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Today's Belize News: September 5, 2015 #507181
09/05/15 05:49 AM
09/05/15 05:49 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

30 Day Belizean Treats Challenge: Day Four
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Otto Perez Molina resigns as Guatemala’s President
After witnessing the arrest of his Vice President, Roxana Baldetti, and the heavy pressure of an entire country, Guatemalan President, Otto Perez Molina resigned late Wednesday evening, September 2nd after the country’s Attorney General obtained a warrant for his arrest on corruption charges. The former president was remanded to a military prison known as Matamoros. On Friday, September 4th, Molina was taken to court where he heard recorded evidence of his involvement with a corruption ring dubbed “La Linea”, and consequently delivered his declaration. A spokesman said that the former president had decided to step down to confront the proceeding against him. The fact that Congress stripped him of his immunity from prosecution is a first in the Central American nation. With a unanimous vote of 132-0, Molina’s immunity was stripped and he seemingly had no choice but to resign. His resignation comes just days before presidential elections in Guatemala. With Perez Molina’s resignation, Alejandro Maldonado was appointed by Congress as the temporary president until January 2016 when the newly elected president takes office.Prosecutors accuse Perez Molina of masterminding a scheme to defraud the customs service of millions of dollars linked to the corruption ring “La Linea”, allegations which he denies. Investigations reveal that the main accusation involved businesses paying bribes to government officials and custom officers in return for being allowed to evade import duties.

San Pedro Police formation holds business watch meeting
The San Pedro Police detachment held a business watch meeting on Wednesday, August 26th at the Lions Den, where an update was given on the comparative statistics for the period of January to August 20th for 2014/2015. Various members of the business community were invited to participate and learn about the progress the police department is making in San Pedro. The meeting highlighted recent activities on the island, as well the plans put in action by the security forces. Superintendent Sandra Bodden opened the meeting, briefly introducing herself and started her report. “I hope to meet many more of you who are here in attendance and of course to work closely with everyone. Since taking over last month, we’ve had an increase in our major crimes. In the case of burglary we’ve had an increase by one and theft has increased by two compared to the same time last year,” stated Bodden. She indicated that burglaries have been occurring mainly on the weekends. “In the area of theft, most of the incidents have been occurring in zone 2, which is by Boca del Rio, and downtown and San Pedrito areas. We have been patrolling these areas in an attempt to avoid any incidents to escalate,” said Bodden. She commented that there are 54 police personnel who are engaged in a 12 hour shift with appropriate time off.

Grounded vessel “Termaji” removed from reef
On Thursday, August 28th the sailboat “Termaji” was finally removed from the Belize Barrier Reef. Originally from France, the Termaji had ran aground on a portion of reef just south of the Northern Cut (Caye Caulker Channel) on December 30, 2014, and it was not until several complaints from residents and Oceana Belize that the Department of Environment (DOE) released information on the grounding. But the removal operation did not take place until eight months after the accident and there has been no indication as to who the vessel belongs too. The 40-foot, blue and red steel hull sail boat was removed by Island Construction Company Limited, who was contracted by the DOE. The operation took about two and a half hours, as the operation was not only to remove the vessel but also salvage as much as possible. Upon removal, the vessel was hauled away to a secure location until DOE can complete its prosecution case against the owner, who will be required to pay compensation for the damages to the reef.

Kent Gabourel wins third consecutive Lionman Triathlon Championship!
In an epic display of athletics, Kent “Bob” Gabourel obtained his third consecutive win at the 16th Annual Lionman Triathlon held on Sunday, August 30th in Belize City. The Lionman Triathlon is one of the toughest races of the year, and San Pedro was very well represented. Not only did Gabourel take first place in the male senior category, but island resident Jordan Santos also took first place in the junior division! As always, the triathlon started bright and early at 6:30AM at the Sand Lighters Promenade on Newtown Barracks, Belize City, and saw the participation of several local and international athletes in the 1500 meter swim, 40 kilometer bicycle ride and 10 kilometer run. The Lionman is divided into five categories to better accommodate all levels of athlete: male (over 18 years of age), female, junior (under 18 year of age), masters (over 40 years of age) and relay teams. The Lionman Triathlon is no easy feat, as it tests the stamina, endurance and mental strength of all its participants. Representing San Pedro at this year’s race were Kent “Bob” Gabourel, Brandon Santos, Jordan Santos, Eric Donis and Kian Ancona.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro House of Culture Opens Pirates of Belize Exhibit
Locals can recall the countless folkloric tales of pirate stories told to them by their grandparents, how they frequented the coasts of Belize. Some were to fantastic to believe while others were much closer to reality. The San Pedro House of Culture inaugurated the Pirates of Belize exhibit on Thursday, September 3, 2015, that includes educational information on how pirates and the Baymen of Belize played an important role in the early settlement of the country. Large posters, artifacts and decorative displays with information on Belize’s early settlers, pirates and the Baymen are on showcase at the House of Culture as part of the country’s September Celebrations in honor of The Battle of St. George’s Caye and Belize’s Independence.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ready Call Center seeks opportunities in northern Belize
The need to hire approximately 400 persons for their expanding business has led then to the north. Ready Call Center’s new branch will be coming to Orange Walk soon. With a new outlook and energy, they have partnered with the Corozal’s Department of Youth Services to engage the youth here in discussion and opportunity. Ready Call Center will be conducting a job seminar in Corozal on Tuesday September 8th, 2015 beginning at 9:30 a.m. at Corozal’s Ministry of Education Conference Room, William Schofield Street Corozal Town. Come prepared to take notes. Note: We have provided a copy of a map sighting the Ministry of Education’s Conference Room. For more information, please contact Neidi L. Rosado at 402 0440/627-2365 or visit the Department of Youth Services in Corozal Town.

Power interruption 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Saturday September 5, Belize City
Mile 3 Philip Goldson Hwy, near Brodies, to North End Estate Rd including Bella Vista, Belama PH 3 and Belama PH 4. Two 5-minute power interruptions from 1:00pm to 1:05pm and 4:55pm to 5:00pm will also affect area from North End Estate Rd to Mile 4 ½ Philip Goldson Highway, near Fen Lan. BEL to facilitate works conducted under Ministry of Works’ Flood Mitigation Project.

Power interruption 10:00am to 12:00midday, Tuesday, September 8, Corozal
San Victor, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Roman, Estrella, Libertad, San Narciso, Luisville, Concepcion, Aventura, San Pedro, Cristo Rey, Yo Chen, Patchakan and Chan Chen. BEL to replace equipment at the San Pedro, Corozal Substation.

La Isla Cariñosa Academy Caye Caulker GRAND OPENING - Monday, September 14, 2015
Two years ago, we submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Education to open a new school on Caye Caulker. On January 2015, we received our license to open our school. The idea of opening this new school is not only/just a school, anyone can open a school, any one can lead or administrate a school. But, our pledge to the Ministry of Education and to the Caye Caulker community is to establish a school of demonstration, demonstrating excellence with consideration to the environment, climate change, and sustainable development and to develop each student to maintain a positive, intelligent character. I, Alberto Luis August, with my faculty and staff of LICA, will ensure that each student of LICA receives a quality education which surpasses the expectation of the norm and that of our national standards. My vision of LICA goes beyond that of the average leader. My vision of LICA is to provide a service to our Caye Caulker children which reflects that of international standards.

First Friday Tres Cocos Trash Pick Up
Our intrepid First Friday Tres Cocos Trash Pick Up crew this morning! We got the road and beach looking good and finished with iced coffee and cookies at Marbucks with chilled eucalyptus scented towels from Miss Rose! Roxie from the environmental activist group Oceana joined us today!

