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The San Pedro Sun

Soca artist Ricardo Drue has arrived at Ambergris Caye
Drue is excited to be on the island for the first time. He mentioned that this is new territory for him and is looking forward for a great time on La Isla Bonita and invites everyone tomorrow for his performance. Drue will be the featured performer during the Independence Eve Celebrations on Sunday, September 20th starting at 8PM at the Honorable Lious Sylvester Sporting Complex. You won't want to miss Drue performing his popular soca hit Vagabond!!!

A sunset wine café just across the bridge!
Located just one mile north of Sir Barry Bowen Bridge, the newest establishment on the island is severing up a refreshing selection of wines and some amazing sunsets. A perfect spot for that much needed girls ONLY outing, romantic date, or just a getaway from the hustle and bustle of town core, Stella’s Smile is the sunset wine café you need to be at. As a wine lover I just had to visit. A ten minutes golf cart ride and you there, Stella’s is located on the left hand side of the road – you can’t miss the sign. The owners definitely did a great job creating a relaxing ambiance. The open air bar and patio seating among lush greenery overlooks the leeward side of Ambergris Caye. There is even a gazebo at the end of a dock – a perfect spot to take that glass of your favorite wine and just wait for the Caribbean sun to set.

Ambassadors Arrive in Belize for Celebration of 34th Independence Anniversary
Two visiting ambassadors presented their credentials to the Governor General of Belize His Excellency Sir Colville Young on Thursday, September 17th at the Belize House in Belmopan. Ambassadors H.E. David Izzo of France and H.E. Roy Eriksson of Finland both expressed their honour to be invited to celebrate Belize’s 34th Independence Anniversary. The ambassadors also expressed their hopes for strengthening friendship and cooperation between their countries and Belize. Ambassador Eriksson further conveyed his wish to share knowledge with Belize in the areas of forestry and education as the two nations share deep interests in both areas.

BzSA revokes decision against allowing Blanca Velasquez to attend Youth Worlds Championship scholarship
After much controversy, the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) Board of Directors has voted to allow current Belize National Optimist Champion, Blanca Velasquez from participating at the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Emerging Nations Youth World’s Championship Regatta. Velasquez received the opportunity to participate at the championship after attending the ISAF Laser Clinic in Antigua and Barbuda in July 2015, where participants were awarded scholarships. Scheduled to take place from December 27, 2015 to January 3, 2016 in Langawi, Malaysia, the championship sees the participation of sailors from across the world and provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for youth. Initially. BzSA has highlighted several reasons for not allowing Velasquez to participate, but the San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC) believes none are substantial. In an email to all member sailing clubs, BzSA sought opinion from the individual clubs on the decision they had taken.

US Embassy Public Affairs Sector meets with Belize Media Corps
On Saturday, September 12th the Public Affairs Sector of the United States of American Embassy hosted an informal press meet and greet. The event took place at the Toucan Room of the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City from 8AM to 9AM. The purpose of the event was for Public Affairs Officer Emilia Adams and US Ambassador to Belize His Excellency Carlos Moreno to get acquainted with the Belize press corps. Adams welcomed the attendees, thanking everyone for taking the time to attend. In her short address she stressed the importance of the Embassy working closely with the media and encouraged everyone to reach out to her regarding US Embassy affairs. Ambassador Moreno also addressed the crowd talking about the issues the media in Belize face and expressing the Embassy’s desire to foster a healthy relationship with the media corps.

New Police Substations will be delayed
According to Deputy Officer in Charge, Henry Jemmott, their patrols have increased in an effort to maintain the tranquility on La Isla Bonita. “We are doing more patrolling than usual, covering many parts of the island. We have checks on the town core, San Pedrito, DFC, Mar del Tumbo area, the gas station and at the foot of the bridge heading up north. So far we have not implemented the check points far up north due to the fact that we will need a substation or some sort of structure to provide shelter for our officers in case of bad weather, for example,” said Jemmott. He remarked that up to date the police’s additional efforts have been very effective, and once the substations come into place the results of their work should be even better. However, the substations’ construction will be delayed. According to Mayor Guerrero, Gaby’s Construction Company will be spearheading the works, and the substations will be built after Gaby finishes the construction of phase two of the police barracks.

