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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Kiss
“Melody called while you were out,” Sherry said. “Did she say what she wanted?” “Something about Davin. She said she would stop by later.” When Melody came over she said, ”I have to teach a Splash ‘n Paint Class tomorrow afternoon at the Gallery and Glenn is busy, too. Can you pick Davin up from school?” “Sure,” I told her, “The Grandpa Childcare Center is open. I didn’t even realize it was time for him to be back in school.” “Classes started day before yesterday.” I was there a little bit early although I’m not sure why. Davin is usually sitting in the corner when I get there.” Class let out and children started leaving.

Police Report
Possession of a Controlled Drug: On Thursday, August 27th at 10:20AM, based on Special Branch intelligence, a team of Criminal Investigation Branch and San Pedro Police personnel conducted a search on Laguna Drive Boca Del Rio Area. Searched as part of the operation was 21-year-old Eleazar Mendez who was found with a transparent Ziploc plastic bag containing 40.2 grams of suspected Cannabis.
Burglary: On Tuesday, September 1st, Nigel Dwight Belisle reported that on Friday, August 28th about 6PM he left his work site situated at Boca del Rio area secured. Upon his return on Monday, August 31st about 9:15AM he noticed the front entrance wooden door was opened and the glass on the left hand side was broken, the back door was also opened. Upon entering he observed that several electronic items and tools were stolen. The items had a total value of $4,517.90.

Doctor Love: Failed Relationships
Dr-LoveDear Doctor Love, My marriage of six years was a disaster. He had a nasty temper that he usually took out on me, mostly verbal but sometimes physical. We divorced two years ago. Now I am married to a man who loves me and my daughters. My ex lives fifteen minutes away so the children are with him any time they want to be. He also has them every other weekend and some holidays. When we were married he never did anything to help around the house, making it clear that housework was for women. He never took care of the kids, never cooked and would not travel. Now he does all of those things. He and his new wife go out to dance and they travel a lot. These are things I would have liked to do when we were married. I feel like if we did we would probably still be together. None of this should bother me but I can’t help it. I still resent the things that went wrong in our marriage. It seems like I will never get over them. Is this normal? If not, what can I do about it?

Ambergris Today

Belize Loves Manatees, Authorities Boost Protection Initiatives
After hearing about the collisions between boats and the manatees, a meeting was held with the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI), the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Belize Port Authority (BPA), to figure out a quick response to the collisions, and to eventually work on a plan with stakeholders to completely eradicate these incidents. From this meeting, came the first initiative, which is to install buoys in the Belize River, in the vicinity of Haulover Creek. The BTB donated six (6) buoys, and Mr. Chamberlain of Belize Marine & Sand donated two (2) for a total of eight (8) buoys to be installed by Belize Marine & Sand. The CZMAI and BPA will simultaneously install additional Warning and No Wake signs to bring added attention to all users of that portion of the river. The CZMAI and the BTB decided to work together to conduct a workshop for Tour Guides and Tour Operators who utilize the river in their packages. The workshop was conducted on September 4th, 2015, at the Radisson. Presenters at the workshop included: Jamal Galves - CZMAI, Port Authority, Forestry Department, Maria Vega - Friends of Swallow Caye, Zoey Walker - Wildtracks.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Passing of Mrs. Teody Nuñez
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Nuñez family & friends on the passing of Mrs. Teody Nuñez. May her soul rest in peace. Mrs. Teody Nuñez was the wife of former Mayor, Mr. Alberto Nuñez. The wake of Mrs. Teody will be on Monday at her residence on Pescador Drive and Funeral Services will be on Tuesday, September 8, at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. Time yet to be announced. El Alcalde Daniel Guerrero, el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro y el Staff extiende sus mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos de la Señora Teody Nuñez. Que en paz descanse. La Señora Teody Nuñez fue la esposa de el ex alcalde, el Señor Alberto Nuñez. El velorio de la Señora Teody será en su residencia el lunes a partir de las 5 p.m. y los servicios funebres serán el martes, 8 de septiembre, en la iglesia romana católica de San Pedro. La hora del funeral será anunciado en breve.

