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Today's Belize News: September 9, 2015 #507324
09/09/15 05:58 AM
09/09/15 05:58 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Doris Soriano is the first ever Queen of Bacchanal
The carnival vibe was felt in full force in San Pedro Town on Saturday, September 5th, with the first ever Queen of Bacchanal Pageant. Organized by Foreva Fancy Boutique, the pageant was all about carnival and was held as part of the September celebrations; embracing the Belizean culture. In a show of color, music and beauty, five lovely contestants competed for the crown, but in the end, it was Doris Soriano who charmed the judges and was crowned the Queen of Bacchanal 2015/2016. As early as 7PM, eager spectators made their way to the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena to get a good seat for the pageant. The pageant kicked off shortly after 9PM under the theme “One People-Breaking down all barriers, promoting unity” inspired by Soca artist Destra. Hosting the pageant were Julianie Feguson and Gerry Badillo, while Enrique De Leon, Darleen Vernon, Suzanna Melo, Barbara Brown, Rosio Santo and Jorge Cerillo had the arduous take of judging.

Pirates of Belize exhibition opened at San Pedro House of Culture
At the official opening, Guillermo “Mito” Paz, Director of the SPHC, welcomed everyone in attendance and invited them to tour the exhibit. “Today’s exhibition is very educational, since it deals with the foundation of our country which is very much thanks to the pirates and the Baymen. The Baymen were this group of English men that came and settled in Belize between the 1600 and 1700’s. These were the individuals that fought against the Spaniards, who at that time ruled most of the Western Hemisphere. The Spaniards colonized what is now Mexico, Central and South America, except for Belize,” said Paz. He then recited a story about how Belize got its name from the Buccaneer Peter Wallace and how the pirates used to attack the Spanish ships that were loaded with gold heading back to Spain. “With this exhibition we pay tribute to the Baymen who decided to stay and defend the settlement of what is now Belize, when the Spaniards were coming to take over the settlement. We also pay tribute to the free slaves that joined the Baymen from Flowers Bank in that historic battle for our freedom,” stated Paz. Before the crowd was invited to see the exhibit, Paz mentioned that there are treasures buried on the island among shipwrecks of Spanish galleons, in areas such as Rocky Point, Palmeros, and Mata area. He indicated that some of the ancient boat anchors that can be seen in some of the island’s resorts and restaurants are evidence of the presence of Baymen and Spaniards that travelled our coasts.

Stunning Vistas from my perch at Cahal Pech Resort
This visit had been a long time coming, and even the thick heat that enveloped me as I got off the bus in San Ignacio didn’t faze me. I was back on familiar ground, and ready to enjoy being in the hills. Clearly, all this time on the sandbar known as Ambergris Caye had made me forget exactly what kind of hills Cayo has! I nabbed a cab and my first foray UP to Cahal Pech Resort began. I was a bit early, but since my room was ready, I got the grand tour on the way to my cabin:the Lamanai casita. On the way down the cobblestoned path, I couldn’t help but marvel at the town that lay before me. As far as the eye could see, houses, then large tracts of land and mountains in the distance. Villages and creeks and rivers lay beyond, and boy did I have a prime viewing spot!

Ambergris Today

International Literacy Day
Students of Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) observed International Literacy Day (today September 8) by dressing up as their favorite Story Book Characters and/or preparing displays of Story Book Cover Art. During morning assembly, Mr. Angel Nuñez was invited to read a Dr. Seuss story as the school teachers acted out in character. The entire day was dedicated to reading activities and the promotion of Literacy Day.

25 Years Ago - Remembering When WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village No. 3
There are so many things that USED TO be different in the village of San Pedro back in the 1950’s and 60’s and when we remember them we even become nostalgic. Oh how do we wish we could go back in time to re-live those wonderful experiences! This is how I recall the following. CONCH EVERYWHERE I did mention that we become nostalgic when we remember these. To enjoy a good conch dish today costs a fortune. And not only that, we do not enjoy conch as often as we could or should. I think you will agree that the most popular thing with conch today is the famous ceviche. SATURDAY BAKING DAY - I want to start by stating that I am talking about those days when there was no bakery in San Pedro. However every woman in San Pedro was expected to know how to bake. So if there was no bakery, what did the people eat for breakfast or for the evening tea? Well there were the delicious flour tortillas which every girl learned to knead and bake by the time she was fourteen. Then there were the Johnny or journey cakes. Another kind of flour product for the table was the fried jacks. These have always been a family favorite. More on flour and what moms did very frequently were the crispy waffles.

Hundreds Participate in Light The Night For Kids with Disabilities
The 2nd Annual Light the Night for Kids was held on Friday, September 4, 2015, in Belize City. Hundreds of Belizeans, including families, students and corporate groups came together in support of The Inspiration Center and Belize’s children with disabilities. Equipped with glow in the dark t-shirts and accessories, the participants walked and danced through the main streets of Belize City and ended at the Memorial Park, where the festivities finished with a fireworks display. While this event aims to raise funds for The Inspiration Center, it also promotes healthy and active lifestyles while providing a family friendly atmosphere for a fun night out.