Letter to the Editor: The Church, homosexuality and the community
Dear Editor, Please allow me a space in your newspaper to direct a few words at a situation that has emerged and is being fuelled by a so-called “Man of God.” Last week I was disturbed to learn that a person who has dedicated a great amount of time and commitment to the church was practically kicked out of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church choir by Father Scott. His action, according to Father Scott was necessary because nobody that is a homosexual can assume a role in the church. Furthermore, he thinks that this individual is a bad example to members of the church, with whom they have worked with for the last three years. Now let me say that I believe in God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. In addition, let me say that The Bible is a book that teaches good morals: it teaches us to be good people and guides us to do well to our fellow humans during our short stay on earth. The Bible is clear about God’s position on homosexuality and indicates that The Creator made Woman for Man. The law of science is also clear in that for reproduction to happen, you need a male and female element.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Garmin GPS was lost in Caye Caulker
Good day, everyone....a Garmin GPS was lost in Caye Caulker on Wednesday, September 16th......kindly contact us if seen.....600-3051. A reward will be questions asked. Thanks!

4 large used refrigerators in excellent condition for sale
$800 each. Can be viewed at Kokomo.

Cayo River Clean Up 2015
This year's River and Beach Clean Up will be Saturday, September 26th, and will happen all over Cayo as it happens all over Belize. Thanks, Oceana! Betta No Litta! "This year marks the 30th year of the Trash Free Seas movement, an international Annual Coastal Clean-up. This is the largest volunteer effort to help protect our oceans,seas and rivers. On September 26th, 2015, Oceana Belize will be joining Ocean Conservancy and the Scouts Association of Belize in the biggest cleanup effort. We are calling out all volunteers to participate in this effort and help us make a difference. Let us be a part of the solution and make a better, cleaner Belize. Oceana Belize will be providing trash bags, gloves, water and data cards. We begin at 8AM and finish at noon. Locations: San Ignacio/Santa Elena: Hawkesworth Bridge to Wooden Bridge; Wooden Bridge to Branch Mouth. Succotz: Entrance of Succotz to La Matanza ( Benque entrance) Bullet Tree: Mahogany Hall to Parrot's Nest Benque: La Matanza to "Bomba" Belmopan: the Riviera to the Roaring Creek Bridge"

The Reporter

PUP leader says G-11 supports his leadership; agreement reached
The “G-11″ and all 31 standard bearers of the opposition People’s United Party (PUP) support the leadership of Francis Fonseca. That’s according to Fonseca who told reporters on Friday that the break-away group and the party had reached an agreement on a way forward during a meeting held on Wednesday. The meeting produced “a process and a structure that we all believe will achieve the objectives that we want to achieve, and we made it absolutely clear to the country and to the party that we are united in our efforts to defeating the Unite Democratic Party government”, Fonseca said. The G-11 had, about six weeks ago absented themselves from party meetings in their displeasure over a list of concerns, one of which is the leadership. They had called for an open national convention that would allow for the leadership of the party to be challenged. The group had also raised concern over the roles of the party executive and the standard bearers and over how decisions are made.

BCWU leads protest against government’s settlement with Ashcroft Alliance over BTL
The Belize Communication Workers’ Union (BCWU), led about 70 Belize Telexommunication Limited’s (BTL) employees in a picket during Friday’s lunch hour around the company’s Regent and Church Street offices. The demonstration, according to President of the BCWU, Michael Augustus, has to do with the employees’ disatisfaction at how the government handled the settlement with Lord Michael Ashcroft over BTL. He also pointed at other issues that the general membership has concerns over with the management of BTL. “There are some health issues, some things that need to be addressed urgently and there are many others which we will speak about in the future, very near future, if they are not resolved in a timely manner”, Augustus told reporters. Augustus added that the picketers represented the majority of the membership. The picket followed a blistering press releease the union circulated on Thursday night, which criticised the Barrow administration and more directly, the Prime Minister’s son, Anwar Barrow, who is the chairman of BTL’s Board of Directors. The criticism followed a meeting that Anwar Barrow had with the union on Monday, in which he did not communicate to them that his father had reached an agreement with the Ashcroft Alliance.

The Belize Times

Barrow’s blank cheque for Ashcroft
This indecent proposal before us today has gone way too far and is now clearly the full blown cancer the CCJ talked about…” – Senator Mark Lizarraga, Senate meeting, September 16, 2015 Belize City, September 16, 2015 It must have been a familiar feeling for Prime Minister Dean Barrow as he presented to the media on Monday, and to the entire nation at the House of Representatives on Tuesday of this week, a financial package that is making Lord Michael Ashcroft and his related companies laugh all the way to the bank. The multi-million dollar package unveiled by PM Barrow is part of a still unfinalised compensation deal to pay for the Government’s hostile takeover of Belize Telemedia Limited in 2009. For six long years Barrow dragged the dispute over compensation, racking up millions of dollars in legal cost and hiking the interest on the compensation with every passing day. This week, Belizeans found out the real damage done by Barrow’s ego-driven agenda.