Twenty-fiver-year-old Leslie Stains, from a Belize City address; Dubian Montero, 32-years-old from Bullet Tree in the Cayo District, and 19-year-old Raylie Usher from Hattieville, all custom officers, were jointly charged for the crime of extortion in the Corozal District. According to police reports, the three customs officers working in Consejo Village were detained on allegations of extortion. BMG was made to understand that the custom officers intercepted a resident of Consejo Village with un-costumed goods from the Mexican side on the Consejo Bay. The resident claims that the three officers demanded money from them to avoid being detained and having his goods confiscated.

Expo Belize Market Place will be held this weekend
Saturday September 5th and Sunday Sep. 6th, 2015 at the ITVET Grounds on Freetown Road in Belize City from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on both days. You can buy your tickets in advance. Those who buy their tickets in advance can enter through the ITVET Gate on Freetown Road. Attached is a list of exhibitors who will be at this year’s Expo. The Expo Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 5th at 11:00 a.m. in the courtyard area of the ITVET Grounds. Special Guest Speaker will be U.S. Ambassador to Belize Mr. Moreno. The Agenda of the Opening Ceremonies is below.

East Indian Cultural Pageant. Don't Miss it!
Corozal, Sep 5th. Beginning at 7:00 pm. at the CCC Auditorium, the Miss East Indian Cultural Pageant will be taking place. Come and see 7 beautiful young ladies vying for the prestigious title of Miss East Indian. General Admission: $10 & Admission & Food: $25. Ticket entitles you to dance the night away to the wonderful sounds of Cool Rebels (formerly Coolie Rebels) all the way from PG! Come and have some good fun as you support your favorite candidate!

BAY Donate School Supplies
The Belmopan Active Youths donated school supplies to 8 Belmopan area primary schools. Thanks, BAY! "Today BAY handed over eight Back-To-School Drive Boxes to Primary Schools in Belmopan! Huge thanks to the residents who donated the items and to the businesses where we placed the boxes (A&R, Dakers, and Angelus Press)!"

Channel 7

Outrage!: Rat Bites Newborn in Incubator at Western Regional
There is still a rat problem at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan - and tonight, the news is about an outrageous, unprecedented, appalling incident: a rat bit a new born baby on the foot. The baby was born last night and placed in an incubator in the nursery but sometime during the early morning, the nurse saw that a rat had squirmed into the incubator and bitten the baby. That's right, a rat bit an hours old baby in an incubator! Today when we spoke to the Hospital Administrator Bernadette Seaver she told us that the rat may have entered the hospital through a newly installed AC system and then forced its way through the tube leading to the incubator. Here's how she explained it. Jules Vasquez "Explain to me, what is the situation with the newborn? There was a new born child, born yesterday to a young woman and we received a report that a rodent, a rat had bitten the newborn's foot. What do you all know about this?" Bernadette Seaver, Administrator, WRH "Yes, indeed it occurred this morning and the pediatrician was called in immediately to address the matter and look after the child. The pediatrician gave all clearance. The child was well taken care of and stable and mother and child are doing well and in good mood."

BEL Energy Workers Reject Mediation, Prepare For Industrial Action
BEL's Belize Energy Workers Union says it has pulled out of labour mediation and is ready for industrial action. That's the bottom line in a letter which the union sent to Minister of Labour Godwin Hulse yesterday. The tone of the letter shows resolve in their actions, and resentment for management. Today at the end of the senate meeting, we asked Labour Minister Hulse about it:.. Jules Vasquez "Minister Hulse, we've seen a letter from the Belize Energy Workers to you. It is a letter saying thanks for your help. It didn't worked. BEL showed ill will and we are abandoning it and the notice for industrial action is passed due. What are you doing about that?" Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labor "Jules thanks for question. The union is a bit frustrated they claimed and unions become frustrated because they think the process is slow. But our ministry and I in particular have been working this process on both sides and we had almost 10 meetings in the midst of everything else we have to do. We've already spoken with the union and gotten them to temper that mode and to say to them that you cannot walk away and you cannot be that industrial action is the alternative.

Senator Shoman Exposes Strong Language of Guatemalan Diplomatic Note
We've reported plentifully on the diplomatic note that the government of Belize sent to Guatemala after their navy mad an incursion into the Belize side of the Sarstoon. But what did the Guatemalans have to say in response? Today in the Senate, senator Lisa Shoman reported what was in the diplomatic note - and the response:... Hon. Lisa Shoman - The Opposition's Lead Senator "That the nation of Belize must know that the government of Belize did write a protest note to Guatemala, but it has never told its citizens that Guatemala answered that protest note. It has never said to Belizeans that the Government of Belize's diplomatic note to Guatemala called the BTV expedition the visit of a few unarmed Belizean civilians and said that it was out of prudence and restraint, and out of an abundance of caution, to avoid any possible confrontation or mishap, that the Government of Belize withheld its own armed forces from being in the vicinity of the activity.

Another Ministry of Health Hilux Stolen, But this One Recovered!
In the recent months, we've been telling you all about the troubles that the Government of Belize, particularly the Ministry of Health and NICH, have been having where thieves stole a total of 6 Government vehicles. They are all Toyota Hilux pickups, and only one has been recovered so far. Well tonight, we have a story of the 7th Hilux pick-up being stolen from the Ministry of Health's parking lot in Belmopan City. It is a 2014 hold Toyota Hilux and it was stolen last night form the ministry of health parking lot in Belmopan. This time, however, the Ministry was ready. All their Hilux's have been outfitted with GPS tracking devices and tonight it has proved instrumental in locating the stolen pickup - and, guess, what, it's right in Melchor. The better news is that the tracking device can also be used to remotely disable the ignition, so that the truck cannot start - and that has been done.

Ray Davis Back in Senate, NTUCB Blasts Him
The Senate was convened today and Labour Senator Ray Davis was right there. Now, some of us had to do a double take - because wasn't he sacked by the NUTCB? He was, but there's a wrinkle in the story - because Davis wasn't only the senator for Labour - he was also the senator for Civil Society. That's right - and it seems while Labour has had enough of him - civil society isn't complaining about senator Ray. Senator Godwin Hulse - who - in a previous life worked out the requirements for the expanded Senate gave his understanding of how it works:.. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Senator "The senator representing the union is appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of both the NTUCB and civil society steering committee and civil society steering committee which I know that Dennis Jones for example is one of the members and he mentioned to me and I will call his name, that in fact they had not had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Davis and to give Mr. Davis a firm hearing and so the Governor General should not act on the instructions of one party only. There are two parties of that senator." Jules Vasquez "As enshrined in the constitution." Hon. Godwin Hulse, Senator "As enshrined in the constitution." Jules Vasquez "So then in your opinion although NTUCB sent out a scaling press release basically saying it's scandalous for him to have been there. You believe that he was within his rights or he was exercising his duty to be here?"

Soca Queen Ernestine Explains
Ernestine Carballo and her manager are suing a New York promoter. They say he's to blame for Ernestine having her US visa revoked. Today in an interview Ernestine told us that she was to perform at the New York Belize Caribbean ParkFest in New York tomorrow but she won't be able to attend that event or any event in the US for that matter until her visa is renewed. She told us that she left for New York on August 27th on a connecting flight to Atlanta on Delta. But when she arrived in Atlanta, the authorities stopped her, detained her and interrogated her because she did not have her return ticket or the right visa to work or perform in the US. Today she told us that it was up to the promoter in New York to ensure that all her travel documents were set but according to Ernestine - they didn't do their job. Ernestine Carballo "It's because of not knowing, because honestly I did not know. I thought that everything would have been okay. When we check that Delta, the promoter bought the cheapest ticket with no insurance and I only had the one way stub, so they first thing, they pulled me across and ask where is your return ticket and they started to interrogate me from that point.