First Look at New $2.6Mil San Pedro Football Field Concept Released
After years of being left in deplorable conditions, with lack of funding to rehabilitate the Ambergris Stadium, The Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) announced on Monday, September 07, 2015, that it is undertaking the Construction phase of the San Pedro Football Field and on September 7, 2015. Once complete the field will boast state of the art facilities, including bleachers to seat 800, locker facilities, concessions stands and bathrooms. Contract has been awarded to winning bidder AM Construction Co Ltd, an Orange Walk based firm for BZ $2,623,911.95. Signing on behalf of the AM Construction Co Ltd, is General Contractor Mr. Agusto Blanco. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new complex at the Ambergris Stadium site located in the Alta Mar Area will take place on September 18, 2015.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Resolutions on the Controversial Issues About the Construction of 5-Storey Buildings in Ambergris Caye
Ambergris Caye, Belize is well known for its virgin lands and beaches that have existed through time unaltered and untouched by man. This is something that has captivated the hearts of the tourists and travelers to buy an Ambergris Caye real estate residential property and stay behind to live a tranquil, calm and peaceful life. It has been decades when developers in Ambergris Caye have been finally allowed to build taller buildings reaching up to 5 storeys; this is most probably due to the increasing cost of real estate properties in the place. It has been quite a journey with all the twists and turns before the Belize Government finally approved of this through Belize’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Basically, they have allowed building to be built as tall as 5 storeys to be able to maximize the use of the land, but provided that it provides great landscaping. But, there is one issue that needs to be settled; most developers make use of the entire land not leaving any space for any landscaping project. This problem may be attributed to the constantly increasing cost of the properties in Ambergris Caye. But, the downfall to this is that the place is promoting its natural habitat and greenery, how would they encourage tourists if eventually the place would look like any other beach resorts with high-rise buildings on the beachfront? Remember that the virgin beaches and all the natural resources present in the island is what attracts travelers and tourists the most and when this is lost because of the massive construction of buildings in the place, there would potentially be a decrease in visitors coming to the place.

Ten Day Weather Outlook for Belize
The Models are supporting a brief reprieved from the unseasonal dry conditions ravaging the region and Belize. A number of tropical waves are heading our way, while an upper level disturbance in the SE Gulf of Mexico is pulling some moisture into our region today and tomorrow. However, the influence of ENSO will continue to put the lid on any organized and intense rain-producing system on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America, at least for the next ten days. The intense ENSO event is forecast to persist through the rest of 2015 and early 2016.

Wildlife corridors allow animals to move through inhospitable landscapes to areas where they can safely make a home, find their food and raise young. Here in Belize we were delighted to find evidence of jaguars and pumas raising their young in the Central and Southern Belize Corridors, suggesting that these narrow connections may still support relatively good quality habitat and sufficient prey. Panthera and its research partners at the University of Belize’s Environmental Research Institute, Ya’axche Conservation Trust and the Toledo Institute for Development & Environment are working together to monitor the ecological integrity of these important corridors.

Biodegradable take-out containers
These are the folks who sell the biodegradable take-out containers. They are located in Belmopan. They also carry a variety of other eco-friendly products.

Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF) Grant
On Monday our team travelled to beautiful Punta Gorda where we got a first-hand look at the great work the Ministry of Health has accomplished through a grant of over BZ$5M from the Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF) through the World Bank. The grant supports the provision of greater access to quality health services for Belizean children in the poorest parts of the country. The project is focused in the Toledo District and its primary objectives are to improve the health and nutrition of children in the local communities in Toledo through an early childhood development approach focusing on prenatal care, nutrition monitoring and school health interventions at the primary school level. At an opening ceremony, aboveground tilapia ponds were also opened at Julian Cho Highschool. The first 500 fingerlings were introduced into one of the ponds. Little Flower R.C. School also received equipment to support its feeding program.

Caoba's 1st Anniversary
Happy anniversary, Caoba! One of Cayo's newest restaurants, and it's already famous for its food and grand events. They are celebrating their 1st anniversary this Saturday, September 12th. The Gilharry 7 will be playing, and they'll have jello shots and specials throughout the night. Here's to another great year!

Experiencing the Luxurious Living in a Paradise Called Ambergris Caye, Belize
Ambergris Caye, one of the most popular and largest islands in Belize has been the talk of the town with its exposure bin HGTV as one of the perfect locations in one of the most acclaimed TV Shows called the Beachfront Bargain Hunt. But, previously the island of Belize was also featured in a well-renowned TV show, the House Hunters International. And because of the previous televisions shows featuring the beauty and exquisiteness of this paradise, Ambergris Caye are also now chosen to be featured in another popular television program, the Home and Garden TV. What is it about Ambergris Caye that captivates the heart of people? This place could absolutely make anyone feel a state of nirvana when they come to visit and stay in the place. This heavenly place remains untouched by humans and it remains unchanged with its virgin white sand beach and a mangrove swamp in its center. This has been the home of the people of the Maya community since the Pre-Columbian times. Aside from San Pedro town in Ambergris Caye, there are also some small villages and resorts in the area. What is most enjoyed by travelers and tourists is the skydiving activities held during the winter season; this has truly captured the attention of the world.

SAGA Cookoff Fundraiser: Central American Cuisine
Belize Independence Day Block Party and Cook Off. Sept. 29th at El Fogon.

Volunteering at Belize Bird Rescue
I did not know about Belize Bird Rescue until a very dear friend and incredible role model for wildlife rehabilitation mentioned it to me early summer. Mind you, some of my most wonderful teachers have had experience in Belize and it would be a first time I would get the opportunity to learn about international wildlife rehabilitation and thus my curiosity was quite peaked. Thus when Nikki agreed to let me join her team for the summer at BBR headquarters, I was quite excited and a little nervous of what I would find. Trust me when I say this, this place is parrot and animal haven to all that visit! I have been in wildlife rehabilitation but it would be a first to experience so many parrots in one place and all for the goal of letting them fly free!

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, September 8, 2015: 36. FANTASY 5: 10 19 9 21 5 R PICK 3: 8 2 8

Power interruption 8:00am to 12:00 midday, Sunday, September 13, Belize City
Faber’s Rd between Central American Blvd & Whistling Duck Ln, including Madam Liz Ave, Rio Grande Crescent, Jimmy Dyer Ave, Singh St, Lionel Tillett St, Jaguar St, Price St, & Rio Bravo Crescent. Two 15-min power interruptions 8:00 to 8:15 am and 11:45am to 12:00 midday will also affect Ceasar Ridge Rd, Allan Pitts Crescent, Kraal Rd, Jane Usher Blvd, Levi Slusher St, Trinity St, Unity St, Louise Bevans St, Freedom St, Jabiru St, Butterfly St, Carl Thompson St, Heron St and Mud St . BEL to energize new high voltage line in Port Loyola & install structure on Faber’s Road.