Major Relief for Biscayne Village Residents – PUP Standard Bearer Lloyd Jones Delivers Much-Needed Water
Despite borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars the Barrow Administration continues to ignore some of the most basic and essential needs of Belizeans. In Biscayne Village, located in the Belize District, the residents have been without water because there is no proper water system in the community. To assist residents and alleviate their growing concerns, PUP Standard Bearer Major Lloyd Jones organised the distribution of 4,500 gallons of safe, drinking water to the residents on Tuesday, September 15th. “Today was one of the most rewarding days of my life. I spent the entire afternoon delivering water to the good people of Biscayne Village who are suffering because of the lack of a proper water system and an unusually long dry season. “It can’t be right that the Government of Belize could have spent hundreds of millions of dollars of the PetroCaribe loan and did not see it as a priority to spend $3 million to give the people of Biscayne and Gardenia a decent water system,” commented Major Jones.

Before the Rat bite, there was Snake bite at Western Regional Hospital
There has been no public expression of regret or sympathy from Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, for the dastardly incident in which a rat bit a newborn baby inside an incubator at neo-natal unit of the Western Regional Hospital. At Tuesday’s House of Representative meeting, the issue was brought to the fore by the Opposition members, hoping to get a proper explanation from Marin. Instead of Marin speaking out, it was House jester Michael Finnegan who got up to make fun of the issue. Finnegan said that no one should dare blame any of his UDP colleagues for the incident because none of them walked into the hospital and put the rat in the incubator. While the public was reeling from the incompetence displayed by the Government, there is news that before the rat bite, there was a snake bite at the same hospital.

Dutty Mouth Finnegan – UWG Condemns UDP Disrespect
The United Women’s Group (UWG) of the People’s United Party (PUP) decries in the strongest terms the continued disrespectful and despicable behaviour of the UDP members of the House of Representatives during House sittings. Led by the Prime Minister, who never stops his name-calling and disparaging of the Opposition and members of the public, UDP Ministers delight in their misbehaviour contrary to the Standing Orders of the House. Yesterday the Member for Mesopotamia recklessly attacked Ms. Audrey Matura Shephard calling her an empty vessel and low-grade attorney, and he made clear sexual innuendos directed towards her. Such boorish conduct, we repeat, is cowardly and completely unacceptable. Mr. Finnegan brazenly abused his parliamentary privilege and immunity in attacking Ms. Matura Shephard who was not present to defend herself. Other UDP Ministers and the Prime Minister were seen to be throwing their heads back with laughter.

Listening to the Prime Minister throwing around seven and eight figures when discussing money in his last two press briefings, one would find it hard to believe that this is a nation where almost fifty percent of the population is living below the poverty line. A couple of weeks ago, the Prime Minister announced that he had settled the issue with Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). That settlement cost us 70 million dollars in cash. The former owners, Fortis, received back a third of the company and tax exemption on their dividends for eternity. We the consumers however, must pay taxes on every light bill that is paid. Something doesn’t seem right. On Monday of this week, the Prime Minister called another press briefing to inform the nation that he had also settled the Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL) matter. Back in 2009, government had strong armed BTL. They would later, in June of 2011, also strong arm BEL. The owners of the two utilities subsequently joined in a lawsuit that challenged Dean Barrow’s constitutional authority to do what he had done. The case had reached all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and in fact, was simply awaiting judgment on the matter. Many believe that Barrow had a good chance of losing, which would have been politically devastating, hence his haste to settle at whatever cost. This way, he could come to the people and sweet talk them into thinking that they were getting some kind of deal. The man has a silver tongue but a closer look reveals that it is forked like that of a serpent’s. At the time of BTL’s acquisition, the chief reason given for the move was in order to avoid the constant litigation. That reason proved baseless because what ensued was seven years of constant legal battles and enormous litigation costs. Many believe in fact, that the real reason was to litigate even more in order that the Prime Minister and his family, many of whom are high priced lawyers, could make millions off the backs of the Belizean people. First it was his ex-wife and then his brother and his niece and all the while the bills have been picked up by the tax payers of Belize.