Teck's Legal Bills Substantial
Back in January, Lucilo Teck, a veteran cane farmer from the north, made national headlines when he took on the administrators of the Sugar Cane Industry, the Sugar Industries Control Board (SICB), to court. He was trying to compel them to declare the 2014-2015 sugar season open, despite the fact that the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association had not signed any commercial agreement with the factory owners, American Sugar Refineries. Well, yesterday's edition of the Guardian Newspaper reports that he is now on the line for a legal huge bill of $60,000. A few weeks after he filed his lawsuit, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association broke up and some of the members formed 2 separate associations. What was left of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association along with these 2 new associations all signed the disputed agreements with the factory owners and the cane season was declared open. That basically rendered Lucilo Teck's lawsuit inconsequential because he was basically asking the court to decide on an issue which was already resolved. He and his attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, moved forward with the case and pressed the SICB to offer a defense, the reason they said, was so that a precedent could be set. The intention, Teck's attorney explained, was to ensure that there is no doubt as to what must happen if there is ever a stand off between the cane farmers and the factory owners in the future, which could potentially wreck the industry.

Coast Guard and Family Of Missing Men Make Peace
The Coast Guard is now investigating the case of the 3 Belize City fishermen lost at sea. 20-year-old Donovan Usher, 29-year-old Giovanni Murrillo, and 33-year-old Jerome Bowen left for Turneffe Island on Thursday morning on a one day fishing trip. They have not returned. As you heard yesterday the family believes that the Coast Guard may be involved. That's because the men have a history of bitter encounters with the Coast Guard - involving a shooting incident where Giovanni Murrillo allegedly fired on the Coast Guard out at sea in February of this year. Murrillo walked free for that case and the family say that since then the guys have been receiving threats from the Coast Guard. Well, when we spoke to the family today they told us that they are more hopeful now because they met with the Coast Guard today and the case is now being handled by the higher up's in the CG. We will keep you updated on this story.

General: Guatemalan Fishers Hard To Tackle
Yesterday, we gave you extensive coverage of our interview with General David Jones as he discussed the recent meeting that he had with a Guatemalan Navy Admiral, in the wake of the Sarstoon Incident. We also asked him about the Guatemalan fishers who poach in Belizean waters near the mouth of the Sarstoon River. You'll remember that's the situation which is difficult to deal with because as you saw - our Daniel Ortiz tried to catch them himself, and wound up stuck in waist deep mud. The General said that this pretty much the difficulty that his soldiers face when they tried to catch the fishermen, but that they make it a point to try to do so just because: General David Jones, BDF Commander "Whenever our patrols go into the area, if we see any fisherman and is operating inside Belizean waters, we do something about it. We don't just pass through and as you have seen on the news footage I think even yourself when you pursue these guys they have small vessels.

When Will We Know Who Killed Danny
And in another matter of national security, it's been a while since we've had any meaningful updates on the investigation into the murder of Belizean Lawman Danny Conorquie. As viewers remember, he was killed in September of Last year as he was on duty while trying to protect the tourists who visit the Caracol Archaeological Site in remote western Belize, very near to the Belize- Guatemala border. His killers are suspected - but not confirmed - to be of Guatemalan Nationality. We got an opportunity last week to speak with Assistant Police Commissioner Aaron Guzman, and we asked him if his Guatemalan counter parts, who are really the ones handling the investigation, are taking the case seriously. Here's what he had to say about that, and the latest developments: ACP Aaron Guzman, Western Regional Commander "That investigation is being done by a specific group. The recent meeting that they had, because we have help from our counterparts in neighboring Guatemala, they were looking for a specific person to interview for us and give us a feedback. We haven't had it. so far we expect that within the next 3-4 weeks when they meet, we shall get some information if they did get that person and interview that person for us."

Victimizing Victims of Human Traffic
While we had the opportunity, we had to ask about the 10 Cuban Nationals who were caught in the Cayo District - after entering Belize illegally. It has the trappings of human trafficking, but that is not confirmed because there is no hard evidence to confirm that. We asked the Western Regional Commander is they are charging Cubans for illegal entry when they are actually victims of human traffic: ACP Aaron Guzman, Western Regional Commander "Okay, there were two instances where Cubans were detained. I believe in both instances there were 5 persons and this was done in the area of Benque Viejo. The matters are before the court. It has become an immigration matter. Initially it started as a police matter because we were the ones who were doing the patrol when they were found and they were found in Belize. They obviously came from Guatemala. Exactly where they were heading we don't know. It is left for speculation. But they were detained, they were taken to court and then the court will decide will be done to them if they are deported back to Cuba or they will return to Guatemala.

Making Manatees Safer
Quite often in our newscast, we've showed you how endangered Antilean manatees end up dead in Belizean waters. Usually, it's because they fell under the propellers of boats being driven by captains who aren't being careful. For a population under threat, the situation is beyond critical. So, the Government and the Conservationists put together a conference to get the tour guides and boat captains from the different companies in the same room. That's because they want the boat drivers to take more care while on the waters. We spoke with chief manatee advocate, Jamal Galvez, and he told us that he's encouraged by the overwhelming response from the tourism community: The discussion ended at 4 p.m. this afternoon, with the participants receiving a certificate to note their interest in this very serious matter.

Rat Bite Revisited
As we told you at the top of the news, the unthinkable happened: a rat bit a baby inside an incubator unit at the western regional Hospital. The child had been born just hours earlier - and was put in the unit because of a respiratory infection. But when the nurse went to check, a rate was inside the incubator with the baby! Worse than that - the rate had already bitten the newborn and punctured flesh on his toe. IT's unbelievable but true. The hospital administrator Benadette Seaver told us how the rat got into the incubator:.. Bernadette Seaver, Administrator, WRH "The rats was found inside the incubator and immediately the rat was removed and exterminated/killed and the child was looked after. We suspected that the rat squeeze its way through the tube venting in the incubator and it was found inside the incubator and every effort is being made to figure where the rat came from, because the room was recently cleaned thoroughly and we were in heighten lookout for rodents, because we are still on the campaign to control the rat population here at the hospital."

When A Book Is Art
Binomium: in mathematics it refers to the expression of the sum or the difference of two terms. Well, for the Image Factory - it is more than just a mathematical concept. It is the title of two new books launched this morning at the Image Factory. Director Yasser Musa and Belizean artist Michael Gordon along with others worked on this project for 3 years. The result is two hard bound books - one dedicated to Musa's work and the other to Gordon's. Although both artists have their own style and voice, today they told us that both books combined depict a beautifully shocking narrative about Belize's history. The books will also be launched in Barcelona, Spain, Merida and Beijing, China this year.

Take A Walk On The Southside...
Recently, the newly reconfigured Eastern Police Division has been making the news quite a lot as Senior Superintendent Chester Williams has been going around to the different gang neighborhoods to try to improve their relations with the community. Yesterday, we found Williams on his tour with his counterpart from Eastern Division North, Assistant Police Commissioner Dezerie Phillips. They were on their way to talk to residents living in the areas of George Street and surrounding areas where gang affiliates have a tight hold. We asked them about how it was going, and here's what the two commanders had to say: So, what being done about George Street? That area, as you may have noticed, has been dormant recently, but under the calm sits a rift between 2 factions in that gang. We're told that this gang has been the toughest group of persons that Commander Chester Williams has had to deal with recently. He gave us an update:

Keeping Kelly Street In The Mix
This evening, Mayor Darrell Bradley, who is also the UDP candidate for Caribbean Shores, invited the media out to the opening of a space in that constituency which he hopes will be a safe haven for youths living near by. It's called the Carlos Perdomo Empowerment Center, so named after the Former Area Rep., who was elected office before Santiago Castillo Jr. This center sits right on Kelly Street, which in terms of voting numbers, is an important if overlooked part of the otherwise quite affluent Caribbean Shores division. So, the media had to ask the Mayor if he's trying to score a few political points with the residents of that neighborhood who are trying to keep their children safe. Here's what he had to say:

