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Today's Belize News: September 12, 2015 #507421
09/12/15 05:57 AM
09/12/15 05:57 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The San Pedro Sports Council announces Beach Volleyball Tournament
The San Pedro Sports Committee, in collaboration with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, brings to you a 4X4 Beach Volleyball tournament. The competition will include four categories: Male, Female, Junior and Over 35 (years old). The event will kick off on September 26th at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sports Complex. This is the first time such a tournament will be held, and according to Sports Councilor, Hector “Tito” Alamilla, as long as he is in charge of sports, it will become an annual event. “The games will take place on weekends and all interested teams are encouraged to register from now to save a spot. I want to invite everyone to participate in the tournament in order to bring back the good old volleyball days,” Said Alamilla.

30 Day Belizean Treats Challenge: Day Eight, Nine and Ten
Our food journey continues with day eight, nine and ten!

Community garbage campaigns continue
Garbage is a major issue on the island, and even though the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) continues striving to alleviate the situation, it does not seem to be enough. As such, two respective groups have come together to tackle the matter as well. The Phoenix Resort and a group of residents of the Tres Cocos area have organized regular clean-up campaigns to help combat the problem. On the other hand, Tres Cocos residents (just north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge) have designated the first Friday of the month to keep their side of the island clean. This is another successful initiative that is yielding great results, as more volunteers join each time. Even though this practice is only being done once a month, every time it takes place, the message to not litter gets louder, and it is expected that the dumping of garbage on the beach and side of the road will stop. Volunteers are provided with garbage bags, water, and even iced coffee, cookies and tea after cleanup. Everyone is invited to join and give back some love to the community every month. Both initiatives have yielded positive results, as not only is there less trash on the island, but more people are becoming aware of the importance of keeping La Isla Bonita clean. In recent weeks, organizers are reporting increased motivation, as more and more volunteers continue to show up every weekend. The quest for a clean island is one that takes community effort, determination, motivation and hard work.

Works on phase two of Police Barracks ceases
On Wednesday, August 26th, works on the second phase of the Police Barracks were reported to have resumed. This coincided with the official visit of Minister of National Security Honorable John Saldivar. The project, which had been stalled for several months, seemed to finally be on its way to completion. However, a few days after the visit of Saldivar, works on the barracks suddenly stopped. According to Councilor Gabriel “Gaby” Nuñez, who is in charge of the construction, the present works at the moment being done at the barracks are all based on voluntary service. “Works on the building stopped for now, since on this last phase of the project, we are getting the work done based on volunteering/community service. We will be needing donations to complete the plumbing and electrical part of the construction and so we ask anyone who wants to help, to donate, they can do it at the offices of the Town Council,” said Nuñez. He mentioned that as of next week, more works will take place on the barracks, emphasizing that the assistance of the community will play a big role in finishing the facilities.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Paint Belize Fundraiser
Sacred Heart Junior College's Hands for Life club teamed up with some of the Taiwanese Educational Leadership Group to do some facepainting, and some wall painting, while raising funds for Mary Open Doors. They also had some delicious baked goods. The wall between Burns and the Cayo Welcome Center looks a lot better.

September Wellness Symposium
Caribbean Wellness Week is later this month, and the Belize Wellness Institute is planning on taking a gro0p to the main event in Belize City. You can find out all about it tomorrow, at the monthly Cayo Wellness Symposium. "**NEW** Wellness Symposium topics will be on: *Acupressure *Acupuncture *Reflexology *Tui Na with guest speakers Dr. Susan Barnes, Juan Pablo Collado as well as Mary Loan. Learn about those different modalities and see practicals"

Workshop Date: September 17th, 2015 1pm to 4pm . This session is the Part II - Basics of Labour Law will now cover various acts under Labour Legislation which includes: Chapter 298 - SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES IN ESSENTIAL SERVICES ACT Chapter 299 - TRADE DISPUTES (ARBITRATION AND INQUIRY) ACT Chapter 304 - TRADE UNIONS AND EMPLOYERS' ORGANIZATIONS (REGISTRATION, RECOGNITION AND STATUS) ACT The Labour Department's mandate, among many others, is enforcement and compliance with these legislation's. This will all be related to Belize's international obligations as a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Additionally, the session will provide an overview of as it relates to the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.

