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Today's Belize News: September 3, 2015 #507132
09/03/15 05:26 AM
09/03/15 05:26 AM
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Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

September Celebrations are officially opened
The National Celebrations Commission officially opened the 2015 September Celebrations on Sunday, August 30th, at St. George’s Caye. Under the theme “Belize renewed: Confident, Competitive, and Committed,” the upcoming weeks will see celebrations that highlight two important days in Belizean history, the 217th anniversary of The Battle of St. George’s Caye and the 34th anniversary of Belize’s Independence. The event saw the attendance of many patriotic Belizeans along with dignitaries such as the Governor General of Belize His Excellency Sir Colville Young, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation and Chairman of the National Celebration Commission Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr, Chairman of St. George’s Caye John Searle Jr. and several members of the diplomatic corp. The official welcome was delivered by Chairman of St. George’s Caye, John Searle Jr who spoke a little bit about the history of the battle of St. George’s Caye and the great significance it has for the nation of Belize. He urged all Belizeans to take a moment during the upcoming weeks of patriotic celebrations to really think what the celebrations are all about.

GOB settles with Fortis on 2011 BEL acquisition
PM Dean BarrowOn Wednesday, September 2nd, the Government of Belize (GOB) introduced a Bill in the House of Representatives and passed it through all three readings on the same day. The Bill formalizes a US$35 million dollar settlement with Fortis, as compensation for government’s acquisition of Fortis’ 70% shareholding of Belize Electricity Ltd (BEL). GOB sweetened the deal with a 33.3% shareholding in BEL, but the cash settlement was barely a tenth of the over US$300 million dollar value that Fortis had demanded as compensation when GOB nationalized BEL in 2011. The Bill goes to the Senate for final approval on Friday, September 4, and Governor General Sir Colville Young should sign the Bill into law on Monday, September 7, making possible the disbursement of the cash settlement to Fortis by Tuesday. he settlement averted possible political embarrassment for Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s administration, as Fortis had appealed the acquisition to the Belize Supreme Court and to the Court of Appeal, which ruled in GOB’s favor on May 14, 2014; at which Fortis took their case to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Had the CCJ ruled in Fortis’ favor and ordered the government to return BEL to Fortis, “that would have produced a…hell of a negative response on the part of the public,” P.M. Barrow declared, when he and Fortis’ Chairman Barry Perry first announced the settlement.

Belize Institute of Mixology graduates 25
The Belize Institute of Mixology (BIM) conducted its second round of bartending training in San Pedro, beginning with the introduction to bartending which took place from Wednesday, August 19 to Friday, August 21st. The second phase of the training took place from Monday, August 24th to Thursday, August 27th, and both events were held at the acclaimed Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace located at Grand Caribe Resort. The introduction to bartending course saw 13 participants successfully complete the training. Participants had the opportunity to learn everything from making coconut cream from scratch, to maintaining liquor, creating garnishes, learning about glassware and other supplies/ inventory for the bar. They also learned to create exotic cocktails, as well as professionalism in the industry. At the end of this first phase of the training, the Minister of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection Honorable Erwin Contreras was on hand to present the certificates. Contreras was impressed with the participants and commended everyone for their hard work and achievement.

Free Back to School Haircuts for Island Youth
On Sunday August 30th Councillor Hector “Tito” Alamilla of The San Pedro Town Council, in conjunction with Ballerz Barbershop, provided back to school haircuts for 75 island youth. The event started on Sunday morning at 8AM at Ballerz Barbershop located on Pescador Drive. The shop was filled with young men who waited for their turn at the barber’s chair of Brian Acosta. For the kids, this meant going back to school with a fresh new cut; however for Ballerz, it provided an opportunity to give back to the community that has given them so much. The initiative is aimed to alleviate some of the back to school expenses for deserving families. According to Alamilla, the council sponsored 75 coupons which were valued at $10 each. The coupons entitled each young boy to a free haircut and refreshment as they waited. Free transportation was provided to and from the barbershop by Alamilla himself for those that lived beyond town limits.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

"Pirates in Belize" Exhibition
The National Institute of Culture and History through the San Pedro House of Culture invite you to the launch of the "Pirates in Belize" Exhibition on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 at the House of Culture.

Frank 'Papa' Mena sworn-in
Hon. Frank 'Papa' Mena was officially sworn-in as a member of the House of Representatives this morning. Hon. Mena is the newest member of the house and has been designated Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security.

El Matadero Park Refurbishment
They are refurbishing El Matadero park in Benque. If you would like to help, contact them at Benque Community Projects. "Refurbishing 'El Matadero' this two weeks now... Almost ready for painting! -hoping more community members join in to help!"

Battle of the DJ's
The SISE Town Council is having their Battle of the DJ's this Friday, on Burns Avenue, starting at 6:00pm, in honor of the September Celebrations. No microphones allowed!

August 23rd – August 29th, 2015 Belize Fishing Report
Tarpon were back on the bite this week and the nice weather made it possible to fish anywhere we wanted. The grand slams tell it all – the weather was good and the fish were hungry.

Citrus Products of Belize expects $1m profit 2014-15
The Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) held an end-of-crop meeting with citrus growers on Saturday, August 29, on the CPBL grounds in Pomona. The chairman of CPBL, Doug Singh, presented on behalf of CPBL, the owners of which include Banks Holding Limited of Barbados, which owns 46.6% of its shares; Belize Citrus Growers Investment Limited, which owns 41%; the Social Security Board, which owns 10%; and several other shareholders who own 2.4% of the company. CPBL has subsidiaries that include Belize Food Products, which is the facility in Alta Vista; Citrus Company of Belize, which is the factory in Pomona; and also various agricultural entities that grow citrus, which include Barton Creek Farms, as well as investments in Hummingbird Citrus Limited. Singh, in reporting on the CPBL’s deliveries, noted that the year 2008 marked the company’s largest delivery in recent years, with a total of 7.1 million boxes being delivered in that year. The company saw a reduction in 2009, and further reductions in the following years until 2012, when there was a bumper crop, following which there have been further declines to the levels of production we have been experiencing over the last three years – production lower than 5 million boxes.

