Just went from Mata Grande to town and back. Here is a brief report on road after the rain.

Concrete section is fine.

Gravel section is mostly fine. It is bumpier than before the rains, but generally without ruts or puddles.

Bad areas are as follows :

Area between Las Terrazas and Journey's End has big puddles, but they are not super deep. Definitely rough though, and probably will get worse quickly if we have more rain.

Just past Journey's End there is a turnoff leading to the new gravel road. There is a stretch of very deep water as you approach the new road .... Deep enough to flood a cart engine. I saw two carts stuck there about half an hour ago. Best to take the beach route for now.

The gift shop along the road near Capricorn is completely surrounded by water. Several roadside properties in the area look like lakes.