Power interruption 5:00am to 6:00am, Sunday, September 13: entire Toledo District
BEL to troubleshoot communication equipment at Punta Gorda Substation.

Belize National Youth Awards 2015
If you know someone who qualifies for a Youth Award, you can now nominate them. "Nominations are now being accepted. Nomination deadline is October 12, 2015. Awarding Ceremny is November 6, 2015 at the Ramada Belize City Princes Hotel Download your form from here.

New Moon Concert
The SISE House of Culture is celebrating the September Celebrations and the new moon with a 'Full Moon' concert this Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center. Taprick will be performing. It's free, and starts at 7:00pm. "Come join us this Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center. All are invited to a free concert."

Channel 7

Another Murder In Belmopan; Second Victim Injured
Another man has been murdered in the west near Belmopan. Yesterday evening at around 5:20, 23 year old Devin Neal Flowers was riding on his motorbike on the Valley of Peace road when he was shot to the head. Another woman who was traveling on a separate motorcycle was hit as well. Apparently the shooter jumped out in front of the woman and shot her in the shoulder and then went after Neal. She was able to escape. Today we traveled to Roaring Creek today to find out why Neal was targeted and if Portillo was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Voice of Woman who heard shots "I was cooking when we heard shootings." Her routine night in the kitchen was shattered by the sound of about 10 gunshots. Shots which were fired at 23 year old Devin Neal Flowers and 30 year old Soila Portillo as they crossed the Agripino Cawich Bridge heading to Valley of Peace. They were both riding on separate motorcycles when a masked man emerged from these bushes and shot at Neal and Portillo. Portillo survived but Neal was shot to the temple and died. Portillo's family refused to speak with us in fear of Soila's life but when we spoke to Neal's family they told us that he had just left them yesterday evening.

American Man Found Chopped to Death In Xaibe
Corozal police are trying to find out who killed an American named John Ross. The 47 year old lived just outside Xaibe village where he raised chickens and sold eggs. He had been living there for 10 years, but, yesterday morning when a group of men went to buy from him they found Ross dead on the farm. He was lying face up in the ground beside a septic tank, with chop wounds to his neck, face and right arm. Ross lived by himself and notably, nothing was stolen - including electronics that were in his home. Police have detained his son who had been living with him up until recently. That's when there was a family dispute which sent his wife back to the states two weeks ago, while his son stayed on and lived with some friends in the area. He remains detained tonight, along with two other men from the village.

WILL BEWU Protest?
On Friday's news, we told you about the very strong letter that the Belize Energy Workers Union sent to Labour Minister Godwin Hulse threatening industrial action. In that letter dated September third, they said, quote, "Union membership is of the general opinion that the BEWU will have to take industrial action leading up to a general strike in order for our demands to be met by an inflexible, inconsiderate and disrespectful employer." That's hard talk and today we asked the Union's General secretary Marvin Mora if they are still holding that line:.. Marvin Mora, General Secretary - BEWU "We are at the point where we are awaiting still even though the general membership now is taking raise on the situation, but we are still awaiting and hopeful that BEL would do the right thing and provide us with something that is significant and that is fair in terms of what the proposals are that was placed on the table." Jules Vasquez "What has been your communication from the Minister of Labor? Have you all backed off that very hardline you took in that letter?"

NTUCB Prez Discusses Embattled Senator Davis
And while Mora waits for a response from the Minister of Labour and Management - he's also waiting for Senator Ray Davis to step down. But, Davis remains the appointed senator for Labour and Civil Society. Labour has voted to have him removed, but the Civil Society Steering Committee is not so clear. Reports say they have written to the Governor General - who ultimately makes the appointment - to say that they have no problem with Ray Davis. Mora had a different view:.. Reporter "What happens now? Because the Governor General will refuse to disappoint Ray Davis, because he needs the recommendation from the civil society and the congress." Marvin Mora, President - NTUCB "Well that's an issue between us and the civil society steering committee, will have to figure it out. But remember its two big organizations being held back by one small organization. So eventually we are going to figure out what we are going to do. Civil society in effect is only two organizations because all the rest are defunct and that really is WIN Belize and APAMO. APAMO being the larger organization has already casted their vote. They had already forwarded to us their official position which coincides with that of the congress."

COLA/BTV Team Up; Calls For GOB To Release Guatemala's Diplomatic Note
Last week Friday, PUP Senator Lisa Shoman revealed some of the language of the Guatemalan response to Belize diplomatic note, where the government complained about an incursion into the Sarstoon. The Guatemalans responded in some salty language - which basically re-asserts the official hardline: they don't recognize the Sarstoon or any of Belize's borders, for that matter. And now, an amalgamation of pressure groups, including COLA and the Belize Territorial Volunteers, are calling for the Government to disclose the full details of that response. Today, members of COLA met with the leaders of the Belize Territorial Volunteers in Belize City for several hours, and that meeting resulted in a joint position statement. It is detailed in a press release which says, quote, "The BTV…understands that Guatemala further rejected Belize's assertion that it was a mere unarmed group of civilians who visited the Sarstoon River and Island on August 16th, 2015 and scolded the Belize Government stating they acted irresponsibly in not preventing BTV from encroaching on Guatemalan territory." End Quote.

PM Left The Country On A Medical Trip
Prime Minister Dean Barrow won't be here for the Tenth festivities. That's because he left the country today for the US where he will see a back and spine specialist. If you've taken notice recently, the PM - who is 64 - has been forced to start using a walking cane due to acute back pain. He is scheduled to return on Saturday, September 12th. Deputy PM Gaspar Vega will act in his absence.

