic Air’s successful Colombian road show of last June, and following the news that COPA Air is inaugurating a twice-weekly Panama-Belize run December 2015, we can’t help but feel that the country formally known as Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret is now anything but. When an overseas carrier puts in a route, it’s because they see a growing market that they want to be part of. And when the local air service begins making marketing inroads in new regions, we can’t help but feel that growth is in the air. While North America has always been Belize’s biggest market, recent sustained growth in Europe, Asia and South America show that she isn’t just a one-trick pony.

Lost my wallet and found some insight in the process
Yesterday evening I had a very unfortunate experience. I went to go check my wallet to see how much cash I had on me that was earmarked for a bill and it was nowhere to be found. My stomach sank and instantly I felt nauseous at the thought. Immediately after dumping my bag upside down and shaking it to make sure every thing fell out, I started my memory recall process. The last place I remember seeing it in my minds eye was while I was paying at the fruit market Saturday evening, and there is a one minute blank as to seeing where I put it, between then and getting on the cart . I decided leave no stone unturned. I immediately Facebook messaged Aimee and ask if she could check her cart in case it was on there somewhere – it wasn’t. She then loaned me the cart so I could check at the fruit market and the guy said “come back tomorrow” when his sister was there as she was the one I had shopped with.

At Turneffe Island Resort, Ecotourism is a Way of Life and a Jewel in Belize’s Crown
Lots of countries give lip service to ecological initiatives and green goals, but too many of these efforts are thwarted by bureaucratic regulations and complaints that conservation projects cost too much tax money. But there is a place on the planet where bureaucrats put the environment first and citizens are eager to be at the forefront of this Earth-sustaining movement: Belize. You won’t find a better example of ecological commitment than Turneffe Island—a tiny atoll that’s fast becoming the Caribbean poster child for sustainability initiatives. Natural management throughout the island is taken so seriously, it’s no wonder Turneffe Island Resort has joined the ranks of conservation-minded locals. Visiting this area could restore your faith in humanity! Grab a map of mainland Belize and neighboring islands and you might be hard pressed to spot Turneffe. This tiny atoll in the Caribbean Sea may be small but it’s mighty: declared a protected marine reserve not many years ago, the island’s pristine topography has been allowed to flourish rather than be destroyed. Spot ancient mangrove swamps with deep roots that support flowers and plants that, in turn, attract birds, bats and lizards. The island is also home to breathtaking wild orchids that bloom everywhere you look.

Looking Sharp: 50 Gorgeous Kids Get Hair Cuts for The First Day of School
No matter how cool you pretended to be, the first day of school was a big deal. Back to seeing old friends, new kids, new teachers…uniform ready and pressed and definitely a new haircut. But for many parents, school is EXPENSIVE. All schools here require monthly fees, plus uniforms, supplies, lunches, transportation…some families needed a little extra boost. And this year, Town Councilor Tito Alamilla provided it – with the sponsorship of the San Pedro Town Council and Ballers’ Barbershop. Coupons…for free haircuts. Ballers’ is one of the oldest (16 years in existence) and most popular shops in town. Brian at Baller’s Barber Shop is the real deal. And for only $5bzd or $7bzd, your kid can get a hair cut he can be proud of… Awesome program Tito! Love to see this sort of hands on community work. Setting kids off on the right foot for their first day of school. What is more important?

Ever wondered “Is it worth it?” Absolutely!
“Are those free brain training apps worth downloading” is a question and then conversation I have had with more than one person. While there was curiosity, most had had not taken the plunge as they were questioning if it was worth trying or not. My answer is “absolutely” and more specifically try Elevate, your personal brain trainer. After playing it for almost a year I can honestly say it is my favorite brain training game. It was no surprise to me to find out Elevate was selected by Apple as 2014’s App of the Year and was highly praised on the popular download site CNET. As of today the app has been downloaded 147,999 times in Play Store and I did not even check iTunes. Although I have the free version, I am planning to upgrade to pro version with a lifetime membership. I just need to get a new google play card brought down in order to do so and time it when Elevate is doing a 30% off sale. The paid version has 16 exclusive games and 36 in total with a new game being added every month.

International Sourcesizz

Prototype of ship to collect sargassum in Quintana Roo
One of the functions is to give use as compost and avoid that it gets to the edge of the beach.

Morton Grove Civic Center to host Belize Tea and Cultural Celebration
It's high time for tea time at the 8th annual Tea and Cultural Celebration taking place Sept. 27 at the Morton Grove Civic Center. The event, hosted by the Belize Culture and Heritage Association, celebrates the colonization and independence of Belize. In its eighth year, the event aims to educate residents on the history on the Central American country. Hot tea will be served along with a variety of food and performances related to the country's cultural history. "I started the tea because being from Belize and being British subjects, we typically drink tea," Staine said. "Our culture is very diverse; we have a myriad of various mini cultures in the Belizean culture, including Chinese, East Indian, African American and so many others." Staine's event celebrates the anniversary of the battle against Spain on Sept. 10, 1798 where Belizeans fought in defense of their country, she said. The tea also celebrates Belize's Independence Day on Sept. 21, 1981.

Fortis reaches deal with Belize government over 2011 expropriation
Fortis Inc. (TSX:FTS) says it reached an agreement with the Belize government over the expropriation of its approximately 70 per cent interest in Belize Electricity Ltd. in June 2011. Fortis says the settlement includes a one-time, US$35-million cash payment by the Central American country and a reduction of the company’s common equity position in the utility to about 33 per cent. Belize Electricity is the primary distributor of electricity in Belize, and includes a indirect wholly owned subsidiary, Belize Electric Co. Ltd. with three generating facilities with a combined generating capacity of 51 megawatts. Completion and implementation of the settlement is subject to legislative approval and other conditions, all of which are expected to be completed in the coming weeks, the company says.