COLA, Gone Blue?
Yesterday, we showed you an excerpt from the Press Conference that COLA, held to pressure Government to build a forward operating base on Sarstoon Island. They have printed T-Shirts which they want you to wear to show your support for the push to build the Base. Their event was just under 1 hour and 20 minutes or so, but due to time constraints, we only showed you the tail end of the question and answer section of the event. Tonight, we have bit more from that event in which the 3 main speakers gave lengthy presentations. Here are a few excerpts of their comments: As we told you last night, we discovered a very peculiar symbol on one of COLA's fancy new banners. It reads "#GoBlue" and that suggests that they are one with the Opposition PUP. COLA President Giovannie Brackett asserted to us today that it was a simple oversight, which does not means what the texts suggests. Here's how he explained it:

Principal Policarpia Pech Puts Up A Fight
Since last week Friday, we've been telling you about the dispute between the teachers and parents of Faith Nazarene Primary School and the current principal, Policarpia Pech. They want her removed, and they have a long list of reasons why they say that they've lost confidence in her ability to manage the school properly. Well, since speaking with Love News during last weekend, she's gone on the offensive, ATTACKING the Management, making it clear that she will not be removed without a fight. In her interview with Love FM, Pech characterized the complaints against her as "fabricated lies, hearsay and mischief". She's also instructed her attorney to sue anyone who tries to repeat them. Today, 7News received a copy of a letter today in which her lawyer, Michel Chebat, writes to General Manager Raymond Shepherd, warning him that she will sue him and the Nazarene Management.

Canada Downs Belize In World Cup Qualifier
Today in Toronto Canada, the Belize Jaguars lost three nil to the Canadian Men's' National Team. The Canadians one goal in the first half, and two in the second - against a Belize defence - which was undermined by a midfield which was slow to rotate to the corners. Now, the National Team returns home for the return match at the FFB Field on Tuesday where the Jaguars need to score at least three goals - which would force a penalty - or four goals clear, which would make us qualify. And they have to make sure Canada does not even score goal. Not an easy task - but just like tonight's game - you'll be able to see that one live on Channel 7 on Tuesday night at 8:00.

Channel 5

First Rodent Infestation, Now Rat Bites Newborn Baby at Western Regional Hospital
The game between Belize and Canada has just concluded in Toronto, Canada and we’ll have a recap coming up. But in April, this station broke the news of a massive [...]

New DHS Says There’s Critical Need for New Hospital in Belmopan
According to Figueroa, the bottom line is that there is a critical need for a new hospital in the Capital since the current hospital is the regional facility for the [...]

Union Senator Ray Davis Attends Senate Meeting Despite NTUCB’s Objection
The Senate met this morning in Belmopan following the House meeting on Wednesday which was primarily convened for passage of the Electricity Acquisition Settlement Bill.  The House approved seventy million [...]

Darrell Bradley on Campaign Trail in Caribbean Shores
Prime Minister Barrow is on record saying that voters will be heading to the polls in the early part of 2016. While he is holding that date close to his [...]

Who Will Be the Next Mayor Should Bradley Win in General Elections?
Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, is yet to win the Caribbean Shores elections; in fact, a date for the elections is still not known. But Bradley says he is putting [...]

Do Residents of Caribbean Shores Pay More in Property Taxes?
Are residents of the Caribbean Shores paying significantly more in property taxes than others elsewhere in Belize City?  It’s an assertion that Mayor Bradley’s political opponent, Kareem Musa, has made [...]

Canada Defeats Belize 3-0 in World Cup Qualifier
The Jaguars played against the Canadian team this evening at the BMO Stadium in Toronto. The game ended a while ago with the Canadian team penetrating the Belize defense and [...]

35 Schools to Benefit from CDB Loan
This past Wednesday, all eyes were on the Fortis settlement, but there were other significant matters which passed through the House. One was a motion for approval for a Caribbean [...]

Additional High Schools Will Be Built Across the Country
Faber took some time to list all the areas which will benefit from the construction of pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools…stretched out all across the country in answer to [...]

Rick Chambers Pleads Guilty to Robbery
Eighteen year old Rick Chambers is serving his first night of a three-month jail term behind bars after pleading guilty to the robbery of a cell phone belonging to Luis [...]

34 Manatees Died from Boat Accidents in 2014
For years now, the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, through the Belize Manatee Conservation Program, has been creating awareness on the death of manatees caused by boaters in no [...]

Tour Guides and Boat Captains Educated on Manatees
The workshop, organized by the Belize Tourism Board, is a certification course for the tour guides and boat captains. There is a need for this says, Galvez, because stakeholders in [...]

Resource Center’s Third Iteration on Kelly Street
A resource center on Kelly Street, which is on the fringes of Caribbean Shores in Belize City, opened today for the third time. The center initially opened when Carlos Perdomo [...]

Mas Camp Concludes with Five Bands
Mas Camps for the Carnival Road March 2015 concluded with a bang on Thursday night in Belize City. The remaining bands were visited by three of five international judges, who [...]

Carnival Association Addresses Violent Incidents
But the mas camps were not without incidents. On Wednesday night there were several violent fights and threats made between rivaling gangs in proximity of one particular camp. The GSU [...]

Yasser and Michael Launch Binomium
The fusion of two artistic minds, functioning on different wavelengths, yet collectively taken as one creative product is the reason for Binomium’s existence.  The two-part publication, which focuses on the [...]

Mr. Program Fresh Out of the Studio
In time for the celebrations, Mister Program is releasing a new video for his new track, “Dem Shoulda Know.”  The artist, who is popularly known for his hit single, “See [...]


Talks between BEWU and BEL breaks down
The Belize Energy Workers Union has written a letter to Labor Minister, Godwin Hulse. In that letter, the President of the union, Marvin Mora expresses appreciation to Hulse for his attempt to solve the differences between the union members and Belize Electricity Limited. Mora writes quote, “However, we are now of the view that we […]

NTUCB says Ray Davis no longer its Senator despite his appearance at meeting
A special sitting of the senate was held today in Belmopan and Senator Ray Davis was present. We were shock to see him there especially since we were told that the congress of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize had met and decided to remove and replace Senator Davis. We were not the only […]

Senator Lisa Shoman speaks of protest note sent to Guatemala
On August 19, the Government of Belize sent a protest note to the Government of Belize in regards to the confrontation that Belizeans who went on the BTV journey to Sarstoon Island had with Guatemalan armed forces. That note was never made public but details of it was shared today by Lead Opposition Senator, Lisa […]

Education loan from CDB debated
At today’s Senate meeting, bills brought forward from the House of Representatives include the National Protected Areas System Bill 2015, Protected Areas Conservation Trust Amendment Bill 2015 and the Electricity Acquisition Settlement Bill 2015. Motions brought forward include the 7 million Belize dollar loan from the Caribbean Development Bank for the Belize Education Sector reform […]

Another vehicle stolen from the Ministry of Health compound in Belmopan.
em Cruz reporting.. “Myvette Cal, a security from the Salvapan, Belmopan is lucky to be alive after he was held up, beaten, tied up and kidnapped while on duty last night in the Ministry of Health Parking Lot. Love News understands that a gold in color Toyota Hilux was stolen in the process, belonging to […]

Two men detained for Thursday morning fire in Punta Gorda
Paul Mahung reporting… “Investigations into the fire incident have so far led police to detain two Punta Gorda men as explained by Deputy Police Commander Toledo, Clement Cacho Clement Cacho – Deputy Police Commander “In reference to the fire report made by Ms. Meredith Martinez police have since detained two male persons and they are […]

Dangriga man badly beaten, family look for answers
Harry Arzu reporting… “42 year old Leon Castillo was brutally beaten in front of a bar here in Dangriga last week Saturday morning and was left in an unconscious state. He was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital and later to the KHMH where he is currently hospitalized. Love News spoke to his mother and […]