Phillip Goldson: The Man & His Achievements
Philip S.W. Goldson… it’s a name that’s on our national airport, and one of the country’s major roadways. But, how much do you truly know about the life and legacy of the man himself? He’s one of those politicians who transcended the narrow confines of politics and made an indelible mark on Belizean history, but he’s not as celebrated as the only other man who has been conferred with national hero status, George Price.

Youth Apprenticeship Starts 8th Cohort
The Youth Apprenticeship Program is designed for at-risk youths who are unemployed, or underemployed and trying to get into the mainstream workforce. The program teaches occupational skills and tries to instill a sense of discipline along with a work ethic. In a society with 16 thousand unemployed, and 15 thousand under employed, for the marginalized the program is a key conduit to the mainstream. Yesterday was intake number 8 of the program at the ITVET - where over 200 youths attended in hopes of finding a better life. The program is coordinated by Dianne Finnegan. Orientation Day is on Monday at the ITVET.

17 Year-old Minor Charged For Allegedly Murdering Kareem Clarke
Today a 17 year old male was charged for the murder of slain journalist Kareem Clarke. Court reporters say the youth showed no remorse as he was being taken to family court to be charged for the capital offence. The alleged killer is a minor and we cannot report his name or show his face, but we know that he just turned 17 in June - and has some criminal history. He was taken to family court heavily in shackles on his feet and handcuffs. Because it is murder, no bail was offered and he was remanded to the Wagner's Facility located the Kolbe Foundation of the Hattieville Prison until October 28th. 27 year old Kareem Clarke was killed two months ago on July 6th. The motive is still not clear.

The Man Called "Chronixx" Is In Belize; Wants To Perform For You
Over the last two years the reggae artist Chronixx has emerged as one of the truly international superstars of Jamaican music. And fittingly so because he is at the head of a roots reggae revival movement that has revitalized the reggae music scene. And tonight, Chronixx who has played to huge crowds all over the world is in Belize. He will perform at the River Tavern on September ninth - and when he arrived today, he gave us an interview while peeping out the door of a tour van. Not quite the grand entrance you'd expect from the man who sang, "here comes trouble", but it was good enough for us:.. Chronixx arrived with his touring band, called Zincfence Redemption. He's got an extra night in town, so he will be catching the world cup qualifier in Belmopan at the FFB stadium tonight. Tomorrow, his promoter has some sightseeing lined up for him.

Promoting Reading As A Past-Time
For most of this summer vacation, Restore Belize has been working with the primary schools, the Ministry of Education, the National Library Services, and Handy Tools Limited to conduct a summer reading program. They were trying to promote a love of literature, and reading in these young students to ensure that their educational careers won't be stunted. After 6 weeks of constant reading, 60 students participated, and the reader with the most hours logged was chosen. He and the other winners were awarded today in a ceremony held at the BTL Park. The organizers told us that this is part of the push in education to promote reading among students: Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education "As Mr. Newport who is the head of our Quads Unit puts it this morning. If we can get more people in this country or every adult person in this country to read to children every day, it would have been a mission accomplish. But today is just another day in the work of our ministry, especially the Quads Unit and the Literacy Unit to promote reading to children every single day. It is a very important goal and we cannot do enough to try to continue to promote this effort."

Fisheries Busted Major Out-Of-Season Conch
A joint operation was conducted early this morning between the Belize Fisheries Department and the Audubon Society -targeting closed season operations. During this morning's operation, officers came upon an icebox that was tucked away in some mangroves. Inside the icebox was about four hundred and sixty five pounds of undersized conch valuing close to five thousand dollars. We found out more fromHampton Gamboa - Conservation Compliance Unit Supervisor. Hampton Gamboa - Conservation Compliance Unit Supervisor "We have a joint operation that was conducted early this morning between Belize Fisheries Department and The Belize Audubon Society targeting close season operation. The area which we were targeting is the Northern 2 Caye. That's where the new proposed development is supposed to happen. We have some fishers that we've been monitoring who are going out in the closed season harvesting of conch during the closed season. Basically this operation was geared towards seeing if they are still harvesting or what's the situation." "Fortunately for us, we came up on an ice box. 3 of our officers departed here this morning, went in the said vicinity and at about 12 this afternoon when they were able to get cell phone contact with us they told us what they have found sometime after 10 this morning."

Health Gains In Toledo Courtesy The Japanese Social Dev. Fund
In 2011, The Ministry of Health received a grant of over 5 Million Belize dollars from the Japanese Social Development Fund to provide greater access to quality health services for Belizean children of the poorest parts of the country. That means Toledo where the primary focus has been to improve the health and nutrition of children in the local communities. Programs were built around prenatal care, nutrition monitoring and school health interventions at the primary school level. The Ministry of Health took a tour of some of the areas that have been impacted yesterday to provide a snapshot of what has been accomplished. Here's a snippet form the Julian Cho Technical High School:

Channel 5

Roaring Creek Man Gunned Down, Companion in Critical Condition
There are two murders to report tonight…one in the north and one in the west. On Monday evening, Roaring Creek resident, Devin Neal, was ambushed as he travelled on his [...]

American Murdered in Xaibe
Up north, the body of a US national was found at his farm in Xaibe, Corozal on Monday by three men who went there to purchase sheep. It had multiple [...]

Minor Charged in Kareem Clarke’s Murder
Tonight, after almost exactly two months, there is finally news to report in the shooting death of Kremandala journalist, Kareem Clarke. Clarke was gunned down in the early morning of [...]

COLA & BTV Unite to Demand an F.O.B. at the Sarstoon
The Sarstoon sovereignty issue remains on the front-burner in Belize, and seems likely to be situated there for the foreseeable future. Even as Guatemala moves through a turbulent time amid [...]