Sandy Point Resorts on Ambergris Caye is having a Job Fair in Corozal on Friday September 18th, 2015. Please open the ad to find out more!

IllumiNation Festival of Light in Corozal
The National Institute of Culture and History through the Corozal House of Culture in partnership with the Corozal Town Council is delighted to invite you to IllumiNation Festival of Light. This unique event is a patriotic celebration encompassing various forms of light such as candle, laser, glow in the dark, fireworks and more. Join in the festivities as part of the September Celebrations activities on September 9th at the Round House, Miami Beach as we usher in the 10th of September. Bring out the entire family!!!

Expo Belize Market Place 2015
BUY your tickets now and avoid the long lines. The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be hosting Expo Belize Market Place 2015 this weekend, September 5th and 6th at the ITVET Grounds on Freetown Road in Belize City. Instead of standing in the long ticket lines you can buy your tickets in advance at our office, Doony's or Toto's and enter quickly via the ITVET gate facing Freetown Road. See flyer below for more information: See you there!!!

Channel 7

Fireworks Fly In Fortis Debate
On Monday , the Government of Belize and Fortis announced that they’d reached an agreement to settle on compensation after Government took over BEL in 2011 –acquiring Fortis’s 70% controlling interest in the power company. Government said it saved over a hundred million dollars in the settlement. But today when the settlement went to the House of Representatives for approval and debate the opposition was not convinced. And neither were they impressed with the Prime Minister’s math:.. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister "As mandated by the constitution of this country, confirm and underlined that now and forever more BEL in the majority will belong to the people and government of this country. 70 million dollars for 37% of BEL, in return for this 70 million government actually gets a value of 131 million dollars; because that is what 37% of BEL shareholding was worth according to the audited financial at the close of 2014 financial year. What is there not to like? And what’s there not to get?"

Requena Says Privatization Has Forgotten Rural Areas
And while the debate on the Fortis compensation package raged back and forth for hours, one member didn’t even address the economics or the politics of the takeover. Here’s how Toledo’s Oscar Requena put it:.. Hon. Oscar Requena – Area Representative, Toledo West "Toledo West has not seen a single benefit under this takeover of BEL Mr. Speaker; absolutely no benefits Mr. Speaker. And I want to make that absolutely clear. I challenge the prime minister and his UDP government and all those who are sitting there. I challenge them here today Mr. Speaker, I want them to point out to one single village in Toledo West that has received electrification under this government Mr. Speaker; none, none, none. Zero under the UDP." "Government has collected 14 million dollars in dividends Mr. Speaker, 14 million dollars in dividends. So I want him and his government to tell the people of Toledo West; to tell the people of Toledo, to tell the people of Belize how this is benefiting the Belizean people man. At the end of the day Mr. Speaker, no grand standing, no beating of the chest, no thumping on the chest and shouting that you are patriotic is going to solve the problems and the misery that our are living in the rural area because they lack electricity Mr. Speaker."

Keyren Tzib Still On Remand, Has Not Applied For Bail
For about a month and a half now, 24 year-old Coast Guard Officer Keyren Tzib has been on remand for the death of her common-law husband, 30 year-old Thytis Blancaneaux. Viewers may remember that police charged Tzib with manslaughter because they believe that she stabbed Blancaneaux to death. Well, she was back in court today for a hearing to find out how far the prosecution has progressed towards what is known as a P.I. or preliminary inquiry. That’s a hearing to decide if the prosecution has gathered enough evidence to try her in the Supreme Court. It’s expected that the preliminary inquiry will be a few months down the road, and so today, the prosecution simply asked for an adjournment of the case, which was granted. Tzib, who is expect to apply for bail some time soon, has retained Mayor Darrell Bradley as her attorney. Court reporters tried to ask Bradley why no attempts have been made yet to apply to the Supreme Court for bail, and he declined comment saying that Tzib’s family has requested that he does not speak with the press at this time.

Soca Queen Ernestine's Visa Revoked
Belizean Soca Queen Ernestine Carballo has had her US Visa revoked. News went out this morning on the Wake Up Belize Morning show, and when we spoke to Ernestine today on the phone and she told us that the visa issue is just one part of it. She told us that it’s the fault of LA and New York promoters who were negligent and circumvented the rules and regulations in the "entertainment business." She wouldn’t discuss it further, but this is probably a reference to special visa provision for performers and entertainers who have concerts in the United States. These have to be strictly adhered to, or the performer will be stripped of his or her visa. Ernestine – who is the winner of the 2103 and 2015 national song competition - was not prepared to give an interview today but told us she will speak to her manager and lawyer to set up an interview. We do know that artists such as her make their living touring in the United States, and transiting to the Caribbean through the United States so the loss of a VISA is crippling to their career.

CWU Censures Singh
Last night on 7News, we featured the comments of Chairman of the Social Security Board of Directors, Doug Singh. He told us that the Board of Directors will only consider an increase in wages and benefits for staff within the context of an increase in payments to pensioners. Well, that didn’t make the workers representative which is the Christian Workers Union too happy at all!! A release today says that Singh seems intent on, quote, “raising public sentiments against the workers and providing misleading and inaccurate information.“ First, off they say he commented to 7NEws in bad faith because both sides had agreed to a complete media blackout. Second, they say his comments are disingenuous and prejudicial especially what he had to say about pensions, for staffers and contributors: Doug Singh - Chairman, Social Security Board "I will say here now and I think I'm doing so in the best interest of negotiations. The board was presenting at this last meeting with a proposal for an increase in pension or pension benefits under the employee pension programme and it's substantial; my calculation it's about 16%. The board has sent a signal clearly at the end of that meeting that it won't even consider that until it is first able to consider pension increase to pensioners. Secondly, it certainly will not be in those numbers."