US Ambassador Helps Kick Off Belize’s September Celebrations
Belize’s September Independence celebrations have begun in earnest, with US Ambassador Carlos R Moreno’s featured speech at the annual Expo Belize serving to illustrate the close relationship the two countries enjoy, according to The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Chaa Creek co-owner and GM Lucy Fleming said it was significant that Ambassador Moreno was the event’s guest speaker, as Belize and the US share a similar history and ties that include common languages and future goals. “When you consider how many things the two countries have in common, it’s no wonder that Belize and the United States share such a close bond,” Ms Fleming said. “Both nations celebrate their independence from Great Britain each year, have English as their primary and Spanish as the second language, are multicultural melting pots, share a strong democratic tradition and maintain huge national wilderness areas, among many other similarities,” she said.

International volleyball comes to Hickory Point
O n the first day of 2015 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour tournament in Tavares, Steve Bishop of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball was a bit like a volleyball himself, hurtling back and forth across the sprawling Hickory Point complex to field media inquiries, check supplies, fix a flag, even shag a few balls for Team USA in its game against Team Canada. The NORCECA Continental Tour was started to help develop teams from the western hemisphere. Belize, Barbados, Aruba, Guatemala and other small nations use this series of tournaments to qualify their teams for the Olympics. The United States doesn’t. Its volleyball tradition is a bit stronger, so the U.S. teams competing at Hickory Point are often vying to get to that next, elite level.

Around the world in 35 great pictures! You share your favourite images from this year's holidays
Tracie D'Ath, 25, from Tauranga in New Zealand, captured this shot while snorkelling in Belize. She likes this photo 'because turtles hate selfies.'

LPG Price Change
The Supplies Control Unit in the Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection is hereby informing the general public that effective September 12, 2015 there will be a new price structure for the sale of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Road March
Carnival Road March 2015 airs on Channel 5 at 1:00 pm tomorrow, Saturday, September 12. Channel 5 is your All-Access Carnival 2015 pass. You won't want to miss it!

San Pedro celebrating the 10th
Happy 10th Sept my fellow Belizeans, photos courtesy of Claudia P. Miranda, thanks Amiga!!

Congratulations Yvon... A vision for my life started to become clear while studying at Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. I felt complete and at ease when I was creating, whether it was choreographing or doing photography. I was accepted into the Visual Arts and Graphic Design Program at St. John’s Junior College in Belize City. Currently I am working to save money for the tuition fees On the island, like many people, I have done numerous jobs: bike tour guide, waiter, a wedding photographer and I have a reef technician certificate, which allows me to identify fish and coral and take scientific samples. While growing up I did not get much parental support so decided that by volunteering at the local primary school, teaching dance, assisting on field trips or tutoring, I can be a real help to the kids. In the future I would like to be a teacher.

Benque Marimba Block Party
They are having a Marimba Block Party today in Benque. The fun starts at 5:00pm. "Marimba Block Party, join, celebrate and support the future of Marimba Music in Benque Viejo! Come one, come all, lots to eat and drink! Marimba 4 life....."

Yellow-headed Parrots released
Last week, five Yellow-headed Parrots were transported to Rancho Delores for soft release near the Hillbank Research Station. In partnership with Program for Belize, these parrots were sent to Belize Bird Rescue as nestlings (preventing poachers from taking them from their nests) where they were carefully raised without imprinting until they were old and strong enough for release where they can fly free! Check out these pictures of BBR and Program for Belize staff hard at work constructing the soft release enclosure.

Channel 7

Finally, Compromise At Faith Nazarene
For this entire week, the 400+ students enrolled at the Faith Nazarene Primary School had to stay home while the Management, the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Union tried to mediate a dispute between the teachers and the principal. The teachers collectively went on strike and refused to conduct their classes because they want the school's management to remove Principal Policarpia Pech. They have a long list of reasons why they have no confidence in her as leader. Pech has responded to their allegations, as rumors and hearsay, and she categorically denies them. Before classes resumed last week Tuesday, the Management carefully explained to the teachers that they had done enough by bringing evidence to a tribunal conducted by the Teaching Services Commision. After that, it would take time and due process to remove Pech, if the allegations were true. Well, the teachers decided that a full hearing and such a tribunal would take too long, and so they decided to take direct action and go on strike when Pech showed up for classes on Monday. That's basically in effect since Monday, and it appeared that it wouldn't end because the teachers insisted that they would not work with her.