COLA Says G.O.B.’s Actions Suggest Border is Porous
And that campaign to get a base built at the mouth of the Sarstoon is even more critical now, says Brackett, because government’s actions have given the impression that our [...]

President Brackett Tells G.O.B. – Don’t Take Us Lightly
Last week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was a tad bit condescending of COLA’s Build a Base campaign when the media asked him about it. That’s not surprising because anybody in [...]

Faith Nazarene Still Closed as Teachers and Parents Protest
Classes resumed across the country on September first, but since the start of this week, students at Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio, Cayo have been told not to [...]

Minister Patrick Faber Asks for Patience
Today, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, counselled patience as the matter is currently under consideration by the Teachers Service Commission. As in all such things, claims Faber, while parents inevitably [...]

Legal Battle Being Waged over US National Murdered in Belize
US national, Timothy McNamara, was killed at Christmas on December 2014 at his farm in Boston Village, Belize District. At first the local police deemed it a suicide based on [...]

World Literacy Day Celebrated in Belize
World Literacy Day is being celebrated in Belize under the theme ‘Read to a Child Today. Read to a Child Every Day.’ This morning schools from Belize City, as well [...]


Prime Minister To Accompany Wife For Medical Check up
Last week the Prime announced his departure from the country to accompany his wife, Kim Simpliss Barrow for scheduled medical check-ups and today, the ailing Prime Minister left the country for medical checkup of his own. A release from his office indicates that the Prime Minister regrets that this medical visit will deprive him of his participation in the annual 10th ceremonies. The PM is scheduled to return to Belize on Saturday, 12th September and during his absence, Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister will act as Prime Minister of Belize.

BSCFA To Receive Fair Trade Premiums For Sugar Sold To Fair Trade
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has announced that the premiums on ten thousand tons of sugar sold under Fairtrade will go in its totality to the association. Chair of the Committee of Management, Ezekiel Cansino, said that they got the news last week during the visit of Liaison Officer Andrew Wright and Julia Clark, a representative of Tate and Lyle. “La BSCFA va hacer el quien va a conseguir en totalidad lo que es el premio de las diez mil toneladas de azúcar de los que se vendió a Fair Trade y por parte de las otras Asociaciones nos informaron por el señor de que no habían sido certificados simplemente les habían dado un permiso para hacer trade entonces en eso quedamos de que BSCFA va a estar consiguiendo el premio de un millón punto dos que es el premio de las diez mil toneladas de azúcar vendida a Fair Trade.”

Cane Farmers Associations Set Dateline For Transfers Of Members
The movement of sugarcane farmers from one association to the other is still ongoing and involves all three associations. In a recent meeting however, all three groups have agreed to a cutoff date. BSCFA Committee of Management Chair Ezekiel Cansino says that date is right around the corner. “El viernes pusimos la fecha que va hacer que estemos aceptando traslados de caneros de Asociación a Asociación y esta decisión fue tomada el viernes pasado por las tres Asociaciones tuvimos una reunión y decidimos de que el viernes once de Septiembre va hacer el date line para hacer estos traslados.”

Fuel Prices Goes Down
Motorists will feel a small relief in their pockets for the cost of fuel since the prices are scheduled to take a dip after midnight. Regular gasoline will dip 91 cents from $9.03 to $8.12 and diesel will drop by 31 cents, from $6.99 to 6.68. And while the new prices come in effect at midnight, prices for Kerosene and Premium will remain the same. Experts in the US say that fuel prices dip because the Oil is below $40US a barrel for the first time since the Great Recession.

Farmers Implementing Irrigation System To Mitigate Climate Change
Yesterday we told you how global warming has been affecting farmers in the Indian Creek area in the Orange Walk District in the form of a severe drought that has caused hundreds of acres of corn and soy beans to perish. But farmers are not giving up just yet as they are trying to alleviate the problem by installing a fully functional supplementary irrigation system. John Dyck is one of the farmers who decided to install the irrigation system after losing all his crop in 2012. “In 2012 we had a dry year just like we had this year and I lost everything that I had planted and then I say there is only one way to go further this way to put up the irrigation, this is a new system that you see behind me that was put up by the end of December we did some bean with that and so I had good results with that already and as you can see the corn where it gets irrigated we having better results but the cost of irrigation due to no rain that we are getting is getting very high in that one, the cost of the system is about three hundred thousand dollars.”

BTV Demands Disclosure Of Note Sent To Guatemala
Viewers may recall that on August 19th, 2015 the Prime Minister held a Press Conference to inform the nation that a protest note was sent to the Guatemalan Government as it relates to the Belize Territorial Volunteers visit to Sarstoon Island and their encounter with the Guatemalan armed forces on August 16th. As you might already know, it was determined that on that day the Guatemalan Authorities entered Belizean waters as they tried to stop Belizeans from carrying out their trip to the Sarstoon Island. Since then, several Belizeans have requested that the PM release to the nation, the contents of the said strong protest note. Today, the BTV kept the pressure going as they demanded for disclosure of that note to be released immediately.

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Two persons shot off their motorbikes; one dies
During our newscast last night, information was still coming in about a late evening shooting that happened on Agripino Cawich bridge on the Valley of Peace road not too far from the George Price Highway. Our news crew was still on the scene at our news time but today we have the full story. Emanue...

Squatters take case to court
The squatters of Maya Mopan have taken their case to court. A couple weeks ago, PlusTv reported on a squatting issue that was developing in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan. Some of the squatter’s houses were destroyed by the Belmopan City Council since the squatters refused to move even after they w...

Guatemala result encourages Belizean third parties
The results for Guatemala’s presidential and congressional elections are in. With nearly 99% of votes counted, comic actor Jimmy Morales leads the presidential race by 5 points over closest rival Sandra Torres, who herself has edged out former front runner Manuel Baldizon. In the Congress the ...