Wood Thrushes Connect Bird Lovers Across Borders
It’s hard to protect a bird’s habitat when you don’t know where it lives half of its life. And the Wood Thrush needs all the help it can get—the species’ population has declined by about two percent each year since 1966, according to Breeding Bird Survey data, leading conservation scientist Peter Marra to fear that the Wood Thrush will be “the next passenger pigeon.” That’s how Forsythe Audubon figured out that their tagged bird had spent its winter in Belize. That was well inside the expected range—in fact, it was almost comically on-the-nose. Chapter members had suspected their birds might go there, and in 2014, they had traveled to Belize to collaborate with the local Audubon chapter on a series of other projects. Now they had proof. During the 2014 winter trip, says Jeremy Reiskind, former president of the chapter, the North Carolina Auduboners and the Belize chapter members connected over the Wood Thrush, even though the North Carolinians didn’t realize the birds they were spying on could be the same birds that flitted about their own homes in summer. When the Forsythe Auduboners realized that the Belize Auduboners had never heard the Wood Thrush’s mating song—the bird only mates on the North Carolina side of its life— Reiskind and the group played it for them, to great applause.

New World exploring projects after last month's funding
The oil explorer is also trying to attract farm-in partners for its projects in Belize and Denmark. New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) is looking at acquiring projects and attracting partners for its current sites despite turbulence in the oil sector. With the price of oil leading to turbulence in the sector, and concerns over its own financing, the company raised £3.5mln last month to pursue acquiring assets. The oil minnow said it has now looked at seven projects that have the potential to generate immediate or near-term cash-flow. Chairman Christopher Einchcomb said: “Having completed the placing and open offer, we are now in a strong position to take these discussions further.” The oil explorer is also trying to attract farm-in partners for its projects in Belize and Denmark. In Belize, New World wants to drill a new well on the C Prospect at its Blue Creek project.

The Best Place in the World for Bonefishing Is No Picnic
Silvery in color, with black, alien-looking eyes and a long, overhung snout, bonefish aren’t what you’d call traditionally handsome, but they have a kind of otherworldly beauty. In addition to the Bahamas, they haunt impossibly gorgeous places like Costa Roca and Belize. Three- to 5-pound specimens are the most common, but 10- to 15-pound monsters are not unheard of. Tim is a professional fly-fishing guide, too. We met almost 20 years ago when he took me on my first fly-fishing outing, in Jackson Hole in Wyoming, and we’ve since fished together many times. He’s taught me almost everything I know about fly-fishing, and his skill level remains many clicks above mine. Before this trip, Tim had fished for bones in Ascension Bay in Mexico and Ambergris Caye in Belize; he also guides the flats of Laguna Madre in South Texas for redfish, another prized saltwater species. I’m primarily a freshwater fisherman (brown trout, cutthroats, rainbows), although I’ve done a few saltwater outings chasing stripers off Long Island.

‘I never meant to be a hotelier’
Rome - It could be anytime between noon and four, and my stomach grumbles. I pad barefoot down the cool marble stairs and pop into the kitchen at the Palazzo Margherita, in southern Italy. I raid plates of cheese, smear hunks of bread in jam, ask for sweets and leftover tangerine juice, even though dinner's fresh pastas and sauces are well under way. This deliciously languid, come-as-you-are ease is rarely the province of a five-star European hotel, especially one with a celebrity pedigree. But this hotel is owned by Francis Ford Coppola, Hollywood's most legendary family man, and he wants you to make yourself comfortable here in his ancestral home of Bernalda, smack in the middle of boot-heeled Italy's arch. After falling in love with the jungle while filming Apocalypse Now in the Philippines, he decided to get a little piece of it closer to the United States. In the early 1980s, Coppola picked up a run-down lodge in the mountainous rainforest of newly independent Belize and outfitted it with four-wheel drives, good beds, and, perhaps apocryphally, the country's first pizza oven and espresso machine to entertain his brood in style. “What I realised afterwards was that I was accidentally creating the infrastructure for a hotel,” he says over the phone from his Napa, Calif., home. The 20-room Blancaneaux Lodge opened in 1993.


  • Dankiman - Belize Day In Acoustic, min. Adamari Empire presents Dankiman "Belize Day" In Acoustic, the new Belizean Anthem. See Dankiman Live on Stage September 6, 2015 @ Hollywood Park Casino, Los Angeles.

  • Gruppereiser for unge til Mexico, Guatemala & Belize med Adventureno, 4min.

  • Turneffe Atoll Belize Dive, 4min. A clip from our second dive of the day at Turneffe Atoll, Belize Things to see in video... an eel, mutton snapper, and a lionfish.

  • Turneffe Atoll, Belize Dive - Eagle Ray (1-22-15), 2min.

  • Belize, 7min. A last minute trip to Belize to look for something interesting to use to make a fun soap. Sure wasn't what I expected!

  • Fishing in Hopkins, Belize Jungle Dome Organisation, Happy Go Lucky., 3min.

  • Wild Toucan at our Terrace - 2014.09.07 - Belize (@Jungle Dome Lodge), 1min. Toucan catching his food in the air.

  • Leaf Cutter Ants in Belize, 1.5min. This is a little clip from the leaf cutter ants at the T.R.E.E.S station in Belize. While, generally nocturnal at T.R.E.E.S at this point in the rainy season they appear to . A leaf-cutter worker doing what she does best: cutting leaves!

  • Guatemala i Belize oczami Jungle Girl, min.

  • Belikin Beer Belize, 1.5min.

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