Volunteering with S6 in the Chiquibul
Eco Camino has a great article about spending time with the Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. They got some amazing pictures from the journey. Keep up the great work! Protect the Chiquibul! "Eco Camino is proud to say that it was a nice opportunity to volunteer with S6 -Scarlet Six, during two consecutive weeks in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. I had never seen Scarlet Macaws in the wild and the most amazing thing was, first to see 16 of them all at once, second to see them flying over my head while bathing in the Raspaculo River, a branch of the Macal River. The Macaws generally come in the Chiquibul during the breeding season which extends from April to September. The rest of the year, they migrate to Red Bank, in the Stann Creek district from early January to March. The reason of this migration is to feed on the clay where they can extract minerals from it. This will further help with the development of calcium for their eggs. It usually takes 12 to 13 weeks before a chick can fledge from its nest -the nest being a cavity in a Quam trees."

Since my returning to Belize in 1999, and working as a journalist with the legendary grassroots newspaper and broadcasting foundation, KREMANDALA, Sunday mornings in Belize was always filled with the highlights of Belizean radio and television shows highlighting the turning news events of the week, and filling the silence of the quiet Sabbath that permeates the life of Belize for decades now. Before them all, Dickie Bradley's Show on KREM Radio dominated the Belizean airwaves, as Belizeans tuned in to hear the brother Dickie do his thing on the pertinent news stories of the week. Dickie was legendary, he was radio Belize, he was the man people listened to. And then came others, like Mose Hyde's Wake Up Belize Show, every week day mornings, Tony Wright's Belizean Musician Past & Present, and also the legendary Kremandala Show with the legendary Evan X Hyde, the late Dr. Leroy Taegar, and friends doing their spin on the Belizean news and reviews.

Expo Market Place
I have been attending our Chamber of Commerce's Expo Market Place for many years. Each year I notice the trend of the type of businesses participating shifting to more cellular phone companies, beverages companies, a lot of alcohol, plenty of food stalls, clothing and a handful of services. The traditional businesses like the productive sector such as Hummingbird Rattan Furniture, cabinet and other furniture builders, nurseries, agriculture sector, agro-business, wood carvers, artists/painters, etc. were absent. There were approximately 214 business booths registered. Lots of music, food and booze. It felt like a big Bazar. I did miss the traditional businesses that used to attend and I wonder the reason for their absence. I picked up a few deals. Plenty of discounts and so the party continues today Sunday. I did enjoy myself and hope you too. After walking through the Expo grounds for one round, my bestie and I took off for a ride in the old capital and couldn't but help notice the cleanliness around and the national spirit feeling coming from all the September decorations.

Our little tour around the old capital!!!
Certainly our September Celebrations spirit quite visible


Money Exchanger Robbed and Beaten By Criminals
A money exchanger from the Villager of San Joaquin in the Corozal District is tonight recuperating from a frightful ordeal after he was robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash and beaten by ruthless criminals. The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told CTV 3 News that about 7:00 this morning he was on his way to work at the Santa Elena Border and while walking to catch passage he was approached by a clear blue station wagon with 3 passengers. According to the pesero, a dark complexion male, wearing a black stockings over his face, exited the vehicle and held him at gun point while taking away a pouch containing Belize and Mexican currency.

Otto Perez Molina Jailed After First Day Of Hearing
Former Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina is the first president of that country to resign and was detained on Thursday night before his hearing resumed this morning. Molina appeared in court on Thursday on accusations of involvement in a customs fraud in which businesspeople paid bribes to avoid import duties. Judge Miguel Angel Galvez, who had ordered his detention said there was a need to, quote, “ensure the continuity of the hearing” unquote and guarantee the former president’s personal safety. For his part, Molina said that he has always said he will respect due process and insisted on his innocence. He further told the press that he could have done several things to derail the investigation. Molina stated, quote, “I could have replaced the prosecutor, I could have dug in.” He also assured that he has not intentions of leaving the country. Attorney General Thelma Aldana told reporters she will ask that Perez Molina, 64, be jailed during the court proceedings.