Grenadian students explore role of CSME
Nineteen tertiary level students from Grenada are in Belize to find out more about the Caribbean Single Market and Economy. A closing ceremony took place last night and Love News spoke with Salas Hamilton from the CARICOM Secretariat. Salas Hamilton – CARICOM Secretariat “To really in a practical, in the field activity, find out what […]

Belize City Mayor responds to political opponent’s comments on taxes
Mayor Darrell Bradley says that in regards to comments made by his political opponent made Kareem Musa, that Caribbean shores pays the lion’s share of taxes in the city, Bradley says that while Caribbean shores may pay more in relation to the average person, he would not refer to it in that manner. Mayor Darrell […]

Composer Frankie Reneau in concert at the Bliss
Renowned composer and pianist Frankie Reneau is in Belize and tonight the Bliss Center for the performing arts is expected to be packed to capacity for his annual concert. Love News stopped by to find out from Reneau what is in store for the Belizean public. Frankie Reneau – Composer/Pianist “The program features quite a […]

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General elections no later than “first part of next year” – PM Barrow
The United Democratic Party (UDP) government of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow is confident that it will secure a third term whenever general elections are called— any time before the March 2017 due date. The question then is, when will the general elections be called? Prime Minister Barrow, in response to questions from the media about the date on which he plans to hold the earlier-than-expected general elections, today said the general elections will not be called later than the first part of next year. In response to a question which referred to purported statements by the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) that the elections will be called in November 3, 2015, PM Barrow said, “Why am I even thinking about it?” “I can’t know if my calculations have even contemplated the possibility of November 3, because I have not yet made those calculations,” Barrow said.

“Boy killer” emptied gun into tattoo customer
The never-ending gun violence in Belize City continues. At about 2:30 this afternoon, Glenford Vernon, 26, of Cran Street, was executed while getting a tattoo at a tattoo shop on Castle Street. Vernon was shot multiple times by a boy – about 15 years old – as he was sitting in a chair getting the tattoo. The youthful killer then walked out of the shop with the gun in his hand, ran into Lancaster Street and disappeared into the area. The neighbors reported that they saw two men – a boy and an older man – coming down Lancaster Street toward Castle Street, and both were on a single bicycle. They stopped a short distance from Castle Street, and the older man took out a gun and gave it to the boy.

Guat president and ex-Vice President in jail
The street movement in Guatemala City that began in April and has seen the country’s ex-Vice President Roxana Baldetti stripped of her immunity from prosecution and imprisoned amidst allegations of corruptions, continued to gather force with nation-wide calls for President Otto Perez Molina to step down, climaxing on Wednesday when Molina resigned as President. Baldetti will face trial for customs fraud, illicit association and passive bribery. Molina is also facing the same charges. Hours after he resigned, however, Molina, like his ex-vice president, was sitting in a prison cell at Matamoros prison, located on a military base in Guatemala City. Earlier this month, Molina declared: “I categorically deny and reject the accusation that I was involved (in a corruption scheme) and having received any money from that customs fraud scheme.”

3 men disappear at sea
Three Belize City men who travelled to the Turneffe Island to recover a boat for repairs last Thursday and were to return to the city that same day, have disappeared. The men were reported missing, and they are feared dead. The Coast Guard reported that they began a search for Giovanni Murillo, 29, a fisherman of Nargusta Street, Belize City; Donovan Usher, 20, a fisherman of Sarstoon Street, Belize City; and Jerome Betson, 33, a fisherman of Hyde Street, on Sunday, but so far, the effort has been in vain. Murillo’s father told Amandala in an interview today that on Thursday, August 27, his son left on a journey to Turneffe Island to recover a boat, along with his two friends, and should have returned the same day, so they only took food and water for one day. Seven days later, however, the three men have not returned, and no one seems to know where they are. The men were in a red-and-green 18-foot Mexican skiff named Twista, with a 50 HP Yamaha outboard engine.

Celebrating the life of Marcy Marie Humes
The Samuels, Humes and Neal families yesterday buried Marcy Marie Humes, 27, who was the victim of a deadly shooting on Friday night, August 28, at around 9:30 p.m., which also claimed the life of Camalote businessman Russell Hyde, Sr., 45. Hyde, his girlfriend, Humes, and an unidentified man were walking to Hyde’s house in Camalote when they were attacked by three armed men, who fatally shot Hyde and Humes. As at press time tonight, Thursday, there has been no break in the case. In our issue of Wednesday, September 2, 2015, we had inadvertently published a photo which we indicated to be that of the deceased, Marcy Humes, but which was actually the image of another young woman.

PUP leadership “is insecure and petty …thrives on hearsay and gossip …creates its own enemies …”
Tonight the youngest PUP standard bearer, Josue Carballo, joined by the OW East BYM, will be live on OUTSpoken at 8 on PUP Belize Positive Vibes TV.” So read the post from Micah Goodin, the show’s host, on his Facebook page. But that show was not to be. One hour before Goodin was supposed to take to the airwaves with his show, both he and his guest, Josue Carballo, learned that the show had been cancelled by the station’s management for no legitimate reason. Goodin, himself a very young, rising member of the PUP, was a former standard bearer for the Collet Division who was arbitrarily replaced by the present standard bearer, Yasmin Shoman. After his replacement as standard bearer for Collet, Goodin remained loyal to the PUP’s cause in his ambition to serve. He became an executive member of the PUP’s Belize Youth Movement.

Belize Bank Bulldogs, back-to-back Women’s Softball Champions
The Belize Softball Federation held its XXV National Women’s Softball Championship over the past weekend at Rogers Stadium in Belize City, where six teams, two each from Belize City, Cayo and Belize Rural, participated in a double elimination tournament, beginning on Friday night and ending on Sunday night with the final game featuring the two Belize City teams. In an action packed weekend, games began at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, resumed at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, and again on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. Representing Belize Rural were Double Head Cabbage and UB Black Jaguars; Cayo was represented by Unitedville’s Rebels United and Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy; and Belize City had BTL and Belize Bank Bulldogs. By Sunday evening, 4 teams had been eliminated, and the last 2 teams each had a loss on their record. Having split their first two meetings, the two city teams squared off in the championship final on Sunday evening, and it was defending champions Belize Bank Bulldogs prevailing over BTL in a well contested game in 7 innings, to repeat as champions.

BECOL Basketball Tournament rolls on in San Ignacio Town
This year’s BECOL tournament has four U-19, three U-23, 4 female, five over 35, and 9 senior teams for a total of 25 teams. Games continued on Friday night, as San Ignacio Interstellars defeated Sacred Heart College (SHC), 27-7, in the Female division. Interstellars was led by Jennifer Almazan and Abbey Halliday who scored 9 and 7 points, respectively. In a losing effort, SHC was led by Kellisha Lamb, who netted 4 pts. Game 2 saw Belmopan defeating Eagles in the Over 35 division, by the score of 50-41. Belmopan’s top scorer was Byron “Shackles” Flowers, who had the game high of 19 pts, and Arthur “Dikes” Young scored 9 pts, while Alfonso Audinett and Robert Allen scored 8 pts each. Eagles, was led by Karim Juan with 12 pts, Lupito Acosta with 10 pts, and Joseph Awe with 7 pts. In the nightcap, Tuff Enuff edged the home team, 2.50 Falcons by the score of 63-58. Tuff Enuff was led by Jamal Kelly, who netted 31 pts, while Bernard Felix scored 14 pts, and Brandon Flowers and Rico Black netted 9 and 8 pts, respectively. The home team was led by Anfernee Young with 15 pts, Nigel Martinez with 10 pts, Jerome “Diggy” Garcia with 9 pts, and Mark O’Brien with 8 pts.