Belizeans have much to be proud of as we all celebrate and give thanks for our 34 years as an independent nation. It seems like only yesterday that George Price, the father of our nation and the leader with vision was urging us on to independence. He dedicated his whole life for this major goal that we should be in charge of our country, our destiny and our future. The struggle for independence was not an easy road. Our country emerged against a back-ground of years of slavery followed by colonialism and then colonial neglect and national poverty. Out of many ethnic groups our population has successfully blended into an entity we all proudly proclaim as Belizean. It was not always this way. It was George Price who repeatedly urged us to strive to be “one people, one nation, one destiny”. So too with our geographic situation. Under colonialism our country was divided into districts. Each district kept poor and neglected and separate from the others. It is we Belizeans who have built roads and communications and urged closer relationships with each other that today it is one country, easily accessible.

Falcon Ballaz defeats R.C.V. Stallions in Seniors’ basketball
Anfernee Young top-scored with 15 points as the Falcon Ballaz defeated the R.C.V. Stallions 57-46 in the Seniors basketball competition at the Falcon Field on Friday night. RCV Stallions’ David Hyde scored 14 pts while Mark Gentle added 11pts. Other matches: Ballaz vs. Snipers – 58-55 RCV Stallions vs. Light of Peace’s – Win by forfeit Panthers vs. Tuff E’nuff – 70-66 Snipers vs. Benque Power – 85 – 72 Upcoming games Snipers vs. Panthers (Friday, Sept. 18) Falcon Ballaz vs. Flames Benque Power vs. R.C.V. Stallions (Sat., Sept. 19)

Team Benny’s Megabytes dominates Weekend Warriors’ Armenia race
Team Benny’s Megabytes dominated the Weekend Warriors Cycling Club’ 40-mile ride from Mile 10 on the George Price Highway to Armenia Village on the Hummingbird Highway on Sunday. A Division – 40 miles 1st Preston Martinez – Team Megabytes 2nd Kent “Bob” Gabourel – Team Megabytes 3rd Kareem Flowers – Team Santino’s 4th Mark Gentle – Team BCB/F.T. Williams 5th George Abraham – Team BelCal 6th Wilbert Jones – Team Megabytes

Alpha Warriors & Christian Ambassadors open competition with wins
The Alpha Warriors, Christian Ambassadors and Santiago Juan Warriors posted wins in the Cayo District Basketball Association’s junior U-23 competition at the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town over the weekend. On Friday night, the Belmopan Christian Ambassadors tamed the Blackhawks of San Ignacio 46-29. Captain Shaquile Crawford led with 12 points while Antwan McFadzean scored 11 points. For the Blackhawks, Justin Ford top-scored with 11 points. The Ambassadors had opened their season with a 60-35 win against the Alpha Warriors. The Santiago Juan Warriors opened the U-19 competition on Saturday night with a 41-39 overtime win against the Spartans. The Warriors’ Elvert Ariola led in scoring with 16 pts,

OW Mayor honors residents
Five residents of Orange Walk Town were recognised as outstanding citizens by Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard on Monday, September 14, 2015 in the Mayor’s annual Meritorious Award ceremony. Mayor Bernard honoured Mr. Raul “Cancara” Leiva Sr., Mr. Abraham Rempel, Sarita Torress, Eileen Leiva and Jaime Briceno. The recipients of the award are members of the community who have impacted or contributed to the development of the north and Belize have made a positive impact to the growing Orange Walk community.

Obama identifies Belize as “Major Drug Transit” Country
In a presidential declaration released by United States President Barack Obama on September 14, 2015, Belize is identified as a major drug transit country along with 21 other countries around the world. The damning high-level Government memo is issued annually, as an evaluation tool used by the U.S. Government to determine its narcotics control strategy throughout the world. Belize finds itself in one of the toughest situations. Its location, both in Central America and the Caribbean, places it at the center of the drug trade which moves from South America to the United States. In his declaration, Obama noted that seizure data of cocaine destined for U.S. markets show that an estimated 86 percent transited through the Central American corridor and the remaining 14 percent traveled via the Caribbean in 2014. It is not known just how much of this passed through Belize, but all indications are that the country remains a main point of passage for narco-traffickers due to its porous borders, weak security systems and corrupt Government officials.