Parents Having Faith In Faith Nazarene Manager
Last week Friday, we told how the parents and the teachers of Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio, Cayo, were agitating to have the current principal, Policarpia Pech, removed from office. They have a laundry list of complaints against her, ranging from accusations of poor management, disenfranchising the teaching staff, and a lack of respect for the parents of the student population. Management of the Nazarene Primary Schools have investigated their complaints and they have taken actions to try to remove her, within the guidelines of the rules of the teaching profession. The management has sent a written complaint, along with a written report of an in depth investigation, to the Teaching Services Commission. That’s the only body within the Education Ministry that can remove her, and the Commission has yet to make any final decision on whether the complaints warrant her removal or not.

Four Hurt in Bus Lamp-post Collission
Last night we told you about the accident in Belmopan where a BBOC bus slammed into a lamp-post in an attempt to dodge an SUV. Well, SUV driver Luiggy Neyra and bus driver Tyrone Gillett were both served with notices of intended prosecution. In terms of injuries, Neyra complained of pain to his chest and neck while Gillett got a cut above his eye. Out of 54 passengers on the bus – only 4 received minor injuries.

Taiwan Students in Belize
Every year the strong relationship between Belize and Taiwan is reinforced through the Taiwanese scholarship program. And while a new crop of students left for the Island nation yesterday, a youth delegation from Taiwan came to Belize. 16 students from Taiwan are here as part of the 2015 International Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program and it all begins tonight with a special presentation at the Bliss. We met the students during their rehearsal and they told us just how new this experience is for them. Abraham Shu - Leader of Youth Delegation "The fundamental philosophy behind this is to give the younger generation an opportunity for all regions; and Taiwan scholarship offers opportunities for your students to got to Taiwan to see the world. The Youth Ambassador Programme is to let our kids to have an opportunity in their life time to see the outside world. And to see the difference between the cultures and bring back the knowledge for a better tomorrow."

Three City Fishermen Missing For Six Days
Three Belize City fishermen have been missing at sea since Thursday. That’s when 20-year-old Donovan Usher, of Sarstoon Street, 29-year-old Giovanni Murrillo, of Nargusta Street, and 33-year-old Jerome Betson, of Hyde Street, left for Turneffe Island at 6:30 am in a red and green 18-foot Mexican skiff called “Twista” and have not returned. They were reported missing by Murillo’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Dannica Usher. We contacted the coast guard today and they told us that they are looking for the trio at Turneffe but with no last known position it is a difficult case. We will keep following the

Madness Mas Camp Style
The Carnival Road March is just ten days away and to hype things up, all roads are leading to the carnival Mas camps around the city. It all started last night with the media rounds at the first five camps. Our first stop was at Rampage Mas Band followed by Evolution Mas Band, Pickstock Carival Band, Belizean United and Fantasy Explosion. Here’s what we saw: Our coverage of Mas Camp continues tonight with Trenchtown Masqueraders, Collet Royal Revellers, Jump Street Posse and Jam Jam.

Baby Burglars
A group of kids stole over $4,000 from a home on San Pedro. Nigel Dwight Belisle was looking after a home for some friends who are out of the country. After work on Friday evening Belisle went to lock the house but when he returned on Monday morning at around 9:00 the front door was opened and the glass on the left side of the house was broken. The back door was also opened. A number of electronic items and tools all to a total value of $4,517 dollars had been stolen. Police managed to recover some of the items on Tuesday and have detained two 15-year-olds, a 12-year-old, a 17-year-old and an 11-year-old - all boys from the San Mateo area. Police are still looking for 2 more boys in connection with this burglary.

Slovak PM Accused of Hiding Major Money in Belize
Viewers may not know much about the European Nation of Slovakia, but right now, Belize is making headline news in their country after a scandalous, and still unproven allegation has emerged that the current Prime Minister, Robert Fico is hiding over $700 million dollars of assets in this country. It seems political gamesmanship is global, because it’s an allegation coming from one of his political opponents, with general elections only a few months away. Prime Minister Fico has since called a press conference to refute this allegation in which he states clearly that he and his wife, Svetlana do not have and have never had any banking accounts in Belize, and that they do not and never did have any business interests here. He’s being backed up by the Slovakian Financial Intelligence Unit, which asserts that he does not have any financial or business interests here.

UDP Has 19
As you saw at the top of the news, the Fortis debate dominated the day at the House of Representatives. And so it almost passed without notice that a new Representative for Dangriga was sworn in. He is Frank Pawpa Mena, the 19th. Representative on the UDP side of the House. In his brief address after taking the oath – he said unity is needed:.. Hon. Frank "Pawpa" Mena - Area Representative, Dangriga "Time to unite is now; we need to unite as one. With the deep hope of our ancestors; we are a great people, intelligent and strong. We come from greatness; it’s in unity that we have development. May god be the leader of all our under takings" And following up on the theme of unity – we note that Mena was sworn in by and shook the hand of the Clerk of the National Assembly Eddie Webster – notable because in 2014, there was an apparently bogus report that Webster had set up a hit on Mena.

Major Housing Agreements Signed
Today, the Ministry of Works, represented by the CEO Errol Gentle signed 7 contracts with local contractors from the Lake Independence Division and another 15 from the Port Loyola Division to get started on works to build between 100-200 houses for first-time home owners in those 2 division. It’s part of the Southside Poverty Alleviation project being funded by the OPEC Fund for International Development, and this is the second phase of the project to provide housing and social assistance to needy residents of the city. For Lake Independence, over $600,000 will be spent in this phase, and an additional $895,000 will be budgeted for housing in Port Loyola. Today, the Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation explained how the program will work: Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez "I am very happy for the people in my constituency. This programme allows us in the initial stages to create over 100 employments among the contractors. For us in Port Loyola we have a different style of doing thing; like for example, our housing group has existed from 1993, an NGO group. Most of the contractors are people affiliated with that group, we basically have a wood house factory at 3 and 3 quarter miles which we do excellent production. And I think I am happy for the residence; I can talk for Port Loyola who has been waiting for a time now to be recipients of their new house and home repairs.

Channel 5

Electricity Acquisition Settlement Bill Passed in One Sitting
Today’s special sitting of the House of Representatives included matters of routine housekeeping, the introduction of one bill and the passage of two bills and two loan motions through the [...]

P.M. Barrow – Why Would Anyone Count the Cost of EAS Bill?
According to the Prime Minister – faced with such an achievement, it is inconceivable to him that anybody would stop to count the actual financial cost.    Prime Minister Dean [...]