Professional boxing at Wings Stop on Saturday
This coming Saturday, September 5, at Wings Stop, Mile 2 ¼ on the Philip Goldson Highway, boxing fans will be treated to the long anticipated return of professional boxing to Belize, as Clinton Tucker and the Belize Boxing Development Council will feature two well known Belize City amateur fighters, Alex Neal and Max “Pain” Williams, as they make their long overdue professional debut against fighters from Frank Martinez’s Cayo Lions Den Gym. Gates are scheduled to be open at 6:30 p.m., with the first of two amateur preliminaries getting under way at 7:00 p.m. Then, Belizean boxers make the step into professionalism, as welterweight Max “Pain” Williams, of Belize City Lions Den Gym, clashes with Eduardo Esquivel of Cayo Lions Den; and then the main event features middleweight Alex Neal of Belize City Lions Den against Robert Sandino of Cayo Lions Den.

Editorial: Absolute truth vs skilful argument
In the world of the attorney/lawyer, there is no such thing as absolute truth: what there is, above and beyond all, is skilful argument. The best attorney is the one who can marshal the best argument. The facts are secondary: absolute truth does not exist. Responding to the Sarstoon Island/Guatemala claim statement at Wednesday’s House meeting adjournment made by Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca, Prime Minister/United Democratic Party (UDP) Leader, Hon. Dean Barrow, sought to present a skilful argument in order to confound Mr. Fonseca. In the middle of his presentation, however, Mr. Barrow lost his temper and screamed across the aisle at Mr. Fonseca: “Shut up. Shut up, you empty vessel!” Now even though the Leader of the Opposition is himself an attorney, like Mr. Barrow, in his Sarstoon/Guatemala statement at the adjournment Mr. Fonseca had, uncharacteristically, entered the world of absolute truth. Guatemala represents an existential threat to Belize and Belizeans, and the Sarstoon River/Island has become an increasingly dangerous flashpoint.

From the Publisher
With your kind permission, I want to use my column today to draw your attention to the horrific Guatemala City murder of Roman Catholic Bishop Juan Gerardi in April 1998. We will use the frontispiece from Francisco Goldman’s fascinating work, THE ART OF POLITICAL MURDER (Grove Press, 2007). Hopefully, more serious readers will become interested enough to order the book for their own reading and libraries. Incidentally, in his authorized biography written by Godfrey Smith (after Bishop Gerardi’s murder), the Right Honorable George C. Price mentioned to Mr. Smith that he had met Bishop Gerardi during both of their seminary days in Guatemala. Between the late 1930s and early 1940s, Mr. Price first went to a black Catholic seminary in segregated Mississippi, then he spent a year or two at a seminary in Guatemala City. When, on a Sunday night in April, 1998, Bishop Juan Gerardi was viciously bludgeoned to death in his parish house garage in Guatemala City, one of the most sensational, controversial and momentous murder cases in contemporary Latin America began. Was it a political assassination or a sordid domestic crime? The case became a fight over the destiny of a country just emerging from decades of civil war and awash in corruption and violence. Was justice possible or was it just a quixotic dream?

The Saviors of Sarstoon
Editor Sir, “From proud Rio Hondo to old Sarstoon.” Those are the poetic words used by Samuel Haynes in our National Anthem to define our country, Belize, from north to south. Events over the past six years, however, have shown that if Mother England, the United States, Guatemala, and this administration had their own way we would own the southernmost part of the country, the Sarstoon area, on paper only. Today we know of the southern markers of Belize and the untold wealth in the deep south of our country, because a group a brave and patriotic Belizeans took the necessary steps to get to know that area of our land. That was never done or encouraged by the administration, because for more than half a decade they have conspired with the United States, Mother England, and Guatemala in every possible way to discourage us from visiting that area of our territory.

Unsung hero Samuel A. Haynes
As the September celebrations draw closer, many Belizeans are beginning to feel very patriotic and proud of their country. Some have already started to decorate their houses and business, while others prepare for Carnival, the Battle of St. George Caye and Independence Day road marches. Throughout the country many students will have already started the new school year and are accustomed to singing Belize’s National Anthem. However, many within the new generation of Belizeans are not aware of the history of this great song. The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) provides short biographical information on various Belizean heroes and benefactors, and one such unsung hero is Mr . Samuel Alfred Hayes. According to NICH, Belize’s National Anthem, “O Land of the Free,” was written by Samuel Alfred Hayes and music was by Selwyn Walford Young, in 1963. Samuel Hayes (1898 – 1971), a social activist, was a soldier in World War 1 and along with other Belizeans soldiers fought in the colonial effort for Great Britain.

The Fortis deal saved Belize $120-$200 million: PM Dean Barrow
Today at a meeting of the House of Representatives, a bill “for an Act to facilitate the implementation of the terms of a deed of settlement between the Government of Belize and the Fortis Company” was taken through all its stages and was passed with majority support from the ruling United Democratic Party. The deal, which will reportedly be finalized on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, will see the government pay to Fortis a cash settlement of US$35 million or BZ$70 million, plus return 33.3% of BEL’s shares to Fortis, out of the 70.2% the government had acquired in nationalizing the company four years ago. The government had taken 48,454,152 ordinary shares from Fortis, and it is now returning 22,984,662 shares to them. In defending the bill, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said, “What is happening today closes the circle and represents the final vindication of the government’s policy and philosophy with respect to Belizean ownership … of the essential utility companies in this country.”

The Reporter

Ray Davis shows up to Senate, NTUCB condemns him
Senator Ray Davis showed up to Friday’s Senate Meeting, despite having been informed by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) that he has been removed as their senator, and the union has condemned his actions. Davis, who was present for the entire Sitting, which saw the passing of several Bills and Motions, voted “yes” on the Electricity Acquisition Settlement Bill. He also supported two loan motions and a supplementary Appropriation Bill.

Senator Shoman says Guatemala’s response to Belize’s protest note was disrespectful
The Guatemalan government’s response to Belize’s prostest note over the August 16th Belize Territorial Volunteer (BTV) Sarstoon island expedition was disrespectful, says People’s United Party (PUP) Senator Lisa Shoman, who revealed the contents of the confidential document at Friday’s Senate sitting. Shoman, who is also a part of the Bi-lateral Relations Committee with Guatemala, invoked her immunity as a senator to reveal the contents of Guatemala’s response, in which they rejected all of Belize’s assertions. Shoman said she believed Belizeans have a right to know what has been said by both governments.

GOB seeks approval of $124 million more in loans for education,roads
The Government of Belize, at Wednesday’s House Sitting, tabled several Bills and motions, including two for loans from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) totaling $124 million for education and road rehabilitation. The CDB Belize Education Sector Reform Program […]

Double homicide in Camalote…Russel Hyde Falls!
The murder of controversial Roaring Creek underworld figure Russell Hyde, 45, is just another chapter in an ongoing saga of violence surrounding that family. Hyde and his companion, Roaring Creek hairdresser Marcy Humes, 27, were shot multiple times as they arrived at his hilltop Camalote home around 10:00 Friday nigh, […]

Shakespearean tragedy meets Belizean reality
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages”. The quote is from William Shakespeare’s comedy, “As You Like It”, […]

CitCo marks the start of September celebrations with flag raising
The Belize City Council held its annual flag raising ceremony at the flag monument round-a-bout on Tuesday morning, to commemorate the start of the September celebrations and activities this month. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, the significance of replacing all the international flags that […]

FCD: Almost $40 million in lumber illegally harvested from Chiquibul
A study has revealed that almost $40 million worth of mahogany and cedar has been illegally extracted from the Chiquibul forest, and that about half of that was taken between 2010 and 2012. Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) says illegal logging is one […]