First Caribbean Crippled By Mass Sickout of Bank Employees
Today, First Caribbean Bank Branches across the country were closed - because no one showed up for work! The employees staged a sick out after they learned that the vesting act to transfer the bank's assets is going to the House of Representatives for approval next week. And that's happening before the 60 employees and their union have finalized the terms of an exit package - basically how much they will be paid off by First Caribbean before they are sent home. So, the bank workers leveraged the only thing they've got left: their labour, to send a message to the owners of First Caribbean and the government - that the vesting of the bank's assets will deal a death blow to their bargaining power. CWU President Audrey Matura Shepherd told the media more today:...

Coast Guard On Troubled Waters?
All 5 coast guard personnel detained in connection with the 3 men missing at sea have been released. As we told you, the family believes that the Coast Guard has something to do with the disappearance of the men, so, the police had detained 5 of them for questioning. As we've been reporting, the men have a violent past history with the Coast Guard. But what does the Coast Guard's Command have to say about this very serious allegation? We asked commander Elton Bennett today and he told us that the CG has always exercised professionalism and would not have any reason to retaliate regardless of previous hostile encounters with these men. Commander Elton Bennett, Vice Commandant, Coast Guard "As it relates to the detention of the Coast Guard men, the investigation has been done by the police as it relates to the 3 missing men out at sea. The information reached the police and the police had ask us for certain information which we provided to them. We have them all the necessary information for them to conduct their investigation. We have nothing to cover. We will cooperate completely with the police. As a result of that the police pinpoint some personals from the Coast Guard which they had in detention last week and did their questioning. I believe that all 5 men were released a few day ago."

Vance Cabral Killed By Cousin
Placencia police cannot say if a Tenth September killing was accidental or intentional. 53 year old Warren Cabral shot 45 year old Vance Cabral in the head around 3:00 in the afternoon. It happened in Seine Byte on a boat named the Island Dancer where a group of men were socializing. The official report says Warren Cabral - who is Vance's cousin - fired a single shot form his licensed 9 millimeter pistol and it caught Vance Cabral in his left temple. Police detained Warren Cabral for questioning but told us that at this point they have not ruled it accidental, nor have they ruled it a homicide. Warren Cabral remains detained. Vance Cabral came to national attention in 2005 when his company Advance Diving took out an ill equipped tour which ended up disastrously as four tourists got stranded in the open sea for 55 hours, resulting in the death of Abigale Brinkman.

Remanded For Ramclam
22 year-old Brandon Bennett, a resident of Freedom Street, is at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to court today for allegedly trying to kill a man last week Friday. The victim, 19 year old Winston Ramclam, of Freedom Street was shot to the left ankle and the left arm. It happened last Friday when Ramclam was about to enter his yard and several gunshots rang out. Police say that they believe that Bennett was shooter. He was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on the charges of attempted murder, wounding, and deadly means on harm. Due to the nature of the offences, he couldn't be granted bail, and Bennet was remanded to prison until November 11, 2015.

Guatemalans No Help With Hilux
The Ministry of Health still has not gotten back the 2014 Toyota Hilux which was stolen from its Belmopan Parking Lot and traced to a yard in Melchor. It seemed straightforward enough: the Hilux was stolen - and using a GPS tracker - it was traced across an illegal border crossing and directly to a property in Melchor. Using the same GPS tracker, Ministry staff disabled the ignition - so the stolen truck could not start or be moved from the Melchor property. Benque police were called, and they contacted their counterparts in Melchor to tell them where the Hilux was. The ministry provided all evidence that the truck was theirs, and that should have been the prelude to the end of the story. Or so we thought. But one week has passed and the Hilux is still there in Melchor and hasn't moved. So what's the delay? Well, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told us, quote, "We are in cooperation with the Guatemalan authorities through diplomatic channels to ensure the return of the vehicle."