Belize Is Independent; No need for the ICJ
Belizeans will be celebrating with pomp and pride the thirty-fourth anniversary of the Nation’s independence on September 21, 2015. Honourable George Cadle Price, the Father of the Nation and Leader Emeritus of the People’s United Party, through an internationalization process that begun in 1971, brought Belize to independence on 21st September 1981. This was also the day that Belize’s self-determination was etched in the annals of political and historical achievements. Belize’s independence was considered by the late Ambassador Fred Martinez as “a collective act of self-determination. It was conceived in democracy and birthed in freedom by a people that were united in historical characteristics which defined them as a distinct group in the world community of cultures and nations – the Belizean people”. However, as the nation engages in the celebration of its independence, we remain at loggerheads with Guatemala regarding our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Jump St. Posse & Soca Moca win 2015 Carnival Road March
The Barrow Administration has been managing the nation’s business in total darkness. Evidence of this is their discontinuation of press/public releases following their Cabinet meetings held every week. Cabinet meetings discuss the most important of public matters – from proposed negotiations/agreements with Guatemala, to the sale of land, and million dollar contract offerings. This Government has carried out Cabinet meetings in secret and refuses to make public what is discussed in the name of the people of Belize. The question here is why, since the UDP took office, matters discussed in Cabinet are not made public? Over the years, the UDP Cabinet has approved all sorts of controversial deals, and Belizeans only learn of it after-the-fact. By then they are done, irreversible but regrettable deals. Included in this list are the selling out of Belize Sugar Industry to ASR, the introduction of phone-tapping laws, the formation of the chancey GSU, the secret meetings between Dean Barrow and British Peer Lord Michael Ashcroft, the Compromis signed by Sedi Elrington, Guatemala’s militarised control of Sarstoon Island, the borrowing and spending of Petrocaribe loans, the Government-led cover up of the Penner Immigration scandal, etc.

Secret Cabinet Meetings – Bad for Democracy
The Barrow Administration has been managing the nation’s business in total darkness. Evidence of this is their discontinuation of press/public releases following their Cabinet meetings held every week. Cabinet meetings discuss the most important of public matters – from proposed negotiations/agreements with Guatemala, to the sale of land, and million dollar contract offerings. This Government has carried out Cabinet meetings in secret and refuses to make public what is discussed in the name of the people of Belize. The question here is why, since the UDP took office, matters discussed in Cabinet are not made public? Over the years, the UDP Cabinet has approved all sorts of controversial deals, and Belizeans only learn of it after-the-fact. By then they are done, irreversible but regrettable deals. Included in this list are the selling out of Belize Sugar Industry to ASR, the introduction of phone-tapping laws, the formation of the chancey GSU, the secret meetings between Dean Barrow and British Peer Lord Michael Ashcroft, the Compromis signed by Sedi Elrington, Guatemala’s militarised control of Sarstoon Island, the borrowing and spending of Petrocaribe loans, the Government-led cover up of the Penner Immigration scandal, etc.

I recently picked up again Myrtle Palacio’s “Electoral Politics Belize: The Naked Truth,” which she published in June 2011. Of interest to me were the general election results for the three elections of 1998, 2003 and 2008, and I spent some time perusing the facts and statistics and delighting in the wealth of information presented. On August 27, 1998 we went to general elections, my first foray into electoral politics, after the Esquivel administration had spent about five years and two months in office. The PUP had called early elections in June 1993, and the UDP won the elections, and so governed for a second time since Independence. The 1998 elections thus offered the PUP the opportunity to retake the government, and it turned out to be a sweep, with the PUP winning 26 of the 29 seats in the House of Representatives. Of over 94 thousand registered voters 90% cast their ballots, with the PUP gaining 59% of the popular vote. Independent candidates and the small parties only got less than 800 votes out of the close to 85 thousand ballots cast. Patty Arceo and I were elected as the two women in the House. Dickie Bradley came within 47 votes of unseating Dean Barrow in Queen’s Square, with one Russel August getting 9 votes. I got close to 59% of the vote in Port Loyola, and Said Musa topped the poll percentage with 74.5% of the Fort George votes. I recall a very long bench on the government side of the House, with only Erwin Contreras, Dean Barrow and Michael Finnegan having survived on the other side for the UDP.

PUP United, Committed to Victory!
Today, September 16th, 2015, Party Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca met with 10 Standard Bearers (Mr. Dan Silva is presently out of the country) of the Party to finalize discussions related to specific concerns raised by these Standard Bearers over the past several weeks. At the conclusion of the meeting all present were satisfied that an agreed upon process and structure is now in place to positively and effectively respond to all concerns raised. All Standard Bearers committed to working fully with the Party Leader and other Standard Bearers of the Party in advancing the Party’s agenda of Reform and Change and to unify against the corruption, mismanagement and incompetence of this UDP government.