Conflict among Muslim groups related to distinct religious beliefs
At their 49th annual world conference (Jalsa Salana) in London England, attended by 35,000 of their members, Ahmadiyya Muslims had an opportunity to reunite with one another and recommit to their beliefs. But those beliefs that hold them together are also the reason why […]

PUP not satisfied with GOB-Fortis settlement
The People’s United Party (PUP) are not as enthused about government’s US $35 million settlement with Fortis Energy Services over the nationalization of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and have speculated there may even be some secret arrangement the government has not disclosed. The PUP […]

Youth shot and killed near home
Malik Dixon, 20, had just finished talking to his mother, Melanie Staine on his cell phone and told her he was riding home, when another youth rode up to him and shot him multiple times. The incident happened on Flambouyant Street where he lived. […]

Nationalization again?
By: Neri Briceño In June 2011, I wrote an article regarding the recent stint of nationalization the PM had just recently undertaken. It was promised that this would have been the only and final round of nationalization, but here I am again almost two years later to the day, essentially […]

Logan charged with 54 counts of theft and forgery
On Monday this week, a 72 year retiree of the Button Wood Bay area claimed he is the r victim of a theft where a Button Wood Bay mechanic stole more than $6,000 in cash from his personal Scotia Bank account within a two-week […]

BBS labeling price changes
Liquor importers who bring in Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, and Tequila, will now have to pay an additional 25 cents on the market labels for these products according to the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS). The Supplies Control Unit of the BBS announced this week that […]

Tourism Minister: Tax discrepancy between hotels and “live-aboard” operations being resolved
An ongoing dispute between hoteliers, primarily in the south and operators of “live-aboard” catamaran charters is being worked on with a view to finding some common ground in due course, says Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia. Heredia told The Reporter that he has received […]

At a press conference in Belize City last Monday Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the government of Belize had reached a settlement with Fortis of Canada over compensation for Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). The Government of Belize moved to nationalize BEL in 2011, after the company revealed that it […]

High speed chase in the Sarstoon? BDF Commander says NO!
The images of a BDF boat running at high speed out of the Sarstoon, closely followed by a Guatemalan naval vessel, which seems to be in hot pursuit, have incensed many Belizeans. But BDF Commander Brigadier-General David Jones has said that the images are being misrepresented, and there was no […]

National Bank Belize City branch officially opens
The National Bank Belize City branch was officially inaugurated at an opening ceremony Thursday morning at its new location at 53 Regent Street. Prime Minister Dean Barrow said he was extremely happy to announce the opening of the new branch of the “people’s bank”, […]

Guatemalan president resigns! PM hopes instability won’t affect Belize/Guatemala relations
Guatemalan President, Otto Perez Molina resigned at midnight on Friday, and Belize’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow has expressed hope that Guatemala’s instability does not lead to further contention in the volatile Sarstoon island area in southern Belize. “While it is worrying, given our particular circumstances, […]

PUP meets with G-11 to iron out differences; convention date tentatively set
While the internal wranglings in the opposition People’s United Party (PUP) over the party’s leadership have subsided, the issues of contention between the “G-11” and the party remain on the discussion table. On Tuesday of this week, the two persons selected to represent the group […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Boat owners trained to protect manatees
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) along with the Belize Port Authority and other stakeholders are working on a plan to completely eradicate incidents of deaths of the gentle manatee in Belizean waters, mostly from collisions with boats. The CZMAI and […]

Jaguars drop first game in Canada
The Belize Jaguars faced off against Canada’s National Football team on Friday evening starting shortly after 5:30 p.m. The first half of the game saw Canada dominating control of the ball, going into half time leading the tally 1-0 as the Belize side went back to playing the […]

Coast Guards arrested for extortion
Twenty-fiver-year-old Leslie Stains, from a Belize City address; Dubian Montero, 32-years-old from Bullet Tree in the Cayo District, and 19-year-old Raylie Usher from Hattieville, all coast guards, were jointly charged for the crime of extortion in the Corozal District. According to police reports, the three coast guards working […]

PM hints at election date, talks PetroCaribe
General elections are right around the corner but a specific date has still not been set. Some have speculated it will be in late October while others predict early November, but Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media on Thursday that the election can be called anytime in the next […]

Rat bites new born at the Western Regional Hospital
Information reaching our newsroom indicates that earlier today a rat inflicted bite wounds to a new born child, who was inside an incubator at the Western Regional Hospital. Information is still sketchy but we will have an update as the information becomes available. The information available suggests that sometime today […]

First time robber given reduced sentence
28 year old Rick Chambers is headed to jail for the next 90 days, charged with the robbery of a touch screen cellular phone which has a value of $325, after Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith took his guilty plea. Chief Magistrate Smith said she gave him the […]

Davis shows up to Senate without union support
Senator Ray Davis showed up to today’s senate meeting despite having been informed by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) that he no longer represents them, and the union has called him out. Davis, who was present for the whole meeting voted yes on the passing of several […]

Shoman says Guatemala doesn’t respect Belize
Guatemala has responded to Belize’s prostest note over the August 16th Belize Territorial Volunteer (BTV) Sarstoon island expedition and has rejected all of Belize’s claims. People’s United Party (PUP) Senator Lisa Shoman, at Friday’s Senate Sitting, revealed the contents of the confidential letter saying she believed the people have a […]

Assisted living facility opens in Ladyville
The end of life can be lonely and even painful, but reaching out for help can get you past your challenges. That help is now available from the Breadfruit Gardens Assisted Living Facility, which will open to the public later this evening. Before then, BMG was the first […]

Guinea Grass RC boasts 2 news classrooms
This morning, two new classrooms were inaugurated at the Guinea Grass RC School marking a symbolic achievement for the institution and its student population. The dream was made possible by the humanitarian Group, HEFY (Humanitarian Experience For Youth) from Provo, Utah in the USA. A total of […]

Artists team up for “Binomium”
The Image Factory today hosted the launch of a cooperative work between prolific artists Yasser Musa and Michael Gordon. The two-book graphic project titled “Binomium”, from the mathematical term for the sum or difference of two terms, is collated by Yucatan colleague Moises Martinez and promoted by mentor […]

Mainly fair and warm conditions expected for the weekend
In today’s weather forecast, mainly fair and warm conditions will continue today with a slight increase in moisture expected over the South. The National Meteorological Service of Belize predicts mostly sunny skies with a few cloudy spells and isolated showers or thunderstorms throughout the course of the day. Tonight, skies […]

Students learn about Caribbean Single Market and Economy
How does the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) factor into everyday life and business in Belize? That’s what 19 tertiary level students from Grenada travelled to Belize to find out. The visit is a part of the CSME mission, where students get to travel and evaluate, first hand, how […]

Belize 12-1 underdog vs Canada
According to TSN of Canada, British bookmaker William Hill lists Belize as 12-to-1 underdogs against Canada going into their qualifying match this evening. The Canadians beat Belize in 2004 during 2006 World Cup qualifying and sit 26 places higher in the world rankings, but they know better than not to […]

Police looking for one suspect in afternoon City murder
Police at Eastern Division (North) confirmed late Thursday evening that 25 year old Glenford Vernon of Cran Street, Belize City, died in hospital after being shot near a tattoo shop on Castle Street. They are now seeking one person as part of their investigations. Around 1:45 in the afternoon, Vernon […]

Belizean fishermen still missing at sea
The families of 20 year old Donovan Usher; 29 year old Giovanni Murillo, and 33 year old Jerome Bowen have yet to return from a visit to Turneffe Island last Thursday for fishing. Family members told 7 News that at least two of the men have claimed that after winning […]