KHMH's Carnival Concern
Tomorrow is Carnival day in Belize City - and thousands of city residents will be lining the city streets to see the hundreds of revelers do their thing. It's the largest public spectacle in the city - and a huge audience will be taking it in from along Princess Margaret Drive - including the area in front of the KHMH. That's a concern for the hospital because the entrances to the hospital are blocked for an extended period of time. Also access to the major highways are blocked - preventing emergency cases from accessing the hospital. That's why the Hospital wrote to NICH at the end of July requesting the demarcation of a pathway for emergency traffic and the possible diversion of the carnival route. We are told that NICH didn't respond, but traffic has given an undertaking to try and find a workaround. Still, though, with all access to the two major highways blocked for 3 hours, there's only so much they can do.

Global Solutions Have A Local Problem
Earlier we told you about the sickout staged by the employees at the First Caribbean Bank, well they aren't the only one's upset with their management. Today workers at Global Solutions located in Ladyville were on strike because they didn't get paid! The workers were promised that they would be paid this morning at 10 but when that didn't happen - they got riled up and police had to be called in. When we got there officers were already leaving the compound and they told us they got everything under control. Edward Broaster, Commander - Eastern Division Rural "We were called for a disturbance that was occurring here and the information we received is the fact that some of the workers have not gotten paid. The management had explained to us that due to the Labor Day holiday and the 10th holiday, the wiring transaction from the US to the bank in Belize was screwed. But they assured us that today the workers will be paid. Wherever there is a potential threat of civil disturbance, the police must respond and we got a call this morning that there is a disturbance here at the company and we came to check it out and we are satisfied by the management that they will deal with the matter and that has been expressed to the employees as well."

San Pedro Mayor Properly Scolded By Ministry Of Education
The mayor of San Pedro may be a UDP - but he's gotten in trouble with the Ministry of Education after a bold declaration: Mayor Daniel Guerrero seems to have unilaterally declared Friday, September 11, 2015 a holiday for all schools on San Pedro. Well, the ministry says he did that despite a letter they sent to him on September 9th, denying his request to declare the ninth a non-school day. A press release form the ministry says, quote, "The arbitrary decision at a municipal level…cannot be condoned. The determination of Public and Bank Holidays, or the declaration of non-school days, is not within the jurisdiction of municipal authorities." The release reminds school managements, parents, and students that the Ministry of Education is the sole authority to approve non-school days. The ministry, quote, "condemns the ill advised and unauthorized decision of the Mayor."

Butane Getting Cheaper
World oil prices are tumbling, and the price of LPG gas, or butane is going down with it. The new prices for a hundred pound cylinder were released today and they show that in Belize City, LPG imported form central America will cost 82.00 dollars. LPG imported from Mexico will be slightly more expensive at one $85.00 dollars per hundred pound cylinder. The new prices take effect tomorrow.

Ernestine, Moving On Without Uncle Sam
Ernestine the Soca Queen: you all may remember that her US visa was revoked and she was unable to perform at the New York Park Fest on September 5th. In an interview Ernestine told us it's the fault of the NY promoter for not doing his job in making sure her travel documents were finalized. Well, the NY promoter fired back on facebook basically backing out of the blame. He even posted a copy of Ernestine's itinerary saying that he did his part. The promoter also said that Ernestine won't be taking any US stage any time soon. We asked Ernestine about this and she told us she has already moved on.

Ernestine's New Video
And as a testament to that, she came today to promote her new music video. She just gave us a teaser because it has not been launched as yet. She told us what this means for her going forward. She will announce the launch date when it is finalized.

Keeping Everyone Under The Tenth
Tenth of September activities were observed countrywide yesterday - but the official one was held in Belize City, the home of Simon Lamb who first pushed for the commemoration of the Tenth in 1898. In his address, Mayor Darrell Bradley said more should be done to honour those who decided to fight for Belize on September 10th , 1798:.. And after the staid speeches, it was time for the Citizen's Parade in the streets. And while there were floats of all types, what we always look out for is the jump up and a fixture of that event is always Minister of Social Services Boots Martinez While he was in vintage form as he passed our studio on Albert Street, the overall jump up was good, but not the biggest or hypest we've seen.