A Tribute to our Belizean Patriots
It is with great honour that I address you during this festive season on a topic that demands so much personal sacrifice, discipline and selfless love for country, that only few are ever acknowledged as outstanding enough to be regarded as patriots. Yet, by its definition, no one is barred from being a patriot. Patriotism is defined as displaying great love or devotion for one’s country. There are many ways one can demonstrate patriotism – from waving a flag to actively promoting or celebrating one’s national borders. It is when a country is engaged in conflict with another, however, whether over border differences or political independence, that persons embroiled in the struggle for cultural and social identity emerge as true patriots. I’ll focus my presentation on the lives of two of Belize’s greatest patriots who helped to mold our country’s identity and paved the way for us to build on the fruits of their struggles for an independent nation, free from colonial rule. Their efforts, among those of a few others, are the reason we have a flag and celebrate September 10th and 21st, two very important dates in our history. Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson was born on July 25th, 1923. He attended St. Mary’s Primary School and although he never had the opportunity to go to high school, he studied at night and successfully obtained the Cambridge University Overseas Junior Certificate in 1939 and the Senior School Certificate in 1941.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

ADU make drug bust in San Ignacio
An Anti-drug operation by the K9 unit and San Ignacio police led them to the discovery of cannabis and crack cocaine. On September 18th, between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. the Anti-Drug Unit conducted an operation in an overgrown lot behind some houses where a black plastic bag was […]

15-year-old escapes rape attack
Corozal Police are currently looking for two people in connection with an attempted rape in the village of San Roman. According to police report, on September 18th around 5:00 p.m., a 15 year old student of the village was walking towards her home near the football field in the village when […]

BTL “disappointed” with employees
A press release under the hand of chairman of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), Net Vasquez, declares the company “disappointed” with the decision of the Belize Communications Workers Union (BCWU) to air its grievances on the BTL settlement with former owners publicly rather than come with their concerns to […]

Belizean patriots honored
In the spirit of the September Celebrations, the Punta Gorda Town Council and the Celebrations Committee selected ten outstanding patriots from throughout the town that have contributed to community growth in various fields over the years and honored them as true Belizean Patriots. All those selected were senior […]

Well-known PG athlete dies during swimming race
A long time Punta Gorda athlete and well-known member of the town, passed away earlier today while participating in the celebration activities. Mr. John Diaz was awarded as a Belizean Patriot earlier this week for his contribution to sports, and today he is dead after suffering a heart attack. […]

UK Daily Mail reports “horrifying” rat incident at Western Regional
One of Britain’s leading newspapers, the Daily Mail, has picked up the story of the rat found in a hospital incubator at Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan, calling it “horrifying” and headlining “A parent’s worst nightmare.” in its paper and online editions on Saturday. The Mail cites the video obtained by 7 News in Belize this […]

Orange Walk Carnival parade route
On the 21st of September, many Belizeans travel to “Sugar City” Orange Walk for its annual Carnival parade celebrating the jewel’s Independence anniversary. This year, Mayor Kevin Bernard and the Orange Walk Town Council welcomes each Belizean and tourists to be part of this year’s event that promises to […]

OW Street Art fest underway
The first ever street art exhibit in Orange Walk Town is presently taking place in the municipality in conjunction with the 13th anniversary of the Orange Walk Banquitas House of Culture Celebration. According to Coordinator of Banquitas House of Culture Yvette Liu Torres, the event is an all-day […]

Independence weekend expects warm temperatures with chance of rain
The General situation is for warm and mostly dry conditions to prevail throughout the country. There will also be some moisture and instability increases across the country later tonight. The 24-hour forecast is for cloudy spells today with isolated showers and a few thunderstorms. Some rain will affect inland areas later this […]


A Magical Manatee, Caye Caulker & The Changes At the Split
Yesterday was THE DAY to get in the water. Hot and perfectly still in the morning, Carl of Imagine Tours met us at the gas station dock in town. It was just four of us…and the day was ours. We had one REAL goal. To swim with a manatee. Lunch in Caye Caulker…especially Fried Chicken Friday at Syd’s! was just gravy… We headed out…the water CRYSTAL clear and 25 minutes later, at the “North Cut” in the reef by the north end of Caye Caulker, we got in the water. The manatees usually spot. Apparently they come hang out here in the summer during the mating season…usually just one but sometimes up to four. We snorkeled all around the cut in the reef – mostly sand but some beautiful coral on one side – but she was busy. Off doing manatee things. Best to head to Caye Caulker for lunch…and see if she’d be back. We stopped in to visit the lovely man who cares for the homeless dogs and cats of the island…or at least quite a few of them. His animals are fixed…and someone had just dropped off a box of kittens. He has over 40 cats and 6 dogs.