Tagging Giant Tarpon In Belize: These Fish Are Important Yet Shockingly Mysterious
FLY FISHING IS HUGE IN BELIZE! Fishermen from around the world flock to the flats of our country for the “Grand Slam” – catching the permit, the bonefish and the tarpon all in one trip. And a few do…and have the pictures to prove it. Fly fishermen are easy to spot. Usually as soon as he or she deplanes in San Pedro. Metal fly rod tubes covered in stickers touting far off fly-fishing lodges in places like Christmas Island and Cuba, technical clothing from head to toe to cover their pale skin – pants that unzip into shorts, everything easy-dry, hats with flaps and always some sort of mixture of a cravat/turtleneck/bandito mask. Now that you know how to spot the fisher folk, let me get to the real topic – something not so easy to spot. The largest of “The Grand Slam” BY far, the mysterious tarpon. A fish that grows to up to 75 years old. Up to 250lbs. Breathes oxygen from the air. And is lucky enough to be deemed “not good eats” – bony, oily and just…fishy. But because of that fact, we don’t know much about them. They migrate…but where? Since they are so valued as game fish (CATCH and RELEASE only in Belize) because of their beauty and acrobatic fight, the research has started to find out more about these silver giants. A few weeks ago, a group of fly fishers assembled at the famous El Pescador Lodge on Ambergris Caye to officially tag some of the large migratory fish. In collaboration with scientists at the University of Miami, they hope to gather as much data as possible from fish around the Caribbean and around the world. To help protect them for years to come…

Things to do in Belize & Top Reasons to visit this Autumn!
Put away the leaf blower and try some of Belize’s healthy autumn activities to prepare for winter with a new outlook on life. The summer holidays are all but over, kids are going back to school, life is settling into those shorter autumn days and the air is getting cooler. What better time to think about a Belizean sojourn to chase those end-of-summer blues, prepare for the months ahead and perhaps even hone or pick up a new interest like horseback riding, canoeing, bird watching, brushing up on Spanish (bi-lingual western Belize being perfect for it) or channelling your inner Indiana Jones with ancient Maya temple and sacred cave exploration. There’s something about the autumn crisp weather that translates into energy, and we suggest putting it to good use by taking some time out for personal growth and exploration while indulging in a healthy holiday, on your own of with that special someone or group you’d like to share with. With this in mind, we’d like to share our checklist for chasing the end-of-summer-blues.

International Sourcesizz

Canada takes care of business against Belize
Canada all but booked its spot in the fourth round of CONCACAF qualification for the 2016 FIFA World Cup following a 3-0 win over Belize on a gorgeous Friday night before 10,412 fans at BMO Field. Tosaint Ricketts was the star of the show, bagging a pair of goals for Canada, who now holds the distinct advantage over Belize going into the second leg. Atiba Hutchinson also scored for Canada. This is a two-game CONCACAF qualifier with the winner based on aggregate score moving on. Canada just needs a draw in the return match next Tuesday in the Belize capital of Belmopan to advance to the fourth round. A 2-0 loss is also good enough for Canada. Belize needs a four-goal win in the second leg. Canada was clearly the better side, and it was one-way traffic for most of the match. Still, it was a bit of a laboured performance for Canada, especially against a Belize team that only boasts three full-time professional players—the majority of their players have other jobs.

1st Annual See & Taste Belize Festival
Friends in USA and Abroad - Mark your calendar! Tickets for the 1st Annual See & Taste Belize Festival in Miami, Florida are on-sale now! Visit to purchase your tickets, become a sponsor, and/or make a donation! Sounds Exciting!!!

Project management gains a foothold at development banks
Project management has its roots in industries known for building big, complex things – industries like engineering, construction and defense. When software became integral to making the world work, the technology industry joined the ranks. But now, project management is showing up in industries and applications not normally associated with this profession, and is directly enabling the most effective means of reducing poverty, eliminating inequality, improving healthcare and education, and ultimately changing lives. The types of projects IDB supports span a broad geography and vary widely in complexity and focus area of improvement. A recently completed Decentralization and Local Government Strengthening project in Suriname, for example, has further enabled districts to do their own financial administration, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need to travel to regional offices for approval on even the smallest of purchases. Another example is an Agricultural Services program in Belize, designed to help the country expand beyond its traditional reliance on exports of sugar, citrus and bananas by accessing new markets through investments in agricultural innovation and better management of plant, animal and food safety risk.

Kraft expands recall of cheese singles
Kraft Heinz is expanding a recall of Kraft Singles products, saying a problem with the packaging film affects 10 times as many cases as it first thought. The company recalled 335,000 cases Thursday because a thin strip of packaging film may stick to the slice after the wrapper has been taken off, creating a choking hazard. Kraft Heinz recalled 36,000 cases on July 31 for the same reason. The privately held company said it's received two new reports of customers choking. It disclosed three such reports in July, and said it had received seven other complaints about the packaging. The recall covers 1-, 3- and 4-pound Kraft Singles American and White American cheese product with "Best When Used by Dates" ranging from Dec. 12 to March 2. The products were sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and 10 other countries and territories: Anguilla, the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Netherlands Antilles, St. Kitts and Nevis, South Korea, St. Lucia, and the British Virgin Islands.

Striving to preserve the legacy of Cousteau
Before former Vice President Al Gore and scientists around the world began alerting us to the threats to our environment there was Jacques Cousteau, a French explorer, scientist, oceanographer and film maker who sailed the oceans of the world on his ship Calypso, a World War ll minesweeper which he converted to a floating oceanic laboratory. Richard Hyman of Weston made several trips as a crew member on the Calypso between 1974 and 1979 and on a summer day took time out to reflect on his unlikely but fascinating story about those adventerous years. Now a corporate executive, author and lecturer, Hyman recalls, ”It was 1973 and my father was a business associate of Cousteau at the time (he later became a co-founder of the Cousteau Society). I had just graduated Weston High School, and one day he said, ‘I’m going to Los Angeles, would you like to come?’ I had always been interested in sailing and boating. When I met Captain Cousteau he was a real presence, about six feet tall, lean and strong. He told me he needed a driver to bring a truckload of materiel from LA to Saskatchewan for a rare land based expedition. It was a long ride, but I said yes. My companion on the trip was Ivan, who spoke no English but we managed.” Hyman would go on to become a qualified diver as Calypso sailed the oceans of the world filming manatees in Florida, the Incredible Migration of the Spiney Lobster off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula or diving for scientific samples and filming the spawning of thousands of grouper near the 180-mile Belize barrier reef.

Old Benque
Twenty five years of creeping us out with its dark stories and Belizean folklore, I will never forget the part of that book when the spirit gave the woman the candle that later tuned into a femur. The first time I read the story was in high school for my Spanish class but I think I did not appreciate the book until much later when I reread it and understood it better. The book was first published in 1990 and is written in Spanish, a true work of art by David Nicolas Ruiz Puga, an educator and cultural promoter from Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo, Belize. It features a blend of historical events, Belizean culture and folklore and is now an iconic book in Western Belize. One of the memorable things about the book is the compilation of images sketched within its pages. I was always thrilled about them. The drawing of the skeletal spirit handing over the white candle has certainly haunted me all these years, and the rest of the drawings are equally as memorable.


  • Maya Mountain Lodge & Tours, San Ignacio, Belize, 2min.

  • Alexandra + Jason Highlights, 3min. Outdoor Wedding at San Ignacio, Belize Hosted by San Ignacio Resort Hotel

  • Alexandra + Jason Teaser,1.5 min. Outdoor Wedding at San Ignacio, Belize Hosted by San Ignacio Resort Hotel

  • Feeding Frenzy Turtles, Rays and Nurse Sharks in Belize, 5.5min. Palm Beach Realtor was diving 21 miles off shore in Belize next to the barrier reef. We were only in 10 feet of water, but 100 yards away the wall dropped to over 3000 feet. The local Belizeans were processing their catch and it turned into a feeding frenzy. The turtles clearly won!

  • Belize 2013. Sea Sports Belize, 57min. Diving in Belize with Sea Sports Belize.

  • Baird's Tapir at Belize Zoo, 1min.

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