Ninth Night Fight For Fans
And maybe that's because thousands of Belizeans were out dancing - or skanking until dawn at concerts headlined by a Jamaican and a Trinidadian. It was Reggae superstar Chronixx versus Soca sensation Destra in the battle for ninth night dominance, and from what we've heard, we'd have to call this one a draw! Both concerts drew thousands, Chronixx to the Riverside Tavern on North Front Street and Destra to the Hour Bar on Princess Margaret Drive. In terms of raw numbers, reports say Chronixx drew as many as five thousand fans, many of who had a two hour wait in the rain! Destra's crowd was also in the thousands - though we haven't gotten a reliable figure on how man. But, it seems safe to safe that more than 7 thousand Belizeans attended both concerts - which is quite a remarkable figure. And that takes us into juveey and Carnival tomorrow on the city streets. You can join us for live coverage starting at 11:30 in the morning right here on channel 7 with your hosts Wilson Grinage and Jeannie Brooks. To get you in the mood, we close on this Friday night with highlites from this year's Mas Camps. Enjoy and Join us on channel 7 tomorrow for all your carnival coverage.

Re: Today's Belize News: September 12, 2015 [Re: Marty] #507422
09/12/15 05:57 AM
09/12/15 05:57 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Placencia Businessman Shot & Killed…By Accident
On Placencia, a gathering of family and friends turned tragic for the close-knit Cabral families.  From all accounts, Warren Cabral accidentally shot his cousin, Vance Cabral, while the two were [...]

FCIB Sale to Heritage Imminent
At least sixty employees of five First Caribbean International Bank branches in Belize today contracted some mysterious malady which caused them to call in sick. Actually, it’s more likely what [...]

Employees Stage Sickout at FCIB
And that brings us to the mysterious illness which resulted in the closure of three FCIB branches – Belize City BelCan, Orange Walk and Belmopan, while two more on Albert [...]

G.O.B. Prepares to Pass Vesting Act
So what’s the next move? That wasn’t spelled out in the clearest of terms but let’s just say that it doesn’t seem that the employees who were suddenly taken sick [...]

Coast Guard Was Surprised At Detention of Officers
Three fishermen from Belize City – Giovanni Murillo, Donovan Usher and Jerome Bowen – left to go on a one day fishing trip to Turneffe two weeks ago and never [...]

Commander Bennett Says Incidents Affect BNCG Morale
Bennett reiterates that they are assisting the Police in the investigation, and have also conducted their own internal investigation to parallel that by the Police. The five men have been [...]

Alleged Bank Robber Meets Bail
While employees of F.C.I.B. stage a sickout; in court this morning, one of five men linked to the July 2015 robbery of the bank received bail. Erwin Castillo now joins [...]

Security Guard Hurt During Placencia Burglary
There was a burglary in Placencia that could well be an inside job. On Tuesday night, in the span of an hour, between ten and eleven p.m., two men broke [...]

PG Minor Reports Sexual Assault
Deeper in the south…A fourteen year old girl high school student has been sexually abused in Punta Gorda. The young girl reported the matter to the police last week. She [...]

Butane Prices Drop
If you have been to the pump recently you would have noticed a drop in the prices of fuel. In the City since Wednesday, regular fuel has been selling at [...]

Guatemalan Presidential Frontrunner Has Eyes on Belize
The Guatemalan claim to fifty percent of Belizean territory has surfaced as an issue in the Guatemalan elections. On Thursday, an interview with Guatemalan presidential candidate, Jimmy Morales, spread like [...]

No Need for Alarm in Kraft Recall
On Wednesday, we reported about the voluntary recall on individually-wrapped American cheese slices, following a notice by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The Belize Agricultural Health Authority stated in [...]

At Look at September 10th in Belize
The historic Battle of St. George’s Caye was commemorated on Thursday with Tenth of September activities being held across the country. In Belize City, an official ceremony was held at [...]

City Prepares for Jouvert 2015
In the next nine hours or so, residents from Belize City and rural Belize District will converge on the Old Capital for the annual Jouvert.  It starts at four a.m., [...]