Three Coast guards Charged For Extortion
Last night we told you about the three Coast Guards who were detained at the Corozal Police Station for alleged extortion. Tonight those men have been charged for extortion. They are 25 year old Leslie Stains from Belize City, 32 year old Dubian Montero from Bullet Tree and 19 year old Rayliee Usher from Hattieville. All three individuals were charged in the presence of a Justice of the Peace and were offered bail of $1,000 each which they were unable. As mentioned last night the officers were arrested after a sting operation took place in the Consejo area. The sting operation was enforced after Ricardo Rivero, a resident of Consejo Village in Corozal reported to police that he was bringing un-customed goods later known to be approximately ten cases of beer, from the Mexican side through the Chetumal/Corozal Bay when he was intercepted by the Coast Guards. The individual claimed that the officers demanded money from him in order to avoid being detained and his goods confiscated. So, he reported the matter to police and a sting operation was set in place. After the operation was carried out the Coast Guard were found in possession of an undisclosed amount of cash.

The Reporter

Mother and toddler robbed of vehicle and abandoned on road
A 26 year-old mother and her 20 month-old toddler experienced a frightening incident on Friday night when two masked men forced her t stop her vehicle, tied her up and drove off in her vehicle, leaving her and the infant on the road. The woman whom is from the Valley community, Hummingbird highway, Stann Creek, told police that around 9:30 p.m. while she was driving on a feeder road towards her home along with her baby daughter, she was forced to stop at the sight of pieces of tree branches on the road. Just then, two masked men came out of nearby bushes and one of them pointed a gun at her forehead and demanded her vehicle, her cell phone and money. The mother said the man with the gun tied her hands and put her on the road while the other one took out the baby and put her on the road beside her. Not men then took off in the woman’s tan-coloured 2003 Chevy S-10 four-door pick-up worth $24,000.

Tattoo artist shot dead inside tattoo shop
Tattoo artist, Glenford Vernon, 25, was shot dead inside the place where he worked on Thursday afternoon in Belize City. The shooting occurred at around 1:30 p.m. on the lower flat at #8 Castle Street, and Vernon died just over an hour later while receiving medical treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Police say Vernon was struck in both arms, the chest, abdomen and left leg. His killer, another man, entered the tattoo shop and fired several shots at Vernon. Police have not made any arrests.

US Ambassador says Embassy concerned about impacts of bank de-risking in Belize
The United States Embassy in Belize is greatly concerned about the issue of international banks “de-risking” and cutting ties with financial institutions in Belize and the impacts it may have on the Belize economy and economic activity with the US, said Ambassador Carlos Moreno. Moreno spoke on the issue at Saturday’s opening ceremony for the 19th annual Expo Consumer Trade Show. He highlighted the continued economic relations between Belize and the US and said that the Embassy has monitored the de-risking situation closely as it continues to develop. According to Moreno, the Embassy has contacted the US Treasury Department and has started the process of opening the lines of communication to see if the issues resulting in Belizean financial institutions losing corresponding ties with international banking partners can be resolved. Moreno noted that the issue is one affecting countries all throughout the region. He said the Embassy is trying to facilitate a resolution to the issue so as to negate any possible negative effects “de-risking” may have on the country.

PAHO: Canned and processed foods responsible for obesity
Industrially processed and canned goods, including fast foods and sugary beverages are fueling increased obesity rates throughout the region, according to a new report by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). The report indicates that importation and sales of these products have risen in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last decade, while sales in North America have seen a slight decline. According to the report, the consumption of these processed food products is directly correlated with body weight increases, indicating that these products are majors contributors to obesity in the region. “These products are not designed to meet people’s nutritional needs. They are engineered to have long shelf lives and to create cravings that can completely overpower people’s innate appetite-control mechanisms and their rational desire to stop eating. So they are doubly harmful: they are quasi-addictive and thus increase overweight and obesity, while replacing whole fresh foods that are the foundation of a natural, nutrient-rich human diet”, Enrique Jacoby, PAHO/WHO advisor on nutrition and physical activity said.

Jaguars lose in Canada
The Belize Jaguars football team returned home on Saturday morning following a disappointing 3-0 loss to Canada’s national team on Friday night and are now preparing for Tuesday’s second game against the Canadians. In the first half of the game, Canada controlled the ball and the tempo, leaving the Jaguars to defend for the majority of that half. Canada headed into half-time with a 1-0 lead, having scored in the 25th minute of play. Shortly after the second half began the Canadian scored again in the 64th minute of play, going up to 2-0 against the Jaguars. Both goal were scored by Tosaint Ricketts. Later in the second half the Jaguars attacked on several occasions, getting into the Canadian box a few times but not creating any real opportunities for star striker Deon McCaulay or any other Jaguar to score. In the closing seconds of play, in the 90th minute, Canadian Atiba Hutchinson scored off a corner kick, pushing their lead to a disappointing 3-0 score. This came after a brilliant block by Belize’s goalkeeper, Woodrow West.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Traffic Accident in Corozal claims life
Information reaching our newsroom indicates that there was a fatal road traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway, near San Narciso Village in the Corozal District. According to unconfirmed reports, a man was killed in the collision. We will have more details as the information becomes available.