BTV joins COLA in Build the Base campaign
Members of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) and Citizens Organised for Liberty through Action (COLA) as well as other social activist organisations met in Belize City today to plan further actions.According to BTV leader Wil Maheia, the Guatemalan presence in Belize’s waters now extends...

Ministry limiting involvement in Faith Nazarene dispute
Teachers and staff at Faith Nazarene Primary School are on strike, demanding the removal of principal Policarpia Pech, who has been accused of and denies mismanagement. Her case has been taken to the Teaching Services Commission (TSC) and in the meantime the General Manager of Nazarene Schools has c...

Belize seeks to avenge loss against Canada
Tonight is round two of Belize Vs Team Canada. The game is being played at FFB stadium in Belmopan at 7 pm. Three nil was the final score of the Belize Canada game on Friday September 4th. Tosaint Ricketts on the Canadian team scored one goal in each half to give the Canadians a comfortable lead. At...

International Literacy Day observed
Today is International Literacy Day and there was a open-air book fair and event at BTL Park in Belize City. Minister of Education Patrick Faber tells us more. Hon. Patrick Faber: Well it is Mr. Newport who is head of our quad unit puts it this morning. If we can get more people in this country, eve...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

History of British Honduras (now Belize) as recorded by the British
His Majesty’s Settlement in the Bay of Honduras, as the territory was formerly styled in official documents, owes its origin, in 1638, to logwood cutters who had formerly been buccaneers. These were afterwards joined by agents of the Chartered Company which exploited the pearl fisheries of the Mosquito coast. There were frequent clashes with neighbouring Spanish settlers. The most formidable of these was made by the Spaniards in April 1754, when an expedition, consisting of I,500 men, was organized inland at the town of Peten. As it neared the coast, it was met by 250 British, and completely routed. The log-wood cutters were not again disturbed for a number of years, and their position had become so well established that, in the treaty of 1763 with Spain, Great Britain, while agreeing, to demolish “all fortifications which English subjects had erected in the Bay of Honduras, insisted on a clause in favor of the cutters of logwood, that they were not to be disturbed or molested, under any pretext whatsover, in their said places of cutting and loading logwood.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ministry limiting involvement in Faith Nazarene dispute PIC Faber
Teachers and staff at Faith Nazarene Primary School are on strike, demanding the removal of Principal Policarpia Pech, who has been accused of and denies mismanagement. Her case has been taken to the Teaching Services Commission (TSC) and in the meantime the General Manager of Nazarene Schools has […]

International Literacy Day observed
Today is International Literacy Day and there was an open-air book fair and event at BTL Park in Belize City. Minister of Education Patrick Faber related that more Belizeans should take charge of reading to our children to improve their literacy. According to the Minister, his personal experience […]

Guatemala result encourages Belizean third parties
The results for Guatemala’s presidential and congressional elections are in, and to say the least, they are surprising. With nearly 99% of votes counted, comic actor Jimmy Morales leads the presidential race by 5 points over closest rival Sandra Torres, who herself has edged out former front runner […]

Belize out of World Cup after battling draw vs Canada
Belize’s national football team has reached the end of the road, unable to get their desired result at home versus Canada in tonight’s World Cup qualifying match. Deon McCauley’s 21st international goal for Belize in the 26th minute put Belize in control early, but Will Johnson hit in […]

Who took down Belize flag from Sarstoon Island?
This morning PLUS TV’s News Director and host of Rise and Shine, Louis Wade, Jr., made a major allegation concerning the first flag planted at Sarstoon Island some years ago by the Belize Territorial Volunteers. He says that there was an agreement between the two countries that the […]

PM Barrow to miss 10th ceremonies due to medical appointment in USA
The Press Office today reported that Prime Minister Dean Barrow will miss official ceremonies for St. George’s Caye Day in Belize City on Thursday, after leaving the country today, Tuesday, to attend a medical appointment for his ongoing back ailment. In a release the Office of the P.M. […]

San Pedro police seize illegal gun
San Pedro police have arrested a 31-year-old resident of the island for possession of an illegal firearm. Acting on information received, the police took Joseph Pariott to his Marina Drive home, in San Pedro Town, and searched the area. The search was conducted on Monday evening and about 100 feet […]

“Upset” Jaguars determined to reverse Canada loss
After a poor performance in Toronto on Friday, Belize’s Jaguars are determined to reverse the narrative and achieve fourth-round qualification in the FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifiers. They need to upset a 3-0 scoreline at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. The last training practice took place at Price […]

American national chopped to death in Corozal
Around 11:45 a.m., the lifeless body of 47 year old American, John Ross, was found lying face up on the ground ½ miles West of Xaibe Village, Corozal District on Monday with multiple chop wounds. A group of men went to Ross’ farm to purchase something from him when they […]

Hon. Castro chased from PUP convention
Sunday’s Power to the People Rally and endorsement of Major Lloyd Jones in Belize Rural North was crashed by an unlikely visitor – the area representative, Hon. Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro. It appears the two-term representative and Minister of State wanted to see for himself how the […]

Western Regional trying to clean up rat scandal but mess too big
The Western Region is struggling to pick up the pieces after last week’s news that a new-born child in the neonatal care unit was bitten by a rat in an incubator, however, hospital officials say the child and mother have been discharged and the child is in good health. BMG […]

BTV joins COLA in Build the Base campaign
Members of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) as well as other social activist organizations met in Belize City today to plan further actions. According to BTV leader Wil Maheia, the Guatemalan presence in Belize’s waters now extends to the mouth of the […]