CIBC Bank Forced to Shut Down Branches After Employees Fall ‘Sick’
Forty days ago the announcement came that the CIBC First Caribbean International Bank would be leaving Belize and selling its assets to Heritage Bank Limited. From all indications, it seemed that the transition would flow smoothly as the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow had commented that majority of the staff members from CIBC would be absorbed […]

Union Says Prime Minister Has Shut Out CIBC Bank Employees
In early August when the media awaited the Prime Minister at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, we got the chance to ask him about the news of Heritage Bank taking over the assets of CIBC First Caribbean International Bank as it was announced that they would be closing its doors in Belize. As it pertains […]

Coast Guard May Need to Tighten Up
Love News asked the Deputy Commander to comment on the recent incidents and the negative light cast upon the Belize Coast Guard. ELTON BENNETT “Its very unfortunate but to sat it’s the vetting process not necessarily. The Coast Guard has grown over time we have increased numbers and personnel and that brings different characters into […]

Coast Guard Weighs In on Recent Incidents Involving Staff Members
In recent months, the Belize Coast Guard has been in the news not so much for carrying out their mandate but for unfortunate incidents that have brought into question, the character of some of the coast guard men and women as well as the leadership of what has always been considered an elite and extremely […]

Butane Prices Lower Effective September 12
The price of Liquid Petroleum Gas will officially decrease starting tomorrow. According to a release from the Belize Bureau of Standards the new controlled price per 100 lbs cylinder for Liquid Petroleum Gas imported by Belize Gas Limited and Western Gas Company Limited will be five dollars cheaper. Corozal and Belize City residents will pay […]

Incorporation of Online Programs for Schools Explored
Microsoft is having exploratory conversations with some secondary and tertiary schools as well as the private sector in Belize, about incorporating online programs for schools and businesses. The program is to incorporate online education, and building capacities for not only students and teachers but for businesses as well. Cardo Martinez an Analysis of Credit Suisse […]

Man Accidentally Shoots Cousin in Southern Belize
Police in southern Belize re investigating a shooting incident that left 45-year-old Vance Edward Cabral of Placencia dead. According to Police reports shortly after three o’clock yesterday afternoon, they visited a marina in Seine Bight Village in the Stann Creek District where they saw Cabral with a single gunshot wound to the left temple. According […]


Trade license fees doubled; owner says victimization; court agrees
Roger Riveroll, the owner of River’s Furniture World, has been paying more that he should in his trade license fees. On the 19th of January, Riveroll received his trade license assessment and when he and his accountants looked closely at the assessment, they realized that their fees had been d...

FCIB branches closed as employees stage sick out
In early August, First Caribbean International announced that it would be selling out its assets to a much smaller bank, Heritage Bank. FCIB has five branches in the country of Belize; two in Belize City, one in Belmopan, one in Dangriga and one in Orange Walk. The buy over, however, does not inclu...

Red , smelly, “molassy” water flows into Belize River
People travelling to and from the City of Belmopan may have noticed a distinctive and foul odor at the Guanacaste Park Junction where works are currently ongoing for the construction of a roundabout, which is being done by RJB’s construction limited. Now according to reports, some three months...

Belize Celebrates 217th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye
Speakers at Thursday’s official ceremony commemorating the 217th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye in Belize City told the audience that the patriotic story of the Settlement’s liberation from the invasion of Spain should never be forgotten. According to Belize City Ma...

FFB President speaks on Football Finances
While speaking with FFB President Ruperto Vicente on football matters, we also got to ask the president about their financial status now being at the end of the 2018 World Cup experience. After the last world cup, the Football Federation of Belize encountered some financial difficulties in paying th...

Jaguars Draw against mighty Canada
The 2018 World Cup Dream is over, Belize did not qualify to the fourth round of the World Cup Qualifiers. But while the Belize Jaguars might not have won the game last night, they certainly won the hearts of all Belizeans as they gave it their all up until the last minute pulling off draw on the sec...

Ex Guatemalan President’s accounts frozen
Guatemala’s Ex President Perez Molina, is fighting to have a freeze on his financial accounts lifted. Five of Molina’s accounts have been frozen as investigations continue into allegations of corruption in a Customs Scheme continues. Molina was impeached and arrested a few months after his Vice Pre...