Opposition Welcomes Settlement with Fortis but Dislikes Terms and Concessions
Opposition leader Francis Fonseca says he gets it all right…and the People’s United Party actually welcomes the settlement of the four year protracted legal battle between G.O.B. and Fortis. But [...]

Opposition Leader Raises the Ire of P.M. Barrow, Legal Expertise Called to Question
Those comments by Fonseca drew a very heated response from Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He says that those wrongheaded assertions by the Leader of the Opposition are exactly why he [...]

How Much is Barrow Administration Spending on Litigation?
The Barrow administration, for better or worse, has been embroiled in seemingly unending litigation. And with that litigation has come criticism for G.O.B.’s choice of high-paid, select attorneys who have [...]

Who’s Benefiting from Fortis Settlement? Let’s Ask Julius Espat
According to the member for Cayo South Julius Espat, what is happening today with Fortis is all part of, in his words, a premeditated and wicked plan in which the [...]

P.M. Responds to Espat’s Comments
Now, if you expected those comments by Espat to be unremarked, you would be wrong. The Prime Minister always seems to reserve special attention for Espat, and today was no [...]

Trio of Fisherman Missing at Sea, Families Fear the Worst
A trio of Belize City fishermen remains lost at sea tonight after being reported missing by friends and family over the weekend.  What should have been a routine one-day trip [...]

B.D.F. Commander Meets with Guatemalan Vice Admiral on Sarstoon Incident
When the Belize Territorial Volunteers led a mission to Sarstoon Island on August sixteenth, at least one vessel carrying members of the organization came into direct contact with the Guatemalan [...]

Was Guatemalan Navy Really Tailing or Escorting BDF to Cadenas?
A smaller BTV contingent returned to Sarstoon Island this past Tuesday, where footage of what appeared to be a high-speed chase led by the Belize Defense Force was captured by [...]

Brigadier General Says Cadenas Change-over Not Limited to Tuesdays
So, is the BTV squandering precious resources in trekking to the Sarstoon River weekly in an attempt to shadow the B.D.F. substitution at Cadenas?  On Tuesday morning, Wil Maheia, along [...]

Why Sarstoon Island Isn’t Ideal Location for F.O.B.
At the launch of a spirited anti-Guatemala campaign last Thursday, COLA’s executive member Rufus X, a contractor by profession, issued an open challenge to the B.D.F. to have him build [...]

Coastguard Officer Keyren Tzib Charged with Manslaughter
Twenty-four-year old female coast guard officer, Keyren Tzib, remains behind bars tonight; she was taken to court this morning for a second time on criminal charges.  Tzib is on remand [...]

Finnegan and Dolores Trade Words During House Meeting
Quite aside from the back and forth on the Fortis settlement, there was the usual bickering we’ve come to know and dislike at the sittings of the House of Representatives. [...]

…In the Middle of It All Toledo West Residents Just Want Electricity
That debate, though not so personal, continued with Oscar Requeña, member for Toledo West. He had the same concerns as his colleague from Belize Rural Central – that all the [...]

Mas Camp Fever Kicks off in Belize City
Carnival 2015 is quickly approaching with the King and Queen Competition coming up this Saturday and the spectacular road march set for September twelfth.  On Tuesday night, the first round [...]

Belize Makes its Mark at CARIFESTA 2015
Belize has once again made its mark at the international cultural celebration known as CARIFESTA. The biennial event, which features the work of artisans as well as the creative arts [...]

Taiwanese International Youth Ambassador Performance Lights up Bliss
Tonight, starting at seven at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, a group of sixteen art students from Taiwan will take to the stage for the 2015 Taiwanese International [...]

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09/03/15 05:26 AM
09/03/15 05:26 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


CZMAI Holds Consultation in Corozal
The Coastal Zone Management Authority is responsible for implementing and monitoring policies that govern the use and development of the coastal zone areas in Belize. They do so by taking a multi-sectoral approach that links the effects of land-based activities on the marine environment. Today the representatives of the organization were in Corozal for a consultation geared on three objectives. One: presenting a draft on management of the coastal zone and getting final inputs on it, two: to give an overview of the mandate the coastal zone authority has and three: to hear about the issues affecting the northern region coastal zone. Director for the Coastal Zone Management Authority, Arlene Mejia Young, elaborated more on the consultation session. “We had a consultation session and we had three objectives for the session and the main objective was really to get final inputs on the drought integrated coastal zone management plan as well to be able to give an overview of the roles and management of the coastal zone management authority and institute and as well to hear directly from the community, concerns citizens about some of the coastal issues that are affecting this northern region...

Slovak's Prime Minister And His Wife Accused Of Hiding $700 Million Dollars Worth Of Assets In Belize
Belize is tonight making headlines on the Slovak news media as Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and his wife are being accused of hiding more than $700 million worth of assets in Belize. Fico has denied the accusation launched against him by Igor Matovič, chair of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, who said in mid-August that he received an anonymous letter stating that Fico and his wife had a letterbox company and a banking account with around $700 million in Belize. Fico rejected the claims, and with his wife at his side announced that he would file a criminal complaint against Matovič for slander. According to Fico, he and his wife have never had any banking accounts in Belize, and do not hold any stake and do not have managerial control in any company registered in Belize. The Financial Intelligence Unit informed the Slovak law enforcement authorities that Robert Fico and his wife do not have and have not had any personal or business accounts, or other financial products in financial institutions in Belize, and that they are not signatories of any accounts whose owners are legal entities in Belize.