International Sourcesizz

Belize native turned Brooklyn resident celebrating 103rd birthday — with generations of family and friends
The Central American flight of pioneering American aviator Charles Lindbergh was the news of the day in Belize back in 1927. That was 88 years ago, but centenarian Rhoda Isabella Cherrington remembers that flight — and so much more. Born in the town of Mullings River, Belize, just off the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea on Sept. 23, 1912, Cherrington — the last of 14 children - will celebrate her 103rd birthday on Wednesday with family members, friends and fans who she's shared with her wisdom, experiences, recipes and other gems over the decades. Cherrington says her secret of longevity is “a simple life, hard work and the grace of God.” "She is a smiling, beautiful lady, originally from Belize in Central America, who is still able to hold a conversation, and talk about some past events," said goddaughter Lillith Parks Soberanis, who recently traveled from Belize to visit. "My sister, Pearl Richardson, and I went to look for "Goddy" and I smile when I think about how lucid she still is.”

A parent's worst nightmare: The horrifying moment a RAT is found in a hospital incubator - after it had already bitten a newborn baby
This horrifying footage shows frantic nurses trying to clear a rat out of newborn's incubator - after it had reportedly bitten a premature baby. Staff at the Western Regional Hospital in Belize used a broom and their hands to try and extract the rodent from its hiding place in the supposedly sterile container. After a failed attempt, one nurse manages to pinch the rat's tail, extract it from the plastic container then club it to death with a broom handle, in footage obtained by 7 News Belize. A spokesman for the hospital told local media in Belize that the rat may have got into the ward where the incubator was by crawling through air conditioning vents. Belize's health minister sent government inspectors to the hospital, and has since demanded an inquiry into management at the Western Regional Hospital. He told 7 News he does not feel that he is to blame.

Cafe Bliss catering for Belize Independence Day
A WORCESTER cafe is set to cater for independence day celebrations following an invite by a high commissioner. Café Bliss, situated in the Worcester Arts Workshop, Sansome Walk, has been invited to cater for Belize Independence Day celebrations in London on Saturday, September 19. The invite came after Perla Perdomo, High Commissioner of Belize, spotted a post on social media reporting the cafe’s success at the Worcester Foodie Festival, which inspired her to visit the cafe. Cafe Bliss is one-of-a-kind in the UK, offering traditional Belizean food, which is a Central American cuisine originating from the Belize nation. The cafe is run by Eloina Bliss and Amanda Hickling.

The Caribbean has 18 days to try and thwart damaging Act in US Congress
The Caribbean has just eighteen congressional working days from Sunday September 20 to try to have the US Congress or the District of Colombia address an act naming seventeen Caribbean nations as ‘tax havens’. If passed without amendment it could have the effect of reputationally damaging the countries concerned with unpredictable trade, financial, and economic consequences. The background is a little complicated. Under the terms of the US Constitution the District of Columbia, which of course includes that nation’s capital, is able to govern its local affairs, but has to submit its legislation for the agreement of Congress. This provision, which has its origins in events in Washington in 1788, grants the US legislature exclusive jurisdiction over the District in “all cases whatsoever” in order to provide for the maintenance and safety of the capital. This means that in practice any Act passed by the Federal District has to be sent to Congress for oversight by Committees of both houses. In the case of budgetary bills there is a period of thirty working days during which ‘active approval’ is required. This August, the District’s 2015 Budget Support Act was approved by the Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, and sent to Congress for consideration. Unlike previous bills which set out criteria that defined a tax haven without identifying specific jurisdictions, the present bill names some 39 nations and territories of which seventeen are in the Caribbean.