The Reporter

Multiple shots fired in downtown Belize City
Six shots were fired about half hour ago near the corner of Bishop Street and West Canal in downtown Belize City. Eye witnesses say that a red car drove up beside another vehicle and someone inside fired the shots before speeding off. Police are currently processing the scene. It is uncertain at this time if anyone was injured.

Education minister says poor statistics are a call to action to all Belizeans
The Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, said this week that the low rate of educated persons in the workforce is a problem that needs to be addressed by all stake holders, not just the ministry. Faber’s comments came in response to the recent Labour force survey, released by the Statistical Institute of Belize, which said that 45 percent of the workforce has either a primary school education or below. He emphasized that while government is spending some 28 percent of the national budget, approximately BZ $244,000,000, the ministry will not shy away from the fact that much needs to be done to address pertinent issues; however, it has to be a team effort. “I have always been saying that we spend too much on education and are not getting the best ‘bang for our buck’”, Faber said. “In the region Belize is in the top three or four on what we spend but in terms of what we’re gaining back we are at the bottom.”

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Cheaper butane prices
A press release issued by the Belize Bureau of Standards serves to inform the general public that Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices will be lowered by $4.00 – $5.00 per 100 pound cylinder, effective September 11th. The decrease is a result of a drop in crude oil prices and a […]

Placencia man accidentally shot and killed by cousin
A marina in Seine Bight Village turned into a murder scene on the 10th of September when 45-year-old Vance Edward Cabral, a resident of Placencia Village, was unintentionally shot to the head by his cousin, 53-year-old Warren Cabral as they socialized in a boat with two other male persons. Warren […]

PG man charged for sex with minor
A 29-year-old Punta Gorda man has been detained and is pending investigation after a 14-year-old female, high school student reported that he had sexual intercourse with her on several occasions since March of this year. The minor told police that she knows the male person and they had sex on […]

Thieves in Placencia escape with more than $8,000
Placencia Police are currently investigating a burglary at the business place of 40-year-old Albert Loewen. In that incident more than $8,000 was stolen and the security guard was stabbed. Loewen, a resident of the Maya Beach area, reported that between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday […]

America pays tribute to 9/11 victims
Earlier this morning the centers of American economic and political power stopped briefly to remember a day that changed the world. On this day 14 years ago, two planes struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing thousands. A third hit the […]

New dialysis center coming to the North
A new dialysis center in the north is scheduled for opening at the end of September. The grand opening of the much needed facility, Dialysis de Belice, which is strategically located on the Belize-Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town is tentatively scheduled for end of the month […]


How and Why our Country Got Named Belize
Belize’s name, like much about the country, is unique and original. But histories differ on exactly where it came from, and depending on which story you hear, the name either pays tribute to the original inhabitants of this area, the Maya; or the visiting Europeans who made it their home. The name Belize was first in use about 1790, eight years before the Battle of St. George’s Caye, but it was not officially adopted until 1973, more than a century and a half later, when local political leaders broke with the colonial name of “British Honduras.” The Maya etimology of the name Belize holds that, according to a 1677 journal by a Dominican priest name Fray Jose Delgado (quoted in Alan Twigg’s Understanding Belize: A Historical Guide), the Maya pronounciation was rendered by Father Delgado’s translator as “Balix” or “muddy waters”, referring to the Belize River, or a derivation of the word “Belikin”, meaning “land facing the sea” referring to the coastline. Both were names of popular settlements, and the latter survives as the brand name of Sir Barry Bowen’s locally brewed beer which calls itself “The Beer of Belize.”

It’s true that Belize has the best of both worlds: affordable unlike some Caribbean destinations and culturally diverse like Central America. Eager to experience a barefoot beach destination and a jungle adventure, we selected Belize for our honeymoon several years ago. Belize has an interesting history as a county. It was formally known as British Honduras and a British colony. In 1981, Belize became a commonwealth realm. The country is broken down into the mainland and the multitude of large to small islands, located along the eastern coast. Ambergris Caye, the largest island located off the Belize coast, is luring travelers from all over the globe and home to some of the more developed resorts in the area. Captain Morgan’s Retreat is one of the larger resorts on Ambergris Caye. But even with its size, it provides a secluded atmosphere to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The relaxing resort offers a spectacular island setting with in-house dive shop, spa, casino, three freshwater pools, swim-up bars, on-site restaurant while the grounds are sprinkled with hammocks, swaying palm trees, picturesque white sandy beaches, and shady palapas—a thatched roof shelter. Accommodations consist of cabanas, villas, and luxury condos. Our villa had generous amenities and a private porch steps away from the lapping waves of the beach! (Captain Morgan’s was even used for Fox TV series Temptation Island.)