New School Year Starts With Free Transportation For Secondary Students
The new school year has officially started and just as students have prepared for it, so has the Corozal District Education Center. As part of new initiatives in that district, Education Center Manager, Jahmore Lopez, says that they have provided for a new school transport for secondary school students. “We have had to make some adjustments in terms of the departure time and I believe we will be able to settle on a time as the ministry there are certain decisions that we make and we recommend and things are not written in stone we have to work with our stakeholders and so I was told you what Mr. Lopez six o’clock I believe it is too early we need to make the adjustment and so we say let’s look at six thirty and so we how the time adjustments are working out and so by next week we are going to finalize those times to say the run leaving let say Patchakan is leaving this time and that is the specific time, the one leaving Caledonia or the one leaving Corozal, I know that the run that originates in Paraiso we recommended that the run starts at six thirty as opposed to six o’clock because I was told that that was too early and so we continue to provide that service, we are also looking at some other initiatives and we invite our stakeholders to come in and assist us because there are certain things that we might be able to see but there might be other issues that we are not seeing an our mantra is that education is everybody’s business and so we invite the community to share whatever concerns because we are all in the business of trying to improve education in this district and in this country.”

BJAT Results Are Out
The results of the Belize Junior Achievement Test have been received at the Corozal Education Center but the information is yet to be analyzed. What we can tell you though is that the individual results for schools will also be sent to schools. The exam is taken by students in standard three and based on the results schools can individually place appropriate interventions to help improve students’ performance. Corozal District Education Center Manager, Jamore Lopez, says the education center can also use the information for similar efforts and collaborates with schools for such improvements. “If there were issues let say in mathematics we can then try to help that school community to see how they are able to improve whether it might be problem solving whether it might be comprehension, whether it might be calculation in terms of the four order of operations whatever it is we don’t tell schools what their problem it or how to solve it they need to tell us what they believe their problem is because we have moved away from this one size fits all we want that schools do their own assessments, their own evaluation and then they come to us and tell us we believe that this is our problem how are you be able to assist us in terms of technical support and then we work with those schools.”

Chan Pine Ridge Government School Inaugurates Newly Refurbished Bathrooms
Today the Chan Pine Ridge Government Primary School opened its newly refurbished boys and girls bathroom after works were completed by the Social Investment Fund. The Belize Social Investment Fund in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and the school community implemented the school project as part of its mandate to work in line with the Government’s strategy in addressing the basic needs of Belizeans in the area of primary education. The project included the construction of a septic tank and drain field as well as replacement of existing fixtures such as wash hand basins, toilets, urinals and showers. Windows were also replaced, the electrical system was upgraded, walls were painted and the floors were tiled. Two water reservoirs were also connected to the plumbing system to serve as backup in the event of a shortage of water supply. The project has a total cost of $58,001.40 financed through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank.


Sparks fly at debate of Electricity Acquisition (Settlement) Act 2015
Today the House of Representatives met in Belmopan for the presentation of the Electricity Acquisition (Settlement) Act 2015. The act seeks to facilitate the implementation of the terms of a deed of settlement and compromise between the Government and the Fortis Companies arising from the acquisition by the Government of shares in Belize Electricity Limited […]

Opposition says millions lost in Fortis deal
The Electricity Acquisition Settlement Act includes exemptions that will be afforded to the Fortis Companies. According to the act, quote, “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Income and Business Tax Act, the Exchange Control Regulations Act and Regulations made thereunder, the Stamp Duties Act or any other law, rule, regulation, order or instrument […]

Opposition questions legal fees, Prime Minister responds
Before the settlement was arrived at between the Government of Belize and Fortis Companies, the Caribbean Court of Justice was expected to make a decision soon on the matter. The matter went from the Supreme Court of Belize all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice. That is not cheap and the legal firm […]

Fishermen reporting missing
Three fishermen have been reported missing. According to Police reports, Donovan Usher, Jerome Bowen and Giovanni Murrillo went to sea last Thursday and have not been seen or heard from since. Today Love News spoke with Anna Cardinez, Donovan Usher’s mother who said her son told her he had been receiving threats. Anna Cardinez – […]

BDF Commander speaks of presence in south of the country
Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones was the guest on Love FM’s morning show today. Jones was asked about Belize’s military presence in the area of the Sarstoon. He said although Belize does not have a base in the Sarstoon, BDF soldiers have been traversing the Sarstoon for decades. Brigadier General […]

New member of the House of Representatives sworn in
Today was Frank “Papa” Mena’s made his first appearance as a member of parliaments at this morning’s sitting of the House of Representatives in Belmopan. He became the Area Representative for Dangriga after winning a bi-election. Today, he shared his first words as a member of the House of Representatives. Frank Mena – Area representative, […]

Will Belizeans benefit from Fortis deal, Opposition asks for answers
During the debate of the Electricity Acquisition (Settlement) Act 2015, Area Representative for Belize Rural Central, Dolores Balderamos Garcia asked what a lot of people have been asking. How will this settlement truly benefit the citizenry and in particular the rural communities? Dolores Balderamos Garcia – Area representative, Belize Rural Central “In old Hattieville people […]

Monkey River Villagers look for help
Paul Mahung reporting… ‘In a phone call to Love News, Monkey River village chairman Richard Pitts echoed strong concern for urgent help. Richard Pitts – Chairman, Monkey River Village chairman “I’m calling to appeal to both political parties to help four families here in the village that lost most of their homes due to erosion. […]

Taiwanese artists in Belize
A Taiwanese delegation will be putting on a performance at the Bliss center for the performing arts tonight. Ambassador of Kiribati and Head of the Delegation Abraham Chu told us what we can expect at the performance tonight. Abraham Chu – Head of delegation ““Belize and Taiwan have a very close relationship that is the […]

Minors detained for robbery on San Pedro
San Pedro Police have detained five minors and are looking for two more in connection with a robbery that occurred on the island. On Tuesday, Nigel Dwight Belisle reported to Police that last Friday he left his work site where he is a caretaker and when he returned on Monday he saw the front entrance […]

PUP calls for more accountability in settlement with Fortis
Yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that Government had arrived at a settlement with Fortis over Belize Electricity Limited. It is expected by next week Tuesday, thirty five US dollars will be deposited into Fortis’s bank account as part of the settlement. But before the settlement is paid out, the House of Representatives has to […]

Belize’s national football team heads to Canada
Belize’s National A Team left the country today en-route to Canada where they will be playing against the Canadian Team in round three of the World Cup Qualifiers matches. Some of the players spoke to Hipolito Novelo before boarding the plane. Hipolito Novelo reporting… “What’s going through your mind now leaving Belize and unto Canada? […]