Missing twelve year old returns home safe
There is good news coming out from Corozal Town tonight, after a missing 12 years old girl was returned. Reports reaching our news room is that 12 year old Gabriela Leoredez has return home safe and sound. Family members are grateful to everyone who assisted in any possible manner in relocating the […]

Lloyd Jones PUP endorsement
Four months after formally being announced as the candidate for the People’s United Party (PUP) in Belize Rural North, Retired Major Lloyd Jones was formally endorsed and installed today in Sandhill village. Major Jones is challenging incumbent two-term United Democratic Party representative Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro, who […]

Guatemala’s turmoil ahead of parliamentary elections
As polls take place today in Guatemala, the turmoil that toppled a president may not enough, protesters fear, to prevent a return to status quo. Resigned Otto Perez Molina has denied allegations of a conspiracy to defraud the state by accepting bribes to let businesses evade import duties, […]

12-Year-Old Girl From Altamira Corozal Missing
A 12 year old girl by the name of Gabriela Leoredez from Altamira, Corozal went missing last night around 7:30 p.m. from in front of her house. Gabriela was wearing a white sleeveless shirt with a blue short jeans pants and brown slippers with a flower design on the side. […]


Canada vs. Belize: Jaguars Go Looking to Make History In Canada
According to TSN of Canada, British bookmaker William Hill lists Belize as 12-to-1 underdogs against Canada going into their qualifying match this evening. The Canadians beat Belize in 2004 during 2006 World Cup qualifying and sit 26 places higher in the world rankings, but they know better than not to take Belize seriously at the BMO Field. TSN spoke to each team’s coach about their mutual respect for their opponents. “We believe it is a serious team,” Canada’s Benito Floro said. “Canada is a very good team. A lot of good players,” said Belize’s Brazilian-born coach Jorge Nunez. “A lot of players play outside (the country).” Asked can Belize win? “Yes, definitely,” Nunez said. The winner will become part of CONCACAF Group A in the fourth round, the penultimate stage of qualifying in North and Central America and the Caribbean. That pool will feature No. 26 Mexico, No. 81 Honduras and either No. 107 El Salvador or No. 148 Curacao with only the top two advancing after round-robin play.

Do You Know the Way to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye?
Have you ever wanted to book a vacation in paradise , but your budget says no? You may not be looking in the right place. Head for Belize where the mainland and hundreds of outlying islands are beautiful, fun and affordable–particularly if you stay at Ambergris Caye’s SunBreeze Suites in San Pedro town where seasonal discounts and packages are always wallet-pleasing. But before you can explore San Pedro in Ambergris Caye you must get here. You’ll be offered two choices if you talk with travel experts: Either fly or boat from Belize City to Ambergis Caye. At first, price disparities between the two may seem formidable, but you could be surprised if you look closer. Is flying your choice? If you’re coming to Ambergris Caye directly from the U.S., sort out your ticket to Belize City from North America first because this is Belize’s international hub. From there, catch a flight to Ambergris Caye that will set you back around $70 USD one way, unless you find a discount. According to travel website (where you can register to be notified if prices drop on Belize City/San Pedro flights!), multiple, daily nonstop flights cover the 34 mile distance on Maya Island Air or Tropic Air, small airlines servicing this hop. Most direct flights leave at around 17:40 MDT; all of them get you to San Pedro in 15 minutes.

