Hello to any/all who read this.

I am so excited to be visiting Belize soon (November) and have a very keen eye on Punta Gorda. I love how relatively untouched and authentic it is and it just seems the perfect place for us.

I have found (I hope) temporary housing there because I do plan to stay long enough to scout out areas we can buy property for a small farm and a small spiritual retreat. We hope to not only contribute to the economy, but also the culture and the workforce - eventually.

It's going to take awhile and some funds, I know, but my excitement far outweighs my worries.

I do hope anyone who might read this, might provide any helpful information about staying in PG. I am looking at (and have spoken with) the SeaHill Apartments which seem perfect for me.

I'm also hoping just for simple information on transportation to other areas, despite my near steadfast intent on living in the Toledo district.

Any information would be helpful.

Also: Are there any volunteer opportunities in the area as far as teaching, English, writing, etc?



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