Upgraded charges for Orange Walk East representative
Sitting area representative for Orange Walk East Marco Tulio Mendez has been charged for carnal knowledge. Mendez appeared in Magistrate Court yesterday where the six charges of aggravated assault of an indecent nature were withdrawn and three counts of carnal knowledge were laid against him. Mendez was in court along with his attorney Andrew Bennett […]

Early morning fire leaves family homeless
Fire officials responded to a fire early this morning at the corner of Nargusta Street and Mopan Street in Belize City. There they began to battle the flames that engulfed a two storey wooden structure. However, fire officials were able to contain the fire and prevent it from destroying the entire house. Unfortunately the lower […]

Illegal electrical connection cause of Friday night fire
Yesterday, Goldburne Adolphus better known as ‘Easy Glenn’ told Love News that his house had been destroyed by fire on Friday night. He did say that the cause of the fire was an electrical fault. Today, Benisford Matura of the National Fire Service, provided some more details saying that there was an illegal electrical connection. […]

Man claims negligence at KHMH
man is claiming that the Karl Heusner Memorial was negligent in the way his case was handled. Albert Hendy told Love News, three weeks ago he went to the institution for an MRI and was told he would have to get an emergency surgery because of complications. Hendy said he got the surgery, however things […]

Belize City Council holds flag raising ceremony
It is September 1 and most Belizeans are looking forward to their favorite event on the September celebrations calendar. This morning the Belize City Council held a flag raising ceremony at the Flag Monument. Hipolito Novelo reporting… “Mayor Darrell Bradley “Well this is something that has been the brain child of Councilor Dion Leslie he […]

Community police hands over hamper
The Toledo Community Policing Unit this morning made another generous presentation to a family of four in Punta Gorda. Paul Mahung reporting… The presentation of a food hamper was made to the mother of the family by personnel in charge of Punta Gorda Community Policing Unit Therese Allen. Therese Allen – PG Community Policing “In […]

Special Olympics Belize holds AGM
The Belize Special Olympics held their Annual General Meeting this past weekend to reflect on the growth and improvement of the organization over the last two years. Candy Armstrong is the Chairperson of Special Olympics Belize. Candy Armstrong – Chairperson, Special Olympics Belize “Last Saturday night we had our annual general meeting, it was not […]


Police Officer arraigned for murder
Thirty three year old Ryon Wagner, Police Corporal assigned to assigned as security detail to the wife of the Prime Minister Kim Simplis Barrow, was made to sit at the Magistrate’s court in Belmopan earlier today where he was slapped with one count of murder. Inspector Stephanie Grinage: Mr wa...

Tulio Mendez charged for Carnal Knowledge
Marco Tulio Mendez, Politician and Pediatrician, on February of this year was arraigned for six counts of aggravated assault upon female minors. Yesterday his charges were upgraded when we was slapped with one count of carnal knowledge. The embattled former area representative spoke to our colleague...

National team leaves for Canada match
Belize’s Jaguars are off to Canada for their highly anticipated third round FIFA World Cup qualifying match versus Canada, the first leg of which takes place at BMO Field in Toronto Friday afternoon. One man who will definitely be on the plane is Deon McCauley, ace striker who propelled Belize...

Accident on Hummingbird Highway in Belmopan
There was an accident this evening in Belmopan. It happened on the Hummingbird Highway in front of Gallardo’s Hardware store and involved a BBOC passenger bus and a private vehicle, a white Mitsubishi Montero. According to eyewitnesses the BBOC bus was heading towards Guanacaste Junction when the wh...

Human Remains of Woman found in Maya Mopan
A farmer in the Salvapan area of Belmopan came upon what appeared to be the remains of a person. According to Trinidad De Jesus Taliqu, Guatemalan farmer, at around 1:30 pm on Sunday August 30th, he went to cut some sticks about 300 yards East of Costa Rica Street when he found what appeared to be a...

Iris Salguedo is Miss San Pedro 2015
Miss San Pedro Beauty Pageant was held on Ambergris Caye this past Saturday. About one thousand persons filled the Hon. Louis Sylvester’s Sport Complex to cheer on their favorite contestant. The six delegates were; Vivian Magdalane Noralez, Ethel Siapa Viotodo, Tisan Francine Martinez, Iris...

21 year old man rapes old woman
There was another rape incident reported, this time in Belmopan. According to reports, a 21 year old male mental patient raped an elderly 83 year old woman, who is also a mental patient. The incident was reported today and happened at the Palm Center Mental Health facility in Belmopan. It is uncle...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

The Christian Workers’ Union (CWU): SSB Chairman mis-speaks against SSB staff
The Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) has spoken out against comments made by chair of the Social Security Board (SSB), Douglas Singh, who suggested that any proposed increase in pension or pension benefits would essentially be tied to or not considered without considering an increase in pensions for contributors, […]

Let’s Make a Change group seeks help for needy Corozal family
The recently started “Let’s Make a Change” group is seeking public assistance to finance a new home for a needy family in San Antonio Village, Corozal, as the family’s current home is in a severe state of disrepair and poses safety risks to them. The group was only […]

House Sitting adjourned, Fortis settlement Bill goes through all stages
Wednesday’s Sitting of the House of Representatives has been adjourned and the Electricity Acquisition Settlement Act has been passed through its first, second and third reading, only needing to be approved by the Senate on Friday before the government can make payment to Fortis for the BEL settlement. Other bills […]

Three fishermen missing since August 27th
Three Belize City men have been reported missing by their relative who said that she last saw them leaving for Turneffe Island in a red and green Mexican skiff named “Twista”, on the morning of August 27. Dannica Usher told police that her brother, 20 year old Donovan Usher of […]

San Pedro youths charged for burglary
San Pedro Police detained five male minors yesterday, September 1, and are seeking for two more juveniles pending investigation, in connection to a burglary that occurred sometime between August 28 and 31. Nigel Dwight Belisle reported to police yesterday, that the house he was taking care of in the Boc […]