A Coronation, A Huge Parade and a Greasy Pole Climb: Yesterday’s Holiday to Celebrate the Battle of St. George’s Caye
The title is long and I took 219 photos yesterday between 9am and 2pm. Yesterday was the first official holiday in the month long celebration that is SEPTEMBER CELEBRATIONS IN BELIZE. September 10th commemorates the Battle of St. George’s Caye, when a tiny group of British baymen (and their slaves) fought off a much large fleet of Spaniards. 217 years ago. September 21st is Indepedence Day. Belize turns 34. Enough words…here are too many pictures. But there are few things cuter than a kids’ parade on a beautiful day. And then the mayor came to the stage with a very special announcement…NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY ALSO!!!!! And the kids went nuts. Super cute.

International Sourcesizz

Belize: Ruins, Beaches and More
Belize is unique in the Central American landscape. Housing Central America’s highest population of biodiversity and home to various cultures and ways of life, it’s the only English-speaking country south of the border, although the locals usually speak Belizean creole. This small, quiet nation, a conglomerate of rich cultures, is a quick flight from Houston, too. Seeing the beauty of Belize takes patience, a yearning for adventure and a knack for living in the moment. When you land in Belize City, the capital and only city with an international airport, you’ll be surrounded by what are, in honesty, lackluster views, so traveling to one of the nearby towns is the best option. San Ignacio, about an hour and a half away from Belize City, can be easily accessed by an inexpensive bus or a tour shuttle. The town has a lovely, quiet culture that’s home to lots of biodiversity, bustling markets and stunning ruins. Xunantunich, one of the preeminent sites in the country, can be easily accessed through one of the tours offered around town. If you don’t like the idea of shelling out $100 for a tour, access the park by foot by catching a cab to Bunque, a neighboring small town, and taking the ferry across the river. From there, it’s a quick mile hike, and then you can enjoy the ruins for as long as your heart desires. This process should cost no more than $15 to $20 Belize dollars.

Tami Williams: First Caribbean Model Chosen to Be Face of Calvin Klein 2015 Fall Collection
Tami Williams, a Jamaican model currently with Saint International, has been selected to be the first Caribbean model to represent the global fashion brand Calvin Klein in its 2015 Fall Collection campaign. No black model has done a “Collection” campaign since the fashion legend Iman 33 years ago. With her selection, Williams, 17, joins Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, and others who have become supermodels representing the prestigious brand of Calvin Klein. Deiwght Peters, the head of Saint, was extremely excited by the choice of Williams for the campaign, which was shot in New York City featuring cinematic work by world-renown Charels Atlas, visual artist. Peters notes that the Calvin Klein assignment is the dream of every model and agent, also stating that no Jamaican or Caribbean model as risen to superstardom as quickly as Williams.


  • Belize Vo-Tech: 2014/15 1st Year Students, 3.5min.

  • Murdakkh talks with DJ GrooveMaster & DFL from Krem Radio in Belize Central America, 8min. On Murdakkh's return trip to Belize Central America, he had the pleasure to stop by Krem FM Morning Stew to discuss his future plans and the state of Music in Belize

  • Poolsinger Down in Belize HD, 4min.

  • ONGOING NORTHERN DORUGHT AFFECTS OTHER CROP ACREAGES, 3min. We have been following the drought that has affected many corn farmers in Orange Walk and tonight we take a look at the bigger picture as other crops are being affected by the lack of rain. Millions of dollars have been lost so far, and officials at the Agriculture department say that there may very well be more lost in the months ahead.

  • Queen a Bacchanal, Destra in Belize, 1min. Queen a Bacchanal, Destra, scramble dude eggs in Belize.

  • Belize Wildlands 2015, 5min.

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    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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