Guatemala shows its Maya side on the river
A little about Belize in this article also... ALONG THE RIO DULCE, Guatemala — Two Maya Q’eqchi Indians in a small cayuco paddle forcefully toward our white-canopied panga, as we motor up the broad Rio Dulce in eastern Guatemala. Their strong, rapid strokes churn the jade water, leaving a serpentine wake that crackles the mirror-like reflection of thick jungle vines draping steep cliffs. A spear gun lies in the bow of their hand-hewn wooden dugout. In ancient times, these two Maya might have been fierce warriors advancing on a phalanx of 12 intruders from a warring city-state, ready to do battle. Today, they come peacefully, as residents of the Maya Q’eqchi indigenous river community living along the flooded banks of the Rio Dulce. Drawing alongside our launch, the older man and his son proudly display the day’s fresh catch: two glistening, 25-inch-long robalos, a white fish found in tropical waters. They accept our gifts of orange soda, dried soup, and cookies before setting off. We have come to the Rio Dulce for the day to meet the modern descendants of the ancient Maya who centuries ago built massive temple complexes and sprawling cities throughout Mexico and Central America. Their highly advanced civilization extended from the Yucatan Peninsula in the north through neighboring Belize and Guatemala to Honduras in the south. Today, nearly 12 million Guatemalans trace their roots to this lost empire and embrace the legacy it left for subsequent generations.

Belize's Best Beaches
Thanks to a magnificent coastline hugging the Caribbean Sea and more than 200 offshore islands — at least 20 of which are inhabited — Belize has golden and white-sand beaches that are a boat or plane ride away from Belize City. Many of these beaches remain a well-kept secret, discovered only by dive enthusiasts and anglers who venture off the beaten track. Here are our recommendations for the best beaches to visit in Belize.


  • ORANGE WALK ANNUAL SCHOOL RALLY 2015, 57min. Hundreds of students resisted the scorching sun this morning to take part in the annual school rally. The event got started with a short ceremony at the Town Hall where public officials and officials of the Ministry of Education addressed the students. It is all about patriotism this year said the District Education Center Manager Carla Alvarez, and that is the message being sent out to all the students.

  • Ricardo Drue performing LIVE at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex!, 1min. FREE ENTRANCE! You DO NOT want to miss this show!

  • Zip-line in the Rainforests of Belize - GoPro, 1.5min.

  • Christopher Nesbitt Explains The Mascarenas Method of Mulching and Soil Conservation, 1min. Christopher Nesbitt of Belize's Maya Mountian Research Farm explains how farm volunteer Kevin Mascarenas' innovative method for upland fertility improvement. Material such as banana trunks are placed in a V-shape just downhill of the root zone of trees, capturing sediment, organic matter and water, providing marked improvements in tree health.

  • Belize it or naah..., 3min.

  • Shocking Footage Shows RAT Inside Incubator in Belize, 1/2min.

  • Ocelot Release from pineapple patch Belize, 1min. Captured Ocelot among pineapple patch. Ocelots are good in the garden since they keep other animals that would do damage to the crops (possums, coatimundi, iguanas etc.) away, but there is always a chance to catch them in the cage. That's why we use live traps. Here is a female we released. She was so scared that she gave herself a bloody nose. :'(

  • Nurse shark at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize 9-3-2015, 1min. While snorkeling around Bread and Butter Cayes in Belize our guide, Udell Foreman, pointed out a nurse shark hiding under a coral head. When the nurse shark came out and swam away it went right by me - in fact, I had to move out of its way, so you see my fins in the video.

  • Stone fish at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize 9-3-2015, 1/2min. While snorkeling at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize our guide, Udell Foreman, spotted a rock fish buried in the sand. It is hard to see until the guide touches the fish, making it move.

  • Hawksbill Sea Turtle Long Caye Belize, 1.5min.

  • Brittle Star at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize 9-3-2015, 1min. While snorkeling at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize our guide, Udell Foreman, found a living Brittle Star (related to the starfish) with spiky legs. It crawled on my hand for a moment before going back to the Caribbean Sea.

  • Light House Reef Resort, Belize, 1.5min.

  • Living Maya Experience+ +Beaches+and+Dreams+BELIZE, 3min.

  • Belize It Official Video mp4 720p, 5min. You better Belize It. hit like if you love Belize

  • Belize 2015 Montage, 5min. Messing around with the GoPro Filmed in Ambergris Caye, Belize!

  • Belize Carnival 2015 Highlights, 7.5min. Highlights of the 2015 Belize City Carnival on Saturday September 9. The song "Mis Behavin" performed by Barbara Herrera "Miss B" at the Belize National Song Competition, which won The People's Choice Award and 2nd place overall in the Carnival category starts at 2:20

  • Belize 2015, 4min.

  • YWAM Belize., 5min. This video is about YWAM kitchen Project.

  • Mexico - Belize, 18min.