SSB Chairman Says Fund Pensioners Come Before Staffers
According to 7 News the Social Security Board staff is in negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement, and they are asking for a package of salary increases and benefits. But, the Board of Directors was very unresponsive to the initial proposal. In fact, their counter proposal conceded […]

SIB stats not comprehensive on citrus: CPBL’s Singh
Chairman of Citrus Products of Belize Limited, Douglas Singh, says he has contacted the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) concerning their information on sales of citrus concentrate and oranges, down 49 and 53 percent respectively and fingered as a reason for the low rate of growth of the […]

Prime Minister Barrow, opens debate on BEL settlement
Prime Minister Dean Barrow opened the debate on the BEL settlement by saying that the introduction of the Electricity Acquisition Settlement Bill is a vindication of the government’s policy. Barrow said his administration maintains that the utilities of the country must be owned by the people of Belize. He added […]

BTV, COLA return to Sarstoon
Leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers, William Maheia, accompanied by COLA’s Harley Burn, travelled to the Sarstoon Island once again yesterday morning, September 1, staying true to their commitment of visiting the area every Tuesday so as to monitor the movements of the BDF. The trip was not without event, […]

House resumes, Education Minister explains education loan
The House has resumed to approve the motions put forth by the government. Minister of Education Patrick Faber explained that the US $35 million loan from the CDB will be used to renovate existing schools, provide new furniture and equipment all throughout the country with a focus on rural areas. […]

Guatemalan President Stripped of Immunity
On Tuesday Guatemala’s Congress lifted President Otto Perez Molina’s immunity of office. It means that Perez Molina can now be charged for a customs corruption scandal that has rocked his administration in recent months. A hundred and thirty-two of one hundred and fifty-eight lawmakers approved the measures so that Perez […]

House Meeting in Session
House Meeting is now officially in session. Frank “Papa” Mena is taking his oath of allegiance as a new member of the House. Mena thanks his friends, family and supporters for their belief in him. He thanks Dangriga for standing firm with him. He said the time to unite is […]

GOB, Special Meetings Today
Members of the House of Representatives were summoned today at the national chamber for a special house sitting where important national issues will be discussed. One of those issues is the one surrounding the Prime Minister’s announcement on the payment of Fortis. Stay tuned as we will be updating our […]

Slovak PM accused of hiding assets in Belize
As 2016 elections approach in the European nation, Slovakia, the campaign trail is heated with accusations that Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is hiding more than $700 million worth of assets in Belize. Fico dismissed the claims saying neither he or his wife own any companies registered in Belize and […]

Belize has the most immigrants in Central America says OAS
Belize is the Central American country that has had the most immigration since the early 1980’s and permanent immigration flows in 2011 stood at about 4.3 per thousand population, about the same relative level as Barbados. The foreign-born population in 2013 represented 15.3 percent of the total Belizean population, the […]


Twelve Questions for Sustainability
Today’s communities are facing concerns about climate change, environmental degradation, human health, loss of biodiversity, poverty, global working conditions, and the impact of multi-nationals on local communities. In response they are gradually shifting their thinking to favor environmentally and socially responsible actions in a system’s thinking format as described in last week’s posting on this Blog. Sustainability is one of the key platforms for value creation in the future community environment. Community groups taking the lead in proactively developing more sustainable strategies, technologies, products, and relationships are positioning themselves to survive and thrive in the changing world. Further, they are stepping up to the leadership challenge of the 21st century, using sustainable development in community advancement to address their most pressing problems in a system context. In order to accomplish this daunting task guidance from some type of framework is required to guide decision-making and strategic action as well as to keep everyone on the same page in advancing resiliency and improvement of community systems.

Fly free . . . in Belize
This magnificent creature was standing sentinel atop a palapa as I walked up the beach in Tres Cocos today. As I stepped toward the dock to get a better view the eagle emitted a sharp “Skree! Skree!” The bird took flight as soon as I put my foot on the dock. A long slow sweeping crescent up the coast. And quickly out of sight. But what a sight. As the pace and density of life slows on the island, this is a wonderful time for bird watching. The small lagoon just south of us is rapidly filling with ibises, with their long legs and downturned bills — a little gawky, a lot graceful. If enough rain and fish replenish the lagoon, we might get to see some roseate spoonbills, too, so pretty in pink. And the always reliable sandpipers, gulls, herons and egrets and our booming osprey clan.

How to make the best iced tea, an avocado tip and a cool camera trick
As hot as it has been in San Pedro lately I have taken to making iced tea again. Inspired by recent trip to Lamanai Landings in Orange Walk I found the missing puzzle piece to that. Stay tuned for that blog post (still editing video footage). I was always into making Sun tea and consider it the lazy cooks way to do it it does not get any easier that water, pitcher tea and sun. I used to use honey as a sweetener and while Belizean Honey does not taste quite the same as the sweet Canadian honey I was used to I still like it. However I found something even better and am not sure why I never thought of it before as I used to make it all the time for the humming birds – simple syrup. When we got to Laminai Landings and were chatting with Blanca and Enrique after checking into our room, they offered us an iced tea and immediately we were both wowed by the flavor. Blanca explained that simple syrup was the trick to making such good iced tea. I vowed when I got home I was going to try it and share my results.

A Walk South of San Pedro: Working on the Beach & the “Sargasso Situation”
Yesterday, I took the 1.5 mile walk to town. It’s been hot WAY HOT but moving slow…I made it. Just mildly drenched in sweat. There was a lovely breeze for the first time in a few days… Caribbean Villas Resort seems to be reclaiming their beach. Sand bags and sand fill. Delivered sand being used to fill in the bagged area. Fences, sand bags, sea walls…the shore line of Ambergris Caye is certainly changing. Let’s hope that these projects, like using sargasso to rebuild a beach, work!