Elderly psychiatric patient raped by fellow inmate
Administrator of the Palm view resident psychiatric center in Belmopan, Michelle O’Brien, has told journalists that investments will be made in security after a female patient suffered sexual assault at the hands of a fellow resident last week. Police are investigating, but it appears that the attack came while medication was being […]

Brother and sister file suit against cousin who killed their father in Belize
A brother and sister from Washington state in the Unites States (US) have filed a civil murder suit against their cousin who allegedly killed retired US national Timothy McNamara, last year in Belize. Caleb McNamara and his sister Jennifer Ralston claim their cousin, Tracy Nessl, began a romantic relationship with their recently divorced […]

Tilapia ponds inaugurated at Julian Cho High School
A launching ceremony at the Julian Cho Technical High School (JCTHS) on Monday saw the Ministry of Health, World Bank and Japanese Social Development Fund, officially opening several Tilapia ponds that were donated to the school through a joint effort by the three entities. Also donated to the school were […]

Motorcyclist and passenger shot while riding in Camalote
Gunshots rang out in Camalote Village on Monday evening, several of them hitting Devin Neal and a passenger he had behind his motorcycle, as he was driving in the area of the Valley of Peace Bridge. Neal, a resident of Roaring Creek Village, was transported to the Western Regional Hospital […]

Three charged with gang rape of woman in PG
The shocking gang rape of a 21 year old woman in the Toledo District two weeks ago, is said to have been fueled by an ongoing rivalry between the woman’s family and the Shol family in the village of Indian Creek. The woman reported that around 4:30 p.m. on August […]

Angry parents strike against Faith Nazarene Primary Principal
Teachers and parents of the Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio went on strike Monday. The parents were not protesting against the government but against the school’s very own principal, Ms. Policarpia Pech, who they claim has been mistreating both students and teachers for the past four years. Classes […]

Police need public help to find 16-year-old
The police is asking for the public’s assistance in locating 16-year-old Eliesa Natasha Reyes, a resident of San Ignacio Town, who has been missing since Sunday. Karen Reyes reported to police that her daughter Eliesa, a second form student at Calcutta Adventist School, was supposed to stop at her home […]


Ever wondered about Belize tap water and how the plant works?
While our tap water at the plant is completely potable, there is no guarantee on the state of the pipes running from Consolidated Water to where ever you are. This was no different than downtown Toronto for me and on very hot summer days you could definitely smell a slight funk from the tap water mostly in the kitchen – as a result in our house, we drank bottled. The Reverse Osmosis Plant owned and operated by Consolidated Water Belize Limited (CWBL) in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is a relatively simple seawater reverse osmosis process. The plant is located about 2 miles south of town central San Pedro. Seawater is extracted from two shallow wells adjacent to the lagoon. Because the wells are shallow and uncased they are under the direct influence of the lagoon water. Natural and man-made changes in the lagoon water quality have a direct impact on the plant’s operation. The raw seawater is pumped through pre-filters to remove suspended solids 5 microns and larger in size, (a micron is one-millionth of a meter…really, really small). Many/most constituents of seawater, (organic and inorganic), are smaller than this and pass through the pre-filters. The filtered water is then pressurized by two pump systems: diesel driven pumps and high pressure booster pumps, (powered by the waste/brine water flow). The pressurized seawater (about 960 lbs/in.2) is forced through two separate Trains of RO vessels and the “plastic” membranes inside. The membranes have pores about .45 microns in size. These pores are smaller than most of the organic/inorganic constituents of seawater so most salts, minerals etc. are left behind on the brine side of the membranes.

Spices in San Pedro’s Central Park – Ricky’s Spice Shack
I actually noticed the business a few months ago on Facebook – Ricky’s Spice Shack. Super cute logo, name and header… They also have a website with recipe and spice using tips and on-line ordering. Interesting… But it wasn’t until I saw on Facebook that they were going to be in San Pedro, that I took much interest. In fact, I had gone right by Central Park to Lily’s to get lunch and wait for the water taxi up north. And then I saw their post…and I finished lunch and walked right back. Ricky and his crew were just putting things away…to take some time off during the height of the sun and the heat. He said they planned to set up again at about 4pm today and be in the park again tomorrow. Rubs and spice mixtures and marinates….

Closing out Rose’s birthday season searching for manatees and hanging out at the sand bar
It is a good day when you can say you spent some time on a boat searching for a herd of manatees. And we did. On Saturday. En route to the sand bar. Our captain Eddy had seen about 14 manatees around the south end of Ambergris Caye only the day before so we slowed to a halt at the same spot. Everybody put on their best sea squints and searched the horizons. We saw some manashadows and rockatees. No manatees. But I am now able to add “searched for manatees” to the list of things done this past weekend. That’s not bad. Nor is spending the day on the sand bar. The sand bar is becoming a local tradition — organize a boat for the day and run it up on the bar, just north of what is no ironically called Secret Beach. The water is crystal clear, sargassum-free, warm and barely four inches deep for as far as you can see. If you hit the place at low tide there is actually a spit of sand that pops up.

International Sourcesizz

Canada beats Belize to advance to fourth round of FIFA qualifying
The Canadian men's soccer team advanced to the fourth round of FIFA World Cup qualifying with a 4-1 aggregate win over Belize on Tuesday. Will Johnson scored a game-tying goal late in the first half to salvage a 1-1 draw in the Belize capital. The sole goal was more than enough offence for Canada, which won the first leg of the qualifier 3-0 at Toronto's BMO Field last Friday. Deon McCauley scored in the 26th minute for Belize. "We kept the ball as much as possible because Belize has a good counter attack and a dangerous player," Canadian coach Benito Floro said of McCaulay. "We knew on this pitch they were going to play well. The match was very difficult." Canada, ranked No. 102 in the world, will become part of Group A in the fourth round, the penultimate stage of qualifying in the region. That pool will feature No. 26 Mexico, No. 81 Honduras and No. 107 El Salvador with only the top two advancing after round-robin play to the final hexagon round. Belize is ranked 128th in the world. Canada dominated possession on the short, bumpy surface at FFB Stadium Tuesday, but McCaulay gave Belize an early lead with a right-footed blast. McCaulay took his pass from winger Daniel Jimenez before blasting it past Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borjan.