A Drive North: The Old Costa Maya Resort is Looking AMAZING & Opening Soon
Yesterday, I took a drive up north to check on a few things….the road (which, based on the HUGE trucks blowing by us) is under heavy construction and set to go even farther north. On Thursday, Mayor Danny said that the road would continue all the way up to the old Basil Jones air strip. I can show you where the Basil Jones area is…about 11 to 13 miles north Ambergris Caye. But I can not tell you much about the air strip there. I know it was used for some early (1990s?) oil exploration. And as to who Basil Jones was? I need to do some more research (as usual). So the road will continue. ALL that being said…yesterday I made my way up to 7 miles north and Xtan Ha Resort. And then back down to about 6 miles north and the old Costa Maya Reef Resort – that closed in 2010. We then drove just south to another pretty stretch of beach (REALLY gorgeous) – the old Costa Maya Reef Resort. They are slated to open on November 1st. And the construction teams were working hard. They will soon be working day and night to make sure of the opening date. I believe they are planning to be ALL-INCLUSIVE. Pretty much a first for San Pedro. Here is the current website. Now called Costa Blu Resort and managed by Sandy Points – managers of resorts like Coco Beach and Belizean Shores. Here are the pictures I took yesterday. So nice to see this area rejuvenating. It’s a HUGE lot and right in front of the gorgeous Mexico Rocks snorkel area.

International Sourcesizz

Belize vs. Canada: Floro calls for clinical finishing
Canada is in command of its CONCACAF qualifying third round tie against Belize, but coach Benito Floro sees room for improvement. Benito Floro has warned his Canada side that it must be more clinical if it is to qualify for the World Cup ahead of its CONCACAF qualifying third-round second leg against Belize on Tuesday. Tosaint Ricketts scored twice and Atiba Hutchinson added a late third goal as Canada beat underdog Belize 3-0 in Toronto on Friday. Canada will be expected to finish off the job in Belmopan and join Mexico, Honduras and the winner of the El Salvador against Curacao in a robin-round group phase for round four. But head coach Floro stressed that Canada can ill afford to squander so many chances against stronger sides in its quest to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. "It is the first time in my professional career my team has not faced any shots on target, it means my team played a very good game," Floro said after the first-leg victory. "My team played perfectly, controlling the game and created a lot of attacking moves. But we should have won by more goals; we should have scored eight goals. It was not because of the Belize defense that we did not score more goals.

TomatoFest vegetable art an edible form of expression
Creating art using fruits and vegetables is not new. Carving jack-o-lanterns originated with the Celts, and was brought to the United States by Irish immigrants. The art of carving turnips and potatoes in Ireland was applied to pumpkins in the United States. Tomatoes have been carved as flowers to top off salads; watermelons become fruit baskets to hold fruit salads; pineapples can be magically transformed into palm trees. I was pleasantly surprised to see examples of veggie art at an agricultural fair held in Belmopan, Belize. There, locally grown fruits and vegetables were assembled to create turtles, sharks, porcupines and cacti, among other familiar plants and animals found in the tropical environment, or from other distant lands.

Otto Perez jailed following resignation Steelers Lounge
Perez Molina, 64, was ordered locked up until a court hearing on Friday to face corruption charges, and was seen being escorted into a military prison in central Guatemala City. Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre, who was appointed by Congress to replace Perez Molina's previous vice-president, Roxana Baldetti, after she resigned in May, was sworn in as the nation's chief executive that afternoon. "But I can't simply run off and abandon my post - the legal process [of Perez Molina's case] is still underway". Security was tight around the courthouse where Perez Molina appeared yesterday, with scores of police and members of the presidential guard stationed around the building. "Well let me say with respect to Molina, I was very pleased with the way he behaved toward Belize during his tenure because we all know his history that he was Chief of Staff or certainly extremely high in the Guatemalan military".

Polls close in Guatemala presidential election
Campaign overshadowed by political turmoil, with corruption investigation resulting in the president's resignation. The first results have started trickling in, hours after polls closed in Guatemala's presidential election. As of 03:00 GMT on Monday, political newcomer Jimmy Morales is leading the vote count, as the race looks set for an October run-off, said Al Jazeera's Daniel Schweimler, reporting from Guatemala City. According to Guatemala's election authority, Morales, 46, had 25.6 percent of the vote with 12.66 percent of ballots counted, while early favourite Manuel Baldizon, a conservative businessman, trailed with 21.2 percent. To prevent an October run-off, a candidate is required to win at least 50 percent of the vote. The campaign was dogged by allegations of corruption which prompted mass protests and a wave of political turmoil that overshadowed Sunday's vote.


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