Plongée au Belize
Le Belize est un petit pays d’Amerique Central, logé entre le Mexique et le Guatemala. Malgré sa petite taille, le Belize propose énormément de diversité notamment grâce a une grande foret tropicale et une fantastique barrière de corail. 250 kilomètres de cote qui permettent de faire exister le pays comme l’une des perles des caraïbes, et un des hauts lieux de la plongée mondiale. Le fameux Blue Hole de Belize attire chaque années des milliers de plongeurs et de free divers. Une région également propice à voir énormément de “gros” : requins baleines, groupers, dauphins, lamentins, etc. Petit clin d’oeil : récemment, la série Breaking Bad a remis ce pays sur le devant de la scène en utilisant dans un de ses dialogues une expression le mentionnant. Plutôt de bonne humeur, l’office du tourisme a invité toute le cast de la série a venir visiter le pays. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une sélection de photos, cliquez sur la photo pour accéder à l’originale.

International Sourcesizz

Infographic—Your Social Security Payments Overseas
According to the latest figures from the U.S. Social Security Administration, U.S. retirees overseas received more than $3 billion in social security payments in 2013. That number shows an increase of $160 million since 2012—and has nearly doubled since 2013. In total, 373,224 U.S. retirees received their social security payments as residents of a foreign country in 2013. Europe is home to the most U.S. retirees drawing their social security payments abroad (154,238), followed by Canada and Mexico (95,767), and Asia (70,586).

Wood Thrushes Connect Bird Lovers Across Borders
A crowd-funded geotagging project helped researchers figure out where these birds spend their lives. It’s hard to protect a bird’s habitat when you don’t know where it lives half of its life. And the Wood Thrush needs all the help it can get—the species’ population has declined by about two percent each year since 1966, according to Breeding Bird Survey data, leading conservation scientist Peter Marra to fear that the Wood Thrush will be “the next passenger pigeon.” Marra, who heads up the Smithsonian’s Migratory Connectivity Project, suspects that habitat disruption, climate change, cats, or other anthropogenic disturbances are responsible for the threatened bird’s decline, but at this point it’s impossible to nail down the cause(s) definitively. Recapturing a banded bird is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the needle keeps flying around and the haystack is infinite—Wood Thrushes don’t have high site fidelity, which means they flit around to slightly different breeding locations year after year. Of the 22 tagged thrushes in each location, each chapter was only able to recapture two birds, and one of the geolocators Forsyth Audubon managed to collect had a dead battery (they’ve sent it back to the manufacturer, and they may receive data from it eventually). But it didn’t really matter, because one GPS is really all you need—plug it in, and voila! The bird’s whereabouts for the past 12 months are immediately available. That’s how Forsyth Audubon figured out that their tagged bird had spent its winter in Belize. That was well inside the expected range—in fact, it was almost comically on-the-nose. Chapter members had suspected their birds might go there, and in 2014, they had traveled to Belize to collaborate with the Belize Audubon Society on a series of other projects. Now they had proof. During the 2014 winter trip, says Jeremy Reiskind, former president of the chapter, the North Carolina Auduboners and the Belize society members connected over the Wood Thrush, even though the North Carolinians didn’t realize the birds they were spying on could be the same birds that flitted about their own homes in summer. When the Forsyth Auduboners realized that the Belize Auduboners had never heard the Wood Thrush’s mating song—the bird only mates on the North Carolina side of its life— Reiskind and the group played it for them, to great applause.

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina Resigns Amid Scandal
Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina stepped down late Wednesday in the face of a major corruption scandal, his office announced, according to The Associated Press. Perez Molina is being investigated for bribery, fraud and illicit association. A judge on Wednesday granted a request from the attorney general for the president to appear in court for testimony. Perez Molina was stripped of presidential immunity on Wednesday, and could face jail time if found guilty. Former Vice President Roxana Baldetti, who resigned in May, has been detained and is awaiting trial. Several other officials in his government have already resigned. Prosecutors, who were working jointly with the UN, alleged that Perez Molina and other government officials took bribes from companies in exchange for lower tariffs. The president has denied any wrongdoing. His resignation comes days before Guatamala's presidential election. Perez Molina was not running. News of the fraud ring sparked months of protests and calls for Perez Molina to resign. As The New York Times reported, the Roman Catholic Church even urged him to step down.

Canada vs. Belize | CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Preview
Things are starting to get serious for Canada in 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying, with CONCACAF’s semifinal round getting underway in November. But before play begins in that group, Canada must first get past Belize in a home-and-home series. While the two teams are surprisingly close to one another in the most recent FIFA rankings (Canada at No. 101, Belize at No. 123), most Canadian fans will view the series against the small Central American nation (with a population under 350,000) as a mere formality. Belize has never reached the penultimate round of World Cup qualifying, and will be motivated to make a bit of national team history. Canada, meanwhile, has some motivation of its own after a disappointing CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament over the summer. With the first leg coming at BMO Field, where Canada has never lost an official match, Les Rouges will be anxious to put themselves in a comfortable position ahead of the second leg. Anything less than a victory by several goals will leave the team’s emotionally scarred supporters feeling supremely antsy heading into the return leg down in Central America.


  • Living in a Land of Make Belize, 3.5min. Disclaimer: The animals featured in this video are not pets, they are victims of the illegal pet trade and are being rehabilitated so that they can be released back into the wild--where they belong.

  • Looking for lunch in San Pedro Belize, 1/2min.

  • Mission Belize 2015, 8min. Highlights from our youth mission trip to Belize. from Vertical Church

  • Thatch Caye Resort - Belize Dangriga, 2min. With a restaurant and a pristine beach area, Thatch Caye Resort is located on a private island in Dangriga. This incredible all-inclusive resort offers guests on-site dive facilities and kayaks to explore the area. The bungalows at the property boast excellent 180-degree sea views from their private overhang patios. They include ceiling fans, tiled floors and a private bathroom with hot water. The cottages feature a roof-top deck. A wide range of Belizean and International dishes are served at the propertyРўs restaurant, and guests can also enjoy drinks at the Starfish Bar.

  • Day 3 of the Amazing Belize Trip 2015, 35min. The Cave tubing and Zip-lining recap of Belize also called a canopy tour.

  • PESCA TV SKY 236 - PESCAVVENTURA: BELIZE, 3min. Pesca TV Sky 236: in questa pillola di PESCAVVENTURA, Alberto e Marica sono in Belize, gioiello del Mar dei Caraibi, a pesca di bonefish...rigorosamente a mosca.

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