Belize rules former Soap Lake man's death was murder, Interpol issues warrant for Nessl
A forensic report indicates a former Soap Lake man did not shoot himself in Belize. Tim McNamara, a 66-year-old man, was found dead outside his home in Belize on Dec. 25, 2014 after an alleged argument with his niece, 44-year-old Soap Lake resident Traci Nessl, according to a civil lawsuit filed in Grant County Superior Court. The lawsuit, filed by an attorney for Jennifer Ralston and her brother Caleb McNamara, cousins to Nessl, claims Nessl shot the victim in the back of the head as he was leaving the home. Nessl reportedly told police McNamara grabbed the gun, which was registered to Nessl, and accidentally shot himself. She later said the victim committed suicide. A forensic report from the National Forensic Science Service in Belize claims McNamara did not shoot himself. Investigators reportedly did not find any blood spatter on McNamara’s hands, which reportedly indicate his hands were not close to the wound when the shot was fired, according to the report obtained by iFIBER One News.

The evolution of Queen Elizabeth II, as shown by banknotes
Queen Elizabeth II will officially become the longest-serving British monarch Wednesday after serving 63 years, beating a record set by her own great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. The 89-year-old Queen Elizabeth has seen an enormous amount of change during her reign. Unlike most people, however, her own evolution has been documented in an unusual way: On banknote portraits. Since first appearing as a young royal on Canadian notes as a child to modern-day portrayals, the queen has appeared on currency all around the world. The two portraits of the queen prior to her accession to the throne were both featured on Canadian banknotes. The first was the queen at 8 years old; the second, taken by famous photographer Yousuf Karsh, was issued in 1951.

Diving 2,000 Feet Underwater
I just landed on Roatán Island in Honduras for a sanity-questioning adventure with maverick Karl Stanley. According to National Geographic in 2002, Stanley once broke into a police station to destroy parking tickets, and teen troubles at a reform school landed him in a New Jersey state mental hospital, which surprisingly had nothing to do with the submarine he started building at age 15. The week he graduated from college, the New Jersey native took C-BUG, his first sub, on its maiden dive. Early issues included leaks, blown gaskets and a cracked window at 600 feet that soaked a passenger with seawater. With his new submarine Idabel, Stanley runs unlicensed and uninsured passenger dives in Honduras, one of the few countries that would allow it. Stanley famously tells people their only insurance is that “I am going with you.” In other words, if you die, I die, too. I booked the submarine-dive option that goes 2,000 feet underwater. My future wife, who joined me on the adventure, said, “We absolutely cannot tell my family what we are about to do.” Through a series of emails, I scheduled the submarine dive for Thanksgiving weekend. Stanley’s Roatán Institute of Deepsea Exploration (RIDE) operates out of Roatán, the largest of the Bay Islands located off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. The Bay Islands are Bonacca Ridge peaks from the extensive Mesoamerican Barrier Reef that one National Geographic writer favorably compared to the Great Barrier Reef. Christopher Columbus, so the story goes, helped name Honduras—an Old Spanish word for “depths”—in part after the Cayman Trench that drops to more than 25,000 feet right off the shoreline. This steep ocean topography allows Idabel to depart from the dock in Half Moon Bay as opposed to needing a boat to take the sub out to sea.


  • PUP Belize Power to the people, 2min.

  • Belizean artist Tanya Carter, 13min. Belize's very own Tanya Carter.

  • Introduction of the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic, 5min. Here finally the official introduction of the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic. We registered as a non-profit organisation in Belize in December 2011 and we could not have succeeded without the support of many. But since many people do not know we exist and what services we offer to benefit Belizean wildlife and people, we wanted to introduce our mission, vision and what is is we do and share some patients images and stories with this video.

  • Mexican hairy Porcupine, 2min. Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic Meet the amazing Mexican hairy Porcupine, named "Petunia" (and she loves flowers). Thanks go to Daniel Velazquez Artist and Tammy M Tate for narration, this time in Creole. As a rescue and teaching clinic we try to "use" our patients stories to educate people about wildlife just as my friend Ed Clark taught me. When we can find time and money, we try to produce public service announcements like this one. We hope this will help to reduce human wildlife conflict and encourage co-existence with our amazing environment and its animals. For the future we hope to source funding to make an entire series for the different species we encounter. Until then I hope you enjoy the images - Dr. Isabelle

  • San Pedro Queen of Bacchanal Pageant 2015, 3.5min. With just one week after selecting its new Miss San Pedro beauty representative, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye has crowned its first ever Queen of Bacchanal, over the weekend on Saturday, September 5, 2015.

  • The Belize Project | Jacob's Farm, 7min. Jacob’s Farm is a faith-based rehabilitation center offering men a place to gain freedom from alcohol and drug addictions. The farm is set on 58 acres and includes two dormitory facilities, a dining hall, a bath house and an office. Jacob’s Farm provides a home for men for four months while they engage in work therapy, participate in Journey to Freedom group sessions and attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Program participants also have ongoing one-on-one meetings with a clinical counselor.

  • Jon and Nathan Zip Lining in Belize 2015 for YouTube, 4min. August 2015 Zip Lining in Belize Jon and Nathan Robertson. Seven Zip ;line course.

  • California first annual Belize Day on Sept. 6th 2015 with Reggae artist Tanya Carter. Opening, 3min. Tanya Carter is well known Belizean performer.

  • Belize monuments, 1950's - FIlm 94016, Maya Temples, 2min.

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